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      On Friday PM, September 01, 2000

    • by Coach :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Bandcamp
      bandcamp zip (15k) (M/f incest)
      During the last two weeks of July is band camp every summer they hold it at the high school in our county. Every morning for these two weeks i have to take my 14yr old stepdaughter to the field behind the high school and drop her off. This year she started to want to go earlier and when i dropped her off the first day. I looked at the clock and it was a full hour before anyone else would be around i said you know someone could come over here and kidnap you she just smiled and said daddy you worry to much kissed me on the cheek and i kissed her on her neck and drove away. I pulled into a little pulp wood trail that i knew led up behind the field and sat and waited to see how long it would be before someone came up their were a few cars with construction workers that came by and slowed down and stared at d as she practiced her marching and blowing on her horn. I'm sure they were thinking just like i was how good it would be to go out there and give her something else to blow on. But they kept going on to the school building where they were finishing up the work on the building.     
      Camping Trip
      camping zip (22k) (M/f incest)
      This trip camping was planned how i lucked out to do this i don't know but i was to spend three nights camping with four young gorgeous girls. After the band camp deal i did not know if i could do it two of the girls was d and deb. And for me to spend three days with these two i didn't know weather i could. The other two were a 13 year old named Whitney she was gorgeous bigger than d with a great ass and thighs and at least a 40c set of tits on her shoulder length pure blonde hair and a big flirt. And then there was jen she is smaller than d but bigger than deb and stacked like a brick shit house. She has brown hair a little longer than shoulder length long slim legs and a prefect hard heart shaped but and on her frame her 38c tits are the center of attention most everywhere she goes.     
      D and Dave After Mountain
      danddave zip (5k) (M/f incest)
      after the trip to the mountains d moved in with dave and his mother. which worked out for the two of them pretty good d could continue to go to school as long as the doctors allowed and dave could to his mother had plenty of money and then with the insurance and all they were set. except for sex i would drop by everyonce in a while and give it to d nice and hard. well one day dave called me at work and said they needed to talk to me could i afford to come over and have dinner and spend the evening with them. i said okay i would be there about 5 ish that was great and so all day i wondered what they wanted to talk about and hoped the baby was going along alrite d was six months along now and was beautiful with her round tummy and special glow about her.     
      Fantasy 1
      fantasy1 zip (3k) (M/f incest)
      one of my fantasies i have about my 14 yr old daughter is that i fall asleep as i do quite often on the couch with my robe on. and as i sleep my robe comes open to reveal my flacid penis. and she being the curious girl she is watches me sleep as is true she often does. but thats it from here on out its a fantsy she see's my cock and decides to get a closer look and comes and sits on the floor next to the couch. she watches as my cock pluses with my breathing and starts to move as it feels the hot breath and what ever i may be dreaming about. then she decides to touch it and puts just one finger on it then two then her whole hand as she has seen me do before. she is so close she can smell the musk of my groin and it smells good to her. thinking she is quite safe has i have drank a lot and not easily awakened when in that state this is true. then all of a sudden i awake and feel a warm soft hand raped around my now stiff cock. but i don't move i just open my eyes which she can't see because she is staring at my manhood i then take my hand and place it on top of her head she has long beautiful hair. she jumps at the sudden touch and i say softly what are you doing baby.     
      Fantasy 2
      fantasy2 zip (9k) (M/f incest)
      My stepdaughter is 14yrs old, she is 5' 11'' and weighs 145lbs, she has long blondish brown hair down to the top of her. Fine full firm ass and keeps it well taken care of her hair is the kind that will make you wet your pants. She has 38c tits that are firm and proud and thick long nipples that make me drool. Her hips are wide the kind you'd like to grab with both hands. Her bush is sparse covering one of the prettiest pussies I've ever spied on. Her eyes are brown and her lashes and eyebrows are dark and dense beautiful eyes big bedroom eyes. Her thighs are creamy white soft and muscular I've rubbed and felt these as often as i can get away with and will continue to as long as i can.     
      Fantasy 3
      fantasy3 zip (7k) (M/f incest)
      my mother-inlaw is a german woman about 5oyrs old she has shoulder lenght blonde hair blue eyes and a body that is great for a woman 20 years younger. her tits are the same size as my daughters 38c and she has very long slender legs her waist is trim and her butt is heart shaped and firm. needless to say i've fantized about her many times. here is one that i want to share. i've already described what my daughter d looks like longhair beautiful eyeys and a body that a man would die for no doubt.     
      Fantasy 4
      fantasy4 zip (10k) (M/f incest)
