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    July 08th - July 14th mid-Morning Updates

      Baby It's You

      On Friday PM, July 14, 2000

    • by Dunthat :...
    • Business Trip
      business zip (26k) (M/F father/daughter)
      Frank walked in the door and went into the Kitchen. His wife Francis was busy getting dinner ready. He had some news but was going to wait until dinner to announce it. "How was your day?" he asked.     "Pretty good, I think I sold a house over in the Meadows," she replied.      His wife was a real estate agent, which allowed her to basically set her own hours but it also meant some interrupted weekends. "That's great," he said as he opened the refrigerator. Reaching in he took out a beer.     
    • by Keyman :...
    • Daddys Newsgroups, part 4
      daddys4 zip (7k) (ff/M/f Incest Lesbian)
      John watches his eleven year old daughter on a spy video as she checks out his preteen newsgroups and masturbates for the first time. John takes advantage of his daughter using the video and his power as her father.     
    • by Bluvum :...
    • Her Sisters Kids, part 1 of 2
      hersis1 zip (15k) (F, b-age 10/ inc/ anal/ oral/ pedo)
      27 year old Brandy was happily married to a man that was 25 years old when she was born. She had been introduced to sex and perversion, by her older sister when she was a little girl. Brandy had enjoyed sex more than anything. Till now, all of her lovers had been a lot older than her. Suddenly she had an urge to try something new, wild and different. She had a desire for anal intercourse, but her husband was too loage for her. She started thinking about her little 10 year old Nephew. She had her husbands permission to experiment with the little boy, while he was away on business.     
    • by writersblock :...
    • slut of all sluts, ch 6: final
      slut6 zip (4k) (g+horse slutty)
      Carla looked at her self in the mirror. She was absolutely slutty standing there in a shirt too small that read, CUM SLUT. Leather short shorts so tight that you could clearly see her fat pussy lips being split by the zipper that went all the way around to the top of her ass. Cum dried on her face, and all over her new CUM SLUT tee shirt. She loved her life as a slut , from fucking football players in torrid locker room gangbangs, to teachers in the faculty bath rooms. She remembered the graduation party her friends threw she was fucked in every hole by hundreds of guys. She walked home in a daze after that one, she must have left a trail of cum as she walked. It was after she graduated (when she started her career as a call girl, and street whore) that she met Tom the horse trainer. She worked so hard those first few months. Doing bachelor parties and back alley gangbangs, she noticed her cunt and ass getting looser. Her orgasms weren't as intense, so she got into fist fucking. When she met Tom at one of her many gangbangs, he told her of his farm in Mexico, and how he trained horses for the sex shows that were popular down there. Her eye's lit up she knew that she had to try it.     
    • by Dalton :...
    • In Training, part 1
      trainin1 zip (29k) (M/ffffffff beasties, anal, nc, oral)
      The tapered tip was perfect for entering her ass hole, the sharp apex quickly slid inside, she felt the hot, cum smeared flesh joined with hers, opening her up, stretching her sphincter muscle quickly, making it burn slightly and ache, like her father's fingertip had at first. Now the head of his cock was inside her, but her asshole kept being opened up, he wasn't stopping like her father had and the long taper of his cock moved deeper into her, making her ass hole stretch more than she'd ever experienced, a ring of fire circled the searing cock sliding gradually and quickly deeper into her. Her fighting wiggle waggle on the bench returned and the dog danced on his back feet, arching and beginning to hump rhythmically into her ass, his cock now punching deeper with each rapid thrust. The dog, excited and wild now tired of the little human bitch's troubling movements under him and he turned his head sideways and took her neck in his jaws, his canines digging into the soft skin of the back of her neck, his saliva dripping down to mat her hair under his teeth.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • What Ever Happened To Karri?
      whatever zip (5k) (M/M/f young teen incest rape)
      Karri was home alone for the day. She was an adorable 13 year old girl that had the day off from school. She was waiting for the phone man to come fix the phone in her bedroom. While she waited she was working on her photo album. She had a lot of pictures to add so they wouldn't get lost. She was sitting cross legged on the floor in the living room with pictures scattered all around her She had her shoes off and was working in her bare feet.     
    • by The Phantom :...
    • Avatar of Love, ch 23
      avatar23 zip (35k) (IF(more than one)/MI/FMI)
      Benazir moves in     Off to India!      Destiny?     I get naughty on the trip home
    • by Diggity Dog :...
    • Rent-a-kid
      rentakid zip (5k) (M/f pedo/oral)
      I was trying to haul a rare clean fender for my car at the local swap meet with a broken wrist. Then she went by, the fresh faced girl, wearing a sign that said "Rent-a-Kid"

