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      Since I've Been Loving You....

      On Thursday PM, August 24, 2000

    • by Euphoria :...
    • Jade's Golden Ray Of Sunshine
      jadesray zip (13k) (f/f m/fff pedo w/s scat)
      Jade found the mattress beneath her comfortable. It sagged a little, but it was firm around the edges. Jade lay down on the bed, cocooning herself in the blanket. She reached around and placed the tip of her finger against her bottomhole. "Ouch." Her little hole was tender and torn. Jade reached lower to run her finger between the lips of her vagina. Though her clitoris had not been hurt, the walls of her vagina were bruised and swollen.     
    • by a. fudpucker :...
    • Nightmare On Sesame Street: Introduction
      nightmar zip (8k) (M/f yng tn, incest, anal, oral)
      Freddie Kruger is back! As he watches a father having sex with his teen daughter on Elm Street, he makes a couple of frightening decisions: his victims would have to be much younger, and SEX would become more a part of his evil games!     
    • by The Englishman :...
    • Plonker, part 8
      plonker8 zip (11k) (m/f inc)
      Sammy tried to tell herself that this could not be happening - that it was just a bad dream. Despite the alcohol-induced fuzzy feeling of not being completely there, she was in no doubt that she was not imagining Fogel's hand inching closer to the junction at the top of her slim legs, his finger tips stroking and caressing the soft skin of her inner thigh. Even through her revulsion for the depraved man and what he was doing to her, Sammy felt the familiar tingling in her tummy and the warm moist sensation begin to well up between her legs. She forgot to breathe until the pain in her chest reminded her, and her parted knees trembled in fearful anticipation as Fogel's fingers slid higher.     
    • by Zehrman :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Watching, ch 1
      watchin1 zip (7k) (m/f, mother/son, voyeur)
      It began when my sister Inci and her son Munir came to stay with my wife and I for a week. Although older than me at 48 Inci was still an attractive woman who looked 10 years younger thanks in part to her slim figure (despite having three children). She was married to a successful businessman although they didn't spend a lot of time
    • by Ammoun :...
    • Peg, part 3
      peg3 zip (48k) (M/f, M/f dad/daug, incest, various combos)
      Two weeks after our first trip to Wedgewood Resort, Jan, Beth and I return to the nudist swinger's resort, this time accompanied by Peg, Peg's new friend and lover, Carol, and Carol's 10-year-old daughter, Becky.
    • by Realtrader :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Der Spanner, teil 1
      spanner1 zip (30k) (M/f, dad/daut, mom/daut, man/boy, group)
      Ein Mann beobachtet im Schwimmbad einen Vater mit seiner Tochter beim Sex und erpresst darauf hin die Familie, bis er mitmachen darf.     

      Wednesday PM, August 23, 2000

    • by PyroT3k :...New Author.!.!.!
    • At the Carnival
      carnival zip (6k) (M/f voy mast oral bizarre)
      Young Patty takes a trip to the carnival ... and gets more than she ever dreamed possible! This is part one of a 3 part story     
    • by John Cole :...
    • Jenny's Story, part 4: Getting Dirty with Bobby
      jenny4 zip (4k) (M/g, pedo, oral, w/s)
      Her first fuck had left nine-year-old Jenny Neal so aroused that she was ready to try anything. And with Bobby more than willing to do the same the sex starts to get dirtier and dirtier....     

      Tuesday PM, August 22, 2000

    • by Zebra :...New Author.!.!.!
    • A Step Mom's Revenge, ch 1
      stepmom1 zip (8k) (Mg interracial cons)
      "Now remember," said Lisa as she brushed her step-daughter's long golden hair, "... you have to do whatever he says while you're over there. No matter what it is!"       "I will!" said Mindy grinning as she waited anxiously for Lisa to finish. She had been waiting eagerly for Eddie to come out this afternoon. She liked the big black man a lot. He was fun!     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Pawn
      thepawn zip (20k) (M/F,M/f dad,daut,inc,blackmail,murder)
      In a desperate moment, a young political candidate makes a big mistake. He goes to an old friend who works the underside of the city and asks for an alibi. He ends up the puppet of people that are connected to the mob. He ends up as Governor of the state and to make sure he does as he is told they use his little girl as a pawn to keep him in line. A killer watches her every move and Victor will do anything to keep her safe. After his wife is killed the girl turns to her father for love. He is desperate for love himslef and they discover one another. Then they have to find a way out.....     
    • by Blue Max :...
    • Knocking-up Karen
      knocking zip (9k) (M/F, preg, rape, w/s)
      My sister-in-law despises me. Hates me - always has. She hates me even more now that her skirts don't fit round her bulging tummy. Yes, I reckon I knocked her up good and proper and I now have another bastard to my credit. That makes twenty-seven!    My mission in life is to knock-up as many tarts as possible and put babies into their tummies. The more they hate me and the less they want my baby, the more I enjoy banging them up and giving them something to remember me by.
    • by Lardy :...
    • The Slave trainer, part 3
      theslav3 zip (5k) (MF/f nc anal)
      Set up in a remote farmhouse with a sadistic mother and her eight-year-old daughter, I let my clients sample the merchandise.

