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    April 22nd - April 28th mid-Morning Updates

      In Loving Memory of Tiffany Star (aka tiff001)....

      On Friday PM, April 28, 2000

    • by SluggoDlux :...
    • Do It Again!
      doitagai zip (18k) (M/F)
      Penny and Rita called about 10 AM and asked me to come on over. Last weekend my wife and I had attended a party at Penny and Rick's house. There were four couples there and we had ended up in the hot tub several times as the evening progressed. Nobody had had sex and it wasn't an orgy by any means, but I had ended up in the hot tub with Penny and Rita at one point in the evening and there was a definite sexual attraction between us. Both women had been generous in showing me their breasts and I had let my erection float up above the surface of the water a couple of times and they had stared with unconcealed interest. My cock is rather large and this is not an unusual event. In fact, it's huge, eleven inches long and almost three inches in diameter.
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Feeling Up the Girls In the School Storeroom
      feeling zip (9k) (Mffff)
      The day had ended and it was time for Easter vacation. The assistant principal had played in the Student Faculty game and was approached by four Pom Pom girls at the bus. "Do you have on anything underneath your trench coat?" asked Jamie innocently looking at his waist. Three other 13-year-old Pom Pom girls were with her, and they were blushing and giggling at her question. Read on as he demonstrates, one at a time, what he isn't wearing underneath his coat.
    • by The MadHatter :...
    • Fun With The Kids, ch 10: Baby-sitter's Fun
      kids10 zip (19k) (m/f)
      Sarah lay on her bed, listening to the radio and reading through one of her teen magazines. She wasn't really following what she was reading, however, because her mind was on other things, mainly Neil and Barbara Johnson, and their son Billy, and his best friend Justin. The threesome she'd had with Neil and Barbara had been about the wildest thing she'd ever done, and she kept reliving it in her mind. She hadn't baby-sat for the Johnsons since then, and since she'd broken up with her boyfriend, she hadn't been getting any lately. As a matter of fact, since her night with the Johnsons, she'd only gotten laid once. She had let one of the guys from the football team fuck her at a party. It hadn't been too bad, but it just wasn't enough to satisfy her itch.
    • by Silk :...
    • Nieces Galore, part 7
      nieces7 zip (7k) (M/f uncle/niece inc nc)
      To date all of Ed's nieces had been more than obliging to his sexual approaches. Sara was different. A stuck up bitch and full of herself. Ed, with the help of Jerrel, Lois and Lisa, was going to bring her down to size.    Yeah he was going to fuck her and rape her teenage body. And her cousins were going to help!
    • by PedoPee :...
    • Nikki's Niave Mother, ch 1
      nikki1 zip (4k) (M, f, rape, non-cons, w/s)
      Kate closed the cubicle door and slid the bolt. She lifted her skirt, pulled down her knickers and sat down on the toilet seat. She had been bursting for a pee while she had been queing at the benefits office and now she could enjoy the relief of her hot urine emptying from her bladder.
    • by King Cap :...
    • Team Cheer, ch 5
      team5 zip (10k) (m/f oral; m/m oral)
      Reese is bummed out when he finds out Rachel has to go away for a month to her stepaunt's house in the mountains. But both kids find ways to keep their urges in check while they're apart
    • by bookworm :...
    • The Widows, short story
      thewidow zip (11k) (M/F M/f dad/ daughter teaching)
      Between the ages of thirteen and fifteen I molested my daughter, and I have felt guilty and fantasies about it ever since. For Karen I had always hoped that they were nothing of any significance at all. At twelve she would ask her mother a question about sex and then ask me to confirm the truth of her answer. By the time she was thirteen she had given up on her mother and only asked me, witch made it easy for me to molest her. I still remember the first time I touched her.

