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Choose your words carefully

You will need to enter the same word the author has used as his story code for the story for a perfect match. Father Daughter stories can be found by searching "M/f incest", dad/daut, and father/daughter. Authors try to use the story code abbreviations listed here but that is not always the case.

You can refine your results if you use multiple search words; if you're looking for incest between brother and sister, put in three words, brother sister incest or brother sister slut.

Title/Author Name Search
    Enclose the title or author name in quotes, as in "Amber Gold". Searching Amber Gold without the quotes will bring up stories about Amber and/or Gold, but not necessarily Amber Gold. Likewise, using "horse cock" will return pages with a horse's cock mentioned, where horse cock will return pages with horse and/or cock, but not necessarily a horse's cock. Quotes are not needed if title or name is a single word.

    Note: In the "horse cock" example, searching in this manner will not return a result for a story that writes horse's big cock or even horse's cock. Enclosing in quotes will only bring that exact combination, as in she sucks horse cock but not she sucked a horse's cock. In this case, searching horse cock will result in she sucks horse cock

    Searches are NOT case sensitive. Everything is treated as lowercase, so no matter how you type them, words will be understood as lowercase. For example, FuCk is treated the same as fUcK is treated the same as FUck.

Automatic "and" queries
    By default, the search results pages includes all words you typed in, no need to include "and" between words. To narrow your search, just type in more words or use the Search Within Results input area. For example, the search brother sister will return more results than brother sister incest.
Common words are automatically excluded
    Common words and single-character words are excluded, such as "the", "where", "an", "for" and the letter "A".
Parenthesis with "OR" searches
    Use the reserved word "OR" if you want more variety in your results. The word OR works especially well with parenthesis, for example:
  • brother OR sister. (returns all stories with either brother or sister, or both)
  • mother OR father or daughter. (returns all stories containng any one or all of those words)
  • Likewise, use parenthesis in combination with OR to create sub-sets of searches:
  • (mother OR father) daughter. (the story must have daughter, then either parent. It includes either the mother or father, but it must have daughter)
  • (dog OR horse OR animal OR beast OR best) pussy. (will return any story with pussy and any one or more of the included terms.)
Negative terms with "NOT" searches
    This excludes certain words, such as
  • oral NOT anal NOT bestiality. (includes oral, excludes anal and bestiality.)

  • incest NOT madvlad. (includes incest, excludes stories written by madvlad.)

Authors, eNovels or Both
    On the search entry form, you can limit or expand your search using the radio button just below the topmost input area:
  • Author -- search over 44,000 stories from MrDouble's authors
  • eNovels -- search over 12,000 novel-length books
  • Both -- search both stories and novels
    Searches are NOT case sensitive. Everything is treated as lowercase, so no matter how you type them, words will be understood as lowercase.
  • M/f or m/f -- will return the same results.

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