      Monday PM, August 21, 2000

    • by sniffer :...
    • Sandra, the sequel
      sandrae2 zip (4k) (M/f)
      Do you remember the Sandra story? You can download it from my page! In short: Sandra is a beautiful 12 years old girl. On her way home from her ballett training she is kidnapped. In front of a camera she has to leave her name and address, then she has to do a striptease and suck the kidnappers off. Then they deflower her and fuck her. Sandra feels pain and humiliation, but there is also something new in her. Here you can read, what happened afterwards.     
    • by Silk :...
    • School Uniform Club - Kathleen, part 3
      kathlee3 zip (9k) (M/ff (f age 14) incest, unc/niece, first time, anal, oral)
      Yeah Uncle Craig is gonna fuck me, and it's all 'cause of Beccy. Currently were both sitting on Uncle Craig's sofa, naked 'cept for little school skirts, an' our socks. 'Cause he says he loves us dressed as little schoolgirls.     Uncle Craig's naked too, and kneel'in in front of me. I grabbed his head as he buried his face in my crotch and sucked my juices. Uncle Craig held on to the hem of my skirt, so Beccy could watch.     
    • by Allene Blake :...
    • Staying With Uncle Max
      staying1 zip (6k) (M/f incest, spanking and whipping)
      When I was about fourteen my Mom and Dad decided to take a vacation in Las Vegas. Since there was nothing for kids to do there they decided I should stay with Uncle Max. that was fine with me since Uncle Max thought I was cute and pretty much let me do anything I wanted. I had stayed with him before and he had taken me to the amusement park and let me swim in his pool as long as he was there to watch. This time it wouldn't be just one night but a whole week.    There was one thing about my last visit when I was ten that bothered me a little. He had insisted on giving me a bath at night. I told him I was getting too old for that and Mom might not approve but he said, "You are still a little girl to me and you always liked it when I gave you a bath."     
      Visit from Marge and George
      visitfro zip (16k) (M/F/f incest, spanking and whipping)
      Marge called me from Seattle. Marge is my sister in law, Mikes brother George's wife.     Just hearing her voice excited me as it brought back memories of our "Playtimes."    Mike and George like to watch us compete to see how much punishment we will accept willingly. Just moving out of position or screaming makes you the loser. It is really hard to stand with legs open and hands on head while your pussy and breasts are abused. The loser has to eat the winners pussy. I don't have lesbian tendencies so I really try hard. Especially since Marge likes to heap verbal abuse on me when I do it and spank my ass with a cane until she cums.     
    • by The Sailor :...
    • The Twins on Pedopolis Island, ch 4
      twins4 zip (9k) (MFmmfff/dad/daut/bi/group/inc)
      The sky was brighter now, and a loom of white and red stood over the spot on the horizon where the sun would soon make its entrance. The surf had been still, but it began to slowly break against the shore, adding an audible excitement to the sunrise. Soo Lee shifted her ass to caress my semi-hard cock. "Daddy used to make love to me in the mornings. I think that is when I miss him the most. Would you be my daddy this morning?"     

