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      The Professional: Leon

      On Friday PM, February 11, 2000

    • by X :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Hope, ch 1
      hope1 zip (5k) (m/f/pedo)
      A man finds a little homeless girl crying in a park and decides to hire her as his maid
    • by PRE-vert :...
    • A Taste of Things to Come
      atasteof zip (7k) (b/g incest pedo)
      Sue and Tim had gotten off well, but they both had a lot to learn, yet. Lesson #2, oral sex. (this continues 'My Hero'.)
    • by Keyman :...
    • The Haunted Dildo, part 1
      haunted1 zip (8k) (f/spirit mast pedo)
      Samantha Syms was a precocious twelve year old who was forever getting herself into trouble for exploring areas, little girls are not supposed to explore. Her family and friends called Samantha, Sammy. The name Sammy kind of fit, the preteen had a boyish shape, her breasts had just emerged as two gumball sized bumps with nipples. Soon she would release a spirit and a pedo spirit at that.
    • by Nomad :...
    • Neighbours
      neighbou zip (12k) (Bro/Sis F)
      Brother and sister are horrified when they find out that the lady next door knows about their little secret. But then, she doesn't ask for much in return.
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • Timmy and Emily
      timmyem zip (45k) (MFf, Mf, mf, ff, etc.; inc (cousin, grandfather); yng teen, pre-teen; caution)
      "'Grandpa, can I ask you something?' 'Of course, Timotha. You may ask me anything.' 'Do you... do you really want to... f-fuck me?' 'Yes, darling.' 'What if we have a baby?' 'Precocious little girls like you must use protection,' he answered, stroking her slender thigh. 'And what if... what if I wanted to have a baby?' 'We'd have to talk about that.'"

      Thursday PM, February 10, 2000

    • by Pre_Luv :...
    • The Conversation
      conversi zip (3k) (M/f, M/M, fantasy, pedo)
      As my new buddy and I chatted away that night online, I knew it would only be a matter of time before we hooked up for some hot man-to-man sex. I had been with two guys previous to meeting my new online male lover and ached for the taste of a man again ever since my last gay encounter. But I was taken by surprise to discover that my new friend, Jim, had someone else living under his roof that was of greater interest to me than he was to be. A lovely 7 year old daughter!
    • by Silk :...
    • Nieces Galore, part 2
      nieces2 zip (9k) (f/f M/f voy, mast, oral, inc, teen)
      The last two weeks had seen a profound change in Ed's life. Gone was the contented married man. Now his ever waking moment was filled with the image of his 16 year old niece Jerrel. Ever since he had read her diary two weeks ago and discovered she had not only performed various acts of sex with a number of boys, but also made love to her best friend Anne Marie, his sex life was no longer acceptable.
    • by jjoe :...
    • Pris' Panty Play #1
      panty1 zip (5k) (pedo/interacial/beastiality/panty)
      The cop takes 11 year old Pris to his cabin some 40 miles away from her wimp dad the minister and her slut mother and with the help of his big hound dog gets her little clam to open up for some deep dick fucking.
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • What Every Girl Wants . . .What Every Girl Needs
      whatever zip (14k) (m/ff incest)
      12-year-old JoJo should have hung up the phone when her 14-year-old brother's girlfriend called. She meant to hang it up when he went upstairs, but since her parents were at the store she didn't think it would hurt. What she heard caused her tight little pussy to twitch as they progressed into an advanced session of hard core phone sex. She even went upstairs to sneak a peak in his room only to find that he had stripped naked and was wildly jacking off. But what really started her engines was his mention of a game called "Don't Stop" that would soon have them both naked and wildly experimenting with a beautiful neighbor called Hanna who longed to lick and suck Jeremy's . . .
    • by Pan Sagittarius :...
    • X-pedo, part 2
      xpedo2 zip (10k) (Pedo, anal, (very) public, beast)
      7 year old Julie buys a very special snake, a Love Snake, a very special, living sex toy! While on her way she gets an ass fuck. Right at the subway train!
    • by Typoman :...
    • The Prince From The Mirror
      prince zip (12k) (b/F, b/F first experiences)
      I am Alain, king of the Sagana. The time has come to set into writing the history of my rise into power as I feel my final seasons approaching. I have witnessed 97 summers and now the strength of my seed is diminishing. I have heard that men of my clan have enjoyed half again the span of life as I have so far, but they are from another plane. My friends and the first three generations of my children have succumbed to either treachery or war. Some have fallen to the weariness of the years and have passed into the next world. They all await my arrival and are calling me from my dreams.

