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      On Friday PM, May 12, 2000

    • by Curious Cat :...
    • A Sucker for Candy, part 2
      asucker2 zip (5k) (M/ggg, very young, oral, nc)
      Memories of my own 3 little submissive girls flooded back after nearly fifteen years. Rachel, Rebecca, and Regina were young and impressionable...just like Candy, when I first began their training.     
    • by Stepdaddy :...
    • Mistaken for Pain
      mistaken zip (13k) (M/f, Father/Daughter, Incest, Young Teen, First, Semi-nc)
      The look on my fourteen-year-old daughter’s face could have easily been mistaken for pain. And if her furrowed brow, her flaring nostrils, or the row of pearly teeth biting into her lower lip might have somehow left an observer unconvinced of her discomfort, perhaps the rest of the scene would have settled it. As she lay back upon the top of our washing machine, with her dimpled knees pulled up nearly to her bared, bra-less, apple-sized tits, the petite eighth-grader struggled with both little hands to insert the knob of my blunt, swollen prick into the well-prepared but resisting confines of her nearly hairless cunt. [This image was inspired by the opening to the story "Concentration", by Baddogxxx.].     
    • by Analover :...
    • A New Start, part 1
      newstart1 zip (11k) (M/f)
      Marcy reached between her legs to take hold of his cock and engaged it just inside the opening of her hot, moist sex tunnel. Ted started to raise his hips in response but it wasn’t necessary: his daughter came down on his cock with the force of a fireman sliding down a fire pole.     
    • by ACTJC :...
    • Late Night Shopping
      latenite zip (13k) (MM/f pedo inc)
      Adam Larson loved his job. He was the owner/manager of a lingerie store. He inherited the business after his mother died, and being a male lingeire proprietor clearly worked in his favour. Not a week went by when some scantily clad women needed "assistence" in the change rooms. He was certain that some of the women, especially the older ones, came to his store, not to buy the lingerie, but strip down to as little as possible and ride his hard cock. Having two young assistants helped as well, as every month they liked to try on the new styles, and this usually lead to a late night three way in the back office.Being a man also helped improve sales as other men felt more comfortable dealing with him. Usually they were just looking for items for their wives or girlfriends but occasionaly he got a very different sort of request.
    • by FulasteGubben :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Slynan Maria
      slynan zip (9k) (M/f M/f/f teen incest cons)
      Historia om Maria, 13 år, och hennes första knull med sin pappa och en annan tjej.     
    • by _Sanne_ :...
    • Verwandtenbesuch
      verwandt zip (5k) (f/m bro/sis cons 1st)
      Ein Verwandtenbesuch und ein Traum und die Folgen    Martina (14) muß wegen eines Verwandtenbesuches ihr Zimmer räumen und bei ihrem Bruder (17) nächtigen. Ein Traum tut ein Übriges...     

      Thursday PM, May 11, 2000

    • by Silk :...
    • Double Trouble, part 8
      double8 zip (12k) (f/f M/ff unc/nieces inc anal oral yng teen (twins))
      The time has come at last. Uncle Mark has seperately seduced and fucked both his young nieces, one an already experienced young teen, the other a virgin. Now at last he gets to watch the twins make out with each other in a special sexy show just for him before he joins in for a threesome.     
    • by Dodgson :...
    • The Pre-Teen Nude Dance Club, part 6
      preteen6 zip (12k) (pedo, consen, mom/daut, dad/daut, M/f (f age12), M/M/F/f/f/f (f ages 9, 10, 11))
      Dodgson continues sex play with gorgeous Adriana, age 12, finds out about her identical twin sister, meets Kim, age 9, Cristy, age 11, and starts orgy with them and Jamie, age 10, Dr. Chet, and Kay, age 25, Kim's mother, in Dr. Chet's playroom with sex machines, swings, toys, etc.     
    • by Nomad :...
    • Thinking of Daddy - Epilogue
      thinkin2 zip (15k) (Fath/Daugh 1st M/F/f)
      Haley looked again at the wall clock in the kitchen and glanced across to Sally who stood by the window, her elfin face looking expectantly outside.     For a brief moment the sight of her twelve year old daughter leaning forward over the kitchen counter to peer out of the window took her mind from her husband. The girl had grown more and more pretty through puberty. Still slender around the waist, the child's shoulders and hips had begun to broaden - the shoulders to provide support for breasts that were still just little cones sprouting firmly from her chest while her young adolescent hips added a roundness and shape to her little bottom that was nothing short of divine. Even now, only hours after having stroked those nude cheeks she wanted to pull the young girl's trousers down and caress her all over again.     