      Thursday PM, April 27, 2000

    • by Osiris :...
    • An Island Adventure, part 2
      island2 zip (23k) (M/F M/f)
      Jack learns Alicia wants to swing - Mitch learns more and more about Connie
    • by Pam :...
    • Lust of a Dress Shop Owner
      lustofa zip (8k) (Mother/Daughter/Grandmother/Teens)
      I was working in my shop, when a mother and daughter came looking for a sexy dress. Wendy got more than than just a dress!
    • by Wishlist :...
    • Peeping on Nicole
      nicole zip (6k) (M/f F/f inc)
      I really hadn't paid a lot of attention to my daughter Nicole's body when she was little. "Sex with kids" was just not my thing. Then, when she was about eleven, she got those little bumps under her t-shirt. You now what I mean; when their nipples start to grow and stick out as if she had a couple of Hershey's Kisses under her shirt. There's no mound under them at that stage, just protruding nipples. One hot day, she was running around outside with some of the kids from the neighborhood and got very sweaty. The damp front of her t-shirt left no doubt to anyone that those little nipples were there and ready to sprout into little breasts. That's the very day I said to myself "I have to get a better look at those."
    • by Nomad :...
    • Polly
      polly zip (29k) (Bro/sis play Fath/daugh incest 1st)
      James watched Polly pass him and pretended to continue reading the paper while his eyes stretched to one side to continue following her to the couch.    His young daughter had changed so much recently.
    • by Keyman :...
    • The Good Neighbor - Troop Tales: "Mandy and Doreen", part 1
      thegood2 zip (13k) (M/ff dad/daughters pedo inc)
      Olga announced that tomorrow they would hear the story of Mandy and Doreen, the two sisters had asked to tell their story together since it was about the two of them and their lesbian relationship. It would also detail their incestuous family liaisons, lesbian relationships with their girlfriends, and a session of discipline with the school principal. Everyone would sleep very well that night, most had come at least four or five times during the last few hours.
    • by Storymaker :...
    • Kati in der Mausefalle, kapitel 1-3
      kati1_3 zip (18k) (Mf M+/f uncle/niece teen nc rape impreg)
      Schon lange war seine 16jährige Nichte Kati das bevorzugte Ziel seiner Fantasien. Jetzt schien die Gelegenheit zu kommen, sie so richtig durch seine Mangel zu drehen. Zwei Freunde, ein perverser Doktor und ein schwarzer Fotograf würden ihm dabei sicher eine große Hilfe sein...

      Wednesday PM, April 26, 2000

    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Breeding Farm, final
      breed3 zip (16k) (Mfffff dad, daut,teens, inc.)
      Art was in fuck heaven as he began the breeding of his six young girls. He loved them all as they were different each in their own way. Now the race was on to see who would be the first one to become pregnant. It turned out to be Laura, one of the cute blonde twins was the first to miss her period. There was a lot of celebrating that day and now the race to see who would be next kept Art very busy.
    • by PRE-vert :...
    • Marcus' Mardi Gras Adventure, part 2
      marcus2 zip (12k) (M/g M/f f/g exhib w/s pedo)
      So far, Marcus has had an amazing Mardi Gras - after all, what could beat having sex with your little eight year-old girlfriend on a plane? Marcus has no idea, but he's sure willing to try and find out!
    • by Young Fox :...
    • Training Philip
      philip zip (14k) (inc/m/f...young)
      A young man assists parents to "teach your children well"
    • by Rachel Davies :...
    • Star Trek
      startrek zip (15k) (rape,beastiality,xeno,torture,snuff and pedo)
      Dax and Kira were looking over thier console in ops. They were making kissy faces at each other but why, this is Deep space nine and it it different.
    • by John Doe1 :...
    • Meine Nachbarin und ihre kleine Tochter
      nachbari zip (8k) (M/Ff/pedo)
      John hilft seiner Nachbarin Joana, deren Klimaanlage defekt ist. Sie trinken noch etwas zusammen und Joana macht ihn an. Er wird geil und will sie nehmen, aber sie ruft ihre 9jährige Tochter in das Zimmer. Diese trägt aufregende Reizwäsche, was John noch mehr anmacht. Er muss zusehen, wie das Kind ihre Mutter leckt, dann soll er sie vögeln. Das macht er dann auch, während Joana sich wieder lecken lässt.
    • by Skaidan :...
    • El viaje
      viaje zip (6k) (m/F, incest)
      Hacer el viaje había sido todo un acierto, pensaba Lidia mientras ella y su hijo se dirigían a la frontera con Francia al atardecer. Hacía mucho tiempo que no se le ocurría nada interesante que hacer en vacaciones y ese año había pensado que podían hacer una gira de bajo presupuesto en coche por Europa. Apenas conocía nada más arriba de los Pirineos y estaba deseando explorar rincones poco famosos de los muchos países que le quedaban por conocer. Además, no tenía nada planeado de antemano, por lo que iban a la aventura, a lo que surgiera.