      Thursday PM, July 13, 2000

    • by Dodgson :...
    • Bambi and The Nylon Ropes, part 3
      bambi3 zip (21k) (pedo, cons, mild bondage, Mom/Dad/Dau, MFg ( g age 10), Mg (g age 9))
      Ed Wood, 38, the former football star linebacker for the Los Angeles Rams, and his Eurasian wife, Glenda, 30, have been very happily married for over 12 years. They have one daughter, 10 year old Bambi, who is a gymnast, and very athletic like her father. One day Bambi discovers several long lengths of soft nylon rope and velcro type wrist and ankle restraints in her parents unmade bed together with a printed out pedo incest sex story from the Internet.......This part 3: The day after: Bambi snuggles erotically with her mom and dad in the morning, very erotically; and before coming over that day to Bambis for a workout, we learn about Bambis gym partner Sasha, age 9, and the games Sasha and Coach Cescaleau play privately together.     
    • by BP :...
    • Judi's Breeding
      judisbre zip (20k) (Inter, impreg, inject, cuckold)
      Since marrying Judi she has had several lovers and a few casual encounters of the male kind but except for me getting her pregnant shortly after our marriage, she evaded getting pregnant until Doctor K. came into the picture. When not pregnant Judi weighs about 110 lbs and stands five feet, one quarter inch tall. During the years before she met Doctor K. I thought her 38 DD's were impressive but since Doctor K has been working on them she has nipples to match. When I say nipples, I'm not talking about over grown pimples, I'm talking about nipples that are two inches long and a half inch in diameter. How they got that way is part of the story.     
      Judi's New Life
      judisnew zip (15k) (Injections, peg., inter., voy. etc.)
      In "Judi's Breeding"I told how Doctor K seduced Judi into his web of kinky sex. I have to admit that the things he has been doing are a big turn on for me. Judi did get knocked up by Doctor K but in a way that was just the beginning. By the time Judi missed her second period, she had already gotten over her morning sickness and her boobs were starting to show signs of making milk. Judi's clothes became more revealing without being slutty, in the house neither, Judi nor Kelly wore clothes.     
    • by PRE-vert :...
    • My Sister, My Slut, part 2
      mysis2 zip (12k) (b/g/g, M/g, bro/sis inc, pedo, exhib/voyeur)
      The little club had done great, and little Melonie had become the star performer. In three years, she had gone from being an innocent but curious and sexy little girl to first class slut. All that, and she was only eight!     
    • by Palisade Authors/Cockney :...
    • Neverending Story, part 3
      neveren3 zip (16k) (M/f, F/m, m/f)
      She stood before him her hands clasped in front of her, strangling a small lace handkerchief between nervous fingers. It reminded him of Jasmine at nine doing the same thing to the hem of her skirt as she held it bunched up around her waist as she stood pigeon toed before him, her little white panties pooled around her ankles. She had been so madly keen to be a movie star in those days, as had her mother.    "Stand still Jasmine and let Mr Springer see you properly" the shrill voice of her mother had urged as the girl had stood her pretty face scarlet with embarrassment showing a stranger her secret place.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Young Lust
      younglus zip (9k) (M/f dad/daut/inc)
      Polly was a cute little 8 year old with black curly hair and deep vivid blue eyes. She was slim and had flawless little girl legs and an adorable butt. She was an only child and very happy. She loved having her parents, Paul and Maggie, all to herself. She was close with her dad and loved going places with him. He loved to take her to the zoo, museums and parks for a special afternoon together. She came up to his elbow and he had a habit of draping his arm over her shoulders as they walked.     
    • by The Phantom :...
    • Avatar of Love, ch 20
      avatar20 zip (35k) (MF/FF/IMF incest bro/sis parents/daut-in-law lactate fist)
      Nathan's sister weds, we help kiss the bride, and then some     We meet Mariah, a young friend    I love my in-laws     I get a job (no sex in this part)
    • by Plucas :...
    • Preteen, part 1
      preteen1 zip (17k) (m/f M/f)
      Apaga la luz -ella me dijo en voz baja-, en el cuarto hab a mucha luz as que prefer apagar la luz, hab a una peque a ventana que aun iluminaba el lugar y alcanzaba a verse un poco, suficiente como para ver donde estabamos. Me acerque hacia ella y se sent en un peque o banco que hab a cercas, alcance a ver que abri sus piernas hasta donde ella pod a y la falda la alzo hasta arriba, es decir que de la cintura para abajo no tra a nada

