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    June 17th - June 23rd mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday PM, June 23, 2000

    • by JJOE :...
    • Her Best Friend's Dad
      bestfrie zip (18k) (m/f/ff pedo/incest/panty/interacial/11year older)
      Sam's Dad and Julie are at it again and the guy can't believe his luck that this little eleven year old and her tight panty's are a constant visitor to his house on the nights when he doesn't have his daughter. But there is a twist to this story, Julie's Mom is a cum loving slut too and she fills us in on her background on how she got introduced to large slabs of black cock! We watch how she tunes in to her daughter's cummings and going's and puts two and two together and then spies on her daughter and Sam's Dad.     
    • by Dalton :...
    • Opportunity, ch 1
      opportu1 zip (21k) (M/fff pedo action adventure)
      They both fought them fell lightly against his chest, letting him keep the masks against their mouths until the timer he'd flicked on his watch beeped off. Now they were both good for about 10 minutes or more, depending. More than enough time. He dragged them both back to his pack at the edge of the clearing and he put the masks beside the pack and found the ball gags and the duct tape inside the pack. He slipped the gags over the girls mouths and then squeezed a little capsule he'd put in a hole he'd drilled in each ball. A syrupy sleeping drug now began to seep out of the pin hole on the other side of the ball that was embedded in their mouths, slow enough to keep them both groggy for the next day or so. He first taped their shins against their thighs then put their arms around their legs and wrapped their wrists, then taped their wrists to the tape circling their legs. Now they were balled up nicely and ready to carry.     
    • by Clive Bruckman :...
    • Quality Time, part 2
      quality2 zip (16k) (M/f F/f mom/daut)
      Maria has just seen her 11 year old daughter completely naked, and now the desire to have sex with Amy is overpowering her. She flashes back to the last time she felt this way, when a man twice her age taught her everything about sex.     
    • by Vince :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The school doctor
      school zip (9k) (f/f, fff/F)
      9.30. the teacher asked the girls to go to the gym hall. Kristy stood up and walked with the other 11 girls to the gym hall. The gym hall was just on the other side of the street. At the door there was a nurse to show them the dressing room. They had to keep on their underwear and socks. Still a little bit nervous Kristy began to take off her clothes. The nurse was still waiting in the dressing room 'till all the were ready.    "what if I didn't put on a bra, miss?" a girl asked. Then you had to think about that this morning.    "can't I keep my shirt on?" the girl asked a little bit embarrassed. Two other girls also said that they didn't had a bra on.
    • by Jan O :...
    • Kontaktannonsen
      kontakta zip (17k) (M/F/m/fff, bondage)
      Kontaktannonsen handlar om Gunnar (52) som för att han lättare ska kunna få tag i nya unga flickor sätter ut en kontaktannons. Målet med den är att hitta någon likasinnad kvinna som han skulle kunna flytta ihop med så att de tillsammans skulle kunna leva ut sina känslor. Kvinnor har ju det lättare att få kontakt med unga flickor utan att verka misstänkta.      Han sätter ut sin annons och efter lite trevande inledningar hittar han sin perfekta partner i den ensamstående mamman Camilla (28). Camilla var en mycket ung och söt kvinna i sig själv och hon kunde ju ha varit hans dotter. Dessutom hade hon tvillingarna Rakel och Moa på snart 6 år "med på köpet" och de fick Gunnar att nästan gå i spinn.    Det tar en stund innan berättelsen kommer fram till det som vi alla väntar på men när allt är på plats är det bara att köra...

