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    June 03rd - June 9th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday PM, June 09, 2000

    • by Clive Bruckman :...New Author.!.!.!
    • What Every Brother Wishes For, ch 1
      brother1 zip (7k) (M/f bro/sis inc)
      As long as I can remember, I've always wanted to have sex with my little sister. This is the story of how my dream became reality, how my beautiful little sister became her big brother's lover.     
    • by Bummer John :...
    • Motherfighter, ch 5
      mother5 zip (20k) (Father/daughter preteen (11) brother/brother (adult)/scat)
      From the start, Linda and her father trained in the nude in their own gym at home. Her slender oiled-up muscles soon showed the signs of her development. Her butt took on a firmer, jutting aspect. It was more rounded, the cleft between her ass cheeks was sharper, more defined. She studied it in the mirror, spreading the butt cheeks open, pleased with it. She gloried in her fitness. She knew she could contract and expand the muscles of her cunt, just like those in her slim arms. Linda's concentration was sorely tested by watching her father's long penis and balls hanging down. If she did her work well, her father would tell her so, in technical detail. Then he would treat her by licking out her puffy little cunt, which was usually drenched in sweat and little girl hormones by the time their training session ended.     
    • by Trane :...
    • Reclaiming My Beautiful Sister, ch 3 (conclusion)
      reclaim3 zip (38k) (mff mff bro/sis inc)
      After our speakerphone sex call with the uppclasswoman, she mysteriously broke down in tears, leading to a mission of mercy involving Mary, my sister Ann and me.     
    • by Analover :...
    • Sharing Shae
      sharing zip (10k) (M/F/F)
      Shae hadnt a clue how she was supposed to ask Alex if making love to her was part of the service Alisa had asked him to provide. She could hardly say, Thanks for the lovely memories and now would you please put your cock as far inside me as it will possibly go?     
    • by Cockney :...
    • Harry's Treasure Trove
      treasure zip (14k) (M/ff, M/m)
      He began with close-ups of her face, a strong light behind her to give a halo effect.    "You really do have the most beautiful bone structure Jennifer" he told her busily snapping away with his camera, " you will grow up into a beautiful woman" he added.    Jenny had snorted with derision, but secretly had enjoyed his praise.    "You should be dressed in a flowing diaphanous white gown" he decided, as he looked her over.    "What's diaphanous?" she asked striking a pose as he took some more pictures, she was getting into the swing of things now.     "Diaphanous? Well it means flowing, translucent, pure, the type of flowing gowns that angels are depicted wearing in all the great paintings". He explained.     "What like a white sheet?" she asked.    Father Joseph chuckled, "yes sort of, I suppose".    That sounded fine to Jenny, under a sheet her stick insect arms and spindly legs would not show. Father Joseph bustled off and returned with a white silk sheet and draped it around her slim body but her sneakers and jeans kept peeping through spoiling the effect so he got her to take them off. Her red tee shirt went the same way until all she had on were her navy blue knickers, but that was OK she was only ten years old, a little girl who hadn't even begun to develop yet. He took a few pictures but was unhappy about her blue knickers; they showed as a dark patch in the sheer white material.    "They will have to go" he told her matter of factly, "don't worry though, I promise not to tell anyone"     
    • by Sergdriver :...
    • Our Little Slave
      ourslave zip (19k) (M/ff/pedo/n/c/oral/anal/orgy)
      Written by Maxamm    " "      ....... , - , , , . , .      - , , - . - , . - , , - , .      , , . . , , .      - - , ? - .      - - . .....     
    • by Jan O :...
    • Anders hjlper Sofia
      anders zip (12k) (M/M/f, bondage)
      Anders r vaktmstare i en idrottshall och han tycker att han har ett riktigt drmjobb. Inte fr att det r s bra betalt och inte fr att arbetstiderna r s dr fantastiska. N anledningen r ju sjlvklart att han som vaktmstare alltid r i hallen och kan titta p alla de unga flickor som r dr och trnar eller tvlar. Det r framfrallt handboll, innebandy och gymnastik. Sporter dr flickorna bde under match och trning fr ta i och arbeta med sina kroppar.     Den hr helgen var det visserligen gymnastiktvlingar fr lite ldre gymnaster men Anders var inte lottls nd. Dels s r ju "lite ldre" gymnaster inte speciellt gamla och dels s fanns det mnga godingar som publik p lktaren. Och det var p lktaren han pltsligt fick syn p den dr lite ensamma flickan i 10 rsldern. Hon som var dr ensam fr att titta p sin storasyster och som var lite ledsen eftersom hon just hade tappat sin systers kamera i golvet s att den hade gtt snder...

