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  • Heather's Fan Club: Age 4.... (4)  (40k)
    (date posted: Monday, March 27, 2017)

    ... always pulled back, giggling as her face and body became jism targets. But to Ben's surprise, the little girl resolutely kept her oral hold on him. Her delicate neck throbbed as she swallowed what the man was spurting into her mouth. Only when he was finished...  I linked in to the site to show him a few things - nothing of Heather. Sure, he liked the tweens and young teens with the little titties and a little fuzz on their pussies, but he really liked the younger ones with no hair down there -...  before he pulled away. Heather murmured contentedly as she was lightly molested. She was moistening nicely and she got wetter when the young teen examined the workings of her tiny clit." Wow, look at her," Jim breathed as he admired the four year-old's glistening...  thought he was nicely sized and promptly sealed her lips around the head. Jim sucked in a sharp breath through clenched teeth at the oral contact. Heather pushed forward, sucking as she took more of the boy's prick in her mouth. Her tongue greeted the young cock...  interior. Donna envied her daughter - just four years old and she was getting completely filled with a nice hard cock. The young teen worked the preschooler up and down on his prick, gradually gaining speed. Watery red marks smeared around the smooth milky skin of Heather's...  hard again and he took Donna's place as he mounted the preschooler. Letting Ben still handle the camera, Donna eagerly watched as the teen once again drilled her baby girl's snug and tender cunt." Merry Christmas!" "Same to you, Maria," Donna...  in some group activities with Heather during later visits." Heather gave Margot a friendly hello and was picked up and kissed by the teen before being carried off. After being directed to the living room, Donna sat alone until a slim young preteen girl entered. She...  milky rump. Her daughter had been a virgin there but was quickly getting that vestige of innocence demolished. Heather had known nothing of anal sex, but now the girl was learning as the lubrication from the dildo heated her rectum while the thrusting and twisting knobbed surface agitated...  had no comment as she was busily sucking Ben's prick. Behind her, was Jim, who was visiting for Spring Break. The teen was sluicing his cock in and out of the preschooler's dripping pussy, making her ass cheeks quiver while the bald, plump labia of...  the lewd action inside, sending some of her fluids trickling down her sides. There was also the occasional slurp as she readjusted her oral pull on Ben's meat. Simultaneously her two lovers came. Grandfather and grandson pumped their thick wads of sperm into the very busy four... 
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  • Daughter's Paint Shaker Pussy - Candy.... (M/g F/g 7)  (12k)
    (date posted: Saturday, March 25, 2017)

    ... affection not only continued into her seventh year, it intensified. She was drawn to her daddy in particular. Jacob introduced her to oral incest at an early age. Her rooting around in his lap would produce the longest, stiffest boners, he had ever experienced.... . Finally, he had a long talk with his daughter about her virgin pussy and ass. The pussy virginity went first and her anal virginity went several days later. She grew more and more comfortable with dildos and butt plugs. Jacob especially liked the long cat-tail butt...  old Chris forever and she knew he adored her. She would have to discuss this with her daddy. She had never had a teen cock inside her. Would it be different? Could she make Chris fall so deeply in love with her, he would marry her... 
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  • Destiny.... (Incest, F/m, M/s, Grandma/Grandson, Bestiality, anal, rough)  (120k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, February 21, 2017)

