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      The Professional: Natalie

      On Friday PM, March 03, 2000

    • by Hemen Roy :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Modern Benagali mother and her son
      modern zip (5k) (M/F, mon-son, bro-sis)
      This is a story about a incestral relation between an Indian mom and her son
      Moms are the best
      momsare zip (8k) (M/F, mom-son, bro-sis)
      It is about sex amond family members in India
      My sexy sister-Rubina
      mysexysi zip (13k) (M/F, mom-son, bro-sis)
      This a brother-sister sex story from India
      True Motherly love
      truemoth zip (11k) (M/F, mom-son, bro-sis)
      This is an Indian family sex story
    • by Typoman :...
    • Sixth Grade 4
      6thgrad4 zip (15k) (g/m, m/g/m, g/g/m coercion, mast, oral, inter, voy? First time)
      To not raise any suspicions, Laura went to her place for a few minutes after telling me where the van was parked. I found the old Ford Econoline van easily and climbed inside. Both of the front windows had been rolled down enough to let a little fresh air inside. It was parked under the shaded awning that was reserved for tenants. The carpeting was old and dirty but a sleeping bag had been thoughtfully laid out along with a couple of older but clean pillows and a sheet. We couldn't have asked for a better or more private place.
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • CAT Walks, part 4
      catwalk4 zip (5k) (M/g, Dom/Sub, rough, oral)
      Who is this unknown tormenter of small girls. Art Houston? The sternmaster who enjoyed striping Merrilee Cousins’ lovely body more than fucking her. Poor 5-year-old Heather had the misfortune to smile back at the friendly man in the park.
    • by H. Grant :...
    • Changing Little Kelly's Pampers
      changing zip (7k) (M/g/toddler/diapers/WS/scat)
      Little Kelly likes to play with her toys and ride horsey at Steve's daycare nursery. Today, Steve has something special planned for little Kelly as he cancels the daycare center for the day and informs the female staff that it is closed. A day of romper room fun follows as Steve enjoys little Kelly to the fullest!
    • by subhubby :...
    • grampa's little girls, part 2
      grampa2 zip (11k) (father/daut/wife/preg/doggie)
      I need to take a shower, I announced and started walking to the bathroom. Jenny came padding after me and slipped her hand into mine. "Can I take a shower with you daddy?" she looked up at me with those big soft brown eyes truly expecting me to say yes. How could I dissapoint her. "Of course sweetie, you go ahead and I will be along shortly, I want to talk to mommy first" I leaned over to give her a kiss on the cheek and she twisted her head at the last minute and flicked her tounge into my mouth.
    • by Jon Fourth :...
    • Heaven On Earth, ch 5
      heaven5 zip (29k) (M/f, b+/g+, F/b, group, incest, con, 69, pregnant)
      Cum visit the parties going on in Happy Valley
    • by HotKaryn :...
    • I caught Chelsea masturbating
      icaught zip (3k) (f\F masturbation,watching)
      I had just finished catching up on some ironing and sewing and as I stepped out from the spare room into the girl’s bedroom, I saw Chelsea!! Chelsea was naked from the waist down and I saw her looking down at her pussy. I did not make a sound, but only watched as Chelsea began to explore her beautiful peach fuzzed covered pussy. Soon, Chelsea was doing more than just looking and slowly began to dip her small finger into her small tight hole.
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • The Man in the Park
      manpark zip (28k) (Mf, Ff; preteen)
      "It was late October and the leaves were falling when she first met Mr. Teal. Jennifer was dressed in a rust-colored suede jacket, tight blue jeans and ankle boots, sitting by the fountain, her silken sable hair in a bun, when the silver-haired gentleman sat down on an old wooden bench nearby. She liked to be alone, but she loved to be looked at. He was distinguished-looking, in an open vicuna coat and gray flannel suit. The park was empty except for them, and Jennifer got a strange feeling. She felt a little like she did when her stepfather made her strip, but she felt something different, too, like when she was playing with herself..."
    • by Hornibro :...
    • My Friend David, ch 7
      myfrien7 zip (10k) (F/F/b/b +)
      Yes, Martha is human. Perhaps she is all too human.
    • by Poker :...
    • Paedophiles Anonymous, ch 3: Lessons In Love
      pedanon3 zip (12k) (Ff, Ffm, mast, pedo, incest)
      At the start of the second meeting of the local Paedophiles Anonymous chapter Dawn stands up. She has a story to tell about how she first became sexually involved with her 8 year old daughter and how, later, her 11 year old son joins in. Although she is nervous she manages to blurt out the words "My name is Dawn and I'm a paedophile".
    • by Kelley The Pervert :...
    • Biography of a Slave, parts 5-7
      slave5_7 zip (4k) (m/f, f/f, snuff, incest, amputee, slave, young)
      Our story continues... Kris cuts off Karen's legs to eat then later kills her before going to the academy
    • by AnaLover :...
    • A Welcome Visitor, part 1
      welcome1 zip (11k) (M/F/f)
      Marcy whispered, “Take it slow at first please, Gramps.” “Relax, my darling,” he said to reassure her. “I’ve never hurt your Mom and I’ve been fucking her ass since she was a very little girl.”

