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      This Girl's In Love With You....

      On Friday PM, July 21, 2000

    • by Griff :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Dysfunctional Family
      dysfunct zip (14k) (mmm/f)
      Y'know, it seems to me that incest is a much more common thing than anyone would ever believe. Most of the kids and families that I knew when I was growing up were deeply involved in it, including my siblings and I, my wife and her father and uncles, my mother, and most of my cousins and friends.     
      fantasy zip (4k) (MMM/F)
      I can't believe it finally happened. After nearly thirty years of dreaming, wishing, fantasizing, and near-begging, my wife finally had sex with another man. And not just one man, but two! And I got to watch almost the whole thing.     
      Grandpa's Barn
      grandpa zip (5k) (mM/f)
      I've always loved Grandpa's barn. It was always a place of high adventure, warm when the weather was cold, dry when it was raining, and the hay alway smelled fresh and clean like a warm summer day. I was always interested in mechanical things, and there was always something lying around to work on or experiment on.     
    • by Keyman :...
    • Daddys Newsgroups, part 6
      daddys6 zip (8k) (M/f/F Incest, Pedo, Beastility)
      The story continues as the young preteen hides in a closet in order to watch her parents fuck. Her mother gets her revenge but everyone ends up happy including Rex the family dog.     
    • by Pam :...
    • Mary and Wendy's Honeymoon
      maryand zip (10k) (Lesbian lovers/Gay Club orgy etc)
      Mary and Wendy are in love. They go to Paris on honeymoon. Mary gives her girlfriend to the stewardess on the plane and the maid in the hotel. The evening ends with Wendy starring in a lesbian cabaret.     
    • by Rubber Ducky :...
    • Penis Nectar
      penisnec zip (6k) (M/M)
      I never knew how good a old man's cock could really be!     
    • by Vert-man :...
    • Secrets Revealed, part 2: Amber's Kisses
      secrets2 zip (10k) (F/F inc)
      The second Chapter in the sexual awakening of the Morgan siblings. In this chapter the twins(Amber and Alyssa)are home from school "sick". One things leads another and.....     
    • by WABE :...
    • 2jenny zip (12k
      Einige Monate nach der Geburt waren Schulferien. Martina hatte ihre Eltern gebeten, zu uns fahren zu drfen um Babysitter zu machen. Natrlich wuten Anke und Jan von vornherein, da es nicht beim Babysitten bleiben wrde. Martina war bei der Geburt, wie ihre Eltern auch, dabei gewesen und wute ber alles Bescheid. Nach der damaligen "Untersuchung" durch Dany, bei der sie von ihrem Vater defloriert worden war, war ja alles klar gewesen.
    • by alexkid :...
    • Kleine Brueder
      kleine zip (12k) (bro/sis first love no sex sailor moon)
      1. kapitel: shingo entdeckt einige andere seiten an usagi, die ihm vorher verborgen waren 2. kapitel: shingo entdeckt die liebe     