      Wednesday PM, July 12, 2000

    • by Davy Sprocket :...
    • Betty's Bum
      bettybum zip (4k) (Mg - a music hall ditty)
      In the tradition of the old English music halls     
      The Farmers in Adele
      farmers zip (28k) (b/b g/b oral, beast)
      Adele comes to live in the country. The city girl is about to learn the ways of the farm! The hard way!     
    • by Geena Gideonse :...
    • Exploring with My Brother, ch 6
      explori6 zip (4k) (m/f bro/sis inc)
      Continuing my true memoirs: Once my brother and I went all the way, we just couldn't resist doing it again and again, despite the risks....     
    • by heysoose :...
    • Stitsville swinging, or.. hows Susie became a slut
      stitsvil zip (5k) (MMF/exhib,spanking,anal,incest?)
      Mark and Florence Adams attend a Parent Teacher meeting to discss their young daughters newfound sexuality. Florence also has a fantasy that she wouldn't mind the young teacher helping her with.

      Tuesday PM, July 11, 2000

    • by Pedous :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Eric's Confessions, ch 1
      erics1 zip (6k) (M/ff oral pedo)
      A pedophile with a terminal illness tells his experiences to a friend and a tape recorder     
    • by Macavity :...
    • Arms Dealer, part 3
      armsdea3 zip (6k) (MF/Fff bdsm,nc,torture,inc)
      More punishment for Mom, and an interesting meeting for Stephanie.....     
      Encounter with LB
      encounte zip (7k) (M/F bdsm,cons)
      A true story about me having some fun with an ex-girlfriend.     
    • by JohnFitz :...
    • The Island of Dr Moreau
      islandof zip (19k) (M/b,F/b,fant,inc(father-son),anal,oral,bdsm(extreme))
      It took the Professor ten years to make it to the island, but the wait was worth it to see how Dr Moreau's experiments had created boys with gargantuan organs, boys who experienced orgasms from being flogged, and boys who induced sadistic lust in other boys, wild animals and their own fathers.     
    • by Palisade Authors/Curious Cat :...
    • The Neverending Story, part 2
      neveren2 zip (10k) (M/f, m/f)
      Lester never really quite knew what a day, or a night for that matter, might bring here in the Hotel del la Doubleena. All he really knew, and cared about, what feeling good.      Yesterday, he was blessed with the opportunity to use the penthouse peepholes and ventilation shafts to watch an amazing pre-teen orgy.    Today, the owner of the Doubleena had requested that he bring the videotape of that sexfest, along with his younger brother Johnny, and 8-year-old niece Merrilee to one of her famous "high teas." He always loved her "teas." His cock surged at the thought of burying himself deep inside her 13-year-old maid's soft, sweet pussy.    "Oh, well," he sighed happily. "Never a dull moment at the Hotel del la Doubleena."     
    • by Sergdriver :...
    • The Agent Of Special Purpose, part 2
      agent2 zip (62k) (M/f, pedo, kidnap, pre-teen prostitution, etc)
      " " 2. .....     .- . , . , - , . , ! . 35 , . , , , . , 15 8 . , , , ...

