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  • Mijn Lieve Zus En Haar Kleine Kinderen.... (incest/M/m/F/ff 5)  (17k)
    (date posted: Thursday, April 09, 2009)

    ..., dat was me toch een verrassing toen ik hoorde dat mijn zus haar man plotseling vertrokken was en zij daardoor zonder woonruimte kwam. Natuurlijk gaf ik als notoire alleenstaande haar onderdak in mijn ruime woning. Daar staat ze dan in mijn kamer met rondom een hoeveelheid koffers en dozen, het weinige dat ze kon meenemen, en de tweeling van 5 met beteuterde gezichten door deze plotselinge verplaatsing naar deze nieuwe situatie. Ze had haar een-jarige kleine meid in haar armen. Nu eerst maar een nodige pauze en iets te eten en te drinken. Het smaakt hen ondanks alles goed en al gauw was het al tijd voor de twins om naar bed te gaan. Morgen is er weer een nieuwe hoopvolle dag. Mijn zus evelien kleedt de kleine meid en de knul snel uit en zet hun gezamelijk onder de douche om heerlijk opgefrist, schoon en fris op bed te gaan. Grondig wast Evelien de beide kinderen en natuurlijk ook hun prille geslachtsdelen slaat ze niet over. Ik sta in de deuropening en sla het genoegelijk gade en geniet van de onschuld hoe broer en zus zonder schaamte gezamelijk naakt zijn. Ik ga alvast naar beneden en even later komt Evelien ook met de kinderen naar beneden. Beide een kort nachthemdje aan dat net boven hun billetjes ophoud." Zo Sara en Wim, laten jullie oom Henk eens zien of jullie goed gewassen ... 
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  • Разве это я во всём виновата? (Shifting the Blame).... (mfff, Mf, preg)  (40k)
    (date posted: Monday, August 04, 2008)

    ...послушать мою маму, то можно подумать, что я сама всё придумала, а она только хотела помочь мне не вляпаться в неприятности. Ну-ну. Сегодня, когда я пожаловалась, что у меня болит спина и ноют ноги, мама с таким отвращением взглянула на меня и мой раздувшийся живот... - Что ж, - проворчала она, - ты сама виновата. Ты должна была понимать, чем это может кончиться, и быть поосторожнее! Но НЕТ, сперва думать, потом делать - это не для таких как ты! Ну и поделом, в следующий раз будешь слушать, что тебе говорят. Даже теперь я не могу поверить в то, что она ЭТО сказала. От обиды я не могла вымолвить ни слова. В конце концов, именно мама всё это затеяла и разработала в деталях. Однако из её слов получается, что мои сестры и я были лишь возбужденными подростками, отягощенными взбесившимися гормонами и не уважающими родителей. Но я-то знала что случилось на самом деле. Мать обычно рассуждает довольно здраво, но в этом вопросе её не сдвинуть с мёртвой точки. И у меня не получится. Мама не могла не знать, что делает; и не могла не понимать, ЧТО подумают об этом дети. Она винит нас, детей, за то, что было её идеей от начала и до конца. Не только мне - заметьте ... 
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  • Charlie Carter, ch 2.... (F20)  (25k)
    (date posted: Thursday, April 10, 2003)

    ...Charlie Carter was four years old, his Aunt Tasha visited for the first time. Megan Carter, Charlie's mom, had been only seventeen when she had the boy. When she had found out that she was pregnant, and realized that she had no idea who the father was, she ran away from home. She left behind her mother, father and her younger sister, who had been ten at the time. Now Tasha was fourteen, and had wheedled her parents into letting her travel to the city to see her big sister and her nephew. Megan and Charlie met her at the train station, and took a cab back to their apartment. Megan was not making much money as a secretary, so she could only afford a one-bedroom flat. Charlie got the bedroom, while Megan's bed was in the living room." I'm sorry that I don't have more room, Tasha," Megan said, as they hauled her suitcase through the front door." You'll have to share my bed while you stay here." "Oh, it's no problem," chirped Tasha." Whatever's most convenient for you. If you want, I can sleep on the floor." "Don't be silly. I can't let my own sister sleep on the floor." Megan looked over her sister as ... 
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  • The Train Journey.... (mf mature mom lac, India incest)  (32k)
    (date posted: Monday, October 31, 2011)

    ...was 20 years old and just out of college. It was the 2001. I was a virgin who had discovered the wonders of masturbation some weeks ago. I was very curious and my hormones were raging. If there was a sexual revolution on, it had completely bypassed me. A few old issues of Playboy and some bad Black and White pictures of people at sexual intercourse was the only sex education I had had. I travel a lot for my work, being in Sales and Marketing. In the past, many of these trips were undertaken at short notice and trains in India as a rule being overbooked, it was not always possible to get a reserved sleeper. I had just graduated and was out to close deals at any cost to do well on my first job. I used to reach the railway station early in tine for the train to come to the platform. I would then push my way into the unreserved compartment and grab some seats. In this particular instance, I was 2 hours early. I was going from Mumbai to Baroda and had secured myself two seats on this night train, as was my habit. I would always save a seat beside mine, just in case a friend needed one. If no friend turned up, I would offer the seat to a thin passenger ... 
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  • The Virgin.... (M/g)  (46k)
    (date posted: Sunday, July 29, 2001)

