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  • Silberküste Teil 2.... (young girls 8/11, M/F, M/gg, b/g, anal, vaginal, oral, cons, cuckold)  (68k)
    (date posted: Sunday, March 17, 2019)

    ...Teil 2 Der kommende Morgen verlief ereignislos. Felix sah zu, wie die Mädchen sich befriedigten, griff aber nicht ein. Am Frühstückstisch erzählte Lena von Hannas Vorschlag mit den Möhren. Nora versprach, sie im Supermarkt zu besorgen. Die Mädchen gingen zur Betreuung und überlegten dabei, wie sie die Jungs langsam aus der Reserve locken könnten. Nora und Felix wollten aber mal einen Strandtag einlegen, packten Taschen und eine Kühltasche und suchten sich unten am Strand ein Plätzchen für sich, wofür es reichlich Platz gab. Sie rieben sich gegenseitig mit Sonnencreme ein, denn die Sonne stach vorm Himmel hoch und der kühle Wind des Atlantiks täuschte darüber hinweg. Sie erfrischten sich in der harten Brandung, streckten sich wieder auf ihrer Decke aus und waren für dieses Mal frei von der Suche nach Begegnungen. Dann juckte es Nora aber doch irgendwo. Sie drehte sich auf den Bauch und säuselte:"Spatz? Es juckt mich im Popo. Könntest du vielleicht deinen Finger reinstecken und mich ein wenig kratzen?" . Sie lachte dabei frech. Felix traute seinen Ohren nicht. Das hatte es ja in ihrem ganzen Eheleben noch nicht gegeben! Er steckte seinen Zeigefinger in den Mund um ihn anzufeuchten, beugte sich dann über Noras Po, die ihre Backen einladend aus einander zog und ließ etwas von seiner Spucke in ihre Ritze tropfen." Hihi - du bist ... 
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  • Siblings.... (brother/sister m/f f/f first)  (128k)
    (date posted: Sunday, March 03, 2019)

    ...Chapter One Cindy felt herself getting wet. She slipped her finger deep inside the soft folds of her pussy and moved it around, massaging her still-intact hymen." That's nice," Billy said, grinning down at his naked sister." How long have you been playing with yourself like that?" "Ever since I was nine," the teen-aged girl answered defiantly." Ever since I saw you playing with yourself in the bathroom that afternoon, when you thought you were alone and no one could see you!" "Yeah, and I'm glad you did see me," he answered." I'm only sorry you took so long to come and tell me about it." "Well, I did. Now get down here and help me!" Cindy rubbed her pussy- lips furiously." You know I like it better when you do it!" "Sure, Sis," Billy said, still grinning." But you'll have to do me when I'm done doing you, you know." "I know! I always do you last. It's not fair!" "Life isn't fair, little sister," Billy said, stretching out beside the young girl." You take what you can get." "I want to come, now!" Cindy ... 
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  • Sandys Diary.... (Mg MMMg Herm Imaginary Friends beast)  (9k)
    (date posted: Sunday, March 03, 2019)

    ...Diary comments_readers: This story and all the stories I write are fantasy and intended for the eyes of mature readers only. The author does not condone this activity in any way, shape or form. If you like my stories I would appreciate hearing from you. - Dear Sandy's Diary Today was so much fun! I was frisky this morning and Daddy said I coold take Roofus (my maginary doggie) to Pedo Park and played for all the pervy men. The neet thing bout Pedo Park is that only adults can wear clothes unless they are mikrokinis. Boys only wear bottoms. I guess that's cuz the adults like kids to wear sexy clothes sometimes. I always go nekkid cuz Daddy says I shooldn't hide my pretties. Anyway Roofus wanted to put his pee pee cock in me specially when I fell into the sand box and he got on top of me. The lots of the pedo men came to watch and some were taking pictures of me and Roofus. I was got the wiggles and the men wanted to put their pee pee cocks in me. It was a good thing Roofus made me wet with his cummies cuz the mens really liked putting their things in my kitty right where Roofus did. I got really messy cuz so meny cummies squirped on my face. I didn't see the skool bus stop. ... 
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  • Michael and the Outcast part 7.... (b12/b15 teen boys, oral anal masturbation first time seduction)  (12k)
    (date posted: Monday, February 25, 2019)

    ...and the Outcast part 7 comments_readers: Please comment if you liked this story.. I need to know. Mr Double's mail boxes are secure.. - Excerpt:Mr. Tom Hunter, teacher at the Warren G. Harding Middle School had just crossed the line. - The Rejection: When Saturday came around Seth was tuning and cleaning up the bike." Yeah, I have to go visit a friend over near Middletown and I can't bring you." Michael was puzzled." Why can't I come?" "Cause you can't." "Why?" "Cause I'm goin to visit some friends that I haven't seen for a long time." "So?" "You probably wouldn't like them." "How do you know?" Michael's eyes were on Seth and Seth's eyes were on his new found freedom and the motorcycle. Something had suddenly come into focus for Michael. He looked at Seth and then his eyes narrowed when he looked at the loud and noisy bike. Venom formed at the back of his throat and in spite of his lack of maturity, Michael knew an adversary when he saw one. Seth looked angrily at the boy." Cause you can't, That's why, ok!" Michael stood up and said something that Seth had never heard him say before." FUCK ... 
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  • Michael and the Outcast part 5.... (b12/b15/M, young boys, oral anal masturbation first time seduction, prostitution)  (9k)
    (date posted: Thursday, February 21, 2019)

    ...and the Outcast part 5 Excerpt: He looked behind and saw Seth preoccupied with his boy hole. Michael was worried as if the older boy hadn't done enough to him already." Have you ever thought about it?" Seth continued to probe." Thought about what?" "You know, havin a big hard dick up your ass, you know, like mine?" - The Transaction Mr. Curley owned the motorcycle repair shop that was next to the Carpetland strip mall." That bike of yours is way out of date but I'll see what I can do. No problem with the battery but I'll have to send for a repair kit for the carburetor. Kevin can fix it but he's been booked up." Mr. Curley was middle-aged, balding and had a raft of daughters. He and Seth had nothing in common. Seth just wanted to get his bike on the road. The store owner looked Seth over from his paint spattered shoes to stringy hair on top. Then he looked into his eyes for a sign. There was nothing he could detect." Just bring it by after lunch and I'll see if Kevin can get to it." He walked home, unbolted the carburetor from the bike and walked back.. It turns out that Mr. Curley didn't really know ... 
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  • Michael and the Outcast part 4.... (b12/b15, young boys, oral anal masturbation first time seduction)  (16k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, February 20, 2019)

    ...and the Outcast part 4 Excerpt: When a boy like Michael becomes sexually active, some people can tell. There are changes that aren't really visible to the eye but they are there for those who are observant. It is not physical or visual, it is chemical and it clings to them like a thin atmosphere or an ether. If you are close, you can smell it. It's not a good or bad smell, but a potent scent that is at first, subtle and then alluring, only to gather in intensity until it quickly becomes, an intoxicant. - The Refuge: Michael awoke to hear pebbles being tossed on his window from below. When he opened the window he saw Seth. In a harsh whisper he said." Come on"Michael dressed and headed down the backstairs. Seth greeted him with silence and roughly tugged him along." What is it?" Seth didn't utter a word. He manhandled the younger one into a corner between the two buildings. His breath was shallow and panting. He took out his cock and forced it into Michael's hand. It was very stiff. Michael held it tight in one hand and then both. He pulled on it causing Seth to moan in a weeping and plaintive voice. His pants dropped to the ground and he pushed Michael to his ... 
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  • Courtney and Emma ch 1.... (M/F M/g4)  (18k)
    (date posted: Friday, February 15, 2019)