      Monday PM, July 10, 2000

    • by Macavity :...
    • Arms Dealer, part 2
      armsdea2 zip (10k) (MF/Fff bdsm,nc,torture,inc)
      Wife and youngest daughter get thier turn to be punished     
      Bondage Family, part 3
      bondage3 zip (8k) (M/F/ff inc,bdsm,cons)
      Ralph introduces his oldest daughter to bondage and spanking in the workshop     
    • by Ted :...
    • Boots - The early years, ch 10: I Remember Mama
      boots10 zip (10k) (Ff/cons/pedo/incest)
      Boots and Mindy finally find out the truth about what happened to Tulsa and....Boots mother happened across one of the video tapes of Boots and Mindy. Her mother's reaction really surpised the girl.     
    • by Geena Gideonse :...
    • Exploring with My Brother, ch 3-5
      explo3_5 zip (10k) (m/f bro/sis inc)
      My brother had showed me how nice it felt when he kissed me in special, private places. Now it was time for me to return the favor....     
    • by Palisade Authors/PPingTom :...
    • The Neverending Story, part 1
      neveren1 zip (8k) (M/f, m/f)
      The Neverending Story is a continuing story written by various Palisades authors. The introduction appeared on July 8, 2000. Lester Winslow is the doorman, concierge, maintenance man, and "everything" man at the Hotel del la Doubleena, a small, exclusive hotel situated on a private island that has been the temporary home of many celebrated and wealthy "guests" over the years.     
    • by Beachdaddy :...
    • NightDad, part 2: The Bath
      nightda2 zip (5k) (M/f dad/daut)
      After coming home friday after work in part 1, for a weekend alone with his 13 year old daughter Tracii, and being greeted at the door by Tracii, with his usual chilled martini, his desire to see his daughter naked after she had flashed her tits to him at the breakfast table had happened easier and faster than he had expected.     
    • by writersblock :...
    • slut of all sluts, part 5
      slut5 zip (5k) (M+f young public)
      Slut Carla, waited for Tom the horse trainer to pick her up. She stood on a street corner licking her lips, looking at her watch. The girl new she had time to kill. Picking up her small bag she walked to the tee shirt shop across the street. She told the man behind the counter what she wanted.    "Are you sure that is what you want seniora?" The man said in broken English.     
    • by Ashley :...
    • Susan's Neighbor (HAP), ch 1
      susans1 zip (10k) (F/F, lesb, adult, rape)
      Susan could see no reason to say no when her neighbor Erika invited her in for afternoon tea. She was not prepared for what came next.     
    • by heysoose :...
    • Mary's adventures, part 3
      mary3 zip (5k) (M+/Fff,exhib,pedo,oral,anal)
      Twelve year old Mary Lock accompanies her sixteen year old roommate Polly to the home of the Gym teacher, Mrs. Klug. There they find the groundskeeping crew of the private school and with the help of horny Mrs. Klug,create a fantastic fuck finale.
    • by sniffer :...
    • Ferien
      ferien zip (23k) (M/f, pedo, ws, cons)
      Stell dir vor: Es ist Sommer, du sitzt im Zug nach Italien -allein. Deine junge Geliebte musste unbedingt mit ihren Eltern in die USA fliegen. Naja, sie wissen nur wenig, sie finden einfach, ein junges Maedchen, das sich in der Freizeit oft mit einem erwachsenen Mann trifft, sollte nicht mit ihm in die Ferien fahren. Wenn sie wuessten!     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • La cala
      lacala zip (11k) (m/F, incest)
      Por fin haba llegado el mes de julio. Se haban acabado los estudios y el trabajo y podamos respirar aliviados ya. Mam haba decidido que nos furamos a pasar unos das a una zona costera bastante apartada y solitaria de Almera y as lo hicimos. Cogimos el coche y, despus de unas horas, nos plantamos en la pequea urbanizacin donde habamos alquilado un chalet adosado. No era gran cosa, pero nos vena bien, sobre todo porque la playa estaba a apenas doscientos metros calle abajo.

