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      Lawn Dogs: Knockin' On Heaven's Door

      On Friday PM, January 21, 2000

    • by Keyman :...
    • Forbidden Fruit - "Mr. Chip's Monkey Shines", part 4
      forbid4 zip (7k) (M/F/ff dad/daut/mom Beast)
      When Dan opened the door he was shocked to see his wayward wife standing on the stoop. The woman who had run off with the Italian organ grinder and his monkey was back. "I see you changed the locks Dan." Sally said mildly amused. Dan thought you're damn right I changed the locks. Dan looked down and holding his wife's hand was a large chimpanzee. Sally seeing him looking at the large primate said, "Dan this is Mr. Chips, he was the best part of my relationship with Mario." "I know how you feel, but I think me and Mr. Chips can make all my past transgressions up to you." Dan again looked at the chimp and he could swear that chimp was laughing at him. But being a decent person, he opened the door and indicated the pair should enter. Just then the two girls entered the room
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • The Goth Girl
      gothgirl zip (21k) (Mf, ff, etc.; pre-teen, yng teen; inc, mast, rape, anal, preg, torture; extreme caution)
      "He sneaked up to her from behind. She murmured to herself and picked up what looked like the discarded hard rubber handle to something, four inches long and teardrop-shaped, put it in her mouth and slid it into her dilated cunt, then dipped her fingers into a tub of margarine and began to stretch her sore anus to accommodate the old Coke bottle that she now took into her mouth. He crept closer, releasing his aching cock, and suddenly stepped on a dry branch. It snapped with a loud crack, and Diana turned towards him with a gasp...."
    • by HotKaryn :...
    • Late Night with Leah
      latenite zip (6k) (M\F\f)
      Karyn and Michael spend a night out. The night out, consisting of dinner, dancing, drinking, and a wild party prove very exciting for them. But, once home, things get a lot wilder. 10 year old Leah awakes and wants some attention. Read on as Michael gets to quench his built up sexual tension with the use of Leah's hot little body.
    • by Davy Sprocket :...
    • Ticket to Ride
      ticket zip (32k) (Mbff, drugs, control, nc?)
      Roy Slade has hit it rich! He has the hottest teenbopper tickets in town and he knows how to use them to get what he wants.

      Thursday PM, January 20, 2000

    • by cozmo cookieman :...
    • Candace Bates, Middle Aged Cock Slut - The Blow Job
      candacebj zip (8k) (Fm, cons)
      A middle-aged former porn actress finds that the biggest problem in her life isn't her alcohol and drug addiction, but rather her addiction to teen-aged cock. Can she ever get enough to truly satiate her voracious appetite for the stuff? Who cares, as long as she has fun trying!
    • by Angel Starr :...
    • A horny Daddy R.
      ahorny zip (6k
      I had often walked by the tot lot on my way to work. Not just out of convience, but out of sheer lust and desires. See, there is nothing more lovely than a little girl between the ages of four to six. Oh you may mock my decleration but tis true. There is sometihng...something so innocent and lively about those little tots that it just makes my heart race and of course, my cock pulse. When I see one of about five, say with red hair dun up in pigtails as I walk by, I find it hard not to stare at her.