      Sunday PM, August 20, 2000

    • by Ted :...
    • Boots - The Early Years, ch 15: Dad's Surprise
      boots15 zip (12k) (fm/mm/mM incest/pedo/cons)
      Boots gets together with Chuck and Wally again and, to her surprise finds that her father enjoys the boys too. Chief finally gets his just desserts.     
    • by Typoman :...
    • Charlie's Perversion, part 3
      charlie3 zip (24k) (f/b, f/b/g, femdom/coerc, oral, mast, sex)
      As I turned to where the noise was coming from, a little naked girl came scampering right towards me. She had light brown skin and looked to be about two years old. The girl that the naked toddler escaped from was struggling to rise from her sitting position on the sand. Reflexively, I reached out and grabbed the little girl as she tried to streak by me. She let out a giggling squeal, then squirmed in my single-handed grasp. The little girl was a lot faster than I figured on and she almost got away from me.     The older girl called to me. "Hey! Don't let her get away!" I fell forward and caught the little girl with my other hand then pulled her towards me. Was it intentional that my hand found itself nestled between the little girl's legs when I finally brought her wiggling little body under control? I guess if that were the case I certainly wouldn't have let anyone see me do it that's for certain.     
    • by Keyman :...
    • Dixie - A Young Southern Belle, part 6
      dixie6 zip (17k) (M/F/m Pedo, Incest, Beastility)
      The two preteens watched from their vantage point, the window of Diana's parents bedroom, as Diana's mother strapped on a large nasty looking dildo. They turned towards each other, a look of disbelief on their faces, both contemplating Mary's intentions. We enter the mind of Diana's father to learn why he wants his wife to fuck him in the ass.     
    • by bookworm :...
    • the runnerways, ch 1
      runner1 zip (12k) (Mm/ff (rape))
      As the movement of one of them getting out of the pool distracts me and I instantly forget the phone. I could say that climbing from the pool was a vision of loveliness, but I would be going over the top. What climbed out the pool was a little girl, ten may be eleven, shoulder length hair, and showing no sign of being a big girl in the near future. As the guard company answered the phone I could only splutter saying it was all right and I had made a mistake. Putting the phone back on the wall I go back to watching the pool, or should I say watching the girl.     
    • by Zuni Fetish Doll :...
    • The Fire Escape, ch 1
      thefire1 zip (7k) (F/m cons)
      New nieghbors move in next door, and Jason meets up with a mother who has a taste for young boys.     
    • by Alexkid :...
    • Kleine Brueder, parts 3-5
      klien3_5 zip (8k) (bro/sis first love sailor moon)
      shingo und usagi gehen ins schwimmbad, wo shingo seiner schwester noch immer erotische seiten abgewinnen kann

      Saturday PM, August 19, 2000

    • by Folie :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Little Suzy -- Eat Your Vegetables!
      lilsuzy1 zip (6k) [previous post in error] (F/f Masturbation)
      Little 12-year-old Suzy is cumming up in the world. Read about her blossoming sexuality and that of her sex starved mother in this first installment on a continuing series!     
    • by Leppard :...
    • Chelsea & Leah, part 3: A Cum From Behind Win
      chelsea3 zip (9k) (ff/MMMMMMMMM..., buttfuck contest, force, anal, oral, series finale!)
      Karen thought long and hard about the recent weeks. The change in the relationship between her daughters, and between them and herself. By her own choice, Karen's preteen daughters had went from innocent children to sexual creatures, and lost their virginity to each other before her very eyes.      But that was not enough. This had all started to make a point, to teach Chelsea and Leah a lesson. As hot as it was, watching the two fuck each others brains out didn't seem like much of a lesson. Karen wanted to make the girls realize that actions have consequences, but she was going to have to work to top her last idea.     
    • by Nomad :...
    • Diary of a 10yr old, part 3 (now 11)
      diary3 zip (24k) (M/g W/g)
      Mummy came upstairs Thursday night and left me a glass of water and told me to get ready for bed. I wanted to tell her I was sorry and to ask her to forgive me, but one look at her face made me close my mouth.    I cried myself to sleep.     
    • by Tom Singleton :...
    • Gothic, ch 2: The Record
      gothic2 zip (19k) (F-f Mon-dau inc; f-f sis-sis; m-f bro-sis; objects; fisting)
      "Golly, Pops, I don't think I've ever cum so hard."      "Is that so?" Poppy said, kneeling between her sister's widespread thighs and contemplating the pink wet mouth of her still-gaping pout. "You know, Pep, you're slipperier than a froggy right now. And I wasn't kidding about giving you a hand."     She bunched her fingers into a wedge and tucked her thumb into her palm. She put the tip of the wedge between Pepper's pouting labes, and gently eased them into the dilated cleft up to her big knuckles."How's that feel?" She asked, testing the resistance of Pepper's sheath with delicate wiggling of her fingers and subtle, twisting pushes of her knuckles against the tight, almost-yielding rim of the honeypot.     "Hooo, wow!" wide-eyed Pepper exclaimed, seeing half of Poppy's hand stuffing her honeypot. "I ... think ... I ... could ... maybe ... cum ... again," she managed. "If you played with my clit. ... Maybe."     
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • Heavenly Healing
      heavenly zip (21k) (M/f Mature orderly gets really involved with a young patient)
      Nia had created feeling in Don he hadn't felt in years. She was so young, so beautiful. He knew it was wrong. But her appeal was so great, he took the chance. You would too.     
    • by JohnFitz :...
    • That Tingly Feeling II: Jeremy's Story
      tingly2 zip (12k) (M/b,F/b,pedo,anal,oral,nc,bdsm,scat)
      Jeremy, from "That Tingly Feeling", gets to tell his own version of events - including some wild things that happened to him after he was taken off to a third world city by his uncle     
    • by Blue Max :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Preggy Sarah
      preggy zip (28k) (M/f F/f, preg, scat, w/s, rape)
      The stuck-up lttle bitch deserved what I did to her....     Sarah... sweet little Sarah, just seventeen and now expecting her first baby by....well, by ME. She doesn't know who the father is, though! That's my little secret.      Do you want to know another secret?      Little stuck-up Sarah is a virgin! I promise that this is true! She has never had a man's stiff prick pushed into her virgin slit, and yet she now has a nicely rounded belly with my baby kicking inside her. Justifiable revenge, I call it.
    • by Diggity Dog :...
    • Something about Dana, part 3
      dana3 zip (6k) (M/f cons)
      A lazy saturday morning with a drizzly rain outside. I was stroking my morning wood, thinking of sweet little Dana's mouth from yesterday on the beach. I wondered if the 5th grader would realy stop by like she said. The fucking phone rang, interupting my daydream. "Mr. Raab?" croaked an elderly woman's voice, "This is Rowana McGinnis, Dana's grandmother. I understand your a neighbor. I have a favor to be askin' you....."
    • by Superjizz :...
    • Lost Elves, part 1
      lostelve zip (30k) (F/b, F/F, shemales, nc, gangbang, ws)
      A lost tribe of elves find themselves lost in a strange and perilous land, populated by lusty monsters.
    • by David Stephens :...
    • Pleasuring Melanie
      pleasure zip (10k) (MMF/g,pedo,inc)
      Little Melanie loves being pleasured - and her Daddy, Granddad and Auntie are happy to oblige!
    • by bentreed :...
    • Me and My cousin get examined
      mycousin zip (7k) (m/f/ f/f/m/m//incest/teens)
      Marci, my first cousin, and I sat in Dr. White's waiting room. Both of us were very nervous and confused. We were told that today Dr White would examine us both at the same time. I was 14 years old, she 12. We both wore old, faded cut off jeans. She had on a baby blue tank top, no bra underneath, she didn't need one, and her tits looked small and firm under the tight fitting top. She wore sandals, her feet were tan with long, sexy toes, and she had on an anklet that was also very sexy I thought. I had on an old T-shirt, white sweat socks, and white, cotton briefs. We had been dropped off by her mom (my aunt) and told that she would return later to pick us up.
    • by Peter Novak :...
    • Berit berättar
      beritber zip (8k) (M/f)
      Åh va gullig han är lilla farfar eller Granden som Mamma och Peter kallar honom. Ok han är gammal, gråhårig men han har stil, något visst, i hans kretsar kallas det visst ”Nobles oblige” han är charmig, mjuk, han är helt enkelt underbart. Men jag tror att kruxet är att jag gillar äldre män. Och farfar är underbar.     