    ...and Emma ch 1 comments_readers: A new story I've been working on. Leave me a comment, it's feeds my ego monster! - Chapter 1 I had just parked at the store and was heading in to do some shopping when I noticed a woman pushing an empty cart toward the cart corral. She looked just like my type tall, skinny, and had an incredible looking ass that filled her skinny jeans perfectly." Nice ass!" I said loudly in the woman's direction, without a second thought. The woman stopped short and spun on her heels to see who had made the rude comment about her ass. I'm sure the look of surprise on her face was matched by mine. It was a girl that I had known very well for a very long time." Mike!" Courtney squealed with a huge smile as I walked up to her." Hi Courtney," I said as I took her in my arms and gave her a crushing hug, enjoying the feel of her firm tits against my chest." Sorry about the ass comment," I apologized as I relaxed my grip." It's OK Mike," she smiled as she stepped back so I could take in her body again." You should see my ass out of my jeans," she teased as she ... 
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  • Bureau of Orphaned Youth Severance Governmental Institute for ReLocation Services BOYS GI RLS.... (M/f Man/young girls+ more)  (17k)
    (date posted: Sunday, February 03, 2019)

    ...of Orphaned Youth Severance Governmental Institute for ReLocation Services BOYS GI RLS The building was two story grey block, typical government style. Fifty-two year old Hank nervously entered through the glass doors into an equally cold lobby. The only color in the place was a pink door on the left and a blue door on the right. Between them sat a matronly woman who was looking at him over her half lensed reading glasses that had a gold chain going behind her wrinkled neck. She had on a grey sweater that matched the building over a pale blue blouse and was sitting behind a three sided booth reminiscent of old cheap hotels. Hank had heard about these places that had sprung up all over the country after the mandatory population control went into effect due to overpopulation. Couples were allowed only one child each. If there was a second child discovered; the elder of the children, even in the cases of multiple births, would be removed from their parents, sterilized and placed in the care of the government. It wasn't long before the care of these illegal children became a burden on the tax payers and the government had to find a way for the children to help pay for their own upkeep. Hank heard the old woman clear her throat and looked at her." May I help you sir"she asked in a ... 
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  • Lil Red Rider Mr Wolf.... (M/f Man/young girl)  (24k)
    (date posted: Monday, January 28, 2019)

    ...Red Rider Mr Wolf With the rain coming down hard outside I was not even aware something has changed until the dog woofed. He got up and went to the door." Probably just a deer"I told him as I grabbed my rifle and joined him. I cocked the lever, flipped the lock and opened the door. It was quite dark outside so I didn't see anything at first until Bear, my dog, started sniffing at the stoop. I then saw what looked like a pile of clothes. I reached down to grab them, and realized that there was a body in the pile." Get back Bear." I said as I knelt for a closer examination, and discovered that the pile was a young child. I found legs and the child's back and I lifted and carried it inside, setting it down in front of the fire. I couldn't understand why there would be a child at my place because I live on the edge of a state park deep in the woods. My cabin had been grandfathered when the land was made a park so I had about 2 acres in the middle of nowhere, most undeveloped. I had only used it for hunting until I realized that I couldn't control my urges if I stayed around the public. You see, I am a ... 
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  • I Want To Watch.... (M/f Man/young girl father/daughter)  (45k)
    (date posted: Monday, January 28, 2019)

    ...Want To Watch I was serving breakfast to my daughter, Diana, a nine-year-old spitfire who learned the art of manipulation from her father. Eggs, sunny side up, bacon and toast cut diagonally with a glass of milk were her choice this morning. She was dipping a corner of her toast in the egg yolk when she looked up at me." Mommy, I know about Brad." She stated. I almost spit my coffee all over her." Umm, what about Brad?" I asked her, fearing her answer." I know that you're sleeping with him." She took a bite of the yolk covered toast. I am sure that I loked like a deer caught in headlights." What gives you that idea?" She gave me that look that she has when she has something on me." Mom, I'm ten. I'm not a little child." "You are only nine, Di." I reminded her, trying to deflect." Okay, I'm almost ten then." She picked up a piece of bacon and took a bite while I tried to figure out what to do." I'll make a deal with you if you agree with what I want." This is what I was talking about before. Her father is a salesman ... 
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  • Learning To Be A Slut.... (M/f M+ f Man/young girls, prostitution)  (8k)
    (date posted: Monday, January 28, 2019)

    ...To Be A Slut I am a twenty something year-old self-made millionaires. I'm not a genius, and I didn't win the lottery. However, at an early age I knew, sex sells. I live in Las Vegas as a high priced call girl. What better place to live when you're in the sex business. When I was a young girl of Thirteen I started learning all I could about being an adult entertainer. I loved having sex so I thought what better way to make a living. I was on-line talking to a girl that clamed to be a hooker in New York City. I told her I was interested in fucking for a living but didn't know where to start. She replied"it depends what you are willing to do". I was willing to try anything and everything. Because I had a computer in my room and had been on-line since I was ten and I knew a lot about sex. I replied back"I would like to make porno movies when I get older but right now since I live at home, I guess I would like to go to hotel rooms and fuck for money". She told me of a web site where I could advertise myself and let people know what a slut I am. I could meet people that would pay to fuck me ... 
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  • Titanic Der Bruder Des Titanen.... (M/g Man/young girl mast oral anal first vaginal rom)  (309k)
    (date posted: Saturday, January 19, 2019)

    ...Der Bruder Des Titanen Vorwort: Ich setzte mich an meinen Schreibtisch und skizziere eine Geschichte, die zunächst an Bord der Titanic beginnt, da schiebt sich Luc frech von der Seite ins Bild und sagt laut:"Moment! Titanic! Darüber habe ich erst kürzlich ein Buch an Bord meiner Jubilee geschrieben! Erinnerst du dich? Was für ein Erfolg!" Gut, ich bin ja nicht so - er ist ja schließlich der Bestseller-Autor hier... Es stimmt ja auch. Er hat ja tatsächlich auf der Fahrt von Japan nach Mittelamerika ein Buch über die Titanic geschrieben, aber was hilft mir das, frage ich ihn. Er zieht nur eine Augenbraue hoch -wie es so seine Art ist-, schmunzelt und meint:"Na, schreib doch etwas über den wahnsinnigen Erfolg, den ich mit dem Buch hatte!" Nun, an Selbstbewusstsein fehlt es dem guten Mann sicherlich nicht. Und um ihn in seine Schranken zu weisen, erkläre ich ihm, dass es diesmal nicht um ihn gehen wird! Ich kann auch streng sein! Er setzt sich mir gemütlich gegenüber, trinkt von meinem Whiskey (aus meinem Glas - ich meine, dass geht nun wirklich zu weit, nicht?) und meint dann vieldeutig:"Ich wüsste, um wen es sich handeln könnte, wenn schon nicht um mich!" Und ich stutzte, nickte dann langsam. ... 
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  • Pooky And The Little Egg.... (F/b8, Woman/young boy, vibrator, anal, school)  (9k)
    (date posted: Friday, January 11, 2019)

