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    January 22nd - January 28th mid-Morning Updates

      Lawn Dogs: Devon

      On Friday PM, January 28, 2000

    • by The MadHatter :...
    • Welcome To Bedrock, ch 2
      bedrock2 zip (15k) (parody)
      While Betty and Wilma cleaned up the breakfast dishes, Fred and Barney moved a couple of mattresses into the living room, placing them on the floor next to each other.     "Betty, I've got an idea on how to start this morning off right," Wilma said as they finished off the dishes.    "What's that?" Betty asked.    "How about we do a striptease for the boys, only we take off each other's clothes?"
    • by MarilynX :...
    • Dear MarilynX, #5
      dearmx6 zip (3k) (advice column)
      Michelle is in the sixth grade and thinks she is too old to get spankings, but she gets a long, hard spanking from her stepfather. Then something wonderful happened to her when she took her bath right after the spanking. Now she is worried about wanting to get more spankings.
    • by HotKaryn :...
    • The Food Fight
      foodfigh zip (5k) (M\M\F)
      Michaels brother is invited over for dinner. During dinner, Michael playfully sprinkles cold water at Karyn. It turns a little more exciting when William also begins to sprinkle Karyn. The fun gets wild as Karyn not only gets wet, but creamed, too.
    • by Pre_Luv :...
    • The Habit, ch 2
      habit2 zip (3k) (M/f, fantasy, pedo)
      The drive out to meet my dream date seemed to take an eternity. The home of the dad with the little 8-year girl was in the far regions of the suburbs, far away from the nearest neighbor. I thought, this was a perfect location for the deed that was about to occur when two horny pedos get together with a lovely pre teen female for a night of extreme sexual pleasure.
    • by tony-n-friends :...
    • Heather, part 3
      heather3 zip (7k) (F/mm)
      Heather looked out the window at the darkened sky. Her son and his classmates had gone into town for pizza and she was waiting, very impatiently, for her son to return home. She wandered through her father's ranch house, empty except for her. The pool sparkled under its night lights, beckoning her to jump in and work off some of the nervous energy she felt building up inside, but she didn't want to be in the pool when they arrived. Sam's best friend Jason would be with him. Neither was old enough to drive, and so they would be brought by one of Jason's parents, who wanted to meet her. They had met her father, Sam's father but had never been here when she was visiting. She was so nervous. Would they be able to tell, just by looking at her, that as soon as they left she was going to have sex with their son? Not only their son, but her own darling boy too? She smiled, thinking about what Jason's mom would say. A small giggle escaped from her lips, thinking about what Jason's father would say. Perhaps he would like to stay and join in the fun?
    • by Dalton :...
    • Building His Herd, part 1
      hisherd1 zip (21k) (M/ff, oral, beast)
      His fingers fumbled at his fly and he got his hard hungry cock out and began rubbing it up and down Annie's pussy, she was a little smaller than Emily and it really turned him on, maybe she was younger, a year? Her fat little pussy was so small, he'd have to take a long time to work his way into it, not hurting her or damaging the tight little vagina, opening her up slowly. He pushed his cock tip against her pussy, oh the feeling!! His cock moved and wiggled, he felt the excitement of doing this, succeeding, feeling Annie's tight pussy nestled on the end of his cock, so warm and damp, the taste of her pussy in his mouth. He came, holding his cock against her pussy, trying to make the thick white goo shoot up inside her. OH damn she felt good. He watched as the milky pearls of cum slowly appeared on the edge of his purple glans, welling out of her tiny bald cunt
    • by Kay Niner :...
    • Jutta and the Dog
      juttadog zip (7k) (F/dog)
      Gorge' brought in a large, black dog on a leash. It was larger than a German Shepherd and had a healthy coat. It was a mix of several breeds, but mostly retriever. Duct tape held the white gym socks securely on his front paws. I knew this was to keep Jutta from getting scratched during the first part of tonights program. The dogs head was above Juttas belly button while she was standing up.
    • by Artsy Craftsy Kid :...
    • Sex, Dope And Rock $ Roll
      sexdope zip (19k) (m/ff)
      Billy, Vikki and Karen get by with a little help.
    • by Yendler :...
    • Snow Bound, part 1
      snowbou1 zip (14k) (m/f m/ff f/f oral incest teen)
      A story about three teen siblings who get snow bound in their house up in the mountians and what happens changes their lives.
    • by Corn53 :...
    • Stage Mothers
      stagemom zip (8k) (M/f)
      Mom has been encouraging me to dance ever since I can remember. When I was in pre-school, she signed me up for a tumbling class. Then came dancing lessons. Ever since kindergarten Ive been dancing in recitals. Its kind of fun and Im getting pretty good; ballet, jazz, modern dance, and so on. Mommy said that when Im twelve next month theres going to be another recital and this time Uncle Merle will be there with a friend of his. Hes kind of connected to some people who know some other people in show business.
    • by mkarl :...
    • The Fischer Family: A Rape Story
      fischer zip (24k) (f,F,m+,M/daughter/mom/dad/nc/drugs/racial)
      Art imitates life or life imitates art? The choice is the readers to make but here is another mkarl presentation which basically delivers the usual for your consideration.
    • by The MadHatter :...
    • Willkommen in Steintal, kapitel 2
      stein2 zip (18k) (bersetzt von Mysterya)
      Whrend Betty und Wilma das Frhstcksgeschirr abwuschen, brachten Fred und Barney einige Matratzen ins Wohnzimmer und legten sie nebeneinander auf den Boden.     "Betty, ich habe eine tolle Idee, wie wir diesen besonderen Morgen richtig beginnen knnen," sagte Wilma als sie den Abwasch beendet hatten.     "Und was wre das ?" fragte Betty.     "Wie wre es wenn wir fr die Jungs einen Striptease machen wrden, nur das wir uns dabei gegenseitig die Sachen ausziehen ?"     "Klingt nach einer Menge Spa ! Ich bin sicher den Jungs wird es gefallen."     "In Ordnung. Dann machen wir das so !"