      Tuesday PM, April 25, 2000

    • by Pam :...
    • The Spanish Affair
      spanish zip (8k) (Mothers/Daughters/Grandmother/Virgin Teen/Boy)
      Miss Roberts is worried about her daughter's sex life. Pam and Wendy and her grandmother, Sophie, offer to help seduce the virgin with spectacular success.
    • by JJOE :...
    • The J.A.P.'s Bookworm Sister
      thejaps zip (15k) (pedo/interacial/autoasphyxiation/ mf/anal/panty)
      Leah Cohen is fifteen and is a hot Jewish Princess. Her sister Marcy is eleven and has braces and glasses and is considered a bookworm. The town of Greenwich Ct. is a hot breeding ground for these two sisters to fulfill their destiny of becoming cum guzzling trollops with tight hot panties.
    • by Speezo :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Raped Little Village Girls, ch 1
      raped1 zip (5k) (M/f, pedo, oral, nc)
      Enroch the Pedo barbarian picks four new girls to use and abuse as he sees fit.
    • by AndMIG :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Rape of Lisa
      rapelisa zip (11k) (M/f dad inc rape)
      Joe Kent stood inside the patio doors watching his 17 year old daughter, Lisa swimming in the pool. He could feel his cock going hard again as he saw her climb out of the pool letting his lust filled eyes roam over her firm shapely girlish figure shining with water, her smooth tanned skin getting him excited again as he watched her towel herself off, noticing that the small bikini top she was wearing did little to hide her full perfect breasts, the material just about covering the quivering mounds, he could see the jutting points of her thick erect nipples pressing through the flimsy top, the bottom part of her bikini was more like a thong, similar to the one his beautiful wife wore when she dressed sexily for him, hardly covering the jutting firm mound between her legs, with just a small piece of materiel which buried itself between the cleavage of her bottom, watching her firm rounded bottom cheeks quivering slightly as she towelled herself off as she turned round facing away from where he watched, not knowing she was being ogled by her own father he let his eyes run all over her statuesque body, over her thrusting breasts, flared hips, narrow waist and taut flat belly, longing for when he would have her totally naked and at his mercy, impaling her writhing naked figure onto his cock and fucking her.
    • by Tom :...
    • Meri Sexy Maa
      merisexy zip (4k) (M/F (asian))
      My name is Taj and I am a horny bastard and I love my mom ,Kamini,I mean love to fuck. I hated her presence from the beginning but as she always rebuked me, but I always lusted for her, let me describe her now.