      Thursday PM, June 08, 2000

    • by The MadHatter :...
    • Welcome To Bedrock, ch 3
      bedrock3 zip (29k) (parody)
      Pebbles was lying in her bed, trying to decide what she wanted to do for the weekend. It was Friday afternoon, and Bam-Bam had just left a little while ago to spend the weekend fishing with their dads, so she couldn't do anything with him (which really had her frustrated, because she was seriously in the mood to fool around this weekend). She supposed she'd have to get together with a couple of her girlfriends, maybe have a little lesbian fun. She smiled wickedly at the thought, closing her eyes and fondly remembering the last slumber party that she'd been to. They'd had all kinds of nasty fun that weekend!     
    • by Artsy Craftsy Kid :...
    • A Gang Of Six
      gangsix zip (33k) (M/F m/ff m/ff)
      The adventures of Sissy's gang     
    • by Rick Roll :...
    • My daughter Jessica
      mydaut zip (9k) (F/f - mother/daughter/inc/cons/rom/oral)
      When a 12-year-old farm-girl becomes interested and curious about sex, her mother explains the birds and the bees. With a sheltered life in the country, there are not too many opportunities for the young girl to interact with others, and so her mother becomes her lover. A romantic tale of a mother and daughter exploring and experiencing sex together.     
    • by Pam :...
    • Teaching the Therapists to use their Five Senses
      teaching zip (11k) (Twins, Mother/Daughter/Virgins)
      Jean runs a special Health Club. She teaches new young therapists how to use their senses of sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing to stimulate each other and their clients.     
    • by Elizabeth Abercrombie :...
    • The Swap
      theswap zip (13k
      It all started at the Family Day Picnic. The members of the exclusive Woodlands Golf Club gathered to have a family picnic together. The park selected was a green and leafy woodland park, with picnic tables, a covered meeting area, and a crystal clear lake alongside. There was a sandy beach, and most of the younger children were already there on the artificial beach. The area had been landscaped and the beach had been added by the introduction of 200 tons of fine seashore sand.     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Mala vida
      malavida zip (4k) (m/F, incest, anal)
      El ltimo cliente del da, un chico de 16 aos, sala del dormitorio de mi madre cuando yo llegu a casa. Cuando me cruc con l vi que lo conoca de vista, pero l se hizo el despistado y se fue deprisa. Fui a la habitacin de mi madre y la pill ponindose una bata de andar por casa sobre su cuerpo rollizo y de grandes tetas. La espesa mata de pelo negra triangular que cubra su entrepierna apenas haca suponer que haca un momento un joven adolescente haba gozado en ella.
      urologo zip (4k) (m/F, incest)
      -Bueno, el problema parece estar claro -dijo el urlogo despus de hacer un reconocimiento a Javier. ste haba acudido junto a su madre aquejado de una hinchazn en los testculos.     -Cul es, doctor? -pregunto Mara, la madre de Javier.    -Es inusual, pero no es grave, al menos si se sigue el tratamiento.     A Mara se le cambi la cara al or al doctor.     -Dios santo, qu es? -quiso saber.