      Thursday PM, January 27, 2000

    • by Pre_Luv :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Habit, ch 1
      habit1 zip (4k) (M/f, fantasy, pedo)
      It was finally going to happen. How could I have ever in my wildest dreams even think that someday I would be headed to this particular meeting? It all started about five years ago as I was doing some late night surfing for smut
    • by Tom Cuhna :...New Author.!.!.!
    • My Son's Friend, ch 1
      myson1 zip (6k) (M/b)
      Jeremy had a great body but a fairly plain face. He was blond with straight, heavy, hair. The kind of hair that falls right back into place even when he's in heavy winds or playing sports. He was on the short side and stocky with a muscular, smooth build. The first time I ever saw him, he was wearing shorts and I marveled at how thick and powerful his thighs were.
    • by H. Grant :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Playing With Little Katie, ch 1
      playing1 zip (4k) (MM/f/toddler/diapers/scat)
      Dan and Mark are wealthy co-workers who have purchased a Katie from a discreet gentleman's club that services pedophiles. Katie is a dumb two year old infant that turns them on by doing what infants do best - filling her diapers!
    • by Baron Darkside :...
    • A Case of Mistaken Identity
      acaseof zip (14k) (M/M/F/mom/friend/son/inc/cons)
      Find out what happens when mom has a fling with a young stud and then invites him home to meet her son . . .
    • by tony-n-friends :...
    • Cassie, part 3
      cassie3 zip (10k) (MM/f)
      She smiled up at him, and in a soft sweet voice asked "What is your name?" He started to laugh. They were lying naked on an old couch in her parents home, she was 10 years old and he had just given her the fuck of his life and they didn't know each other's names. "I don't know your name either" he said to her. Suddenly they heard movement at the door of the room. "Her name is Cassie. Hello baby girl." She looked over and smiled. "Hello daddy."
    • by Nomad :...
    • Convalescence III
      convale3 zip (12k) (M ff)
      I get to learn how tasty the twins are, and find out more about their mother.
    • by Lil N :...
    • "How did you like it, Endina?" part 1
      endina1 zip (3k) (f/f, dildo)
      Twelve year old Endina always liked spying on her cousins when they visited her parents. She would watch them as they sat in the livingroom, having their boy talk - talking about sports, schools, the latest movies. But what Endina liked the most was when they would talk about sex.     Endina knew about sex; her best friend Tanya had told her all about it. Even showed her some movies when Endina had stayed over her house. But the last time, the stay was different.
    • by Hornibro :...
    • The House Guests, ch 1
      house1 zip (11k) (M/F/M/F/b/g, pedo)
      Her breasts pressed into his back and he felt the softness of her cheek against his shoulder blade as her arms enveloped his chest in an affectionate hug. She was wearing a tennis outfit with the customary micro-skirt, and slippers but no socks or stockings.     "Misty, take your panties off." he said softly.     "But the guests......" she protested.
    • by DarkLurker :...
    • Marsha, part 1
      marsha1 zip (6k) (m/f/f bro/sis/cousin inc cons)
      Brother and sister go at it again. This time a younger cousin is around...
    • by FormatMail :...
    • Painting Hero - Aunt Liz and Richard
      painting zip (11k) (m/F)
      Painting Aunt Liz's house has some fringe benefits for young Richard
    • by Tiberius :...
    • 'Rich Bitch' her Pre-Teen and the Baby
      richbitc zip (31k) (pedo girl-mom rape, infant, preg, forced incest)
      Jay stood over the three week old infant girl on the bed, his penis fully erect and throbbing, and slowly but inexorably stroked himself to orgasm. Baby Amelia was lying on her back, naked, exposed, but quiet, apart from the occasional baby whimper, as Jay's left hand stroked her tiny genitals.... He closed his eyes only for a few seconds before looking at the woman in the corner of the bedroom. Rich Bitch, as he called her, was sobbing a little more audibly now, and tears were steaming down her face.... Mom's nightmare wasn't just confined to watching her new-born baby face sexual violation in front of her. Next to her, also naked, bound and gagged, and witnessing Jay's intrusions upon the baby, was ten year old daughter Jeri. With her curly straw-blond hair and fair features, Jeri took after her mother in every way.