      Wednesday PM, February 09, 2000

    • by JD_DARLING :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Jack
      jack zip (8k) (m/f brother/sister)
      Jack is eight years older then me, and he's always been my teacher. The night he's due to return home after a stint in the army, I remember an erotic night... and then we make new ones.
    • by Poker :...
    • Becky's New Family, ch 4: Happy Families (end)
      beckyfa4 zip (8k) (MF, ff, mff, oral, anal, incest)
      The company that David works for is taken over and his share options make him a rich man. Now independently wealthy he feels able to marry Helen. At the wedding reception the children are all surprised to find out that they are to go on the honeymoon too.
    • by Dalton :...
    • Chances, part 4
      chances4 zip (21k) (M/fffffffffffffffff oral anal cons)
      The girl's green eyes were enchanting and she coyly covered her pussy with her hands as she came over to meet me. I kissed her hand after I shook it and then had Annie sit on my lap facing her and take my cock in her pussy, her panties at her ankles so the girl, Angela, could see in full detail how Annie was being fucked nicely and deeply. We dragged her onto the couch and Annie pulled her hand over to feel my cock shaft as it moved gently in and out of her pussy. Angela was on her hands and knees beside us, fascinated by the sight of my cock coming all the way out then disappearing into Annie's bald pussy. I reached out and slid my hand on into Angela's ass as she kept her hand on Annie's pussy and my cock, so rapt and focused she didn't really notice I was fondling, then rubbing her cunny, another finger finding her tight cunt and beginning to finger fuck her lightly, just an inch or so in and out with the exact rhythm Annie and I were making with my cock.
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Collector
      collecto zip (15k) (M/f teen,inc,rape)
      He was a collector. He needed variety in his sex life so he would look for the female that made his cock go stiff and hard. Then he wouldn't let up till he took her. He used her until his cock wanted fresher and newer pussy. He would add her to his collection and begin his search all over again.
    • by Nomad :...
    • Convalescense V
      convale5 zip (15k) (M F/ff)
      Ted takes the virginity of the twin twelve year olds while the mother helps
      parent zip (11k) (MF/f father/daughter)
      Sometimes, as good and caring parents, you need to put the needs of your child first - whatever it takes. That's just good parenting.
    • by Lutwidge :...
    • Doris and Her Brothers
      dorisbro zip (4k) (Mmm/f inc)
      When Doris had her eleventh birthday, her brothers gave her a party with her friends after school, then after everyone left, they had a private party for her. Their parents were at a social party that night and wouldn't be back until midnight. Both boys drank several bottles of their father's beer, and she took a few sips. Giddy and half drunk, they coaxed Doris into playing strip poker with them, and set her up to consistently lose. Piece by piece, Doris lost articles of clothing until she was down to her panties. Her breasts were just begining to develop, just small mounds, but her brothers stared at them. The boys, both sexually excited, quickly played out the next hand and when she lost, insisted on their reward. Reluctantly and with a great deal of embarrassment, but trusting her brothers, she removed her panties and stood naked before her two horny brothers. Casually, they also stripped naked "to make Doris feel more comfortable" and stood there with erect penises. Doris had never seen a penis before except on her baby cousin and stared in disbelief. Ernie suggested a game of "I'll let you touch mine if you let me touch yours." She held her oldest brother's penis in her hand hesitantly and he touched her clitoris and vagina. Next, he had her pull the foreskin up and down on his penis, and she masturbated him to orgasm. Danny demanded his turn, and Doris masturbated him as well. When they were finished, both boys swore Doris to secrecy and told her that if she told their parents, they both would say it was her idea.
    • by DarkLurker :...
    • Emmy, parts 2-3
      emmy2_3 zip (11k) (M/f cons mast)
      Neighbor Emmy and I explore a little farther down the road of life
    • by Mtn Charlie :...
    • Family Outing, part 1
      family1 zip (21k) (MMm/FFFfffff/inc)
      Will is a 14-year-old boy with the same problems as all boys his age - he's horny. But things are about to change for Will in a most dramatic way
    • by PRE-vert :...
    • "Home" Street Stories #1
      homestr1 zip (13k) (M/g m/g b/g pedo)
      They had been traveling as friends for a while, and they needed a break. They needed a home. This is the first of a new series about a *very* sexual group of street kids.