      Wednesday PM, January 19, 2000

    • by jerry :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Breaking the girl
      breaking zip (4k) (M/F Virgin)
      I had never gotten laid in high-school. It was one of those reputation and late maturity things. This was kinda suprising, because when I went to college I seemed to have no problems at all with getting dates. About ten months ago, I met a girl/woman (who's to say?) in a computer class and eventually, we ended up going out for the rest of the school year. Our college (remain nameless) was in Massachusetts. She lived in Georgia and I am from California. Towards the end of the school year, we were getting kind of sad due to having to be apart for about three months and were arranging to come back a little early and getting an apartment together.
    • by Lutwidge :...
    • An Introduction to Casanova
      anintro zip (13k) (M/ffff, inc, preteen)
      In the eighteenth century when Casanova was active, the average age of menarche was somewhere between fourteen and sixteen, some as late as eighteen. Nowadays, of course, it occurs between twelve and thirteen, some as early as nine. So when Casanova speaks of having seduced a thirteen year old girl, in physical terms that means an eleven or ten year old girl by our standards of development in the present age. The youngest girl he had intercourse with was ten, which in terms of physical develop- ment means about seven or eight in our era. Little details in Casanova's memoirs also point to his desire for the prepubescent flesh: he'll say "unadorned mound", which means hairless pussy; or "ungarnished bosom" means flat-chested. In all, Casanova seduced twenty-eight virgins between the age of ten and fifteen, at least to my count
      Recruiting a Cherry
      recruit zip (4k) (fff,preteen, inc)
      When it was wet, it looked like she had no hair at all. Lately, her father was urging her to use depilatory cream to take it all off, but she thought the little tuft was kind of cute, even though she knew a completely hairless pussy turned her Daddy on.     "Everybody," Brenda responded. Dana continued to caress the girl's ripe boobies, something which Brenda wasn't trying to prevent.     "Oh?" Karen murmured, "the same people who say that girls our age don't have sex?"     "We don't," Brenda protested.     "Maybe you don't," Dana retorted, "but Karen and I do, we fuck all the time. And not with each other, we fuck guys too!"     "Ohhhh, Dana, you're lying," Brenda exclaimed.     "No she's not," Karen informed the other eleven year old. "We do have sex with guys."     "Well, who'd have sex with girls like us?" Brenda demanded, "We're just kids!"     "Oh, there're guys who like fucking kids," Dana informed the younger girl as she continued to squeeze and fondle her plump titties.     "Who?" Brenda demanded, her curiosity rising.     "Well, there's..."     "Dana!" Karen said sharply. "We can't tell her now. Not until we can trust her!"
    • by KBear :...
    • Captured Kindergarten Class, part 3
      capture3 zip (6k) (M/F/f+(group)/young pedo/spank/oral/anal/punish/first-time/non-con)
      His little band gets to learn all about they joys and ways of oral sex both in groups and one-to-one.. ain't it amazing how young a little girl can be made to cum so hard... I just love that expression thier little faces as this big wave of bliss washes over them and they are swept away with feelings they never knew thier little bodies could have...
    • by Silk :...
    • Fancy Dress Shop, part 1
      fancy1 zip (8k) (M/f, F/f, inc, teen)
      Hiya, did you miss me while I was home for Christmas? Well I had lots of fun. Like the time Uncle Paul an' I met up with Kayrn and her daughters Chelsea an' Leah. We all were dressed up an played around an' stuff. Lotsa cum too! Yummy!
    • by Keyman :...
    • Forbidden Fruit - Surrogate Daughter, part 3
      forbid3 zip (13k) (M/ff dad/daughter pedo inc)
      That night after dinner father and daughter went their separate ways, Denny to her bedroom and Dan to the living room to watch TV. Denny spent most of the rest of the night listening to music and thinking about the day’s events. Her sexual encounter with Karen had a profound effect on her. She had enjoyed the lesbian sexual experience and to a certain extent that bothered her. Am I Gay, I enjoyed licking and sucking her friend. Does that make me Gay, she wondered. She was just as sure she would like sex with a man, she actually desired it. The images of hard spurting cocks had made her pussy cream and she had been totally excited when she had spied on her father while he showered. Back and forth she debated her sexual proclivity finally deciding that she liked both types of sex and most likely she figured she was Bi-Sexual. She could live with that, but she also felt unfulfilled because she had not experienced sex with a man.
    • by Maithuna :...
    • A Millinium Present, part 2
      present2 zip (8k) (M/F, mom/son, inc, impreg)
      Kantam and Ramesh move into new heights of their relationship
    • by Netwanderer :...
    • Snowed In, part 2
      snowedi2 zip (19k) (M/f)
      Still somewhat winded from our earlier exertions, after we got off the radio, we all returned to the lounge. Jenny hopped up on the big couch and stretched out, then Sandy joined her and snuggled back against the other girl. I found a space on the now severely rumpled blankets and soon had Ciara and Jamie snuggled up to me. Tamika and Patty curled together in a heap on the other blanket across from me. All of us had long since removed any remaining clothing, but I had reloaded the fireplace and wood stoves, leaving the entire room quite warm.
    • by Hornibro :...
    • Coffee With The Adams Ladies
      theadam3 zip (9k) (FFFFMMMMgb toddlers/minister)
      Tom Stevens hears about getting religion and cums in a restaurant
    • by Cockney :...
    • Towpath, ch 1-2
      towpa1_2 zip (25k) (M/f)
      Or maybe it was Mr Sykes my schoolteacher when I was eight or nine keeping me behind after school for chattering during the lesson and turning me over his knee, hoisting my skirt up over my back and spanking me on my knickered bottom. Six meaty slaps that stung and made me cry. Then afterwards he had pulled my knickers down at the back to check the result, his fingers dipping briefly between my legs. He did it to another girl a couple of weeks later and she told her mum. Mr Sykes left the school shortly afterwards. I couldn't tell my mum, she would have given me another spanking for good measure.
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Suzy Q, part 1
      suzyq1 zip (7k) (M/g)
      Suzy loves sitting on her Unka Jimmy's lap as much as he loves having her do it. Only thing is she can't get comfortable with that big, ole lump underneath her small slit. Wiggling this way and that, this imp tries to get comfortable while driving her horny uncle crazy.