      Thursday PM, March 02, 2000

    • by Wishlist :...
    • Helping Mom Out
      helpmom zip (9k) (F/b, F/m, F/M, f/m, inc)
      Sooner or later, everyone loses their parents. Usually one at a time. Most of us are well aware of the heartbreak and spiritual loneliness the remaining parent feels when their mate has died. We are also well aware of the loss of income they might have to endure. But, one thing we are all aware of that we seem to refuse to think about at any length and, God forbid, discuss with anyone, is the loss of their sexual partner. We are concerned about "how will Mom pay the bills", "who will mow the yard", and "Mom doesn't have anyone to talk to". But, we won't let ourselves think about "Mom's not getting any". I guess my sister and I are different. We've always had a "special" relationship. And, when Dad died, we both thought about Mom's half-empty bed. And, being a dutiful son and daughter, we did something about it.
    • by X :...
    • The David Trilogy: Nicole, ch 3-4
      nicol3_4 zip (5k) (M/f, pedo)
      The David saga continues, as little Nicole arouses a strange desire in him
    • by LisaD :...
    • The Lady and the Convicts, part 4
      thelady4 zip (6k) (m/f/inter/non cons)
      I watched in panic as nine black convicts stepped out into the aisle, all nude and most with hardons. My eyes widened as I stared at the size of most of them. They all dwarfed my husband and John and two were so huge they wouldn't even stand straight out.