    • by JCC :...
    • Mum, Son and Daughter, ch 1
      mumdaut1 zip (4k) (M/f, F/.f, pedo, strip, rape)
      I forced the bother to slide his jeans down and let me take pictures of his small 14 year old bulge under his undies, the 12 year old struggled and wept as mum pulled her jeans down and she sobbed as i knelt to take pictures of her V jewek under her pink panties...mum just wept
    • by Madhatter113 :...
    • Natures Own Work
      natures zip (69k) (M/FF,bb/g,Mb/g,gasper,b/g,anal,oral,caution)
      Stream after stream of liquid life, flowed from his body into the hungry receptacle of her mouth, the flood that filled her was so strong that his seed began to spill from the sides of her lips. Steve watched as Ian's body was wracked with spasms of pleasure, the look of ecstatic agony on his face left Steve torn, half with envy at the intensity of it and half with concern for his friend's health.
    • by The Phantom :...New Author.!.!.!
    • "Cat"epiller
      catepill zip (11k) (f/f/f F/f inc weird beast)
      "Teacher? Mrs. Smith."    "What now, Lynn?"     "Why do people use nicknames?"    "What?"     "Why are there nicknames? I'm reading the assignment and there are nicknames and it's confusing me."    Sigh. "We're supposed to be doing our maths."    "Yes, but I finished and decided to skip ahead."
    • by xtespsw25 :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Jaina and Jacen, part 1
      jaina1 zip (5k) (b/g inc sib)
      "There," Jaina said, mentally relaxing her hold on a large mass of tangled wires, and cables. It came to rest in a moreor less contained Jumble atop one of the new stacks of electronic components.
    • by Gyruss69 :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Learning By Doing, ch 1-5
      learn1_5 zip (13k) (m/f/F)
      I have always been a bit intellectual, so the books about sex were very interesting for me. They described aspects of sex I didn't know about, and there were a few pictures too. All written very "clinical", but it often gave me a hard-on. In the bus home, I often wondered how it would be to actually do the things described in the books. Do it with some of the girls in my class.
    • by Lemmaire :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Loving Andy
      loveandy zip (26k) (t/b, brothers, inc)
      "There's a different world that brothers share. I wish I could say it always made sense, or that it was always innocent, or always very pure the way it should be...but sometimes it's not. Sometimes it goes past innocence and becomes things that brothers should never be to each other. Or maybe they should..." Mikey and Andy discover the new joys of brotherly love in Part 1 of a 4 part story, "Loving Andy."
      After School Snacks
      snacks zip (8k) (t/t/b, brothers, inc)
      "The summer I turned 13, I stayed overnight at my boyfriend's house while his parents were out. My name's Brad McKay and his name's Tony Myerson. He's the same age as me, 13. His little brother Chase is 8. -- He'd kill me if he knew I was calling him my boyfriend. He's a fun guy, but he gets a little nervous about that word..."
      Tornado Twins
      tornado zip (8k) (t/t, brothers, inc)
      "...Alex moved in closer to examine their find. On the top of the highest shelf, tucked way back into a corner, a stack of twenty magazines sat, gathering dust, apparently long forgotten by their dad, or perhaps the cabin's former owner. -- Standing on a large toolbox he found in the corner, he reached up and grabbed the dusty stack, carrying them down to the sleeping bag and spreading them out for a closer look. -- "Holy shit!" he grinned. "This is all gay stuff!" -- Two brothers, trapped in a cellar during a raging storm, have their first experience together in the story, "Tornado Twins."
    • by mkarl :...
    • Most Em-Bare-Ass-ing Home Videos
      bareass zip (12k) (F/Dog/NC)
      The dog begins the 'date' with a quick kiss to the lovely Lisa's mouth. Fresh from the shower, the bitch has no lipstick and so King just gets a nice receptive human mouth to slobber his tongue into; at least, the girl's mouth is receptive in so much as it is open to try to voice her protests…
    • by Julie :...
    • The Dale Family, Scene 17
      dalefam2 zip (8k) (mf/mf, ff,MF, incest)
      I could feel Connie thrusting herself against Kevin. She was writhing against him trying to get his cock into her deeper and deeper.
    • by Lupo :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Die Segnungen des Hl. Priapus" kap. 1-2
      diese1_2 zip (14k) (M/M M+/f+ M+/baby M+/F+)
      Ein Kloster lebt nach den Regeln des Hl. Priapus: Der Samen der Mönche ist heilig. Im 1. Kapitel werden blutjunge Novizinnen geweiht, natürlich mit dem heiligen Samen.