      Tuesday PM, January 18, 2000

    • by Bruce :...
    • Aric vacation, ch 1
      aricvac1 zip (6k) (M/f/f,dad/twin daughters/inc/ws)
      A father takes his twin daughters to cabin in Canada and instructs in sex
    • by StormKing :...
    • Enslaved Gymnast And Mom, part 3 of 3
      enslave3 zip (7k) (M/Ffff, NC, Preg, Bond)
      Debra Smith and her daughter neter a new life as Larry's pregnant sex slaves. Larry makes Paige help him add a couple more young girls to his harem.

      Monday PM, January 17, 2000

    • by Duncan McCloud :...
    • The Collectors, ch 1-2
      colle1_2 zip (20k) (m/f,F/f,F/F, M/F/F,orgy,incest)
      Kimberly Warren Greyson is the not so innocent 23-year-old bride of Trevor Greyson. Greyson is the member of a group called the collectors who enjoy sex in all its forms. This is the story of how Kim is introduced and becomes a member of the collectors
    • by Tijuana Preacher :...
    • Dithers Comes A Visiting
      dithers zip (12k) (MMF)
      Mr. Dithers comes to visit Blondie with a sinister plan . . .
    • by BP :...
    • Doctor Nick's Treatments
      docnick zip (19k) (Teen, peg, toys, inject. , oral, incest, F/F/F, F/M)
      Hi I'm Jenny, let me tell you about mommy's friend Doctor Nick and his special treatments. One night after going to bed, I overheard, mommy and daddy arguing. I couldn't tell what they were talking about but I did hear mommy's friend, Doctor Nick's name mentioned. I had heard them talking about Doctor Nick for years so that was nothing new. A couple days later mommy told me she was going to take me to see Doctor Nick for a checkup. She said that now that I was having periods, she wanted to make sure I was developing correctly. That was fine with me, as I like Doctor Nick and he had always been good to us.
    • by Candrah :...
    • Madang II
      madang2 zip (11k) (f/M bro/-sis inc tempestuous)
      Jan is pregnant and Frans goes mad, very mad...
    • by Diggity Dog :...
    • Sandy's Fantasia
      sandyfan zip (14k) (M/F phone, F/F/M)
      Sandy is a wonderful woman I met first on a phone chat line. She is amicable and witty, just alot of fun. After several calls, she floored me with a question, did I enjoy phone sex? Well, one thing lead to another and a few calls later, we got each other off over the phone. During one of the calls, she told me about one of her fantisies. I have always enjoyed making dreams come true..