      Wednesday PM, June 07, 2000

    • by timmy :...
    • Becky's Pervert
      becky zip (5k) (M/f dog/f)
      13-year-old Becky talks about her run-in with a "pervert" which leads to her run-in with her friend Karen's pet, Hector. So just who's the pervert in this story?     
    • by Nomad :...
    • Linda
      linda zip (19k) (fath, daugh incest/first/nc)
      Linda is 14 before she begins to feel pleasure from the naughty things her father has done to her since the age of 12. But now others are noticing her loveliness and taking advantage of her. Only, she's Daddy's girl now.     
    • by Wishlist :...
    • Mike's Mom
      mikesmom zip (8k) (m/F,m/f,f/F,inc,moth/son,moth/dau,bro/sis)
      I knew my son Mike was different... different from other little boys his age; different from his two younger sisters. I guess he was about five when I noticed it. Thinking back on it, it was like he had an evil spirit in him. Or, maybe, more like he just had no soul. I've always tried to deny it. After all, he came from me and my husband. Maybe that evil in him is merely a reflection of something he got from us. I didn't want to think that about myself, so I denied the evil in him. I shouldn't have; it's really there.     
    • by Dodgson :...
    • The Pre-Teen Nude Dance Club, part 9
      preteen9 zip (21k) (pedo, consen, sisters, moms/daughters, MMFFgggg (g ages 9,10,10,11))
      Dodgson meets nude dancer and her daughter, 9, has sex with pre-teen for first time. Through subsequent, varied adventures he meets and has sex with more than 15 other pre-teen girls, 8-12, all consensual, which leads to the formation of private Pre-Teen Nude Dance Club. This Part 9: Dodgson and Blade, the legendary porno swordsman, meet four of the incest society initiated pre-teen girls, ages 9-11, for a Pre-Teen Nude Dance Club tryout, held at an actual nude dance club, closed for the morning of the tryout. Two of the mothers accompany the girls. Details of exactly how the club will operate are determined and practiced at the tryout.     
    • by Davy Sprocket :...
    • The Bitch
      thebitch zip (13k) (mfff (m age 16, f ages 11,11,8)
      Cory 16, hates his little sister but she puts a tempting offer on the table. For a little cash she'll deliver one of her sweet young friends for his horny needs.     
    • by little girl Watcher :...
    • The Things You Can Find On Ebay, part 1
      things1 zip (17k) (M/F/f/g/g Inc: Inc Mom/dau, oral, mast, PantyFetish,fantasy,Pedo, Cons)
      My Ebay account has netted me some real prizes in the past. But when I found out that some women sell thir PANTIES I was thrilled. Looking through the ads one day I came across a gal after my own heart - a woman who was selling the underpants of her three little girls, age 6, 9 and 12. I never imagined that she and I would have so much in common...     
    • by Harmless Scholar :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Early Sexual Memories: Corey's Story
      early1 zip (7k) (m/m, m/F, m/M, inc, pedo, cons)
      Corey describes his earliest sexual experiences with his best friend Will as well as a later experience with an older man and woman.
    • by die reine Wahrheit :...
    • Mein Leben, teil 4
      meinleb4 zip (6k) (mmmm/g m/g M/g)
      (Nicht vergessen! Nur die Wahrheit, keine Phantasie! Vielen Dank fr die ersten Rckmeldungen. Ich werde versuchen, sie zu neuen Schilderungen zu verwerten. Senden auch Sie mir Ihre Erlebnisse!)     

      Tuesday PM, June 06, 2000

    • by Timmy :...
    • Timmy's Question
      question zip (19k) (b/b, m/b oral, anal, tv)
      Timmy (13 years old) wants to know who he is because he certainly isn't a regular boy and he has a little peter so he can't be a girl. But then there are all those naughty things he lets people do to him.     
    • by mkarl :...
    • Dear Mommy Lover's Magazine III: Just A Bad Kid With A Too-Sexy Mother
      dearmom3 zip (13k) (son/Mother, nc preg... otherwise, just a 'nice' story)
      Mom had no fucking clue... that was what made me even hornier. She was acting so stupid telling me how she was sorry that my father was away on his overnight business trip but not to worry cause when I got home from school I could have all my friends over for the party and sleep-over and I'd have a good-time still. Yeah, like that was going to be all true, only what mom didn't know was that I'd never gone and invited any other kids over to the house... I was going to definitely have a party with mom to celebrate my 'birth'-day, but I really didn't anticipate that there would be any sleeping going on at all...
    • by Dickie :...
    • Nasty Games: Billy's Tail
      nastyga3 zip (12k) (b/b spank/ oral/ anal)
      It was the summer of 1963 that Billy was adopted by my Uncle John and Aunt Sally when he was only eight years old. But I think it would be better if I started two years earlier when Billy just turned six
    • by Jan O :...
    • Sommartrffen, del 2
      sommar2 zip (15k) (M+/F+/m/f+)
      Per r en av medlemmarna i ett stort, men sjlvklart mycket hemligt, internationellt pedofil- och incestntverk. Just nu har han tagit med sig sina dttrar Jessica 12 och Alice 10 p den stora sommartrff som ntverket anordnar i Frankrike under 2 veckor i juli varje r.      Per, som r ledare fr den svenska delen av ntverket, har just tittat p invigningsprogrammet tillsammans med sina flickor. Efter det har den yngsta frsvunnit ivg med en kompis medan han och Jessica har tagit sig hem till det hus de bor i. Dr fortstter nu historien men om ni vill veta vad som har hnt tidigare s br ni frst lsa del 1 av Sommartrffen.