      Tuesday PM, February 08, 2000


      Monday PM, February 07, 2000

    • by Tiberius :...
    • Cassie’s Initiation
      cassie zip (27k) (pedo girl, rape, preg, abort, genital mutilate)
      This is another in the Pleasure Island series of stories which appears on this story site.    Cassie, a beautiful, rich, young blond woman, who is also seven months pregnant, is kidnapped by agents of Pleasure Island - where no debauchery is considered excessive or beyond reach - and taken there where she is to be used and abused for the pleasure of a wealthy client. However, things don't go exactly according to plan, and Larry, the head of Pleasure Island, is forced to deal with the recalcitrant young woman. Then she makes an extraordinary admission, and an intriguing request.
    • by Keyman :...
    • Tara's Sexual Appetite, ch 3
      tara3 zip (10k) (M/f/ Inc Mind Control Pedo)
      Tara arrived home from school and finding nobody at home, went to her room to change into something more comfortable. She put on a loose pair of shorts and t-shirt and leaving her room went downstairs. A few minutes later her father arrived home and found his daughter lying on the living room floor watching TV. He noticed that he could see up the leg holes of her shorts and some of her pink panties and tight ass were exposed. He pushed down his voyeur tendencies, reminding himself of the fact this was his daughter. Soon that would not matter!

      Sunday PM, February 06, 2000

    • by Rick Roll :...
    • Cock Hound Daughter
      cockdaut zip (14k) (M/f pedo)
      A blue-collar boss invites the guys over to watch the Super Bowl at his house. When his 13-year-old daughter offers to serve as a waitress, the party becomes more interesting. When the young girl has some beer and decides to work as a topless waitress at the party, things get out of control.
    • by H. Grant :...
    • Playing With Little Katie, ch 2
      playing2 zip (4k) (MM/g/toddler/diapers/ws/scat)
      Dan and Mark continue their fun with baby Katie in her new nursery.
    • by Pedros :...
    • Unorthodox Treatment, ch 9: The Final Chapter
      treat9 zip (15k) (M/m m/M/f/M pedo)
      Terry has been introduced to The Group at their property, 'Paradise', for his first weekend experience and his own public initiation into the group of child lovers. The weekend started with performances on stage by men, women and children - and Terry. After the show, Ralph and Terry select their partners for the night. Terry's ends up being much more than just a one-night-stand'....
    • by The Anonymous Guy :...
    • The Future: Mankind in Peril
      future zip (9k) (M/f adult-pedo fantasy)
      It is far in the future. A medical discovery decades ago proves that semen strengthens the DNA of adolescents resulting in longer, healthier lives.
    • by Jaz1701 :...
    • Slave Rape?
      slaverap zip (21k) (M/F d/s)
      I think I may have been raped tonight. But I'm not sure. There is nobody offline that I can talk to about it. My name is...well just call me Susan and I am almost 17 years old. In a lot of ways I appear to be a normal teenager. I hang with my friends, am learning to drive, and am just starting to worry about college. I guess the only thing that is really different about me is that I have a Master (you can call him) John; and I am his slave, his slut, his property. God you have no idea how good it feels to write that. John owns me, I would do anything for him--and he knows it, expects it...demands it.