    ...And The Little Egg"Pooky Cloverfield come up here right now!" His teacher, Ms. Edelman had a stern expression on her face. She was in no mood for this. The rest of the class was silent and watched Pooky walk to the head of his third grade class." You know the rules about listening to an iPod or a Walkman in class. It belongs in your locker. Now give it to me!" Apparently she had seen the wire hanging out from under his shirt tail. She tugged on the wire that led into Pooky's pocket. She held out her hand." Give it to me please." Pooky handed her a smooth pink battery pack." Let me have the earphones please." He answered her." It don't have any earphones." "Well give me the rest of it." With his back to the class, he pulled down his pants and when he began pulling down his underpants the whole class began laughing. Ms. Edelman yelled," Stop!" Then she yelled at the class," Quiet!" Ms. Edelman was generally feared so the class immediately went silent." Be quiet and stay quiet until I get back from the office." She led Pooky out of the room holding the pink battery pack ... 
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  • Loving School Stories I Mariko.... (pedo rom cons spank M/g6)  (17k)
    (date posted: Thursday, January 10, 2019)

    ...School Stories I Mariko comments_readers: The Loving Schools Progressive scholarship boarding schools for girls were founded by dot com billionaire Randall Loving. The Loving Academy teaches elementary grades. Loving Preparatory is high school. Discipline at Loving is through rewards only, never punishment (though spanking can be a reward). Physical affection, notably hugging, is encouraged but it is made clear to parents that nothing more intimate is countenanced, that touch is only affectionate, never sexual. (This is emphatically not true.) Mariko turns out to be a perfect student. - The Loving Schools Progressive scholarship boarding schools for girls were founded by dot com billionaire Randall Loving. The Loving Academy teaches elementary grades. Loving Preparatory is high school. Discipline at Loving is through rewards only, never punishment (though spanking can be a reward). Physical affection, notably hugging, is encouraged but it is made clear to parents that nothing more intimate is countenanced, that touch is only affectionate, never sexual. (This is emphatically not true.) Mariko turns out to be a perfect student. - An Entrance Exam Entrance to the Loving Academy is determined by a visit that takes a day or two. During this time, the prospective student is evaluated for intelligence, attitude, attractiveness, and her reaction to revelations about certain practices at the academy ... 
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  • Horny Neighbor Hot Daughter ch 1.... (M/f pedo, ten year old girl, vibrator, anal, preteen)  (68k)
    (date posted: Sunday, January 06, 2019)

    ...Neighbor Hot Daughter ch 1 Jeff was feeling rather pleased with himself. He'd just gotten a big promotion at work and he'd found a house to settle down in that he could now afford to renovate to his taste. He and his ex had never really agreed on much and now, he had the freedom to live as he wanted. That included a nice home, but also, wild, crazy sex, something the ex also didn't like, but all things considered, at least he got a kid out of the deal. Tammy was just about to turn eleven and was as smart and cute as any kid he'd ever hoped to have and he knew the girl chaffed at the way her mother forced her to live, but for the summer, at least, she'd be living with him and he planned on making it fun for both of them. He'd just closed on the place and he had big plans. It was a lower level walk out that sat on the edge of a nice nature reserve with a great view. He wanted a bar downstairs that led out to a patio that overlooked the woods and trails and upstairs, a huge master bath for when he had a woman over. Nothing like a spacious two person shower or a giant soaking tub to get things romantic in a hurry. He'd ... 
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  • The Little Porn Star ch 1.... (Mg11)  (64k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, January 01, 2019)

    ...Little Porn Star ch 1"Mr. Gilman, WAIT!" Juana Perez called to the older departing man. He was rushing down the narrow corridor of the darkened hallway toward the back of the building juggling a mound of folders." Mr. Gilman, please," she shouted once again as he fumbled with the key in the door lock." Auditions are over," he huffed not bothering to see who was calling for him." I'm not here for the audition," she gasped somewhat winded from the brisk pace." Well I mean I *was* here for it but I just wanted to talk to you in person about Marisol." "Like I said, the auditions ended twenty minutes ago. You'll need to try again another time." "Please wait!" She urged pushing her way into the room behind him, her young daughter in tow." We've been here for six hours! How did Marisol do? What do you think her chances are of getting the part?" The gray-haired man looked over his horn-rimmed glasses at petite Spanish girl." To be honest I don't remember her during the auditions," he grumbled as he dropped the stack of folders onto his cluttered desk." If she didn't receive a call-back pass that means she didn't make the ... 
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  • Six Little Es On Christmas Eve.... (M/g, young girls, dad/daughter, oral, vaginal, anal, incest)  (15k)
    (date posted: Monday, December 24, 2018)

    ...Little Es On Christmas Eve Emory's 8 and Eden is 9. Ellie is 10 and Ezri's 11. Emmalee's 12 and Eve is 13. From Lincoln, Nebraska to Anchorage, Alaska, let's meet six little E's on Christmas Eve. Let's look in and see how they're doing. = = = = = = = = = = Our first E is 8 year-old Emory from Lincoln, Nebraska. Merry Christmas, Emory. It's Christmas Eve, and Emory is letting her daddy suck and lick and finger her tickle. Daddy has been playing with Emory's tickle since Emory was a little baby in diapers, but of course, Emory doesn't remember it from that far back. But she does remember a long, long time ago, when she was only 4, before she started Kindergarten in Ms. Morgan's Kindergarten class, Daddy came into her bedroom one night after Mommy went to bed, and carefully pulled her jammie bottoms down and then looked at her tickle while he took his big peedle in his hand and wiggled it while he looked at her. Emory pretended she was sleeping. Daddy even spread her legs apart a little so he could see her tickle better. He wiggled his peedle in his hand until he made a funny face and funny breathing and made some goo come out of it. He did this almost ... 
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  • The XXXFiles The Santa Claus PedoPorn Sex Case part 2 CONCLUSION.... (Mdom, Mg, MF, MFFg, Man/preteen girl, ped, cons, oral, anal, watersports, scat, extreme)  (55k)
    (date posted: Sunday, December 23, 2018)