      Sunday PM, January 16, 2000

    • by master of nasty :...
    • Bobo
      bobo zip (10k) (M/g/bear, pedo, oral, anal, beast, supernatural)
      Eight year old Katie hates her abusive father, but loves a bear called Bobo. Father hates bear and wants it dead. Daddy=bad. Bear=good They are both fucking Katie.
    • by Pedros :...
    • Dad's Friend, part 1
      dadsfri1 zip (13k) (M/M/m pedo porno inc)
      Timmy's dad was bi-sexual and had a lover with his same interest in photography, sex and young boys. He posted pictures of Timmy on the 'net and found that James (his lover) was collecting them. When he suggested a photo session with his son, James was only too happy to oblige; and Timmy was a willing participant
    • by Keyman :...
    • Forbidden Fruit - "Inhibitions Lost", part 2
      forbid2 zip (10k) (ff lesbian)
      After her father had left to go fishing Denny found herself thinking of what might happen when she and her girlfriend watched the pilfered adult video. It would be the first porno video she would experience and her pussy leaked a little cream in anticipation of the upcoming show and what it might contain. She had a feeling that the video would be hot and wondered how her girlfriend Karen and she would react to it. She had discovered the images of other woman in the porno magazine she looked at last night had raised a new feeling in her. She was surprised that sight of a pussy had turned her on, not as much as the spurting cocks, but it did have an effect on her. She wondered if Karen had the same feelings when she looked at the magazine. She decided at the appropriate time to tell Karen about how she had seen her father's cock last night while he showered. Denny was sure Karen was hot for Dan; her friend was always telling Denny how good looking her daddy was. Just then the doorbell rang and Denny went to answer it.
    • by Cabin Woods :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Ramsdale - The Later Years, ch 1
      ramsdal1 zip (3k) (M/f)
      This begins a history of M/f and M/ff activities that were experienced by a Mr. Martin Trevors... from 1968 to the present.