      Saturday PM, February 05, 2000

    • by Rubber Ducky :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Cousin, ch 1
      cousin1 zip (8k) (b/b/pedo)
      My first sexual experience with another person was when I was just 7 years old. I was always a very sexual person and started to masturbate at a very young age. I was probably less than 2 years old when I discovered how good it felt to rub my little penis. At first I didn't use my hands, but would squeeze a stuffed animal between my legs until the good feeling went away and I experienced orgasm. For some reason people find it hard to believe that a child so young can orgasm, but it is a physical reality that all human beings are born with.
    • by PRE-vert :...
    • Babysitting for Bethany
      babysit zip (11k) (m/f f/g pedo)
      Babysitting can be great fun, if all goes as planned, but it can be even more interesting if things don't quite go as expected!
    • by Silk :...
    • Fancy Dress Shop, part 2
      fancy2 zip (8k) (MMF/fff oral, sex, teen, pre-teen)
      Hiya, after the fun we had in the changing room Uncle Paul took me an' Leah an' Chelsea an' Kayrn back to his house. Well that's when the fun really started. And then Kayrn's boyfriend Michael turned up!
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Herbal Vigor 2000 Brings Back the Naughty Fashion Show Sleepover
      herbalv zip (17k) (M/f pedo)
      "Shoot that stuff all over my titties!" screamed Jaimee. With a final blast that temporarily emptied his balls, he splashed hot cum all over her immature titties . . . moving forward so that his throbbing purple head made that electric touch with her erect nipples. Around and around he twirled his cock in the dripping cum over her bare nipples with his shrinking rod. He reached out and grabbed Heidi and Lizzy's titties cupping them in a wicked fashion as they leaned over to clean Jaimee's chest and his fully drained cock. Both of her girl friends furiously fought to have his cock in their gapping inexperienced mouths. The orgy had begun . . .but wasn't that the doorbell?
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • The Kinky Kindergartener
      kinkykin zip (9k) (Mfg; extreme caution)
      "Alexis could recognize perversity in a child at first sight, but the six-year-old who sat next to her on the train not only looked obscene but also smelled like semen..."
      The Serpentine
      theserp zip (21k) (Mf, Mbff, etc.; mostly yng teen; caution)
      "The black man withdrew from her anus and stabbed his penis between her lips, the condom slick with sepia lubricant. She went limp and sucked his wilting member, gurgling and mewling. The Professor slipped the condom off and put it in her mouth. A tear streamed down her cheek, but she chewed on the soiled rubber and swallowed his semen..." Professor Todd, clinging to tenure at the Technical College, gives in and buys one of the child prostitutes that hang out near the Serpentine, and so stumbles into an adventure that takes him across war-torn Europe in the company of a teenage girl, a young boy, and an adolescent hussy.
    • by Babu :...
    • 'Mental' Pleasures
      mental zip (4k) (family incest)
      I was in my office when the telephone call came from my native village. The call was from my old Uncle and the message sad. "Sister drowned, please come urgently". Immediately I took a one week leave and left for my village which was around 300 miles away. While travelling in train, I thought about my past.
    • by Bookworm :...
    • Orphans, ch 2
      orphans2 zip (11k) (M/f/f)
      The second part of a story set after the fall of civilization the story continues as they start to set up home in an old farm

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  • Mathilda: Hi.

    Leon: Why did you hide the cigarette ?

    Mathilda: This building is full of rats, and I wouldn't want my old man to find out. Got enough problems.

    Leon: What happened ?

    Mathilda: I fell off my bike. Hey, don't tell my dad about the cigarette, ok ?

    Leon: [hands her a hankerchief]

    Mathilda: Is it always this hard, or just when you're a kid ?

    Leon: Always like this. Keep it.

    Mathilda: Hey, I'm going grocery shopping. Ya want some milk ? One quart or two? It's two, right ?

    ( as portrayed by Natalie Portman and Jean Reno )


            Leon: What's your name ?

            Mathilda: Mathilda.

            Leon: Sorry about your father.

            Mathilda: If somebody didn't do it one day or another, I would have probably done it myself.