      Sunday PM, July 09, 2000

    • by bluvum :...
    • Asian On The Run
      asianon zip (19k) (M, F, g-age 7/anal/oral/les/inc)
      The 55 year old truck triver could not believe the story this beautiful 20 year old Asian had told him. He found it hard to believe she was the mother of the pretty little 7 year old girl with her. When he found out they were willing to trade sex for a ride, he could not resist. His little grand daughter had recently opened his eyes to the joys derived from a child, he was now hooked on children.     
    • by JJOE :...
    • Catching up on Old Times
      catching zip (16k) (mother/daut/interacial/cons/rape/panty/8yrold girl)
      Pam Martin thought she successfully got away from her old life and reputation but her past catches up with her and it takes her young daughter along for the ride. Pam Martin IS A PEDO with panty drenching desires for young girls but kept it away from her daughter for rear of going back to jail until her past comes a knocking at the front door.     
    • by Poker :...
    • Cavalier Heart, ch 1: All Warfare Is Based On Deception
      cavalie1 zip (20k) (Mf, pedo, oral, rape, Mf, oral, 1st)
      It is the dawn of a new millennium, but one unrecognisable to people in our reality. The west dominated by the Puritans, successors to Oliver Cromwell. The east controlled by the Shogun and his technological might. Children across the world, whether they be geisha in training or orphans in a society that doesn't care, have no choice, submit to the will of adults or suffer the consequences.     
    • by John Cole :...
    • Jenny's Story, part 2: Showing Her Friends
      jenny2 zip (9k) (M/ggg, g/g, pedo, inc, oral)
      After making out with her dad 9 years old Jenny tells her two friends about it and then offers to let them watch. But it doesn't stop at just watching....     
    • by Dodgson :...
    • Photography by April, part 1
      photogr1 zip (19k) (pedo, pedo eroticism descript (g ages 8-10), MFf (f age 16))
      April Gorman, 30, single, a woman with a body to die for, is a professional photographer, primarily of children. April opens a small studio in the Home Town open air shopping mall in the Southern California city of El Cruz. Buddy Lamb, 48, single, sees her at the new studio as hes walking around the mall, and is immediately smitten with her. April, however, is interested in Buddy for a new segment in an ongoing series of pictures she shoots professionally for an anonymous wealthy foreign purchaser, the Arab. April uses her sexual appeal, and that of her 16 year old assistant, Rachael, to entice Buddy to be the necessary archetypical older man in her new photo/story portfolio for the Arab. Buddy has no idea what its all about. Hell have to consent to be tied up and blindfolded before he finds out.     
    • by ACTJC :...
    • Naughty New Neighbour
      naughty zip (14k) (M/f pedo)
      Geoff looked around his new house. While it wasn't as nice as the house he previously shared with his mother it had the benefit of being his, and his alone. He had already unpacked some of his stuff, most importantly his computer and furniture, but the house was still in disarray. Not being able to face more unpacking he went into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. As the water was boiling he looked out the window into the back yard, and received a pleasant surprise. Running around the back yard was a young girl. He watched her for a while and guessed she would be about 5 or 6 years old. She was wearing a blue t-shirt and a pink skirt that would fly up as she ran around, revealing a pair of white panties. 'Looks like I'm in luck already' he thought to himself.