      Thursday PM, July 20, 2000

    • by Sir Jaded :...
    • Little Sarah - First Time, ch 1
      lilsara1 zip (9k) (M/f, Mast Inc Unc-Niece)
      With his sister going out for the night, Uncle Ron ends up babysitting his cute 11 year old niece Sarah. Things get out of hand as little Sarah gets careless and Uncle Ron starts having some very naughty thoughts.     
    • by The Madhatter :...
    • Sexy Neighbor Girl
      sexygirl zip (19k) (M/f)
      Jared smiled to himself as he jogged down the sidewalk. He was having a great day. Things were going well at his new job, and he really liked the new neighborhood that he was living in. He could see his house coming up. He was about to stop, then decided he'd push himself and do one more lap around the block before calling it a day. He passed his driveway, and was just passing his neighbor's driveway when his neighbor came out the front door, dressed in loose grey sweats. When Jared saw the older man wave at him and start jogging in his direction, he slowed his forward momentum until he was jogging in place.     
    • by Tiberius :...
    • Tony's First Pre-Teen
      tonys1st zip (30k) (pre-teen rape/clinical violation, mother/forced daugt incest)
      Tony is first time prospective client on Pleasure Island. He wants desperately to violate a virgin ten year old girl, but is apprehensive about request, and even questions the cost of having such a pleasure facilitated for him. Larry - the head of the Island - graphically describes the pleasure which awaits him, including, "when her indescribably tight pre-teenaged sheath resists and grips your erection...the sensation of tearing her membrane and opening her'll feel such complete and total penetration of a little pussy ... it'll feel like you're shooting your spurts into her intestines...and I guarantee you'll lose yourself with each and every squirt."    Tony must then decide if he has the courage to enter a new world of dark pedophile pleasures.     
    • by Chevy Chased :...
    • Melissa
      melissa zip (6k) (m/f first time, oral, contest)
      Another tale of a virgin no more. This one is of a girl Jessica who became extremely horny after playing strip poker.
    • by The Madhatter :...
    • Das hbsche Mdchen aus der Nachbarschaft
      nachbar zip (24k) (bersetzt von Mysterya)
      Jared lchelte im Stillen, whrend er den Brgersteig entlang joggte. Er hatte heute wirklich einen tollen Tag gehabt. In seinem neuen Job klappte alles und ihm gefiel es wirklich gut in der neuen Umgebung, in der er nun lebte. Er nherte sich langsam seinem Haus. Er wollte bereits anhalten, entschied sich dann aber sich nochmals anzustrengen und eine weitere Runde um den Block zu laufen, ehe er mit sich zufrieden wre. Er lief an seiner Einfahrt vorbei und wollte gerade auch an der seines Nachbarn vorbeilaufen, als dieser aus der Haustr kam, in legerer, grauer Freizeitkleidung. Als Jared den lteren Mann ihm zuwinken sah, lief er auf ihn zu, um dann sein Tempo zu drosseln, bis er schlielich auf der Stelle lief.     

      Wednesday PM, July 19, 2000

    • by Sir Jaded :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Katy Goes to the Mall
      katygoes zip (11k) (f/f/F exhib, voy)
      Naughty little eleven year old Katy decides to go to the mall. She flaunts her tight pre-teen body aroun, shocking people everywhere with her naughty acts.     
    • by Macavity :...
    • Arms Dealer, part 4
      armsdea4 zip (12k) (MF/Fff bdsm,nc,torture,inc)
      Young Stephanie is forced to pleasure her unwilling dad... and a fellow she rebuffed recently gets some revenge.     
    • by H. Grant :...
    • Cindy's Brown Shower
      cindys zip (13k) (M+/f/gangbang/misogyny/ws/scat/degredation)
      Cindy is a runaway who attempts to seek her fame and fortune on the streets of New York. Like many others before her, she eventually falls into the trap of desperation and prostitution.     
    • by Dick :...
    • Debra Succumbs, part 3
