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    Stories written in Russian


      Avenir Krass ....author of " (The Twins)"....(Man/young, Men/young, girl, girls, prostitution)

      AYBishop ....author of "Bilo", "Oo o o (Child Center)", " o (Big Bed)", " o (Vik And Vit)", " o"....(nsc, nsc, nsc, nsc, nsc, nsc nsc)

      Battleship ....author of "Adventure in Toilet", "Diaper, part 1", "Night Train, part 1", "Night Train, part 2", "Snowslide"....(M/f/f/f, M/f/f/f, Mf, m/f/f/f, mast, mast, mf, oral, oral, voy, mast mf)

      Doctor Little ....author of "Adventure in Chechia", "At School", "Bathing Tamara", "Boarding School", "Captured Family", "Child Care Center", "Christmas Holidays", "Early Teens", "From Medical Text-Books (pseudo)", "From Pedo Files-2", "From pedo files-1", "Ira (little whore)", "Katia", "Katya", "Klara", "Little Sue's Punishment", "Love Juice ( )", "Lusia's Busy Day", "Mister", "My 6-year Niece", "Name - Beth and Lin - 13-year twins", "Pedagogical Innovations", "The 12-years Olds", "The Beginning", "The Bus", "The Pumping", "The Secret Of Varado Island", "The Virgins", "Underoof Rape", "Unusual Toy Horsey", " - ", " - Vacation", " ", ""....(14yo, 5yo, F/b, F/d, Mf, Mg, S/M, all, all, boarding, brothersister, cons, cons, cons, cons, cons, cons, cons, doctor/exam, documental, documental, documental, early, enema, family, family, fatherdaughter, ff, ff, fff/mmm, first, first, first, first, firsttime, fm, fm, fm, girls, kinds, kinds, mg, nc, noncons, noncons, oral, oral/anal, pedo, pedo, pedo, pedo, pedo, pedo, pedo, pedo, pedo, pedo, pedo, pedo, pedo, pedo, pedo, pedo, pedo, pedo, pedo, petting, petting, petting, pioneer, principalpupil, principalpupil, pseudo, pseudo, pseudodocumental, punishment, rape, real, relations, relations, romance, school, school, school, scout, seminc, seminc, sex, sex, sex, sex, spanking, special, teens, time, time, time, time, training, uncleniece, voyeur, whipping, oral cons pedo ff pedo punishment F/b school first time petting pedo first time family sex ff fm fm pedo first time all kinds of sex pedo oral nc pedo anal enema pseudo medical instruction fantasy MMMM/bbbb pedo nc tort teens first time sex with teacher oral pedo nc pedo oral vaginal toy horse seminc nsc pedo teen pedo 9 poem)

      Elana ....author of ""....(Doctor/ped)

      Ernof ....author of "Torture Eric, ch 4", " "....(FMM/b, FMM/b, noncons, noncons, tort, tort)

      Gertruda ....author of " (Again The Spring Has Come)", " (As I Have Understood Men)", " (Missis Hudson)", " (Early Morning In Our House)"....(M+F, MF, MF, incest, incest, incest, mF, mF, mF, mf, mf incest)

      Lovelaskes ....author of "What Happened With My Sister's Family?", ": - Clyster For The Aunt Line", ": - Crammer", " - Aperitif by Boz", " - Grandma's Window by Terry Schulz", " - Last Bell", " - Letter", " - Lucky man", " - The Thieves Paid By Own Body", " , 1 - Party Of The Graduates, part I", " , 2 - Party Of The Graduates, part 2", " , 3 - Party Of The Graduates, part 3", " - Don by unknown", " - Dirty Talker by unknown", " - My Big Sister", " - Natasha", " -The Cum Drinkers by Rich Humus", " " - Caught in the Act by Prime", " " " 3 - Walking in a Silver Wood, part 3", " " ", 1 - Walking in a Silver wood", " " ", 2 - Walking In A Silver Wood, part 2", " " ", 4 - Walking in a Silver Wood," part 4", " " ", 5 - Walking in a Silver Wood, part 5", " " ", 6 - Walking in a Silver Wood, part 6", " - The Sex Lesson by Sweet Marissa", " - Three Kids and a Dog by Beasty Boy"....(F/b, FF+MMM, M+F, M/gggbbb, MF, MF, MFF, Mf, Mf, Mf, Mg, Mg, Mgg, Mmf, enem, exhib, exhib, exhib, fdom, group, incest, incest, incest, lesb, mast, mast, mast, mast, mast, mast, mast, mast, mf, mfff, mffff, mgg, mmfffff, nsc, nsc, nsc, orgy, ped, ped, ped, ped, peroid, solo, solo, solo, zoo, mast MFF mast mffff exhib mast Mmf exhib mast M+F M/gggbbb Mg ped incest mgg ped zoo)

      Pol Pot ....author of "Naughty - ", "Weekend Wonderland - ", " - Preteen Bound"....(MMMM/f, Mf, Mf, kidnap, pedo, pedo, pedo, preteen, prostitution, prostitution)

      Red Hot ....author of "Super M \ "....(MMM/F, Men/Woman, group, rape)

      Sacha ....author of " ..."....(incest, mother/son)

      Sandy McSterk ....author of "Demons Of Lust / ", "Hot Space, part 1: Beginning / : 1. ", "Hot Space, part 2: Penalty / : 2. ", "Hot Space, part 3: Supernova / : 3. "....(M+f, MM+f, Monstersggg, ScFi, ScFi, ScFi, Space, Space, Space, anal, anal, anal, anal, best, bodymodifications, magic, nc, oral, oral, oral, rape, rape, rape, rape, rough, rough, rough, tentacles, tentacles, tentacles bodymodifications)

      Sinkeeper ....author of " "....(lolita, sex)

      Smsen ....author of "FirstPlay ( ) by Unnown"....(MF, pedo)

      Styx ....author of "Best Ass My Mom", "Mom Ass", "Summer", " . .", " ", "", " ", "", "", "", " (Abortive Tour)"....(MMm/F, Mf, m/fantasy, m/ff, mf, mf, mf, mf, mg, mm/F, mm/f, mmm/fff, pedo, pedo, son/mom, virtual, mm/f mf mf Mf mf son/mom)

      Traduttore Traditore ....author of "The Kiddies for Sex Auction, by Spin", " (The Auction, by Sally)", " (You Be Careful)", " (Katarina, by Poker)", " (Varangian)", " "The Sex Slave", Amber Gold", " (Conversation)", " ? (Shifting the Blame)", " (The Little Bitch, by Smoky Waters)", " (Sandy Gets Pregnant, by Sally)"....(Mf, Mf, Mf, Mf, Mf13, Mff, anal, bg, bg, cons, dad/daughter, dad/daughter, first, impreg, incest, incest, incest, mf, mfff, mg, nc, noncons, oral, oral, pedo, pedo, pedo, preg, preg, preg, romance, Mf oral noncons impreg dad/daughter incest preg)

      Werwolf ....author of "Masha", "Winter Furlough", ""....(inc/pedo, inc/pedo, pedo, inc/pedo)

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