      My 14 year old daughter is a real knock out she has a big frame and stands at 5'7'' she has dishwater blond silky hair down to her well developed knockout ass and thick creamy thighs. She has a firm 38c chest and from seeing her in different shorts she wears around including boxers she has a plumb pussy probably covered in the dishwater blonde hair or darker. I love her dearly and would love to lick her and make love to this fantastic body but all i do is dream about it. We used to play like i was her slave but it never went very far. Her friend is 12 years old and she has hair down to the middle of her back a much smaller frame she has a small heart shaped ass that is well developed and a set of 34c tits that she loves to show off. Her little pussy is hardly visible through the fabric of the tight shorts she wears so the lips are probably not very plump. But where one goes the other does so i have the following fantasy about them and sometime have a good wank thinking about it.     
      Fantasy 5
      fantasy5 zip (3k) (M/f incest)
      one day my daughter and i came home from work she volenteers at avet clinic and i work as a programmer. noone else was home except my son and my wife. the other girls were off with their aunt for the day. my wife and son does not get along that well and i never expected to walk in on what we did. my son is 20 yrs old blonde hair and built pretty good his manhood is smaller than me. but still hung pretty good he is my son from my first marrige.     
    • by Leppard :...
    • After School Special
      aftersch zip (3k) (f/f FFff - Lesbian Teachers - Coercion, Seduction, pedo, wrestling, more!)
      Karen and Sally have a lot in common. They went to college together, currently teach third grade at the same elementary school, live together, and are lesbians. They also share a special trait, a passion for young girls.      Many a night, nude in their bed, they talked of girls at school, and what they would like to do with them. It was just that they had yet to come up with the right plan of seduction.     
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • The Initiation
      initiati zip (12k) (BBBBBB/b pedo/inc/rape/racial)
      I was almost 10 and wanted to go camping with my Uncle Eddie who was going on 17 and his buddies. To go I had to pass the initiation and become part of their gang. This would be a weekend to remember forever.     
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • Next Door
      nextdoor zip (16k) (M/F, M/f, M/fg; pedo; extreme caution)
      Mickey was squat-fucking her now naked father. The nine-year-old had a bad nosebleed, her hot tears rinsing the blood from her feral little face. She held her daddy's hands and danced, wide-eyed, gritting her teeth, his shaft as thick as her ankle. Her taut belly bulged like a throat, feeding - she could take four inches of her father's phallus, her bony body desperate despite the lubricant, quivering like a poisoned insect, pallid, puling, his penis pushing into her tiny twat like a battering ram. Our eyes met. Mickey was struggling to concentrate, to get him to come, but her little body wouldn't listen. He pulled her down onto his dick again and again, then let her wriggle. She swiveled her scrawny hips, a look of furious concentration on her wet little face, shuddering when his penis pushed against her cervix. He let go of her hands and grasped her hips. Mickey gasped, grimacing, her feet flying from the floor, akimbo, flailing her arms, her father's penis piercing the torn collar of her tiny womb. A look of utter terror crossed her face as his cock slid into her uterus, her limbs jerking wildly, blood spurting from her nostrils. She whimpered, then went limp. Roger held her like a rag doll, his fingers on her ribs, her head lolling. Mickey made a mournful noise, his member almost all the way inside her...     
    • by Euphoria :...
    • Telefun Incest
      telefun zip (10k) (mum/daut, mm/f, w/s, scat)
      Jill hears her mummy talking about ass-fucking on the telephone. That gives Jill an idea. Even a ten year old has the right to fantasise. But can a ten year old find out what her mummy's asshole really tastes like? Read on.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Violets Are Blue
      violets zip (21k) (M/f/M/f/yng teen,older men,cons,non-cons)
      A girl was standing on the sand next to the aqua green sea watching the white lacy ruffles of the waves as they lapped against the shore. The sun was slowly drifting down to the horizon, creating a spectacular sunset of vivid orange-red against the deep blue sky. The sun touched the tips of some purple gray clouds, outlining them in gold, and sending wide shafts of the golden light down to touch the sea.     
    • by A. Quarterman :...
    • Doctor's Orders
      doctors zip (13k) (M/f incest)
      When I woke up, I was in bed and it was morning. A stethoscope dangled in front of my eyes, hanging from the neck of a doctor.     "These are very large, very deep contusions," he said to someone out of the field of my vision. "I can't remember seeing so many on one person before."     "This guy walked into the maw of hell and saved his niece from being gang raped. When we got there they were pounding him with chairs, chains, sticks, bottles and God only knows what else but it was like they weren't even touching him." I recognized the voice of the cop who'd broken up the fight with the motorcycle gang.
    • by Rex Wilder :...
    • Intimt Samtal
      intimt zip (15k) (M/f/f)
      - Är det verkligen sant att det finns småflickor som knullar med sina pappor?     - Jamen visst. Jag känner två kåta småflickor som knullar med hela sin släkt.     - Nä, är det verkligen sant. Hur gamla är dom? - Den ena är elva och den andra tolv. Men du ska veta att dom knullat i många år. - Jasså hur     