      debra3 zip (6k) (M/f dad/dau inc)
      Life for a teenage boy like me with a girlfriend like Debra couldnt have been sweeter. During the first couple days of Spring break we spent most of the day oscillating between having sex, resting up and swimming in the pool. Bill had headed back to college which now left me with Debra all to myself. Tracy came by Tuesday afternoon. I spent the rest of the day perfecting my technique in the art of cunnilingus on both the girls while I was treated to them performing fellatio on me. Tracy could keep me hard for hours as she stroked and suckled my cock, keeping me on the very brink of orgasm. Debra was an active participant and mimicked what Tracy taught her, finally sucking me off as I shot my load down her throat. After I came they spent the better part of an hour licking each other to orgasm after orgasm there on the patio.     
    • by Pam :...
    • Kirsty and her Mother visit the Doctor
      kirsty zip (8k) (Mother/Daughter/Doctor/Nurse)
      Ever since the Supermarket Fashion Show, Kirsty has been on heat. Her mother brings her to Dr Helen Harrison who prescribes hot sex and cool relaxation.     
    • by Nightwolf_1999 :...
    • Christy, Cum Slut
      lindsay2 zip (10k) (M/f dad/daut M/f/f/f)
      Daddy always gives his daughter what she wants     
    • by Palisade Authors/PRE-vert :...
    • The Neverending Story part 5: The Storm
      neveren5 zip (9k) (M/g inc unc/niece)
      There is simply no telling what might happen next at the Doubleena, and when a storm blows in unexpected visitors, well, who knows what might happen? All Lester knows is that Merrilee loves storms, and she loves to be held and cuddled during them, and that sounds like a great opportunity to Lester - for some good family lovin'!     
    • by Chevy Chased :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Monique, part 1
      monique1 zip (5k) (m/f, m/f, m/f, oral, first time, nc)
      Monique was thrilled to be invited Billy's house for a party but she didn't realize that it entailed a little more than just being a flirt.
      tricia zip (6k) (mmm/f, m/f, f/f, m/f, mm/f les, first time, cons, anal, oral)
      Here's another story of a girl in my high school class and how she lost her virginity. She had the largest tits you can ever imagine and she was the horniest girl you've ever known the thing was she wasn't that popular. Here's how she lost her virginity.
    • by Vert-man :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Secrets Revealed, part 1
      secrets1 zip (5k) (mast,inc)
      The first chapter in the sexual awakening of the Morgan siblings.This first chapter intruduces Shawn and Mary Anne,the oldest of the children.And the beginning of what will happen.
    • by Leta with mkarl :...
    • Test of Trust
      testof zip (43k) (MF, slut-wife, ir, preg?)
      "Oh sorry, guy. I thought you heard me when I told you that the consolation prize isn't available at this level once you have heard the challenge. If you stop now, all you will be admitting is that you have no trust at all in your wife that she didn't go all the way. I mean, even if she did slip a little and let Jamal slide his cock between those pretty red lips of hers and deep into that tight, willing white throat... it still only costs you two hundred thousand dollars... that leaves eight hundred thousand dollars, umm... no... seven hundred thousand dollars in the bank that you would be walking away from. I mean I could understand you would do it if maybe your wife had always refused to give you head... like she thought your cock wasn't good enough for her mouth or whatever... yeah, than I could see a husband being so humiliated to watch his wife suck another man's dick... a nig...
    • by Hajo :...
    • Meine (wahre) Geschichte
      meine zip (21k) (INC dad/dau, mom/son)
      Meine wahre Geschichte!    Wie kommt es, dass ich Inzest so geil finde? Die Suche nach einer Erklrung.     

