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    May 20th - May 26th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday PM, May 26, 2000

    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • The Cerebral Slut
      cerebral zip (18k) (MF, Mf, Ff; teen, preteen, pedo; extreme caution)
      "The shadows started raping her when she was seven. At first they only visited while she slept, and she liked them then, when they kissed her and licked her down there. But then one night one of them tried to put his thing in her and she woke up and her daddy was in bed with her, trying to get it out with his thing. It hurt so much she thought that the shadows would kill her, but she knew her daddy wouldn't let them. Her daddy tried to help. He beat her up and squirted stuff into her botty before he raped it and put his thing in her mouth. The shadows wouldn't come out and her daddy didn't feed her then because feeding her meant feeding the shadows, too. There were shadows in her fuckhole and he tried to get them out with his fingers, but he couldn't so he used his cock...."     
    • by JoJo :...
    • The Formative Years of Adolescence, ch 9
      formati9 zip (20k
      I awoke to the wonderful sensations of my cock being sucked. I looked down and saw Joan kneeling between my legs, my cock deep in her mouth. I lifted my hips trying to push it in deeper. She looked up, her eyes sparkling as she gave me a wink Sitting up she freed my cock from the warm enclosure of her mouth and it cooled rapidly in the early morning air.     "Good morning Steve, this is how I wanted to wake you up last week, I trust you slept well?"     "Good morning Joan, I slept very well thank you."     "Well lets have some breakfast then." Joan got off the bed and picked up a tray from the floor placing it on the bed. Like the week before it was laden with Pawpaw, toast, juice, lemon wedges, milk, sugar and the coffee percolator.     "Can we have breakfast later?" My mind was on my cock, I wanted Joan to go back to sucking it.     
    • by tony-n-friends :...
    • Computer Love
      pclove zip (9k) (Incest, dad/dau, F watching)
      Heather started her pleading, as she always did. “Let me see Holly, baby, please call her to you and show her to me on the video. Let me see her sweet little body, baby, oh fuck please let me see her.” Phillip began to softly call his daughter to come to him and Heather could hear her little feet come up the stairs to the room that her father and his camera was in. She knew to be quiet then, she knew that Phillip would play with her a bit, as far as he would let himself go.     
    • by twoody :...
    • Valentin, ch 2
      valenti2 zip (6k) (M/m)
      Val's first day in our house. Some surprises but still no real sex. Next time? Who knows...     
    • by Nomad :...
    • With Mother's Help
      withmom zip (18k) (MF/f mother, father/daughter incest first)
      In a little house in the middle of suburbia there lived a small family of three. There was Daddy, David Hope to those outside of the house, Mummy, or June Hope to her friends at the gym where she went each day, and their little Angel; Lucy Hope.     
    • by bentreed :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Teenage Male Gets A Special Examination from His Male Doctor
      teenmale zip (6k) (m/m)
      A teen male recieves a very special examination from his older male Dr.