      Wednesday PM, January 26, 2000

    • by KBear :...
    • Captured Kindergarten Class, part 4
      capture4 zip (8k) (M/F/f+(group)/young pedo/spank/oral/anal/punish/first-time/non-con/con)
      This time around the teacher gets hers and a little twin helps her sister become a big girl..
    • by Nomad :...
    • Convalescence II
      convale2 zip (12k) (M/ff ff)
      The story of my convalescence continues with the arrival of a lone mother and her two little girls.
    • by Cranium :...
    • Dear Diary
      deardiar zip (5k) (f/f, inc)
      The following are certain excerpts from one of my younger sisters' diary. Her name is Jessica and she is 13 years old. I should also tell you she is a twin. Her twin, my other sister, Terri is identical to her in almost everyway. Sometimes I even have trouble telling them apart, and I've known them for 13 years now. Maybe I should tell you what they look like too. They are both blonde, about 5'4" or so, and roughly 100 lbs. with better than average breasts. I'll let the rest of the story explain itself.
    • by Silk :...
    • Double Trouble, ch 5a
      double5a zip (10k) (M/ff f/f)
      Mark takes his twin nieces Beccy and Pippa shopping for clothes. There they meet Pippa's Italian friend Maria. Things hot up as they try on all sorts of clothes which they model for their uncle.
    • by tony-n-friends :...
    • Heather, part 2
      heather2 zip (5k) (F/m, oral)
      Heather sighed as she watched her son dive into the pool at her fathers house. God he was so sexy, getting older, growing up. Just a glance from him would make her panties wet, make her need to finger her cunt until she came, the wetness slipping down her fingers. Fuck she wanted him, fuck she needed him. Her son. Her baby. Her fuck toy. As she watched, she began to touch her body. Pinching and twisting her nipples like her son had this morning. Her hand went inside her panties and she felt the wetness of her cunt, juice from her baby boyss cock. Her head dropped back as she masturbated herself. Her finger started to fuck itself in and out of her cunt, just as her sons cock had done that morning, but she stopped before cumming. She didn't want to cum alone. She wanted her son to help.
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Lady Bug Fly Away Home
      ladybug zip (14k) (M/M/M/f inc,teen,rape)
      She never dreamed it would be like this! She was running for her life down the side of the road. 14 year old Ashley had been picked up by a man that was going to pay her for sex. He took her to a motel and after he had fucked her a few times he began to hit her. He was swearing at her and calling her every nasty word he knew. He said she should be dead. It was his job to clean up the world of this trash. That's all she was! Trash!
    • by Luckystar :...
    • Mom and the baby-sitter
      mombaby zip (7k) (F/f ff pedo)
      Chris was having a bad day. Kathy wanted to help her out What they really wanted was....
    • by jerry :...
    • My 'Nieces' And Ashley
      myniece zip (13k) (M/f inc Niece)
      "Ashley? Hi! It's me, Kathy. You remember my uncle that you met last time he was here?"      "That real cool guy that let us drive his car? Sure!"     "Yeah. The one you bragged about at school for so long."     "He's REAL nice. And good looking!"     Well, he was here this weekend.""And you didn't tell me? Why not?"     "He was just here for the weekend this time. Anyway, come on over. I have something to tell you.""Tell me on the phone."
    • by Keyman :...
    • Our New Mommy, part 1
      ournew1 zip (15k) (m/F/M/f voy mast pedo)