      Monday PM, July 17, 2000

    • by JJOE :...
    • The Candy Stripers part 1: COMA COCK
      candy1 zip (19k) (m/ff-pedo-panty-interacial-stepdad-ws-cons-coma)
      Nina Padrone is a hot little fifteen year old Candy Striper at a little hospital in Southeastern Massachusetts who stumbles onto all the sleeping cock in the ICU/COMA Ward. There is something here for everyone! Especially if you like tight messy panty's, luring sex crazed biker step dads, and little cock sucking buddy's with tight plaid skirts covering their dimpled panty covered butt cakes!     
    • by Young Fox :...
    • Chasity
      chasity zip (11k) (Bro-Sis Inc, M/g, Pre-teen Sex Addiction: Caution Heavy Alcohol Abuse by Minors)
      Carlotta smeared the semen all over her unmade face and licked her palm dry. "Could use a fucking about now," she snorted then she vomited on the table. She made pathetic retching sounds. The older man scooted away from her and took Chastity's hand. "Fuck?" he asked.     "You bet. Back there," Chastity indicated with her thumb. It was the room with the cots.    His name was Pedro and he had an inch of dick for each year of her life. She'd fucked bigger but this was a fat one.     Pedro was obsessed with her little butt. He sniffed it and whinnied like a donkey, licked the little brown pucker, stroked her silky cheeks. Her upper legs were so dimply soft and just a bit on the fat side, like a little girl. He pounded away in her from behind, his cock was heavily veined and almost frightening to look at and it felt very, very good inside. He asked if he could buttfuck her and she told him no, it would hurt too much. He sighed.     
    • by JohnFitz :...
    • Coral Island
      coralisl zip (11k) (M/g,M/b,nc,inc(brothers,forced),anal.oral,cannibalism, snuff)
      Some people don't seem to know that Eating People Is Wrong. By request, this is another cannibalism story, this time featuring real cannibals. It is also the first of an occasional series of pastiches of well-known books. ideas for future stories welcome.     
    • by Keyman :...
    • Daddys Newsgroups, part 5
      daddys5 zip (7k) (Mf F/Beast Incest Pedo)
      John and his daughter Fran continue their incestous sexual exploration, while Mommy watches unseen in the hallway. Rex the family dog and Jane's sex toy makes a appearance.     
    • by Babu :...
    • Experiences of Suju, part 2
      expsuju2 zip (7k) (Indian family incest)
      After a short vacation, my elder Sister Savitha left for her husband's place. With her gone, I have to resort to masturbation to satisfy my ever growing lust. With my Sister teaching me the fine art of fucking, my lust was ever increasing and I found masturbation very pleasurable. Being only 13 years, my virile cock was ready all the time and I masturbated 2 to 3 times a day, thinking of my elder Sister and my fantasies soon changed to my own Mother.     
    • by bluvum :...
    • Her Sisters Kids, part 2 of 2
      hersis2 zip (16k) (F, g-age 9/ M, F, g/ inc/ gs/ pedo)
      Brandy had suceeded in seducing her little 10 year old nephew David in part one. Now in part 2, she is determined to find out if Debbie, her 9 year old Niece is every thing her big brother said she was. It had been years since Brandy enjoyed a girl. She was dying to find out, if it was as much fun now, as it had been when she was little. Brandy saw nothing wrong in doing what she did. it was David and Debbies mother, that had taught her how to do it when she was little.     
    • by tony-n-friends :...
    • Terri and Daddy
      terri zip (13k) (M/f, incest, Non-C)
      Daddy was home alone with his little Terri. Terri was 10 years old and just starting to develop. She was still short and skinny, but her body was beginning to start changing shape. She was developing hips, and her breasts had been growing for a few months now. She was very beautiful as a little girl and she was going to be stunning as a teenager.     This bothered Daddy - he knew that his daughter would be drawing attention from men and boys and he was frightened of what would become of her. He hated the thought of her having sex with another man but, at the same time, he always got hard as he thought of this.     
    • by TinaS1t :...
    • Tricking
      tricking zip (k) (M/f, oral, anal, B/d)
      13 year-old Kerri learns she likes anal and being bond. She also gets her first pimp. The fact it is her mom's third husband makes no difference.     
    • by Pedwood :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Brittany, ch 1
      brittan1 zip (7k) (M/f pedo)
      I was on my way home walking down Gilmore St. on a saturday evening, hoping to spot something interesting, when I got the urge to act out some really outragious urges I learned I had while watching Brittany.
      Jack the Pedo, ch 1
      jackpedo zip (7k) (m/f cousins)
      Jacks first memory of being turned on by a girl younger than him was when he was 8, and he was put in charge of watching his cousin Sandy, who was 3, while his aunt did the laundry downstairs. A 3 year old is at that age where she is still considered a baby, but she is just beginning to get the body of a little girl. Jack had never thought nothing of his cousin. In fact she got on his nerves a lot, but tonight was different. Her mom had to take off Sandys bottoms because she was doing the laundry, and that left Sandy sitting up in the livingroom with only a white ruffled blouse that only went to her belly button, and a pair of white sneakers. She was nude from the waist down except for her sneakers.
    • by Doctor Little :...
    • story1 zip (5k) (Pedo, medical manipulations, enema, masturbation, anal, semi-nc.)
      ,     .          .     ,     , .     -      .

      Sunday PM, July 16, 2000

    • by Nightwolf_1999 :...New Author.!.!.!
    • "Lindsay" Babysitting
      linsday zip (20k) (M/F,Masterbation/M/F/F,/M/F/F/M,F/F)
      Never thought babysitting could be this much fun     
    • by Ted :...
    • Boots - The Early Years, ch 11: The Girls United
      boots11 zip (11k) (ff/FF/Ff/Ff/pedo/incest/cons)
      Boots and her mother tell Mindy that Boot's mother knows about what they were doing. Doris offers to tell Mindy's mother who, it turns out, was Doris' 'playmate' when they were young. The normally stiff and proper Betsy (Mindy's mom) loosens up considerably before the day was over.     
    • by John Cole :...
    • Debi's First Time
      debis1st zip (10k) (MM/f, pedo, oral, anal, w/s, scat)
      12-years old Debi Hart thinks it's real cool to go into the woods with two older boys. But she gets a lot more than she bargained for...     
    • by Pedous :...
    • Eric's Confessions, ch 2
      erics2 zip (6k) (M/f M/pedo/pedo oral)
      A pedophile with a terminal illness tells his experiences to a friend and a tape recorder     

