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  • Adopted DadzNKidz 90 ch 1.... (M+ b6, M+ b4, oral, anal, beast, rape, gloryhole)  (21k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, August 14, 2019)

    ...DadzNKidz 90 ch 1 comments_readers: Continuing adventures. More to come. Please let me know what you think about the stories. Also, if there is a particular plot line you'd like to see me work with, let me know. - Harrison Wakefield left the plane, his legs aching and back stiff from the almost fourteen hour flight. He should be used to it by now considering he flew to Asia multiple times a year. The locations varied, but most of his trips were to China, Thailand, Vietnam, and to a lesser extent Myanmar and Bangladesh. During this past trip, he did a swing through south Asia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar to build up his portfolio. He visited the orphanages he had a relationship with and took pictures and created profiles of the children available for adoption. He'd present these portfolios to prospective adoptive parents when they came to his office with hopes of adopting a child internationally. Despite being exhausted and extremely jetlagged, the trip had been a great success. He brought back forty-two new child profiles. More than half were from Thailand, but excitingly he managed to get seven from Myanmar and six from Bangladesh, both fairly new countries for his company. Neither country had a formal international adoption processes so a lot of palm greasing would be required, though that wasn't ... 
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  • More Pooky and Dusty.... (boy8/boy10 oral, anal, urination, defecation, masturbation, brothers)  (5k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, August 07, 2019)

    ...Pooky and Dusty comments_readers: - Thank you for writing me about your summer camp recollection. The school nurse pulled me out of class." Is Alexander your brother?" "You mean Pooky? Yes." "Dustin, Alexander wet his pants in class. Do you think you can take him home early?" I followed the nurse to the office where I found a grumpy Pooky with his arms folded and a awful frown on his face." Alexander, Your brother is here to take you home so you'll be able to get out of those wet pants. It's too late to come back so we'll see you tomorrow. I called and your mother's home." None of this improved Pooky's mood. On the way home I said," Pooky you are really soaked! I've peed in class before but never that much." His pants were wet almost to his knees. Pooky answered casually." Once it got started I didn't want to stop." Pooky stared off into space for a moment." Ya know what?" "What?" "You know I think I like how it feels. Ms. Grimes noticed the puddle and sent me to the office." Our mom was in some other part of the house so it was up to me to change my little ... 
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  • She Offered Me Her 8YearOld Daughter to Rape.... (M/g, M/F, F/g, Maledom, rape, incest, mother and daughter, 1st time, oral, anal, ws, scat)  (16k)
    (date posted: Saturday, August 03, 2019)

    ...Offered Me Her 8YearOld Daughter to Rape It's rare for a pedophile man like me to find a pedophile woman who has a daughter she wants to sexually abuse. Cheryl was such a woman. The beautiful, blonde, bi-sexual woman had adopted her little blonde, blue-eyed Lorelei when the child was extremely young. Cheryl been tempted to molest the child from the start, but held back. Cheryl never wanted to do it alone. And not at so young an age. Cheryl considered girls to be rape-able the day they turned 8. And Cheryl didn't want to abuse the child alone, as I said. Cheryl wanted to see a man do it while she watched and then joined in at the right moment. Cheryl needed a practiced pedophile who knew what he was doing. A man who understood the in's and out's of child rape from personal experience. A man like me. I won't bore you with the details of how I met Cheryl and found out about Lorelei. Let's just say that there is a global network of pedophiles with an outer circle, an inner circle, and a very special inmost circle where the most incredible stuff goes on. For reasons I shall not explain, I became a member of that inmost circle. That's how I found out about Cheryl and her precious adopted daughter, 8-year-old Lorelei ... 
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  • The Photographer And His Friends part 3.... (dad/daug, mom/son and daug, family incest in various combinations, ped, w/s, romance, some setup)  (85k)
    (date posted: Friday, August 02, 2019)

    ...Photographer And His Friends part 3 comments_readers: This is the third installment of my adventures with my good friend, Phil Truman. Phil is a professional photographer who caters to a very exclusive clientele. You see, Phil specializes in the erotic photography of prepubescent children. This part of the story tells how I met my current wife, after the sudden, tragic death of my first wife, the mother of my beautiful, 7-year-old daughter. This story is mostly romantic, but has some sex and serves as a bit of set-up for the next story. As always, your feedback is welcome and I would especially enjoy hearing from my female readers (if any). - Prologue Phil and Edna sat naked in the hot tub, relaxing and watching Phil's wife, Marsha, playing in the pool with Edna's kids, Nicholas and Alexandra. The 8-year-old twins were nude, as was Marsha. The bright, late morning sun glistened off the wet, slender bodies of the little boy and girl as they splashed and played with the beautiful, full breasted woman." So, tell me about your friend." said Edna as she sipped her glass of wine. It was a little early to be drinking, but the gorgeous young blonde was nervous." Not much to tell, really." replied Phil." ... 
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  • First Love.... (b/f, b/F, M/f, m/f, cons, incs, first time, underage, preteen, teen)  (176k)
    (date posted: Friday, August 02, 2019)

    ...Love Introduction: A summer to remember, after his mom leaves him at his Dad's Noah meets his new step-mom and while she's great and all its really her little sister that the twelve year old boy's got his eyes on, a thirteen year old who doesn't take no for an answer... Alison looked over at him and he could see a bit of shock on her face, but also debate on rather she should explain it or not. Finally Alison said," hmmm you really don't know." He shook his head," Steph was right you're really innocent you know that? I don't know if I should corrupt the innocent." "I uh," he flushed," I don't mind. I want to know, otherwise I wouldn't have asked." Alison smiled, showing her braces and her dimple again," Okay, well I mean if you're going to be my boyfriend you most definitely won't be an innocent by the time this summer is over." "Y-you'd want me to uh be your boyfriend?" His cheeks were deeply flushed he knew. Alison's eyes met his," oh most definitely, so far you passed all the tests I was really worried about. Plus you're really cute, and that's a big plus, I mean if you're willing to be my ... 
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  • The Photographer And His Friends part 2.... (M/ff, M/f, rom, M/F/ff, w/s, oral, anal, inc)  (95k)
    (date posted: Sunday, July 28, 2019)

    ...Photographer And His Friends part 2 Comments: This is a lot of set-up for the next installment. - Chapter 1." Damn!" I muttered to myself, as I hung up the phone. When my friend, Phil, called, I was so glad to hear from him that I allowed myself to be cornered into accepting an invitation to spend the weekend with them until I realized, too late, what his beautiful, mischievous wife had in store for me. As much as I love my dear friends, I really wasn't up to another one of Marsha's matchmaking schemes. Although not mentioned in the conversation, it was clear that she was planning to fix me up with another one of her single girlfriends." Who was that on the phone, Daddy?" asked Sandy as she walked across the deck toward me, fresh out of the pool and dripping wet. My beautiful, blonde haired, blue-eyed, 7-year-old daughter was completely nude. So was I. We very rarely wore clothes around the house, dressing only when necessary. Today, it was not necessary. My dick began to swell as I watched my little girl dry herself off, totally unselfconscious and graceful in her youthful nudity." That was Uncle Phil, Honey." I said." He wants us to come stay ... 
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  • The Photographer and His Friends.... (M/f, M/Ff, f/f, M/ff, F/mf, FF/mf, M/FFmf, inc, pedo, oral, anal, w/s)  (106k)
    (date posted: Monday, July 22, 2019)