      Thursday PM, June 22, 2000

    • by John Cole :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Initiation
      initiati zip (7k) (M/f, pedo, oral, w/s)
      If Susie wants to join the club she has to pass her initiation test....     
    • by Dodgson :...
    • Foreign Exchange, part 4 of 4
      foreign4 zip (12k) (pedo, consen, ff, Mff, Mffg (f ages 14, 14, g age 9))
      Dodgson sees add looking for single men to act as host for female foreign exchange students. Dodgson answers add and arranges for two teen girls, both amateur models, a Dutch girl, Juliana, and a Czech girl, Carol, each barely 14, to stay with him for the summer. Later, when it becomes known that Juliana likes little girls, arrangements are made for Marie, age 9, from Argentina, a professional private club dancer and pre-teen TV show dancer and performer to join them. This Part 4, last part: email and pictures from Marie; Carol arrives; Dodgson, Carol and Juliana enjoy each other; and Marie arrives and gives everyone a couch dance.     
    • by Angel Starr :...
    • I Love My E-Daddy
      ilovemy zip (6k) (m/g/incest/pedo)
      Young Angel Starr had locked her bedroom door so her mom wouldn't burst in and catch her. She had booted up her puter, and couldn't wait to get to her e-mail! She had hoped that her favorite on-line daddy had responded to her most recent "present". She could feel her pussy getting itchy and wet, as horny thoughts filled her mind. She could picture her "daddy" stroking his cock as he both read the words she wrote and thr drawings she sent.     

      Wednesday PM, June 21, 2000

    • by BOBBYLOVE :...
    • Bobbylove's academy for girls, part 3
      peeping3 zip (5k) (M/ff. pedo)
      Saturday and Sunday came and went; finally it was Monday today was the day I was going to meet little Ginny. The day was dragging by and I had a raging boner, all that I could think about was when is that stupid Jew school going to let out finally I fell asleep. I woke up to my doorbell I opened the door there stood Tammy in her long skirt and next to her was a little red headed girl dressed just like Tammy, she couldn't been more than eight or nine years old. I asked the two girls to come in they walked past me, Tammy with a big grin on her face and the other little girl looking very nervous. I said; "this must be Ginny, Ginny you look kind of young how old are you?"     
    • by JohnFitz :...
    • The Anthropophagists
      anthropo zip (17k) (M/b,nc,inc(father-son),anal,torture,cannibalism,snuff)
      Thrown out of his home after his 8-y-o son Benjie repulses his sexual advances, Randy sets the boy up to be kidnapped and raped. Matters get taken out of his hands, however, when the boy's captors prove to have a taste for human flesh - a taste which Randy eventually learns to appreciate. (NB this was written to a commission from a reader: cannibalmism is not normally my cup of tea.)     
    • by Ashley :...
    • Ashley's Story
      ashleys zip (6k) (F/f, Dom/sub, sed, adult)
      I never realized I was sexually attracted to other women until I was 22, and in college. It was really all my boyfriend's doing. He's the one who brought us together. That was 10 years ago and it still makes me hot.     
    • by Tiberius :...
    • Auction of Pleasure
      auction zip (29k) (mother-daugh rape, pregnant rape abort, infant violation, pre-teen rape-castration)