      John Moore had lost his wife to a long illness a year earlier, after a long period of morning he had met Joan Jensen. Joan was almost twenty years younger then John. She had recently graduated from college and met John while working as a substitute teacher at Monroe Elementary School. The younger woman had shown a great deal of understanding about his loss and they had quickly fallen in love with each other. His two children James, fourteen years old and Janet, twelve years old had at first had been cool to the relationship. After a period of time they had grown to respect her and had accepted her as a member of their family. A small wedding was held and after a brief honeymoon the four settled into the usual family routine. But family life for the Moores was not going to remain routine for long.
    • by Diggity Dog :...
    • Tamara, Pre-teen Guru
      tamara zip (12k) (f/f, f/F seduction)
      Guru- A teacher AND a student. Our new friend Tamara takes us through a journey of discovery.
    • by Mr T :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Undret p bryggan
      bryggan zip (6k) (M/ff)
      Kent var som vanligt ute fr att spana in ngra nya sm lckerbitar. Han hade tagit sin bil och kt ivg till en liten sj strax utanfr staden. Det lg en liten sportanlggning dr som p sommaren brukade beskas av diverse grupper p trningslger. Om det hade varit en varm dag som denna och man kom frbi s hr p eftermiddagen s var chansen mycket stor att man hittade ngot som var intressant.
      gympatje zip (5k) (fff)
      Ska man bli bra som gymnast gller det att man redan som vldigt ung brjar med en hrd och bra trning och att man har ett utstakat ml att sikta mot. Man mste vara beredd att offra all ledig tid fr att kunna konkurrera med tjejerna frn steuropa och Asien. Dessutom mste man ha turen att f tag i en trnare som r villig att lgga ner lika mycket och som dessutom kan komma med nya ider fr att frnya och frbttra trningen. Det gller att man aldrig stannar i sin utveckling fr d r man genast lngt efter. Det gller dock ocks att man, under den tid som trots allt blir mellan trningarna, kan koppla av helt och f umgs med sina kompisar.
      Johannas debut
      johannas zip (14k) (M/ff)
      Henrik och hans 7-riga dotter Johanna hade rest ivg p husbilssemester i sdra Sverige. Eftersom Henrik var skild frn Johannas mamma och bodde en bit ifrn henne och sin lilla dotter kunde de inte trffas s ofta under den vriga tiden p ret. Till hsten skulle hon dessutom brja i skolan och d skulle det bli nnu svrare att hitta lmpliga tider att trffas. Drfr hade de rknat dagarna fram emot dessa tv veckor nr de verkligen skulle f tid att r om varandra.
      Pappas dttrar
      pappa zip (7k) (M/ff)
      Malin och Petra r tv glada 12 riga tvillingar och lika som br. Bda har lngt ljust hr som rcker ner till midjan och de har stora ljusbl gon. Deras frldrar r skilda och tjejerna bor med sin mamma i en stor stad. Den hr helgen skulle dock Malin och Petra resa bort med sin pappa Gunnar till landet. Han har en liten stuga i sdra Sverige. Stugan ligger mycket vackert belgen vid en liten badsj i nrheten av ett samhlle med ca 2 000 bofasta invnare.

      Tuesday PM, January 25, 2000

    • by Nomad :...
    • The Application of Psychology
      applicat zip (11k) (Mother, son, cousins)
      A Psychologist uncovers the hidden reasons for a teen boy's behaviour and determines a course of treatment.
    • by Dalton :...
    • Chances
      chances zip (6k) (M/fff, pedo, cons)
      She was just someone who happened into my life, no great plan, nothing like that. Her husband had died and she needed money and I was easy to hit up. So she'd drag her fat ass out of her dingy apartment and do things for me, I couldn't say no. It was mostly jobs she'd decide to do and then say "can I have 20.00?", stuff like arranging my books on my bookshelf or doing two loads of laundry, it was a screw job but I knew she had kids so I let her. Then Christmas came up and I started going over to her house after I brought her some food, a big turkey already cooked, a ham, egg nog, ice cream, good stuff when I opened the cupboard, it was like the fairy tale, bare, nothing but salt, sugar, and lots of cheese and noodles.