      Monday PM, April 24, 2000

    • by Keyman :...
    • The Good Neighbor - Troop Tales "Jody"
      thegood6 zip (17k) (MM/F/ffff Pedo Beastility)
      As we continue our story of Gary Newman "The Good Neighbor", we return to the home of the Den Mother where one of the preteens is about to tell her tale of her early sexual experiences. Each of the preteens in the troop will tell a story of how they first came to be exposed to sex. Already Linda a seven year old had already told the story of her early experiences with her pedophile parents. Now ten-year-old Jody stepped forward to tell her tale.
    • by Daddy D.I. :...
    • Wendy 2: The Conditions for Conditioning
      wendy2 zip (13k) (M/f, D/s, gyne exam, anal sex)
      Wendy has decided to accept the offer to receive training, and as she begins, the Professor gives her an exam.
    • by conner :...
    • Ausscheifung
      aussch zip (9k
      Eines Tages, als ich von meinen heiligen Beschäftigungen zurückkehrte, fragte mich meine Schwester, ob ich noch nicht dem Pater Laurent begegnet wäre. »Nein«, sage ich. - ·Nun denn·, sagt sie, ·er lauert dir auf, ich weiß es, er will dir das zei- gen, was er mir gezeigt hat. Lauf nicht davon, sieh es dir ohne Furcht an, er wird dich nicht anrühren, aber er wird dich eine sehr drollige Sache sehen lassen,und wenn du es ihn zeigen Iäßt, wird er dich gut belohnen, wir sind mehr als fünfzehn hier in der Umgebung, denen er es oft gezeigt hat. Es ist sein einziges Ver- gnügen, und er hat uns jedesmal einige Geschenke gegeben.
    • by John Doe1 :...
    • Meine Schwester und ihre Freundinnen, teil 1
      meinsch1 zip (10k) (m/ffff/young)
      Meine 9jährige Schwester hat ihre Freundinnen zu Besuch. Sie probieren heimlich die Unterwäsche meiner Mutter an. Ich beobachte sie dabei und werde von ihr erwischt. Ich muss ins Zimmer kommen und weiter zusehen, denn sie hat Pläne mit mir. Meine Schwester bietet mir eine Show und zieht sich vor meinen Augen aus. Dann bestimmt sie, wer als sich erste von mir ficken lassen darf, es ist eine 11jährige Schwarze, die sich nach einigen Zögern auf mich setzt und mich reitet.

      Sunday PM, April 23, 2000

    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • Anna and Aunt Teresa
      annaaunt zip (10k) (Ff, Ffbg; inc; pre-teen, pedo)
      "'I saw how you looked at Lydia," she whispered. 'You like little girls, don't you?' Both kids knew what to do. They gave me a blow job, looking up at me, licking and sucking the dildo. I was in a trance, and Teresa played with my poophole, tonguing my nipples..." The story of Anna (12), her cousins Lydia (7) and Marty (8), Teresa (23), her friend Suzy (14), and Anna's daddy (48).
    • by Pud :...
    • Your Ten Year Old Niece, part 3
      niece3 zip (6k) (M/f)
      Your 10 year old niece and you had enjoyed a one-sided sexual experiment last night. One, which for her was obviously interesting, but offered no particular sexual satisfaction. At this point, sexual satisfaction was an unknown thing to her, as she is understandably inexperienced at this early age.      Your cute niece was willing, it seems, as you recall the sinfully exciting time that you had spent with her last night, in front of the television. As you ate breakfast, little Patty kept stealing glances at you, as if she too, recalled the excitement that she felt late last night, under the blanket with you.
    • by Keyman :...
    • The Good Neighbor - Troop Tales "Linda"
      thegood5 zip (10k) (M/FF/ffffff Pedo Incest)
      Olga and Alice had gone out to the kitchen to prepare lunch and Gary had the girls gathered around him. He was left in charge of choosing the first taleteller and he could not figure out how to do it fairly. Finally Eileen came up with the idea of going by age, youngest to the oldest.
    • by darklord :...
    • the kid drinkers, part 1
      thekid1 zip (6k) (M/f vampire snuff)
      Did it ever happen to you that you so something and wanted to have it? Not just wanted it was some kind of need more like your need for a breath of air and a drink of ice-cold water you HAD to have it? . Well I get those cravings but not for cars or a big cheeseburger I have those cravings for little kids. Yea I know its bad, yea I know I'm a pervert but I wont lie to you that's what I am. Well it's not all that I am I think I'm even worse, you see I'm not what you can call normal (well you already can't but let's make it clear) man I look like one (about 40 or so) but I'm more then 200 years old and If we ever meet I'll have your blood for dinner. I'm a vampire.
    • by Corn53 :...
    • Trading My Little Sister
      trading zip (21k) (M/f incest)
      Mark wants to go to the lake with his two older friends, but he is babysitting his little sister, Tammy, who just turned twelve. The boys say they will bring Mark, but only if he brings Tammy. They plan to drink beer and swim in the lake in their underwear, or maybe naked. They tell Mark that they want to take his sister's picture, too, now that she is just starting to get a figure.
    • by Latrans :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Educator, ch 1
      educato1 zip (5k) (M/f/f educator/students)
      I'm not sure whether it is the innocents mixed with the deep-desire to explore, or just the pure desire to tantalize and play-around, but I've noticed there are always those young girls who seem to standout from the rest. Some of them do it shyly, some do it boldly... but most girls between the ages of 9 and 14 just can't stand not playing around, or at least exploring a relationship (if we can call it such) with older guys.
    • by King Cap :...
    • Team Cheer, ch 3-4
      team3_4 zip (9k) (m/f yng teen; oral; m/m/f yng teen)
      The night at the Melvin's had turned Rachel into a sex fiend. Now she's learned some new tricks, and even little brother gets involved.

