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    August 12th - August 18th mid-Morning Updates

      Everybody's Talkin'....

      On Friday PM, August 18, 2000

    • by Griff :...
    • Angie, ch 1
      angie1 zip (7k) (mmm/f)
      Billy couldn't believe what he was seeing. He had been crossing the backyard on his way to the barn when he heard voices behind the smokehouse. He eased up to the corner of the log structure and peeked through the cracks where the logs joined.     What he was seeing was his 11 year old sister, Angie, lying back on his Grandpa's workbench, totally nude. Even more amazing was the fact that three of the neighbor's boys were gathered around her.     
    • by Ashley :...
    • Battered Superheroes, ch 2
      batter2 zip (9k) (F/F, D/s, superheroes)
      Supergirl is still held captive, and powerless, in Live Wire's home, and it's Harley's turn to torment her.     
    • by Analover :...
    • Birthday Girl, part 3
      birthda3 zip (11k) (M/f)
      “Honey,” Gramps said. “I didn’t want to wake anyone up so I haven’t showered yet. My cock’s been up your Mom’s ass most of the night…” “That’s nice,” said Marcy her eyes meeting his. She smiled and unzipped his pants…     
    • by Pedopee :...
    • Carla's Birthday Party, ch 7 & 8
      carla7_8 zip (4k) (MF/group children/ws/scat)
      The final two chapters of Carla's Birthday Party. The very young children entertain the adults and there is a group piss and shit, into a bowl, which everyone drinks and eats from. Then Carla discovers that she is pregnant.     
      Nikki's Naive Mother, ch 2-3
      nikki2_3 zip (4k) (Child Rape/Mother Daughter forced/ws/Scat/breast/murder)
      The continuation of this story. Niki suffers more rape and humiliation. Her mum is forced to join in and gets the ultimate shock!!!     
    • by Davy Sprocket :...
    • Girl Interrupted
      girlinte zip (24k) (F/b/g (b-age15, g-age 10))
      I figured she was ten, maybe eleven. She was cute, wearing blue jeans cut-offs and a halter-top.     I smiled, wiping my hands on a rag. "Hi! Now what was it you were asking?"     She looked me up and down and then took the grape Popsicle into her mouth. The ice disappeared languidly down her throat, reappearing just as slowly, until it exited with a final twist of her fat purple tongue.    "I was asking if you wanted a blow job," she said looking directly into my eyes.     
    • by Artsy Craftsy Kid :...
    • Gospel Angeles
      gospel zip (18k) (m/ffF)
      The Gospel Angeles learn an new tune.     
    • by Tom Singleton :...
    • Gothic, ch 1
      gothic1 zip (12k) (f/f sis-sis, F/f Mom-dau, m/f bro-sis, etc.)
      "Gothic," a novel of romance, intrigue, horror, comedy -- and sex. Two teen sisters, Pepper and Poppy, seek out their estranged father, Prof. Hobart Jolly, at his remote hilltop mansion. There, they encounter him, his housekeeper Inga, daughter Pippi, son Dirk and the bizarre research projects in Daddy's laboratory.     Come with me, Dear Reader, and explore the haunted labyrinthe of Gothic Romance, horror and comedy at the forbidden frontiers of human and inhuman sexuality.     That's it ... lean forward ... hit the download key and ... Gotcha!     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • My Secret Life
      mysecret zip (14k) (Mfffmm Dad/daut/inc/pedo/oral)
      This is my story of how I just finished busting my 9 year old daughter's cherry while her 7 year old sister watched. It was a glorious night and both girls are sleeping now, in my bed. I just wanted to put this all down before I forget any of the thrill of the night.     
    • by Johnny Johnson :...
    • It All Started By Taking A Shower
      shower1 zip (41k) (m/ff, explore, discovery, mast, romance)
      Kalor was not yet really interested in girls. Yes, he like to look at the dirty picture magazines Jerry always seemed to have and talk about having sex with them but he knew it was just talk. He mostly did it just to keep up appearances. He always talked big when around other boys. Personally he had no idea how to do "it" or even wanted to do "it" (Yes, he was afraid of girls.) Kalor had never seen a real girl with less than a bikini on. His father had told him about the birds and the bees. His school also covered the subject in health class last year,which included two movies that he had to get permission to see because if it's graphic nature. (You know the one that showed cartoon pictures of the parts of the body and had little arrows pointing at the items as they were discussed.) It was then followed by another movie that ONLY the boys could see about the proper care of your body and it's sex parts. It showed actual pictures of boys and their "Penises." The girls also had a movie to see about girls of course.     
