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      Fool For Love....

      On Friday PM, November 17, 2000

    • by Vixen :...
    • A Day at the Beach, part 4
      adayat4 zip (6k) (MMMMM/Fg gang/bang, inc, cons, oral, anal, voyeur)
      Buddy takes the girls to his "Men's Club" for a night of wild fun.     
    • by BigWaveBoy :...New Author.!.!.!
    • My Sexy Childhood, parts 1-3
      sexy1_3 zip (15k) (mf, discovery, mast)
      This is the begining of a looooong series of sex tales, it starts out with two young kids discovering themselves.     
    • by FamBoy :... new author.!.!.!
    • The Whole Family Fucks, ch 1
      wholefa1 zip (4k) (M/f/dad/daut inc/mom/son inc/pedo/teen sex)
      Our all family was incestous. Everybody in the family has sexual realtionship with other. Even with grandparents. I'm gonna say about my experience.      My name is Lucas. Now i am 18y old. It all started when i was 12 or 13 y old.     
    • by Dickie :...
    • Cubs, ch 2: He Did it Again
      cubs2 zip (7k) (M/b spank oral)
      After the sleepover Mr. Zick found another chance to molest me, a nine year old boy in the cub scouts.     

      Thursday PM, November 16, 2000

    • by Nomad :...
    • Clothing
      clothing zip (25k) (M/f M/Ff MM/f incest)
      All sorts of things occur when I decide to open a clothing store specialising in school atire.     
    • by Keyman :...
    • Daddy's Little Model, part 4
      2daddys4 zip (11k) (M/ff Pedo)
      Jason Event here, well I am back to continue my story. My daughter has been gone for over a day and after another weekend with her I am just now feeling strong enough to write. It has been a eventful couple of months. I just became a millionaire, I thought I would be more excited, but really its only money. My work is the talk of the Pedophile world, quality and quantity is my motto. It is getting near the Holiday season and I just received a request to do a photo shoot with a Pedophile Santa. The more I think about the idea the more I like it. I guess I should continue my story from the point where Judy Jensen, my daughter Sissy and I had just engaged in mutual masturbation. The night was young and my stamina was quickly replenished by having two young willing preteens available for sex.     
    • by Artsy Craftsy Kid :...
    • Guardian
      guardian zip (13k) (m/fF)
      Kathy becomes the guardian of Mike and Molly     
      The Urge
      theurge zip (6k) (M/ff)
      Not much sex, First 3rd Person tale     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • The Stages of my Daughter's Life Little Girl
      littlegi zip (15k) (M/F M/g g/g inc dad/daut con solo pett oral ped)
      Kit watched my pajamas bulge, looked up at me and smiled. She languorously splayed her legs wide offering an even better view of her puffy cunt. She then sensuously reached and ran a finger through her tight slit, stopping at the top, her finger obviously caressing her clitoris. "I like rubbing my happy spot, Daddy." (Second installment. Watch for the "The Stages of my Daughters Life Girl.")     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Peeping Tom
      peeping1 zip (9k) (M/f/g inc,pedo,forced)
      Tom earned his living by finding and selling young girls to a black market ring that supplied these girls to any one that would pay. He would prowl the neighborhoods of the city and look for possible girls to take. He followed little girls home from parks and schools then checked out their houses, scouting for a way to break in. Sometimes it was just too easy to take one. Last night had been one time he had a chance he couldn't pass up.     