      Saturday PM, January 15, 2000

    • by Rogue :...
    • Baby-sitting Lisa, part 5
      babysit5 zip (6k) (m/f, teen/pre-teen, incest, first time, anal)
      Billy and Lisa have been left alone for the weekend and Billy takes full advantage of the time to fulfill his fantasies about his pre-teen sister.
      Sex Street, part 1
      sexstre1 zip (6k) (m/f, teen/teen)
      Being the new kid in town is supposed to be a traumatic experience, but when you're a horny teen boy and your neighbors are mostly girls, it's life in the fast lane.
    • by lolitot :...
    • Brownie Christmas Party! part 1
      brownie1 zip (7k) (g/F/F/M)
      I know ..., you've been waitin' for it! So here it is! You gotta see what happened when we were gettin' ready for the party! Wow! I got a lota my favorite stuff, too! Yup! Cum! Mmmm!
    • by Sherry :...
    • The Chatroom Killer
      chatroom zip (55k
      I should start at how this all began, but first let me tell you that before this all happened, I was a successful professional making a comfortable living. My Husband and I had one child, and we were very stable in our lives. At 28, I had sewed my "wild oats" pretty quickly the way normal people do, you know went to a few clubs and danced in my early 20's, or go to the beach and wear something that you know your parents would not approve of, but now I was like many people of my generation, settling into adulthood. No, I wasn't watching "touched by an angel" and in bed by 7pm, and I wasn't playing bridge with the Mertz's on Saturday nights.
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • Jenny
      jenny zip (46k) (Fg, MFfg; inc, pedo, yng teen; caution)
      "When my mom started seeing Marty, I was a virgin, I guess. I gave guys blow jobs, though, and I let them finger-fuck me and fuck my ass and stuff, but I'd never been fucked in my front hole..." Joy's mom's boyfriends start using her when she's 11 y.o., but her mommy only ties her up and hurts her. It's up to their landlord, Marty, to show the single mother how to raise her daughter properly, and he enlists her best friend, a 14 y.o. whore named Jenny, to help...
      laika zip (21k) (Mf, Mg, Mff, gg, etc.; pedo, pre-teen, teen; extreme caution)
      Simon Seize, a hard-boiled detective, is hired by the parents of a missing prepubescent girl. He learns that their daughter is hiding out under the alias 'Laika.' Simon tries to find out everything he can about the 12 y.o. soft-core starlet whose identity their runaway child is living under. Looking for both the 'real' Laika and the lost little slut, Simon stumbles upon a stable of sassy bc_girls and some very sweet mclt children...
    • by Hornibro :...
    • My Friend David, ch 5
      myfrien5 zip (4k) (M/F/M/b friend's granddad, grandma, father, me. inc)
      David's grandparents are very old, but active...
    • by Nomad :...
    • Playing
      playing zip (8k) (M/f pedo)
      It was a lovely day, the sun shinning brightly and the grass dry enough to sit on. I, however, choose the bench bordering the woodland that stood behind the park and facing the playground. It had a lovely view of the slide and the swing.     There were children of various ages played there, swinging on the swing, sliding down the slide, pretty girls letting their skirts ride up their little legs, little boys in shorts with loose leg-bands.
    • by Ted :...
    • Ron's Girls, ch 7: Jerri's story
      rongirl7 zip (18k) (Mf/noncons/anal/beast/ff/fF/fM/pedo)
      The seventh woman in counselor Ron Kohls group to tell her tale of early sex. Her experience led her to experiment widely at a very young age.
    • by Bruce :...
    • Summer Fun
      summerfu zip (5k) (M/m/f/f/f)
      An adult stumbles onto 4 children in outragous sex play and joins in
    • by TinaS1t :...
    • Terri, part 1
      terri1 zip (35k) (M/f, inc, anal, oral, w/s, scat, b/d, semi-cons, teen)
      Terri a pretty little 13 year-old learns why her dad never hugs her. She also learns that being a slut is an advantage. Then she learns to become her dads personal property and loves it and him.
    • by Lil N :...
    • What's Good For The Goose, Is Good For The Gander
      whatgood zip (6k) (Voyeur, M/f, m/F, incest/pedo)
      Mary came home from a too long day at work. She was feeling tired and irritable from all the aggravation, only to come home to a house full of suspicions. Mary fet that something wasn't right at home. She couldn't put her finger on it. After 20 years of marraige, her husband still loved her. She didn't have anything to complain about - he always wanted to have sex. Nothing was lacking in that department. And her two kids were almost perfect. Eleven year old Stacy and 17 year old Rob junior never gave her cause for alarm: they were wll behaved children who always brought home good grades from school and even enjoyed staying home.       So why was Mary suspicious?
    • by smbell :...
    • Sara-Jane, part 1
      sarajan1 zip (6k) (M/F scat)
      Sara 1, how I met the love of my life.    The girl next door was a nice lass. I had only spoken to her a couple of times, but I had seen her going out on several occasions. Early twenties, slim, long dark hair and a penchant for short skirts, split skirts, tight trousers and loose tops. She tended to be out late most nights, working as a barmaid. She seemed quite, sober, respectable. Never any noise from her flat, no loud music, no arguements. I wished that I could get to know her better, having been seperated for four years, but I could think of no reason why she should be interested in me.

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  • Devon:

    Bobbiaga's house...!

    Hello, I'm Devon Tomkin Stockard...Girl Scout Ranger. I'm selling thumbprint cookies. All proceeds go to the Pine Cone Charity House, of McCabe County....
    Is that a '65 Ford? The '65 F-100 is the best motor Ford ever made. Is it three-on-a-tree?


    My uncle had a truck like that. He was Russian, from Indiana. Born on the wrong side of the train.

