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    Login does not work

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    • The most common cause for this error is an incorrect login being sent to the server.

      Verify your login. Enter your email address below:
      Turn off "auto login", clear "saved logins" for this site, and enter your login manually.

    • Both the username and password are CaSE SEnSITive.

    • Download sample story to make sure your system can handle zip files.

    • If your system fails, go to, get their free version of winzip, run it's setup program, then try downloading the sample story again.

    • Test your system's ability to provide a valid login- click here

        for the username enter Test

        for the password enter AbCd4

        (TEST, test, ABCD4, abcd4 WILL NOT WORK)

        If your system cannot send the login properly, READ THIS

    • If the test above is successful but your login still does not work, perform the following:

        -Verify correct login Enter email address to have your username, password and expiration date emailed to you:
        -Turn off or clear your browser's "Auto Complete". You can find this setting in your browser's preferences/options, usually under "Tools/Internet Options/Content/AutoComplete". Click on "Clear Forms" and "Clear Passwords".

        -Delete all Temporary Internet Files and cookies. You can find this setting in your browser's preferences/options, usually under "Tools/Internet Options/General.

        -After performing the above steps, try your login again using COPY/PASTE. When you verified your login above, you received an email. In that email, highlight your "username". Be sure their are no trailing spaces. Right click on the highlighted text and click on "copy." Go to the login box requesting your username, right click and click "paste". This will place an exact copy into the username field box. Do the same for "password".

    • step by step instructions for downloading the stories here. If you still cannot download the stories, this is where to find out how.

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