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  • The Gang ch 131.... (Nudity, underage sex, domination)  (64k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, July 18, 2018)

    ... child was mortifying. Of course, he knew that Diane was just trying to scare him; that she wouldn't really consider such an outrageous exhibition, but he also knew that if he pushed her she might just want to make the point." Are you taking this seriously... 
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  • De Familie Schmidt 4 Massage.... (Mf Man/young girl, Ff Woman/young girl, FF, MFF, Ffm, inc, nc, Ds, exhib, ped)  (55k)
    (date posted: Monday, May 28, 2018)

    ...Familie Schmidt 4 Massage comments_readers: Dit is het verhaal van hoe de familie Schmidt langzaam maar zeker steeds seksueel actiever wordt. Verwacht geen snelle sekscenes, maar een zo realistisch mogelijke setup in een soms licht surrealistische context. Maar er zijn gekkere dingen gebeurd... Wees je er tegelijkertijd van bewust dat verhalen fantasie zijn en geen kwaad kunnen, zolang je je beperkt tot je fantasie. De auteur keurt het op geen enkele manier goed als beschreven activiteiten ook in werkelijkheid zouden plaatsvinden. - De volgende dag kreeg ik een opmerkelijk telefoontje. 'Mevrouw Schmidt? Dit is Herr Völler, de directeur van de school van uw kinderen. ' Ik schrok. 'Is er iets met ze aan de hand? Wat is er? ', vroeg ik zenuwachtig. 'Blijft u vooral rustig mevrouw Schmidt, er is niets ernstigs aan de hand. Ik zal u vertellen wat er is gebeurd. ' Kennelijk had Sam vanochtend op weg naar school haar zus, Sabine, overgehaald om de enveloppe die ik voor haar had gemaakt, met de foto's en het briefje voor meneer Witt, aan haar te geven. Ze was er voor aanvang van de lessen mee naar de directeur gegaan en gevraagd of hij even tijd voor haar had. Dat had hij en ze had zenuwachtig voor zijn bureau gestaan. 'Goed, mevrouw Schmidt', had hij haar gevraagd. 'Wat ... 
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  • Jennys Couch Book IV A House In Gross Disorder part 13.... (Mg Man/young girl, Fg Woman/young girl, M+ g Men/young girl, tg, ped, cons, drugs, prost, bodymod, exhib, bond, anal, oral)  (36k)
    (date posted: Friday, May 25, 2018)

    ...Couch Book IV A House In Gross Disorder part 13 The bride wore a simple floor-length dress of emerald green, shimmery velour fabric. The color set off her eyes wonderfully. Her fingernails were painted in a matching shade. Her toenails, just peeking out from beneath the hem, were the same. The dress had a semi-structured bodice that laced all the way up from navel to a high collar. The bride's makeup was subdued but expert. Her hair was pulled back from her face in ringlets of medium brown. The other bride's makeup was brighter, more stark, but just as expertly applied. Her finger- and toenails gleamed with pink polish. Her hair was swept up in a complicated chignon, with loose tendrils framing her face and high forehead. She wore a vintage off-white lace veil, a pink leather collar, a leash of silver links, and nothing else. The color of her veil matched the gooey cream that heavily clotted her sparse tuft of pubic hair. Her nail polish matched her vulva which was a delightful flushed pink beneath smears of thick liquid, and more drips and runnels decorated her coltish thighs. Fresh cum was spattered across her small, upturned breasts. She was trembling with nervousness and arousal, making the heavy drop depending from one swollen nipple quiver and dance. Shivering, Karen took her ... 
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  • The Door Monitor.... (Man/preteen Girl, father/daughter, Implied Incest, exhibition, Grooming, Blackmail)  (33k)
    (date posted: Thursday, May 24, 2018)

    ...Door Monitor Jerry waited, nervously as usual, for his daughter Julie to arrive at the train station. Even since he and her mother had divorced almost a year ago it seemed harder each visit. Julie had become more and more formal and distant, not the rambunctious and silly princess of his pride in the eight years before. Just coming up to 10, she seemed more serious and quieter, which was worse to him than anger and rebellion. Still, he wanted to see her of course even though this was only for a couple of days, somehow cut short several hours on each side due to train scheduling problems. Old enough to travel on her own in this increasingly safer public world, but still young enough for him to worry. It was already late afternoon with hours lost in this visit. A familiar movement from one of the station doors and there she was, maybe even a couple inches taller but still in the off-white parka, pulling a pristine eggshell suitcase behind her, her dirty blonde hair almost gold in the late winter afternoon sunlight against the granite walls of the station. He tapped the Uber driver's seat and the car pulled up just as she reached the curb. He moved to get out to give her a welcoming hug but she'd already clicked the door handle, pushing the case ... 
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  • Snow Day part 3.... (M/f Man/young girl, cons, sex, oral, exhib, squirt, light anal, romance)  (28k)
    (date posted: Thursday, April 05, 2018)

    ...Day part 3 Abby snapped back to the present and finished her business on the toilet. Each time they had sex, it was great, sometimes it was mind blowing. Sometimes it was just an okay quickie. In any case, she loved it every time. She loved how he could make her laugh, too. He also listened when she had a bad day. Or even a good day. She couldn't wait to tell him things that happened to her at school. He never treated her like a kid or got annoyed by her silliness. He loved her and took care of her. She loved him. Jake was her boyfriend, but better. Like a dad, with the benefits of a boyfriend. She was being weird about it, but Jake is just about perfect for her. Jake heard the toilet flush and his little lover get in the shower. Abby was half humming, half singing some pop song. Jake made the bed and then wandered into the bathroom. He had to pee. His en suite bathroom was pretty nice, and one of the reasons he bought the house. It had marble tiled floors, two sinks, a big freestanding bathtub, and a walled shower that was pretty open, with no shower door. The shower had two shower heads and little Abby ... 
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  • Holiday Stories St Patricks Day Threesome.... (MMg, two Men/young teen girl 13, ped, mast, oral, sex, first, dv)  (16k)
    (date posted: Saturday, March 17, 2018)

    ... to step high and tap your feet while keeping your upper body completely straight. I was quite good at it. I danced in exhibitions, talent shows, and at Irish festivals. For this reason, my parents allowed me the experience of dancing at a town festival... 
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  • Snow Day part 2.... (M/f Man/young girl, cons, sex, oral, exhib, romance)  (48k)
    (date posted: Friday, March 16, 2018)

