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    New Authors info page

    • How to request access to Member's Area:

        New Authors are subject to a one month waiting period AND a minimum total published story amount of at least 25k zipped before receiving comp access to the Palisade. This is preserve the rights of all author writings and to discourage non-authors wanting instant access by submitting someone elses story.

        ...IF you are a current/established Palisade Author for at least one month, with at least 25k of zipped stories published, request access. Note: Comp access is available only to authors interested in writing on a continual basis.

    • How to request a email mailbox: web-based email is automatically set up for new authors IF a valid email address is supplied at the time of submission.

        Email box has the format of "". To access your email, non-SSL login or SSL login

        If you did not submit your valid email address when submitting your stories and do not have a email address, email mrdouble with your request.

    • How to submit new stories anonymously:

    • How to have a page image placed on Author page:

    • How to find the Page Counter:

        ...All author pages contain a Page Counter located at the bottom of the author's page...looks similar to this:

        ....The number to the left is the total hits to that page. The number on the right displays today's hits. Access the enhanced statistics of your page counter, click on the counter.

    • Should I submit chapters or full stories?

        ...submitting chapters is ok, however I do not collapse chapters into one full story link later.

        ...submitting chapters gives the author more exposure, but small chapters may result in less reader interest

        ...submitting full stories forces the reader to download the entire story

        ...if you want your stories listed as Full Stories (and not in chapters), then submit AS Full Stories.

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