    ...XXXFiles The Santa Claus PedoPorn Sex Case part 2 CONCLUSION DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Nothing in this story actually happened. Ever. To anyone. - FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder sat behind the steering wheel while conversing with his partner Special Agent Dana Scully about their new case. Snow was falling and Mulder kept checking the weather reports. If weather conditions did not get any worse, they should complete their 3 hour drive to the home of Renae Logan and her daughter Victoria on time. Mulder and Scully could rent a couple of hotel rooms for the night and then conduct their interviews of the mother and daughter. With any luck, there would not be too much snow accumulation to prevent them from returning to Washington DC tomorrow. Scully was reviewing the known facts of the case for the umpteenth time, as if by sheer repetition something new might emerge from the facts. Because sometimes, it really did." So we know"she said"that this redheaded mother and daughter both appearing in a very popular pornographic video with a man dressed as Santa Claus. The video was shot in a room, or in a studio set, that was decorated for Victoria's 10th birthday party. The child and her mother Renae were both naked. The mother seemed to be assisting the man in his rape of ... 
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  • Reise um die Welt.... (M/m/f/b/g Man/young boy/young girl, mast oral anal first vaginal homo bi hetero orgy hermaphrodit rom drugs rape)  (309k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, December 05, 2018) die Welt WIR REISEN NICHT, UM DEM LEBEN ZU ENTFLIEHEN, SONDERN DAMIT UNS DAS LEBEN NICHT ENTFLIEHT. - o - REISEN IST DAS EINZIGE, WAS MAN KAUFT, DAS EINEN REICHER MACHT. - o - DAS REISEZIEL IST NIE EIN ORT, SONDERN EINE NEUE ART, DIE DINGE ZU BETRACHTEN. - o - Vorwort: HO-HO-HO! Fröhliche Weihnachten! Endlich ist es soweit und der Weihnachtsmann legt seine Gaben unter den großen Tannenbaum der erotischen Erzählungen. Der Weihnachtsmann hat sich wirklich angesträngt, um nicht nur sehr, sehr früh zu kommen, sondern auch ziemlich oft und manchmal recht heftig! Fragt besser nicht, wie der Baum danach ausgesehen hat... Aber, zur Sache: Nein, das ist jetzt keine Fortsetzung der Großen Freiheit. Die Trilogie ist abgeschlossen und damit ist es gut. Ich habe zwar zahlreiche E-Mails bekommen von treuen Lesern, die mehr von Luc Malfoy und seiner Familie lesen wollten. An dieser Stelle: Herzlichen Dank auch an all die Verfasser anonymer Mails. Nun, sollte ich von Luc mehr erzählen? Seine Geschichte ist doch abgeschlossen - oder etwa nicht? Ich muss gestehen, dass ich eigentlich nicht mehr von ihnen berichten wollte, doch Luc hatte ja im letzten Teil seiner Großen Freiheit diese Weltreise erwähnt und zu planen begonnen. Was soll man tun, wenn man neugierig ist? Da lässt er mir ein Hintertürchen ... 
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  • Tying the Score.... (m/f, m/g8)  (25k)
    (date posted: Monday, December 03, 2018)

    ...the Score For all of the hip-hop crap about there about gangs and"hangin' in da hood", Kevin thought the middle class area he lived was just fine for someone black like him. Like the neighborhoods, the school was predominantly white. That said, no one gave him any shit for being not true to his race - whatever that meant - or asked him why he didn't try out for the high school basketball team. Like his parents, he fit in well in his surroundings. If there was any hint of racial fixation, it might lie in his luck with girls. His skin color made him a bit exotic and he found plenty of girls to have fun with. He made it a point to let them know he was not interested in romance or any heavy relationship - just sex and perhaps a good time at the movies and such with other friends. One thing Kevin was careful to do was to use a condom. If he knocked any girl up, there would be few other boys of his color around to be suspect (especially not Freddie White in the AV club - that guy couldn't get laid in a porn movie) when the little brown bundle of joy arrived. He didn't know if DNA testing would be enforceable by law and sure as hell didn't want to be in ... 
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  • Daddys Little Slut ch 1.... (M/f incest, preteen, daughter, seven year old, cp, gang bang)  (74k)
    (date posted: Saturday, December 01, 2018)

    ...Little Slut ch 1 Adam was a very proud man. He was walking into the mall with his twelve year old daughter at his side, her swollen, pregnant belly and milk filled tits very obvious in her short shorts and crop top. She was wearing makeup a stripper would enjoy and had on her high heeled sandals. Both were getting lots of dirty looks from the old biddies and the occasional hot glance from men and boys as well as shocked stares from other young girls. He loved it as did she. He'd gotten Tina pregnant six months ago and when they found out, he was thrilled. The two of them had been having sex almost from the moment her mother dropped her off at his door when she was seven and now, they were going to have another little girl to play with. He hadn't seen Beth since they'd broken up after a very brief fling, but apparently, the last time they'd fucked, he'd knocked her up and when she was looking at doing five to seven for selling drugs, she figured it was time he found out. That first night, the cute preteen cried her eyes out, dumped on a strangers doorstep, not knowing if she'd ever see her mother again and Adam was at a complete loss. He was kind of a loser when he'd been dating ... 
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  • Amos Takes Control part 2.... (M/g 8 Man/young girl, Oral, photography)  (13k)
    (date posted: Friday, November 23, 2018)

    ...Takes Control part 2 The old black janitor hadn't had any young tail for weeks. He well remembered Justin's tight ass from the previous school year. He was in his room, in the basement, going through old poloriods of early kids who kept his dick warm. The pictures gradually grew clearer as time went on with more advanced cameras used. He had bought a video cam, over the summer, and was anxious to use it. He knew that aching balls were no reason to not be careful. Teachers were on the lookout even for a harmless looking person like himself. It was late October when he started to focus on a girl of 8 years. She had bright, thick red hair that appeared not to have been touched with a brush in ages. Alice had a liberal sprinkling of freckles which was usual for a red head. She was very quiet and didn't appear to have friends. She was fairly good looking and tall for her age. She had out of date bare thread clothing. What was shocking was she appeared to be skin and bones. This girl is malnourished, thought Amos, plus her clothes are not warm enough for this time of year. He started on his plan watching her more closely. Sure, enough Alice didn't bring a lunch to school. She sat in ... 
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  • For the Love of Money part 12.... (Man/teen, drugs, prostitution, gangbang, incest, brother, uncle, father, interracial, creampie, size)  (53k)
    (date posted: Monday, November 19, 2018)

    ...the Love of Money part 12 Chapter 13 I had just put my clothes back on when there was a knock at the door. At first I thought it was Francis returning for something he forgot but instead it was D, Roscoe and another black man. They came into the room and the stranger kept staring at me. He looked familiar but I couldn't place where I knew him." This is Lola," Roscoe told the stocky man." Lola, this is Lester." "Hey, baby," he said smiling at me." Have we met before?" "I don't think so," I said examining his face. I had seen him but where?" "We haven't had sex before, have we?" I looked again at his face." I don't think so." "You don't think so?!? How many black men have you been with?" I shrugged my shoulders." Damn, baby! You sure like black dick, huh?" I forced a smile. He leaned closer to me." I know we've met before. I never forget a face." I drew a blank. Maybe he was at one of Money's raves. I couldn't even say how many guys fucked me there let alone identify any of ... 
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  • For the Love of Money part 11.... (Man/teen, drugs, prostitution, gangbang, incest, brother, uncle, father, interracial, creampie, size)  (52k)
    (date posted: Sunday, November 18, 2018)

    ...the Love of Money part 11 Chapter 12"What's this fool up to?" I heard Money asked and looked out the window to see someone approaching us. Money reached in front of him under the seat and pulled out a silver colored gun. I held my breath. I didn't even know he had that! As the guy came closer I recognized him." Money wait," said as I heard the gun click." I know him." It was Jack." Know him? What the fuck he want?" "I don't know, but remember I said I got a hundred dollars from my uncle and a hundred from another guy? He's the other guy." Jack was suddenly standing outside of Money's window smiling like an idiot. Money put the gun on his lap but kept his hand on it and lowered his window." You must be her pimp," Jack said as the window came down about six inches. Money turned to look at me with anger." Hi Lisa," he said stooping lower to see me through the opening." How he know that?" "I don't know, I must have mentioned it or something..." "Mentioned it?!?! Bitch you don't fuckin' talk 'bout me!" "I ... 
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  • For the Love of Money part 8.... (Man/teen, drugs, prostitution, gangbang, incest, brother, uncle, father, interracial, creampie, slut)  (56k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, November 14, 2018)