    ...Day part 2 Abby felt so free, being naked. It felt so natural to just hop up from the bed and hop in the shower. She grabbed a towel and wiped the jizz off her face and looked in the mirror. Her hair in the loose bun made her eyes pop. She hated her ears, one was slightly lower than the other. Her jaw line was pretty great, and she liked her nose, it was small and cute. She thought about Jake, and what he liked about her. She remembered the first time they spent time together as more than neighbors, more than friends. And then she thought about the first time they tried having sex, and her first blowjob. May rolled around and Jake was getting the pool ready for summer. He wanted to get it ready to go in April, but rain kept the pool company from getting out to get it cleaned and ready. Abby couldn't wait for the pool to be open either. She planned to spend most of summer swimming and hanging out with Jake. The two had become nearly inseparable. The pair had already had a serious talk about the kiss on New Year's. The next week or so was kinda awkward, but Jake broached the subject one day. He said that he felt a little guilty about the ... 
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  • The Guardian part 2.... (M/gg Man/young girls, 11, 4)  (36k)
    (date posted: Monday, March 05, 2018)

    ... look up at the ceiling and grin. As usual, she was letting Erin stay up a little late while the girl planned some exhibition for her. Tonight was going to be a parade in her room featuring her collection of stuffed animals. Since Erin was already in... 
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  • De Familie Schmidt 1 Alles Voor Het Goede Doel.... (Ff Female/young girl, Mf Man/young girl, Fb Female/young boy, FF, MF, nc, inc, exhib, ped, voy, forced nudity)  (59k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, February 27, 2018)

    ...Familie Schmidt 1 Alles Voor Het Goede Doel Comments_for_readers: Dit is het verhaal van hoe de familie Schmidt langzaam maar zeker steeds seksueel actiever wordt. Verwacht geen snelle sekscenes, maar een zo realistisch mogelijke setup in een soms licht surrealistische context. Maar er zijn gekkere dingen gebeurd... -"Waarom doe je het niet gewoon?" , vroeg Esther terwijl ze me nog een glas wijn inschonk. Ik keek onwillekeurig hoe haar borsten bungelden terwijl ze dat deed. Esther was mijn beste vriend en een overtuigd nudist en had als het maar even mogelijk was geen vezel aan haar lijf. Ik was er inmiddels aan gewend, maar ik merkte ook hoe mijn ogen toch vaak onwillekeurig afdwaalden naar de plekken die normaal gesproken bedekt zijn." Je weet dat je het wilt en het is nog voor een goed doel ook!" . Daar had ze gelijk in. Het was zeker voor een goed doel: een fonds dat zich bezig hield met het financieren van onderzoek naar een zeldzame vorm van kinderkanker. Dat was dan ook niet de reden van mijn twijfel. De reden van mijn aarzeling was dat het een naakt-evenement was. Esther had me al eens verteld van de goede doelen activiteiten van de plaatselijke naturistenvereniging, en dit was het halfjaarlijkse hoogtepunt. Het werd niet geadverteerd, maar genoeg mensen wisten ervan. Ongeveer 50 mensen gingen zwemwedstrijdjes doen ... 
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  • Sins of the Fathers Story 4.... (MF/g4)  (28k)
    (date posted: Thursday, November 16, 2017)

    ... of Natural History and the best art galleries. All the same, he also liked to haunt the more arcane collections and the basement exhibitions in SoHo and the like. Along with his eclectic tastes in art, science, and history, Spiros also knew of Nolan's female...  from his box in the lobby. Included in the bundle were several pamphlets on upcoming museum and gallery events. There was a new exhibition coming called Amphitrite's Daughters. It was by one of his favorite photographers who only worked in black and white and primarily featured girls from... 
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  • Learning to Use My Mouth.... (M, f, exhibition, oral, and finally seduction and penetration of a minor)  (22k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, November 14, 2017) Use My Mouth Emma's parents had divorced and they were forced to live with her Uncle Mike. Soon she looked forward to waking him up daily... always in the nude... until he warned her if she kept her mouth open like that... he would have to fill it for her. My name is Emma and this is about my first time. It's been a long time since then, but I still remember it vividly and quite fondly as well too! My mother and dad had divorced, and dad was gone and we lost the house. Mom had moved in with her brother Uncle Mike. I guess now in retrospect I should have seen the things that were wrong back then but at the age that I was (just 11) and the sheltered upbringing that I had, well I guess I just hadn't figured things out just yet. Anyway we had moved in to Uncle Mikes and Mom and I fell immediately into our normal routine. Mom got up for work in the morning, sent me to Uncle Mike's room to wake him up while she made me lunch for school. In retrospect now I realize how rude that was. There really never was a reason to wake Uncle Mike at that time of the morning, but secretly I think my mom was jealous ... 
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  • My Daughter the Whore Public Humiliation.... (bdsm, exhib, inc)  (46k)
    (date posted: Saturday, November 11, 2017)

    ...Daughter the Whore Public Humiliation"DADDY," My twelve year old daughter Samantha yelled from the computer room. You may remember my daughter from previous stories I have posted when my daughter was six years old. A beautiful girl, very petite with platinum blonde hair and bright blue eyes and small budding tennis ball sized tits and a small firm ass, perfect for squeezing. She, also, as an appetite for sex that could rival a pornstar. She started sucking her fellow students cocks when she was six years old. Yep, that's Samantha. I do have more stories from when she was six, but Sam really wanted me to write up and publish this story. So as I post the stories, she may jump around in age." What," I said walking into the computer room, catching Sam watching a porn video." I want to do that," She said, pointing at the screen. On the screen was a naked woman, hands bound behind her back, a ball gag in her mouth and a collar around her neck with a leash attached. A man was holding the leash, tugging and pulling the woman down the street while people came up to her, groping her and fucking her. Yes, it was a bondage/humiliation video. And they were ... 
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  • More Twists Than A Pretzel.... (Mg)  (17k)
    (date posted: Saturday, September 23, 2017)

    ..., as her thighs reached their widest separation, which had proved irresistible to Randy as he could not help but stare at her ostentatious exhibition. The movement of her legs felt good to Brandy, as she separated and then squashed the halves of her stimulated sexual organ together... 
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  • Jennys Couch Book IV A House In Gross Disorder part 11.... (Fg, Mgg, tg, ped, oral, anal, cum, prost, exhib, s/m, tort, drugs, rom)  (52k)
    (date posted: Sunday, September 03, 2017)