    ...Photographer and His Friends comments_readers: This story and those that follow were written by me a number of years ago and originally published here. I have revised, edited and in some cases, made wholesale changes to them and Mr. D. has graciously agreed to republish them. Consider these as"digitally re-mastered"versions of the originals. I would like to give a shout out to some of my favorite authors; Greven, Phoenix Rising, and Wet Amber, who gave me the inspiration to revisit my own stories, with an eye toward improving them and (hopefully) making me a better storyteller. I also hope to provide some new and original content in the near future. Thank you for reading these (or re-reading them, as the case may be) and thanks to Mr. Double for providing me an outlet in which to share with you, my sick, twisted, and perverted fantasies. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing (and in some cases, living) them. The Photographer and His Friends All standard disclaimers apply: This is an adult story. Do not read it if you are underage. If you are offended by this type of material, please go to your safe space and wait there for me to give a shit. This story and those that follow were ... 
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  • Anger Management.... (m/F, m/f, m/Ff, mFF, inc, oral, virgin, 1st time, BJ, deepthroat, MC, 3some)  (123k)
    (date posted: Saturday, July 13, 2019)

    ...Management I never saw it coming. The truck beside me kicked a rock up with its tire. The doctors told me I was lucky we weren't going faster. As it was 40 mph was nearly enough to kill me. The rock shot at me striking me in the front of my head, just below my motorcycle helmet. It knocked me unconscious, which allowed me to fall limply off my cycle, instead of trying to stop my fall. That's why I only broke my left arm in two places and my right leg in three places. I later learned that both of the arm breaks and one of the leg breaks were in reality crushes as the bones were diminished to mostly small pieces and chunks. Trouble is I didn't come out of my coma for nearly five weeks. In an effort to avoid brain damage I was kept in a hyper-uh, shit, a high purity oxygen chamber to get massive amounts of reparative oxygen to my brain. When I finally came out of my coma, the doctors were amazed that it had worked so well. They could find no evidence of any type of brain damage, so after three days of extensive testing they discharged me to the care of my parents. Me, I'm Sam, a seventeen-year-old high school senior with the typical problems with girls when you're not ... 
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  • The School Bus.... (b8/b11 b11 oral, masturbation, pee, subjugation, grammar school)  (12k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, June 26, 2019)

    ...School Bus comments_readers: Someone read everyone of my stories yesterday.. All I can say is thank you.. - We lived in the suburbs. My Mom was still trying to dress me each morning when she knew perfectly well that I could do it on my own. I let her do it and used the time to daydream. She stretches out my underpants and holds them down for me to step into each leg hole. Then she roughly pulled on my tee shirt. It was the one with the picture of a rabbit pulling a wagon." Carter! Did you do your homework last night?" I said," Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yea, ye, y." I sat with my chin resting on the kitchen table. A plate of steaming scrambled eggs in front of me.... I hate eggs. My Mother was rushing back and forth and making a fuss over who knows what? When she wasn't looking, I folded my scrambled eggs into a paper napkin. It was so I could get rid of them somewhere else. As if in a panic, she screamed." Carter! Hurry up you'll miss your bus!" Slowly,.... I slid off the chair and slowly.... I put on my jacket ... 
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  • Corrupting Teachers part 13.... (Mf10, Ff11, supernatural, rape, preteen)  (31k)
    (date posted: Monday, June 24, 2019)

    ...Teachers part 13 Mabel Brown, the perverted elementary school teacher loved soft, childish bodies especially naked ones licking out her aroused pussy and now she was looking at Neeta, the ten year old chubby Indian girl and Natalie, a quiet, submissive eleven year old white girl of about five foot. She smiled at Natalie knowing that at the weekend she had enjoyed young girl's slim body before making the girl kneel on hands and legs while her dog fucked her. Now, having caught the girls giggling at a dirty book they were secretly reading in the store cupboard, she had them alone in her empty classroom and was looking forward to making the Indian girl another of her child sluts. She had deliberately delayed dealing with them till the end of the day to increase their distress and fear and all the other children were already on their way home. This is a disgusting Indian book Neeta. Both of you look in the mirror and tell me what you see." Neither girl knew that their sexual perversions all stemmed from Miss Brown's Demon corrupted mirror that the young female teacher had in her room. All the children made funny faces into it and looked at it while brushing their hair but at it made pupils cooperative and totally perverted, eager to fondle and fuck. If the children were already being used as sex ... 
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  • GirlstoGo ch 3 We Deliver Young Cunts to Your Door CONCLUSION.... (M/F, M/gg, F/g, gg, 6yo girl, 9yo girl, MaleDom, rape, first, oral, anal, ws, scat)  (23k)
    (date posted: Friday, June 14, 2019) 3 We Deliver Young Cunts to Your Door CONCLUSION DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Nothing in this story actually happened. Ever. To anyone. - Steven looked around the room, enjoying the sight of the naked, buxom blonde woman and her naked beautiful little daughters. Across the room Paula stood with her hands above her head, bound at the wrists to the pole behind her. At 5 feet 4 inches tall, Paula's curvaceous 40-26-36 white body was graced with HH-cup breasts crowned with delightfully pink nipples. Her areolae were a surprisingly wide 3 inches. Steven stood next to the bed where Paula's blue-eyed blonde daughters 6-year-old Aura and 9-year-old Zoey lay. Both children were gorgeous, sweet, and-until Steven had raped their assholes-totally innocent. After fucking both girls up the ass, Steven had made little Aura lick her old sister's gaping asshole while he forced Zoey to give him a blowjob, the very first of her life. Steven relished the fact that the first time the 9-year-old had a dick in her mouth, it was soiled and smelly with her own shit and that of her little sister. Steven loved making little girls give him dirty ass-to-mouth blowjobs on their first time out. It taught them what to expect under his dominance. Standing there with his rapidly wilting erection still lodged in the child's mouth, ... 
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  • GirlstoGo ch 2 We Deliver Young Cunts to Your Door.... (M/F, M/gg, F/g, gg, 6yo girl, 9yo girl, MaleDom, rape, first, oral, anal, ws, scat)  (33k)
    (date posted: Saturday, June 08, 2019) 2 We Deliver Young Cunts to Your Door DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Nothing in this story actually happened. Ever. To anyone. - Ch 2 Ever since the technological Singularity and the rise of the Patriarchal Restoration Artificial Intelligence Network (PRAIN), when feminism was abolished and men assumed their rightful place as absolute rulers of the world, Steven had enjoyed living out all of his long-suppressed sexual fantasies. Most of those fantasies were lived out by renting whores of all ages by the hour, day, week, or month. Steven had also owned some child sex slaves and women sex slaves in the past. So Steven had already had dozens of women and young girls over the years. He'd had them one at time. He'd had them in pairs, including mother+ daughter combos. He'd had them in small harems of four to eight females at once. But it all became so complicated. Little girls from ages 6 to 12, teenagers, and adult women were all good for a fuck, and nice to have around sometimes. But having them around all the time was just too much. So Steven had become a renter, rather than an owner. He preferred to rent the whores rather than own sex slaves most of the time. It made his life much less complicated. ... 
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  • Sophias Lust part 1.... (Male, Female, Girl first grade, high school)  (75k)
    (date posted: Friday, June 07, 2019)