    ...Orne looked back over her left shoulder, her almond-shaped eyes shy but her expression precocious - her eyes were peridot, a pale green. Mr. Powell smiled at her and Laura blushed slightly as she disappeared down the hall. Laura was barely eleven years old - but she sort of knew what it meant when men looked at her like that. Laura could sense that she was inviting, tentatively returning the teacher's furtive stares. A lot of people looked at her - Laura was unbelievably beautiful, with long auburn hair and an angular body, skin like cold cream and a crooked mouth that made her seem adult despite her awkwardness, seductive. She wasn't clumsy, but she'd had a growth spurt and was still uncomfortable with her height - Laura was the tallest girl in class, gazelle-like, and the math teacher had memorized her every movement. She played with her hair a lot, obviously aware of the effect she had on others - she pranced with a practiced sway though her hips were still narrow, often wore skirts and dresses, and responded to stares with a studied repertoire of poses. Sid Powell wondered whether the fifth grader fantasized about forbidden things - her attention often wandered, and Sid took care not to embarrass the girl by calling on her when she was daydreaming. It sometimes seemed to him that Laura ... 
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  • Orcs.... (M/M M/m M/b Relc anal oral slave fantasy)  (19k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, April 12, 2016)

    ... if the orcish scent had not been present to enthrall the human captives, the constant hammering at their prostates and the frequently induced full-body anal orgasms would have been enough to make even the most resistant man an addict to orc dominance. Those powerful and enticing orgasms became more... 
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  • A Smooth Con.... (M/F/f, anal, oral, vag, ped)  (79k)
    (date posted: Thursday, April 08, 2004)

    ... attempted to repel him nor struggled against his violation of her. His tongue buried in her pussy kept her distracted. He felt her anal tract slowly loosening up and allowing freer passage. She would be ready soon, he determined and he couldn't wait. He had waited...  he wouldn't stop. Travis steadily pushed his prick further into the little girl's tight ass. A full inch was firmly lodged inside her anal sheath and gripped him with a tightness he never could have imagined. It was actually painful as it strangled the sensitive gland, but...  stretching her lips as far as they could go, the swollen cap barely managed to fit inside her mouth. It filled her entire oral cavity yet it wasn't as scary this time; perhaps because she had already suffered sucking him a while ago and knew what to expect.... 
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  • Incestia: Violet's Family Vacation.... (Consenting incest, ff, Mf)  (90k)
    (date posted: Friday, July 06, 2007)

    ... out her pink pussy. Mia knew just how to lap at her clit, had the right pressure and stoke. She dipped her oral muscle deep into the younger girl's crack, and ran it back up to her waiting, humming love button. Mia's saliva mixed and... , and then two more, intense orgasms rock her body in succession. The younger girl sprawled on the floor, immobilized by Mia's oral talents. She breathed slow and steady, trying to regain her composure. Both girls were smiling, pleased at the success of their...  on a man's cock, baby girl. It's sort of the same thing I did for you when I licked your pussy. It's oral sex, when you give sexual pleasure with your mouth. Would you like to try sucking Daddy's cock?" "Oh yes!... 
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  • Jealousy: Taming of the Shrew.... (M/F/g)  (44k)
    (date posted: Monday, January 01, 1990)

    ... a finger into the no longer quite so tight pussy. Marsha arched up off the bed as Diane pressed into her body, the teen getting into the penetration of the seemingly fragile girl, getting them in deeper, wigging until her hand came up to press against her...  taking care of her when she needs it, understand?" His cock danced to the back of her throat and held there, oral muscles tightening in anticipation of gagging on it again. She nodded her head carefully." Good. Now that I'm good and hard... 
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  • Jasmine, Sarah and Their Daughters, ch 19: Happy Birthdays.... (F+/f+ Lesbian Incest Lactating Squirting Pissing anal Mother Daughter Twins)  (39k)
    (date posted: Friday, June 03, 2011)

    ... cousins quickly followed by flashing their young breasts to Jane and Rose. The two ladies gasped at the sight of four pairs of fresh teen meat held together tightly by four lacy bras. On that, a running sound came from the corridor leading to the kitchen. The... 
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  • Don't Mess With the Dancing Twins 3: Helping Out Dad.... (mff mg cons)  (30k)
    (date posted: Thursday, April 01, 2010)

    ... their shirts up over their heads revealing their bare chests. I'm sure I was goggle eyed as I looked at the two sets of teen age breasts in front of me. They were small and firm looking with dark pink aureoles and nipples. I was as surprised as... 
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  • Don't Mess With the Dancing Twins 2: Helping Alice.... (ffg oral Mg implied)  (22k)
    (date posted: Sunday, March 28, 2010)