    ...Couch Book IV A House In Gross Disorder part 11"Do I look okay?" Karen asked me for probably the fifth time." You look beautiful," I responded automatically." You didn't even look at me!" she countered." Honey, I'm driving. And you asked me three times before we left the hotel, and what did I say?" "You said she looked beautiful," Renee piped up from the other side. We were sitting three-abreast on my truck's bench seat as I navigated us through heavy traffic to get across the highway and into the Daubersteins' neighborhood." And I think you look really pretty, too, Karen," Renee continued. The twelve-year-old did look beautiful. She had taken far more care with her makeup than a regular Saturday. Then, she tended to just slap on her face. None of her tricks were cosmeticians, and before long it was smeared and cum-spattered in any case. It was just part of her costume, along with the tight tube tops and the obscenely short skirts. Or maybe by now, after over a year of prostitution, after gangbangs, after having literally thousands of adult dicks into her mouth, her asshole, and her never-satisfied preteen cunt, maybe now the costume was the khaki pants and polo shirt she ... 
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  • JuraSex Park II A Second Visit ch 6 Area 20 The Red Light District of Amsterdam.... (ped, Mf, Mg, oral, mast, anal, bdsm, cons, gang, first, voy, exhib, pee)  (27k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, August 23, 2017)

    ...Park II A Second Visit ch 6 Area 20 The Red Light District of Amsterdam Area 20: The Red Light District of Amsterdam Day One I woke up, got dressed, deactivated the GirlBot, and packed it in the crate with instructions to put it in storage. I boarded the tram, as it was pulling out for the next area. The video began: Soon you will arrive in The Red Light District of Amsterdam. The storefronts and clubs of Amsterdam's Red Light District are the setting for this experience. You will browse Amsterdam's storefronts and choose companions for sex from the many girls, ten through sixteen, displaying themselves in the windows. You may spend up to a week here per visit. Under the seat you will find a wallet filled with Euros. Use the money to help make the experience more realistic. When the tram stops, begin your exploration. Have a fulfilling stay in The Red Light District of Amsterdam. *** I got off the tram, and began my wandering. There were three blocks of storefronts, along with several Sex Clubs. In the window of each storefront, was a preteen or teen, dressed in a provocative outfit waiting to be joined inside. Since I love little girls in all kinds of outfits, I knew I was going to enjoy this experience. A thirteen-year-old shorthaired blond ... 
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  • JuraSex Park I The First Visit ch 12 Area 12 JuraSex Park High School.... (Mf, Mg, mult, ped, first, cons, mast, oral, voy, exhib)  (47k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, August 15, 2017)

    ...Park I The First Visit ch 12 Area 12 JuraSex Park High School Area 12: JuraSex Park High School Day One I put on my clothes for this experience - khaki slacks and a button down long sleeve shirt with tie. As I boarded the tram and it pulled away, the video began: Your next experience will be at the JuraSex Park High School. This adventure takes place in a public American High School building. It looks like a typical high school except there are bedrooms adjoining the classrooms. The girls are all high school aged thirteen through sixteen. They dress as typical American teens. Here you will play the role of high school teacher. These girls are at the peak of their sexual desire and like to tease and provoke. They sit at their desks flashing their panty-clad pussies and they flaunt their budding titties. These girls are obsessed with all things sexual. The highlight of JuraSex Park High School is prom night. It is a chance to see high school girls in sexy, provocative prom dresses where they will do"anything"for their teacher. This is a three-day experience. Student/teacher relations are encouraged here! When the tram stops, enter the building and receive your teaching and room assignment. Good luck and welcome to JuraSex Park High School. *** When the tram stopped, I entered ... 
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  • JuraSex Park I The First Visit ch 11 Area 11 JuraSex Park Modeling Agency.... (Mg, Mf, Mgg, MF, mult, ped, first, cons, mast, oral, Lolita, voy, exhib, shave)  (35k)
    (date posted: Monday, August 14, 2017)

    ...Park I The First Visit ch 11 Area 11 JuraSex Park Modeling Agency Area 11: JuraSex Park Modeling Agency Day One My clothing for the next experience was rather pedestrian, denim jeans and a tee shirt. I boarded the tram and the video began: Your next destination is the JuraSex Park Modeling Agency. The JuraSex Park Modeling Agency is housed in a multi-story office building. Each suite is made up of a two-room complex. In one room is the photo studio with a variety of sets and costumes for the girls. The other is the guest bedroom with a king-size bed and full bathroom. The girls stay in a residence suite on the top floor. Here you will become a fashion photographer, specializing in teens and preteens. You will create fashion spread concepts and then choose girls to star in them. You will create the sets, dress the models, and photograph the girls. This is a three-day experience. As an added bonus you will get to keep the photos you take. When the tram stops, please take the elevator to your individual studio complex. Happy Shooting and Welcome to the JuraSex Park Modeling Agency. *** After disembarking the tram I took the elevator to my suite as instructed. There in the studio along with photo equipment, set decorations, props, and costumes, was a picture wall showing ... 
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  • JuraSex Park I The First Visit ch 10 Area 10 The Sultans Harem.... (Mg, Mf, Mgg, ped, first, cons, noncons, mast, oral, shave, bdsm, voy, exhib, Kama Sutra, pee)  (31k)
    (date posted: Sunday, August 13, 2017)

    ...Park I The First Visit ch 10 Area 10 The Sultans Harem Area 10: The Sultan's Harem Day One I woke up this morning and Aphrodite was gone, likely off to guide some other guest. I did my usual routine, and then went to the closet, to retrieve the next outfit. Hanging in my closet was a long silk burgundy colored robe, with gold buttons and a gold belt. There was a matching turban with a red ruby in the center. It looked like something out of 1001 Arabian Nights. I put it on and went to the tram. As we pulled away, the video started: Your next destination will be The Sultan's Harem. This area is designed to be a Sultan's Palace from 1001 Arabian Nights. Inside there is an Atrium with a clear blue pool in the center. On one side is the Harem or living quarters for about forty girls. On the other is the Sultan's chamber, with a large raised round bed in the center. It is a decadent place with Persian rugs and gold chandeliers. Fruit is served from crystal bowls, wine is consumed from gold goblets, and mild pot can be smoked from jewel-encrusted hookahs. The woman wear silk, shear clothing - baggy Aladdin trousers, silk bikini tops, silk veils and silk dresses. Their bodies are adorned in jewelry ... 
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  • JuraSex Park I The First Visit ch 9 Area 9 The Island Of Lesbos.... (Ff, Fg, gg, Mf, ped, lez, cons, mast, oral, mult, fist, voy, exhib)  (11k)
    (date posted: Saturday, August 12, 2017)