      Take Your Daughter to Work Day, ch 1
      takedaut zip (10k) (M/f,oral,inc,con,first time)
      Every few swings I would get a glimpse of her panties under the nice knee length dress she was wearing. The glimpse were to short to see anything more than they were a light color. She stopped and turned and asked her mother something. Turning forward again she after getting the answer she wanted I guess, she raised a leg giving me a wonderful view of her light blue panties. They were not to tight but a side had slide high on a mound with all her wiggling. She removed a bright patent leather shoe. She lowered that leg and raised the other one giving me a view of her panties again. She removed her shoe and dropped it by the other one. She must have felt air on her mound because she took the time to pull her panties away from her crotch for a moment to get them to settle properly again.     
    • by Little One :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Daddy Don't
      daddy zip (9k) (M/f dad/daut, rape)
      It had been too long since he’d gotten laid. Too long that he’d fantasized about this, about her. He was too drunk, and too angry, and too frustrated. Too fucking horny. He knew he was going to rape her. His baby.
    • by Jaz1701 :...
    • Rape Confesional #1
      rapecon1 zip (17k
      I don't think of myself as evil, but I might be.        Sometimes there is a line that you cross, an action that simply can't be forgiven. You may not know it while you are doing it but upon reflection--you know something has changed. There is a grit associated with you, a slight stench, and you know you can never really be clean again. Ever since that day I have had trouble looking people in the eye. I think a part of me knew I wasn't as good as they were. It really is not fair. I have certainly done things in the heat of the moment, in the heat of passion, that I know are wrong...but I just could not help myself. To be honest, it's not always my fault. Sometimes other people intentionally set me off, I don't know why--but they do. I guess that's really how this mess all got started. I don't think I am evil, yet, but I am no longer clean.
    • by heysoose :...
    • Stroke Story
      stroke zip (5k) (Mmmmmm/fF, stroke)
      I have an old notebook from the 80's believe it or not, filled with very short stroke stories. Here is one of them.
    • by Peter Novak :...
    • Jordenrund, Del 7
      jordenr7 zip (7k) (M/F/f)
      Bukten vi hade ankrat upp i, sen månader tillbaka, låg i det södra Spanien några mil från Cadiz, och ibland hörde man de stora Fraktbåtarnas Horn ljuda när dom gick genom Gibraldarsundet, tillhörde en Grande von Spanien, en äldre mycket trevlig och snäll gentleman. Det var egentligen endast på sommaren han levde här för då hade Cordé det spanska Parlamentet stängt, vilket han var medlem i. Han hade inga släktingar i livet mera, berättade han oss, och han var mycket glad över att vi hade hittad hans lilla paradis, förtjust var han också över Berit, som han kallade sin lilla solstråle. Han måste ha sett att både Sofia och Berit väntade barn, men han komenderate aldrig den Situationen. Han erbjöd oss att bo i det lilla slottet, lilla och lilla, det fanns ett otal rum jag har inte räknad dom än, men 30 var det minst, och man kunde gå vilse bland allt gammalt bråde, antikvitäter, skrymsel och gångar. Då både Sofia och jag kunde spanska var det inget problem med kommunikationerna, och mot julen hade vi flyttat in hos Granden, med all pick och pack, där till kom också att både Sofia och Berit var lite besvärat av sin gravität. Så vi var tvungna att rätt så ofta åka in till den närmast stan och besöka kvinnoläkaren. Granden lånade oss alltid sin bil så vi var helt obundna, och använde bilen till sightseing i den underbara spanska Landsbygden.     