    ...Lust part 1 Part 1: The Dinner Theater - Act One ***** Sophia ***** Twenty-one year old Sophia Andersen sat naked in front of her vanity mirror and studied her reflection. Her father, Harry, said he loved her blonde hair, her beautiful blue eyes, her button nose, and her erotic lips, especially when they were wrapped around his thick eight inch cock. Sophia's older brother agreed. The young woman looked at her small breasts in the mirror and grazed them with the tips of her fingers. She pinched and twisted a nipple and was rewarded with a thrill within her cunt. Her breasts were like those of a barely pubescent teen. Her father said they were as delightful today as they were when he was fucking her during her middle school years. Neither her father nor her brother Paul could lick or suck them enough while they fingered her and made her cunt drool. She ran her hand over her flat belly down to the prominent mound of her bare cunt. Tonight Sophia would use her sex to teach a man how truly depraved he was. She would help him to acknowledge and indulge in his deepest and most perverted sexual needs and, in time, he would contribute to hers. She cupped her cunt with her hand and ran her finger up its slit. The thought of tonight's lechery was ... 
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  • GirlstoGo ch 1 We Deliver Young Cunts to Your Door.... (M/F, M/gg, F/g, gg, 6yo girl, 9yo girl, MaleDom, rape, first, oral, anal, ws, scat)  (51k)
    (date posted: Thursday, June 06, 2019) 1 We Deliver Young Cunts to Your Door DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Nothing in this story actually happened. Ever. To anyone. Ch 1 Steven was in the mood to rape a little girl. He grabbed his mobile device and went to the Amacunt app. Amacunt was the portal to all of Steven's favorite sex apps. He scrolled through page after page of the online merchant websites for adult whores and sex slaves. He continued past many more pages of websites offering teenaged girls. Finally he arrived at his favorite spot, the Pedo-Pages. Steven expanded the screen view. Hundreds of different companies offered little girls for sale or rent. Steven had already customized his Amacunt account to exclude any girls, teens, or women who did not meet his most basic requirement: whites only. Steven did not begrudge other men their racial preferences. He simply had his own and he saw no reason to have sex with females outside his own race. He simply didn't find other races attractive. Steven was between sex slaves at the moment. He had had so many over the years that he sometimes lost count. Some had been overnighters. The better ones he had leased for several years. While he had considered owning a sex slave outright, Steven had shied away from that. Once you own a girl ... 
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  • Courtney and Emma ch 4.... (M/F M/g4)  (27k)
    (date posted: Sunday, June 02, 2019)

    ...and Emma ch 4 comments_readers: This is the continuing adventures of Mike, Courtney, and of course our little heroine Emma! -"Wow! You have a lot of stuff," I said as we stood in Courtney's living room. I was regretting I had volunteered to move their stuff by myself." How much are you wanting to bring?" "Well, I won't need most of the furniture. We want to bring our clothes and personal stuff, but the rest can be put in storage or we can sell it." "We're going to need some help," I said to her with a raised eyebrow and grin." A couple of guys at least." It didn't take Courtney long to figure out how she would be making payment for my moving guys. She thought for a moment." I guess I can handle that," she sighed. She had accepted the fact that she would have to spread her legs to pay for the help moving her stuff." Start laying out your clothes and I'll call a couple of guys," I smiled at her." And both of you change into some sexy moving clothes." "Ok Mike," Courtney replied with a smile as she took Emma by the hand and led her toward the bedroom. I ... 
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  • Amos Takes Control part 3.... (M/g 8)  (16k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, May 22, 2019)

    ...Takes Control part 3 Amos looked down at the pretty white face that was in his lap. Her small pink tongue gently caressed his black hunk of meat. Her eyes tilted up towards his face and he smiled to give her encouragement. Her hand clasped his hardening rod as she continued to lick around the head. Amos took a couple of pictures of this erotic sight." Keep it up, you are doing a wonderful job." Alice admitted to herself that this was pretty hot and her juices were starting to flow. She would do whatever he asked as her life had changed so much since he had become her friend. She had new clothes food and someone who cared. Her hand pumped and her tongue flicked around the head of what was now a fully erect cock. Amos was groaning as his big hands went behind her head and pulled her mouth over his throbbing cockhead!" Suck, little one, you are making me very happy." The 8 years old felt a swelling of pride that she was able to please her new friend. She instinctively seemed to know that she was supposed to suck while messaging the meat that didn't fit in her mouth. Alice did her best to widen her mouth until his meat reached her throat. Her gag reflexes kicked in and Amos moved her back ... 
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  • Courtney and Emma ch 3.... (M/F M/g4)  (20k)
    (date posted: Sunday, May 19, 2019)

    ...and Emma ch 3 comments_readers: Thanks for bearing with me as I try to keep this story going. Hope you like the idea of Mom and daughter becoming slaves to a naughty older man. This tale is far from done so any comments and suggestions are more than welcome! - I led Courtney and Emma down to the playroom, once again making sure the lock engaged as the door closed behind us." What did you want to drink?" I asked as I stepped behind the bar." Do you have wine?" Courtney asked softly." I sure do," I said as I pulled a bottle from behind the bar and poured her a glass." What do you want Emma?" I asked the little girl as she climbed onto one of the bar stools. She shrugged her shoulders, suddenly shy again in spite of being naked in front of me." Fruit juice will be fine Mike," Courtney said with a smile as she looked down at her daughter. I poured a glass of juice for Emma, then a whiskey for myself before sitting on a stool across from my guests." How bad is your debt?" I asked after I took a sip of my drink." About twelve grand," Courtney replied with more than a little shame. ... 
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  • Mommy Goes a Little Crazy.... (M/F, M/Ff8, F/f8, M/f, F/m12, m/f, Oral, Anal, WS, nc)  (196k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, May 15, 2019)

    ...Goes a Little Crazy I sat on my bed being bombarded by memories of the recent past, especially the disturbing things that happened last night. I'm almost nine-years-old now. I just finished the third grade and school let out for the summer just a week ago. I don't suppose there was ever a time when I enjoyed a"normal"childhood. I didn't realize it at first. I had a loving father but my mother... well, she was trying but she has problems. She suffers from severe depression and has for almost her entire life. Her condition had very little effect on our family at first. Dad made certain she stayed on her meds and most of the time she acted like a more-or-less normal wife and mother. The problem is that she hated the way the drugs made her feel. She often complained of feeling like she was wrapped in cotton. She said the drugs made her feel detached from the world around her. Mom's depression didn't start to become a big problem for me until just before I turned five years old. That was when dad decided he couldn't take the constant stress of living with her anymore; the arguments, the lies, the constant cold shoulder. As time progressed she rebelled more and more against taking her meds. I found out later dad even tried ... 
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  • Tickle Bomb Sister.... (m/f, m/fffffff, teen, incest, brother/sister, bondage, nonconsent, first, virgin, handjob, masturbation)  (139k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, May 14, 2019)

    ...Bomb Sister The first time I can remember her doing it was when I was around 4½ years old. She was almost 7. I have no idea what set it off but suddenly my big sister was all over me yelling," Tickle bomb! Tickle Bomb! Tickle bomb!" All the while her fingers moved everywhere on my body tickling me relentlessly. I was screaming in the pain of over stimulation and she didn't stop even as I was gasping for breath and huge tears ran down my face." Ha, ha," she sneered," I won't stop until you cry 'uncle'!" "Never," I said with as much determination as this little boy could muster. With a loud shriek she was on me again digging her relentless fingers into my sensitive spots. I thought I was going to pass out several times but, in the end, and after well over ten minutes of total hell, I mumbled," Uncle! Oh, please stop... uncle... uncle... oh stopppppp!" My tormenting sister finally let her hands drop as she cried out in glee that she had won. I had no idea there was a prize to win but she seemed quite satisfied with her accomplishment. As for me, I just laid there catching my ... 
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  • An Expected Inheritance 9.... (M, F, f, cons)  (90k)
    (date posted: Monday, May 13, 2019)