      Saturday PM, July 15, 2000

    • by Palisade Authors/Little Girl Watcher :...
    • The Neverending Story, part 4
      neveren4 zip (20k) (M/f, F/m, m/f)
      Lester Winslow stifled a sigh as he checked his watch, sure enough Micky's left hand was on eleven while his right looked to be adjusting his testicles: Almost six am and all was most definitely NOT least not as far as the doorman was concerned. He watched with some trepidation as the huge Lincoln Town Car parked in one of the nearby parking spaces and sighed again.     
    • by bookworm :...
    • Sitting Sara
      sitting zip (16k) (M/f)
      I started to walk through to the living room when I noticed that my den door was open. Walking up quietly, childishly hoping the sneak up on her and shout making her jump. Instead it was I who got the shock. Sitting at my desk running the slide show I had been dreaming of in the shower was Sara my nine-year-old grand daughter.     
    • by Stepdaddy :...
    • Manipulative Stepdaughter
      stepdaut zip (6k) (adult/teen, incest, surprise(?), coercion(?))
      "I've seen the way you look at me," my fourteen-year-old stepdaughter challenged me. "I think I know what you want -- I've seen 'Springer' enough to know about perverts like you." This tale is an experimental departure for Stepdaddy. To enjoy it best, don't read ahead!     
    • by David Stephens :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Claire's Birthday Surprise
      claires zip (11k) (MF/f inc)
      It is Claire's 12th birthday - the day on which she is shown just how much Mum and Dad love her!
    • by The Phantom :...
    • Avatar of Love, ch 24
      avatar24 zip (35k) (IF/MI/FMI/FFI impossibilities)
      Sad news for Benazir    We go back on birth control     Training in the Kama Sutra    Another visit to Egypt, and I get an object lesson    Gene and Tiffany reach puberty, and Gene gets a nice surprise    Families hook up    Maybe a bit too much story
    • by Sergdriver :...
    • The first day of a vacation
      1stday zip (6k) (f/M, pedo)
      " "    .... , . . , , , . ...     

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  • You see this girl
    This girl's in love with you
    Yes I'm in love
    Who looks at you the way I do

    When you smile
    I can tell we know each other very well
    How can I show you
    I'm glad I got to know you

    Cuz I heard some talk
    They say you think I'm fine
    This girl's in love
    And what I'd do to make you mine

    (Music by Burt Bacharach, lyrics by Hal David, and performed by Dionne Warwick)


    Tell me now is it so
    Don't let me be the last to know
    My hands are shakin'
    Don't let my heart keep breaking

    Cuz I need your love
    I want your love
    Say you're in love
    And you'll be my guy
    If not I'll just die....


    (Music by Burt Bacharach, lyrics by Hal David, and performed by Dionne Warwick)


    How can I show you I'm glad I got to know you 'cause
    I've heard some talk they say you think I'm fine
    This girl's in love and what I'd do to make you mine
    Tell me now is it so don't let me be the last to know

    My hands are shakin' don't let my heart keep breaking 'cause
    I need your love, I want your love
    Say you're in love and you'll be my guy, if not I'll just die

    Tell me now is it so don't let me be the last to know
    My hands are shakin' don't let my heart keep breaking 'cause
    I need your love, I want your love
    Say you're in love and you'll be my guy, if not I'll just die


    (Music by Burt Bacharach, Lyrics by Hal David, and performed by Dionne Warwick)

  • Judges rule online sex bust was entrapment ...

      An appeals court shoots down government efforts to nail a man accused of going online to arrange sex with children.

      By Lisa Bowman, ZDNet News
      UPDATED June 28, 2000 6:50 AM PT

      Calling into question government methods used to catch online pedophiles, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that federal agents went too far when trying to prove that a Florida man was trolling for sexual encounters with minors.

      Mark Poehlman may have been a "foot-fetishist and cross-dresser" who frequented alternative chat rooms, but the government failed to prove he was looking for sex with children, the appeals panel said in a 2-1 decision.