      They were all there - the most loyal, trusted and licentious of Larry's associates - watching the stage as the young mother was forced to perform every type of intimate sexual act on her two children, and they on her. Sitting together, and enjoying the wonderful dinner their friend and host provided, the circle of confidants in debauchery chatted and shared stories and reminisces while the kids licked mommy between the legs, deep inside her sex, around her buttocks and anus and, from time to time, sucked forcefully on her long pink nipples. .... They had earlier given words of approval and encouragement when the pert but pretty blond mother had given her ten year old boy his first fellatio, making sure her tongue did not miss long strokes underneath his young balls and down to his ass hole.     Yes, the inner circle were certainly enjoying themselves -- the forced mom and kids incest a perfect prelude to the annual 'Action of Pleasure' which Larry, the Master of Pleasurable Ceremonies on Pleasure Island, annually provided for his most intimate of friends and clients.     
    • by Allene Blake :...
    • My Brother's Slave, parts 4-5
      broth4_5 zip (6k) (M/f incest, spanking and whipping)
      I thought Mom must have really been hurting because Dad told me Mom was sleeping in and I would have to make lunch.    I went into their bedroom to check on her. She was awake and looking dreamily at the ceiling. I asked her if she was allright and she said, "I guess so. Just very very tired."    "Was the whipping really awful?"    "Oh yes. I am still hurting."    "Would it help if I put lotion on you. It really helps me."    "Oh yes would you?"     
    • by Nomad :...
    • Celia
      2celia zip (19k) (F/ffff fem dom pedo)
      A firm disciplinarian is interviewed for a position of mistress in a very exclusive public school - then leaves her 'mark' in different ways upon several of the girls, aged 12 to 15.     
    • by twoody :...
    • Jackoff
      jackoff zip (4k) (m)
      Short interruption of the Val story. Everthing in here is true: My crazy jackoff at the age of 14.     
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • My Personal Mona Lisa
      monalisa zip (6k) (M/g)
      Every man seeks out his own ideal woman, or young woman as it is in my case. I am a sculptor who loves to feel the curves and plains of a young woman’s body. And then I create a masterpiece. But this darling little child was to be my own personal Mona Lisa of love. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.     
    • by darklord :...
    • My cousin the slut
      mycuz zip (7k) (M/f ttn/incest/ws/nc?)
      The exit to keren's house was at the other site of the house so I didn't have any thing to worry about being seen by the leaving men, I stayed where I was until Eli left the house and then kept watching the little red head on the floor, cum covering her little white body and dripping on the floor between her legs and from her face.     
    • by writersblock :...
    • slut of all sluts, part 2
      slut2 zip (5k) (M++f sluty action)
      Carla was sleeping in her bed dreaming of cock, her mother was on the phone making arangements for Carlas trip to Mexico. The young girl awoke jumped out of bed, streached in front of her full length mirror. Looking at her small body loving what she saw, wanderd if other girls got horny looking at themselves. Walking to the bath room she reallized she did,nt hert as much as she expected to.      The night before the little slut was entertainment at a bachler party. She was droped of by her mother in front of the hotel.     Mother said, "have a good time baby".     Carla said, "you know I will, see ya".As Carla went up in the elevader she looked at her self in the mirror. She had black hose with the line all the way up the back, black garter visible below the short leather skirt know panties of coarse, a small black tube top leaving her belly exposed. She knocked on the door, a man of about thirty opened it with a smile. Carla looked around the large room and thought "looks like more then twenty men, perfect".     
    • by Jan O :...
    • Den rullande bordellen
      bordelle zip (11k) (M/ff)
      Lars har två underbart fina flickor (Lotta 8 år och Linda 10 år) som han verkligen älskar. I hemlighet har han dock haft lite fantasier om dem och när han av en händelse får en kontakt på nätet innebär det att han kan få uppleva en del av dessa.