    ...Park I The First Visit ch 9 Area 9 The Island Of Lesbos Area 9: The Island Of Lesbos Waking up, I thought the outfit for today was interesting - a white cotton Greek toga with nothing underneath. Waiting for me in the tram was a pretty girl with long black hair, C-cup titties, and also in a white, cotton toga." Hi, my name is Aphrodite." she said." I'm your Greek Goddess Guide. I'm fourteen-years old just as you requested. I'm here to make your experience a pleasure." "I'm John," I said," I look forward to spending the day with you." As the tram pulled away, the video started: The next area you will be going to is The Island Of Lesbos. This area is on an island in the middle of Lake JuraSex, accessible only by boat. The experience takes place in an ancient Greek Villa on the island. The girls are from ten to sixteen and everyone wears white, cotton togas. This is predominately a voyeuristic fantasy for men. It is the only section of the park where women guests are allowed. Women guests are encouraged to participate in sexual activities with the JuraSex Park girls. You can observe these encounters from the designated areas. This is a one-day excursion. There are no ... 
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  • JuraSex Park I The First Visit ch 8 Area 8 Catholic Girls Middle School.... (Mg, Mf, ped, first, cons, mast, oral, mult, voy, exhib, pee)  (45k)
    (date posted: Friday, August 11, 2017)

    ...Park I The First Visit ch 8 Area 8 Catholic Girls Middle School Area 8: Catholic Girls Middle School Day One I woke up the next day and looked in my closet to see what attire they left me. I found black pants, a black shirt, and a priest collar. I had coffee, put on these clothes, went out and boarded the tram. As we drove off, the video began. The next area is Catholic Girls Middle School. The school is housed in a French provincial style building. Each guest area has a six-student dorm attached to the live-in priest's (guest) quarters. The girls are aged twelve and thirteen-years old. They wear plaid above-the-knee schoolgirl skirts, white cotton blouses, knee socks, saddle shoes, cotton bras and white cotton panties. Sleepwear consists of plain white nighties. Here you will be a live-in novice priest to a group of six girls at the school. The live-in priest's job will be to guide and counsel the girls through their day-to-day living at the school. Catholic schoolgirls have always had the reputation for being sexually promiscuous. It will be your job to help them reach their full sexual potential. This is a four-day experience. Since most girls in the real world lose their virginity in Middle School and due to the previously mentioned premium on virgins, the ... 
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  • JuraSex Park I The First Visit ch 7 Area 7 Sun Valley Nudist Camp.... (Mg, Mf, M+ g, ped, cons, noncons, mast, gangbamg, voy, exhib)  (22k)
    (date posted: Thursday, August 10, 2017)

    ...Park I The First Visit ch 7 Area 7 Sun Valley Nudist Camp Area 7: Sun Valley Nudist Camp Day One I got up, did my usual routine, and looked for my next outfit. Evidently it was only a wrap around towel. Stripping and putting it around me, I boarded the tram. As it rolled away the video started: The next area you will be visiting is the Sun Valley Nudist Camp. On the north end of Lake JuraSex, sits a little enclave known as the Sun Valley Nudist Camp. It has everything a nature lover could hope for. It includes a beach, picnic area, volleyball court, trampoline and more. You will be housed in a single, one-room log cabin with wall-to-wall mattresses on the floor. Everyone in camp must be nude at all times. Girls are from ten to sixteen-years old. Unlike a regular nudist camp, where public sex is prohibited, public sex is encouraged at Sun Valley. The"sleeping room"encourages both voyeurism and exhibitionism - inviting you both to look and be watched. This is a three-day experience. A specialty sunscreen, developed by our JuraSex Park science team, lasts all day with just one application. When the tram stops leave your towel at the gate and begin your adventure. Welcome to Sun Valley Nudist Camp. *** When ... 
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  • JuraSex Park I The First Visit ch 6 Area 6 JuraSex Park Ballet and Gymnastics School.... (Mg, Mf, ped, cons, mast, oral, shave, ws, pee, voy, exhib)  (21k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, August 09, 2017)

    ...Park I The First Visit ch 6 Area 6 JuraSex Park Ballet and Gymnastics School Area 6: JuraSex Park Ballet and Gymnastics School Day One When I woke up, I saw ten-year old tennis player Debra asleep naked, legs spread, with a giant pool of cum dripping out of her pussy. I was temped to wake her but was getting late so I quickly found my next outfit. It was a light sweat suit. Apparently I was in for some type of athletic experience. I put it on and ran out to the tram. I got on the tram and began watching the video as we pulled away. It started: Your next adventure is JuraSex Park Ballet and Gymnastics School. The school consists of a large sports complex. In the center is a gym housing a ballet studio on one side and a gymnastics center on the other. Guest rooms surround the facility. Thick gym mats are used instead of beds. Each room has either a full-mirrored wall and ballet rail or various gymnastics equipment. The girls are all younger, between ten and twelve-years old. They also tend to be slim and lean. The basic training outfit is a black one-piece leotard and leg warmers. Performance outfits are colored Lycra leotards for gymnasts and white satin Tutu's for ballet dancers. You will assume the role of either a Ballet or ... 
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  • JuraSex Park I The First Visit ch 5 Area 5 Babes of Thailand.... (Mg, Mf, mult, ped, cons, first, mast, oral, lez, voy, exhib)  (41k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, August 08, 2017)

    ...Park I The First Visit ch 5 Area 5 Babes of Thailand Area 5: Babes of Thailand Day One I woke up relaxed and had my morning coffee. After a shower, I searched my closet for my next outfit. It was a tropical shirt, linen slacks, and sandals. (Very touristy) I also had a wallet filled with US currency. After dressing I boarded the tram for my next experience. As the tram pulled away, the video began: Welcome to Babes of Thailand. Designed to resemble the Streets of Bangkok, Thailand, this area consists of a several block neon lit city street with various buildings. On the first story of the buildings are the Thai Bars and Clubs. Guest accommodations are on the second stories in one-bedroom apartments. Feel free to explore the streets and Clubs of Bangkok picking up the notoriously willing, young Thai girls for your pleasure. This is a three-day experience. This area was added due to the large number of Asian babies available on the adoption market. Because of this large number, you may encounter a random virgin. You were also given US dollars to make the experience more authentic. (Although the Baht is the official currency of Thailand, locals prefer the US dollar.) When the tram stops please find your room, get settled, and then start ... 
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  • Jennys Couch Book IV A House In Gross Disorder part 9.... (Mgg, Wg, tg, oral, mast, cons, semicons, exhib, drugs, rom)  (22k)
    (date posted: Friday, August 04, 2017)