      Monday PM, January 24, 2000

    • by Poker :...
    • Becky's New Family, ch 2
      beckyfa2 zip (8k) (Mf, Ff, pedo, incest)
      With David and 10 year old Becky home from their holiday, things begin to settle back into their old routine. But, on the Friday, Helen drives up with 6 year old Dawn and it isn't long before things are hotting up once more.
    • by Young Fox :...
    • Billy, A Coming of Age Story
      billy zip (11k) (mf/MF, inc)
      Sometimes Billy would attach the weights right on the cockhead, as much weight as he could possibly stand. He wanted to make his cock stretch, so he could have a 27 inch cock. Somebody at school claimed to have a 27 inch cock and Billy wanted one too. Billy, truth to tell, was tormented by anxieties about his body. Especially about his genitals. Sometimes his balls would retreat up into his body and he worried they'd rotted away from his pulling his dick so much. Other times, they'd hang low and be very sensitive, so much so it was liked being kicked there just when they swayed. Damn, he hated that. He read some books and stuff about sex and knew there was something about those balls and being able to have a kid. Billy didn't want a kid. He did want to fuck, but that was of course a pretty cosmic wish. Billy sometimes would take off his clothes and stand in front of mirror and examine himself. His cock was hairless. A couple of the boys at school had some hair. Billy would turn his back to the mirror and bend over and pull his butt open and look at his hole. He stuck fingers in it. Once he put his hair brush handle up his butt and walked around the room shivering at the sensation. Then he'd take out the brush and lick it. Gross, even he thought. He'd used the bristles to brush his nipples, make them hard, painful. He'd pull his nipples, see how far they'd stretch. Sometimes Billy got so horny he'd do really weird things. Like go into the bathroom and find his mother's bottle of Liquid Heet, and then he'd brush the stuff over his cock, until it burned! He tried putting the fluid on his cock slit once and almost burst into tears. Another thing he'd do is force himself to get hard when he had to piss and then he'd splatter the pee all over the place and it hurt kind of, and he'd wipe up the mess. He took to thrusting his hips forward, something about that felt so ...... what was the word?....just so right, he guessed. "MY COCK IS GOD!" he'd whisper to the mirror, looking at his angry bloated purple cockhead facing the glass, the slit line open and shiny. "Fall down before it and worship it you cunts!"
    • by Dalton :...
    • The Candyman, part 3
      candyma3 zip (17k) (M/fffffff, anal, oral)
      He awoke the next day and realized he had to go out again, that he would need to feed his desire for young girl pussy, hymens and tight virgin ass. The two older girls, the blonde he woke with still nestling her bum into his tummy, riding into the soreness that his half hard dick buried in her round little ass gave her. She turned to kiss him when she felt him stir and reached down to put her hand on his side, to urge him back to hardness and to take her again. But he wanted to share his cum with her sisters, so he just fucked her for a few strokes to get his cock nice and thick again, then pulled out over her mewing protests and turned to allow the others, like cum hungry vampires to descend on his cock, the sole sperm tit of their existence. When the brown haired girl tried to deep throat her and steal all the cum he pulled back then lightly slapped her head, to get her attention, she'd gone into a deep trance in anticipation of taking all his cock then fucking him with her mouth, lips and tight throat until his cum shot deep into her tummy.
    • by Lil N :...
    • Cumming Home
      cummingh zip (5k) (M/f,F/f, incest/pedo)
      John drove his way through the heavy highway traffic, trying to keep from being stuck IN traffic. Tonight of all nights he did not want to be home too late. His heart was beating quickly in his chest as his mind went over the events of the past two days.    When his wife whispered in his ear as he was climaxing in her that their daughter Terry was ready, Johns' heart had skipped a beat. As he was pumping his wife's' pussy full of his sperm, he imagined what it would be like to FINALLY feel his daughters' vagina wrapped tightly around his member. He had been wanting her for so long, but he was afraid to even approach her.
    • by Baron Darkside :...
    • In the Graveyard, ch 3
      grave zip (20k) (M/M/F/F/cons/noncons)
      In the Climax of Taking Candy from Her Baby, Ted and Claudia find themselves in a real mess . . .
      The Nudist
      nudist zip (10k) (M/F/mom/son/inc)
      Brice's mother decides she wants to become a nudist and invites son to join her . . .
      Tutor II
      tutor2 zip (13k) (M/F/mom/son/inc)
      Dwight gets revenge on Pete and then tries to make his peace with his mother . . .
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Interview With A Pedophile
      intervie zip (15k) (MfFf inc pre teen)
      I couldn't believe how hot 12 year old Becky was. Her little pussy was dripping wet and so tight. I wondered for a moment if she could take my hard cock. I figured I was going to try to shove my cock in her any way. I pulled the cups of her little bra down with my teeth and sucked on her sweet naked little breast as I introduced a second finger in Becky's naughty pussy.......
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • Joy Street
      joystree zip (14k) (MFf, Mf; inc, pedo, teen, yng teen; caution)
      "My dad started having sex with me when I was seven. I don't remember it too well, not the beginning anyway. He didn't put his cock in me until I was nine, just his finger. It didn't happen often, because we kept it a secret from my mom, but every now and then he would come into my room at night and teach me to suck him. I knew we weren't supposed to do that, but I liked being told how pretty I was and I remember liking the taste of his semen."
    • by Cabin Woods :...
    • Ramsdale - "Reflections"
      reflect zip (3k) (M/f)
      Ramsdale - The Later Years - Chapter Two is the continuing story of Martin a 48 y/o man... who shares the details of his changing sexual self.
    • by Doctor Little :...
    • Adventure in Chechia
      adventur zip (5k) (M/f, pedo, cons)
      . , . - , , . , - .
      Beth and Lin - 13-year twins
      betlin zip (9k) (F/f, pedo, punishment)
      - p , p p pp p . y yp , , p . , p, yy y, p y. y p p p.
      klara zip (11k) (F/m, pedo, whipping)
           , , , , . . . , , .