      Monday PM, June 19, 2000

    • by Tom Singleton :...
    • Posie, ch 23: Strange Interlude
      posie23 zip (18k) (M/f dad/daughter; F/m mother/son; bestiality)
      "I didn't know it was you, Mom," Randy said, leaning back and drawing the bedclothes away from his rampant, full-on stallion's cock, watching her eyes grow unmaternally heavy-lidded and sensual at the sight of his big, hard cock. "Now I do, and I'm glad I fucked you. I'm glad."     "And I'm glad you did, too," Mary whimpered as she leaned over him, grasping the shaft of his cock, and took the big, plum-colored knob into her mouth, tasting her own sex on it. Her son's cock. I am sucking my son's cock.     
    • by BOBBYLOVE :...
    • She is not too bright
      shesnot zip (6k) (M/f pedo)
      I got my first job, as a independent contractor last week it was replacing brick and some rotted concrete in a city elementary school, being school was still open it would take some time to complete for safety reasons. I didn't mind the money was great and the view was even better all the little pre-teen hotties running about. My second day I got a special bonus. During my lunch break I walked past the playground to the quiet part of the park outside the school to eat. I was about to open my Herman Munster style lunch box when I heard a whimper and I looked around expecting to see a hurt kid or something, what I saw blew my mind. There was a girl no more then eleven years old sitting against a tree and she had her skirt hiked up and she was masturbating fingering her self like there was no tomorrow. She had jet-black hair her eyes were closed so I didn't see what color they were, she had a small frame but for her size she had a real hot body beautiful little breasts and all. I watched her for a while and when it looked like she was about to cum, I cleared my throat to get her attention, she popped up and looked at me with fear in her eyes.     
    • by Dalton :...
    • The Taker, ch 1
      taker1 zip (23k) (M/fff oral, anal)
      It was a terrible hunger, one he'd adjusted to over the years, at first merely thinking of it, in fervid, busy dreams that began as he slowly drifted off to sleep, filling his nights with fantasies of what he'd do, how, imagining the place, the setting, the action, but most of all, the girls he would take.     That was his biggest thrill, the act of possession and shaping. Some preferred the hunt, searching, culling, comparing the merits of one to the other, but his requirements were fairly simple. What he wanted in a girl, her race (white), age (7-8), almost any hair color, average height, slim, and generally docile temperament, was broad enough that a walk in the park was always a thrill because there were so many pleasant possibilities.     
    • by twoody :...
    • Valentin, ch 4-5
      valen4_5 zip (9k) (M/m)
      Swimming lessons and the evening after that. It didn't work out like they thought...     
    • by bookworm :...
    • Island Of Fun
      island zip (15k) (M/fff)
      A out of work maintenance engineer fine new employment on a uninhabited island and takes three young girls with him to help keep house
    • by Pookass :...
    • Jenny's First Day As A Whore, part 1
      jenny1 zip (5k) (young girl, drugging, older man/young girl)
      Jake uses a pill on young Jenny that turns her into a whore.
    • by Pan Sagittarius :...
    • Kinder in Ketten, teil 1
      kinder1 zip (25k) (Pedo, Rape, Anal, Introduction, rough)
      Frank, Ex-Lehrer an einem Gymnasium ist gerade vom Vorwurf des Kindesmißbrauchs freigesprochen worden. Er feiert mit einigen Schülerinnen. Die 10jährige Tina bleibt über Nacht, er nutzt dies und vergewaltigt sie brutal. Schon bald danach erhält er ein Job-Angebot, das sein LEben radikal verändern soll. (Teil 2 und folgende)     