      Saturday PM, July 08, 2000

    • by Palisade Authors :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Neverending the Hotel del la Doubleena
      A little background...     Lester Winslow, like his brother Alan and most recently his uncle Carl before him, is inextricably entrenched in the Hotel del la Doubleena as the "everything" man. The small, exclusive hotel situated on an privately owned, outer island between the Bahamas and Jamaica has long been the temporary home of many celebrated and wealthy "guests" for varying lengths of time; some overnight and others for months on end.     Winslows have discreetly served the hotel's management for over thirty years. Discretion being the better part of valor, among other things, Lester knows exactly where, how, when, and why the "bodies are buried."     Lester might not be the most educated, or the brightest branch on the family tree, but he totally understands that the essence of good service is grounded in the premise that no request, large or small, by a guest is unreasonable. Some of those requests, especially by the kinkier members of the entertainment community, are pretty interesting and add some much needed spice to the lonely, hardworking Lester's day-to-day.     Well, let's let Lester tell his story and in his own words...     
    • by Anna :...
    • Dark Maiden, part 4 of 4
      darkmai4 zip (4k) (M/f, inc, nc)
      Will the true Dark Maiden save the woman who has been used in her name?     
    • by Corn53 :...
    • Loren's Pre-Teen Lingerie Catalog Project
      lorens zip (20k) (M/f)
      Loren plans to develop a very sexy lingerie catalog (available in video, magazine, or Internet formats) and hires his old friends, Jane and Aunt Gwen, the lesbian, to interview young girls to be the models. They do a second interview/modeling session with the 5 top candidates, ages 9 - 12 in order to pick their models. Jane and Aunt Gwen know just what Loren and his financial backers are looking for. The girls are all eager to attend the mysterious weekend photo shoot which is scheduled in two weeks. The girls show just how eager they are to please the generous photographers.     
    • by Wishlist :...
    • My Daughter Likes Them Young
      mydaut zip (6k) (M/f, F/f, f/f, inc)
      When she was twelve, I asked Shelly why she didn't enjoy fucking. She said "Daddy, I really love you a lot and you make me feel great with your mouth. I know how much you like putting your thing inside me and draining that stuff into me, so I let you because I love you; but, I really don't like boys. I like girls, Daddy. When I'm close to some of the girls at school, I get this really warm tingly feeling down there. Sometimes, in Gym Class, I look at them when we're in the showers and then have to go into the restroom to rub myself. And, please Daddy, you don't have to worry about draining yourself in me. It's really OK, Daddy, I don't mind it. You make me feel good and it makes me happy to make you feel good, too."     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Romance and Lingerie
      romance zip (9k) (M/F hot erotic sex)
      A special lingerie store sells more than pretty garments for the bedroom. If you are lucky you get to go into a special dressing room with a beutiful red head that will make all your private secrets and dreams come true. Spencer finds this lovely young woman and lets her discover his secret and has the most fantastic sex of his life. Hot and wild sex is his reward for sharing his darkest secret and he is never sorry for the trips he takes to this magical place.     
    • by heysoose :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Mary's Adventures, parts 1-2
      mary1_2 zip (4k) (MMf,mf,Mmf,MMMFf,pedo,oral,cons)
      The monotonous hum of the bus traveling down the long highway towards the secluded Hillcrest School for girls lulled Mary Lock into a doze. As she slept fitfully she dreamed about the actions that led up to her mothers decision to enroll her in the private school. Mary's mother,Marge, had come to the stables for an afternoon horseback ride and had been unable to find a groom. Figuring that the grooms had snuck up to the hayloft for an afternoon siesta she had climbed the ladder with the full intention of docking their pay. Marge's jaw dropped open in surprise when she saw her twelve year old daughter Mary on her hands and knees in the straw.
    • by mkarl :...
    • Total Eclipse Of The Sun: The Conclusion
      totalso2 zip (9k) (m/Fff, son/Mother,daughters, nc/c/rape, ir, preg, kink)
      Finally had the time and motivation to wrap the story up today. It probably isn't my best work but anyone wanting to check out another sex tale of a son turning his family into sex slaves should get some value from this conclusion to 'TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE SON.'