      Saturday PM, April 22, 2000

    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Breeding Farm, part 2 of 3
      breed2 zip (15k) (M/f/f/f dad,daut,teen,inc)
      Art woke up the next morning relaxed and refreshed from his busy day and night. Sara was curled up next to him still asleep. He looked at his watch and knew it would be time for them all to get up soon. As usual he was horny as hell. No matter how much pussy he got he always needed more. He got up and slipped out the door. He was going to find Laura and bust her cheery this morning as he was hot and ready for that. Still naked he walked down the hall and into a bathroom. He brushed his teeth and took care of his morning needs. His cock was rock hard as he thought of his 3 girls waiting to be used today.
    • by Maxamm :...
    • Educating Alisha, part 2
      alisha2 zip (8k) (dad/daut/pedo/oral/cons)
      In the few weeks since her first sexual experience with her father, five year old Alisha has come a long way. The little girl has learned to suck and swallow like a real pro, but Daddy is eager to teach her even more tricks. When he is given the opportunity to spend an entire day alone with her, she discovers there is more than one hole for her horny daddy's "cock lollie".
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • Laura
      laura zip (8k) (Mf, Ff, Mg, etc.; inc; yng teen, pedo; extreme caution)
      "I fantasized about a guy who would fuck us both. I had only touched my daughter a couple of times, and it made me feel awful. I needed someone who would tell me what to do, a man who would make me molest her. I was faithful to Ken, because he beat me up like my daddy did, and I'd stopped doing things to Morgan, and then I started working at the boutique..." Laura, 22 y.o., wants to have sex with her daughter, 6 y.o., but her husband won't let her. Then she meets Margaret, 14 y.o. and pregnant...
    • by Spiral :...
    • Adopting Lisa
      lisa zip (23k) (M/f pedo)
      So my wife dumps an eight year-old little girl on my hands from the adoption agency, and then leaves me hanging. There aren't that many things you can do with an eight year-old abandoned girl, except lust after her.
    • by Pam :...
    • The Paris Emails
      paris zip (8k) (Teen lesbians/teacher/Sex club)
      Wendy goes on a school trip to Paris. Has adventures and emails her mother, Pam to tell her about them.
    • by Tom Singleton :...
    • Posie, ch 19
      posie19 zip (18k) (ffm bro-sis, fisting; f bestiality; Mfm double penetration)
      "Darling, I'm just going to pull back a little. So, uh, Randy can get in ... easier." Uncle Jack eased back his shaft so that just the blood-swollen knob was inside the rim of her lamb-pie.     "I can't --" Posie protested, eyes widening as she felt the hot tip of Randy's cock press against the coy back-aperture.      She looked again over her shoulder into his eyes, her big blue eyes wide with a fearful pleading dismay.      She looked into the mirror. Her heart sank at the sight of his huge tool, its wet knob poking at her dainty orifice. Not in both places at once! "I ... can't!" she wailed.     "You will," they chorused and Randy pushed his cockhead against the tight, yielding pucker of her pink bottom-hole.      "OH!" she cried. He was so big! And her poor little honeypot was brimful of Jack's fat cock! There couldn't possibly be room for a second stiff prod inside her!
    • by Ted :...
    • Ron's Girls, ch 12: Tawney's Tale
      rongir12 zip (10k) (M/f f/M pedo consensual)
      The last of Ron's group of women tells her story about her first sexual experiences. Discovering the pleasurable sensations at a very young age her adventures caused her to be abandoned by her mother and her winding up working as a topless dancer.
    • by PRE-vert :...
    • Score!
      score zip (11k) (MM/g b/g inc)
      Rob and his friends have a fun little game going, where they get points when they score sex from a girl. Karl has managed something of a significant lead with a big score with two fourteen year-old girls. What is Rob to do? Score!
    • by Keyman :...
    • The Good Neighbor - Troop Maneuvers
      thegood4 zip (15k) (M/FF/ffff Pedo Beastility)
