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    • Using the split links to preview/download stories
      • The story's title is split into two links....

          -clicking the left half takes you to the story preview

          -clicking the right half of the title downloads the story.


    • Staci - My Niece, My Lover 1 .... new.!.!.! (m/f incest) (11k)

    • -Note: sometimes the links are only 2-4 characters wide, as in:

    • s3b .... new.!.!.! (m/f incest) (11k)
      • ....clicking on the link "s3" above previews the story

        ....clicking on the "b" portion of the link above downloads the story

    • Using the MrDouble banner

        ....clicking on the MrDouble or Palisade banner at the top of each page will take you back to the Main Page (index.html)

        ....clicking on either of the flies to the left/right of the MrDouble banner will take you to the free non-member version of the daily updates (index.htm)

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