    ...the Love of Money part 8 Chapter 9 Dinner was quiet and I wasn't hungry so things went pretty fast. Everyone had already started eating by the time I made it out there and I was the first one finished. I cleaned my mess and started doing the dishes in the sink. I was hoping that if I helped out more then maybe my dad would let me spend the night. Mom brought in other dishes and I washed those while she put away the food." Are you feeling alright, dear?" my mom asked." I'm fine, why?" "I don't know, call it maternal instincts but I have a feeling something isn't right with you. Are you having problems at school?" "No." "You know you can talk to me, Lisa. You can tell me anything, you know that, right?" I chuckled. She would faint on the spot if I told her what I'd been doing lately." I'm fine, mom. I'm just a little upset about being punished." "You're not really punished, dear. We just want to keep you safe, that's all. Your father and I have noticed a big change in you and we're worried." "There's nothing to worry about, mom, I'm fine but I ... 
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  • For the Love of Money part 6.... (Man/teen girl, drugs, prostitution, gangbang, incest, brother, uncle, father, interracial, creampie, slut)  (67k)
    (date posted: Monday, November 12, 2018)

    ...the Love of Money part 6 Chapter 7 Sleep didn't come quickly and my mind raced for a while. I should be exhausted but felt wide awake instead. I couldn't stop thinking about what was happening to me and wondered why Money was making me do all that crazy shit. It just didn't make sense. I was his girlfriend, his boo, and yet he was passing me around to his brother and all of his friends like a platter of hot wings at a super bowl party. And now he's doing that with my family! My eyes were closed but I didn't fall asleep. Eventually everything vanished." Lisa, are you awake?" I heard the tenor sounding voice near my ear. My eyes fluttered open to find Cory stooping near my bed." What do you want?" I groaned while rolling over." I told you not to wake her!" I heard Brooke's snotty voice from across the room." I need you to help me with my math homework. I can't figure out this one problem and I'm stuck." "Ask someone else!" I had just fallen asleep." Only you can help me with this problem," he replied before he took my hand and put it on his crotch. I could feel the hardness inside of his shorts ... 
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  • Teacher of the Year part 3.... (teen/woman, student/teacher, blackmail, reluctant, maledom, gangbang, slut, prostitution, pregnant)  (104k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, November 06, 2018)

    ...of the Year part 3 CHAPTER 6"How much of this stuff are you supposed to use?" Eric asked holding up the perfume sample-sized vial of clear liquid and shaking it." I dunno know," Chris replied taking it away from him." Don't drop it, he doesn't have any more right now!" he barked tucking it back into his pocket." Shawn said this is four doses but he only uses it on chicks so he don't know how much to use on a guy." "Guys are like twice the size of girls so we should use twice as much, right?" "I guess so." "How long after he drinks it does he pass out?" "Like twenty minutes. Maybe a little longer. It works better with alcohol." "How much did it cost?" "I have to talk to you about that. Normally he charges ten dollars a dose but he said if we let him fuck Julia he'd give it to us for free." "He wants to fuck a girl he's never seen before?" "Shit man, Shawn is a dog when it comes to chicks. He'll fuck just about anything. Besides I already told him how fine she was." "That's cool. I don't care who ... 
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  • Teacher of the Year part 2.... (teen/woman, student/teacher, blackmail, reluctant, maledom, gangbang, slut, prostitution, pregnant)  (157k)
    (date posted: Monday, November 05, 2018)

    ...of the Year part 2 She checked herself in the mirror and reapplied some lipstick before taking a deep breath. She felt disgusted, dirty and used. Why had she allowed the three of them to have sex with her? And none used protection! Looking closer she noticed a dark kinky hair plastered to the front of her neck. With a gasp she quickly pulled it away and struggled to get the sticky follicle from her finger before deciding to discard it by wiping it on the front of the seat. It was 5 O'clock and she needed to hurry in order to beat Daniel home. If he saw her like this... Quickly she rushed into the building feeling the wetness escaping from between her battered privates. Eric was huge and left her achy and sore, but she couldn't worry about that now. There were more important things to consider." We were getting worried about you, Ms. Chang," Maria, the Hispanic caregiver announced with a smile." I'm sorry I'm late. Something came up after work that needed my attention. Hopefully it won't happen again." Oh it's no problem, really. I'm here until six anyway so don't worry about it. Just let me know if you're going to be late so that I know." "Again, I'm sorry, ... 
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  • Teacher of the Year.... (teen/woman, student/teacher, blackmail, coercion, reluctant, maledom, gangbang, slut, prostitution)  (116k)
    (date posted: Sunday, November 04, 2018)

    ...of the Year Devin Gilman watched from the doorway as his fifth period math teacher mumbled under her breath about the test she was grading. He would have laughed at her comments had he not been so angry with her. He entered the empty classroom and shut the door a little too hard." DEVIN!" she exclaimed upon hearing loud sound." What are you doing here?" "I came to talk to you." "I already told you earlier today that it's over. What happened was a mistake, *MY* mistake. I take full responsibility for it. I'm the adult, I should have known better." He had been approaching her as she spoke and sat on the corner of the desk." I don't want it to be over." "Look, Devin, I'm married and I have a four-year-old daughter. This can't happen. It won't happen. Not only am I twice your age, I'm your teacher and I have accountabilities. What happened was what I needed at the time but I don't need it now so please just forget it ever happened." "That's not what you said two days ago. You were all over me like a cheap whore!" His choice of words shocked her." I explained what happened to you already. My husband ... 
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  • Haunted House.... (mc Mg Man/young girl mg M+ g ws mast oral anal inc)  (21k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, October 17, 2018)

    ...House Comments_for_readers: This is the result of a writers challenge, I forget which site, but as I recall it was issued by raich: ASSIGNMENT: Character finds magical artifact which opens a"whole new world." POV: 1st person SEX? : Hell Yeah! CHALLENGE 1: The sex must be magical. That is not just magic plus sex, but magical sex. CHALLENGE 2: POV character must achieve some sort of transcendent ecstasy. CHALLENGE 3: There must be a creepy old house. - Here I was, it was nearly midnight on Halloween. Jerry and Michael had dared me to spend the night alone in the old Baker house on Main Street. I didn't think anything of it at the time, in the bright Autumn sunlight, so, of course, I'd agreed, I mean, what self respecting ten-year-old girl could pass up the opportunity to prove she's better than, or at least as good as, her older brothers? And it wasn't like it was really haunted; it was just a bit neglected since old lady Baker had moved to the retirement home last year. But now, in the middle of the night, and on Halloween, maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all. And I couldn't even run to Daddy's, or Michael's, or Jerry's bed when I got scared, like I usually did ... 
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  • The Park ch 1 Sharing is Caring.... (f/f young girls, F/f Female/young girl, MF Man/Woman, MFf, oral, anal, b/d, s/m, vag)  (68k)
    (date posted: Thursday, October 04, 2018)

    ...Park ch 1 Sharing is Caring comments_readers: Greetings friends, fellow authors, and hopefully soon-to-be fans. I felt it was way past time that I contribute something to the site, particularly given how often I visit! For those of you unfamiliar with my prior works, I tend to primarily write in the first person and direct the action around strong female characters. This story will be delivered in several chapters as I have outlines for additional work, but the base story line had already exceeded what I think is a reasonable length for a single sitting... and let's face it, nobody is looking for a book-of-the-month club experience here. All of the basic warnings are applicable, but it's important to know that, despite some of the S&M stuff in my works, no person or persons living, dead or in suspended animation were harmed in the creation of this work. If you don't like smut or if topics dealing with"age inappropriate"sex is illegal where you live, where you play or where your consciousness happens to reside, its your problem and please don't d/l or read this. If you liked the work (or even if you didn't) and want to send along your thoughts, I'd be honored, and promise to respond if requested. Thanks! Vicky () o () ... 
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  • One Thing Led to Another.... (pedo, incest, Mg Man/young girl, Mb Man/young boy, bg)  (105k)
    (date posted: Monday, September 24, 2018)