            Leon: Your mother, she...

            Mathilda: She's not my mother. My sister, she wanted to lose some weight anyway. Bet she never looked better. She's not even my real sister, just a half sister. Not a good half at that.

            Leon: If you couldn't stand them, why are you crying ?

            Mathilda: Because they killed my brother. What the hell did he do ? Four years old, he never used to cry. He used to sit next to me and cuddle. I was more of a mother to him then that god damn pig ever was.

            Leon: Hey, don't talk that way about pigs. They're usually much nicer than people.

            Mathilda: They smell like shit.

            Leon: Not true. As a matter of fact, right now I have one in my kitchen that's very clean, smells very nice.

            Mathilda: You don't have a pig in your kitchen.

            Leon: Yes I do.

            Mathilda: I was just in there and I didn't see any god damn pig.

            Leon: Don't move, I'll get him. Piggy, Piggy, where are you ? Oh, there you are.

            Piggy [Leon]: Hi Mathilda.

            Mathilda: Hi Piggy.

            Piggy [Leon]: How are you today ?

            Mathilda: I've seen better days. What's your name ?

            Leon: Leon.

            Mathilda: Cute name.

            Leon: You have anyone to go to, any family, any place else ?

            Mathilda: [shakes head no]

            Leon: I'm gonna get some more milk.

            Mathilda: [finds Leon's guns] Holy shit.

            Leon: Don't touch that, please.

            Mathilda: Leon, what exactly do you do for a living ?

            Leon: Cleaner.

            Mathilda: You mean you're a hit man ?

            Leon: Ya.

            Mathilda: Cool. Do you clean anyone ?

            Leon: No women, no kids. That's the rules.

            Mathilda: How much would it cost to hire someone to get those dirtbags that killed my brother ?

            Leon: Five grand a head.

            Mathilda: about this. I work for you, in exchange you teach me how to clean....hmm ? What do you think ? I'll clean your place, I'll do the shopping, I'll even wash your clothes. Is it a deal ?

            Leon: No, it's not a deal.

            Mathilda: What do you want me to do, hmmm ? I've got no place to go.

            Leon: You've had a rough day today. Go to sleep and we'll see tomorrow. Ok ?

            Mathilda: You've been really great with me, Leon, and I'm not always like that, ya know ? Goodnight.


            Leon: Sleep well ?

            Mathilda: [nods head yes]

            Leon: Good. Because after breakfast you gotta take off.

            Mathilda: Where to ?

            Leon: Not my problem.

            Mathilda: [hands note to Leon] Read it.

            Leon: Ahhmm...

            Mathilda: You don't know how to read ?

            Leon: No, Mathilda. I've had a lot of work lately, so I'm a little behind. What's it say ?

            Mathilda: I've decided what to do with my life, I wanna be a cleaner.

            Leon: You want to be a cleaner ? Here, take it [gun]. It's a good-bye gift. Go clean, but not with me, I work alone. Understand ? Alone.

            Mathilda: Bonny and Clyde didn't work alone, Thelma and Louise didn't work alone, and they were the best.

            Leon: Mathilda, why are you doing this to me ? I've been nothing but nice to you. I even saved your life yesterday, right outside the door.

            Mathilda: Right, so now you're responsible for it...if you saved my life you must have saved it for a good reason. Throw me out now, so you could never open your door to let me die right there in front of it. But you did open it, so?

            Leon: Mathilda...

            Mathilda: If you don't help me, I'll die tonight. I can feel it, and I don't want to die tonight.

            Leon: Mathilda, you're just a little girl, so don't take it badly but I don't think you could do it. I'm sorry.

            Mathilda: [empties Leon's gun out the apt. window and into the street] How's that ?

            Leon: Mathilda, don't you ever do that again or I break your head, got that ?

            Mathilda: Ok.

            Leon: Work like that is not professional, there is rules.

            Mathilda: Ok.

            Leon: And stop saying ok all the time, ok ?

            Mathilda: Ok.

            Leon: Good.


    The Professional: Leon

    (this video, "The Professional", starring Natalie Portman (Mathilda) and Jean Reno (Leon), available at


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