    ...Couch Book IV A House In Gross Disorder part 9"That's so beautiful," I mumbled. Renee raised her head and looked at me quizzically." Huh?" When I didn't respond she laid her head back down on my shoulder and went back to stuffing her cock down Lilah's throat. I was sitting in the room's only armchair with Renee in my lap. I had put on my boxers to save my ass from the worn, scratchy upholstery. Renee was still naked and her bare back was hot and sweaty against my chest, her butt warm in my lap. Her legs were spread with her knees hooked over the chair's arms. The ten-year-old was positively purring as I roughly fondled her sprouting breasts. My fingers slipped over her sweaty nipples, tugging gently. I bounced the less-than-handfuls of mammary flesh in my cupped palm. My other hand rested on her abdomen, my middle finger at the top of her furrow, pushing her clitoris from side to side. It was moist and hot and a little sticky. Occasionally I curled the digit to reach behind the strap-on she was wearing and stroke up the underside of her pleasure button. It made her squirm and make a soft whine in the back of her throat. Renee's legs were widely spread and Lilah knelt on the floor before us, naked ... 
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  • Naughty Camera Fun ch 3.... (M/F/ff inc, pedo, orgy, exhib)  (54k)
    (date posted: Thursday, July 20, 2017)

    ... stroke their hairless cunny's as they talked about public fucking and the things they'd like to do. Both girls wanted to do more public exhibitions, but they also wanted to be able to fuck with other people, especially if Dave and Wendy could watch, or even better... 
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  • A Tribute to Z8.... (Mg10/Mg10, incest, slow, dad/daughter, fath/dau, voy, exhib, oral, cons)  (82k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, June 21, 2017)

    ...Tribute to Z8 comments_readers: Aside from Corn 53 and a couple Renpet works, my favorite author is Z8. I can't count the number of hours I've spent pleasuring myself as I read and re-read the vivid sexual encounters between Dan and Kathryn, and Frank and Julie. The fact that the sex was the result of dares in their secret Truth or Dare game, first on computer then later"in person", was to me, pure genius, adding greatly to the excitement. Of course, the fact that Dan's and Frank's daughters, Kathryn and Julie respectively, were only ten years old, having not yet reached puberty, was the sexiest part of all. For a lover of naďve little girl's flat chests and hairless pussies, this story unfolds like a dream cum true. Unfortunately, the extraordinarily thrilling sex ends, to my total and absolute dismay, very abruptly in Chapter 40. Therefore, I was inspired to begin the following fantasy of continued sexual encounters between the two couples. I could never come close to the artistry of Z8's writing style, but I will attempt to do my very best. For me, rather than writing a great story, it's all about the illicit, taboo sexual encounters to which I can spend hours jacking-off. To that end I very much prefer the action to be described ... 
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  • Six Year Old WeeWee Power Sofia.... (M/g 6)  (14k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, June 13, 2017)

    ... and move about like a jungle cat. She spread her legs and moved her little body in the most exciting ways. After each exhibition, when she rose to kiss her daddy good-night, she found him more and more excited. Each session that followed found her wearing... 
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  • Naked Daughter Hot Neighbors ch 3.... (M/F/ff inc, pedo, orgy, voy)  (55k)
    (date posted: Thursday, May 18, 2017)

    ... find. Kim and John exchanged a lusty glance as they watched the girls performing on the bed. The children both took to wanton exhibitions of sexual lust so easily and they came so hard it was impossible not to be aroused by them. Kim helped by crawling over... 
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  • The Dongo Dossier ch 6 The Magic District.... (voy exhib bsolo magic)  (19k)
    (date posted: Thursday, May 18, 2017)

    ...Dongo Dossier ch 6 The Magic District Sunlight, that's the best way to wake up, screw alarm clocks and pets. The super bright rays of the morning sun shining through your window and burning your corneas will wake you up right quick. I have no idea what time it is, didn't notice that yet but there are no clocks that I have seen here, oh well it is not like I have a schedule to keep anymore. Once I am up, I just lay about in the huge bed for a bit, since I have no real place to be any more I can take my sweet time getting ready. Getting ready, I guess I didn't think about it till now, but I only had the one pair of well anything when I got here, and I didn't buy any new clothes yet. Hey, maybe my cute benefactor stocked the closet. I get up to go see and, to my wonder and relief it has been stocked with clothes, and on closer inspection, they should all fit me. As I pull out some things I notice that they are some strange mix of the fashions of the two worlds, not in a bad way, in fact, I really like them. I slip on a light weight shirt made of some breathable material that will definitely keep ... 
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  • Dads Bathrobe.... (MM MMM bb mb mbb ws inc pedo oral anal exhib voy cons)  (84k)
    (date posted: Monday, May 15, 2017)

    ...Bathrobe PROLOGUE When I go to the gym, I always bring a light cotton bathrobe with me. It's white and has three pockets: two at the waist, and one on the left breast. If anyone asks, I can tell them that the bathrobe makes it easy for me to carry my shaving supplies, soap, deodorant, and other stuff I use to freshen up at the gym. But the real reason is because I have an erotic fixation on bathrobes, especially when they lend themselves to"accidental"exhibitionism. I'm a middle-aged man with salt-and-pepper hair and a bit of a paunch, but other than that I stay in shape. I go to the gym three to four times a week to work out, but sometimes I go just to cruise the locker room. I'm not very hairy, but I do keep my cock, balls, and ass crack nice and hairless, and when I'm walking around the gym locker room with my robe open, my cock stays half-hard most of the time. See, I wear the robe so I can show off as much or as little as I want. The sash isn't very long, and I always use very loose knots, so bending over or stretching in just the right way can cause the robe to pop open. So can reaching up above ... 
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  • Slip and Slide Cuties Joes Tails.... (M/b 6)  (24k)
    (date posted: Thursday, April 13, 2017)

    ... little kitten. Her puss was on FIRE. She had been dreaming of her big strong daddy more and more lately but watching this exhibition of carnal joy was blowing the little girl's sweet mind. She watched as long as she could... until her thin legs... 
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  • Cheering Up My Daughter ch 3943.... (Mg10, incest, slow, seduction, romance, reluctance, dad/daughter, fath/dau, voy, exhib, oral)  (160k)
    (date posted: Friday, April 07, 2017)