      Wednesday PM, August 16, 2000

    • by The Phantom :...
    • Avatar of Love, ch 26
      avatar26 zip (31k) (FF MFF Ff mff tg preg first anal oral group inc)
      Jean and Michael get a girlfriend My child is born
    • by Strangelove :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Barnvakt
      barnvakt zip (4k) (M/f)
      Det började med att jag skulle vara barnvakt en helg, en kompis skulle resa bort och ville att jag skulle passa deras dotter. Dom kom på fredag eftermiddag och lämnade henne hos mig. Hon heter Linda och då var hon 10 år gammal. Jag hade hyrt hem några videofilmer och köpt lite gott, så att vi kunde spendera kvällen i soffan. Vi packade upp hennes saker och bäddade iordning en madrass åt henne. Hon gick runt i lägenheten och tittade lite, när hon kom till badrummet så såg hon tydligen att jag hade ett badkar för hon ville bada.     
      jultidni zip (5k) (M/f)
      Det var min första vinter i min första egna lägenhet. Jag var 19 år och glad över att äntligen få bo själv. En kväll så satt jag ensamen och tittade på tv när det ringde på dörren, jag reste mig upp och gick till dörren för att öppna. "Hejsan vill du köpa jultidningar ?" Frågade en söt liten flicka, kanske 10 år gammal. Nja jag vet inte svarade jag, "Men jag har en massa jättebra tidningar, jag kan visa dig om du vill ?" Ok kom in då, sa jag. Hon klev in och började ta av sig jackan, jag tittade på henne och tänkte att hon var ju rätt så söt. Jag undrar hur hon ser ut naken, jag har alltid varit intresserad av småflickor.     
      Min perversa flickvän
      minperve zip (6k) (M/F/f/f)
      Jag är en kille på 25 år som är tillsammans med en tjej (Lena) på 19, hon är bland det kåtaste man kan hitta, jag har då i alla fall inte träffat någon värre. Ni kommer snart att förstå varför. Min tjej hade lovat att vi skulle vara barnvakt åt hennes småsyrror en helg som deras föräldrar skulle resa bort på en kusinträff eller vad det var. Hennes systrar, två stycken heter Anna och Lotta. Anna är 7 år och Lotta är 9.     