    ..."None grandma," I hurried to explain as her incredulous expression covered her beautiful face," Grandma, girls have given me oral and hand jobs but they refused to actually have sex with me until I had some experience on account, as they say, of...  and licked her cunt and ass with all the inexperience I possessed. Grandma woke up with a start and moaned. I licked her anal ring and inhaled the peculiar fragrance emanating from there. I kissed her rich lush bush drenched with mu cum and her sex juices....  would fine-tune my education but the main chapter had been delivered and understood. I placed my cum soaked cock head at the ridiculously tiny anal opening of grandma. I stared at the union incredulously. There was no way my apple-sized cock head would or could enter tight closed...  opening of grandma. I stared at the union incredulously. There was no way my apple-sized cock head would or could enter tight closed anal ring seemed impenetrable." Chris, place you cock against my ass and push, real hard," Grandma said in reassuring tone...  slow motion. I heard her gasp and then yelp as my cock head vanished inside her ass. I was mesmerised by the tight anal ring stretched so wide around my thick cock." Push in Chris, PLEASE," grandma moaned as she bit her lip....  her on my knees. My cock head was bloated and appeared red and angry. I pushed and pressed her against her now closed anal ring. It yielded and my cock head vanished with a soft plopping sound. I lunged three times and moaned with intense pleasure as...  as principled and as headstrong as her father. Likewise there was no other man worthy of her attention. As she grew into her teens she inadvertently started to see me as an adversary as I was the woman in her father's life, the only man for her....  and your grandpa, for the first time, decided to take the matter head on. I trembled as our daughter barely into her teens, just turned thirteen, sat calm and confident and her father began," Caro, I think you are being unreasonable and harsh...  ass cheeks to reveal that tiny pink wrinkled opening and impatiently placed my cock head and pushed hard. I could feel, as grandma's anal ring gradually was forced open as my cock head slipped inside and I sighed as my cock head vanished inside the warmth of grandma's rectum... 
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  • Daughter Learns it All! ch 3.... (M/F/f/m cp, orgy, pedo, inc, best)  (67k)
    (date posted: Friday, February 17, 2017)

    ... There was also another middle aged woman who was fairly attractive who nodded at them and said to call her Jill and then an older teen boy who looked like he stepped out of a magazine add from the fifties. Ray waved at him and said his name was Wally...  be holding up a mic or camera. Got any problems with that?" He sure as hell didn't! Just seeing that hot teen had his cock firming up, wondering if she was also an actress and if he might wrangle a scene or two with her....  that the camera caught it all. He staggered back, proudly displaying his cunt wet prick, when something unexpected happened. The hot teen girl jumped in and knelt before him and popped the soiled organ into her mouth. She looked right at the camera and begged,... , anyone want to fuck?" The raucous cheers left no doubt. Clothing was tossed wildly about as all got busy. The teen Sara and Jill both quickly came over to Roger and began fondling him as his rising cock told them he was more than ready for...  and an ass so taut you really could bounce a quarter off of it contrasted nicely with Jill's fuller breasts and rounder hips. The teen had a small, nicely shaved patch of pubic hair right over her clit in the shape of an arrow pointing down, while Jill...  and it felt just amazing sliding in and out of her ass. She knew that Toby was about to be sodomized by the larger teen and she wanted to see the moment of penetration. She didn't have long to wait as the adolescent pushed the preteen onto his hands...  swallowed all three loads. By now, Roger was on his back and Jill was settling down onto his upthrust prick while the hot teen was sitting on his face. He was more than grateful that he'd just cum otherwise, this wouldn't be lasting very long and he... , who was feeling a need for something to fill her teenage cunt, so the women swapped places. Roger watched the incredibly hot teen squatting down onto his prick then began sucking the cream from Jill's musky snatch having the time of his life. He only hoped Sam...  begged," Oh, Amy! Piss on me! Piss and make me cum. I will, I promise!" The teen fucking him grinned at her." Shit ya! Piss on both of us and I'll give the kid a sperm enema." ...  and relaxed, letting her stream build right onto the boys rock hard stiffie and then let it grow until she was pissing down the teens stomach, with the splatter splashing back onto the youngster and down onto their cocks. Little Toby cried out, his hand gripping his... 
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  • A Life of Privileges.... (MFm/g5)  (20k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, January 24, 2017)

    .... The movements made her rub his prick with her ass and Evie was well aware of it - she had developed a kink for anal stimulation at an early age. Breathing hard and fast, Evie rode her grandpa's diddling digit until her climax hit. The child's snatch...  John opened a video and then gave the thing to Evie to watch. It was one of her favorites of late - two young teen girls getting ass-fucked by two well-hung men. The youngster watched, entranced, as the thick meat pounded into the straining assholes of the... "he continued." And your mother thinks you're ready." Every night, Lisa tucked her daughter into bed after a nice oral twat washing. Over the last month, the woman had added another source of stimulation as she ate Evie's bald cuntlet. She was... . John was also overwhelmed - and still hard. Oh, he had softened a bit but the persistent grip of his little granddaughter's anal plumbing soon had him at full rigidity. He turned the girl over, twisting her on his dick until she was face up and...  grandfather had finally broken Evie's ass in." Oh... oh..." Evie panted as she stared at the teen meat, shiny with her juices, plowing into her stretched twatlet and feeling the delicious moving contact inside." Ah!" Evie... 
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  • Dad And The Boys.... (M/m/b, incest, oral, anal, rimming, fletching con)  (11k)
    (date posted: Saturday, January 14, 2017)