      Wednesday PM, March 01, 2000

    • by Wishlist :...
    • A Dad Should Love His Son
      adadlove zip (5k) (M/b, M/m, M/M, father/son inc)
      I don't remember how old I was when it started; just that it's been as long ago as I can remember. What I recall is, one night when I was very little (probably age four or five), I woke up to a really pleasant feeling down between my legs. Of course, I didn't know about sex, so I didn't have a name for it at the time. I figured it out several years later. Anyway, I woke up to someone playing with my tiny cock. The room was nearly dark, so all I saw was a shape. Before I could speak or be afraid, I heard my dad's voice whisper, "It's OK, Son. It's just Daddy. I'm here to give you a special kiss." I relaxed knowing it was him and said "OK, Daddy."
    • by Anna :...
    • Dark Maiden, ch 3
      darkmai3 zip (5k) (M/F/f reluctant, fantasy)
      And Dustin was behind her, his strong hands kneeding her flesh as though he could will her to accept what was happening to her. When he slipped his finger within her sex and it came back wet, it seemed that he was right.
    • by X :...
    • The David Trilogy 1: Nicole, ch 1-2
      nicol1_2 zip (5k) (M/f, pedo)
      The new and improved X brings to you a series of stories about a man named David, whose life is changed by three preteen girls. Here is the first of these three stories. This one is about an 8 year old girl named Nicole.
    • by Tom Singleton :...
    • Posie, ch 16
      posie16 zip (20k) (f/f cousins; beastiality)
      "Euw!!! Rowf, b-bad dog!" she gasped, stunned at the burning contact of his furry belly and hot, damp loins against her own. "You want -- you want to ... m-mate with me!"     "Woof."     "But -- " she gulped, struggling for composure as the base of his hot, sticky-wet, thick dog cock bumped and slipped against the base of her spine, his softly furred balls bobbling against her bottom-cleft. She gasped, but spoke firmly, with sincere resolve: "Darling -- Rowf ... it -- it would be ... wrong."
    • by Baron Darkside :...
    • Such A Wonderful Son
      suchawon zip (17k) (M/F mot/son/inc/conseq)
      Mother, son, marijuana, booze. Need I say more?
    • by Angel Starr :...
    • Snuggling With Daddy
      snugglin zip (5k) (M/F/Dad/Daught/facial/incest)
      Hi Daddy,    Your little girl is really cold! It's raining and cold today, and I need your warm body next to mine soo's I don't catch a cold.     AAACHOOOO! AAAACHOOOO!     See, now I got a cold. Can I come into your bed daddy to stay warm? I bet it is nice and cozy in your BIG bed, daddy. Oooh, but daddy is sleeping "Ssssshhh, daddy is sllleeeppping." I say to my teddy who I leave on the chair. Tip-toeing slowly towards the bed I make sure daddy doesn’t hear me. Good! He’s still asleep.

      Tuesday PM, February 29, 2000

    • by X :...
    • Adventure In The Countryside, Conclusion
      adventu3 zip (9k) (m/f/pedo/cousins)
      After our first fuck session in our secret den in the woods, Mary and I lay in the bed, and Mary told me the story of how she had become as horny as she was. Our hands were busy as we talked. Her hands were stroking my cock, making it hard again. I was amazed. I had never been able to make my dick hard within minutes of cumming twice. Meanwhile, I alternated between rubbing her mound, inserting my middle finger into her crack, making it wet with her cum, and rubbing her stiff and hard clit. We lay side by side, attending to each other, while she told me her story.
    • by Nomad :...
    • Changing Times
      changing zip (12k) (F/f/m Mother Son incest X-Gender)
      A story of how a young boy's love of his mother's high heels turns him into a young woman dominated by both his mother and sister.
    • by Wishlist :...
    • Little KIM
      kimkiss zip (8k) (F/F,FF/f,M/f,pedo)
      As I passed by the door to Kim's room, it was open just a tiny bit and I just sort of glanced in. I took one or two more steps past the door before I realized what I had seen and stopped dead in my tracks. I slowly and quietly moved back to the door to peek inside. Kim was sitting on the side of her bed. Her mother was standing in front of her with her gown pulled open. Kim's little hands were around her mother's hips and her face was pressed up into her mother's crotch. I couldn't believe my eyes. Kim was eating her mother's pussy!
    • by HotKaryn :...
    • Michael’s Confession
      michconf zip (7k) (M\f)
      Michael had first confessed to Karyn about a hot little sexual session he had with his young niece. Karyn knew there were a few more stories that Michael was keeping hidden and she wanted to hear all the juicy tales. One night, while Michael was needing a little attention of his own, Karyn used her sexual prowness to get another tale of Michael’s wanton desire of his niece.
    • by Maxamm :...
    • Never Too Young
      nevertoo zip (7k) (dad/daut/pedo/babysex/v.young/w/s)
      Daddy has two little girls to himself for the afternoon. Nikki has just turned three and her little pussy is top of the menu for today. But her eleven month old baby sister also proves an irresistible temptation.
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • That Little Porn Star
      pornstar zip (15k) (M/M/M/M/f teen inc)
      She helped him to undo his shirt and working quickly he was soon as naked as she was. She slid her arms up around his neck and pressed her body tight to his. They began kissing and he went wild. She was delicious. Her full lips were soft and young. Her body fit into his perfectly and his hands were all over her as he got very excited. He realized she was way under age but that just excited him all the more.
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Tammy Gets Help Measuring the Boys
      tammyget zip (15k) (m/f)
      "LAY DOWN ON THE FLOOR . . . YOU LITTLE BITCH . . . SO THAT I CAN CUM ALL OVER YOUR NAKED BODY." And that's exactly what she did. The 11-year-old first knelt down, looking straight at his huge erection, playfully licking it and then laid back on the cool linoleum floor, spreading her legs wide open. He grabbed his aching cock, moved alongside her, and began to spray his juice in long thick ropes of hot cream all over her young preteen body.
    • by H. Grant :...
    • Winter Rain
      winterra zip (8k) (m/f/romance/WS)
      Mathew was an average teenager with only a few friends. His luck with girls at school had been minimal at best until he met Cindy. Mathew had never dreamed he would fall in love so quickly, but circumstances would soon prove otherwise.