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  • It's not the way you smile that touched my heart
    It's not the way you kissed that tears me apart

    Many, many, many nights go by
    I sit alone at home and cry over you
    What can I do ?
    Don't want nobody, nobody
    Cause, baby, it's you
    Baby, it's you

    (as written by Bacharach/David/Williams, and performed by Smith)


    Is it true what they say about you ?
    They say you'll never, ever, never be true
    It doesn't matter what they say
    I know I'm gonna love you any old way

    What can I do ?
    What 'bout you ?
    Don't want nobody, nobody
    Baby, it's you
    Baby, it's you



    (as written by Bacharach/David/Williams, and performed by Smith)


    It doesn't matter what they say
    I know I'm gonna love any old way
    What can I do ?
    What 'bout you ?
    Don't want nobody, nobody
    Baby, it's you
    Baby, it's you

    Don't leave me alone
    Come on home
    Baby, it's you
    Baby, it's you
    You know I need your lovin'
    You know I love you
    Baby, it's you


    (as written by Bacharach/David/Williams, and performed by Smith)

  • A SERIOUS New Spyware Threat ... ...full story

      NetZip's "Download Demon" was purchased by Real Networks and renamed "Real Download". Then Netscape/AOL licensed it from Real Networks and called it "Netscape Smart Download."

      By watching the "packet traffic" flowing in and out of one of my machines while downloading a file through the Internet, I verified the rumors which you may have heard regarding these programs: All of these programs immediately tag your computer with a unique ID, after which EVERY SINGLE FILE you download from ANYWHERE on the Internet (even places that might not be anyone else's business) is immediately reported back to the program's source where it is logged and recorded along with your machine's unique ID. They also have the opportunity to capture and record your machine's unique Internet IP address.

      This information is then compiled and used to create a detailed "profile" about who you are based upon the web sites you visit and the files you have downloaded.

      Perhaps you don't mind being watched and tracked as you move around the Internet ... and then having every file you download logged and cataloged and used to assemble "your profile". But the idea of this seems extremely invasive to me, and unless you have carefully read the program's license you might not be aware that this is going on or that "you agreed to it" when you accepted the terms of the license!

      More than 14 Million people are already using the original NetZip Download Demon. NetZip knows the exact number, since every copy of their program "phones home" to report on what their users are doing! And I'm sure people are downloading Real Network's ReadDownload and Netscape's SmartDownload like crazy.

      A Class Action lawsuit was recently filed against Netscape/AOL because of this privacy invasion, so perhaps the PC industry will begin to receive the message that this sort of secret spying and profiling is not okay with the rest of us, even if it is buried within a lengthy license agreement. You decide.

      And, of course, the next release of my own OptOut spyware detection and removal utility WILL consider these programs to be dangerous, and warn its users of their presence in their systems. But I wanted to be sure that you knew RIGHT AWAY what was going on, and that I had independently confirmed that this invasive file download tracking really was occurring.

  • Survivor Sues Over Child-Abuse Arrest

      July 6, 2000 You can call Survivor contestant Richard Hatch a scheming, self-important castaway--heck, you can even call him a shameless nudist whose nether regions have been blurred out on America's highest-rated reality show. Just don't call him a child-abuser.

      Full story...

      MrDouble take: If he did drag his adopted son around by the ear, he has no business being a parent, IMM.    OTOH, the State has no right to take away his son. What to do ? Send the father to parenting classes. I'd like to beat the crap out of this parent(?) myself. Reason: The step-father denies abusing the kid. Yanking a 10yo kid's ear *IS* child abuse.

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