      Sunday PM, June 18, 2000

    • by Dodgson :...
    • Version 2 - My Girlfriend's Daughters, part 2 of 2
      2mygirl2 zip (15k) (pedo, consen, sisters, mom/daughters, FFgg, MFFgg (g ages 9,11))
      Sherry Nguyen is 36 years old, a bi-sexual dynamo, Vietnamese, divorced for seven years, and the mother of two daughters, her “Asian Dolls”, as she calls them, Amanda, 11, and Jessica 9. After a series of unsatisfactory relationships she decides to place an ad in the singles section of the newspaper to find an older white professional man, her sexual preference, to marry and help raise her children. Dodgson answers the ad. This is their story. This Part 2, final part: Dodgson, Sherry and the girls affectionately finish the picnic, Eva, Sherry’s sister, spends the night with Sherry and the girls, Sherry, her daughters, and Eva join Dodgson at his house for Sunday brunch, a swim, and erotic fun and games.     
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • A Crush on Mr D
      acrush zip (5k) (M/F, fantasy)
      This story was written by one of my alter egos, Marianne Churchill, as her ode to our Father Double. This young, hungry girl sees him as the embodiment of what a good daddy lover should be to her; a little bit mysterious, alot masterful in the fullest sense of that word. Happy Father's Day, Daddy Double!     
    • by Pedros :...
    • A Picnic With Uncle Frank
      apicnic zip (19k) (M/f, pedo, inc)
      Uncle Frank has returned from Thailand after several years away. He had developed an e-mail relationship with his nine-year-old niece, Janey, whilst he was away, becoming more and more daring in the things he sent her. He is living with Janey and her mother (his sister) and has organised a picnic to try to develop his relationship with Janey further. He had delighted in the sexual pleasures of the little Thai girls while in Thailand and plans to have his niece take their place now he is living back on the mainland.     
    • by Ted :...
    • Boots-The Early Years, ch 7: Games at school
      boots7 zip (12k) (f/f, voyeurism, masturbation)
      Boots, still the adventurous one, decides to tease her teacher. Mindy was not in on her plans but shortly comes to take part in the action. The teacher, herself a virgin, has long been interested in young girls and falls easily into Boots influence.     
    • by Allene Blake :...
    • My Brother's Slave, part 3
      brother3 zip (6k) (M/f incest, spanking and whipping)
      The next day my young healthy skin had returned to normal with only small bruises where the tip of the switch had dug in. I stood in front of my mirror and pushed on the little bruises while remembering how they got there. That was all I needed to become excited enough to rub my clit and pinch my nipples for a nice orgasm.    I went downstairs to pour myself a glass of orange juice and noticed Mom was sniffling. I went to her and said, "Mom. What is wrong?"     
    • by Angel Starr :...
    • Happy Daddy's Day!
      happy zip (5k
      The young girl sat in front of her computer. She had been on the internet for some time, and had gotten to be very good at "making friends" because of it. She was busy typing away in her room thinking carefully about the words she wanted to use. She had found that words, her words especially, were very powerful in some circles. Maybe not at her Jr. High School, where she was shy and somewhat withdrawn. But on the net, the little twelve year old found her nitch.     
    • by Clive Bruckman :...
    • Happy Father's Day, ch 1
      happy1 zip (16k) (M/F/f/f/f dad/daut mom/daut sis/sis)
      It's Father's day, and Margot has a surprise for her husband. Their three daughters are ready to give him their virginity. Lucky guy!     
    • by Nomad :...
    • Nutured
      nutured zip (17k) (Fath/Daugh incest first oral)
      The story follows the growth and development of a father and his daughter at the ages of 7,10, 12 and 14.     
    • by Poker :...
    • Paedophiles Anonymous, ch 9 (end): On The Beach
      pedanon9 zip (11k) (MFf, Mff, Fmf, Ff, pedo, oral, v young, 1st)
      Kim visits the Cliffview Community with Angela, Tom and baby Simone. At the beach barbecue she meets more members of Paedophiles Anonymous and the children they love.     
    • by Tom Singleton :...
    • Posie, ch 22: Bedroom Farce
      posie22 zip (12k) (M/f dad/daughter; F/m mother/son; fisting)
      "I want you inside me," Heather whispered insistently, giving his cock-split a darling little kiss and, rising from the covers like young Venus from the sea- foam, knelt astride his thighs. His rigid cock snapped to, the big bullhead touching her navel. Heather shivered. Jeez, how'd I ever get this monster inside me? "Don't move," she whispered. Jack grinned up at the lush teen-age form above him in the darkness, more than content to let "Posie" have her way with him.     
    • by Pam :...
    • Serena, by Royal Command
      serena zip (9k) (Princess/Teenager/Mother/Daughter)
      Serena is summoned to visit her Princess. Servants prepare her for the royal bed. The Princess is insatiable, taking the teen every way possible.     
    • by Davy Sprocket :...
    • Tradition
      traditio zip (17k) (Mg, Mgb (b - age 11, g - ages 5, 10, 11))
      Tom Doblio is a man who honors tradition. But then again wouldn't you if this was your world?      "Yipppeee, we did it again!" smiled Connie. She stood triumphantly, on the bed, raising her hands in victory, one foot on her father's chest. The hem of her nightdress pulled up to her hips revealing her pre-teen sex. Tom reached up and ran his hands over her soft creamy thighs and up to her ass. Connie's hips squirmed in welcome. "Ummmm," cooed the 11-year-old as her father's hands drifted over to her cunt and played with the few small wisps of gossamer hair that had begun to sprout.     
    • by The Phantom :...
    • Avatar of Love, ch 22
      avatar22 zip (37k) (FI/If/MFIFI, shemale, young, masturbate, fist)
      Continuing Denise and Toni's visit    I help Terry, almost too much    Poor planning on our part