    ...Expected Inheritance 9 *Authors note. Unless you are someone who reads my stories and writes me you might not know that I do a lot of research for my stories. A necessity for writing in long form stories. When I came up with this idea I thought it would be interesting. Instead it has drawn me through some dark places. I have learned about things that I now wish I was still in ignorant bliss about. It's the kind of thing that really distinguishes the pedophile/child lover from the child molester. The fantasy from nightmares. The human from the animal. My story is fiction, but it is sadly based on all too real events. * - Well I was right. The girls were loving the stores. They became even more dedicated, if possible, to not only doing a good job, they worked to excel. I was so proud of them, and they seemed to be proud of themselves. Little by little I was seeing make-up, girls dancing with headphones in when they though no one was watching, and other little things that showed individuality. The Chinese girls were being adopted by the community quite well, though I learned from Doc that some were having a hard time believing that it was over. It seemed for some they still had a feeling they were just ... 
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  • Courtney and Emma ch 2.... (M/F M/g4)  (22k)
    (date posted: Sunday, May 12, 2019)

    ...and Emma ch 2 comments_readers: Sorry for the delay. Hope you find it worth the wait. - I was almost giddy as I hurried home to get ready for my play date with Courtney and her sexy little daughter. After a quick shower, I went down to my playroom to set out some things that I hoped would make for an evening of fun with Courtney and Emma. About half an hour later I heard Courtney's car pull into the garage. It felt like my heart was going to explode in my chest as I heard car doors slam. A minute or so later I heard the door between the garage and kitchen open, then soft talking between Courtney and Emma from the kitchen. I couldn't see them yet, but I knew exactly what was happening. I was tempted to go into the kitchen to greet them, but I didn't want to seem too anxious. My patience was rewarded as they came walking into the living room a few minutes later where I was sitting naked in a large arm chair. I felt my cock lurch to life as I took in the sight of my guests. Both Courtney and Emma were now completely naked, not even wearing shoes as they stood in the doorway between the kitchen and living room. Both had their long blond hair done up in sexy ponytails. ... 
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  • De Schuur.... (Lots of Ms/Lot of F, s/lot of gs end bs/intants/licking peeiing/childfucking)  (25k)
    (date posted: Saturday, April 20, 2019)

    ...Schuur In dit verhaaltje maar 4 hoofdpersonen Ik, Henk, kindgeile 30+, mijn zusje Ella van 23 jaar en haar man Peter van 26 en hun schattige dochtertje Luna van nog geen 2 jaar. Ik als hartstochtelijke kindervriend heb niet zoveel adresjes of plekjes om van kleine kinderen te genieten. Kinderboerderijen hebben je gelijk door als je als alleenstaande man, en dan ook nog eens zonder kind, gelijk in de gaten, zo ook speeltuinen kun jij je beter niet al te lang ophouden. Een zwembad zou dan nog wel gaan en zijn er best leuke momenten dat je zelf een kinderkutje te zien krijgt, soms gewoon heel openlijk als de mama of papa met hun dochtertje gaan douchen of mee naar de kinderwc gaan. Gelukkig kan ik bij mijn zusje en haar dochtertje terecht om het meisjes hartstochtelijk te knuffelen. Ik mag haar zelfs in haar blootje op mijn eveneens blote onderlijf hebben. Maar dit alles in een beperkte tijd, mijn zus haar man mag hier niets van weten. Mijn zus vindt het allemaal wel prima, heeft geen enkel probleem dat ik op kleine meisjes val en dat ik dan ook intens geniet van haar dochtertje. Voor de komende week is haar man op zakenreis en heeft mijn zus mij iets nieuws te laten zien. Misschien heeft ze voor haar zelfs een sexy lingeriesetje wat ik dan bij haar aan en uit ... 
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  • Ik Beloof Voor Mijn Zusje Te Zorgen.... (M/F disable/f)  (76k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, April 16, 2019)

    ...Beloof Voor Mijn Zusje Te Zorgen Ik beloof mij zelf om voor mijn zusje en haar dochtertje te zorgen. Verhaaltjes in verhaallijn zoals meer in mijn, vooral incest verhaaltjes Hoofdrolspelers in dit incest verhaaltje zijn: Mijn gehandicapte zusje Mira en haar dochtertje van amper 2 jaar, de lieve schat Lisa en natuurlijk ik als de broer van mijn zus en de oom van de kleine schat Lisa, Peter is mijn naam en woon in het begin van dit verhaal nog alleen, maar dat zal op een minder leuke manier veranderen. Al lijkt het leven mij persoonlijk toe te lachen, er is op mijn 20+ leeftijd nog steeds geen geliefde in mijn leven en wordt toch mijn seksuele behoeftes op een wel heel vreemde manier tot verwezenlijking. Mijn zusje Mira was al hoofdzakelijk afhankelijk van haar rolstoel en door deze vorm van weerloosheid, heeft een onverantwoordelijke zogenaamde huisvriend misbruik van haar situatie gemaakt en haar bezwangerd heeft met het gevolg dat wel gewenst de kleine Lisa werd geboren. Maar het noodlot heeft Mira nog niet los gelaten, Gods wegen zijn soms ondoorgrondelijk en begrijp ik alles niet zo goed. Mira werd al op jonge leeftijd als nog geeneens een tienermeisje, getroffen door een mysterieuze ziekte welk haar hersenen behoorlijk beschadigde zodat ze bijna de volledige controle over haar ledematen verloor. Gelukkig kon zij zich nog wel duidelijk maken wat ze wilde en hoe ze over bepaalde ... 
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  • Het Brandnetelveld.... (Fs/Ms ggggggg/bbbbb torture knifecutting/nettle torture killing/snuff painfull abortion war)  (28k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, April 16, 2019)

    ...Brandnetelveld Zeer extreem, het ernstig martelen van kinderen met hun dood tot gevolg. Het volgende kinderpornoverhaaltje is van een extreme vorm alwaar de vooral jonge minderjarige meisjes lichamelijk en sexueel worden mishandeld waarbij vooral hun kutjes niet ongeschonden de extreme behandelingen onder gaan. - Dit verhaal is dan ook alleen voor lezers die dit soort verhalen ervan genieten. Een soort van misbruik en pijnigen van meisjes wat werkelijk schijnt te gebeuren door enkele culturen met minder waardering in de onschuld van minderjarige kinderen van elkaars vijanden. Het vreemde is dat een huis alwaar vooral minderjarige meisje worden opgevangen de goedkeuring hebben van personen van de legale regering hebben de meisjes naar hun eigen behoefte te misbruiken en te mishandelen. Daarvoor hebben zelfs de hoogste personen van de huidige regeringsvorm toegekeken tijdens de manier waarop de meisjes worden misbruikt. Gezien de grote minachting van de kinderen van de vijand mogen vooral de meisjes zich niet kunnen voortplanten en desnoods de meisjes ter dood worden gebracht. Al een decennia lang blijkt dat de vijand van dit regime al gelijk de overwonnen volwassenen en hun kinderen binnen enkele dagen ook naar vernederende misbruik, de volwassenen en de minderjarige meisjes worden gedood. Als wraak daarop de manier waarop dus de gevangen genomen kinderen naar behoefte en uit ontzettende wraak zoveel mogelijk die vijand te vernietigen. De personen die hiermee bezig zijn met hun extreme bezigheden zijn zowel mannen als vrouwen, dit uit ... 
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  • Kom Gerust Maar Eens Vaker Langs.... (Fs and Ms/ggg, s+/b, s/age 3 and up/looking at sextheatre/child adult afterparty)  (30k)
    (date posted: Friday, April 12, 2019)

