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    • Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to Members

      Q: How can I download a text file version of the story ?

      A: Within each story entry on the author's page is an icon after the question mark icon. Position your mouse over that icon, click your right mouse button, select "save target as...".

      download the story as a text file (right click, save target as...)

      If you merely double-click the text icon, it will open in your browser without Word Wrap. (NOTE: only stories published after January 29th, 2007 will have the text file download option.)

      Q: I double-clicked the text file icon and the sentences go all the way to the right causing me to have to scroll to read.

      A: To properly read the text file, position your mouse over the text file icon, click your right mouse button, select "save target as...". If you merely double-click the text icon, it will open in your browser without Word Wrap. download the story as a text file (right click, save target as...)

      Q: After clicking the download story link and opening the zipfile, the zipfile box is empty. Where is the file ?

      A: Go into your browser's options area and delete all temporary internet files. The story file will now show up in the winzip box.

      Q: There is a story listed on the update page but it is not displayed on the author page. Why ?

      A: Reload/refresh the author's page. Better yet, since this website updates many pages daily, change the setting in your browser to "always check for new page content" instead of the setting "check only once per day" or "always use cached pages" a last resort, to be sure you are looking at the latest page, do a 'forced refresh' by pressing the CTRL key and the SHIFT key on your keyboard while using a mouse to click on your browser's refresh icon.

      Q: How can I read the German or Russian stories ? I can only read English.

      A: This website does not provide translation services nor does it teach others how to read foreign languages.

      Q: Can you send me stories by email ?

      A: No.

      Q: My Palisade login does not work in the forum. Why ?

      A: You must register in the forum. In the Forum, click on the link "register." Your Palisade login will not work in the Forum or at Hotmail or for web-based email, or for the Author's Only areas, or anywhere else but the member area.

      Q: My Forum login does not work in the Member's (Palisade) area. Why ?

      Q: I want to reply to a post in the forum and it won't accept my (Hotmail, email, Member's (Palisade) Area) login. Why ?

      A: You must have a Member's (Palisade) area login. Your Forum login will not work in the Member's (Palisade) area or at Hotmail or for web-based email, or anywhere else but the Forum.

      Q: I am a member, why can't I enter the Author Only area of the Forum ?

      A: Because you are not an author.

      Q: A new story does not appear on the author's page, although it appears on the update. OR: I cannot see the latest version of some pages.

      A: Press CTRL+SHIFT+REFRESH to do a forced browser reload. Your browser may also be configured to "always check for a new page", though sometimes it refuses to.

      Q: When I download a story, I must scroll from left to right to read the entire line. Why ?

      A: Turn on "word wrap" in your text reader. If you can't find that option, refer to the documentation that came with your text program. We do not have all documentation for all text programs.

      Q: When I download a story, all I see is gibberish or a bunch of weird characters.

      A: Download the free version of winzip....then run its setup program. All should work well once winzip is installed on your system. Any problems with winzip, refer to the winzip's documentation. We do not provide support for winzip or any other non-mrdouble product.

      Q: When will [author name] write another story or a continuation to his last chapter ?

      A: I don't know, I don't ask all the authors that question everyday. Email the author using the form on their author page and ask yourself.

      Q: An author's page was recently removed for some reason. Can you email their stories to me ?

      A: No.

      Q: It is getting more and more difficult to download stories, I do have a dial up and am in the country so DSL is not an option, lately there is a popup which say's it is downloading the file but a 5K file should open immediately, I have given it three minutes and it still does not download, what do you suggest????

      A: Get a faster dial up connection or contact your current ISP about the problem. Our servers are faster than your ISP and a 5k file will download in a couple/3 seconds. We are not responsible for your ISP's problems.

      Q: Why are there not any pictures on this site ?

      A: We do not publish any images of humans period, or anything sexually suggestive.

      Q: How can I change my member password ?

      A: Manage your Account

      Q: How can I change my Forum password ?

      A: Use the "profile" link in the forum to change your password.

      Q: I forgot my Member login, can you email it to me ?


      Enter email address to have your username, password and expiration date emailed to you:

    • Q: Whenever I return from an author's page after clicking a link on the update page, it takes me back to the top of the update page instead of where I was before. Why ?

      A: That is a Netscape issue I haven't figured out yet. Use Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, or Mozilla.

      Q: I'm looking for a story about [enter your favorite subject], can you locate it for me ?

      A: Use the search engine.

      Q: Where is the list of Story Codes located at ?

      A: here

      Q: I have a question relating to paying for a membership here.

      A: Navigate to the page's signup area and start reading the info there.

      Q: What is the website run on ?

      A: (this website), (the Forum), and the page counter server ( are all run on separate, dedicated, dual CPU Quad Core 3.6ghz boxes with 2gigs of RAM each. The transaction server, database server, email server, and redundant back-up servers are configured similarly.

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