      Wednesday AM, May 10, 2000

    • by Curious Cat :...
    • A Big Black Dog, part 6
      abigdog6 zip (6k) (M/g, oral, beast)
      It was time to show Angie her own videotapes of being a good doggy fuck slut. Little red collar and all. And especially to get her small, pretty mouth stretched out and ready to suck his cock by starting on his hot, long tongue.     
    • by Typoman :...
    • Abilities Awakened, part 2
      abiliti2 zip (14k) (F/b oral MC?)
      When I was in bed that night I tried to pleasure myself with my hands as I had done in the laundry room at Kenny's house. It felt pleasant rubbing on myself, but not even close to the way that I'd felt earlier that day. Within a couple of days I gave up and put the idea away in my mind. For the next couple of months I was content to live the normal life of a 7-year-old boy.     
    • by Wishlist :...
    • The Family Way
      family zip (7k) (m/F, M/F, M/f, mother/son, inc)
      My name is Billy. I guess I was 5 or 6 years old when I first started really "looking" at my mother's body. It wasn't anything sexual at that age; just curiosity about something different than what I saw in the mirror. Mom has big tits, and I don't. That was the first thing that really got me to start "looking" at her. Back then, she didn't have any reservations about coming out of the shower naked in front of her 6 year old son. She didn't even close her bedroom door when she dressing or undressing. Then, when I was around 10, I learned about sex from my friends at school and my interest in girls started to "kick in". I had been masturbating since I was about 5, but didn't understand the connection between the feeling I got when I rubbed "it" and sex. At 10, it started to make sense. I started to have fantasies about female bodies when I stroked my tiny cock; my mother's body, in particular.     
    • by Baron Darkside :...
    • Painting The House
      painting zip (23k) (Fm/mother/son/inc/cons)
      See what happens when Connie decides to paint the house in the nude. Her son Owen is away for the weekend, so she will be all alone . . . That is what she thinks . . .     
    • by Tom Singleton :...
    • Posie, ch 20
      posie20 zip (23k) (ffm bro-sis, fisting; f bestiality; Mfm double penetration)
      Posie took a long, leisurely bath -- her second of the day -- quite bemused at the turn events had taken.      "Good Grief!" she sighed. She'd needed 'a few days' to sort out and explore the complex tangle of emotions she'd snarled by having sex with her father -- and about the only thing she'd sorted out were her inhibitions -- "What few I have left, darn it!" And the only thing she'd explored had been MORE sex -- sex with Jack, Randy, Mary, Heather a-a-and Rowf!     
    • by Abear & Amber Gold :...
    • When Two Authors Meet, sequel
      whentwo2 zip (13k) (M/F hot sex, oral)
      We untangled our legs and arms and lay on our backs. Our hands were clasped tight as we caught our breath. We stared up at the black night sky that was full of stars and we relaxed like this for a few moments.      "Who would ever believe Abear would walk into a bar that I like to visit? And on a night when I was there. This is like a flash back to an old movie, Casablanca" I was still thrilled that our chance meeting had led to such hot sex.     
    • by Daddenson :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Big Hoses and Little Squirts
      bighoses zip (8k) (MMM/mmm, dad/son, ws, masturbation)
      Three giant hairy lumberjacks take their five year-old boys to the logging cabin for some play time in the big shower room there.     
    • by Pedestrian :...
    • Allie
      allie zip (19k) (M/f very young)
      John recounts how he first discovered his desires around little 4 year old Allie and the difficulties and victories of a life long obsession.
    • by Anonx :...
    • The Night before my Wedding
      thenight zip (9k
      I cannot believe I am going to write this, so here goes. These events are true and at the time of this, I was 18 years old.     I am 5’0” with shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes and I weigh 90 lbs. Many people say I am very cute and have a great smile. I think I am just an average girl. My breasts are not too big and not that small. I grew up in a strict religious family and I was not allowed to date until I was 17. When I was 17, I met my first and only boyfriend at Church. From the first time I went out went out with Mike, I fell deeply in love.
    • by _Sanne_ :...
    • Straßenbahn und Rush-Hour
      rushhour zip (4k) (ff, cons, pet, public, true)
      Ein Sommer, zwei Mädchen, eine Straßenbahn... noch heute halte ich diese Straßenbahnfahrt für die heißeste Nummer, die ich je hatte!