      Gary Newman had discovered that he was not the only demented pedophile in town after meeting the Den Mother. Soon he would visit her home, and was not sure what awaited him at the troop meeting to be conducted there. But he knew what awaited him would be erotic and unusual.
    • by tiff001 :...
    • DREAM
      dream zip (2k) (a poem)
      I had a dream, of ice cream and candy, sunny days and beaches.      I had a dream, of happiness and smiling faces.      I had a dream, of running through the woods and laying naked in the leaves.      I had a dream, of playing with friends and happy days together.      I had a dream, of falling in love and making love together.      I had a dream, of having babies and raising them.      I had a dream, of loving and living happily ever after.
      xmas zip (1k) (a poem written for mrdouble on Christmas 1998)
      twas the night before x-mas      and all through the house      sex had run rampant      there was even a mouse      with mother & daughter      father & son      there was even a dog to join in the fun      when up on the roof top there came such a clatter      of 8 tiny feet climbing a latter....
    • by Alegro :...
    • Seventh Heaven, part 5
      7thheav5 zip (12k) (M/f incest)
      When we last glimpsed the Camden crew, Annie and Ruthie were on their way back to the cabin after a nice fuck and suck session with an older man. Simon and his new friend Tika, who also was his "prize", were returning after his marathon jerk off competition and then fucking and sucking with her. They promised to get together before the weekend was over. Yet each knew that there were so many opportunities for each of them for sex during the weekend that it was really a polite way of parting. We don't know what Eric was up to (excuse the pun) except that we know he was headed for the section of the retreat where young girls who were seeking older men gathered. We do remember that the family was to rendezvous at their cabin about lunchtime to exchange stories and plan the afternoon. That's why Annie, Ruthie, and Simon were headed there.
    • by Lori and Spangles Muldoon :...
    • Lori's Tail
      loritail zip (17k
      I had known Brad for a long time. Brad had been to my place at the beach a number of times, and always with a different woman. He always fancied himself something of a player, but he really didn't come across that way to other people. I knew he didn't feel confident enough to try to hit on any of the models that were usually in and out of my place at all hours of the day and night or at the frequent business parties I had. I think he felt that he would have been rejected by all of them, and he was probably right. What he didn't seem to realize, though, is that the rejection would have been because of his attitude and personality, not be because of his looks or build.
    • by Dickie :...
    • Nasty Games
      nastygam zip (11k) (b/b spank oral anal incest)
      I remember my first experience with sex; it wasn’t anything traumatic, in fact it was fun to have an older boy who liked to play with me. It happen while visiting my uncle’s farm in the summer, when I was only six years old.
    • by PLUCAS :...New Author.!.!.!
    • La Aventuras Eroticas De Karina
      karina zip (9k
      La gran noche azotaba a la pequeña Karina que sola en su cuarto veía con gran curiosidad su pelvis con las piernas abiertas hasta donde podía, firmemente sentada en la esquina de su cama. Karina solo tenía 11 años de edad, era huérfana, a su padre lo acecinó un padre de las tres niñas que violó con edades que o pasaban de los 14 años ni tampoco pasaban del promedio de 7 en el colegio donde el mismo daba clases de Biología a las niñas, según el relato de una de las niñas que presenciaba el acto llamada Nanci, ella fue la única que no fue violada de las 3 al parecer solo fue "acariciada" sexualmente.
    • by Rex Wilder :...
    • Kamrer Högberg och småflickorna, part 1
      kamrer1 zip (15k) (M/f)
      Evert Högberg var en pensionerad kamrer som nyligen fyllt femtisju. Han var ungkarl. Nåja, skall vi vara uppriktiga var han änkling sedan ett antal år tillbaka. Han hade två döttrar varav den ena var trettio och den andra tjugosju. Han bodde i en hyreslägenhet på två rum och kök. Han trivdes väldigt bra i sin lägenhet.