      Tuesday PM, August 15, 2000

    • by Zuni Fetish Doll :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Dressing Room
      dressing zip (5k) (M/f)
      Some intresting things can happen when you go to try on some things in a department store.     
    • by sniffer :...
    • Divorced, part 4
      divorce4 zip (4k) (M/ff)
      What should I do? If a girl wishes to get fucked, I'm not the man to say no. So I resumed my caresses to increase her arousal. Her cunny was slimy, gaping open, showing its scarlet and swollen inner labia. Her body was ready for my cock. I went over her, over this wonderfully budding girl who waited for me with closed eyes, red cheeks, sweating from head to toe and shivering with lust. When my throbbing cock touched her immature sex, she moaned and I felt as if a lightning had struck me. I pushed forward. With an obscene sound my glans plunged into her hot and wet slit. Another push and I felt the opening of her cunt stretching over my knob. It was incredibly wonderful. I was fully concentrated on the sensations in my cock who entered a childish slit for the first time. I had to concentrate hard not to shoot my load right now.     
    • by KingCap :...
    • Home Alone, ch 3
      homealo3 zip (7k) (mf ff young teens)
      "You were watching us?" Mike squeaked, his changing voice betraying him at the worst moment. He was almost crying and then left the room, stumbling downstairs. Ashley grabbed her shirt and put it on and ran after Mike, trying to comfort the boy. At that moment, the phone rang. Aaron, keeping an eye on Kristi, whose naked form was slumped against the post of the bed, picked up the phone.     
    • by John Cole :...
    • Jenny's Story, part 3: Emma's Brother
      jenny3 zip (7k) (M/g, g/g, pedo, oral)
      Emma's older brother is baby sitting her so Jenny asks to be invited for a sleepover. The girls are planning to get off with him, and young Jenny intends to use more than just her mouth....     
    • by little girl watcher :...
    • Mother's Secret Shame, part 8: Making Sarah Suffer
      mother8 zip (15k) (F/g ffff/g Inc: Inc/Mom/dau/WS/bond/S&M/toy/Rape/Spank/Non cons/WARNING ROUGH)
      “Eonugh of this shit.” Dana declared, peering into the bag and smiling grimmly. “You three strip that little bitch naked. We’re gonna have some fun.” Kelly rushed over to join her friends, who were yanking and tearing at Sarah’s light blue top, diaper and socks. In seconds the child was naked and cowering before the trio, her clothes in a pile. Odette grabbed her by the hair and forced her to walk over on her knees to the pile, then forced the little autistic girl’s pretty seven year old face down into the warm pissy wetness of her own soaked diaper. “Have a drink kid.” The black teen girl hissed with venom in her voice as she ground the screaming seven year old’s face into the urine soaked fabric. “Lap it up!” “Fuck yes!” Ann cried out as an orgasm rocked through her aching hole. Watching her innocent pre-teen daughter being humiliated had her pussy in a spasm. She’d have prefered that the little girl’s torment had taken place in public, but it was good enough as it was.     
    • by H. Grant :...
    • The Nursery Room
      nursery zip (10k) (F/b/ggg/toddlers/diapers/ws/scat)
      Mrs. Tyner is a busty 33 year old blonde who is caught in a frustrating marriage with her religious husband. Faced with a non-existant sex life at home, she begins to seek her sexual satisfaction elsewhere in the role of a trustworthy babysitter at their local church. This wicked tale of perverse sexual desire unfolds as we examine a day in the life of Mrs. Tyner - a woman held captive to certain fetish needs and desires!     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Silver
      silver zip (17k) (MMMfff yg teen,rape,pedo,incest,consent)
      Silver and Taite had to run away. After their father left many years ago their mother managed to have a steady stream of boy friends that lived with them. Some were OK but most were mean and abusive. The last straw was when the newest man that mom really cared about started in on Taite. She was 14 with golden blonde hair and a very pretty face. She had matured into a woman's body with nice boobs and a sweet ass. Silver was only 9 years old.     
    • by The Phantom :...
    • Avatar of Love, ch 25
      avatar25 zip (32k) (mf Ff FF MFF preg tg exam)
      Michael gets examined, and some interesting news Jean and Michael become inseparable Tiffany and Terry finally reveal their relationship More kids to come
    • by Peter Novak :...
    • Jordenrund, Del 5
      jordenr3 zip (7k) (fortsättning från jordenrund del 5)
      Vi satt i aktern, det vill säga jag låg på knä framför Berit, och hon och Sofia halvlåg på bänken, Berit med fortfarande uppdragna ben, så att Babyspermierna skulle nå ända in i livmodern. Sofia lade sig nu också på knä framför Berit lyfte hennes Bäcken upp mot sitt ansikte och började att sörpla i sig våra blandate safter.    -Baby hit eller dit, sa hon jag ska ha kuksås i mig och så måste jag rengöra dig, och körde hella munnen in mellan Berit´s fittlläppar.     När Sofia tyckte att det var tillräckligt ren i och rund Berit´s fitta vände hon sig mot mig och sög in kuken i munnen, efter några minuter släppte hon ut kuken ur munnen, rengjord och blöt. -Nu tar vi ett dopp, sade hon och hoppade i vattnet från båten.     
    • by sniffer :...
    • Eine Sommergeschichte, ch 2
      sommer2 zip (10k) (M/f pedo)
      Lieber Leser, hast du noch Lust weiter zu hören, was ich zu erzählen habe? Es ist keine Beichte, es ist ein Bericht und es macht mir Freude, all diese Ereignisse beim Aufschreiben wieder zu durchleben, als wäre es gestern gewesen. Es freut mich, wenn du mir über deine Erlebnisse berichten kannst, denn das Thema interessiert mich immer noch brennend...     