    ...Gerust Maar Eens Vaker Langs Dit verhaaltje moet zichzelf al lezende duidelijk maken en de afloop verklaren. De hoofdrolspelertjes in dit kinderpornoverhaaltje zijn: Lisa, ons 3 jarige dochtertje en Sylvia, het 9 jarige zusje van de moeder van Lisa. Ik kan redelijk goed opschieten met een jongere mannelijke collega die wel wat nerveus overkomt en verlegen is, maar voor mij best een goede jongen lijkt. Na het werk sta ik bij hem in de garderobe bij zijn kastje die hij nerveus probeert dicht te houden maar de stevigheid van het scharnier doet het deurtje steeds weer openvallen en herken ik een voor mij duidelijk boekje. Ik weet persoonlijk, gezien mijn passie dat dit al een heel oud, toen al een verboden boekje was en speel een spelletje met hem. Ik pak het boekje en vraag hem:"Wat is dit beste vriend, oh, wat leuk, allemaal kleine meisjes in hun blootje in allerlei poses, wat leuk, vindt jij dit leuk?, ik vind het best leuk zeg, wat leuke meisjes zeg, maar wordt jij hier geil van, vindt jij kleine meisjes mooi?, geeft niet hoor, ik vind kleine meisjes ook heel mooi, des te jonger, des te mooier, ik en mijn vrouw hebben zelf een dochtertje van 3 zoals je weet, ik ben dol op haar, maar heb jij ooit wel eens een ... 
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  • Being Genna part 2.... (bb/g10, 10/10)  (21k)
    (date posted: Friday, April 05, 2019)

    ...Genna part 2 21/4367 After writing this on the dry erase board, Elizabeth Magruder turned to face her room full of fourth graders." Who would like to come up and demonstrate the wonders of long division for us?" she asked lightly. Her tone concealed the resignation she felt as she knew she would likely be dragging a pupil up here for a torturous few minutes before she interceded to finish the problem. If she was lucky, the kid would have figured that there were two 21's in 43 with a remainder of two before shutting down. Still, she scanned the seats, noticing the usual suspects as they avoided eye contact with a sudden fascination of the fire extinguisher in the corner or that small water stain on one of the ceiling tiles. The teacher was reasonably sure that three of her students could do the math. But one of them, Genna, was such a shy thing that she often froze if she was standing before the class. Two others, Brian and Howie, had no shyness about them but would do their best to make rude noises while working out the problem. Why boys - and grown men for that matter - thought that flatulence equaled humor was beyond her. Then she found a student looking at the board and trapped her before she could avert her eyes or ... 
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  • Doing Her Part.... (M/f, oral, cons, pedo, 7y/o)  (15k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, April 03, 2019)

    ...Her Part comments_readers: Enjoy some jerk off material :) LMK if you want more of this story. - 7-year Old Springfield Resident Being Honored Ivy Brooks, of Springfield is over 10 years away from being considered an adult and being able to vote in an election. However, she has already been recognized as a leader in the community and has even held one-on-one meetings at the Capitol Building in Washington, D. C. Within the past year, she's organized a yearly event bringing awareness to single fathers in family shelters. On Monday, Ivy will receive an award from The American Red Cross, and will visit the offices of several members of Congress to advocate for treatment of single dads struggling to raise children on their own. Ivy has a heart for the hurting. Her father Jeff, a Marine pilot, died in a training accident when she was six-months-old. Her big heart has given her an even bigger opportunity. She now shares what are called Ivy's Little Blessings notes of kindness and encouragement that she gives away to fathers and children who turn to the Springfield County Family Shelter Service for help." Everyone wins when they work together," says the brave little girl. -"My daughter is basically my hero," Patricia Brooks spoke at the podium with a crack in her voice, evoked from raw ... 
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  • Flower Girl ch 1.... (M/f, pedo, public, child prostitute)  (17k)
    (date posted: Saturday, March 30, 2019)

    ...Girl ch 1 comments_readers: This story is complete fiction. Any similarity to actual names, places and people is entirely coincidental. More than anything I do this for you, the reader. Please let me know what you think. Do you want to hear more? Use the feedback feature or email me at lordbaelish@mrdouble. com - Intro The Greater Bangkok Metropolitan Area sprawls haphazardly across the Chao Phraya River delta. A testament to a complete lack of any city planning, it grew organically into the sweaty, congested, and polluted hub of Southeast Asia it is today. Home to nearly 10 million people, the"City of Angels"is a seemingly random patchwork of main roads and"Soi's", or side streets. A maze of crushing poverty and palatial mansions of rich jet setters and everything in between. Despite the poverty, the largely Buddhist Thai people are welcoming, friendly, forgiving, and infinitely pragmatic. Perfect for my specific needs as a wealthy, pansexual"sexpat"with, like most men, strong hebephiliac leanings. I am always searching for the next sexual high, always chasing that dragon. I am proud to call it home. Adopted as a baby by a Dutch couple who left me a large inheritance, I carried a Dutch passport. My biological parents, I am told, were ... 
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  • Cunt Farming The Complete Story Collection.... (M/g, M/F, M/ggg, Mdom, Man/preteen girl, ped, first, oral, anal, watersports, scat)  (167k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, March 26, 2019)

    ...Farming The Complete Story Collection INTRODUCTION: For the convenience of my readers, I have gathered all 5 of my Cunt Farm stories into this single document. Download it, read it, and enjoy every masturbatory pleasure you can derive from it, with my compliments. * * * Cunt Farming 01: Raising Little Girls to Love and Serve the Men Who Own Them - DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Nothing in this story actually happened. Ever. To anyone. - I'm extremely proud of what I do. I am a cunt farmer. I raise little girls to become the personal property of men men who then use the little cunts for their own sexual gratification. I perform a great public service. It's an honorable profession. I've never wanted to do anything else. My girls are of the highest quality. They are all white, and all beautiful. Most are blondes, because blondes are the most popular. Most have blue eyes for the same reason. I do raise redheads and brunettes too, but those are less popular than the blondes. The girls range in age from 7 to 12. They are all highly trained in the sexual arts. However, their vaginal virginity is guaranteed. Every one of these little cunts has an intact hymen. The girls are trained using sex toys, and by ... 
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  • 9 For Your 9.... (Man/young girl, woman/young boy, cuckold, consensual, oral, anal, pedo, preteen)  (49k)
    (date posted: Saturday, March 23, 2019)

    ...For Your 9 Comments_for_readers: This is my debut story on Mr. Double. I previously wrote for Loliwood Studios until it burned down in a tragic fire. I'll be migrating some of those stories over once I have a chance to do smoke and fire damage recovery. I write tales about (mostly) consenting preteen honey pies and their wimpy, cuckold daddies who allow bull cocks to invade their homes. Chapter 1: Pool Party Perversion I've always been fixated on the number nine. I was born September 9, 1999, so I guess it has something to do with planetary alignment. Into my adulthood I was to be blessed with a nine-inch penis which I chalk off to good genes and interstellar gods with a wonderful sense of generosity. I lost my virginity at you guessed it - nine years of age. My best friend at the time was Gary Goodman, one of the few kids in our neighborhood with a pool. His mom had a penchant for the drink and apparently an eye for younger guys. Real young. I was always a little taller than my peers, but still nowhere near adult height. Besides, I had known them both since I was five years old, so there's no way"Mrs. G"could claim age ignorance for what happened that day. It was a sweltering hot late ... 
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  • An Unexpected Inheritance 8.... (M, F, f+, cons, rom, story)  (98k)
    (date posted: Friday, March 22, 2019)

    ...Unexpected Inheritance 8 Over the next two months not much was going on. Well there were some adjustments to be made since one of our new guests was the main source for Syrian war refugees, but that was easily rectified thanks to information from Igor, and with Ion making it look like I was getting the connections from him. While the numbers had greatly gone down since our first shipment, there was still a good supply. I was able to transfer girls from both the island and the Castle in order to bring the Keep's staff up to the needs of the increased population. I have to say I felt a little sorry for Amanda and Leticia once they got settled in. It wasn't so much they missed the opulent living they had before, it was the fact that they knew very little of day to day life. We didn't need more help in the kitchens. The cleaning staff was overflowing and we were creating make work for the number of girls already. So the only place left for them was as extra hands in the education sector. They were basically teacher assistants to women younger than themselves. The men at first tried to act as if laying around and getting sun was perfect, but the doldrums quickly set in. Sol stepped up and began working with them, learning who they were, ... 
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  • The Interrogation.... (b11/b13 young boys, masturbation)  (7k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, March 20, 2019)