      Thursday PM, August 31, 2000

    • by Playhouse :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Breeze
      breeze zip (59k) (M/M/f/m)
      A man stumbles across a young girl and her father at a shopping mall and is drawn into an erotic web from which he can not escape.     
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • New Bedtime Fun
      bedtime zip (8k) (B/b, pedo, oral, anal uncle/neph)
      Ed and I headed off to bed as we had done so many times before when I spent the night. Tonight though was going to be different, as I was soon to find out...My uncle Ed is going on 13 and I am almost 6, as he teaches me special games we can play.     
    • by Nomad :...
    • Diary Of a Ten Year Old, part 4
      diary4 zip (18k) (b/g g/g b/g preteens)
      The continuing story of Sally, an eleven year old who has found herself placed into an institution following a history of being found in sexual liaisons with adults.     
    • by a. fudpucker :...
    • Nightmare on Sesame Street, ch 1: Michelle's Nightmare
      nightma1 zip (8k) (M/f, pedo, rape, anal, oral)
      Freddie has found his first victim from Sesame Street, 3-year-old Michelle. After bringing the little girl into his Land of Nightmares, the sinister bringer of death discovers that fucking just might be even better than killing!     
    • by Janissary :...
    • Pokyman, ch 1
      pokyman1 zip (6k) (M/f reluctant)
      Mark is the last place in town to buy Pokeyman cards, just how far will kids go to get them?     
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • Taking Care of Karen
      takecare zip (39k) (M/g; pedo)
      'Hi... how are you?' It was December, but Karen would still go out, dressed in a cheap parka, fake wolf fur around the ill-fitting hood, threadbare cords, red rubber boots. She would walk up and down the alley, or play in the vacant lot when it snowed. He took her picture when she returned, and sometimes he ran out the door so that he might pass her on the stairs. Joel had been practicing for weeks. "Hi, how are you?" His voice shook.     
    • by Cory Ander :...
    • Denise in Alaska, ch 1
      denise1 zip (10k) (Mom/daugh f/f)
      Denise woke early today.. It was saturday, and she had a big day planned. Denise swung her legs over the edge of the bed, and sat there, letting the chill of the morning start to creap into her. Her nightshirt wasn't very warm and the warmth of her covers bekoned to her.     Fighting the urge to get back into bed she got up, and looked at her clock, it was 05:45. Shaking the sleepiness out of her head she quickly made her bed, and moved over to her closet. She opened the closet, and took out her workout clothes. She wore a tight fitting jogging bra, and jogging shorts for her normal workouts. At 13, she had already started puberty, her breasts had started to grow, and were forever in her way. She closed the closet door, and looked on the mirror attached to her closet door.
    • by Realtrader :...
    • Der Zwischenhändler, part 1
      derzwis1 zip (14k) (M/M/f/f,ffffff, Rape, Torture)
      Ein Zwischenhändler für die Ware Mädchen richtet Mädchen nach den Wünschen seiner Käufer ab und macht sie gefügig. Er geht dabei nicht besonders sanft vor.     