      Monday PM, August 14, 2000

    • by Allene Blake :...
    • Visit from Marge and George
      marge zip (15k) (incest, spanking and whipping)
      Marge called me from Seattle. Marge is my sister in law, Mikes brother George's wife.    Just hearing her voice excited me as it brought back memories of our "Playtimes."    Mike and George like to watch us compete to see how much punishment we will accept willingly. Just moving out of position or screaming makes you the loser. It is really hard to stand with legs open and hands on head while your pussy and breasts are abused. The loser has to eat the winners pussy. I don't have lesbian tendencies so I really try hard. Especially since Marge likes to heap verbal abuse on me when I do it and spank my ass with a cane until she cums.     
    • by tony-n-friends :...
    • Computer Love III
      pclove3 zip (13k) (daddy/daughter incest, preteen, watching, M/F)
      The little girl came skipping into the kitchen, dressed for a birthday party. Heather smiled at her daughter, her shorts slightly askew, the white socks already half way down her legs and the blouse not quite tucked in. “Come here baby Lissa, mommy has to put you together again”. Lissa giggled at her mother. “Can’t I stay home today mommy, please? It is not fair you get to see good stuff on the camera and I don’t. Please can I stay home, I won’t be in the way.” Heather was already shaking her head. “No baby, you can’t. I promise that the next time we turn the cameras on, you can be here, and Phillip and I will plan it. But today, you have to go to the party. You know every girl in your class will be there, and you wanted to go before you knew this was Keri’s day.”     
    • by The Sailor :...
    • The Twins on Pedopolis Island, ch 3
      twins3 zip (11k) (MFmmfff/dad/daut/group/inc/pre-teen)
      In the dining hall, all of the tables were wicker with glass tops. As we passed some tables, it was easy to see precocious youth under the table licking at erect cocks or dripping cunts. At other tables, men were seated with young kids in their laps. Most were content to let the squirming kids rock back and forth on their cocks, but some had certainly inserted their meat into either a wet cunt or slippery asshole. My own cock began to rise as I watched the hot action.     