    ...Thing Led to Another There were four of them. It started when I was out taking my dog for a walk and they wanted to pet him. After a bit I started walking again, the dog followed, and they kept following the dog until we got to where my RV was parked. They had been so friendly and nice to the dog, I didn't want to seem unneighborly, so I asked them in. I didn't give it much thought at first as they followed me and the dog up the stairs, but once they were seated around the dinette and on my bed, I realized this was a situation requiring careful handling. Me confined privately with a bunch of jailbait girls? Uh-oh! I decided maybe they were cousins, or maybe they were just friends from grade school. They were all in that 7-9 year-old age range: energy galore, no titties yet budding, curiosity abounding. They took turns petting the dog while their heads swiveled around to check my place out. I probably looked exciting because I wasn't neat and tidy like all the other RVs in the park. Those other RVs, they looked like city folks, folks who maybe owned businesses, who brought their families out for a week's vacation in upstate New York. Everything ship-shape and well cared for. But not me. My ... 
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  • One Man Two Young Girls and No Waiting.... (Mgg, MFFgg, Mdom, Man/preteen girl, ped, oral, anal, ws, science fiction)  (38k)
    (date posted: Saturday, September 15, 2018)

    ...Man Two Young Girls and No Waiting It was never supposed to happen. I know that now. The two young sisters, 9 years of age, were supposed to stay hidden in the safe house in the woods. No one except the man who put them there was supposed to know about them. And they were not supposed to be able to wander more than 30 feet from the house. The security systems were supposed to prevent that. But the systems didn't, and the girls did, and that's how a dirty old pedophile like me got to enjoy the most earthshattering sex imaginable with two underage girls. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me begin at the beginning. My name is Steven Olsen. I'm pushing 50 and I'm no prize in the looks department. I've had my share of women-good, bad, and indifferent. After my early and too-hasty marriage crashed and burned a dozen years ago, I played the field until I got tired of the games, the bitchy attitudes, and the poor prospect for anything better. So I took my balls and went home. Home to my internet, my porn collection, and my fantasies. Especially my fantasies of having sex with little white girls. All men have sex fantasies. They begin when you're a boy and only become more elaborate as ... 
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  • Vacation Surprise.... (M/f Man/young girl, cons, oral)  (29k)
    (date posted: Sunday, September 09, 2018)

    ...Surprise I was taking a vacation in southern California at a rather posh hotel. I'd just broken up with my long-term girlfriend after four years together. To be honest, I should have seen it coming. I can be a workaholic and over the last few months, we'd grown apart. I was working 60-hour weeks, and she wanted to party and do things. I won't say the split was amicable, but at least nobody threw stuff. Anyway, I realized that I was really at fault, what with the extreme workload, so I decided to take an extended break and simply chill out and get my head screwed on straight. I booked a lovely ocean view suite in a hotel, which touted private balconies in the top floor. Anyway, I wandered down to the pool and discovered it was a little crowded. I finally found a recliner facing the sun and asked the woman in the next recliner if this one was free. She looked over her sunglasses at me, smiled, and immediately said," Yes, of course. Make yourself at home." It helps to be just over 30 and pretty buff and good looking. She looked a little older than I look, and reminded me of a saying in England, 'She was mutton done up as lamb, ' which means, ... 
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  • Nude Like Me ch 29.... (Beware of all nasty things happening)  (62k)
    (date posted: Monday, September 03, 2018)

    ...Like Me ch 29 by SFWS with the assistance of Neel Down -"Stay back, I'll handle this!" Starsky yelled, running into the gymnasium and rushing over to Summer's motionless form." An ambulance is on the way." "Who the hell are you? And how did you even know we needed an ambulance?" Coach Means yelled as Starsky began to check Summer's vital signs." I don't need an ambulance," Summer insisted groggily, slowly opening her eyes." Just stay where you are and don't move," Starsky insisted." You might be injured and not even know it. The ambulance is already on its way, so let them at least check you out so it won't be a complete waste of their time. Do you know what happened?" "Not really," Summer admitted." I remember Chris passing the ball in bounds, and me thinking that the blue team was taking its good old time getting in position and not paying much attention. I decide to take off for the basket. I guess my big feet must have tripped over each other." "You don't have big feet," Starsky insisted." They are dainty and adorable just like the rest of you." At that moment the ambulance crew rushed in and Mr ... 
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  • Cunt Farming 01 Raising Little Girls to Love and Serve the Men Who Own Them.... (M/g, M/F, M/ggg, Mdom, Man/preteen girl, ped, first, oral, anal, watersports, scat)  (18k)
    (date posted: Sunday, August 19, 2018)

    ...Farming 01 Raising Little Girls to Love and Serve the Men Who Own Them DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Nothing in this story actually happened. Ever. To anyone. - I'm extremely proud of what I do. I am a cunt farmer. I raise little girls to become the personal property of men men who then use the little cunts for their own sexual gratification. I perform a great public service. It's an honorable profession. I've never wanted to do anything else. My girls are of the highest quality. They are all white, and all beautiful. Most are blondes, because blondes are the most popular. Most have blue eyes for the same reason. I do raise redheads and brunettes too, but those are less popular than the blondes. The girls range in age from 7 to 12. They are all highly trained in the sexual arts. However, their vaginal virginity is guaranteed. Every one of these little cunts has an intact hymen. The girls are trained using sex toys, and by watching pornographic videos. I also train them personally by making them suck my dick, swallow my cum, and take my dick up their assholes. I also make the adult women I own serve as teacher for the little cunts. These sex slaves do not have sex with the girls ... 
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  • Uncle Gary.... (M/F Man/Woman, rom)  (40k)
    (date posted: Saturday, August 18, 2018)

    ...Gary Sitting there, unable to move, I stared into his blue-green eyes, mesmerized. Something in me, I don't know what, pulled me in, like a moth to a flame. What the fuck was I doing? I mean he was almost old enough to be my father and here I was thinking about actually FUCKING him! No, it was more than that I knew. A whole lot more. Somewhere between the two of us a connection had been made. I could feel it and from the look in his eyes he was feeling something as well. His left hand squeezed mine lightly; it had been there to move my fingers correctly on the frets to get the chord right. But that squeeze sent a jolt through my body, a stab of pure wanton lust and unbridled passion. Still though, I didn't move away like I knew I should. At that point I really didn't think my body would have obeyed any commands I might have given it. Stone statue still I sat there, gazing into those eyes. What the fuck was I thinking? I couldn't do this! No matter what my body wanted, there was no way I could sleep with him. Age aside, he was a good friend of my father's and I doubted dear old Dad would approve of me sleeping ... 
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  • KinderPorn Playground 03 How Many Child Whores Can You Fuck at Once.... (M/g, M/F, Mggg, Mdom, Man/preteen girl, ped, oral, anal, watersports, scat)  (27k)
    (date posted: Saturday, August 11, 2018)