    Wrong side of the tracks.

    Right. He said the mounts were going bad on the truck. So one night, he drove it into Spoon River and never drove back out.

    What a shame..

    That's what my aunt said.

    You can rebuild the mounts, I did it...

    Can you take me for a ride in that?

    I don't want to buy any cookies...this is private property. Go home.


                    Trees don't give a shit about people

                    Was that your girlfriend?

                    Look, I got some lawns to take care of, so....

                    Can you climb a tree? I'd climb it myself, but I'm not supposed to strain.

                    I'm telling you to leave.

                    Ok, I'll leave, but only if you help me hang the rest of these ribbons.

                    I don't like ribbons, and I got me a hangover.

                    Ya know, I almost died...twice.

                    Climbing a tree?


                    I almost died, too.


                    Shotgun. You?

                    It's a lemon, my heart. You know how yours goes "dee-dum dee-dum dee-dum" ?


                    Well mine goes, "dee-dee-dum dee-dee-dum dee-dee-dum".

                    So, are you dyin' or what?

                    Not anymore, they put in an extra pumping station.

                    Um, nice.

                    Can I see your scar?

                    Ah, it's ugly.


                    Don't you have any friends your age? Kids you can hang out with and stuff?

                    I don't like kids, they smell like TV....and they talk too fast.
                    Higher. Go higher.

                    Shit !!
                    Hey, I could be dyin' over here...

                    Is your heart going "dee-dee-dum dee-dee-dum dee-dee-dum" ?

                    Something like that....hey come here...get me a beer out of my truck. It's in a cooler, and the cigarettes are on the dash.

                    Where'd ya get shot?

                    In the gut.

                    By a robber?

                    Look, I have to do three maybe four lawns. You're from Camelot, right?

                    Camelot Gardens, yup. Over the hills and far away.

                    Go home.


                    Get out of here, just go.

                    [shakes head no...]

                    What the hell you want from me? What? What...huh? that what you can have it...anything you want here, it's yours to take, ok?!

                    What's with you? Ya curious? Just curious? You got all that out there, everything out there is yours...there's nothing here for you, ya understand? Go home, go home.



              So, what you want to show me?

              We're best friends, right?

              I don't know...

              Yes we are.

              I don't knows I ever had a best friend. I had a...

              You gave me a turtle.

              Ya, I did.

              Then I'll show you.

              Woah, oh, no, stop that...jesus.

              I want to.

              Well, I don't want you're not old enough.

              It's not my tits I wanna show you, stupid.
              Ok, I'm ready. Come on, look!

              Gawd damn!

              My dad can hardly look at it, he says it gives him the cold shivers. Touch it.

              No. No thanks.

              Go on. See !

              That's cool.

              Now I gotta see yours, fair's fair.
              Mine's bigger...


              Can I touch it?

              Mama, take this badge off of me
              I can't use it anymore.
              It's gettin' dark, too dark to see
              I feel I'm knockin' on heaven's door.

              They're going to pin this on me, Devon. They gonna, they gonna pin this on me, ya hear me?

              They won't.

              They'll kill me Devon, you understand?

              Not if you go, Trent...You have to go from here, now. Go...go.

              No, no...

              They're gonna come after you...when they get close, throw down this towel...if they're still gaining on you, throw down this comb.

              What ever happened the end of that story?

              The girl got away. She ran and she ran until she was home.

              Home, ya...tell me where that is Devon?

              Home is in my hands. Now drive

              Mama, put my guns in the ground
              I can't shoot them anymore.
              That long black cloud is comin' down
              I feel like I'm knockin' on heaven's door.


    Lawn Dogs: Knockin' On Heaven's Door,

    starring Mischa Barton (Devon) and Sam Rockwell (Trent)

    (this Video, "Lawn Dogs", available at

    "Knockin' On Heaven's Door", as written and performed by Bob Dylan

    (this song and sound sample, "Knockin' On Heaven's Door", available at

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