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  • Tabatha.... (M/f MM/f non cons drugged rape)  (16k)
    (date posted: Saturday, October 27, 2007) I grew up in has to be one of the safest most boring places on the face of the Earth. It had one small cinema with a single screen, no malls, a single grocery store and a butcher. The corner drugstore and the five and dime were about all the town had to offer. Tree lined streets, picket fences a regular Mayberry. Doc Prichard even made house calls. Even at the age of 12 I knew what dull was because I lived it every day. Most people kept to themselves, friends and families gathered for events and holidays, rarely if ever was there even a good bit of gossip. That was the way people around here liked it. Walking to and from school, cutting through the woods or peoples yards was a common accepted practice. I usually went through the Tinsley yard and down the path by the woods except if it was raining. Mr. Tinsley was almost always in his back yard and would say hi as I went through. Mark his son was almost 30 and still lived at home in the basement. Mrs. Tinsley had passed away years ago and people thought it was nice that Mark stayed home to help his father. During the summer I would still walk down to the school to play and goof off. I was a little over ... 
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  • Bad Uncle, part 2.... (M/W fff 5, 6, 7 Incest, rom, seduce, bro sis, uncle niece)  (96k)
    (date posted: Thursday, October 06, 2011)

    ...waited for Mavis to close the door, catching her looking back to see if I'd tracked her the entire way - just a quick glance but enough to tell me she'd hoped I was watching. As needy as her little girls, for love and the feeling she was special, I knew I had her, for as long as I wanted. Thoughts of sharing her with her husband, cuckolding him by making him watch her suck me, or take my cock in front of him got me going. It was silly but oddly erotic as well. I'd never humiliated the husbands of the women I'd fucked, many of whom worked for me, both the women and the men. They were just random, chance fucks, more out of mutual interest and curiosity. But this was much different, more intense and potentially long lasting. I wondered how she was feeling now, probably horny, enough to bug her husband, who might get a cheap motel room while they were out. Or not... I was charmed by the thought of Mavis coming over, finding me with Lauri in my bed, partially undressed, in her panties, excited and flushed from our simple kisses and light petting. What would momma do? My cock was stiff again, a hard puppy needing attention I'd deny it, ... 
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  • Bad Uncle, part 1.... (M/W fff 5, 6, 7 Incest, rom, seduce, bro sis, uncle niece)  (67k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, October 05, 2011) died a slow death, for various reasons, leaving me with enough money to start something new anywhere I wanted. I'd been away from family for ten years after college and felt bad enough to move home, get an apartment in the same neighborhood I grew up in and work out the psychological traumas I'd flown away from when I'd entered the service to escape them. There wasn't much. Perspective does that and the hormone amplified feelings were replaced by more mellow acceptance of personalities and differences. I'd grown up. My two sisters had stayed around, marrying out of high school, reflecting their status there, which they unconsciously realized would never be higher in the bigger ponds of college and the real world. It made them time machines, to me. Cathy was the prom queen as was Mavis, when it was her turn. Both had shrines to the three years they were the epitome of high school beauty and status, with glass cases in their living rooms and pictures on the walls. I thought it was funny and didn't mention it, knowing how important it was in their otherwise simple, normal lives. They'd both delayed having children, an aspect of their narcissistic personalities they happily rationalized when I'd asked. It meant they were pregnant with their last kids, three each, when I showed up. ... 
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  • Welcome to the Club, part 2: The Club Gains a New Member; The Recruitment of Officer Ryan.... (M/Fff, Pedo, Incest)  (15k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, August 10, 2016)

    ...sun was beginning to set over the long, dusty rural road just outside the medium sized town. Officer Ryan was nearing the end of shift. His mind wandered to what he might do after work as he held his radar gun and stared down the empty road in front of him. Maybe a quick workout at the gym, a swim, maybe beers with mates, maybe have one off the wrist to some hebe-porn before sleep. A distant, quickly approaching car snapped him back to the moment. It looked like it might be one of those new electric jobs, he thought. Yep. a Tesla. Probably some snob from Silicon Valley, he thought. They were moving fast, whoever they were. He raised his radar gun and pulled the trigger. 89 mph. Bingo. Ryan reached up and dropped his Crown Vic into gear as the Tesla zipped past, eerily quit in the evening air. The Fords powerful V8 roared as he pushed the pedal to the floor. It didn't take long before he was on the Tesla which had naturally slowed as the driver spotted his cruiser sitting on the side of the rural interstate. Ryan reached for the cruisers radio." 4-Y-11. 11-95." "4-Y-11. 11-95"Parroted the dispatcher." 95 on California vanity plate.... Henry ... 
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  • A Family Tale.... (Mg, MF, MgF, MFF, oral, anal, Inter)  (36k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, September 21, 2010)

    ... hurry through the her bedroom window, spraining his ankle in the jump. The huge black man stood gazing down at the tasty young teen as she lay there with her legs still spread wide, her slippery pussy still desperately needing cock as she gazed up at him with... . The girl's grades were so good now that even her grandmother had grudgingly admitted that her son-in-law was doing a good job with the teen. There were already several universities clamouring to sign the girl up, she had her heart set on Oxford. Richard had been very... 
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  • AssMasters.... (Fm mom/son anal)  (10k)
    (date posted: Monday, January 01, 1990)

