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    Author Story Challenges

    Periodic writing challenges within the Mr Double author community


"I present you with the first-ever 'Goonie' for Efficiency in Writing. It's a statue with twisted and cramped fingers on a throbbing hand."   Mulgoon

    • A Father's Day Surprise.... The family arrived by float plane the day before Father's Day, for two weeks of fun in a cabin on a secluded lake in Alaska. Dad's special day began with a customary breakfast in bed but things took a strange twist after that. It turned out to be a Father's Day that nobody in the family would ever forget. Read on to see what each of these Mr. Double authors have planned for this lucky family!

    • The Carnival.... Many small Southern towns have never really seemed to join the 21st Century. Visiting one of these gems of the South is like stepping back in time. Everyone knows everybody. People mind their own business. There are few secrets. And outside of Friday night football and the occasional wedding, few exciting things ever happen.

      The one exception to all of this is carnival time, a unique season when outsiders are welcomed and people from neighboring towns all gather. It takes place every fall and for three, maybe four days the normal worries and struggles of life are put aside while kids and adults alike enjoy the festive atmosphere. From Ferris wheels to the haunted house rides, there is seldom anything new, but everyone comes just the same and enjoys each attraction like it was their first. The event is iconic. It has a life of its own and it has come to be known as simply The Carnival.

      If you've never had the privilege to attend a true small town carnival, let me describe what you'd likely find. The local 4-H clubs compete at the livestock barns for ribbons and titles. The pavilion houses homemade goods from canned preserved to handmade quilts. The large tent hosts talent competitions and in front of the grandstands local cheerleaders compete for bragging rights.

      The midway, though, is the life of The Carnival. Barkers shout out to attendees urging them to try their hand at impossible challenges. A line of trailers sell all kinds of fattening foods from corn dogs to deep fried candy bars. Rides for all ages stretch from one end to the other run by carnies, people your parents would normally tell you to avoid. People are so thick at times it's hard to find a place to stand much less walk.

      This year The Carnival arrived on Thursday and continued on through Saturday night into the wee hours Sunday morning. The weather was typical early Southern fall, hot during the day and cool at night. The crowds were unpredictable, overcrowded at times and underwhelming at others. But The Carnival never disappoints and this year was no different.

      The stories that often echo through the backwoods in the South are often tall tales based only in imagination. Not so with the stories about The Carnival, they are all true. They really happened. Read the one below and see for yourself. And if you're still not convinced, join us next fall and see for yourself at The Carnival.

    • The Runaway....

    • The Lemonade Stand....

    • Making The Grade.... Patty Payne is twelve years old and in her first year of Junior High. She is very smart and got straight A's the first semester. She is getting high marks in every subject in the second semester, except in History, taught by Mike Rogers, an older teacher (mid forties) who is considered by most to be the strictest in the school.

      Patty feels he is picking on her, for some reason. He is very critical of her answers in class and grades her tests and assignments more harshly than those of her classmates.

      Patty is determined to get an A in History, though, because her father, Greg Payne, has promised her a substantial reward, if she gets all A's in every class during the year.

      "Making the Grade" will be a story of Patty's pursuit of an A in History, by any means the clever girl can get it.

    • The Slum Lord.... What we have here is a story of pedophilic lust, greed, power, and seduction. Who these traits belong to is, of course, left up to the reader to misinterpret. I didn't want to be too obvious here.

    • The Cabin....

    • The Neverending Story at the Hotel Doubleena....


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