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    Help with downloading stories

    • Start at the Home Page. You will see a list of stories posted with each update. Since updates are usually posted daily, make sure to set your browser to "check for new version of page always." You will find this setting in "Options" or "Preferences", depending on your browser. Never allow your browser to cache old versions of the pages, as you will not see the latest updates. You may also do a forced refresh which bypasses your browser cache by clicking the keybord keys "CTRL + SHIFT + REFRESH"

    • On the main page, click on a desired story. You will be transported to the Author's story page, and the latest story will be the first one listed. If you don't see the latest story, refer to the above "cache" instructions.

    • The title of the story listed on the Author's Page is also a link. This link is split into two links. Clicking on the left half of the title will transport you to a short preview of the story with the story download link at the end of the preview. Clicking on the right side of the title link will initiate the download of the entire story.

    • Click on the link to download the story. If not logged in yet, you will be asked for your login username and password. The login box looks like this-

      login box

        - Note the red circle, if Realm does not read Authentix, then the login request is not from this site. Realm must read Authentix.

        - The login is CaSe SeNsiTiVe and must be entered exactly or it will not work. Use copy/paste to enter in login username and password if you must.

    • You must have a paid membership to read the stories.

    • If you enter in your login incorrectly, the login box will pop up again giving you another chance to enter in the CORRECT LOGIN. Do not keep entering in a bad login, the system will eventually lock you out and the login box will no longer appear.
        ...if you have forgotten your login or believe it may have expired, enter email address used at signup to have your username, password and expiration date emailed to you:

        ...if you have confirmed your login and are still denied access, click "cancel" in the box that looks like this-
        login box

        ...after clicking cancel above, you will see this screen-

        - DENIED_EMPTY means your system is supplying a blank or bad password. Clear your saved login for the site. Turn auto-login off, then enter your login manually.

        - DENIED_BLANK means your system is supplying a blank or bad password. Clear your saved login for the site. Turn auto-login off, then enter your login manually.

        - DENIED_BAD_PASSWORD means either your membership has expired or your login is not being entered correctly. Check your expiration date, verify your login using the form above. Clear your saved login for the site. Turn auto-login off, then enter your login manually.

    • Once your login is entered correctly, the download box will pop up in your screen asking you if you want to OPEN or SAVE the story file. The box looks like this- OPEN the file, click open and it will display the file on your screen. It will not save a copy on your computer. SAVE the file, click save. Be sure to save the file somewhere like your desktop so you can find it later.

    • Once you click OPEN, or have SAVED the file on your computer and opened it, the winzip box will appear on your computer screen. The box looks like this-

        ...Note: you must have WinZip or ZipGenius installed. You may download the free version of winzip at Winzip's Home page or the free version of ZipGenius at the ZipGenius homepage. Be sure and INSTALL the program after downloading it. For even more help with the Zip programs, refer to the documentation at or

    • Inside the winzip box above, you will see the story filename listed. Click on it, and your system will open the text file with the text reader configured for your system. You may now read the story. If the text scrolls all the way to the right, turn on "word wrap" in your text program.

    • If you have WebTV/MSN-2 you may want or need to download the story as a text file first. Within each story entry on the author's page is an icon after the question mark icon. Position your mouse over that icon, click your right mouse button, select "save target as...".

      download the story as a text file (right click, save target as...)

      If you merely double-click the text icon, it will open in your browser without Word Wrap. (NOTE: only stories published after January 29th, 2007 will have the text file download option.)

    • For more help, return to the Help Page.

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