    ...Interrogation It seems like I have been here forever just waiting and waiting. I saw my Mom talking to some people out in the hall and I saw Danny's Parents walk by but I didn't see Danny anywhere. He must be here too otherwise why would his parents be here? A policeman came and brought me down the hall to another room. He shut the door and left. The room had a few chairs and a table and curiously, no windows. To say I wasn't worried would be an understatement, but why? There was a large clock on the wall like the ones in schools. It just didn't seem to move at all. If it did it moved very very slow. There was a mirror on the wall. It didn't take a genius to figure that one out. Finally the door opened. I looked up expectantly and saw a tall woman carrying a brief case and a stack of folders. She came in and put her stuff down by one of the chairs. She was very pretty and dressed more formal than any of my teachers. She looked at me and gave me a warm smile and started organizing some papers and forms in front of her. After she had gotten everything straight she gave me a big smile and said," You must be Francis. Is that what ... 
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  • Precocious DadzNKidz 2 ch 2.... (M+ b9, M+ b4, rape, nc, torture, Manboy)  (33k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, March 20, 2019)

    ...DadzNKidz 2 ch 2 comments_readers: Another installment of the DadzNKidz series. All aspects of this story are fictional. As such, they should never be done by anyone! If you like the story, please drop me a line! - Saturday was errand day, and Nicholas and Jonathan usually went with their mom as she ran errands to the grocery store and other places. Mom was in a good mood because she allowed Nicholas to get ToasterTarts. Usually she said they were garbage and he didn't need them but today she only said just one box. Sweet! They got home, put groceries away, and had a lunch of sandwiches they got at the grocery store deli. Everyone had turkey, except his dad who had a roast beef sandwich. After lunch, Mom put Jonathan down for a nap and Nicholas was able to play games in his room. He logged into DadzNKidz and was shocked to find 50 messages waiting for him! Most were from guys who wanted to come over to his house which wasn't possible. But one message seemed pretty promising. Email: To: Nicky60 From: 9InchBoyRaper Hey, this is the first time I've seen a kid with an account! Pretty cool. So according to the site we are within a few miles of each other. Would love to meet up with you and the 4yo (... 
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  • Silberküste Teil 2.... (young girls 8/11, M/F, M/gg, b/g, anal, vaginal, oral, cons, cuckold)  (68k)
    (date posted: Sunday, March 17, 2019)

    ...Teil 2 Der kommende Morgen verlief ereignislos. Felix sah zu, wie die Mädchen sich befriedigten, griff aber nicht ein. Am Frühstückstisch erzählte Lena von Hannas Vorschlag mit den Möhren. Nora versprach, sie im Supermarkt zu besorgen. Die Mädchen gingen zur Betreuung und überlegten dabei, wie sie die Jungs langsam aus der Reserve locken könnten. Nora und Felix wollten aber mal einen Strandtag einlegen, packten Taschen und eine Kühltasche und suchten sich unten am Strand ein Plätzchen für sich, wofür es reichlich Platz gab. Sie rieben sich gegenseitig mit Sonnencreme ein, denn die Sonne stach vorm Himmel hoch und der kühle Wind des Atlantiks täuschte darüber hinweg. Sie erfrischten sich in der harten Brandung, streckten sich wieder auf ihrer Decke aus und waren für dieses Mal frei von der Suche nach Begegnungen. Dann juckte es Nora aber doch irgendwo. Sie drehte sich auf den Bauch und säuselte:"Spatz? Es juckt mich im Popo. Könntest du vielleicht deinen Finger reinstecken und mich ein wenig kratzen?" . Sie lachte dabei frech. Felix traute seinen Ohren nicht. Das hatte es ja in ihrem ganzen Eheleben noch nicht gegeben! Er steckte seinen Zeigefinger in den Mund um ihn anzufeuchten, beugte sich dann über Noras Po, die ihre Backen einladend aus einander zog und ließ etwas von seiner Spucke in ihre Ritze tropfen." Hihi - du bist ... 
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  • Siblings.... (brother/sister m/f f/f first)  (128k)
    (date posted: Sunday, March 03, 2019)

    ...Chapter One Cindy felt herself getting wet. She slipped her finger deep inside the soft folds of her pussy and moved it around, massaging her still-intact hymen." That's nice," Billy said, grinning down at his naked sister." How long have you been playing with yourself like that?" "Ever since I was nine," the teen-aged girl answered defiantly." Ever since I saw you playing with yourself in the bathroom that afternoon, when you thought you were alone and no one could see you!" "Yeah, and I'm glad you did see me," he answered." I'm only sorry you took so long to come and tell me about it." "Well, I did. Now get down here and help me!" Cindy rubbed her pussy- lips furiously." You know I like it better when you do it!" "Sure, Sis," Billy said, still grinning." But you'll have to do me when I'm done doing you, you know." "I know! I always do you last. It's not fair!" "Life isn't fair, little sister," Billy said, stretching out beside the young girl." You take what you can get." "I want to come, now!" Cindy ... 
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  • Sandys Diary.... (Mg MMMg Herm Imaginary Friends beast)  (9k)
    (date posted: Sunday, March 03, 2019)

    ...Diary comments_readers: This story and all the stories I write are fantasy and intended for the eyes of mature readers only. The author does not condone this activity in any way, shape or form. If you like my stories I would appreciate hearing from you. - Dear Sandy's Diary Today was so much fun! I was frisky this morning and Daddy said I coold take Roofus (my maginary doggie) to Pedo Park and played for all the pervy men. The neet thing bout Pedo Park is that only adults can wear clothes unless they are mikrokinis. Boys only wear bottoms. I guess that's cuz the adults like kids to wear sexy clothes sometimes. I always go nekkid cuz Daddy says I shooldn't hide my pretties. Anyway Roofus wanted to put his pee pee cock in me specially when I fell into the sand box and he got on top of me. The lots of the pedo men came to watch and some were taking pictures of me and Roofus. I was got the wiggles and the men wanted to put their pee pee cocks in me. It was a good thing Roofus made me wet with his cummies cuz the mens really liked putting their things in my kitty right where Roofus did. I got really messy cuz so meny cummies squirped on my face. I didn't see the skool bus stop. ... 
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  • Michael and the Outcast part 7.... (b12/b15 teen boys, oral anal masturbation first time seduction)  (12k)
    (date posted: Monday, February 25, 2019)

    ...and the Outcast part 7 comments_readers: Please comment if you liked this story.. I need to know. Mr Double's mail boxes are secure.. - Excerpt:Mr. Tom Hunter, teacher at the Warren G. Harding Middle School had just crossed the line. - The Rejection: When Saturday came around Seth was tuning and cleaning up the bike." Yeah, I have to go visit a friend over near Middletown and I can't bring you." Michael was puzzled." Why can't I come?" "Cause you can't." "Why?" "Cause I'm goin to visit some friends that I haven't seen for a long time." "So?" "You probably wouldn't like them." "How do you know?" Michael's eyes were on Seth and Seth's eyes were on his new found freedom and the motorcycle. Something had suddenly come into focus for Michael. He looked at Seth and then his eyes narrowed when he looked at the loud and noisy bike. Venom formed at the back of his throat and in spite of his lack of maturity, Michael knew an adversary when he saw one. Seth looked angrily at the boy." Cause you can't, That's why, ok!" Michael stood up and said something that Seth had never heard him say before." FUCK ... 
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  • Michael and the Outcast part 5.... (b12/b15/M, young boys, oral anal masturbation first time seduction, prostitution)  (9k)
    (date posted: Thursday, February 21, 2019)