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    • DREAM

        I had a dream, of ice cream and candy, sunny days and beaches.
        I had a dream, of happiness and smiling faces.
        I had a dream, of running through the woods and laying naked in the leaves.
        I had a dream, of playing with friends and happy days together.
        I had a dream, of falling in love and making love together.
        I had a dream, of having babies and raising them.
        I had a dream, of loving and living happily ever after.

        I had a dream, the ice cream and candy melted, the sunny days and beaches turned grey.
        I had a dream, the happiness died and the smiling faces turned to frowns.
        I had a dream, the woods burned down and the leaves turned to ashes.
        I had a dream, the friends are gone and the happy days turned sad.
        I had a dream, the love turned to hate and the together was no more.
        I had a dream, the babies were never born, never to be raised.
        I had a dream, the happily ever after was never to be.

        I had a dream, I saw god and she was beautiful, She told me my work here was done.
        I had a dream, of blue skies and angels, there was no sadness only joy.
        I had a dream, of looking down and seeing what will be I smiled.

        I know why I was born and why I must leave, the circle is complete.


    Tiffany Star (March 8th, 1980 - February 3rd, 2000)

      Our dear tiff001 passed away peacefully in her sleep after battling complications resulting from a car accident in August of 1998. The above poem was written by tiff001 a couple days before her death.

      At her request she was cremated. Her father and a close friend rented a boat and took her ashes out to sea. Tiffany said she wanted to ride the winds forever.

      tiff001 was a longtime author and supporter of this site. She frequently posted many of our stories to the newsgroups, and in there she also defended everyones right to Freedom of Expression.

      Tiffany Star, a petite brown-haired girl, had a passion for life and adventure, and would go out of her way to help someone in need.

      We have lost a beloved member of our family, and in her memory February 3rd will always be known as "tiff001 day."

      Visit tiff001's author page

      Condolences for her family and friends may be sent to

    my tribute to tiff

      Let not anyone
      slip into the dark night
      without someone
      sharing in their bright light.


      I've got your picture that you gave to me
      And it's signed with love just like it used to be
      The only thing different, the only thing new
      I've got your picture, she's got you

      I've got the records that we used to share
      And they still sound the same as when you were here
      The only thing different, the only thing new
      I've got the records, she's got you

      I've got your memory, or, has it got me?
      I really don't know but I know it won't let me be

      I've got your class ring that proved you cared
      And it still looks the same as when you gave it, dear
      The only thing different, the only thing new
      I've got these little things, she's got you

    "She's Got You" as performed by Patsy Cline
    Words and Music by Hank Cochran

      As I look at the letters that you wrote to me
      It's you that I am thinking of
      As I read the lines that to me were so dear
      I remember our faded love

      I miss you darling
      more and more everyday
      as heaven would miss
      the stars above

      With every heartbeat
      I still think of you
      and remember our faded love

      As I think of the past
      and all the pleasures we had
      as I watched the mating of the dove
      It was in the springtime
      that you said goodbye
      I remember our faded love

    "Faded Love" as performed by Patsy Cline
    Words and Music by John Wills and Bob Wills


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