      Sunday PM, January 23, 2000

    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • Three Scenes
      3scenes zip (16k) (Mf, mmff, fb, mm, caution)
      It was like a dream. Sammy led the twelve-year-old to one of the beds and sucked her little nipples, then licked her way down Claire's taut tummy. Claire felt her cunny moisten and then the teenager was licking her there. This couldn't be wrong! Claire arched her back and parted her legs, the tip of Sammy's tongue flickering at the tiny hole. Sammy lifted the young girl's legs and licked her... her poophole! Claire moaned as Sammy tongued her clitty, then shivered as she felt a wet fingertip push against her botty...
      The Night Ferry
      niteferr zip (12k) (Mf, MMMf, Mg, MFg, etc.; pedo, yng pedo, teen; inc; caution )
      "The man who stared at them in the motel's grocery liked little girls like Heather. He had fucked one, once, a twelve-year-old. But Bobby had never considered a very young child until he saw Mia. The six-year-old didn't know what it was, but she knew it had something to do with her and that it was bad. She had wondered about her father peeing in Zoe's cunny, and now she had a foggy idea of how that might be done. The man looked at her like he wanted to do something like that to her. He rubbed the thing in his pants, staring at her skinny body..."
    • by cozmo cookieman :...
    • Candace Bates, Middle Aged Cock Slut - Candy Gets Eaten...and Fucked
      candace2 zip (6k) (Fm, anal, nasty verbiage, cons)
      A middle-aged former porn actress finds that the biggest problem in her life isn't her alcohol and drug addiction, but rather her addiction to teen-aged cock. Can she ever get enough to truly satiate her voracious appetite for the stuff? Who cares, as long as she has fun trying!
    • by Nomad :...
    • Convalescense
      convales zip (11k) (M/gg F/g sisters)
      It was my doctor who suggested the small hotel by Camber Sands. It had all the qualities needed for my full recovery, he suggested, from being calm and remote to having good walks along the dunes with plenty of wildlife to appreciate, paint or just view.     So I booked myself in for a whole month.
    • by DarkLurker :...
    • Emmy, part 1
      emmy1 zip (6k) (M/f, cons, mast)
      Me and the neighbor's daughter have our first experience together
    • by Keyman :...
    • Keyman Forbidden Fruit - "Preteen Monkey Love" part 5
      forbid5 zip (8k) (ff Beast)
      Before she left the house to go apartment hunting, Sally told them that the Mr. Chips liked watching videos. She also explained that if he had to go to the bathroom just take him to there he knew what to do. Sally left the room to get dressed and the two girls started to discuss their plans for Mr. Chips. Karen said, "If he likes videos let's see what he will do if we show him some of my father's x-rated videos." Denny thinking about how the chimp would react and what the he might do agreed. She told Karen to get dressed and go home to get the videos. Karen left the room to get changed and Denny looked at the chimp, she could almost swear the chimp was leering at her. Karen left the house to get the videos and soon Sally left the house too. Alone with Mr. Chips, the oversexed preteen smiled mischievously at the chimp, and for a moment the chimp appeared extremely nervous.
    • by Ron :...
    • YUKON: Adventures in Wildness
      yukon zip (67k) (M/f/g f/g b/g M/f/g/b inc camping)
      "You gotta read the next part, April," Crissy said excitedly. "You won't believe it!"     "What?"     "I'm not telling," the eleven year old answered and covered her mouth as she giggled. "You gotta read it. It's so hot you won't believe it."     "Huh! What do you know about hot?" April asked with a teenaged sneer but only got another round of giggles in answer. "Might as well read it," she muttered as she headed for the rock. "Only way to get you to be quiet."