      Wednesday PM, August 30, 2000

    • by Byteman2000 :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Bath
      thebath zip (9k) (B/b, pedo, inc, oral)
      I was gong on 6 my uncle as almost 13. Bathing together was something that we had done since I was an infant, though this time was going to be different. Eddie had some special games that he was going to teach me to play that only special brothers could play together.     
    • by Dick :...
    • Surrendering to Our Lust
      surrende zip (12k) (bro/sis inc)
      I knew girls matured faster than boys according to my classes in sex education. Mother forbid us to go out on dates. I guess she knew from experience what horney little kids will do when left alone without supervision. That meant we had very little experience with the opposite sex.     

      Monday PM, August 28, 2000

    • by Griff :...
    • Angie, ch 2: (end)
      angie2 zip (5k) (Mm/f, inc, reluc)
      Angie was absolutely stunned! Not only did her Grandpa know she had fucked three boys out behind the smokehouse, he was going to tell on her! Unless, of course, she could talk him out of it.      "I don't understand, Grandpa. What could I do to keep you from telling dad?", asked Angie, tears already starting to run down her cheeks.     
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Karlotta
      karlotta zip (9k) (M/m, cuckold, beast, anal, oral, voyeurism)
      Millie Schaeffer was an invisible woman to those around her. Drab, sexless, and a human part of her desk. One night though, it all changed as she happened upon her boss, Dean Stockdale and his big, black dog with the new young feminine technician Karl Adler that he had just recently hired.     
    • by Beffer :...
    • Randy Looses a Wrestling Match, part 1
      randy1 zip (14k) (m/m)
      Thirteen year old Randy is wrestling with one of his friends..... and loses.... and one thing leads to another and then to another. Randy even has to raid his big sister's clothes closet before the next wrestling match.     
    • by The Sailor :...
    • The Twins on Pedopolis Island, ch 5
      twins5 zip (10k) (MFmmfff/dad/daut/bi/group/inc)
      Melissa looked around. Her dad might be tuckered out, but she had only gotten hornier talking to him. She ran a finger through her slit and lifted the wet digit to her lips. Fuck, she thought as she sucked on her own juices, maybe the best way to get dad’s mind off Ricky and Steph was to intercede herself. Besides, it should be fun. She tweaked her nipples and smiled to herself. Shit, getting him to fuck her couldn’t be too hard! She started down the beach in the direction that she had seen the two pre-teens walking earlier in the morning.     
    • by Lardy :...
    • Kate & Sarah, part 1
      katesar1 zip (5k) (M/f oral / nc)
      A trip to the park with our two little girls... it seems a strange man is watching them play.
    • by The Anonymous Guy :...
    • Nephew Billy
      nephew zip (6k) (M//m pedo incest)
      I admit I'm a pedohpile, but I am not a homosexual. However, my encounter with my preteen nephew has me wondering just what the hell I really am!
      Pretty Little Panties
      pretty zip (7k) (M/f pedo fetish)
      I try to supress my pedophelic feelings, but it becomes hopless whenever a young preteen girl in a pretty little dress spreads her legs and exposes her panties!
    • by Jan O :...
    • Utpressningen
      utpressn zip (13k) (M/F/ff)
      Anders får av en tillfälighet med en liten scen från lekplatsen utanför sitt fönster. Där Anette leker med sin dotter och en grannflicka. Anders ser möjligheten till att få mer än bara ett titt. Han söker upp dem och vill knulla.     