      Thursday PM, May 25, 2000

    • by bluvum :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Tamara's Story
      tamara zip (18k) (b g/M F g/ yng/ws/nc/ws/inc)
      16 year old Tamara had no idea why she had agreed to help her brother and sister in law. After the things they did to her, she was still willing to help them in their time of need.     
    • by Elizabeth Abercrombie :...
    • The Belles Of St Brigets
      bellesof zip (7k
      Laura and I are 13 years old. We are students at St. Bridgets, an exclusive Catholic Girls' school. Still in our school uniforms of abbreviated miniskirts( The one Miss Henrietta said it was ok for us to wear) and white blouses with garter belts and black stockings, we are walking down the deserted corridor on our way to our dormitory after finishing our homework in the detention room. As we are passing the Dispensary we hear a groan from behind the door. I stop, put my finger to my lips in a gesture of silence to Laura. The door is slightly open. Perhaps someone closed it and it did not latch properly. I peep through the crack, and my pulses race as I see something very wonderful. Seated on the table where the nurse examines us when we are sick, I see Michael, the young 18 year old gardener. I don't think there is much wrong with him, but his trousers are at his ankles, and Miss Burberry is knceling at his feet her mouth open, and in between her soft red lips, I can see a huge column of pink and reddish flesh standing upright from the boy's crotch. A mass of curly reddish hair surrounds the base.     
    • by JoJo :...
    • The Formative Years Of Adolescence, ch 8
      formati8 zip (23k
      Joan turned the light off above the card table telling me to sit in the large easy chair to relate my story. Spotlighted under the reading light; now the only light on in the lounge room, I felt nervous and exposed. Joan and Lisa sat close together on the sofa. They were in deep shadow and all I could see was two dark shapes. This did not help my apprehension; if anything I felt more like someone in some spy story being interrogated. The only consolation being I was unable to see what effect my story was having; somehow this gave me some comfort.     
    • by Jeremy :...
    • Guardianship, ch 2
      guardia2 zip (6k) (M/f, incest, cons)
      Guardianship of Ashley was proving to be very enjoyable. I had thought of all the responsibility she would be, but I never dreamed she could bring me so much pleasure.     
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • The Ice Cream Parlor
      icecream zip (13k) (Mf, ff; inc; preteen; extreme caution)
      "Would you young ladies like an ice cream or something?" Shelly shook her head no. She looked really scared. I said yes, and he got me a banana split. It was hard to eat with him watching me. He obviously wanted to see me lick. My pantyhose were soaked. "My name's Jack," he said. "You live around here?" "Shelly," Shelly said. She was less afraid, 'cause the man was apparently more interested in me. "Yeah." "Lauren... we live on Maple Street." I ate a cherry. "You come here often?" "Yes," I said, talking in a low voice so that he would lean towards me. "I haven't seen you." "Oh, I come here sometimes." "Not when we do... I'd remember." Shelly kicked me. He reached for my hand, took my spoon, scooped up some ice cream and held it to my mouth. I giggled and ate, staring back at him. "You have a lovely mouth," he said, withdrawing the spoon. "How old are you?" "Twelve and a half." I was going to lie, but it was too late.     
    • by _Sanne_ :...
    • Making her straight, part 2
      making2 zip (10k) (F/f, f/m rape)
      Jen´s mom arranges a date at the doc and a date with a guy - one good thing negates a bad one!?     
    • by B.P. :...
    • My Wife's Horny Family
      mywifes zip (13k) (Incest, preg. Lact)
      When I first married Emily, I didn't know much about her family but that didn't matter to me. The company, I was working for, sent us across the country right after our honeymoon so for the next five years our contact with Emily's family was limited. During that time Emily blessed us with a cute girl. We were thinking about having another when the company I worked for got bought out and the new company told me I would have to move or lose my job. The good news was the new company wanted me to move to Emily's hometown. Her parents were excited at the news and invited us to come live with them until we found a place of our own.     
    • by Jan O :...
    • Kan vi göra det igen pappa?
      kanvi zip (9k) (M/f(f))
      Lars och Annas första natt tillsammans slutade ju lyckligt även om hans lilla flicka kanske inte sa så mycket om det. Det har i alla fall fört med sig att det har kommit önskemål om att få träffa de två fler gånger och självklart tycker jag att de är värda nya besök. När vi nu får följa med ännu en stund i deras liv så har det gått ett par veckor sedan kärleksnatten. Allt har varit precis som förut och man skulle inte kunna gissa att det som hände någonsin hade hänt. Ja, Lars har nog ändå märk att Anna ibland verkar lite mer fundersam. Detta inträffar ofta vid läggdags eller när hon ska bada. Hon har inte sagt något konstigt och hennes mamma Maria har inte heller märkt något. Det kommer dock att hända saker och det är just därför som det är så lägligt att vi tittar förbi just nu.
      spermofl zip (13k) (M++++/f)
      Denna berättelse har kommit till efter önskemål från någon som gillar tankar på små flickor och mycket, jag säger mycket, sperma. Den handlar om 10-åriga Emelie som får följa med sin pappa på något som hon aldrig varit i närheten av förut. Hon kommer nämligen att vara i blickfånget för nästan 250 män. Och ni kan ju räkna ut att det blir en del sprut när alla dessa ska tömma sig över henne både en och två gånger. Framförallt kommer det att bli väldigt kladdigt.