    ...Anastasia turned to walk toward home after school she glanced briefly after her sister Arina as she went off with a group of other girls. For once the twins had a free afternoon and they had decided on different pursuits. One of the girls friends named Karen's parents were away and she had decided to dye her hair the wildest color she could imagine. Arina and several other girls were going with her to help, and recommend weather she go with green, orange or purple. Anastasia unconsciously shook her head as the group headed away. She had no interest in such plots and being more serious minded than her sister she had other plans for the day. She hadn't told her sister what she intended as she didn't want to spoil her sister's fun. When Arina had asked her to help with Karen's plotting she had just smiled and declined. Arina had just shrugged and gone on her way. If Anastasia had told Arina what she intended she would have immediately set aside her own plans and there was no need for that. The reason the afternoon was free held Anastasia's attention. This was soccer day at the elementary school. While the twins had been attending the lower school when they were younger they had convinced the gym teacher to let the girls form teams from the other students to play soccer after school once a ... 
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  • First Day of School at Pedo U.... (Mg, Fb, oral)  (9k)
    (date posted: Monday, June 11, 2012)

    ..."I'd like to do that when I'm older" "Well Cindy, you're at the right school. We have special classes in oral. I can arrange for private lessons if you think it would help you" "OK guys, take off your shoes, socks... 
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  • Sophie, Doing What It Takes.... (teen female slut)  (46k)
    (date posted: Thursday, January 21, 1999)

    ... next to her." Come sit with me, sweetheart", Emma said," We need to talk." The skinny teen sat next to her mom. The two women stared at each other. Wordlessly, Emma pulled the two pair of ruined and soiled...  thinking about what she had just heard." Momma, I'm so sorry. I didn't want to hurt you." sobbed the teen," It's just that, well, face it, I'm not pretty. I haven't got much going for me in the looks...  to her. To her surprise, she found herself aroused as Sophie discribed Stephie licking and fingering Sophie's pussy. She noticed the thin teen squirming about as though she were uncomfortable. Emma smiled, inwardly. Her own pussy was getting damp and she felt the need to...  at her, lapping her tounge up her snatch again. Both women giggled." Pretty good, huh mom?" snickered the teen." Mmmmm, not bad kiddo"replied Emma, grabbing her daughter and pulling her to her mouth. The two women kissed... , then swooping back. Ted had laughed too. Sophie smiled. It became their game every year, even after she became a teen. She would sit to one side until he brought her an ice cream, then they'd go to the swings. She felt a...  her before she was ready. He pushed and wiggled the finger back and forth inside her, elicting small cries and groans from the teen. Her little bud grew and popped out from it's hood, demanding attention. Instead, Ted continued to saw the digit in and...  down to stroke his cock to further his fantisy. He awoke with a shock, his eyes snapping open to see the auburn haired teen slowly working her mouth up and down his now turgid shaft. Sophie wasn't working his cock rapidly like the night before, no,...  and removed her mouth again," Careful, you're awfly big, and I'm pretty sore this morning." She returned to her oral ministrations as he gently rubbed her tender labia. She winced and cried out softly a few times from pain when he tried to insert...  her puckered anus. As with last night, he was surprised that he probed and entered it with little difficulty, although the young teen inhaled sharply as he worked it in past her sphincter. Soon, though, he had first one, then a second finger burried...  be careful and quiet. I don't want to wake mom." Ted nodded, no longer surprised by anything the homily, hot teen would say. She went into the bathroom and returned with a tube of lubricant, explainig," I keep this hidden from mom... 
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  • A Christmas Karole.... (MM/F/fff/inc toddler13/oral, anal, spank)  (74k)
    (date posted: Thursday, January 01, 2004)

    ... I didn't like causing her pain, but knew it was necessary and well aware that once she was accustomed to my cock in her anal chute she wouldn't feel the pain she was feeling at the moment. And I knew she would get accustomed to it. I had...  was so incredibly small compared to my overwhelming size and the disproportion was fantastically arousing. The sensations were indescribable and I gasped. Her anal tract gripped the head of my cock like a vacuum as if it was trying to draw the cum directly from my balls. I... , squeezing her round, firm cheeks in my fingers lovingly as I moved my dick in and out of her baby sister. Karole's anal sheath clung to my cock so perfectly and allowed for just the right amount of friction, I knew I would not be able to...  cock is not to your advantage. Karole sunk onto my cock with practiced ease, but it was still slow-going. Despite having had anal sex almost daily for the past three years or so, she was still a very small little girl. I let her take her...  sound that resembled a sighing squeal. Her little ass now moved up and down rhythmically and I felt my climax fast approaching. Her anal passage pulsed and vibrated urging my balls to empty themselves within her. I could tell Hank was in a similar state as he carefully... 
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