      Sunday PM, August 27, 2000

    • by Pedous :...
    • Eric's Confessions, ch 3
      erics3 zip (6k) (M/f Mff/pedo oral /anal ws)
      A pedophile with a terminal illness tells his experiences to a friend and a tape recorder     
    • by Zebra :...
    • A Stepmom's Revenge, ch 2
      stepmom2 zip (8k) (MMMgg interracial cons)
      Lisa hardly had her eyes open the next morning when she heard Mindy up watching TV. Lisa rolled over and looked at her bedside clock. It was already nine. Thoughts of the previous day brought her to instant consciousness. Her cunt quivered at what may lie in store for Mindy today, or dare she, her little sister Megan too!     

      Saturday PM, August 26, 2000

    • by AnaLover :...
    • Birthday Girl, part 4
      birthda4 zip (14k) (M/f)
      Marcy groaned and gasped, shivered and shook with the ecstasy of being double-penetrated while her mother and Nicole watched with wonder and not a little envy     
    • by SpiT' n' Image :...
    • DP, part 2: Down to fun and Games
      dp2 zip (9k) (M/f, ped, teen, oral)
      Introduction by GoDSpiT: Spit'n continues to shoot out new stories while everyone wonderes: "When is GS coming back?" Well never fear it won't be much longer now, I am working on something and hope to have it out before september is over, or maybe even before august is over hopefully, lets all keep our fingers crossed. Anway here is part two of the three part story DP by Spit'n'Image.     
    • by Geena Gideonse :...
    • Helping Little Sister, ch 1
      helping1 zip (4k) (m/f bro/sis inc teen first time)
      His little sister's date hadn't worked out, and she was feeling sad. But big brother had just was she needed to cheer her up....     
    • by bentreed :...
    • Playing Doctor, part one
      playing1 zip (5k) (medical/m/f/m/m)
      Two male teens and one female "play doctor"     
    • by Dragonette :...
    • On the Road - Again
      roadagai zip (30k) (originally written by Johnny Johnson) (M/f, ped, rom)
      I froze and then very blatantly stared into the room. Inside were three young girls about twelve or so standing in full view, bare naked to the world. Another girl, of the roughly the same age but dressed, was holding the door open talking to them. When the eyes of the naked trio met mine and they screamed for the other girl to shut the door. Smiling, I headed for the ice machine to fill my ice bucket.     
    • by sniffer :...
    • Sandrae, sequel 2
      sandrae3 zip (9k) (M/f, pedo cons oral)
      Two days later she dials the number on the card.    "Dr. Samuel Schütz and Partners, hello?" It's a deep, sexy female voice.    "Yes, this is Peters." Sandra says nervously. "May I talk to Mr. Schütz, please?"    "Are you Miss Sandra Peters?" The women asks.    Sandra is panicked. Is this a trap?    "Y....yes!" she stutters.     "Oh that's fine!" the woman seems to be happy. "Dr. Schütz said, that if you call he wants to talk to you immediately. A moment please!"     
    • by Centaur :...
    • Shutter Bug
      shutter zip (32k) (M/ff, inc, voy)
      This is the fourth of the "Twilight Zone" stories (the first was published here as "On the Horns of a Dilemma", the second "The Power", the third "Pandora's Box"). My apologies to the genus of Rod Serling, I would never pretend to write in his league. But, if he were introducing this story it might sound a bit like this: "Introducing Mr. Wayne Simons, retired government employee, expert in surveillance, part-time blackmailer and man recently obsessed with the idea of having sex his virginal fifteen-year-old daughter. Mr. Simons is about to use his considerable expertise in video surveillance to further the pursuit of his daughter's sweet, young body. Unfortunately he will discover that sometimes the lens of your camera is unknowingly pointed directly into - the Twilight Zone."     
    • by Kelley The Pervert :...
    • Biography of a Slave, part 14
      slave14 zip (6k) (Young f/f amputee disabled man, snake, preg)
      Kris is sold to a snake lover and learns what she must do. This part get's a little wierd so hang on. Wait till part 15 if you liked this.     
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • The Hunger
      thehunge zip (64k) (Mmmmmm/g, M/g, f/g; preteen; anal, best, rough)
      One of the boys behind me sniggered as I held the man's huge penis and moved the bulb against my frightened little fuckhole. "Play with your toy... we're gonna stick it right up your pretty little pussy, aren't we? Aren't we... what's your name?" "Vicky," I sobbed. "Aren't we, Vicky?" I was desperate to get my slit wet before he raped me, rubbing the glans against my clit. "What's that, Vicky? Does that make your little toy-box wet? Take your time, Vicky-girl... your new toy likes a nice wet box, baby... you're a pretty baby, aren't you, Vicky? How old are you?" "Eleven," I whimpered. "Eleven! Vicky's eleven! How come you shave your little toy-box, then, Vicky?" The boys were laughing. Wheeler stuck his finger in my butt. I had a hand on his shoulder, frigging my slit with his cock. "Look! I found another toy-box! Does this one get wet, too, Vicky?"     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Vegas
      vegas zip (11k) (M/f pedophile,yng girl)
      I was given the opportunity of a lifetime. My company sent me on a business trip to Las Vegas. I'm a Pedophile and you may have heard some of my stories before. I was staying at Ceasar's Palace. I had a beautiful room to stay in and I was all alone. How I wished I had the address of that hot little girl I was chatting with on my computer a few weeks ago. She said she lived in Vegas and was 12 and wanted to be fucked by a grown man.     
    • by Handyman :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Making Love to Mom
      makinglo zip (11k) (M/F mother/son inc)
      This is the story of my fantasy of making love to my mom. It deals with the origins of the fantasy and travels with it until the fantasy becomes reality.
    • by The Anonymous Guy :...
    • Sucking Baby
      sucking zip (7k) (M/f Adult/child oral pedo)
      Amy and I have been "special" friends for three years now. The bright little 4-year old knows how to keep a secret from her mommy!
    • by Diggity Dog :...
    • Warning!
      warning zip (7k) (M/f)
      So, are you comfortable? Checking out a few of the new stories on Mr. Double's site? The wife must be in bed then, eh? The kids too. Maybe you're getting yourself turned on a bit so you can go fuck the old lady. Did you hear a noise? Naw, just the house settling, or maybe the wind. Yeah, the kids are asleep. Including your daughter. Your virgin 12 year old daughter.....
    • by alexkid :...
    • Kleine Brueder, part 6
      kleine6 zip (6k) (bro/sis first love sailor moon)
      duschen zu zweit macht spass