      Wednesday PM, May 24, 2000

    • by pebble :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Dog Day Afternoon, ch 1
      dogday1 zip (5k) (M/F nc? best f/dog lite bond)
      A young girl learns to love her boyfriend's dog.     
    • by twoody :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Valentin, ch 1
      valenti1 zip (7k) (M/m)
      A young man enjoys a day with his young cousin. No sex yet, but maybe in the next chapter...     
    • by Artsy Craftsy Kid :...
    • Cartoons
      cartoons zip (11k) (Comics, MrD roasting)
      MrD blows his chance to meet Fifi La Toots     
    • by JoJo :...
    • The Formative Years Of Adolescence, ch 7
      formati7 zip (19k) (F/boy/oral)
      While we were having tea, Joan asked Lisa how she got on interviewing Hoppy. As it turned out Hoppy was adamant that he did not want his picture to appear in the pages of the East African Standard, or any other newspaper. Hoppy was already on the Mau Mau hit list, and thought it best not to have any publicity. Lisa found him to be a cheerful character with many humorous antidotes and jokes. Although she had an enjoyable time she left with nothing for the paper. The conversation turned to the State of Emergency Laws, the Mau Mau and all the different terrorist's activities that were accruing around us. I did not enter into the discussion. I tucked into the sandwiches and cakes, trying hard not to stare at Lisa's exposed pubic hair. She only decided to cover herself up when Joan rang the bell for Amini to come and clear the tea things. Joan told him that after he had finished washing up he could go, she would cook the dinner.     
    • by Bummer John :...
    • Motherfighter, ch 2
      mother2 zip (7k) (Mother/son/dad/daur incest)
      Linda felt a great surge of joy. The perfect punch! Her hands flew to her heavy tits and she squashed them tightly together. She felt a tremendous adrenalin rush and she opened her legs wide, feeling sure her cunt was dripping.     
    • by Dodgson :...
    • My Girlfriend's Daughters, part 3
      mygirl3 zip (12k) (pedo, consen, Mg (g age 11), dad/dau age 8)
      Overall story line: Dodgson, totally inexperienced little girl lover, decides to find single mom with pre-teen girls through the straight personals, to establish relationship with mom, deceiving her, for purpose of seducing the little girls, tables reverse and little girls, 9 and 11, seduce Dodgson: This Part 3: Dodgson has non-intercourse sex with Light, age 11, learning of and satisfying her special sexual desires, we learn more of Light’s and Amber’s sexual history, a day at the museum is planned.     
    • by Poker :...
    • Paedophiles Anonymous, ch 8: Kim Comes Calling
      pedanon8 zip (10k) (Fff, oral, v. young, MFff, oral, pedo, incest)
      14 year old Kim cannot get Angela and baby Simone out of her mind. She goes next door and is soon locked in an embrace with the older woman. Angela is showing her that babies aren't just for touching but tasting too when Tom comes back from work!     
    • by Nomad :...
    • Rapist
      rapist zip (17k) (M/f/F/f/F/F rape)
      Bobby wasn't mad. He'd seen mad people. There had been many at the mental hospital where he worked as a porter. They were mad, raving one moment, quiet the next. Sitting there looking at nothing or talking to themselves all the time, even when they ate. They were mad.     
    • by JJOE :...
    • Strangers Have The Best Candy
      stranger zip (13k) (pedo/ cons/ man/girl/ interacial/panty/)
      Dee is an eleven year old Hispanic girl living in NYC with her crack ho mother when she befriends a stranger at the laundromat. Before she knows it she is at his house surfing the web on his big computer, Dee loves computers and is good with them. Dee is good at some other things too!     
    • by mkarl :...
    • Dear Mommy Lover's Magazine II
      drmommy2 zip (13k) (m/F, incest, nc, preg, kink)
      In the end, the meter-bar on the VCR indicated that the blowjob only lasted for just over seven minuets before my son's amazing self-control was overcome with lust and he started to blast his load. With the way my eyes flutter as he triumphantly exclaimed that he was 'cumming bitch, swallow,' it was pretty obvious that the first splurt went down my throat into my belly. Scott must have watched himself a porno-video before though... you know the ones where the girls always get degraded with that 'money-shot,' cause he wasn't content to just feed me his slimy-wet load down my gullet.
    • by pedoman :...New Author.!.!.!
    • I Piccoli Bambini
      piccoli zip (5k) (rape/pedo/toddler)
      In una casa viveva una famiglia composta da madre di 36 anni, padre di 40 anni, 2 gemelli (Marco e Maria) di 15 mesi, Franco di 4 anni e Antonia di 8 anni.