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  • Workin' from seven to eleven every night
    Really makes life a drag...
    I don't think that's right
    I feel I've been the best, the best of fools
    I did what I could, ya

    Cuz I love you, Baby
    How I've loved you, Darlin'
    How I've loved you, Baby
    My lovely little girl, little girl

    But, Baby since I been lovin' you, ya
    I'm about lose my lovin' mind


    Everybody tryin' to tell me
    That you didn't do me no good
    I've been tryin', lord, let me tell you
    Let me tell you I really did the best I could

    I been workin' from seven to eleven every night
    I said it kinda makes my life a drag drag drag
    Lord ya that's right now now

    Since I've been lovin' you
    I'm about to lose my lovin' mind



    Do you remember, Mama
    When I knocked upon your door
    I said you had the nerve
    To tell me you didn't want me no more, ya
    I open my front door, I hear my back door slam
    Ya know I must have one of them moods now, moods now
    That's alright, ya ya

    I been a workin' from 7-7-7 to 11 every night
    It kinda make a life a drag, a drag, drag
    Ya, it makes me drag

    Baby since I been lovin' you
    I'm about to lose
    I'm about to lose
    Lose my lovin' mind

    Just one more, just one more
    Since I been lovin' you
    I'm gonna to lose


    (as written and performed by Led Zeppelin)

  • Joke of the Day ...

      A first grade teacher was telling her class about the 3 little pigs.

      She got to the part where the pigs get the building materials and said, "The first little pig went up to a man and asked, 'Excuse me sir, but may I have some straw to build a house?'"

      The teacher wanted to know if the class was paying attention so she asked, "What do you think the man said?"

      One boy raised his hand and said, "I think maybe the man said something like, 'Holy Cow! A talking pig!'"

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