      Monday PM, February 28, 2000

    • by H. Grant :...
    • Dumb Debbie, part 3
      dumbdeb3 zip (5k) (MMMMM/f/oral/anal/WS/diapers/scat)
      Dumb Debbie is brought full circle with high priced living arrangements. The dumb blonde is cared for by all the men of the mansion with only one price to pay - she must become the whore of the house!
    • by Camilla :...
    • First Family
      family zip (17k) (family incest)
      I lifted my legs and Peter wriggled his shoulders under them as he pounded into my willing pussy. Our mouths met and our tongues exchanged their first greetings. My son's deep blue eyes stared into mine as we continued our animal fucking unrestrained by any taboos.
    • by ShadoWalker :...
    • A Full Life
      fulllife zip (3k) (MF, FF, INC)
      A young wife and her husband console her rejected sister in a most unsisterly manner.
      How To Tame Nag
      tameanag zip (3k) (MF, NC, BND)
      A fed-up husband gives a lesson on ending a wife's constant nagging.
      To Be Thankful
      thankful zip (4k) (Mf, FF, Semi-NC, Inc)
      A rebellious daughter is taught that she has lot to be thankful for, thanks to her parents.
    • by BOBBYLOVE :...
    • Little Olga
      lilolga zip (7k) (M\f\ Pedo)
      When I came home today I saw the most beautiful pair of blonde's mother and daughter, in the lobby of my building naturally my perverted mind went into overtime and out comes this story.
    • by PRE-vert :...
    • New Year's Day
      newyears zip (11k) (M/g dad/dau inc public)
      My life had been upside down, lately, but my little girl seemed determined to make it even crazier. She was beautiful, and incredibly sexy, if only 9. The things she did felt wonderful, but such things simply weren't soppose to happen. On the other hand, New Year's Eve changed my life!
    • by Nomad :...
    • Pet
      pet zip (13k) (M/FF father/daughter, dom male)
      Heather had recently left home to go live on her own. Her father pays a visit and finds his daughter is secretly submissive.
    • by Dickie :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Babysitting Games
      babygame zip (4k) (m/b spank, anal, oral)
      Hi my name is Dickie and this is a short story about a time my mom left me with a high school senior so she could go shopping. I guess he liked little boys because he sure liked me.
    • by Lemmaire :...
    • Darien's Tears, part 6 of 6
      darien6 zip (6k) (t/t, inc, cousins, anal)
      Jared & Darien...14-year-old cousins...after spending a magical two weeks discovering each others' hearts and dreams...will they be able to stay together, or will they be forced apart? Find out in the conclusion, part 6, of "Darien's Tears."
    • by Rex Wilder/Maggan :...
    • Första gången
      1sttime zip (8k) (M/f, incest)
      Min sexuella lust väcktes väldigt tidigt...... När jag var åtta år råkade jag komma på mina föräldrar när dom tittade på en häftig porrfilm.