    ...A boy, his older brother and their dad. Another reworking of a story I wrote for the now defunct Hand Jobs magazine. -"Come on Jimmy, you know you want to," my older brother pleaded with me. I was 9 and he was 14." Come on, I taught you how to jack off, told you all about porn on the internet and now it's time for you to suck my cock." "I don't know... Um, what if dad walks in on us?" "He won't. He has had a few drinks and he is sleeping. I checked. Now get on your knees and blow me bro." "Oh, alright, if you are sure he won't hear us," I said as I got onto my knees. I took Tim's seven-inch boner into my left hand and slowly started to twirl my tongue around the head of his cock, even licking the precum out of his piss slit. To be honest, I have sucked guys off before but to suck my own brother's dick was weird event though he was hot. Five feet, 8 inches, brown hair, brown eyes stocky build a treasure trail leading down to his cock. Compared to me he was a God. I was skinny as a rail ... 
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  • The Twins 4.... (M, F, f, f, inc, rom, cons)  (84k)
    (date posted: Friday, January 13, 2017)

    ... I sucked and licked at her taint making her lift her hips in excitement. When I rolled the tip of my tongue around her anal ring her legs drew even higher and tiling her up for more. I pulled at her legs and returned to her pussy and clit...  a little." Hmm... Choices, choices." I had found it interesting how much the girls had taken to anal sex. I had never really done it before these two came along, and now it was a weekly thing for the both of...  other hand grew very uncomfortable as all three were wearing similar attire to what Hina had worn the first night. Six pale globes of teen ass bobbed and weaved before my eyes. I looked to Hana and she was smiling and biting her lip with amusement. They all...  mind and my heart to a world that has helped me to make better choices in my life. It helped me to avoid the teen angst my friends felt. It matured me in ways I can't begin to describe." "Why was this woman putting me in...  a very attractive female in my front room that wanted to make love to me. She had already given me a wonderful orgasm with oral sex, so she knew me very intimately already. My lovers all felt I should let my worries go and trust in them....  while I couldn't back down." She looked me in the eyes and her smile went straight to my heart." I've done oral a few times to some boys but I never thought I would like it like I did with you." I stroked her cheek... 
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  • Hot Family Fun, ch 3.... (MMM/F/ffmm)  (70k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, January 04, 2017)

    ... to see it because you'd know how good it feels sliding into your hot, itchy little cunts." The raw language shocked both teens, but at the same time, made them feel all tingly. Both automatically looked back at Dave's cock, which was now growing... , feeling a bit surprised that she had more experience than these older girls. She liked that feeling, so she turned to the teens." Ya. Fucking is so cool. I love cumming and daddy makes my cunt cum over and over." That's when...  over." That's when Nancy asked," You girls look kinda cool. Wanna stay and party with us?" The second teen asked," You mean FUCK?" Dave shook his head no." Not if you don't want. But have you ever...  their cunny's throb. Then again, seeing Nancy, Penny and even Peter in the nude was also so very naughty. The second teen answered in a very uncertain voice." Weeellll, I don't know..." Her friend was silent for a few seconds...  no matter who sucks your cunt, but it's kinda different when a man or a woman eats you. Try it!" The teens whispered rapidly together. Both were more than a bit terrified, yet neither wanted to admit as much to their friend, or back...  first girl over to the edge of the pavilion and sat her down on the stone top, spreading her legs. She felt the teen shivering, but it wasn't from being cool! She grabbed Dave by the forearm and pulled him in between the girls knees and then...  cool! She grabbed Dave by the forearm and pulled him in between the girls knees and then nudged him downward. Dave felt the teens taut thighs and stared into the dark folds of her crotch. His cock was throbbing and his mouth watering. Nancy touched his shoulder...  the other girls head rolled in circles, her soft pants of pleasure audible in the dark. Nancy guided her next to the other teen and knelt, her own body aroused by what she was about to do. She flicked the girls clit, then probed her wet...  she raced him, wanting to bring hers off first. It was a close call! This was so new and forbidden! The teens spread their legs wide apart and very quickly forgot that they were having sex side by side. All they knew was that it felt...  juices and then began to hammer her little button over and over again until she grunted and gasped, cumming hard from her first ever oral sex. Hearing her friend, the other girl cried out, fairly loudly. Penny instinctively glanced around the park and didn't see anything... 
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  • Illegal, Illicit, and Intoxifying.... (MF, Mf13, Ff13, inc, first, Grandfather/Granddaughter, Father/Daughter, Mother/Daughter, cons, petti)  (309k)
    (date posted: Friday, December 23, 2016)