    ...Up My Daughter ch 3943 -CHAPTER THIRTY-NINE- Wednesday morning passed fairly quickly. The few times I'd stepped outside of my office to get more coffee or go to the restroom, Melissa had ignored me. The early afternoon went almost as fast, though I was no longer being ignored. A few dirty looks, a handful of hateful comments... but that was pretty normal from my wife by that point. I didn't let it bother me too badly, and tried my best not to get baited into an argument with her. I almost succeeded. Once I finished my work, I had walked up to the kitchen to set my coffee cup by the sink. Glancing at the dishwasher, I saw the little red light was glowing beside the word 'CLEAN'. Not having anything else to do, I opened the dishwasher and began putting dishes away. I knew I'd be giving Kathryn one less thing to do when she came home, and I smiled, thinking of her." What are you doing?" asked Melissa from the table by the back door. Christ! I swore. I hadn't even known she was sitting there." Unloading the dishwasher." "That's Kathryn's job," Melissa immediately said, exactly as I knew she would." Is it? But she's... she's ... 
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  • Cheering Up My Daughter ch 3638.... (Mg10, incest, slow, seduction, romance, reluctance, dad/daughter, fath/dau, voy, exhib, oral, anal)  (81k)
    (date posted: Saturday, April 01, 2017)

    ...Up My Daughter ch 3638 -CHAPTER THIRTY-SIX- I hugged my naked daughter tight against me as she sat in my lap. As soon as we'd began playing, Frank had been sure to warn everyone that we might not have long to play. Evidently the girls took this to heart and weren't wasting any time. Only five minutes into the game and the four of us are already naked, I thought to myself. This time both girls had begun the game sitting in their Father's laps. Since I'd been the last one to have a turn the previous night, Frank had been the first to have a turn this game. He'd been Dared to strip naked, and that Dare had then been repeated for Kathryn, then Julie, and finally myself. It felt strange to me to be playing this during the daytime. It had always only been night when we'd played before. I also felt a little uncomfortable with Kathryn's door being partly open. Even though I knew Melissa had to go to Frank's house before she came home, I still couldn't shake the feeling that at any moment she would come walking through the bedroom doorway and catch us naked and doing who knows what Dare at the time." Okay, Mr. Halpert," Kathryn said, tapping her chin thoughtfully." I Dare you to push your ... 
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  • My Fantasy part 1.... (BDSM, con, exhib, M, f, F, Inc, rom)  (13k)
    (date posted: Friday, March 10, 2017)

    ...Fantasy part 1 Comments_for_readers: I really hope you enjoy, this is my real fantasy I am young, in that middle ground between little girl and growing. There are new feelings and curiosities and explorations... but still yet so very innocent, tender, naive. My whole life I have lived on praise and making daddy proud. That is why I try so hard in school, getting good grades every time. My room is always spotless, picked up daily. I help with the dishes, the laundry... all to hear the magic words.." Good Girl." Just hearing them makes my whole body sparkle, my tummy tingle and flip, knowing that daddy is proud of me. It is everything to me. I never really get it trouble, it hurts my heart too much to know that I disappointed daddy. Maybe it is a birthday, or maybe as a reward for good grades or something... whatever it is it is a special occasion. So Daddy decides to take me out on a date, a real daddy-daughter one. It is a whole day occasion. We start early in the morning and go shopping for a dress, shoes, maybe even some jewelry, possibly even some new panties - something very classy, elegant, beautiful. We laugh ... 
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  • Mischievous Morgan part 1.... (Mf, exhib, nudity, voy)  (57k)
    (date posted: Sunday, February 26, 2017)

    ...Morgan part 1 Comments_for_readers: I always welcome questions, comments, and suggestions. You can contact me at einstein@mrdouble. com. -"Morgan! You got something in the mail!" , Mom says." Okay, Mom, I'm coming!" , I say. I walk into the living room. Mom puts the mail on the kitchen counter. I pick up the one with my name on it." I see it's from Sami Moore", she says." Must be for a party or something." I pick up the envelope and open it. 'You are cordially invited to a Sweet Sixteen sleepover party for Samantha Lynn Moore. April 23, 2016 at 7PM. Cake, ice cream, entertainment and fun. RSVP: Mrs. Moore at 713-555-7264 by April 21. '"Oh my gosh, Mom! It's to Sami's birthday party! I want to go! Please, please can I go, Mom?!" "Well, if you promise to behave, you can go", says Mom." Woohoo! Thanks, Mom!" I call the number on the invite." This is Susan." "Hi, Ms. Moore! It's Morgan!" "Oh! Hi, Morgan! Great to hear from you!" "Thanks, Ms. ... 
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  • PUSS ch 1.... (bdsm exhib)  (12k)
    (date posted: Monday, December 05, 2016) 1 Comments_for_readers: In this story not even James Bond would have prevailed. - I was taken prisoner by the security agents that serve PUSS: Princess Ursula's Secret Society. I wasn't sure why the Company assigned a man to infiltrate a organization run by women; maybe because they wanted a real professional to do the job being as the previous agent - a woman - had failed and was dead as far as we could tell. My boss told me I had been chosen because I had a reputation for being well, a"chick magnet"and I was proud of how women seemed to warm up to me. Indeed, no few females from other countries had sacrificed their careers and some cases their lives just to get me into bed and keep me. However, I also was smart enough to know that the organization I was going up against were no ordinary females. Their agents had the ability to seemingly mesmerize men and get them to reveal all sorts of highly sensitive information from defense plans to newly developed weapons and the government wasn't the only target corporations had suffered losses. Rumour had it that even the secret formula for Coca-Cola had been stolen and THAT is reputed to be the most secure secret ever kept. Unfortunately I had failed too and had been captured. I don't know how the women had so much strength, ... 
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  • Lucys Life ch 2 First Weeks Of Exploration.... (anal bdsm beast cons exhib g m/g mm/g M/g MM/g inc mast spank)  (62k)
    (date posted: Sunday, September 25, 2016)

    ...Life ch 2 First Weeks Of Exploration Comments_for_readers: This story is pure fiction. Any possible similarities to real events or persons are purely coincidential. The next week was pretty routine - I got up, secretly sucked John off, licked the cum from the floor, went to school, after return I waited for John to come back as well, during which time I brought myself to several orgasms, received my punishment for poor swallowing skills, sucked him off again, received another punishment, went to my room, made my homework, talked with TheNetGuy till the evening, then John visited me, fucked my ass and then we went to bed. Fortunately our parents' bedroom is downstairs, so they didn't hear the ass fucking and my sobbing. John wasn't interested in fucking my pussy at all. When I asked why, he answered, that when he can have my ass, he doesn't need my cunt. That he already had two virgins and so he has no need or wish to fuck my pussy ever. And he liked fucking my ass even more, because I hated it. That was the main reason he was doing it. He said he might fuck my pussy one day, if I'm a good girl, but only as a reward for something. John stopped using the toilet for pissing and started ... 
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  • Femboy Camp Nick.... (M/m M/f M/b exhib rom inc cons)  (18k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, September 13, 2016)