      Saturday PM, January 22, 2000

    • by Ted :...
    • Ron's Girls, ch 8: Kitty's story
      rongirl8 zip (14k) (Mf/fM/ff/incest/pedo/cons)
      Kitty discovered that her father, a high school athletic director, had a secret room where he would watch the girls in the locker room. She was even more surprised to discover that his main focus was her.
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Rose: A Porn Princess
      roseporn zip (15k) (Mfmf inc,pedo,teen)
      All she did was gasp a little as she let Jim run his hands over her body. He pushed his hand down in her panties. He turned her around and pulled her up against his chest. His hand in her panties reached and found her full pussy lips. He whispered to her how daddy's liked to make little girls feel good. He managed to get his fingers down to her slit and slipped a finger inside.His finger found a tiny clit and he sarted rubbing it softly.....
    • by Cockney :...
    • Towpath, ch 3
      towpath3 zip (15k) (M/f)
      "This is better than crowded buses isn't it" he told me.     I nodded my head.     Pulling down the fold up seat facing him he told me to sit on it, I did as he instructed and he immediately slid a hand up my skirt and began feeling my pussy through my knickers. I cast a nervous glance back over my left shoulder at the back of the drivers head, afraid of him turning around and seeing what George was doing, but realised that he probably couldn't see that far down behind him anyway. By the time the taxi pulled up at the curb my knickers were soaking and I was bordering on a climax. Sitting back in his seat he grinned broadly at me then opened the cab door and calmly climbed out. I remember feeling very angry with him as I clambered out on wobbly legs; still at least I was no longer cold that was for sure.

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  • Sheriff:
    Devon there's a girl who's out to conquer the world.
    You want me to buy a bag of those cookies from you?

    You're not on my list...


            Biography for Mischa Barton

            Mischa Barton
            C/O Avante Entertainment
            Suite 246,
            295 Greenwich St,
            New York NY 10007

            Date of birth: 24 January 1986
            Location: London, England, UK
            Height 5' 5"

            Mischa Barton began her acting career on the New York stage, when in the Winter of 1994/95
            she played the lead role of 'Vodya Domik', a child who questioned the Communist Russian
            establishment in 'Slavs!' by Tony Kushner, with Marisa Tomei & Joseph Wiseman.  She went on to
            play the role of 'Emma Hatrick' a child who predicts her own death in a series of dreams in
            James Lapine's 'Twelve Dreams' at Lincoln Center Theater alongside Donna Murphy Harry
            Groener.  Her first role in a TV Series was on the well known ABC Soap 'All My Children' in
            which she played first 'Young Corvina' and later 'Lily Benton' the autistic daughter of Jackson
            Montgomery and Laurel Dillon. Mischa has been involved in two more Theatrical productions
            in New York. In 1996, in 'Where the Truth Lies' by Catherine Butterfield, she played a
            'Hollywood Babe' and in 'One Flea Spare' by Naomi Wallace at the New York Shakespeare
            Festival Public Theatre NY 1997 she played the lead role of 'Morse', a young London street
            girl opposite Dianne Wiest. Mischa's first publicised film role was in 'New York Crossing' in
            1997 where she played a precocious upper east side rich child, opposite Giancarlo Gianinni,
            Karen Black and Tina Majorino. In the same year Mischa filmed her lead role as 'Devon' in
            'Lawn Dogs' with Sam Rockwell Christopher McDonald and Kathleen Quinlan. She went
            on to work in 'Notting Hill' produced by Duncan Kenworthy, written by Richard Curtis, with
            Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts during 1998, and in 'The Sixth Sense' starring Bruce Willis and
            Olivia Williams, written and directed by MNight Shyamalan.