    .... As the day passed, I enjoyed the feelings inside me. They were familiar from long, long ago when I was a teen and desperately desired Heather, a pretty blonde in school. Rachael was giving me a gift, even if she didn't know it....  do it. As for how often, not that often. I used to masturbate almost every day when I was in my early teens. These days, it's mostly when I get turned on by someone." When he stopped, Rachael pointed out," You...  and her girlfriends had talked about; the things she'd secretly watched on the Internet. Some of the things had grossed her out, like anal sex, or letting a guy cum in her mouth. So why did she feel different now? Why did thinking about doing things...  made it sound. In fact, Rachael was nowhere close to Cara's rebellious streak. I thought back to my daughter as a new teen and had clear memories of her cutting a swathe through boys, all of a type, as if she'd chosen them to bother me...  into the store instead of waiting in the truck. I wasn't ashamed about buying condoms. That was something I'd left behind in my teens. But Rachael had me chuckling, then laughing, then embarrassed." What's the difference between lubricated and not?" she asked...  You know what I meant." "I really don't," I assured her." What 'type' of sex? As in oral or... you know." "Ahhh. All is clear. Sorry. I really didn't understand. It depends on...  Five plus. Explain, Billy Bob." "What ways do you know?" I asked." Well... oral and, like, regular, and you know." How cute!" I know what?" "You know!" ... ?" "You know!" she insisted, adding," In the butt." I smiled." You can say anal sex. It's what it's called. Or sodomy if you prefer, or, as the English call it, buggery." "...  That sounds disgusting!" "What would you like to call it? I'm pretty flexible. How about Nancy? Whenever we mean anal sex, we'll say Nancy instead." I waited a beat and said," It would be like, 'Feel like Nancy tonight... . The truck bounced as we turned off the paved road onto the long rutted dirt drive climbing to the house." So, oral, and vaginal, and Nancy you know about." Rachael laughed again." Then there's manual and naked frottage, both with... 
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  • Mennonite Tight, ch 2.... (M/b, oral, anal, incest, Dad/son, swapping)  (38k)
    (date posted: Friday, December 02, 2016)

    ... foul at all. He needn't have worried. His earthy aroma was just strong and lung-filling, the heady heat cloud of a strong teen boy who works and gets hot. It was a good scent, a boy's scent. A boy on the cusp of developing manhood... 
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  • Sextet.... (M/b, oral, anal)  (41k)
    (date posted: Sunday, November 27, 2016)

    ...!" It's so unfair when your cock taunts you that way. I got a lot of head from younger boys back in my teen years (they were always so cooperative and eager to please), but I soon grew out of it because women are legal and...  it up again. This time, the entire tip slipped into him, almost effortlessly like it was meant to be there. His anal ring quickly snapped around it. I pushed forward just a tiny bit. No movement from Jazz. Still sleeping. I removed it... 
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  • Summer Vacation At Dad's Place, part 2: Thoughts and Fantasies Some Fufilled.... (Tease mm/f F/f, oral, Cons, Mast, StepMother/daughter Voy, WS, References to Incest, SM/BD)  (74k)
    (date posted: Thursday, November 17, 2016)