      Monday PM, June 05, 2000

    • by Storytellerr :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Pretty Woman
      prettywo zip (8k) (F/F drug)
      Samantha was a pretty woman. If only it hadn't been for her bastard husband, she would have been pretty and comfortable. Her husband had left Samantha six years ago for his blonde and OLDER secretary, leaving Samantha with their 3 year old baby boy. She could still remember the day she had walked into the office to find her husband, half deep into his secretary's ass. What's more, the whore seemed to be enjoying it with her pink lips half open and tongue lolling out like a bitch in heat. Her husband had the audacity to invite Samantha in for a threesome and Myna the bitch had blown her kisses while James continued forcing his cock in and out of her buttocks.     
    • by bluvum :...
    • Southern Hospitality
      southern zip (13k) (F,M,g-age4/ inc/ oral/ con/ inter racial)
      "Damn what Rotten luck!" Wilson could not believe he had not even checked the gas gage on the rental car. He was an educated man, but now he was 'pissed' at his own stupidity. Here he was a Black man in the deep South where racial predigest still prevailed. Stranded, out of gas "God" only knew where. Just a farm stattered here and there. From the things he heard, the only place he would find sympathy down here in the South, would be in the dictionary between "shit and syphilis." It looked like it would start raining any minute, he started walking when a pick up truck pulled to a stop beside him. Inside was a very pretty white lady and a pretty little girl.     
    • by King Cap :...
    • Team Cheer, ch 7-8
      team7_8 zip (9k) (m/f yng teen)
      Brian repays Rachel's oral favor and Rachel finally returns home to be with Reese
    • by die reine Wahrheit :...
    • Mein Leben, teil 3
      meinleb3 zip (5k) (mmmm/g m/g M/g)
      Schon wieder vorweg: Dieses ist keine erdachte Geschichte, sondern eine Schilderung meiner Erlebnisse mit jungen und sehr jungen Mdchen. Gerne mchte ich Sie als Leser anregen, mir Ihre Erlebnisse mitzuteilen. Wenn Sie es sich nicht zutrauen, Ihre Schilderungen zu Papier (bzw. zu Datei) zu bringen, schreiben Sie mir einfach mit Ihren Worten. Ich werde mich bemhen, alles berarbeitet hier zu verffentlichen. Aber bitte bei der Wahrheit bleiben, keine Phantastereien! Danke!     