    ...picked up the magazine laying on her son's bed and looked at it before tossing it in one of his suitcases." AssMasters, James?" she asked slyly as she tossed it aside. The cover of the magazine had a white woman bent over a sofa with a black man stuffing her butt with his big black pole." Well," James said nonchalantly," we all have to have hobbies." "I see," his mother smiled as she continued helping him pack for college." And your hobby is screwing girls up the ass?" "Well, no actually," James laughed." I've never done it before." "Really?" Tara asked surprised." Well we have something in common then. I've never been fucked up the ass either." "Very funny mom," James said as he zipped up his suitcase and placed the bag on the floor next to his other belongings." I'm serious," Tara said." I've never let any guy do that to me." "I thought you meant that I... oh never mind," James laughed. Tara picked up the magazine from the unclosed suitcase, sat on the bed and began flipping through the pages." I have to admit though," she said ... 
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  • When The Cat is Away The Mice Will Play, part 2.... (M/g/pedo)  (20k)
    (date posted: Sunday, December 10, 2000)

    ...was about two months into my relationship with Carla that I started spending more and more nights over at her house. I practically lived there with my clothes in the closet and drawers, my personal effects scattered around and even most of my cds since I am a lover of music. When our relationship got serious, I was afraid that we would have to deal with her daughter, Shelly. I knew that she missed her Daddy who happened to die in a shoot out in the line of duty when she was only four. It turns out that she took to me rather fondly and I thought she was an adorable and bright little girl. Shelly was now nine-years-old and as cute as a button. Her nose was small and upturned and her Irish lineage gave her away with fire engine red hair and freckles all over. She was absolutely stunning for a little girl and within that two months I had her calling me Daddy. I never gave thought to having children, but it looked like this relationship, despite all the others, was going somewhere. I almost felt like I was married and that she was my own child. I took her ice skating and fishing and she loved every moment. When I looked at Shelly, I wanted to hold her and protect her from the world. She looked innocent ... 
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  • A Shot in the Night 5.... (mf, MF, cons, first)  (10k)
    (date posted: Monday, July 09, 2012)

    ...based on a recent news event Author Note: Please read the preceding parts for understanding this continuing story. The kids headed off to bed. I took Darlene by the hand and led her to my bedroom. I closed the door and promptly began undressing her. I knew in my mind that the kids would be trying to couple up since I had spoken to my two about it. I wanted them to bond with Darlene's kids and it looked like they had. I also knew they would be looking at their new jewelry. I hoped they wouldn't take it off. As her clothes fell to the floor I caressed her breasts as she struggled to get me as naked as her. She was having difficulty since my cock was standing straight out hindering my pants from falling. I laughed to myself knowing she would soon have to get on her knees and take hold of matters. I was anxious as she to get between her legs. I know she was ready and wanting to be flat on her back with me buried deep inside her." Honey I think you need to get down there to get past the obstruction." She looked at me and smiled then fell to her knees and took hold of my hardness and removed my pants. They fell to the floor in a heap at my ankles. I ... 
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  • A Shot in the Night 4.... (MF, mmff, cons, rom)  (10k)
    (date posted: Friday, June 29, 2012)

    ...based on a recent news event Author Note: Please read the preceding parts for understanding this continuing story. Part Four I let the kids watch as I continued to kiss my lover. It was time for my kids to know that dad has interests other than his kids. I let my hands roam over my lover's breasts and sides. After a few minutes of dead silence, I looked up and saw our kids, hers and mine hugging each other. Apparently they were happy with us. When we broke our kiss, the kids were happily engaged in swimming again." I love you," I told her." And I love you." She responded. We kissed again." Let's let the kids play a bit while we get wet. I grabbed her up and then we pushed each other into the pool. We played grab ass for a bit and the kids wanted in so we played grab ass with them. I got some good feel-ups of Kelly and David and they did of me too. I could see that Linda was enjoying grabbing Darlene about the boobs and her crotch at times. I knew Jimmy was also involved since I saw his hard penis in his speedo. About 30 minutes later we were all tired out and ready to go home. It was a very rewarding day ... 
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  • Roper, part 2.... (B/gg 7, 8 bro/sis bond force incest)  (39k)
    (date posted: Monday, September 12, 2011)

    ...experimented, feeling her hot pussy clamped around the end of his penis, telling him how far he'd pushed inside her. Easing back as he slid his fingers around his cock forward, he dabbed very gently with his fingertips, acquainting her with his touch as he felt the springy curl of his helmet edge, still outside of her. Feeling along the sensitive margin of his cock bulb, he felt her pussy lips, very soft, easily mashing and distorting with the gentlest pressure." Don't, tickles," she shook her pelvis, her way of telling him she didn't like what he was doing." I'm feeling how much I got inside you," he countered," it's cool, you're so small it won't got inside." She mewed, lifting her hips to find how far she could move, working her shoulders to rock her forearms that lay heavy across her back, snugly tied by the thick coils of rope. It felt right to her, every aspect of their bodies, hers under his, tied up, helpless and vulnerable, penetrated by his cock that made her pussy keep burning, stretched and full. Her young mind, never sexual until this evening had been primed and waiting for her first erotic experience, signaled by the deeply arousing stimulation from Poncho's raping, rapid strokes ... 
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  • Elise and Matt.... (mf, cons, first, preg)  (30k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, June 20, 2012)