      Sunday PM, February 27, 2000

    • by H. Grant :...
    • Dumb Debbie, part 2
      dumbdeb2 zip (9k) (MMMMM/f/oral/anal/WS/scat)
      Dumb Debbie has been taken to her new home by Mr. Garett. He promises that he and his friends will take care of her as long as she behaves like a good girl does what the men want. An intense tale of female humiliation follows as they plan to make Debbie into a "special" movie star!
    • by jjoe :...
    • The Minister's Wife and Her Itchy Crotch
      minister zip (8k) (FF/M pedo, interacial, panty)
      The Minister's Wife is off to the races with her new found sexual freedom and she picks up a fuck mate to expand her sexual horizons.
    • by Seven :...
    • October Incest
      october zip (10k) (M/f inc)
      Anna pulled the short black sweater over her head and started undoing her belt. The belt buckle made a clattering sound as she let her jeans fall to the floor together with the white string panties. Benny had taken his shirt and pants off and she saw how his big hard cock pulled the boxer shorts up like a tent.
    • by Daddy Luv :...
    • Romper Room Games, part 1
      romper1 zip (11k) (mfgggbbb/young/oral/porno/Cross-dress/diapers/ped)
      The "theme" of this story is based on an old Kiddy T.V. show called Romper Room. On it, an adult female would guide the kids(btwn the ages of four to seven)through games, read them stories and do different types of movement steps. Many, many time the little girls dresses would be pulled up(a lot of the times by the girls themselves)and their panties would show. I loved this show! A pedophiles dream. I've taken my fantasies about it and have weaved this first half of what I hope will be a series. No real person connected to the show were envolved in sex with kids that I know of. So none are portrayed here as actual people. Just the fruits of an oversexed imagination
    • by Lemmaire :...
    • Darien's Tears, part 5 of 6
      darien5 zip (6k) (t/t, inc, cousins, oral, anal)
      Darrie & Jared get closer than they've ever been before as their lives continue to come together in part five of "Darien's Tears."
    • by bookworm :...
    • Orphans, ch 5
      orphans5 zip (10k) (M/F/f)
      although this story is a chapter of orphans it is a stand alone story of Abby. Brought up by her prostitute mother and one of her clients, sharing their bed as well as their love