      Tuesday AM, May 9, 2000

    • by PRE-vert :...
    • A Return to Summer
      returnto zip (14k) (M/g b/g voyuer)
      Ok, a lot of the feedback I have recieved has indicated that you wanted more of Gail, from 'The Summer Girl'. This is the sequel. Rodney has been going crazy without his little lover, so he takes to the road, for a vacation. He's gotten a bit more suave with the young girls, but he's still Rodney! He's trying to work up the nerve to have sex with all the young girls he finds...maybe he'll find luck.     
    • by _Sanne_ :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Die Reise zu mir
      reise1 zip (7k) (f/f, cons, pett, 1st)
      Die wahre Geschichte, wie ich lernte, Mädchen und Frauen zu lieben. Die Geschichte der ersten zwei Nächte einer Klassenreise im Zelt...
    • by The MadHatter :...
    • Verdopple Dein Vergnügen !!!
      doppelt zip (8k) (übersetzt von Mysterya)
      Gary lag völlig nackt auf seinem Bett. Er rieb sich langsam seinen jungen Schwanz und stellte sich dabei seine attraktive Englischlehrerin vor. Gott, wie heiß sie ihn machte ! Er war in einem Alter, wo man fast ständig geil war und so nutzte er jede Gelegenheit um sich selbst zu befriedigen.     