    ...Cousin and I had not seen each other for about 4 years. She was 10 the last time we spent a summer together. She was a flat chested gangly legged immature little girl. She was in the truest sense a 'tomboy'. I loved her very much even though I was just 12 at the time. She and I share the same birthday only two years apart. Her dad is my dad's step brother since his mom remarried after her first husband died and her son was adopted by him. They didn't look a thing alike. My dad is a tall strapping man about 6'5"and 230 pounds. Henry, my uncle, is 5'10"and kind of on the chubby side. When Elise was 5 years old she began spending her summers with us since we had a summer house in the mountains with a lake. She was a tomboy always climbing trees, fishing and doing things boys normally do. I taught her most of those things since I had no other playmates in the summer. We would bat the softball, badminton, even tennis balls bounced off of the garage. Dad painted a target on the side so we had something to aim for. When the weather got hot we would go swimming in the lake. Dad had gotten a truckload of sand dumped on the shore of our ... 
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  • A Shot in the Night 2.... (Mf, cons, inc, fond)  (37k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, June 19, 2012)

    ...based on a recent news event Author Note: Please read Part one for understanding this continuing story. \ Part Two After we left the police station, we stopped at the carpet store and I talked with them about replacing the carpet. Linda picked out the carpet she wanted. Another hit on the card. I knew I needed to keep the receipts for insurance purposes. They said they had it in stock and could install it tomorrow. They also suggested who could come and clean the crime scene. I didn't want Linda or Jimmy to see it until it was back to normal. I suggested they go to a movie knowing there were a couple they would like. After lunch at Mickey Ds I dropped them off with some money for the candy, coke and popcorn. I then went home and met the cleaners. They ripped out the carpet and cleaned the black stuff that was for fingerprints. Fortunately, the carpet had absorbed most of the blood and was carried out with the carpet. Miraculously the walls cleaned up really well. I removed the crime scene tape and let them do their work. A couple of neighbors stopped by and offered their assistance. I thanked them for their thought but that we were all ok. At four o'clock the movie was to let out so I left the cleaner people there ... 
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  • Young Needs.... (MMMMg, Mg, MF, Mdom, anal, oral, Inter, Rp)  (29k)
    (date posted: Monday, September 20, 2010)

    ... with the girl's own shit. She had to 'go' every few minutes because her 'toilets' were flowing freely out of her, her lax anal muscles unable to hold her 'shits' in. Annie didn't seem to notice anything but her lover, her hand constantly feeling for his cock... 
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  • Spring Break.... (Mf, cons, rom, preg)  (27k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, June 12, 2012)

    ...years ago when I was a Freshman in university, I found an advertisement for a free trip to Sweden. It was to be a two week adventure that meant hiking, fishing, camping and all in a pristine environment away from the hustle and bustle of urban living. I grew up on a ranch in the Northern Midwest and had always loved being with nature so this was an opportunity of a lifetime for me. I applied online and waited for a reply of my acceptance. I felt my chances were good, no very good, since the advertisement was in a magazine that is not normally found on a college campus. It was the week before Thanksgiving that I received a reply. I read it three times to be sure I was reading it correctly. It said," Dear John, Thank you for entering our contest for a Spring Break trip to Sweden. We are pleased to tell you that you have been selected as a winner in our contest. Please confirm receipt and provide us with the dates of your Spring Break. Once received we will schedule you for your round-trip plane reservations, escort to the staging area and maps to your camping area. Congratulations to you and we hope you will respond quickly. Signed: The committee." I was now walking in tall cotton. I didn't have ... 
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  • Roper, part 1.... (B/g 7, 8 bond, nc, beast bro/sis incest)  (113k)
    (date posted: Sunday, September 11, 2011)

    ...Jimmy Draper loved roping, ever since he was a little boy, which technically, he still was at twelve. Starting with a stiff lariat he spun until his wrists hurt at age five, knocking his hat off when he tried to spin it over his head, he just got better. In a few years he didn't need the special ropes, any rope would do. Then he got into tossing a loop over things catching anything smaller than the large loop he already knew how to spin up and keep spinning, making a huge circle that he soon found he could float out and drop over most anything that wasn't moving. It wasn't long he started going after moving targets, his dog learned to run away when he saw Jimmy come outside with his rope, so he terrorized his neighbor's dogs, then they learned what that funny thing did, settling down around their neck or feet, jerked tight to make them fall down hard as they ran. It was all just fun to Jimmy. He wasn't a mean kid, just loved to play with his rope, trying all sorts of things, working out new tricks he'd spend hours on, seeing if they were possible, then perfecting them, so other kids would ask him to show off, a neighborhood entertainer, well known by the time he got ... 
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