    ...Camp Nick Comments to Readers: Nick goes away to a very special camp. When his godfather arrives for graduation day, he finds the lovely Nicki awaiting him. Love and passion ensues. - Phil and Scott were sprawled out with their legs wide. Each man was on one of the fifteen year old twins' beds. Phil's son, Jack, was sucking on his daddy's throbbing dick while Scott's stiff cock was in Steffie's warm mouth. Warm pre-cum from both men was leaking into the twins' tight, nursing mouths. Jack was stroking his dad's balls, even twisting them a bit to bring Phil a wave of pleasure-pain coursing to his brain. Steffie was fingering Phil's asshole. She was doing what she called Swirlies, circular propeller motions in his butt. This she knew always drove Scott completely nuts as she was constantly massaging his prostate with her finger motions. Phil's kids were just home from boarding school. During the recent term, the twins had broken up three staff marriages (a record for them) and been expelled (again). Phil was going to have to hustle to enroll them in a new school before the next term began. Right now of course, Phil was just enjoying having them home. Enjoying their mouths, enjoying their hands, enjoying their snug holes and their sweet juices. Both men soon ... 
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  • Catwalk Models Daisy.... (exhib M/g)  (16k)
    (date posted: Thursday, September 08, 2016)

    ...Models Daisy Comments to Readers: An event where children of many ages parade themselves in front of an appreciative audience. A chubby six year old is the hit of the night for the viewers and for her granddad. - The music slowly rose and the crowd silenced. Announcer: Welcome ladies and gentlemen. Don't forget to drop your entry for the door prize in the box on the end of the runway at any time. The drawing with be made at the end of the show. The prize will be spectacular, I promise you. Polite clapping arose. The audience of about fifty adults was nearly all men with just a few women scattered about. The audience was sitting in chairs that lined the sides of the runway. There was a curtain entrance at one end and at the far end sat Sir Hugo and his special guests. All the adults wore masks which covered their eyes and their identities. Announcer: We begin with the lovely Lori and Lacy... (The curtain opened as the models appeared.) Lori and Lacy were identical eight year old twins dressed as Fairies. They had pointed red ears which thrust up through their blonde hairdos. They had large gossamer wings that were see-through. Lori had a pale blue dress and Lacy had a pastel green one. Each dress started just below their small nipples ... 
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  • Middle School Girls part 2 Webcam Wanda.... (f, solo, exhib, Mf, ped, mast, oral, first)  (36k)
    (date posted: Sunday, August 28, 2016)

    ...School Girls part 2 Webcam Wanda Wanda's Story My name is Wanda - well that's my online name anyway. I'll explain later. In my world social media is everything. I live for being online. This is the story of what happened when I was fourteen and in eighth grade... *** My middle school gave us each a laptop for research and homework. We got to take it home each night. We had to sign an Acceptable Use Agreement, consenting not to use it inappropriately. I think I may have bent the rules a little. I was really into social media. I liked sharing my life with others on Facebook. I liked sharing my photos on Instagram. And I loved sharing my opinions on Twitter. Most of all I liked video chatting. I did it late at night when I was alone in my bedroom. The laptop had a built-in webcam and I joined a teen video chat room. It was in here I got a little carried away. Since I knew all about Internet safety, I didn't use my real name - I simply went by Wanda. I also disguised my appearance. I naturally had short blond hair but put on a long black wig. I used oversized sunglasses to disguise my face. I also applied ample facial make-up. I was in contact with ... 
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  • My Not So Innocent Cousin.... (MF inc cons span Fsolo rough oral anal)  (35k)
    (date posted: Friday, August 26, 2016)

    ... ass, and I could feel a stirring between my legs. I looked away quickly, ashamed of myself for succumbing to her tempting exhibition. I steadied myself and breathed deeply, trying to calm down. I was good until she finished drying her legs, turned around... 
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  • The Little League Shower and the Coachs Daughters Bats Balls Mitts.... (g9 b1113 voy exhib mast oral/gM voy/g9g11 mast)  (22k)
    (date posted: Saturday, August 20, 2016)

    ...Little League Shower and the Coachs Daughters Bats Balls Mitts (Previously: Nine year old Nikki discovered that holes in the wall of the baseball equipment room allow her to see into the boys' cinderblock locker room. This discovery awakens the young tike's sexual curiosity. This episode picks up as Nikki exits the equipment room with practice balls just after witnessing one of the young players masturbating in the locker room shower.) After taking the bucket of balls to my dad, I wanted to head back over to the field house and wait. I was hoping to see another boy and his willy before I had to go home. But, that didn't happen. After a short while I heard my sister yelling my name. She had come over to tell me that Mom wanted me to come home. I started to tell Elizabeth what had just happen but I was afraid she might tell on me. (INTRO) That night as I laid in bed the image of 12 year old Chad's stiff dick kept coming to mind. Because most of his body was tan, his dick and butt seemed so"white." His thin dick was long, the head was almost red. The more I imagined him pumping his fist back and forth the more I rubbed my little pussy harder than ever before. I was glad that our ... 
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  • Even More Pedo Files part 12 Model Marie.... (Mg, ped, exhib, oral, sex)  (13k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, August 17, 2016)

    ...More Pedo Files part 12 Model Marie My name is Matt and I'm forty-three years old. I'm an industrial photographer by trade but I also do freelance photography on the side. One day I got a call from a woman responding to an ad I placed online. She told me that she thought her daughter might have the potential to be a child model but she needed a portfolio of photos. She didn't have a lot of money to spend and asked my rates. I told her to bring her daughter to my studio the next day, along with some sample outfits, and I'd take some test shots and come up with a price. She arrived at the scheduled time the next day with her daughter." This is my daughter Marie." She said." "Marie is eleven and wants to be a model. Do you think she has any potential?" If beauty were a criterion, Marie definitely had potential. She was a petite little girl, with a cute face, and long dishwater blond hair, styled in curly French braids." She definitely has the right looks." I said." Have her pose here so I can take some test shots. She was dressed in a schoolgirl outfit - a short red and green plaid skit with a pink cotton top that was cut ... 
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  • Even More Pedo Files part 8 Texting Tweens.... (Mgg, gg, ped, exhib, mast, oral, first)  (9k)
    (date posted: Saturday, August 13, 2016)

