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    Author Terms of Service

      This site operates under the Laws of the USA and the EU.

    • All Authors are subject to the Site's Terms of Service along with the additional terms below:

    • Email Account: email accounts are to be used primarily for activities within this site. You may use this service for other activities, but keep in mind that all attachments are restricted/removed without notice, and subjected to various filters and monitors.

        You agree to not use your email account to-

          -send spam,

          - hate mail,

          - slanderous speech,

          - libelous speech,

          - defame one's character or reputation,

          - other commercial uses,

          - solicitations to other authors,

          - harrassing other authors,

          - sending/receiving/storing images of any type,

          - or any illegal activity.

    • Story Content:

        We do not publish stories containing-

          - the intellectual property of others,

          - corporate names,

          - identification of real people (names with address/location/phone/email).

    • Solicitations: Authors are not to solicit other authors for commercial activities to include the posting of stories to other sites.

    • Slander/Libel: Authors are not to slander/libel or otherwise defame the character or reputation of this site, it's owner, or other individuals.

    • Plagiarism: By submitting a story for publishing, author certifies that said story is original, written by said author, and contains no text belonging to another individual. If permission is granted from original author to include any copyrighted material, provide this info at the time of submission.

    • You agree to hold harmless the owner of this site ( for any illegal activity or civil infraction you are alleged to have performed.

    • Failure of Author to follow these rules and the Site's Terms of Service may result in the complete removal of said Author's stories, access, email account, forum profile and posts without warning. Site owner may at times provide a warning first, but by doing so does not obligate said owner to provide warnings to everyone at all times. We reserve the right to remove any author at anytime for any reason.

    • Agreement to all terms by Author: by submitting any story Author agrees to all Terms of Service set forth by

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