      Sunday PM, August 13, 2000

    • by Rick Roll :...
    • Cops
      cops zip (11k) (M/F/F - oral/anal/dom/force)
      Cheryl gets stopped driving drunk by two police officers. They take her back to a deserted cell, and Cheryl does anything they ask in order to get out of being arrested.     
    • by jnblack454 :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Getting Close With Little Sister
      getting zip (3k) (M/f inc (sist))
      I was over my parent's house, alone with my little sister Rachel. She had just turned 15 and I found myself infatuated with her, her slim figure and C-cup breasts, I was jerking off constantly with her in mind. It was the middle of summer and she was wearing some loose soccer shorts with a t-shirt, a sports bra under that as we sat together on the couch watching television.     "I'm curious, are you still a virgin?" I asked.     "Yes! What kind of question is that?" Rachel asked, somewhat shocked.     "But you've done stuff?"     "I'm not telling you that!" she complained, looking embarrassed now.     "Come on! I won't tell Mom or Dad," I begged.     Rachel looked at me a moment and finally admitted, "I've done lots of stuff, almost everything except for the sex part."     "Really?" I asked, hard now as I imagined this in my mind. "Like what?"     She glanced at the bulge in my shorts before saying, "Um, blowjobs. I've done that a few times."     "Really? Are you good at it?" I asked, my hand on her thigh.     Rachel nodded and waited a moment before asking, "Do you want to see for yourself?"
    • by Peter Novak :...
    • Jordenrund Del 4
      jordenr2 zip (6k) (M/f/daut)
      Jag trängde in min stela kuk i Sofias mulliga, varma och våta fitta. Hon vibrerade av upphetsning när den pressades in mellan hennes ben. Vi kysstes ivrigt och jag arbetade snabbt och hårt. Hon hade kommit ner till båten, efter alla andra hade gått och lagt sig. Den här gången blev det inget förspel, hon hade varit så kåt att kuken bara åkte in av farten. Kuken var nu ordentligt insmord av Sofias rikliga kärlekssafter.    -Jag vill ha den i munnen när det går för dig, jag vill smaka din kuksaft, jävla vad kåt jag blev, kuken spratt till, jag märkte att jag inte kunde hålla tillbaka längre, med plopp trog jag ut kuken ur hennes fitta och flyttade mig upp över hennes mun, jag behövde bara dra två gånger med handen när kuksaften sprutade ut över hennes öppna mun. När den vita runksaften började att pulsera ut vrålade jag ut min orgasm i takt med att sperman pumpades ut.     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Mi prima Lydia
      lydia zip (9k) (m/f, incest)
      Aquel verano no se me olvidará fácilmente. Mi prima Lydia iba a venir a pasar unos días a casa, porque mi tía estaba trabajando en Madrid y Lydia estaba un poco aburrida con su hermano mayor, Luis, de 22 años, que se encargaba de cuidar de ella en ausencia de su madre. Luis tenía sus amigos y su ambiente y siempre ponía "peros" a quedarse con su hermana, de modo que mi tía nos preguntó si podía dejar a la niña con nosotros unos días, a lo que mi madre respondió que sí.     Yo veía a mi prima sólo una o dos veces al mes y cuatro o cinco en verano, cuando todos venían a pasar ratos en nuestro chalé y la piscina. Era una niña de 12 años agradable y bastante atractiva y sacaba buenas notas. A mí me caía muy bien, aunque yo tuviera 17 años y no tuviéramos demasiadas cosas en común. A ella yo le gustaba mucho, o eso me había dicho una vez. Como es lógico, no tomé en serio nada, sobre todo porque lo decía una niña que ni siquiera había entrado en la pubertad.
    • by Tiny Lover :...
    • Grandpa Twelver
      grandpa zip (25k) (M/F incest/pedo)