    ...Playground 03 How Many Child Whores Can You Fuck at Once PREVIOUS STORY IN THIS SERIES: 1) KinderPorn Playground 01: Your One Stop Shop for the Best in Child Pornography 2) KinderPorn Playground 02: Please Visit Our Child Whore Brothel! - DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Nothing in this story actually happened. Ever. To anyone. - CHARACTERS: Platinum blonde, blue-eyed, beautiful Madam Brenda Busten (age 28) and her similarly blonde, blue-eyed daughters, Allison (age 12), Cynthia (age 10), Eleanor (age 8)... and YOU! SCENE: You are sitting in a beach chair on the shaded deck of an exclusive beach house reserved for special guests at the KinderPorn Playground Brothel. The air is fragrant with the smell of the sea, and the sweet odor of flowers blooming in flowerpots suspended from the awning framework that shades the deck. BRENDA: Just look at those naked little whores scamper to the beach. My girls fit right in with the dozens and dozens of other naked young white girls frolicking in the surf. There's nearly a hundred of them, from the ages of 6 up to 16. The teenagers older than 16 are still in school or servicing our male customers. The twenty-something year old women like me are either teaching those teenagers in class or servicing customers. ... 
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  • Booty Shorts.... (man/boy, man/girl, woman/girls, anal, oral, incest, bdsm, gay, lesbian, bisexual, golden showers, pedo, restraint, scat)  (145k)
    (date posted: Friday, August 10, 2018)

    ...Shorts This is a series of short stories that center around the topic of anal. All are self-contained, but if there is enough interest I would be willing to write more stories based on any of the scenarios. Besides anal sex and anal play, which is the general focus of each story, this work also contains elements of oral, rough, gay/lesbian and bi sex, mild bdsm, mild scat... and of course, pedophilia. I hope you enjoy these five tales, and as always, please use the contact form on my author page to send your comments and suggestions, and let me know if you'd like to see any of these stories expanded upon! 1. Gavin was a faggot. Not simply gay, though he was that, but a real fag - what the other boys called a"sissy." They had said that about his looks even before they knew what a homo he really way. At 4'0 tall and 48lbs, the 8-year-old was small as it was, with milky, soft flesh and lips so pink it always appeared like he'd just been sucking on a cherry popsicle. His reputation had been sealed on the first day of 3rd grade, when he came to school wearing a skin-tight pair of blue biking shorts and a thin white tank top that ... 
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  • Replacing My Wife She had it Coming.... (M/F, M/ffff, M/baby, snuff, torture, rape, necro)  (16k)
    (date posted: Thursday, August 09, 2018)

    ...My Wife She had it Coming Comments_for_readers: BEWARE: This is a very brutal story with content that will be objectionable to many. Read at your own risk and feel free to comment if you desire. I would like to know if there are other readers out there who enjoy this type of material and would like more. - So Samantha and I got married young, or at least she did. I was 15 years older and happy to have a 19 yo hottie for a wife. She produced a beautiful little girl, Laura, shortly thereafter and I was happy to stop our family there. She wanted more. She really wanted a boy and when we had a hard time getting pregnant, she became frustrated. Then it finally happened 5 years later. Unfortunately for her, another girl. I told her we needed to stop, but she"forgot"her birth control pill and soon we had our third daughter. She repeated this charade as soon as her body allowed and Gracie soon entered the world. I knew it was no mistake as nobody would continue to"forget"the pill that often. I decided that if she was going to be sneaky, then I would as well. Before a two week business trip, I had a vasectomy, so I would be healed up by the time ... 
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  • KinderPorn Playground 02 Please Visit Our Child Whore Brothel.... (M/g, M/F, Mggg, Mdom, Man/preteen girl, ped, oral, anal, watersports, scat)  (24k)
    (date posted: Thursday, August 09, 2018)

    ...Playground 02 Please Visit Our Child Whore Brothel PREVIOUS STORY IN THIS SERIES: 1) KinderPorn Playground 01: Your One Stop Shop for the Best in Child Pornography - DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Nothing in this story actually happened. Ever. To anyone. - Dear Sir, Thank you for your business. We are so happy that you enjoyed your first visit, which you allowed us to record and share under the title"KinderPorn Playground: Your One Stop Shop for the Best in Child Pornography". We are happy and grateful that you enjoyed your visit and your time masturbating to our child porn videos in your private viewing room. There was no need for you to apologize about spending 8 hours viewing our child porn and jerking off. It was our pleasure and honor to serve you. And please do not even think about paying for the room service food and alcohol. All of that is on the house-our compliments. I must say, however, that we read your Thank You message with some concern. You apologized when there was no need to apologize. You apologized for not going immediately to our little girl Brothel right next door to our Porn emporium after your porn viewing session was over. We quite understand. Believe us when we tell you that you are not the first man to spend so much ... 
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  • Nude Like Me ch 28.... (This chapter contains mainly nudity and underage sex)  (43k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, August 07, 2018)

    ...Like Me ch 28 by SFWS with the assistance of Neel Down -"Nothing is ever simple, is it?" Lily said, just before being interrupted by the shouting and yelling of potential players making their way up the steps from the locker room to the gymnasium." Holy shit," a redheaded transfer student shouted as he entered the gym." Naked fuckin' cheerleaders. I love this school." -"They're not cheerleaders numb-nuts," Billy retorted to the boy." I'm not sure why Jessica is here, but Summer and Lily are trying out for the team." "Can they even do that?" Eddie, the red haired boy, protested." Can girls play on a boys' team?" "They can if the district doesn't have a girls' team, and we don't," Josh answered." Well, I guess it doesn't truly matter," Eddie surmised." Girls suck at sports, so they won't make the team anyway. But shouldn't they at least be required to wear something? Them being nude is gonna be kinda distracting." "If you're distracted now wait until Lily's beautiful jugs start to bounce around when she runs," Billy declared." And I wouldn't write the girls off so fast if I were you. Lily's five nine ... 
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  • A Rainy Night in Paris.... (M/F Man/Woman, lots of sex)  (153k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, August 07, 2018)

    ...Rainy Night in Paris Introduction It had been raining all day. It was a grey, steady, depressing rain that seemed to wash all the colours from the city, reminding you just how much of the city was built of stone, solid gray and unyielding. Paris had survived the rule of Louis XIV, had watched her citizens rebel in the French Revolution. She had been witness to the German tanks on the Champs Elysées, the very same streets that Napoleon had marched on. But today she was shrouded in rain, bearing witness to beginnings and endings. The Seine, seen from the Pont Neuf was black and heavy as if oil rather than water were flowing through its course. Tonight, everything seemed depressed, or maybe that was just their mood. Paris, the City of Lights. Gay Paris. People fell in love in Paris. Tonight there was very little happiness, despite the romantic setting. It was their last night together; she was flying out in the morning. He had to be in London by lunchtime which meant he had to be on the morning TGV. They had promised no regrets, only fun, but as the reality of the end loomed closer, the weather only helped accentuate their inevitable feelings. The cafes and bistros, which were normally boisterous cauldrons of hectic energy, tonight ... 
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  • Midlife Camping Trip.... (M/f Man/young girl, inc, con, rom)  (102k)
    (date posted: Saturday, July 28, 2018)