      Monday AM, May 8, 2000

    • by Ron :...
    • Boys and Boats: Adventures on the river
      boysboats zip (30k) (M/b/b/b oral, anal, spankings and canoes)
      Is that your final answer?" I asked gruffly. Poor kid just didn't get it. Crossing his arms on his 12 year old chest he replied, "Yes." I had his hands wrapped up and was holding his face to the sleeping bag underneath him when I gave his young, bare ass one good whack.     
    • by Oh Daddy :...
    • Little Slut on the Prairie
      lilslut zip (5k) (M/f Dad/daut)
      "Mary. Mary! Wake up." Ten-yr-old Laura urgently whispered to her sister.     "Wha... what?" Mary responded trying to retain the dream she had been having.     "Their doing it again" Laura said"     "Doing what?"     "Having sex" Laura said referring to the gentle moan of her mother and the grunting of her father.     "So?" Was Mary's sleepy response, "They're married, They're supposed to."     "I'm gonna watch" Laura stated to her twelve-year-old sister    "No" Mary demanded finally losing the last wisps of the dream she was trying to hang on to. But even as she said it Laura was already on her way down the ladder of the loft the girls shared with their little sister Carrie.     
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Lonely Beach Child, part 11
      lonely11 zip (10k) (M/F/f, F/f, oral)
      Without the slightest hint of shame, Billianne lied to her father about which friend was having an overnight. Knowing full well that her 40+ lover Andrew and his bi-sexual girlfriend Grace were not going to be on the approved list. Driving up the Pacific Coast Highway from Malibu on a sunny SoCal afternoon, the hot threesome found the private campground and prepared for some fun and games.     
    • by Dodgson :...
    • The Pre-Teen Nude Dance Club, part 5
      preteen5 zip (12k) (pedo, consen, mom/dau, dad/dau, M/f/f/f, F/f/f/f, M/f, etc. (f age 9,10, 10, 12))
      Dodgson, 3 little girls and 2 women return from beach excursion, start having group sex again, Meet Dr. Chet who has sex with Terry, Lolita, age 9, and his daughter, age 10, Dodgson talks with Alice, age 8 and her mother, arranges to have sex with both, meets super gorgeous Adriana, age 12, and starts having sex with her.     
    • by Madhatter113 :...
    • Secret Admirer
      secret zip (39k) (M/g dad/daut broth/sis M/g/b/g anal dill)
      Again and again he drew back and thrust forwards, her screams rising in pitch as her orgasm grew stronger with each thrust, he could feel his own orgasm rising, her screams urging him on, his thrusts growing longer, faster, harder, thrusting into her with almost jackhammer blows.His already massive shaft began to swell and pulse in time with the throbbing climax he felt approaching. Then with a yell that almost matched hers, he pulled her against his thrusting hips, her soft cervix no match for the bludgeoning tip of his cock as it forced its way into its soft mouth, sinking deep enough for the eye of his glans to spit out its fury directly into her tiny womb.     
    • by Keyman :...
    • The Good Neighbor - Troop Tales "Cathy" part 2
      thegoo11 zip (14k) (MM/F/f Pedo Incest)
      When I left the minister reminded me that this had to be our little secret and I assured him I would tell no one. I walked home, keeping the butt plug in was a little hard at first, it kept wanting to come out like my poopies, but I was a good girl and arrived home with it still safety secured in my little bottom.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Slut Trainer
      theslut zip (15k) (M/M/f inc,pedo)
      Pierce took little girls when ever he could find one alone. He took them to his hidden mountain home and over the months trained them to be hot little girl sluts. He dressed them like real sluts and found fake boobs that looked like the real thing. Wearing them and short skirts and high heels they would strut around just like a real slut. When they were ready, he would sell for a lot of money and look for his next little victim.     
    • by HotKaryn :...
    • The young voyuer
      youngvoy zip (5k) (m\F)
      A young horny boy is caught masturbating as he watches a young sunbather. The boy then sees he is being watched. This young boy gets to do more than just watch on this sunny afternoon.     
    • by Morrison Remick Waite Tweed :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Luckiest Guy
      luckiest zip (6k) (m/f, m/f/f, mother/son, aunt/nephew, inc)
      I consider myself to be a very lucky guy. My mother is one of the 2 most beautiful women I know. The other is her sister Veronica, or Aunt Ronnie (as I call her).
    • by Rayk :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Paper Boy
      paperboy zip (30k) (m/F)
      I'm 13 years old and have a paper route for the local newspaper. A new family has moved in down the street. I am at their door ringing the bell, hoping to get another customer. The door finally opens after a long wait and a lady peers out.     "Hello. I'm the paper boy," I say. "Would you like to subscribe to the Daily Breeze? It's a great bargain for only two dollars a month." Upon hearing my little speech, the lady opens the door wide and says "Why yes. How nice of you to call. I was just thinking that I should get the local newspaper delivered. You look like such a nice young man. Why don't you step in while I get my purse?"     I enter the house into a warmly lit living room. The woman has evidently just washed her hair, because she is wearing a bathrobe and is holding in place a towel wrapped around her head, turban-style, with one hand. I turn to face her and look into a pair of the most gigantic boobs imaginable. In comparison, Dolly Parton is a flat-chested boy. Her robe is closed loosely around her waist with a cord, but the up-raised arm pushes her breasts up so the top cannot close completely. The immense cleavage between her massive breasts is exposed. The lady turns to close the door, but the rug has caught on the corner of the door, preventing it from closing completely.