      Saturday PM, June 17, 2000

    • by Allene Blake :...
    • Mr Brother's Slave 2
      brother2 zip (7k) (M/f incest, spanking and whipping)
      That night my brothers came into my room and George had the nerve to ask,"How are you doin, Sis."     I said angrily, "You know how I am doing. I am in terrible pain and it is your fault!"    "Yeah, I know. We didn't know Dad would get so carried away. You know we would not have hurt you that much."    "I guess not. A switch couldn't hurt as much as what Dad did to me."     
    • by Bummer John :...
    • Motherfighter, ch 6 [& final]
      mother6 zip (11k) (Mom/Dad/son incest/mild scat)
      "Robin and I had a little session today," Linda told her husband, "and he licked my ass hole. In fact, my handsome son here got his tongue pretty far up my ass. What do you think of that?"     
    • by Jimyh :...
    • A Little "Miss-understanding"
      alittle zip (13k) (M/f, MM/ff inc, pedo, cons)
      Rob Watson looked up from the novel he was reading when his 6-year-old daughter, Rose, came stomping into the lounge room. Her father quickly stifled a burgeoning laugh and did his best to look serious as his little girl flounced into one of the big stuffed chairs across from where he sat on the wide couch.     'What's the matter, honey?' he asked, doing his utter damnedest to sound righteously concerned. He realized he had succeeded when, above her down-turned mouth, her eyes found his and he saw they were sparkling, lit by her daddy's caring inquiry.      'I'm mad, daddy!' she insisted. 'Mad at Wendy. She's stupid and don't play fair.'
    • by The Phantom :...
    • Avatar of Love, ch 21
      avatar21 zip (37k) (FFI in various combos, lactate, shemale)
      A visitor "saves" me   A nanny, perhaps?    Denise and Toni visit, now a family   I help a young woman
    • by Mr T :...
    • Dagisvåldtäkten
      dagisval zip (9k) (M/m/ffff - bondage, ws, S/M)
      Anders tog upp nycklarna ur väskan och satte in dem i låset. Klockan var inte mer än halv 7 men den här veckan var det hans tur att öppna på det daghem där han arbetade. Det var ett ganska litet dagis med 20 barn från 2 - 6 år.     I normala fall brukade de vara 5 - 6 vuxna under dagarna men nu var det sommar och semestertid. Denna vecka var det därför bara Anders och Jenny som arbetade den här veckan men å andra sidan var även många av barnen borta och det skulle bara komma 5 stycken den här dagen.    När Anders kom in ringde telefonen och han svarade. Det var Jenny som meddelade att hon tyvärr hade blivit sjuk och att hon därför inte kunde komma till arbetet. Anders försäkrade att det inte skulle vara några problem och att det inte skulle behöva kalla in någon dyr vikarie. Det gäller ju att hålla i pengarna så att de kunde användas till verksamheten och 5 barn skulle han klara av att hålla koll på.    Vad som sedan händer vet varken Anders eller någon annan just nu men det kommer att hända både det ena och det andra.     
    • by Jan O :...
    • Fotbollstjejen
      fotbolls zip (9k) (M/f)
      Jenny har flyttat från Gotland till Stockholm för två år sedan när hon var 9 år. På Gotland spelade hon fotboll och det har hon även fortsatt men efter flytten. För att få spela har dock hennes nya tränare ställt upp några villkor och Jenny har under de två första åren sugit hans kuk inför varje match. Nu ska laget iväg på läger och för att följa med på det måste nu 11-åriga Jenny ställa upp på mer…

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