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    • Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to Authors

      Q: I am an Author, why can't I enter the private areas of the Forum ?

      A: Established Authors may be eligible for access to the Author's Private Forum after completing 50 posts in the public area of the forum. AFTER you have registered in the forum with your Author Penname and have made your 50 posts, you may request access by notifying a Forum moderator or mrdouble.

      The reason for this is, the private forum contains private conversations. Those engaged in private conversation want to know who is among them and don't want someone lurking about that they do not know.

      Q: My latest story does not appear on my page, although it appears on the update. OR: I cannot see the latest version of some pages.

      A: Press CTRL+SHIFT+REFRESH to do a forced browser reload. Your browser may also be configured to "always check for a new page", though sometimes it refuses to.

      Q: I keep getting blank emails, or emails containing nonsense, why ?

      A: There is always a new worm/virus around that crawls the web looking for email addresses and random text. It gathers email addresses and text, creates an email, forges the return address, and sends it to someone else. Even though it may contain the forged return address of someone you know, it was not sent by that person. Delete the email.

      Q: I submitted a story within the last day or two but it is not listed in today's update. Why ?

      A: It is possible your story will be carried over until tomorrow's update. Check again tomorrow. If after 3 days you still don't see your story listed, resend it or ask me by email.

      Q: My new story is listed on the update page but it is not displayed on my author page. Why ?

      A: Reload/refresh the author's page. Better yet, since this website updates many pages daily, change the setting in your browser to "always check for new page content" instead of the setting "check only once per day" or "always use cached pages"

      Q: Using my web-based email, I sent a jpg (or gif) to someone and they say it did not arrive. Why ?

      A: You have just violated the site's Terms of Service by sending/receiving/storing images on my email server. Delete any that images you might have at once.

      The email server deletes ALL files with the extension of: jpg, gif, exe, bat, sys, com, scr, vbs, htm, html, reg, mpeg. Only text and zip files are allowed.

      Q: I keep losing my logins for the forum, the member area, email, and everything. Why can't you email me this info everyday ?

      A: Record your logins. There is a great free program called Password Manager at that will manage your logins for you that also has one master password to access. It encrypts all logins.

      In the Forum use the "forgot password" link. Lost email logins will require a new password to be generated. All this creates more work for me, so please keep track of your own personal info.

      Q: What is the link to the web-based email ? I keep losing it. And would you consider emailing this info to me everyday ??

      A: (non-SSL), (SSL)

      Q: I would like some intro text added to my page. How can I do this ?

      A: Email me the desired intro text along with your penname.

      Q: What does "penname" mean ?

      A: "penname" means your Author Name.

      Q: How can I request my stories be posted in the newsgroups ?

      A: I no longer post author stories in the newsgroups.

      Q: I am a new author, I just submitted a story the other day. How long do I have to wait for my complimentary membership ?

      A: New authors are subject to a 4 week waiting period and 25k zipped of stories published before receiving comp access to the Palisade. This is preserve the rights of all author writings and to discourage non-authors wanting instant access by submitting someone elses story.

      Please feel free to remind me when the above two conditions have been met, but not weeks before.

      Q: I just registered in the Forum and notice "newbie member" is listed below my Forum username in the posts. How can I change that to "Palisade Author" ?

      A: Send me an email containing your Author Name and your Forum username. This is a manual edit. You must use your penname to register in the forum, otherwise you won't receive the label.







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