      Wednesday PM, November 15, 2000

    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • Shy Town
      shytown zip (32k) (M/g, M/Fg, g/g, pedo, caution)
      Ed was about six feet tall, and the child's face, which he couldn't see, was well below his collarbone, at his sternum. He had opened his coat - and the kid was fondling him. At first he thought it an accident, of course, and shifted, trapped between other passengers, their backs to him. But it wasn't an accident. A brunette who couldn't have been more than nine or ten years old had her hand on his groin, his penis already at half mast from his musings about his sister. It stiffened still further, instantly. He wanted to stop her - why? - but he didn't - he couldn't. When he didn't, the child took his hand - she was wearing wool mittens - and rubbed harder. She was masturbating him through his jeans. She didn't look up at him. She was like an intruder from a dream.     
    • by Teddles :...
    • Younger Sister, part 4
      younger4 zip (2k) (Brother/Sister incest)
      Norma stood at the edge of the lounge as Barbara and I separated, we were stunned to find her there and it was obvious that she was Pissed off. "You promised me that we would be first with each other," she said, "Now you've fucked Babs and left me in the lurch", I sat there and tried to think of a reasonable reply. Norma started to cry and Barbara put her arms around her and hugged her. I sat there like a stunned mullet with a very wrinkled cock and feeling bloody lousy. Barbara said "Look Norma it wasn't his fault, it was mine, I got him all worked up and screwed him. You've got to realise that a stiff prick has no conscience and once I started he was lost, Forgive him". Norma left Barbara and sat beside me, she indicated that she forgave me and gave me a hug.     
    • by WABE :...
    • Der Beginn von Aranitas Obsession
      derbegin zip (10k) (AutorIn: Aranita Martinez)
      Sie waren seit fnf Jahren verheiratet; die ersten drei Jahre ihrer Ehe waren ein einziges Fest prickelnder erotischer Spannung und ekstatischer sexueller Sinnlichkeit, wie sie beide zuvor noch nie erlebt hatten. Doch in den letzten zwei Jahren war davon nichts mehr briggeblieben. Er hatte pltzlichen beruflichen Erfolg und die Mglichkeit weitaus mehr Geld als sie zu verdienen und schweren Herzens hatte sie ihr eigenes Geschft aufgegeben, um mit ihm in eine andere Stadt zu ziehen. Vermutlich grollte sie ihm deshalb insgeheim und war dadurch so sehr abgekhlt. Als sie sich kennenlernten war sie Mitte 30 und hatte bereits ein eigenes Geschft, eine kleine Werbeagentur mit zwei Angestellten, whrend er, einige Jahre jnger als sie, sich noch mit seinem Studium abmhte.     
      Die schwangere Frau meines Freundes
      dieschwa zip (7k) (author unknown, translated by WABE)
      Kirsten, die 27jhrige schwangere Frau des Freundes Peter, versuchte, sich von der Couch zu erheben. "Lass es mich fr dich holen.", sagte Bernd und sprang schnell auf. "Sei nicht albern.", lachte Kirsten, "Nur weil ich schwanger bin, brauchst du nicht zu glauben, ich sei krperbehindert." "Ich wei.", bot Bernd an. "Es ist nur, dass... Nun, ich mchte auch ein Glas und ich wei, wo die Glser sind. Ich kann fr uns beide eines holen." "Du bist so nett, Bernd.", lchelte sie, als sie sich wieder zurcklehnte. "Du bist so anders als Peter. Er glaubt, dass ich ZWEIMAL so viel machen msste, seit ich schwanger bin." Bernd zuckte sichtlich zusammen.     
    • by Geoffroy Perrault :...
    • EJES ou l'histoire d'une revue interdite
      ejes1 zip (12k) (M/gb, F/g, b/g, MM/gg, inc, pedo)
      L'histoire d'une revue trs particulire ne la fin des annes 60     
    • by Strangelove :...
    • New One [untitled]
      newone zip (3k) (M/F/f/f)
      Det jag nu ska bertta hnde nr jag var 14 r gammal, ung oerfaren men en hjdare p att runka hade jag i alla fall hunnit med att bli. Man skulle kunna sga att det var ett av mina strsta njen att gra det och sen se hur lngt jag kunde spruta. Efter lite mer n ett rs trnande s hade man ftt snits p det.     

      Tuesday PM, November 14, 2000

    • by Amber Gold :...
    • A Night With Amber And Jade
      anightwi zip (13k) (M/F/f inc,mom,daut,yng girl,man,oral)
      She had hair the color of imported champagne and when you looked deep into her sparkling emerald eyes you could almost feel the bubbles rising from deep in the glass. One whiff of her jasmine and female musk made your nose tickle and the pure essence of her beauty would drive a man to intoxication without paying the price of the wine. She was the dream female that swam through all the wet dreams of any male that was lucky enough to get close enough to taste her lips. Her name was whispered softly in the darkness of night by all that desired her. Every man wanted her but she was as elusive as the moisture that popped out of the wine glass from that fresh bottle of effervescent wine.     
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • Poo and Peccadillo
      pooandp zip (13k) (M/gg, MM/fg, F/fg, extreme caution)
      My stepfather put his penis in my mouth and licked me between the legs, and he took dirty pictures of me. I thought I was in love with him, but I felt guilty - he was my mom's husband and everything - and then he turned me into a baby, playing with my botty. When I was eleven and a half, he started posing me in diapers, with a pacifier, and then he made me go in my diapers. I didn't like it at first - until then, he'd dressed me like a lady and said I was his wife - but after a while I wanted to be little like he wanted me to be. I was in sixth grade and had to act normal in school, holding it in if I had to go, and I wet my pants sometimes, and then I would go home and he would change me and put his penis in my mouth.     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • The Stages of my Daughter's Life Baby
      thestages zip (10k) (M/F M/g f/f F/F inc oral dad/daut mom/daut very young)
      Kit kicked her little chubby legs, grinned and gurgled and squealed with pleasure as her mother changed her diaper, cleaned her little bottom and sprinkled powder. My eyes widened when Mary bent down and placed a wet kiss on the baby's puffy pussy. Kit squirmed and squealed some more, and when Mary spread our daughter's little cunt lips with her fingers and ran her tongue through the crease of Kit's little pussy, the squeals increased in frequency and volume. (First Stage)     
    • by Teddles :...
    • Younger Sister, part 3
      younger3 zip (3k) (Brother/Sister incest)
      Norma and I were Pissed off to say the least. The damn bell rang again and Norma got up to the peep hole in the door and came back to the lounge. "It's Barbara" she said "she knows we are in I'll have to speak to her", she turned to face the door and called out "Hang on Babs I won't be long". She ran up to her room and came down in her dressing gown.     