      The ruling comes as former Infoseek Corp. executive Patrick Naughton awaits sentencing on a similar charge of traveling across state lines intending to have sex with a minor -- in his case an FBI agent posing as a 13-year-old girl. Naughton faces up to 18 months in jail after pleading guilty to the charge in March.

      The Poehlman investigation began after a federal agent using the chat room name "Sharon" posed as a woman looking for someone to engage in sex play with her children.

      Who played seducer?
      After wading through evidence, including a six-month e-mail exchange between Poehlman and Sharon, the appeals panel concluded that "there is no doubt that the government induced Poehlman to commit the crime here.

      "Had Sharon merely responded enthusiastically to a hint from Poehlman that he wanted to serve as her daughters' sexual mentor, there certainly would have been an inducement. But Sharon did much more than that," the court said.

      In their correspondence, Sharon first asked Poehlman to be her children's "special teacher."

           full story at zdnet

  • FBI system covertly searches e-mail ...

      Superfast system called 'Carnivore' searches e-mails for messages from criminal suspects, thus raising legal issues, privacy concerns.

      By Neil King Jr. and Ted Bridis, WSJ
      Interactive Edition
      July 11, 2000 6:01 AM PT

      WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation is using a superfast system called Carnivore to covertly search e-mails for messages from criminal suspects.

      Essentially a personal computer stuffed with specialized software, Carnivore represents a new twist in the federal government's fight to sustain its snooping powers in the Internet age.

      But in employing the system, which can scan millions of e-mails a second, the FBI has upset privacy advocates and some in the computer industry. Experts say the system opens a thicket of unresolved legal issues and privacy concerns.    full story at zdnet

      mrdouble take: Unfortunately, the FBI considers *everyone* to be a "criminal suspect."

      Related story....

      EarthLink will do FBI's surveillances itself

        The Internet service provider says it will monitor suspected criminals' email for the FBI so it can unhook the electronic surveillance device known as "Carnivore." full story at

  • MS admits Hotmail shares users' data ...Hotmail service sends users' e-mail addresses to advertisers and related companies under certain circumstances.

      By Staff, WSJ Interactive Edition
      July 14, 2000 5:42 AM PT
      REDMOND, Wash. -- Microsoft Corp. acknowledged that its Hotmail service sends users' e-mail addresses to advertisers and related companies under certain circumstances. full story at zdnet

  • A SERIOUS New Spyware Threat ... ...full story at the ShieldsUP! website

      [Written by Steve Gibson]   NetZip's "Download Demon" was purchased by Real Networks and renamed "Real Download". Then Netscape/AOL licensed it from Real Networks and called it "Netscape Smart Download."

      By watching the "packet traffic" flowing in and out of one of my machines while downloading a file through the Internet, I verified the rumors which you may have heard regarding these programs: All of these programs immediately tag your computer with a unique ID, after which EVERY SINGLE FILE you download from ANYWHERE on the Internet (even places that might not be anyone else's business) is immediately reported back to the program's source where it is logged and recorded along with your machine's unique ID. They also have the opportunity to capture and record your machine's unique Internet IP address.

      This information is then compiled and used to create a detailed "profile" about who you are based upon the web sites you visit and the files you have downloaded.

      Perhaps you don't mind being watched and tracked as you move around the Internet ... and then having every file you download logged and cataloged and used to assemble "your profile". But the idea of this seems extremely invasive to me, and unless you have carefully read the program's license you might not be aware that this is going on or that "you agreed to it" when you accepted the terms of the license!

      More than 14 Million people are already using the original NetZip Download Demon. NetZip knows the exact number, since every copy of their program "phones home" to report on what their users are doing! And I'm sure people are downloading Real Network's ReadDownload and Netscape's SmartDownload like crazy.

      A Class Action lawsuit was recently filed against Netscape/AOL because of this privacy invasion, so perhaps the PC industry will begin to receive the message that this sort of secret spying and profiling is not okay with the rest of us, even if it is buried within a lengthy license agreement. You decide.

      And, of course, the next release of my own OptOut spyware detection and removal utility WILL consider these programs to be dangerous, and warn its users of their presence in their systems. But I wanted to be sure that you knew RIGHT AWAY what was going on, and that I had independently confirmed that this invasive file download tracking really was occurring.

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