      Saturday PM, February 26, 2000

    • by Daddy Luv :...
    • Mistress Belynda & "little girl" Robin
      belynda zip (25k) (ff/WS/Dom/Sub/anal/diapers)
      Sixteen year old Robin Cross was new to Jackson High School. She was very shy, and found making friends very difficult because of it. She had tried to make friends in her old school, but with her dad always moving about because of his job, it was near to impossible. She couldn't understand why she was so shy. She wasn't in want of requests for dates. Not by a long shot!
    • by H. Grant :...
    • Dumb Debbie, part 1
      dumbdeb1 zip (7k) (M/f / WS)
      Debbie is a dumb blonde who hates school and has trouble understanding simple tasks and terms in the classroom. Her teacher Mr Garett, has just the right idea for her.
    • by Silk :...
    • Nieces Galore, part 4
      nieces4 zip (6k) (M/f Mf/f unc/niece inc oral anal)
      Ed has now fucked both his older niece Lois and her younger sister Jerrel. However that still leaves Jerrel's friend Anne Marie lying naked next to him. But before he can turn his attention to her, Lois gets in first.
    • by Tom Singleton :...
    • Posie, ch 15
      posie15 zip (15k) (M/f uncle/niece; surprise)
      Posie -- with a barely audible, slightly mournful whimper -- she was sure she was a lesbian! -- straddled the chaise and inclined herself between her lover's thighs and placed her hands on the inner smoothnesses of her lover's thighs and began helplessly to lick the slick, sweet gash with the trembling eagerness of an acolyte. "Yes ..." her lover sighed, stroking the darling girl's fine, golden hair, while Posie's fingertips gently parted the plump labes of the lover's honeypot and licked and nibbled on her clit, "... that's right ... Oh! ... yessss, ... Now, put your fingers inside me ... that's right ...Mmmmm-- more. ... Ahhhh ... Yes. ... Three fingers ... yes ... oh, oh, yesssssssss."
    • by Cockney :...
    • The Guide, parts 2-3
      thegu2_3 zip (11k) (M/f)
      We left Susie in chapter one:     "This is a tawse, an instrument for punishing naughty Scottish children, it is no longer used in schools, sadly, but I still use it, hold out your hand".     "No please, don't" Susie begged, but she tentatively held out her hand all the same.    Taking hold of her wrist, he turned her hand palm up and brought the leather down hard across her palm. Susie howled in anguish as the leather burned her flesh and danced a little jig at first shaking her hand violently, then tucking it under her arm in an effort to relieve the fiery pain.    "Now imagine what that will feel like on your bottom, or the backs of your legs, or maybe on your little titties" he told her in a calm voice, Susie didn't want to imagine any such thing.    "Now if you are disobedient, or try my patience, you know what will happen, don't you".    She nodded miserably "Yes" she muttered sullenly, blinking back tears from her eyes.    "Yes, sir" he corrected.    "Yes sir" she repeated.    "Good" he smiled at her, "Now take your clothes off".
    • by PRE-vert :...
    • Truth or Dare
      truthord zip (10k) (M/g b/g b/g pedo)
      When I got the chance to play 'Truth or Dare with six kids, I didn't pass it up. I knew some of them had been fooling around, and I had high hopes of having some hot, voyeuristic fun. What I ended up with was byond my wildest dreams!
    • by Kelley the Pervert :...
    • Vampire
      vampire zip (4k) (m/f f/f snuff)
      Chris came into the bar hopping to find a woman. But one found him instead. He was blown away by her beauty, long fiery red hair, just a hint of freckles across her nose, pale skin, deep green eyes about 20. When she smiled at him his heart melted. He let her buy him a drink and they talked for nearly an hour before they left together.    Her place was very nice. She had an expensive apartment in the nice part of town. All the windows had heavy blinds on them. "I don't like the sun, it gives me a bad rash" she explained.
    • by F.M. :...
    • Jeanna's Life - Mark
      jeanna zip (5k) (m/F)
      A true story about a 16-year-old female and a nine-year-old boy.
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Suzy Q, part 3
      suzyq3 zip (5k) (M/F, F/f, MM/Ff, oral, anal, incest)
      Suzy Q, her uncles Jimmy and Timmy, and her mother Marilyn had come up with a very unique way of celebrating the small child's birthday this year. Doing a sexual train while the brothers worked hard at impregnating their sister...again.

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  • Stansfield: Food..special delivery, huh? Let me guess. Chinese? Thai, maybe? I've got it. Italian food. What's your name, Angel ?

    Mathilda: Mathilda.

    Stansfield: Mathilda, I want you to put the sack on the floor.

    Mathilda: [sets the sack down]

    Stansfield: Good. And now I want you to tell me everything you know about Italian food, and don't forget the name of the chef who fixed it for me.

    Mathilda: Nobody sent me. I do business for myself.

    Stansfield: So this is something personal, is it ? What filthy piece of shit did I do now ?

    Mathilda: You killed my brother.

    Stansfield: Sorry. And you want to join him?

    Mathilda: No.

    Stansfield: It's alway the same thing. It's when you start to become really afraid of death, that you learn to appreciate life. Do you like life, Sweetheart ?

    Mathilda: Yes.

    Stansfield: That's good, because I take no pleasure in taking life if it's from a person who doesn't care about it.

    ( as portrayed by Natalie Portman and Gary Oldman )


            Stansfield: I have alot of respect for your business, Tony. When you've killed for us in the past, we've always been satisfied. And that's exactly why today is going to be very, very hard for me. I hope that you excuse my mood. My man was killed right here in your turf, and the Chinks tell me that the hitman was kind of the "Italian Type", so we figured that Tony might know something.

            Tony: Wait...

            Stansfield: There's more, you're going to love this. A few hours later, a little 12yo girl comes into my office armed to the teeth with a firm intention of sending me straight to the morgue. And you know who came and got her in the middle of the afternoon, right there in my building ? The very same Italian hitman. I'm dying to meet him.


            Leon: Stansfield ?

            Stansfield: At your service.