    ...and the Outcast part 5 Excerpt: He looked behind and saw Seth preoccupied with his boy hole. Michael was worried as if the older boy hadn't done enough to him already." Have you ever thought about it?" Seth continued to probe." Thought about what?" "You know, havin a big hard dick up your ass, you know, like mine?" - The Transaction Mr. Curley owned the motorcycle repair shop that was next to the Carpetland strip mall." That bike of yours is way out of date but I'll see what I can do. No problem with the battery but I'll have to send for a repair kit for the carburetor. Kevin can fix it but he's been booked up." Mr. Curley was middle-aged, balding and had a raft of daughters. He and Seth had nothing in common. Seth just wanted to get his bike on the road. The store owner looked Seth over from his paint spattered shoes to stringy hair on top. Then he looked into his eyes for a sign. There was nothing he could detect." Just bring it by after lunch and I'll see if Kevin can get to it." He walked home, unbolted the carburetor from the bike and walked back.. It turns out that Mr. Curley didn't really know ... 
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  • Michael and the Outcast part 4.... (b12/b15, young boys, oral anal masturbation first time seduction)  (16k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, February 20, 2019)

    ...and the Outcast part 4 Excerpt: When a boy like Michael becomes sexually active, some people can tell. There are changes that aren't really visible to the eye but they are there for those who are observant. It is not physical or visual, it is chemical and it clings to them like a thin atmosphere or an ether. If you are close, you can smell it. It's not a good or bad smell, but a potent scent that is at first, subtle and then alluring, only to gather in intensity until it quickly becomes, an intoxicant. - The Refuge: Michael awoke to hear pebbles being tossed on his window from below. When he opened the window he saw Seth. In a harsh whisper he said." Come on"Michael dressed and headed down the backstairs. Seth greeted him with silence and roughly tugged him along." What is it?" Seth didn't utter a word. He manhandled the younger one into a corner between the two buildings. His breath was shallow and panting. He took out his cock and forced it into Michael's hand. It was very stiff. Michael held it tight in one hand and then both. He pulled on it causing Seth to moan in a weeping and plaintive voice. His pants dropped to the ground and he pushed Michael to his ... 
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  • Courtney and Emma ch 1.... (M/F M/g4)  (18k)
    (date posted: Friday, February 15, 2019)

    ...and Emma ch 1 comments_readers: A new story I've been working on. Leave me a comment, it's feeds my ego monster! - Chapter 1 I had just parked at the store and was heading in to do some shopping when I noticed a woman pushing an empty cart toward the cart corral. She looked just like my type tall, skinny, and had an incredible looking ass that filled her skinny jeans perfectly." Nice ass!" I said loudly in the woman's direction, without a second thought. The woman stopped short and spun on her heels to see who had made the rude comment about her ass. I'm sure the look of surprise on her face was matched by mine. It was a girl that I had known very well for a very long time." Mike!" Courtney squealed with a huge smile as I walked up to her." Hi Courtney," I said as I took her in my arms and gave her a crushing hug, enjoying the feel of her firm tits against my chest." Sorry about the ass comment," I apologized as I relaxed my grip." It's OK Mike," she smiled as she stepped back so I could take in her body again." You should see my ass out of my jeans," she teased as she ... 
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  • Bureau of Orphaned Youth Severance Governmental Institute for ReLocation Services BOYS GI RLS.... (M/f Man/young girls+ more)  (17k)
    (date posted: Sunday, February 03, 2019)

    ...of Orphaned Youth Severance Governmental Institute for ReLocation Services BOYS GI RLS The building was two story grey block, typical government style. Fifty-two year old Hank nervously entered through the glass doors into an equally cold lobby. The only color in the place was a pink door on the left and a blue door on the right. Between them sat a matronly woman who was looking at him over her half lensed reading glasses that had a gold chain going behind her wrinkled neck. She had on a grey sweater that matched the building over a pale blue blouse and was sitting behind a three sided booth reminiscent of old cheap hotels. Hank had heard about these places that had sprung up all over the country after the mandatory population control went into effect due to overpopulation. Couples were allowed only one child each. If there was a second child discovered; the elder of the children, even in the cases of multiple births, would be removed from their parents, sterilized and placed in the care of the government. It wasn't long before the care of these illegal children became a burden on the tax payers and the government had to find a way for the children to help pay for their own upkeep. Hank heard the old woman clear her throat and looked at her." May I help you sir"she asked in a ... 
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  • Lil Red Rider Mr Wolf.... (M/f Man/young girl)  (24k)
    (date posted: Monday, January 28, 2019)

    ...Red Rider Mr Wolf With the rain coming down hard outside I was not even aware something has changed until the dog woofed. He got up and went to the door." Probably just a deer"I told him as I grabbed my rifle and joined him. I cocked the lever, flipped the lock and opened the door. It was quite dark outside so I didn't see anything at first until Bear, my dog, started sniffing at the stoop. I then saw what looked like a pile of clothes. I reached down to grab them, and realized that there was a body in the pile." Get back Bear." I said as I knelt for a closer examination, and discovered that the pile was a young child. I found legs and the child's back and I lifted and carried it inside, setting it down in front of the fire. I couldn't understand why there would be a child at my place because I live on the edge of a state park deep in the woods. My cabin had been grandfathered when the land was made a park so I had about 2 acres in the middle of nowhere, most undeveloped. I had only used it for hunting until I realized that I couldn't control my urges if I stayed around the public. You see, I am a ... 
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  • I Want To Watch.... (M/f Man/young girl father/daughter)  (45k)
    (date posted: Monday, January 28, 2019)

    ...Want To Watch I was serving breakfast to my daughter, Diana, a nine-year-old spitfire who learned the art of manipulation from her father. Eggs, sunny side up, bacon and toast cut diagonally with a glass of milk were her choice this morning. She was dipping a corner of her toast in the egg yolk when she looked up at me." Mommy, I know about Brad." She stated. I almost spit my coffee all over her." Umm, what about Brad?" I asked her, fearing her answer." I know that you're sleeping with him." She took a bite of the yolk covered toast. I am sure that I loked like a deer caught in headlights." What gives you that idea?" She gave me that look that she has when she has something on me." Mom, I'm ten. I'm not a little child." "You are only nine, Di." I reminded her, trying to deflect." Okay, I'm almost ten then." She picked up a piece of bacon and took a bite while I tried to figure out what to do." I'll make a deal with you if you agree with what I want." This is what I was talking about before. Her father is a salesman ... 
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  • Learning To Be A Slut.... (M/f M+ f Man/young girls, prostitution)  (8k)
    (date posted: Monday, January 28, 2019)

    ...To Be A Slut I am a twenty something year-old self-made millionaires. I'm not a genius, and I didn't win the lottery. However, at an early age I knew, sex sells. I live in Las Vegas as a high priced call girl. What better place to live when you're in the sex business. When I was a young girl of Thirteen I started learning all I could about being an adult entertainer. I loved having sex so I thought what better way to make a living. I was on-line talking to a girl that clamed to be a hooker in New York City. I told her I was interested in fucking for a living but didn't know where to start. She replied"it depends what you are willing to do". I was willing to try anything and everything. Because I had a computer in my room and had been on-line since I was ten and I knew a lot about sex. I replied back"I would like to make porno movies when I get older but right now since I live at home, I guess I would like to go to hotel rooms and fuck for money". She told me of a web site where I could advertise myself and let people know what a slut I am. I could meet people that would pay to fuck me ... 
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  • Titanic Der Bruder Des Titanen.... (M/g Man/young girl mast oral anal first vaginal rom)  (309k)
    (date posted: Saturday, January 19, 2019)