            Actress - filmography

            1.Frankie & Hazel (2000) (TV) .... Frankie
            2.Paranoid (2000) .... Theresa
            3.Skipped Parts (2000) .... Maurey Pierce
            4.Tart (2000) .... Grace Bailey
            5.Sixth Sense, The (1999) .... Kyra Collins
            6.Notting Hill (1999) .... 12-year-old Actress
            7.Pups (1999) .... 'Rocky' (Racquel Silver)
            8.Lawn Dogs (1997) .... Devon Stockard
            9.New York Crossing (1996) .... Drummond
            10."All My Children" (1970) TV Series .... Lily Benton Montgomery (#1) (1994-1996)

            Other works

            'Twelve Dreams' by James Lapine Broadway 1996
            'Slavs!' by Tony Kushner New York 1995
            Print for Gitano Jeans (1998/1999)
            Print for Lay's Potato Chips (1998/1999)
            Print for Calvin Klein (1997/1998)

            Magazine cover photo

            "Vogue" (Italy), October 1997, Vol. 566
            "Family Life" (USA), September 1996
            "Ladies Home Journal" (USA), December 1994


    Lawn Dogs: Devon

    (this Video, "Lawn Dogs", available at


    excellent film
    Reviewer: John, from USA October 7, 1999
    This film should be mandatory for all parents and even some children. The film reminds us as a society
    how hypocritical we have become. We have become so afraid of the stranger hurting our children that we
    are now the ones administering the pain. Parents impose their morality on their children when in fact
    they have none themselves. This film attempts to empower the female adolescent by making her
    experiences worthy and important. See for yourselves the hypocrisy. One kind of relationship,
    obviously destructive, is approved of because of class; while another is discouraged because of the
    same reason. Nobody, unless perverted themselves, can find fault with the friendship/relationship
    between the two lead actors. Wonderful film. Buy it. 10 toes up!

    Suprisingly Good Performance by both Rockwell and Barton
    Reviewer: Jennifer, from Ohio November 2, 1999
    I was pleasantly suprised after watching this movie. The on-screen relationship / friendship between
    Sam Rockwell and Mischa Barton was portrayed exquisitely. I immensely enjoyed this film and can't wait
    to get my hands on a copy of it. I also thought the homoerotic subtones were an added plus to the movie.


    page of pictures of young Actress Mischa Barton from the Movie "Lawn Dogs"

    Mischa Barton's Theater Page

    Bomis: The Mischa Barton Ring

    Just Who Is Mischa Barton?

    Photographs for Mischa Barton

    Mischa Barton Gallery

    Mischa Barton Image Gallery

    Mischa Barton Portrait

    Lawn Dogs: Devon,

    starring Mischa Barton (Devon) and Sam Rockwell (Trent)

    (this Video, "Lawn Dogs", available at

  • Naughton to be retried on sex charges ...

      By Reuters
      Special to CNET
      January 5, 2000, 3:45 p.m. PT
      LOS ANGELES--The former head of Walt Disney's Go Network will be tried again on charges 
      that he crossed state lines seeking sex with a 13-year-old girl after arranging via the 
      Internet to meet her, prosecutors said today.
      Last month, a U.S. District Court jury could not reach a verdict on those charges against 
      Patrick Naughton, 34, but he was convicted of possessing child pornography.
      Naughton was taken to jail immediately after the verdicts, but the next day a federal 
      appeals court struck down part of the federal Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996, 
      the law he was convicted under.
      U.S. District Judge Edward Rafeedie freed Naughton on bail six days later and said he 
      would decide later this month if the former Internet whiz kid should be granted a new 
      trial on the possession charge in light of the appeals court's ruling.
      Prosecutors today told Rafeedie they will retry Naughton on the sex charges.
      Rafeedie scheduled the trial for March 21 and said he would decide before then whether 
      to strike down Naughton's child pornography conviction.
      Naughton's lawyers said they expected prosecutors to seek a new trial and were prepared 
      to prove his innocence.
      "We're very confident, and if we have to do it again, I think we're going to prevail 
      again," said defense lawyer Donald Marks. "I've been around a long time, and I'm not 
      surprised by anything the government does."
      Prosecutors said Naughton engaged in sexually explicit online chats, sometimes from his 
      office computer, with an FBI agent posing as a 13-year-old girl using the name "KrisLA."
      Naughton and KrisLA met in the "dad&daughtersex" chat room, and prosecutors said Naughton 
      was a regular there.
      He was arrested Sept. 16 on the pier in Santa Monica, Calif., where he had arranged a 
      rendezvous with KrisLA after flying to nearby Burbank from Seattle to attend a meeting 
      at Disney headquarters.
      Naughton testified at trial that his chats with KrisLA were fantasy role-playing, and 
      that he assumed his chat partner--who he often found dull or annoying--was really an 
      older woman. He said the pictures of naked children found on his laptop were sent to 
      him without his knowledge. full CNET news story

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