    ...More Pedo Files part 8 Texting Tweens My name is Darrin and I'm twenty-one years old. My excursion in pedophilia started by accident when I received a wrong number text. It was a quiet Saturday afternoon when my phone dinged alerting me to a message." What do you think of this Jack?" It said. It must have been a wrong number. I'm not Jack but I clicked on the photo attached anyway. Much to my delight, it was a photo of two girls standing next to each other. They couldn't have been more than eleven-years old. They were both petite and were looking forward seductively. The slightly taller girl on the left had long, straight brunette hair that came down to her shoulders and almost covered her face. The girl on the right had lighter hair that was wavy. Her face was rounder and she had a cute smile. They were both wearing matching white cotton bras with a delicate, pink floral pattern on them. The first girl's bra seemed at least one cup size bigger than the other girl's. Both were wearing short/shorts - the first one's was white flannel while the other's was denim. They were holding a phone between them. I defiantly wanted to see more so I texted back." That's nice, but it's just like the beach. Show ... 
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  • Memories ch 2.... (mmg voy)  (8k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, August 10, 2016)

    ... the awe in which I now held my discovery and the dread of what might be the consequences if our parents found out about the exhibition of my bald slit I'd just provided to my brothers greedy eyes, swirled through my prepubescent mind." ah just this chick from... 
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  • Even More Pedo Files part 4 Peeing Patty.... (Mg, ped, voy, exhib, ws, mast, first)  (9k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, August 09, 2016)

    ...More Pedo Files part 4 Peeing Patty Patty had never been a shy girl but even I was surprised at her behavior one day when I was called in to babysit for her. As her uncle, I have known Patty her whole life. I always felt we had a special relationship. We were always very affectionate towards each other with lots of hugging and physical contact. And more importantly, she felt she could always talk to me about anything. So it was perfectly natural when my brother asked if I could babysit for her when he and his wife had to go out of town for a week on a family emergency. Well babysit is really a strong word, all she really needed was someone to stay at the house so she wouldn't have to be home alone. You see Patty was twelve-years old then, and quite mature for her age, both mentally and physically. She had long straight dishwater blond hair, which came down to below her shoulders. And Patty's body was very developed for a sixth grader. Her butt was nice and round and her breasts were amazing. From what I could tell, they looked to be at least B-cups and growing! As her thirty-year old uncle I was not supposed to notice those things, but after all, she didn't make it easy for me to ignore ... 
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  • Even More Pedo Files part 2 Molly The Mall Rat.... (Mg, ped, mast, first, voy, exhib)  (12k)
    (date posted: Sunday, August 07, 2016)

    ...More Pedo Files part 2 Molly The Mall Rat As a lover of little girls, I'd spent my share of time at the local mall searching for young teens to watch. At forty-years old and widowed, I had little else to occupy my time. I enjoyed watching their tight butts in their jeans and cutoffs from behind at the video arcade. I loved comparing the boobies of teen and preteen girls as they walked around in their crop tops and tee shirts. And mostly I liked the upskirt views I got from the bottom of the escalator. But I only ever looked - that was until the day I met Molly. Molly was different than any of the girls I ever saw. For one, whereas most of the girls were in groups, Molly was alone. And for another, instead of being shy and awkward, she was confident and forward. In fact she was the one who initiated contact with me. As I was preparing for my third trip up the escalator behind some middle school girls, I noticed her sitting alone on a bench, smiling at me. She was a petite girl and looked to be only eleven-years old. She had a cute face with long, straight blond hair. She was wearing a short blue denim dress with some kind of interesting seascape pattern on it. She ... 
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  • Neighborhood Girls part 5 Escorting Erin.... (Mf, ws, mast, voy, exhib, ped)  (5k)
    (date posted: Sunday, July 17, 2016)

    ...Girls part 5 Escorting Erin Of all the encounters with neighborhood girls, my experience with Erin was still the most memorable, probably because I fantasized about her the most. Unfortunately, I never got many chances to be alone with her since that first time. Then one day, by an odd set of circumstances, we got to be alone again and it was not where I expected... *** Every Saturday my son Jack had a soccer match at the neighborhood park. Erin often joined our family at this weekly outing to cheer him on. During the middle of the game, Erin said she had to go to the bathroom. Hearing this, my wife asked me for a favor." Sam, would you please escort Erin to the restrooms? They're renovating he women's side and she'll have to use the men's. You need to make sure there's no one inside and then guard the door." Of course I agreed and we promptly left for the far side of the park. Erin was wearing her familiar pink tee shirt and short/shorts. I never tiered of watching her round butt and long legs as she walked in front of me. When we got there, we saw that the Park District had already anticipated the problem. They placed a lock inside the Men's Room door and a ... 
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  • Cheating Wife.... (anal/cons/M/M/F/bi/exhib/inter)  (48k)
    (date posted: Friday, July 15, 2016)

    ...Wife My wife is cheating on me. I know she is. I can't prove it, but I know it. How? Well, we've been together since we were in high school and I fucked her the day I met her. I know her pussy. I know every nook and cranny of her pussy. Something has changed. Something... bigger... has been in there. I'm not small, but something bigger than me has been in my wife's pussy. It's been in there for years and I've been denying it. I can't deny it any longer. I just can't prove it. She's outside right now, and I'm sitting in our living room watching her through the window. She's talking to our neighbor Bob. They're laughing. Could it be Bob? Not to sound racist, but Bob is black. Black guys have huge cocks, right? Or is that just a stereotype? I don't know. She's coming back now, and it's time to bring the whole thing to a head. I'm done denying. She walks in and I challenge her." You're cheating on me." Nothing subtle about it. I just flat out make the statement. She looks at me, stunned for a moment, and laughs. Then she denies." What do ... 
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  • Private Log Of James Cook In Tahiti Day 1 The Defloration Ceremony.... (Mf, first, mast, exhib, voy)  (22k)
    (date posted: Monday, April 11, 2016)

    ...Log Of James Cook In Tahiti Day 1 The Defloration Ceremony comments_readers: While researching sex throughout history and in different cultures, I came upon accounts that Captain James Cook did in fact report that the Tahitians entertained he and his men with displays of public sex with minors. Although it it is not my usual type of story, I thought it might be interesting to speculate what he may have encountered! April 20, 1769 James Cook Captain HMS Endeavour Today I arrived on the island for the first part of my present commission. The mission is to observe the transit of Venus, a planetary eclipse across the sun from the island of Tahiti, which is to take place on June 3, 1769 Tahiti is a large island in the South Pacific. It was discovered fifty years ago, and visited several times by Europeans. After navigating to the large island, I took a small landing crew and set out to make contact with the natives and arrange our two-month stay here. We dropped anchor offshore at the mouth of a tranquil bay. In the distance we could see an inhabited village and determined it would be a good place to set up camp. We loaded our landing craft with tents, supplies, and items for trade. Then a crew of fifteen, plus myself, boarded the small boat and started rowing towards ... 
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