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  • Hey well
    I'm a friendly stranger in a black sedan
    Won't you hop inside my car
    I got pictures, got candy
    I'm a loveable man
    And I can take you to the nearest star


    I'm your vehicle baby
    I'll take you anywhere you wanna go
    I'm your vehicle woman
    But I'm not sure you know
    that I love ya
    I need ya
    I want ya
    got to have you child
    Great God in heaven you know I love you



    Well if you want to be a movie star
    I'll get a ticket to Hollywood
    But if you want to stay just the way you are
    You know I think you really should


    (as written and performed by The Ides of March)

  • Conspiracy theory lives three years after Di's death ...and the father of Dodi, Mohamed Al Fayed, still has unanswered questions.

  • Password glitch riles ICQ users ...

    By Paul Festa
    Staff Writer, CNET
    August 30, 2000, 12:35 p.m. PT

    America Online's efforts to bolster security for its ICQ instant messaging service are drawing complaints from some people who say the measures have locked them out of their accounts. full story

  • This site is too good not to share... a completely different (and hilarious, well written) take on the recent "Survivor" TV series. Excellent reading.

  • Network Associates confirmed ...that emails encrypted using its PGP software may be vulnerable to a sophisticated attacker. PGP--Pretty Good Privacy-is used by 7 million people worldwide. Some businesses use it to send confidential documents. full story

  • Dow Chemical plans to fire ...about 40 employees for allegedly violating the company's email policy by circulating violent or sexually explicit material. The firings follow a review of 6,000 email accounts conducted after a worker complained about offensive email. full story

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