    ...Camping Trip Divorce can be a funny thing. For many it means a failed experiment. For me it was simply moving onto a better situation, though I didn't know it at first. My wife and I were like everyone else I guess. We kind of fell in love, kind of got along, and had a child in hopes that it would make things better but it didn't. I really gave it everything I had but I was also building a construction business as well and I don't think I gave my wife the attention she was hoping for. After our daughter was born things got better, but eventually little Francesca (Rene named her) became a real daddy's girl and that slipped away too. She had competition for my attention and that didn't suit her well at all. We separated and Rene got everything but the business. I didn't blame her or get mad at her, you had to care to get mad and in truth I stopped caring about her before the divorce. I also didn't mind that she took everything because that meant Franny, as I called her, had everything she would need. If there is one thing a man learns in construction it's that you can always build again and better. Well that is what I did. Over the next few years I rebuilt my life ... 
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  • Hannahs Innocence Lost.... (Fm Ff mf oral creampie first incest mother daughter son teens)  (62k)
    (date posted: Monday, July 23, 2018)

    ...Innocence Lost"Ready to go, stud?" Jennifer Cox said to her 15-year-old son Adam. Adam blushed, but his cock twitched a little." Yeah." Out the front door and into the car they went. Adam rode shotgun as his mother drove to the Interstate. Twenty minutes down I-40 and a few twists and turns into the West Meade neighborhood and they were pulling into a driveway. Adam's heart raced, and his cock hardened completely as he anticipated what he'd be doing. Jennifer and Adam were part of the latest trend in parenting. Moms and dads were making blind dates for their young teenagers to help them learn about sex. Jennifer had met Lisa Strong through an Internet site that helped families find each other when their children were ready for sexual congress. Lisa's 14-year-old daughter Hannah was developing and feeling sexual urges. Lisa told Jennifer that Hannah was masturbating and probably fooling around during sleepovers with other girls. Lisa felt it was time for her daughter to go to the next level with a boy. For Adam, this was his third blind date with a young virgin. He'd enjoyed the first two immensely, and his mother had coached him on his technique. He was confident he'd be better than ever today. Adam lost his virginity in a similar manner to experienced 16-year-old Kayla Taylor a ... 
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  • Mommy Towel.... (M/f father/daughter)  (20k)
    (date posted: Sunday, July 22, 2018)

    ...Towel"A girl's first love is her father," the counselor says softly." She looks up to him, and when her body begins to ripen from a girl into a woman, he is usually the first man she desires," he continues." You are special fathers and daughters because you have come here to consummate this desire." We are gathered in the suite of an elegant downtown hotel in the city where we live. My Daddy is here. So are other girls and their daddies. I'd say there are nearly a dozen of us. Some are a little younger than me; others are a little older. I've looked at them and studied their daddies. A couple of the other fathers are good looking, but none of them is as handsome as my Daddy. I think he's a hunk, and I really love him. Waiters have cleared the tables after an elegant dinner in a private dining room. We sit at tables for two with candles and crystal. A harpsichord at least that's what I think it's called played in the corner, but now everyone is gone except for us girls, our daddies and the counselor. Daddy let me drink wine, even though I'm not nearly old enough. On one level, I feel warm and relaxed. But I can also hear ... 
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  • My Wedding.... (M/f father/daughter)  (22k)
    (date posted: Sunday, July 22, 2018)

    ...Wedding I wonder if they can see my knees shaking. I know they can see my bottom. The attendants and our families are behind me, and my exposed orbs must be the center of their attention. My breasts are exposed to the minister, the nipples hard and pointing at him. If he looks down, he can see the lips. Are they wet? But for some reason, it's my knees that concern me. My parents haven't seen my bottom since I was a girl. No one else here besides my groom has seen it at all. Yet now it's fully exposed, framed by the garter belt and the stockings white, of course. I'm also wearing my white shoes, my veil, and my white cotton gloves. Everything else is gone. I am exposed to the gaze of about 20 people. They will soon witness my subjugation. I am scared because I don't know what is about to happen. I wanted this situation. Yes, I asked for it. But I don't know what events are before me. I shiver with anticipation. You might know me as a stock broker. That's what I do in the real world. I'm young and just getting started. It's high-pressure, long hours and lots of decisions. I love it, but it drains me. ... 
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  • Nude Like Me ch 27.... (This chapter contains mainly nudity and talk of underage sex)  (43k)
    (date posted: Thursday, July 19, 2018)

    ...Like Me ch 27 by SFWS with the assistance of Neel Down - NAKED AT SCHOOL Summer Spring hated getting up early in the morning, and so it was a rarity that she smiled at the sound of her alarm clock going off. But that was exactly the case this morning, and with good reason. Well, with good reason if you happen to be Summer Spring, a naturist, exhibitionist and slut extraordinaire. Admittedly, she was still working on that last one, but making bang-up progress. She had been a nudist and exhibitionist her entire life, and so she had those two pretty well down pat even though her entire life at present had only existed for slightly over eleven years. She stretched and rolled out of her large bed. Large in the sense that it was twelve foot wide, twice the size of a king size. It was good she had a large bedroom. When she slept alone, she was practically lost in the covers, but she preferred to sleep with others. Saturday night all the Amigos had slept at her house in this bed, and there was still lots of room. She was getting a dog in a few weeks, a young Rottweiler, and she hoped her mother would allow the dog to sleep with her and keep her company. Well, hopefully perhaps ... 
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  • Porno part 1.... (M/f Man/young girl, M/m Man/young boy, Monster/f, Beast, F/f Women/young girl, SciFi, Con, NonCon)  (23k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, July 17, 2018)

    ...part 1 Year 2021 Robert Malkin paced back and forth in front of his bedroom window before glancing at his watch. It was 11:51 on June 7, 2021. One minute had passed since the last time he had checked. He sighed." You've been nice to everyone you know, right? Haven't cut anyone off in traffic? Haven't made any waves?" His wife, Charlotte, asked from across the room. She was pacing as well, though she was close to the bathroom as she had endured several episodes of the dry heaves. Her nerves were getting the best of her." Yes. You? You haven't pissed anyone off?" He gave her a look. His wife, he knew, had a bad temper and had often gotten on people's nerves back before the world changed." No. I've been good! I've had to be! I just don't want... I don't want her to have to..." "I know," Robert said, staring back out the window. In the darkness, he could see bright lights floating way above the earth and he clenched his teeth. They were up there. The Titans. From this vantage point alone, he counted four of the massive stations in orbit. He closed his fist, feeling the ... 
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  • The New Girl.... (M/f, Man/preteen girl, MMM/g10)  (31k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, July 11, 2018)

    ...New Girl The new girl looked nervous as she stood by the teacher's desk. When Miss Lewiston introduced the girl as Ashton, the newcomer was greeted with a chorus of bored hellos back. Not that any of the kids were being mean, but it their late-morning apathy during the joys of long division had already sunk in. As the only empty seats were toward the back of the room, Ashton walked down one aisle hugging a notebook to the front of her loose-fitting blouse. Janie felt sorry for her, especially when she realized she had seen her on the school bus this morning and hadn't said anything to her. Being a little shy herself, Janie was mortified at the thought of being a stranger in a new school and desperately hoped that her mother would never decide to move to a new school district. Waving just enough to catch Ashton's attention, Janie smiled and indicated the empty desk next to her. Ashton looked relieved and grinned back before plopping her backpack under the chair and sliding into it. When she placed her notebook on the desk and drummed her fingers on it, Janie noticed her nail polish. It wasn't brightly colored some the few girls her age wore it (Janie didn't have the nerve) but more of a clear gloss like adults sometimes did. Like her nails, Ashton's dark brunette ... 
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