      Sunday PM, June 04, 2000

    • by Ted :...
    • Boots - The Early Years, ch 6: Tulsa's Adventure
      boots6 zip (11k) (M/f, partially non-cons, pedo)
      Tulsa, trying to duplicate an 'adventure' her mother claims to have had, finds herself in a cheap hotel room with. The man she's with began as being very nice but changed once they got behind locked doors.     
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • Brooke
      brooke zip (12k) (Mf, Ff; inc; preteen, yng teen)
      My dad started sleeping with me after my mom left, when I was twelve years old. At first he only used my mouth, but when I didn't cry anymore he took my virginity. He made me pregnant. I had to get an abortion, and after that we had anal sex. I felt terrible about my body and tried to kill myself and stuff, but he made me like it, and by the time I was fourteen I was my father's lover. I felt guilty, but couldn't imagine ever being without him or letting another man do things to me. It didn't hurt anymore, and he took care of me and made me feel pretty. I'm very petite - four feet eight inches and under seventy pounds - and sometimes he would make me pretend I was a little girl. He would have me wear my hair in pigtails and play with toys and then he would make me suck him or buttfuck me.     
    • by darklord :...
    • Little Cum Targets, part 2
      lilcum2 zip (6k) (pedo MM/g)
      "Cut!" was shouted and the girls got to their feet and got off the stage. "Thank you gentlemen that was great" said the black suited man coming back to the stage "please go take a drink and eat something we still has a few surprises for you tonight!" all the men cheered and raised glasses some sitting down to drink and talk about what happened and what they did and how it felt to have a little girl mouth on their dick or seeing your cum on a little girl pretty face.      About half an hour later the man in black went back to the stage all the men went quiet "Hello again people, ready for the second part?" the man all cheered and clapped hands until the man in black continued "in the second part we have a surprise for you, we have for you a very special tape that was taken a few days ago of a father and his little girl in the privacy of their house what you will see on this tape will make you cum like you never believed possible!, but I must ask you to cum in the cups that are being spread among you please cum in the glass we have use for that cum". The man went off stage and a big screen came up on the wall the lights grow dim and the movie started.     
    • by Pre_Luv :...
    • Pre-Teen Streetwalker, part 1
      preteen1 zip (3k) (M/f,rape,unconscious,fantasy,pedo)
      Phil saw the lovely little girl 100 yards down the street. He could tell that she was sexy just by the way she walked. But he never would have guessed that the sexy strut belonged to a very, very young girl. Katie was a pedophiles wet dream, 8 years old, long brown hair, very cute face and an ass that would drive any grown man crazy.     
    • by rabbit108 :...
    • The Spice Of Life
      spiceof zip (5k
      Trevor stood in the queue, this film was supposed to be full of sex, he had discussed it with Amy his wife and she had told him about the reviews, they were a loving couple but the sex side had slowly disappeared over the years.    Just one please, he ask the teller, as he paid, he noticed a woman stood by the popcorn kiosk, she was about thirty five , long hair cascaded over her shoulders, the blouse she was wearing was sheer, Trevor moved along side her and noticed the straps of her bra was visible, looking at the side he saw the shape of the cups, well filled and nicely shaped.    The woman turned and looked at Trevor, she smiled as she moved away to find her seat, Trevor followed at a discrete distance, there was something about this woman that made him stir in the trouser department.     
      A Trip Down River
      tripdown zip (10k) (mother/ father, daughter/ incest)
      As we turned the corner we saw the river, boats bobbed on the slight swell as we parked our car. We were met by a young man dressed in a mechanics overalls, he was the son of the owners, he took us into the office.    So, are we ready for our first boat trip young lady.    Tracy was our daughter she is fourteen, she blushed as the young man spoke to her.    Right, all the paperwork is in order, lets get your luggage on board and you can get away.     
    • by Dodgson :...
    • Me and Uncle Charlie, part 1
      uncle1 zip (14k) (pedo, consen, Mg, gb (g age 10, b age 7))
      Jennifer tells us the story of the time her Uncle Charlie babysat her for a week when she was 10 years old. Charlie, a Don Juan of the erotic arts, teaches his libidinous expertise to Jennifer, her close girl friend, Violet, age 11, and Jennifers baby brother, Alan, age 7. This Part 1: We learn background of Charlie and Susan, Jennifers mother, romance begins between Jennifer and Violet, Charlie arrives, Jennifers first orgasm, Jennifer and Alan learn how to pleasure each other.     
    • by King Mayonaise :...
    • Cum Happy Child
      cumchild zip (6k) (M/f, dad/daut inc pedo)
      In today's evolving society, leading experts now agree that it's healthy for little girls to get into kiddie porn. Performing hardcore pornographic acts in movies or magazines is a rite of passage most girls should experience no later than age 4 or 5. The father who sexually abuses his child is to be commended for boldly defying convention. Our story, CUM HAPPY CHILD, is the sober account of one little girl's normal daily routine of working in the kiddie porn industry.
    • by SilentAllTheseYears :...
    • A Father's Sin, part 3
      father3 zip (12k) (M/f dad/dau inc preg? unconsc)