            Leon: [holds pin removed from grenade] This is from Mathilda.

            Stansfield: Shit....


    The Professional: Natalie,

    (this video, "The Professional", starring Natalie Portman (Mathilda) and Jean Reno (Leon), available at

    Natalie Portman

    Date of birth (location) 9 June 1981, Jerusalem

    Height: 5'4"

    Actress - filmography

    1.Star Wars: Episode II (2002) .... Queen Amidala
    2.Where the Heart Is (2000) .... Novalee Nation
    3.Anywhere But Here (1999) .... Ann August
    4.Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999) .... Queen Amidala/Padmé Naberrie
    5.Better Living Through Circuitry (1999) .... Herself
    6.Mars Attacks! (1996) .... Taffy Dale
    7.Everyone Says I Love You (1996) .... Laura
    8.Beautiful Girls (1996) .... Marty
    9.Heat (1995) .... Lauren
    10.Developing (1995) .... Nina
    11.Léon (1994) .... Mathilda

      ... aka Cleaner, The (1994)
      ... aka Professional, The (1994) (USA)

    Review by-

    Insincere Dave
    Maidenhead, England
    Date: 21 December 1999

    Summary: A shameful praise of a fantastic film.

    Leon (Jean Reno) is a tortured soul. He lives in squalor and misery, never truly happy or at peace with himself. After all, he is a hitman. He lives quietly from kill to kill, harming no-one whom he has not been paid to assassinate. He is a simplistic, childlike man who lives by his own set of morals but is troubled by them. The one thing he seems to fear above all else is change.

    Mathilda (Natalie Portman) is Leon's neighbour. A young girl, she lives with her father, step-mother, half-sister and half-brother. As unhappy as Leon, she lives in awe of the dark stranger, unaware of his true profession. Beaten by her parents and sister, she has abandoned school and instead spends the day watching cartoons and trying to escape from the real world.

    When Mathilda's family is brutally murdered by a drug crazed Norman Stansfield (Gary Oldman), her only chance for survival is to hide with her neighbour. When she learns of Leon's true identity, she becomes infatuated with both him, and the grim world he inhabits.

    This stark portrayal of humanity and inhumanity is produced with the style and finesse that one expects from Luc Besson. In addition, the combined talents of Jean Reno, Natalie Portman and Gary Oldman provide not only an unmatched on-screen chemistry, but also three perfectly created characterisations, the like of which are rarely seen in today's cinema. This film has my personal recommendation of being the best piece of cinema that I know of. I have not seen anything that matches it in terms of intensity or emotion - and believe me, I've looked. I found myself caring for the characters involved, an unique experience in itself. This is not the type of film for a night in with your mates, but nevertheless, it is an unforgettable piece of cinematic history.

    Trivia for Natalie Portman

    Turned down a role in "The Horse Whisperer" to act in "The Diary of Ann Frank" on Broadway.

    Often portrays characters that are rather smart, mature, and grown up for their age.

    Favorite song is 'Ben' by Michael Jackson.

    (May/June 1999) Graduated from Syosset High School, Syosset, NY

    Likes to watch Jerry Springer

    Has been a strict vegetarian since the age of 8.

    Has taken dance lesson since the age of 4.

    Says that math is her favorite subject in school because, "There's always an answer."

    (1999) Stated in a TV interview that with the exception of the Star Wars prequels, she will not act for the next four years in order to concentrate on studying at Harvard University.

    Can speak fluent Hebrew, French, and Japanese.

    Originally turned down the role of Ann August in the film "Anywhere But Here" (1999) because of the love scene between herself and Corbin Allred which required nudity. Susan Sarandon who had co-star approval, said she couldn't continue the movie without Portman, so the script was re-written without the scene and sent to Natalie, and she accepted.

    Portman is her grandmother's maiden name. She avoids revealing her real name so she could have more privacy.

    Her mother is an artist, and her father a doctor. She is an only child.

    She went to Stagedoor Manor Performing Arts Camp in 1994 and 1995 where she was Anne in "Anne of Green Gables" in 1994 and "Tapestry" in 1995.