      Hi Liz,     I know that I’m going to see you in just a month but I had to write and tell you about my awesome summer so far. You remember how last summer my parents dropped me off for two full months with my Grandpa at his beach house? They wanted to keep me out of trouble while they ran off to Tahiti so they could be alone. And remember how I met that guy Peter. I told him that I was actually a freshman even though you and I were both still in fifth grade. And remember how I ended up making out with him for two full minutes? Well, that was nothing. My Grandpa and I have gotten a lot closer this summer.     
    • by bookworm :...
    • In Spain
      inspain zip (10k) (M/F Mf)
      This is the fifth part of Megan and her family and is set both when Karen was a child and now with Megan     Watching Karen and Anna from the veranda was one of my more innocent pass times. Watching their tanned young bodes splash in and out of the water. But to day was different, to day there was a change in their relationship. I didn't know what but there was just something about the way they behaved towards each other. A lot more whispering and casual touching, but not so much giggling. Then it happened, they were showering to get the chemicals from the pool off their suits. First I thought it was just more horse play, as Anna reached out and pulled down the top of Karen's swim suit. Then in stead of giggling childishly     
    • by little girl watcher :...
    • Mother's Secret Shame, part 7: Beautiful. Blonde. Sadistic.
      mother7 zip (11k) (F/f Inc: Teaser. Inc Mom/dau/ Brief S&M/ References to WS/Hum/les/semi non-cons)
      “Do you think I could get some guys to piss on my kids?” Ann nervously asked the more pedophiliacly experienced Susan; letting go of Natalie so she could reach up and fondle her own big heaving tits and tweak her nipples with both “Sure.” The brunette answered after a moments thought. “I don’t see why not. It shouldn’t be a problem as long as the girls like it.” “I don’t CARE if they like it or not!” Ann exclaimed, reaching down to yank sharply on Sarah’s short brown hair, jerking the child’s head back and making the autistic girl squeak. “As a matter of fact, I hope they don’t!”     
    • by Dickie :...
    • Nasty Games - Billy Spends the Night
      nastyga4 zip (12k) (b/b t/b spank oral)
      With Terry gone, Little Billy needed to find a new friend to play with.
    • by Peter Novak :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Jordenruntresan
      jordenru zip (18k) (M/f/daut)
      På en jordenrund segling möter man olika människor, första anhalten var Danmark.    
    • by Jan O :...
    • Sommarträffen, del 4
      sommar4 zip (13k) (M+/F+/m/f+)
      Per och hans två döttrar Jessica (12) och Alice (10) är på sommarträff på den anläggning som Pers pedofilnätverk har i Frankrike.    Efter en vild inledning av den första veckan blir fortsättningen lite mer sansad. Men det händer både det ena och det andra i alla fall. T ex så hamnar Alice och Sanne på en liten hästuppvisning och så får Per se en härlig lesbisk show mellan två 8-åriga tvillingsystrar. Ja det blir en hel dal annat om med det får ni läsa om i berättelsen.    Det går givetvis bra att läsa de olika delarna i vilken ordning som helst men jag rekommenderar att ni börjar med 1:an där en hel del grundinformation finns.     
      tillslag zip (9k) (MMMM/fff (13-16) f+ (5-7))
      Janne och hans 3 kompisar är hängivna pedofiler och de gillar allt som har med flickor mellan 5 - 15 år att göra. De har bildat kommandogruppen "Den vita duvan" där de i sina fantasier har planerat att slå till mot någon skola eller liknande och sedan knulla alla flickor de kommer över.    Fram till nu har det bara varit fantasier men på senaste tiden har planerna blivit allt mer verkliga och en dag så är det dags för deras första aktivitet.    Målet är en gymnastiklektion hos en idrottsförening i närheten. De har tagit reda på att gruppen innehåller ett 15-tal flickor mellan 5 och 7 år samt deras unga ledare, tre tjejer på 13 - 16 år.     

