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    • Doubleena Land ....essay written by Uncle Pan
      Several weeks ago as a comment to one of my stories, I wrote a short piece urging you to read my stories on mrdouble's site. I expanded on this idea in Doubleena Land, A Celebration, in which I list many of the remarkable authors you'll find on this site, plus a representative few of their titles. Writing it gave me a fresh perspective on this remarkable website, and with its publication I hope to share this with you. And for those of you who cannot afford to become a member here, I give some tips on writing your own stories. It takes at least a month, and a regular stream of stories, but if you keep at it you will get an id that will allow you to download the stories here. And in the meantime you will have the exotic experience of sharing your fantasies with others of a like mind, indeed a heady experience. So keep in mind, this is not a story, but a celebration of Doubleena Land.

    "Double for Nothing!! Tricks for Free!!!"
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