      Tuesday PM, May 23, 2000

    • by Curious Cat :...
    • A Little Neighbor Girl, part 1
      alittle1 zip (7k) (F/g)
      Who was the stalker and who the stalkee? Carrie or me? She might only be seven years old but I felt like the fly to her spider. Alone in my big bed, I found my hunger slaked with merely the thought of her sweet body...this time.     
    • by Osiris :...
    • An Island Adventure, part 4
      island4 zip (12k) (M/ff f/f)
      Mitch, connie and Missy's day in San Juan. All the players finally meeet.     
    • by Nomad :...
    • Judgement Day
      judgemen zip (14k) (M/f M/f F/f oral spanking first)
      Sandy knew it was a dream despite the realism of it all. She knew this, and yet she stood in a courtroom, a tall and powerfully built man looking at her with a feint smile on his lips. Behind him and raised by a pedestal sat three judges. She realised she knew them all and licked her lips.      The first was Mr Bright, the headmaster of her school and the man who figured most in her secret dreams. The second was the tall and slender Father Jones who took her for bible class, his bible to hand and his dark eyes once again making her wonder if he saw through her clothes - another figure in her dark fantasies, those eyes bringing her on so quickly on her diligent fingers.     
    • by Stargazer :...
    • Lois and Diane
      loisandd zip (11k) (Ff/older/younger)
      Glancing behind her, Lois suddenly saw Diane, the woman she was supposed to be babysitting for, standing there smiling back at her. The next thing Lois knew Diane began to slowly rub and caress her shoulders. The pleasure from Diane's soothing fingers only added another new dimension to the pleasure already coursing though her young body. As Diane continued to cup and play with her small breasts, Lois lost what remaining fear she'd still felt at being discovered. As the older woman continued to arouse her she felt herself being eased backwards.     
    • by Lupo :...
    • Die Wixer Connection, teil 2
      diewixe2 zip (10k) (M/bbb F/b M/F mast exh)
      An diesem Tag wixte ich drei Jungen in der U-Bahn die Schwänze. Mit einem von ihnen, Patrick, hatte ich noch viel mehr vor. Er war der geeignete Kandidat für die Wixer Connection.     

      Monday PM, May 22, 2000

    • by MarilynX :...
    • Mom is Helping me Raise Money for College, Even Though I’m Only Twelve.
      dearmx7 zip (5k) (advice column)
      Dear Marilyn,      I need to tell somebody about this, but Mommy says I’m not allowed to talk to anybody about it, so I won’t use my real name. And I’m not really talking anyway; just writing. She came up with a plan to help me earn money for college, even though I’m only twelve. It’s kind of like being an actress.      We started last year and it was lots of fun at first - like our secret game. And, like she said, it didn’t hurt anything. Nobody touched me or anything like that. But, well, let me tell you how it started and what she’s talking about doing next.     
    • by Dodgson :...
    • Foreign Exchange, part 3
      foreign3 zip (15k) (teen, consen, pedo eroticism (g ages 8-11), Mf (f age 14))
      Overall story line: Dodgson sees ad looking for single men to act as host for female foreign exchange students. Dodgson answers ad and arranges for two teen girls, both amateur models, a Dutch girl and a Czech girl, each barely 14, to stay with him for the summer. This Part 3: Dodgson learns of Juliana’s (age 14) interest in young girls, arranges with Foreign Exchange for another girl, 9 year old prof. girl dancer from Argentina to stay the summer (playmate for Juliana), they watch tape of very erotic pre-teen dancing, Dodgson trains Juliana for sex with Carol, 14, the Czech girl, in novel, provocative manner.     
    • by PepRmintKiss :...
    • Kimmy and Daddie's Picnic, Part 2
      kimmy3 zip (14k) (fff, voyeurism, ff/demon, Fff/demon, masterbation, f/demon/fFM, F/demon)
      For the first time, Kimmy's Daddie had feasted, as a true pedophile might, on several small children, and now, he wanted more.      Still enjoying the flavor, on both his and his daughter's fingers, the twin girls had tasted delicious. Kimmy and her Daddie stayed at the picnic table, all the while, keeping watch on the twins and their mother.   Kimmy was hoping for more play time with the girls, since she rarely got to play with other children and more than that, because her own sexual appetite had been aroused.     
    • by HotKaryn :...
    • My boyfriend’s Nephew
      mynephew zip (5k) (m\F)
      I saw my boyfriend's nephew, Patrick walking. Being 14, he should have been in school. I spoke with him a bit and then took him home. Patrick may have been class in english and history, but he was getting a better lesson in his fucking skills.     One morning while returning home from grocery shopping, I saw my boyfriend’s 14 year old nephew, Patrick, walking along the road. I had met Patrick a few times and once, we even had a little fun together. (read one of my previous stories) I was wondering why Patrick was not in school as I had dropped my daughters off to school about an hour earlier.     
    • by Jan O :...
    • Lars natt med sin dotter
      larsnatt zip (9k) (M/f)
      Lars är ensam hemma med sin 5-åriga dotter Anna eftersom hans fru är bortrest. Det har hon varit några dagar nu och Lars saknar henne verkligen eftersom de ofta har ordentlig sex med varandra. Nu får Lars ändå utlopp för sin sexuella aktivitet och det när Anna kommer in och vill sova i hans säng eftersom hon har haft en mardröm.