      Saturday PM, August 12, 2000

    • by Allene Blake :...
    • Bitch Mom, part 2
      bitchmo2 zip (4k) (M/F/m incest, spanking and whipping, snuff)
      They dragged Grace out to some soft dirt and buried her then we went back to the house. Jim threw away the cattle prod saying, "I don't want to kill Helen."    That made Mom relax a bit.    When we got to the house Steph said, "I am real grateful. Can I show you what a good cocksucker I am."    Jim said,"why don't you show Mike. I am still training Helen."    Steph said, "Do you want to."     "Yeah. In a minute. I want to see what they are going to do to Mom."     
      I Am Not A Slut
      notaslut zip (5k) (F/MM slutty)
      I am not a slut. It just seems I put myself in situations where I am forced to do slutty things.     For instance when I was about sixteen I went up to a remote lake in the mountains with a couple of boys from my school.     We had to hike about a mile uphill and I was hot and tired when we got there. I was wearing my bikini under my clothes and I took off the t-shirt and my jeans to go swimming.    I blushed when one of the boys said ,"Allright! A striptease." but I realized I was being silly. All my private parts were covered.     I laid down on the blanket they had laid out to rest for a moment since I was still breathing hard from the climb.    Joe said,"The sun is really brutal. Let me put some suntan oil on you."    I rolled over on my stomach and he started rubbing the oil on my back Then he untied the bow on my bra to rub there. I protested but he said, "It is just your back." so I relaxed again. I had watched the late late movie the night before so I was sleepy and the massage felt so good I went to sleep.     
    • by Ted :...
    • Boots - The Early Years, ch 14: Scalping the Chief
      boots14 zip (13k) (F/f, F/f, M/f, pedo, inces, cons)
      Boots and her mother set a scheme in play to get even with "Chief" for what he did to Tulsa. They then tell Tulsa's mother and the two mothers enjoy each other's daughter. Boots' father is invited to join in...which he does.     
    • by bookworm :...
    • Going On Holiday
      goingon zip (10k) (M/F M/f)
      This is the fourth story about Megan and her family. Smiling across at Petra, I start to suck once again, savouring the soft sweet taste of my daughter's milk. With both sucking hard on a breast each Karen pulled us both of tighter into her breasts. Soon I would have to get off, if only so Petra can get to the second course of her breakfast. Softly I run my hand over Petra's flank and bottom before moving on to Karen. Felling Karen's muscle ripple as my hand moves over them, then as they pass onto her pubic bone feel her rise to meet it. Reluctantly I release the grip on Karen's breast, hoping that knowing it's a game, Petra will grab for it allowing me to roll Karen onto her side. As my nine-month-old granddaughter crawls across her mother's chest, I feel Karen move side ways giving me room to roll her onto her side.     
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Lizzie's Guy
      lizzie zip (9k) (M/g, F/g)
      A chance encounter in an ordinary playground park was the stuff that Jilly and her Unka Roy’s dreams were made of. And more.     
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • Rape
      rape zip (20k) (MF/g, Mf; inc; pedo, extreme caution)
      His wife, Carol, kept him from raping their daughter, but Matt had discovered the pleasures of perverting her with infinite patience. He paced his invasion of Tina to time with the slow ripening of her terrified body, and it seemed certain that he could corrupt her and take her before it had fully matured. Matt had gone to the one-hour photo place to drop off the film with Tina's latest poses. He hadn't broken her will yet, but he knew that the little thing would snap someday soon. The twelve-year-old had lost her shyness and did most of what he told her to do, if reluctantly, still crying sometimes, her tear-stained face in stark contrast to the lewd spread of her slender thighs...     
    • by Jan O :...
    • Myshornan
      myshorna zip (11k) (M/m/fffff)
      Pär jobbar tillfälligt som vikarie på ett daghem mellan jul och nyår när många av de andra i personalen behöver semester. Det är inte så många barn på avdelningarna under den här tiden men mellan 6-10 pojkar och flickor (faktiskt endast en pojke) är ändå på plats de olika dagarna och behöver tas omhand. En dag sitter han i den myshörna som barnen har med en massa kuddar och annat gosigt och läser en saga för dem. Det blir härligt trångt och Pär, som blir superkåt så snart han får se eller känna på ett par strumpbyxor, inser snart att det här måste han göra något åt.     

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  • Everybody's talkin' at me
    I don't hear a word they're sayin'
    Only the echoes of my mind

    People stop 'n stare at me
    I can't see their faces
    Only the shadows of their eyes

    (as written and performed by Nilsson)


    I'm goin' where the sun keeps shinin'
    Through the pourin' rain
    Goin' where the weather suits my clothes
    Bankin' off of the North East winds
    Sailin' on summer breeze
    And skippin' over the ocean like a stone


    (as written and performed by Nilsson)


    I'm going where the sun keeps shinin'
    Through the pourin' rain
    Goin' where the weather suits my clothes
    Bankin' off of the North East winds
    Sailin' on summer dreams
    And skippin' over the ocean like a stone


    (Theme from "Midnight Cowboy", as written and performed by Nilsson)

  • Ex-Disney executive sentenced in Net sex case ...

      Special to CNET
      August 10, 2000, 9:40 a.m. PT

      LOS ANGELES--A former Disney Internet executive has been sentenced to nine months in home detention for crossing state lines with the intention of having sex with a minor he contacted by email.

      Patrick J. Naughton was arrested last September after arranging to meet an email correspondent who was actually an FBI agent pretending to be a 13-year-old girl.

      U.S. District Court Senior Judge Edward Rafeedie gave Naughton a sentence of nine months home detention with electronic monitoring, a $20,000 fine and five years probation. full story at

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