    ...Der Bruder Des Titanen Vorwort: Ich setzte mich an meinen Schreibtisch und skizziere eine Geschichte, die zunächst an Bord der Titanic beginnt, da schiebt sich Luc frech von der Seite ins Bild und sagt laut:"Moment! Titanic! Darüber habe ich erst kürzlich ein Buch an Bord meiner Jubilee geschrieben! Erinnerst du dich? Was für ein Erfolg!" Gut, ich bin ja nicht so - er ist ja schließlich der Bestseller-Autor hier... Es stimmt ja auch. Er hat ja tatsächlich auf der Fahrt von Japan nach Mittelamerika ein Buch über die Titanic geschrieben, aber was hilft mir das, frage ich ihn. Er zieht nur eine Augenbraue hoch -wie es so seine Art ist-, schmunzelt und meint:"Na, schreib doch etwas über den wahnsinnigen Erfolg, den ich mit dem Buch hatte!" Nun, an Selbstbewusstsein fehlt es dem guten Mann sicherlich nicht. Und um ihn in seine Schranken zu weisen, erkläre ich ihm, dass es diesmal nicht um ihn gehen wird! Ich kann auch streng sein! Er setzt sich mir gemütlich gegenüber, trinkt von meinem Whiskey (aus meinem Glas - ich meine, dass geht nun wirklich zu weit, nicht?) und meint dann vieldeutig:"Ich wüsste, um wen es sich handeln könnte, wenn schon nicht um mich!" Und ich stutzte, nickte dann langsam. ... 
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  • Pooky And The Little Egg.... (F/b8, Woman/young boy, vibrator, anal, school)  (9k)
    (date posted: Friday, January 11, 2019)

    ...And The Little Egg"Pooky Cloverfield come up here right now!" His teacher, Ms. Edelman had a stern expression on her face. She was in no mood for this. The rest of the class was silent and watched Pooky walk to the head of his third grade class." You know the rules about listening to an iPod or a Walkman in class. It belongs in your locker. Now give it to me!" Apparently she had seen the wire hanging out from under his shirt tail. She tugged on the wire that led into Pooky's pocket. She held out her hand." Give it to me please." Pooky handed her a smooth pink battery pack." Let me have the earphones please." He answered her." It don't have any earphones." "Well give me the rest of it." With his back to the class, he pulled down his pants and when he began pulling down his underpants the whole class began laughing. Ms. Edelman yelled," Stop!" Then she yelled at the class," Quiet!" Ms. Edelman was generally feared so the class immediately went silent." Be quiet and stay quiet until I get back from the office." She led Pooky out of the room holding the pink battery pack ... 
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  • Loving School Stories I Mariko.... (pedo rom cons spank M/g6)  (17k)
    (date posted: Thursday, January 10, 2019)

    ...School Stories I Mariko comments_readers: The Loving Schools Progressive scholarship boarding schools for girls were founded by dot com billionaire Randall Loving. The Loving Academy teaches elementary grades. Loving Preparatory is high school. Discipline at Loving is through rewards only, never punishment (though spanking can be a reward). Physical affection, notably hugging, is encouraged but it is made clear to parents that nothing more intimate is countenanced, that touch is only affectionate, never sexual. (This is emphatically not true.) Mariko turns out to be a perfect student. - The Loving Schools Progressive scholarship boarding schools for girls were founded by dot com billionaire Randall Loving. The Loving Academy teaches elementary grades. Loving Preparatory is high school. Discipline at Loving is through rewards only, never punishment (though spanking can be a reward). Physical affection, notably hugging, is encouraged but it is made clear to parents that nothing more intimate is countenanced, that touch is only affectionate, never sexual. (This is emphatically not true.) Mariko turns out to be a perfect student. - An Entrance Exam Entrance to the Loving Academy is determined by a visit that takes a day or two. During this time, the prospective student is evaluated for intelligence, attitude, attractiveness, and her reaction to revelations about certain practices at the academy ... 
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  • Horny Neighbor Hot Daughter ch 1.... (M/f pedo, ten year old girl, vibrator, anal, preteen)  (68k)
    (date posted: Sunday, January 06, 2019)

    ...Neighbor Hot Daughter ch 1 Jeff was feeling rather pleased with himself. He'd just gotten a big promotion at work and he'd found a house to settle down in that he could now afford to renovate to his taste. He and his ex had never really agreed on much and now, he had the freedom to live as he wanted. That included a nice home, but also, wild, crazy sex, something the ex also didn't like, but all things considered, at least he got a kid out of the deal. Tammy was just about to turn eleven and was as smart and cute as any kid he'd ever hoped to have and he knew the girl chaffed at the way her mother forced her to live, but for the summer, at least, she'd be living with him and he planned on making it fun for both of them. He'd just closed on the place and he had big plans. It was a lower level walk out that sat on the edge of a nice nature reserve with a great view. He wanted a bar downstairs that led out to a patio that overlooked the woods and trails and upstairs, a huge master bath for when he had a woman over. Nothing like a spacious two person shower or a giant soaking tub to get things romantic in a hurry. He'd ... 
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  • The Little Porn Star ch 1.... (Mg11)  (64k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, January 01, 2019)

    ...Little Porn Star ch 1"Mr. Gilman, WAIT!" Juana Perez called to the older departing man. He was rushing down the narrow corridor of the darkened hallway toward the back of the building juggling a mound of folders." Mr. Gilman, please," she shouted once again as he fumbled with the key in the door lock." Auditions are over," he huffed not bothering to see who was calling for him." I'm not here for the audition," she gasped somewhat winded from the brisk pace." Well I mean I *was* here for it but I just wanted to talk to you in person about Marisol." "Like I said, the auditions ended twenty minutes ago. You'll need to try again another time." "Please wait!" She urged pushing her way into the room behind him, her young daughter in tow." We've been here for six hours! How did Marisol do? What do you think her chances are of getting the part?" The gray-haired man looked over his horn-rimmed glasses at petite Spanish girl." To be honest I don't remember her during the auditions," he grumbled as he dropped the stack of folders onto his cluttered desk." If she didn't receive a call-back pass that means she didn't make the ... 
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  • The XXXFiles The Santa Claus PedoPorn Sex Case part 2 CONCLUSION.... (Mdom, Mg, MF, MFFg, Man/preteen girl, ped, cons, oral, anal, watersports, scat, extreme)  (55k)
    (date posted: Sunday, December 23, 2018)

    ...XXXFiles The Santa Claus PedoPorn Sex Case part 2 CONCLUSION DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Nothing in this story actually happened. Ever. To anyone. - FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder sat behind the steering wheel while conversing with his partner Special Agent Dana Scully about their new case. Snow was falling and Mulder kept checking the weather reports. If weather conditions did not get any worse, they should complete their 3 hour drive to the home of Renae Logan and her daughter Victoria on time. Mulder and Scully could rent a couple of hotel rooms for the night and then conduct their interviews of the mother and daughter. With any luck, there would not be too much snow accumulation to prevent them from returning to Washington DC tomorrow. Scully was reviewing the known facts of the case for the umpteenth time, as if by sheer repetition something new might emerge from the facts. Because sometimes, it really did." So we know"she said"that this redheaded mother and daughter both appearing in a very popular pornographic video with a man dressed as Santa Claus. The video was shot in a room, or in a studio set, that was decorated for Victoria's 10th birthday party. The child and her mother Renae were both naked. The mother seemed to be assisting the man in his rape of ... 
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