      Sunday PM, May 21, 2000

    • by Jake Hern :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Eye of the Beholder, ch 1
      behold1 zip (13k) (M/m)
      Keith stood there looking at his reflection in the plate glass window of the arcade. So why don't any of the girls like me, he thought to himself. His reflection showed an image of a skinny thirteen-year-old boy about four and a half feet tall with knees that were too thick for his legs and a neck that didn't seem capable of supporting his head. He wore pair of blue-jean cutoffs, a white T-shirt that said "I fought the lawn and the lawn won," and an old pair of black high top basketball shoes, and.     
    • by Lan :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Lan's Story
      lanstory zip (4k) (m/F mother/sister/inc/fetish)
      I came from a very open family. By open I mean that at a very early age, I can remember seeing both of my parents naked around the house. By the time my younger sister was 5 and I was 7 I can remember seeing her pull my Dad around the house by his penis, which of course would get bigger and bigger. It wasn't too long after that he was killed in a car accident, but I'm pretty sure that my contact with my Mom had started even before that.     
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • A Big Black Dog, part 7
      abigdog7 zip (6k) (M/g, oral, beast)
      It was time to show Angie her own videotapes of being a good doggy fuck slut. Little red collar and all. And especially to get her small, pretty mouth stretched out and ready to suck his cook by starting on his hot, long tongue.     
      The Ultimate 'He' part 5
      ultimate5 zip (6k) (M/g)
      Slowly unfolding the flower of her passion, He felt himself being lost in his darling daughter. It was a daily struggle to allow her cherry to remain untouched. Mandy herself did everything she could to entice him into fucking her young pussy.     
    • by Ted :...
    • Boots-The Early Years, ch 4: Sleepover at Tulsa's
      boots4 zip (11k) (f/f f/m incest/anal)
      Boots and Mindy accept an invitation to attend a sleepover at 9 year-old Tulsa's house. Also there is a 10 year-old girl, May who is a quiet one, and Mickey, Tulsa's 7 year-old brother. Tulsa is even more brash and open about her sexual likes and shows the girls some new areas of sex they hadn't tried yet. This will be in two parts with the second part coming in the next chapter.     
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • Chelsea
      chelsea zip (10k) (Mg, Mf, etc.; pedo, pre-teen)
      "Uncle Jack - my daddy's brother - started doing stuff to me when I was seven. I wouldn't have known it was wrong if he hadn't told me I couldn't tell anybody. He would make me take off my clothes and play with my hole, and then he would jerk off on me. When I was eight, he taught me to suck him, and he licked me sometimes, too, my cunt hole. I liked it - he didn't hurt me or anything. We didn't see him very often - he lived far away - and by the time I was nine and we started having sex, I was playing with myself at home, too, like he taught me, and it was our secret, so that I felt like I was with him even when I was alone..."     
    • by Maxamm :...
    • Church Of Pedo
      churchof zip (33k) (m/f/dad/daut/pedo/oral/anal/cons/n/c/w/s/beast/blasphemy)
      Is the ten year old temptress who walks into Father Maxwell's church an angel of salvation or damnation? Who has taught this innocent looking child the art of seduction and how could she have known that the priest would prove powerless to resist her?     Before he can find the answers to all his questions, the pedophile priest must accompany this wicked young temptress on a journey through his very soul. From the orphanage where girls as young as four served to satisfy his insatiable appetite for child sex, to the slums of Manila, where his appetites were freely indulged, the story of Father Maxwell is powered by perversion, to reach a surprising conclusion.     
    • by Pedros :...
    • Dad's Friend, part 2
      dadsfri2 zip (13k) (M/m/M pedo porno inc etc.)
      James and his son Timmy have joined James' lover Sam for a photo shoot between Sam and Timmy. It is Timmy's first time and the two men have set out to ensure it is a memorable and positive experience for them all. Things do not start too well, however, and the men have to work hard to achieve the desired results."     
    • by Dodgson :...
    • Foreign Exchange, part 2
      foreign2 zip (13k) (teen, consen, Mf (f age 14), also dad/dau, gg (g age 10,10))
      Overall story line: Dodgson sees add looking for single men to act as host for female foreign exchange students. Dodgson answers add and arranges for two teen girls, both amateur models, a Dutch girl and a Czech girl, each barely 14, to stay with him for the summer. This Part 2: Juliana, 14, tells Dodgson of sex with her father. etc., Dodgson and Juliana have beautiful sex, Juliana plays young schoolgirl for Dodgson, more sex play.     
    • by Silk :...
    • Nieces Galore, part 8
      nieces8 zip (8k) (fff/f M/f inc unc/nec cousin/cousin lesbian anal)
      Ed has just finished raping his stuck up niece Sara. Now its time for her cousins Jerrel, Lisa and Lois to exact their revenge. They fuck Sara hard but leave the big finale to their uncle!     
    • by Grotto :...
    • Little lost waif
      lostwaif zip (6k) (M/f)
      I was out biking in the river valley when i saw her she looked like she had been crying and i stopped to see if i could help
    • by Takatak :...
    • The village Adventure, part 4
      village4 zip (12k) ([Indian] M/F nc anal, M/ff play, anal, sucking)
      Here is the continuation of the Village adventure. In this part the hero Rajesh continues his escapades in to be fiancee village.