    ... limits were, to her at least, arbitrary. The woman often wondered if Matt was sticking his thick adult prick up Alma's tiny teen twat as well, or if her son was giving his little girlfriend's mother a helping of cock. For the former she had no...  months they'd be together. Any woman who'd lick droplets of pee off a cock was okay in Kim's book, if fact, the teen girl wondered if maybe her new step-mom might not be able to teach her a thing or two." She took off to go... ." I'm trying to learn to sound country." Kim answered with a giggled of her own." Cool." The teen girl's father leaned in and kissed her on the forehead." We'll be right out." "'Kay." 'Touch him once...  barely covered bikini clad ass but trying not to be obvious about it. Not country stock, that was for certain. The young teen repressed a smile. The boy, a little younger than Trent, if she was any judge, and when it came to boys...  eyes. On the other hand, his new brother was standing right there next to him and the older boy happened to be the teen girl's boyfriend. One thing Sam had learned early on from girl watching in school was that checking out another dude's girlfriend was a good...  Hope soared as she watched the girl undulate and move into one sensuous rut after another, because she knew just as well as the teen girl that the moves were giving both boys major hard-ons in their pants. Hope fell on hearing the redhead announce she was on her...  and a sticky mixture of boy precum and little girl drool ran out the lower corner of her mouth. Every now and then the teen girl's slippery pink tongue would dart out, licking and lapping at the rampant organ that was excitedly plugging her face. She reached through...  fun. The contact, forbidden though it was, supposedly, by society, due to their young ages, made both of the teens groan. Trent, watching the pair with a slightly amused but mostly lusty smile on his good looking young face groaned along with them...  the stiff pink nub between his fingers and pulling it out taut before letting it snap back. The sensation of which made the young teen girl gasp and pant hard around the stiff cock of the thirteen year old she was blowing. Alma arched her back and it didn't... , ultra sensitive area on the underside of the boy's cockhead." The pussy path's closed, but..." The young teen girl snapped her lips around the tip of her boyfriend's cock before swallowing him to the balls in a single motion and luxuriating in his... 
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  • Raven in the Rainstorm, ch 2.... (t/t/g, oral, vaginal, anal, bi)  (38k)
    (date posted: Sunday, November 13, 2016)

    ... was a cross she was not willing to bear after the first rough one. End of story. Poor Steve when it came to anal. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #"...  # # # # Steve was right. After the opening night jitters were out of the way and Raven was used to getting my teen cock rammed up her 11-year-old cunt on a semi regular basis, she was already spreading her legs for me with initiating gusto, and...  at Uncle Scoob's that night, he had to buy new bed sheets. But that's a different story I guess. Steve losing his anal virginity to his 35-year-old uncle. Steve fucked me extra hard that night in my bedroom. The whole room smelled like ass and cum... 
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  • Raven in the Rainstorm, ch 1.... (t/t/g, oral, vaginal, anal, bi)  (26k)
    (date posted: Saturday, November 12, 2016)

    ... teary-eyed. Sometimes I fucked Rave while Steve fucked her best friend Kinsley. Both girls were 11. Both girls were ripe for 15-year-old teen cock. Sometimes we switched off. Sometimes we needed private time and fucked the girls by ourselves. Rave and Kinsley. Double the...  knocked the wind out of her." Aw, fuck man," Steve grinned at me, stroking his long, thick 15-year-old teen cock and smearing it with lube, getting ready to fuck me with it." Tell me you grabbed that little bitch's hips and...  her hard. OW. Not so rough!" My dick slid in and out of Jackson's well-accustomed asshole, and I felt his anal muscles clench and nibble at my hard slippery fuckshaft. I've been fucking Jackson since he was, Lord, I don't know. Born... 
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  • I Want My Baby Black 3.... (M, F, F, f, cons, rom, preg, IR)  (95k)
    (date posted: Friday, November 04, 2016)

    .... Then Shawna shocked the heck out of me. She leaned back a little more and I suddenly felt my cock rubbing against her anal ring. She kept this up and I couldn't help but grab her hips and let her. When that small ring relaxed I slid...  couple of times and then threw herself against me. Her lips met mine and I turned to support her. We kissed like horny teens for a few minutes." If I didn't have to go back to work I'd take you home and wear your cock out....  wonderful and if I had liked her mother's I was in passionate love with hers. Sucking and licking her was more than just an oral fixation, it was now an oral obsession. She twisted and bucked her hip but I didn't stop." Oh Sam, what...  mother's I was in passionate love with hers. Sucking and licking her was more than just an oral fixation, it was now an oral obsession. She twisted and bucked her hip but I didn't stop." Oh Sam, what are you doing to me I can't... 
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