    Was the first choice to play Juliet in "Romeo and Juliet" (1996) movie but turned it down because of the scenes, and the age difference, between her and Leonardo DeCaprio

    She was discovered in a Pizza parlour and was originally turned down for the role of Mathilda in "The Professsional" because she was too young.

    Stagedoor Manor (1996), she was in "Cabaret" as Sally

    Harpers and Queen magazine said that she is "the new Audrey Hepburn".

    Turned down the title role in Adrian Lyne's Lolita (1997), due to her feelings for young adult actors/actresses being exposed to sex in films.

    Performed the role of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at Stagedoor Manor,

    Before she was cast for her role in "Star Wars: Episode I", she had never seen the original 3 Star Wars movies

    Moved to the US when she was 3

    Turned down the role of "The Wendy in Ice Storm" (1997) because she felt the material was "too dark." The role went to Christina Ricci, who has said she often gets the projects Natalie turns down.

    Said she would never be in a horror movie or any other "Jennifer Love Hewitt type" film

    Has said in interviews that when she gets older, she would like to be a doctor like her father.

    Personal quotes

    (On Lolita) "I don't think there needs to be a movie out where a child has sex with an adult. I think there's enough exploitation out there that it's not nescessary to do more." Source:Entertainment Tonight.

    "Young actors often don't think of the consequences of doing nudity or sex scenes. They want the role so badly that they agree to be exploited, and then end up embarassing family, friends, and even strangers. I also feel that I'm a positive role model for not putting my education on hold." Source:Calgary Sun 11/7/99

    (On Acting) "I started to do this at age 11. At age 20, I might say, this is enough."

    (On violence in the media) "We live in a violent world, but since the success of films like Pulp Fiction(1994), it seems every movie has some violence in it, and it's now being used as a form of comedy; audiences are now being encouraged to laugh when people get their heads blown off. I just don't like hearing people laugh at violence."

    (On college) "I want to use college to explore what other careers I might be interested in. I think school is so much harder than real life. People are so much more accepting when they are adults."

    (On acting) "I'm taking it day by day. Right now I like acting, but if something else sparks my interest in college, I'll do that. It's so limiting to say, this is it for the rest of my life. There are so many things that interest me-I love math, science, literature, languages." Source: Vanity Fair, May 1999

    (On Lolita) "Let me tell you, this movie's going to be sleaze."

    "I'm going to college. I don't care if it ruins my career. I'd rather be smart than a movie star."

    "I don't know if acting is what I want to do for the rest of my life, it's just what I've, you know, ended up doing when I was little, and I've kinda grown up with it."

    "When I'm working, they pretty much treat me like an adult, but then when there's a break everyone else goes to their trailers and drink beer and I like, go to school."

    "There's so much else to do in the world. To just be interested in doing films would limit my life."

    Ted Demme (director Beautiful Girls (1996)): "In 10 years she's going to run the entire world, and I want to be one of her assistants..."

    "Danny [Aiello] told me: Don't do television"

    "Cute is when a person's personality shines through their looks. Like in the way they walk, every time you see them you just want to run up and hug them."

    Michael Mann on Natalie Portman: "When I met her, you could tell she was kind of a prodigy".

    (Susan Sarandon on Natalie) "She's really a smart girl who has had a very rarified upbringing, who has been raised with alot of confidence and self-esteem, so she seems older than she is in many ways. I felt at all times that I was working with an equal. She has a natural grace that doesn't make her seem as if she's of her generation."

    [Harpers and Queen Magazine] : "This school-room cutie has more acting ability in her little toe than Demi Moore and Jennifer Aniston combined."

    Where is Natalie now

    (September 1999) Finished filming "Where The Heart Is" in Austin, TX. She's now attending university.

    (April 1998) Leaving the cast of "The Diary of Anne Frank" to prepare for feature film "Anywhere But Here."

    (December 1997 - May 1998) On Broadway as Anne Frank in "The Diary of Anne Frank."

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