      Saturday PM, May 20, 2000

    • by Dodgson :...
    • Foreign Exchange, part 1
      foreign1 zip (16k) (teen girl & M, consen, high eroticism, Part 1 no sex (f age 14))
      Overall story line: Dodgson sees add looking for single men to act as host for female foreign exchange students. Dodgson answers add and arranges for two teen girls, both amateur models, a Dutch girl and a Czech girl, each barely 14, to stay with him for the summer. This Part 1: Setup, Dodgson answers ad, emails and talks to girls on phone, Juliana, the Dutch girl arrives.     
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • Laura Adores Dora
      lauraad zip (13k) (Mg, gg, etc.; pedo)
      "I found out what a blow job was when I was barely nine years old. My sister and I were trick-or-treating - Cindy was eleven - and she really needed to go. Our mom had warned us not to go into people's houses, but Cindy really needed to go, so when Mr. Barker asked us in, we went. He showed Cindy the bathroom and gave me some candy - Caramello, my favorite. He made me feel funny. I wasn't scared, really - I mean, I didn't know anything - and then he ran his fingers through my hair."     
    • by Rick Roll :...
    • Mr. Double's Fantasy
      mrdouble zip (10k) (F/M/f/M/M - Father/daughter/oral/masturbation/glory hole)
      David and his wife Lisa were an ordinary couple, an attractive pair that could be found anywhere in the world. They had a beautiful 8-year-old daughter named Kim, and she had inherited her mother's sexy good looks. With a cute button nose and amazing blue eyes, Kim had inherited the same sex appeal that her mother possessed, and her parents would laugh at the way she was already flirting with men and boys.      The one thing that people would not believe or would not accept to believe, was that David and Lisa were very active swingers, and they both lived a private, but wild sex life. They belonged to several private swing clubs, and they were regularly involved in group orgies as well as wild swing sessions. They had discovered their mutual interest in extreme sex after one torrid fuck session during their courting.     
    • by Artsy Craftsy Kid :...
    • Shaman, part 3
      shaman3 zip (20k) (Various, Shamanism)
      When dealing with ancestors can Bill, the dealer's wheeler, come out ahead?     
    • by Wahrheit :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Mein Leben, ch 1
      meinleb1 zip (7k) (m/g m/gg mmmm/g M/g)
      Dieses ist keine erdachte Geschichte, sondern eine Schilderung meiner Erlebnisse mit jungen und sehr jungen Mädchen. So ganz genau weiß ich eigentlich auch nicht, warum ich das alles hier aufschreibe. Ein Grund ist ganz sicher, daß ich einigen Erzählungen stark widersprechen möchte. Es ist teilweise unerträglich, wie die Phantasie mit manchen Autoren durchgeht. Es widert mich an, wenn genüßlich erzählt wird, wie kleinen Mädchen Gewalt angetan wird.     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Carmen y sus hijos II
      carmen2 zip (4k) (m/F, incest)
      A la mañana siguiente, Carmen se despertó la primera. Se levantó de la cama y se puso su bata sobre su cuerpo desnudo. Miró a sus hijos, que estaban durmiendo plácidamente sobre su cama boca abajo y sonrió pensando en lo que habían hecho la noche anterior. No sentía remordimientos, ya que sabía que los tres lo habían hecho por voluntad propia y que no se había forzado a nadie a hacer algo que no quisiera.

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