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    April 29th - May 05th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday AM, May 5, 2000

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    • Mike
      mike zip (10k) (m/f F/m F/f f/f bro/sis sis/sis moth/son moth/dau inc)
      It was about 2:00 in the morning. I must have been sleeping very soundly. He was already on top of me with his big cock half way inside me before I woke up. It was dark in my bedroom and I was scared. He had pushed my nightgown up and spread my legs open. I tried to yell out but his hand was over my mouth. I was only twelve-years-old and not even five feet tall yet. He was at least a foot taller than me, much heavier, and was pinning me down so I couldn't hit at him. Then he spoke... "SHHH!!! Sis! It's only me"... "Mike!" I said to him, "What the hell are you doing? I'm trying to sleep. If you wanted to fuck, why didn't you come in earlier?" He didn't speak. He was too busy using my little pussy to relieve himself. You see, Mike is my sixteen-year-old brother. This was just about the only time he would have anything to do with me; he'd just come to my room in the night to use my pussy when he needed to cum. He'd been fucking me about once a week since I was eight. I didn't even bother to wear panties to bed any more.     
    • by Mikey :...
    • Rachel and Billie on the Beach
      rachel zip (6k) (mf, Mf, Mm)
      This is another short chapter in the continuing saga of Mike's visit to a tropical island where people of all ages are free to engage in sex with whomever consents. In this episode, Mike finds 9 year old Rachel and 12 year old Billie, her brother, sitting on the beach frigging themselves after having had sex together. They've drawn quite a crowd of onlookers and copycats.     
    • by Baron Darkside :...
    • Saved from the Devil?
      saved zip (20k) (FM/inc/mmother/son/cons?)
      One person's Heaven can be another person's Hell. See who you believe when this mother and son have different thoughts on the matter . . .     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Little Ballerina
      thelittle zip (13k) (M/f young teen inc.)
      She was his obsession. He had to have her and take her body and her soul. As he looked from the darkness of the theater he tried to picture her young body under him as he possessed her. His cock was hard as he thought of that slim litte girl under him, naked. He dropped his hand to his lap and felt his engorged cock that had grown so hard as he looked at her. Almost in another world her stared at the little dancer, seeing her perfect legs when she went up on her toe.     
    • by The Ghost :...
    • Memories, part 1
      memorie1 zip (6k) (M/ff semi nc)
      Tyra had lovely long black curly hair that draped over her shoulders and was certainly the shyer of the two. 8 year old Marie was larger boned and a lot more confident.

      Thursday AM, May 4, 2000

    • by Naevus :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Melanie Saga
      melanie zip (51k) (MMffff/pedo/nc/bd/ws/scat/incest/preg/beast/snuff)
      Melanie could do nothing but obey. She put out her tongue as far as it would go and licked her mother's cunt lips. She managed to open them and stick her tongue into her mother's tunnel. Suddenly, as she touched her mother's clit, she felt the vulva on her face convulse. Her mother cried out loud.     -Yes, yes, there, there, I'm cummmmmming.      -You're a fucking orgasmatron, Master Bob laughed.     
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    • Alison's Story, part 3
      alison3 zip (4k) (M/F/f pedo SM)
      Ali was out of school and taking care of the house. Also watching the videos of her mom and dad with a surprise apperence by herself.     
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • A Sucker For Candy
      asucker zip (6k) (M/g, very young, nc)
      As a grown man, I could think of no sight more beautiful than that of a young girl’s tight, small pussy walls being stretched out by a grown man’s cock. My cock if at all possible. If not, then Candy’s stepfather’s. With me watching, of course.     
    • by BP :...
    • The World's Greatest Cock Sucker
      cocksuck zip (12k) (Oral, incest, ws, impreg)
      As I lay in bed with my cock in my daughter, Kelly's mouth, my thoughts wander back to the time of my wife's death. When that drunk rammed her car, I would have argued that no good would come of it. Kelly was in the car also but survived with just the loss of her front teeth. When Kelly came home from the hospital, I was so busy caring for her and working I didn't have any time left to feel sorry for myself.     
    • by Osiris :...
    • An Island Adventure, part 3
      island3 zip (17k) (M/ff M/F)
      Alicia and Jack have more fun on the cruise ship. Mitch and Connie meet Missy and her parents.     
    • by JohnFitz :...
    • Moscow Nights
      moscow zip (21k) (M/g,M/b,nc,pedo,anal,torture,snuff)
      By accepting the Russian taxi-driver's offer to buy me a vodka, I not only got to screw his 11-y-o niece but also to behave even more outrageously with his 10-y-o nephew. I also got to see the boy's best friend star - all too unwillingly - in a movie about the punishment handed out by female factory managers to little thieves. A year later, I found myself sharing a dacha with the two children and their uncles, devising even more stimulating film scenarios.     
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    • Peeping on Nicole, part 2
      peeping2 zip (7k) (M/f F/f f/f dad/daut moth/daut inc)
      As I watched her through the bathroom window, Nicole finished herself off with the vibrator then started to dress. I put my cock in my pants and headed back into the house. When I got to the Kitchen, my wife Laura, was putting some dishes into the dishwasher. I went straight to her and gave her a passionate kiss. Oh God! My cock went rock hard again. I could taste her! I could taste our daughter Nicole's pussy in the juices of Laura's mouth and on her lips. I wondered if she knew. She kissed back eagerly; she was still horny. Laura had told me that she had "been sexual" with the girl who was her roomate in the dorm in college. I guess she just couldn't do without a little pussy now and then. And, since our daughter Nicole was right in the house...     
    • by Dodgson :...
    • The Pre-Teen Nude Dance Club, part 3
      preteen3 zip (6k) (pedo, consen, mom/daut, sisters, M/f/f/f (f age 9,10,10))
      Beach excursion continues. Dodgson has sex with Jamie, 10, Lolita 9. They meet Asian sisters Dawn 24 and Desire, age 10, both erotic masseuses, and start erotic massage 4 some with Lolita and Desire in tent at beach.     
    • by Keyman :...
    • The Good Neighbor - Troop Tales "Cathy" part 1
      thegoo10 zip (8k) (M/f Pedo)
      Next up to tell her story was Cathy, an eight year old with the body of an eight year old, flat chest, thin coltish legs and almost no ass. Her face was cute framed in dark brown hair cut short. Her large brown eyes would melt the heart of the coldest bastard. It seems that Cathy between those small asscheeks had a very large asshole, how it had gotten that large will be the basis for her story.     
    • by Lil N :...
    • Witness...
      witness zip (4k) (M/f, pedo, con incest, voyeur)
      I knew what my loving husband was up to. Always the horndog, he could never get enough sex from me. He would just totally wear me out after one of our sexual collisions. It would take me a few days just to recover! So it's no surprise at what I discovered in our 'perfect' home the other day.     
    • by The MadHatter :...
    • Spaß mit den Kindern
      gkid1_10 zip (101k) (übersetzt von Mysterya)
      Billy konnte es nicht glauben, das er noch einen Babysitter haben sollte. Er war schließlich alt genug, wie er fand, und brauchte keinen Babysitter mehr ! Nur weil seine Schwester Becky noch so klein war, und seine Mutter und sein Vater nicht glaubten, das er alt genug wäre, auf sie aufzupassen, während sie weg waren !!!     
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