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    • Using the split links to preview/download stories

      • The story's title is split into two links....

          - clicking the left half takes you to the story's free preview

          - clicking the right half of the title displays the full story.


    • Staci - My Niece, My Lover 1 .... new.!.!.! (m/f incest) (11k)

    • - Note: sometimes the links are only 2-4 characters wide, as in:

    • s3b .... new.!.!.! (m/f incest) (11k)

      • - clicking on the link "s3" above previews the story

        - clicking on the "b" portion of the link above downloads the story

    Using the MrDouble banner

      - clicking on the MrDouble or Palisade banner at the top of each page will take you back to the Main Page (index.html)

      - clicking on either of the flies to the left/right of the MrDouble banner will take you to the free non-member version of the daily updates (index.htm)


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