      Joe and his daughter Lisa return from the hospital, where she was treated for a snake bite. The following day, Lisa, while taking a shower, faints due to sheer exhaustion. Joe finds her naked body in the steam filled shower stall, and we are witness to the fall of his moral values.
    • by Rex Wilder/Maggan :...
    • Tredje gngen
      3rdtime zip (10k) (M/f, incest)
      Lrdag eftermiddag...och kvll.     Mamma satt vid TV:n ... pappa och vi andra barn lekte med ett spel nere p golvet. Jag satt stilla med mina ben men pappa kikade hela ner mot mina lr.
    • by die reine Wahrheit :...
    • Mein Leben, teil 2
      meinleb2 zip (6k) (m/g mmmm/g M/g)
      Noch einmal vorweg: Dieses ist keine erdachte Geschichte, sondern eine Schilderung meiner Erlebnisse mit jungen und sehr jungen Mdchen. Gerne mchte ich Sie als Leser anregen, mir Ihre Erlebnisse mitzuteilen. Wenn Sie es sich nicht zutrauen, Ihre Schilderungen zu Papier (bzw. zu Datei) zu bringen, schreiben Sie mir einfach mit Ihren Worten. Ich werde mich bemhen, alles berarbeitet hier zu verffentlichen. Aber bitte bei der Wahrheit bleiben, keine Phantastereien! Danke!     
    • by Wishlist :...
    • Daddy Helps Himself
      dadhelp zip (6k) (M/f,M/F, F/f,inc,dad/dau,grandad/grandaut)
      It started when I was about five years old. Momma worked nights; Daddy worked days. So, it was always Daddy who tucked in me and my little sister at bedtime. After my bath, he'd sit on the commode while I stood in front of him and let him dry me off. Then he'd have me put on my night shirt, but leave my panties off so that we could "play". We'd go into my bedroom and he'd close the door and put a little wood stop under it that he kept hidden behind my dresser. That would keep anyone from opening the door. (When I was older and "had a right to privacy", as he explained it to Mom, he put a lock on my door.)     
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • Krista
      krista zip (15k) (Ff, MFg; inc; yng teen, yng pedo)
      She was standing in front of the liquor store. It was a hot day, the sun down in the trees by then though. She looked incredibly slutty, two blue silk scarves tied around her chest, covering her tiny breasts, torn cut-offs, faded black denim, hanging from her narrow hips. She seemed even younger than the night before - she could have been only twelve - and there were dark circles around her eyes. They were blue, and sort of sad, and corrupt. Her sunken belly was hard and sickeningly pale, the navel protuberant, pierced with a tiny silver ring, and she had a mole between her two lower left ribs. Her legs were skinny but long in proportion to her little body, and her feet were in sandals that reminded me of Jesus'. She had a stud in her small, upturned nose, a diamond, and a sensual little mouth. A thick silver ring graced her longest left toe, and she had a snake ring on her right thumb. Pierced ears, too, what looked like little sapphires. Her hair was dyed black, shoulder-length, thin and straight.     
    • by Analover :...
    • The Seduction of Sylvie, part 1
      sylvie1 zip (12k) (M/f)
      Twelve-year-old Sylvie Colombe was not sure how much more she could take. The man who was lying on top of her leisurely fucking her asshole had already come three times and she knew it would be another fifteen minutes before he spurted his seed into her bowels again.     
    • by JohnFitz :...
    • Therapy
      therapy zip (25k) (M/b,M/g,F/g,nc,anal,torture)
      Sylvie Casson never got over the experience of finding her brother-in-law abusing her youngsters. Now, eight years later, her psychiatrist has a special form of therapy in mind in which the rapist will be reintroduced to the children and Sylvie will herself play an active role in the proceedings.     
    • by Nomad :...
    • With Mother's Help, part 2
      withmom2 zip (12k) (M/f M/F Father/daughter incest first)
      Continuing the story of Lucy, who now has her virginity taken by her father. Her mother, June, goes to visit her father and clears up a long misunderstanding.     
    • by bookworm :...
    • Bathtime
      bathtime zip (7k) (M/f very young)
      This story loosely follows from the widows and takes place a few weeks after the birth of Karen's baby. "Dad I've told you; go and bath her. I know that you like little girls, I know you will in all likelihood play with her pussy, I also know she will probably like you doing it. So Dad, just go and bath her please, then she can go to bed."
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Dad's Prom
      dadsprom zip (5k) (M/f incest)
      When I was near the end of my sixth grade year in school. The PTA came up with a very clever fundraiser. It was an Elementary Prom. Since we were all too young to be dating, the prom was designed for the boys to take their moms as and date and the girls, their dads. I was so excited and looked forward to it for months.      Finally that night came. It was special for me and for my dad too. He dropped out of school and never got to go to his prom. He felt a little funny taking his daughter, but I think deep down he really wanted to go as much as I.
    • by King Mayonaise :...
    • Frosting Mommy's Face
      frosting zip (6k) (M/f, mom/son, incest)
      Healthy doses of incest are good for families. Witness the case of this modern mother and her teenage son. Some would be shocked at their antics, but Sheila knows that taking care of her boy's stiff prick is a mother's duty, and keeps the kid happy and out of trouble by offering her naked body for him to play with. As FROSTING MOMMY'S FACE soberly illustrates, hardcore pornographic incest really is a normal family activity. Get your family involved now!

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