      Sunday AM, May 7, 2000

    • by Typoman :...
    • Abilities Awakened
      abilitie zip (11k) (F/b oral MC?)
      I always knew I was different. Just how different I didn't discover until a year after I reached puberty at the age of 7. You find that strange? Well, my mother certainly was taken aback, but not all that surprised as I recall.      I started my schooling at 6 years of age just like all the other children at that age. But because of my precocious mind, I was advanced into the second grade. The school's principal wanted to advance me into the third grade but my Mother would have nothing of it.     
    • by Tiberius :...
    • Baby Out, Baby In
      babyout zip (36k) (pregnant rape abort, forced incest, pedo-girl rape)
      This is another story in the 'MC' series which appears on this story web site. In this story, Frank - a client who pursues dark gratifications with fervent determination - entertains himself with a beautiful pregnant black girl and her early-teenaged virgin sister. His goal is to empty the older girl's womb and impregnate the other's. In the middle of his 'Baby Out, Baby In' pleasures with the sisters, he is offered a beautiful fair-skinned pregnant redhead and decides to combine his respective pleasures.     
    • by Ted :...
    • Boots - The Early Years, ch 2: And Along Came Chuck
      boots2 zip (12k) (mf/ff/cons/very young)
      Chuck, Boot's 11 year-old next door neighbor caught her and Mindy in the middle of them having sex. Both girls are terrified that he is going to tell tales about what he'd seen and are desperate to find some way to convince him not to.     
    • by JJOE :...
    • Pre-teen Fuck Angel
      fukangel zip (12k) (mff/ vouy/rape/panty)
      Our narrator tells us a disturbing tale of a twelve year old hoodsie in New York City and how he becomes obsessed with her burgeoning sexuality.     
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • A Learning Experience
      learning zip (11k) (Older teen and a very young teen)
      As a result of a very stupid prank, a high school senior is forced to tutor much younger students.     
    • by Dodgson :...
    • The Pre-Teen Nude Dance Club, part 4
      preteen4 zip (8k) (pedo, consen, mom/daut, sisters, M/F/F/f/f/f (f age 9, 10, 10))
      Jamie, 10, joins Lolita 9, Desire, 10, Dawn and Dodgson in tent on beach. Dawn directs group sex in the tent,introduces Eros Device to little girls, Dodgson fucks Jamie, Dodgson learns about Alice 8, Terry wants to start Pre-Teen Nude Dance Club, beach excursion ends with Dodgson curled up in Lolita's lap.     
    • by PRE-vert :...
    • The Good Daughter
      thegood zip (12k) (M/g dad/dau inc)
      Al is a good man, and has worked hard for his family, all his life. When tragedy visits, he discovers that his hard work has been appreciated, and his loving, nine year-old daughter steps in to fill the gaps.     
    • by Nomad :...
    • Thinking Of Daddy
      thinking zip (35k) (F/ff Mother daughter anal/vaginal play)
      "Mummy, why did daddy have to go away?" Sally asked her mother one rainy Saturday afternoon.     She took her hands from the basin and wiped them dry as she turned to her pretty little daughter, smiling at the little tomboy as she knelt in front of the little girl.     "Your daddy did something naughty, very naughty. So he has to be punished, and that means going into prison for a few years," Haley told her daughter while automatically drawing back a wayward lock of hair from the little girl's brow.    "Will I ever see him?" Sally asked.    "Oh yes. Daddy will be home in a couple of years," Haley smiled. And you'll be twelve then, a ripe age for a man like Tom.     
    • by Rick Roll and Amber Gold :...
    • When Two Authors Meet
      whentwo zip (12k) (M/F - no inc/cons/oral/sex/Mr. Double)
      Stretching my hands up over my head, I looked out at the beach and realized that I was in paradise. I had recently closed several major deals for my company, and they had rewarded me with a one-week vacation at a company retreat in California. The company owned a beach house that was full of every modern convenience that one could imagine. Stuck between some sand dunes and trees, the house offered privacy and solitude, along with a large deck that stood out on the beach. My first night was coming to an end as I sat in the receding daylight, thoroughly enjoying the freedom of having absolutely nothing to do.     
    • by YJ :...
    • The Secretary
      secretar zip (8k) (m/F)
      "Sex is everything everyone fantasizes at. Why not, when it was the greatest thing on earth." I am still a virgin when I met Mrs. Ong. She was the greatest thing ever happened to me. She was my dad's secretary!

      Saturday AM, May 6, 2000

    • by Jack Spratt :...New Author.!.!.!
    • My First Taste of Heaven
      1sttaste zip (13k) (male/young female)
      Being forced to move, he meets a young coloured girl, and her family. One thing leads to another, and you can guess the results.     
      Another Taste of Heaven
      another zip (8k) (male/young female)
      When travelling to a new job, he picked up a young hitchhiker, and was surprised to see what he thought was a young boy was a girl instead. The weather has a large part to play in this eventual adventure.     
      My Niece Shalyn
      myniece zip (9k) (Uncle/Niece)
      An orginally unwanted meeting between a uncle and a niece. He only remembers her as a real pain in the neck. Circumstances bring them together, and he is totally caught up in this mature young girl/woman.     
    • by bookworm :...
    • The Colony Ship, part 5
      colony5 zip (12k) (dad/daut/friend...M/ff)
      As the shock of that first touch faded I realized that this is what I had hoped would happen. I had fantasized of this for along, as I had known about my sex. I knew that to have someone else touch me like that would be better than anything would. Pushing back I feel the firm sponge of Jackies small breasts against my back. Her father standing in front of me waiting for my reactions, will she scream or run shouting rape. I say nothing but smile in return to his smile. Will he touch me, do I want him to. These questions and more run through my mind as he reaches up and strokes my hair.

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