      Monday PM, November 13, 2000

    • by Playhouse :...
    • Ice Embers
      iceember zip (16k) (M/f)
      A man succumbs to the aggressive charm of a neighbor's preteen daughter     
    • by Preteen Pleasures :...
    • My Cute Little Cousin
      mycuteli zip (9k) (M/g/pedo/oral/anal/)
      I never realized I was a pedophile until I saw my cute little six-year old cousin naked. When I did, I knew that I had to have her... in every way.     
    • by Palisade Authors/Vixen :...
    • The Neverending Story, part 13
      nevere13 zip (7k) (M/Fff inc, cons, oral, beast, voyeur)
      From the story "My Two Uncles" comes Captain Rothman and his entourage: Kelly, his ten year old 'bride', Natalie, his sixteen year old daughter, and Anita, his new wife, mother of Kelly. A Honeymoon is on the agenda.     
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • Not a Forgotten Hero
      notaforg zip (15k) (M/f Young girl helps a war vet)
      Don,a veteran, who is confined to a wheelchair attended a local schools Rememberance Day services. His guide was a young beautiful girl. They developed a close friendship. Another must read.     
    • by Maxamm :...
    • Schoolgirl Sluts
      schoolgi zip (12k) (m/f/f/f/pedo/oral/anal/w/s/cons)
      Max takes good care of his eleven year old girlfriend and Billie takes good care of him. When the schoolgirl slut pays her weekly visit to his home, accompanied by an eleven year old friend and a beautiful virginal nine year old, the scene is set for a hot, sticky and very wet afternoon. For their pedophile sugar daddy, life doesn't cum much better than this!     
    • by daddydoright :...
    • it was close to being rape
      itwasclo zip (5k) (adult step-father, pre-teen step-daughter)
      I had agreed to go pick up my twelve year old step-daughter from the 3 day cheerleading camp she had been gone to since her mother, my wife had to work.     
    • by Can Man :...
    • Kara
      kara zip (5k) (M/f, niece, pedo,consensual)
      During the summer of 1992 my pregnant sister in law went into labor. As it turned out it took a great deal of time for her to reach the level of contractions that would set the stage for the delivery. Since she had had false labor in the past she was forced to endure the slow increase in contractions at home for quite some time. This is what set the events in motion that would give me another fantasy to reminisce about until this day. Her name was Kara.    Kara, nine years old, and her ten-year-old brother Rod spent many a weekend at our house. Their stepmother was glad to be rid of them, doting on the child that had been born from the union of her father and herself. Kara and her brother were "tolerated" at home and were anxious to get away. When they came over I found that they were very comfortable around me and actually became part of our routine and our family. Rod and my nine-year-old stepson Patrick were pretty comfortable with each other, tolerating Kara's presence only because they had too. When my wife was around Kara and her were pretty tight. This night changed everything though.     

      Sunday PM, November 12, 2000

    • by Keyman :...
    • Daddy's Little Model, part 3
      2daddys3 zip (15k) (M/ff Pedo)
      My name is Jason Event, so far I have detailed my first sexual encounter with my daughter. As you know I have been posting pictures of my daughter and several other girls in the preteen newsgroups. This all started when I got involved in a informal modeling session with my eleven year old daughter Sissy. The photos from the first modeling session were posted to several preteen newsgroups on the Internet. The response was so positive I decided to try to get more. I received several offers of substantial amounts of money to continue posting similar pictures. I was also contacted by several prominent people who were pedophiles. How they found me is still a mystery to me, but they too offered a great deal of money if I could provide them with video tapes displaying preteens in sexual poses or actually having sex. In this part I will detail my first posting to the Internet and more important the first modeling session with a girlfriend of my daughter.     
    • by Vixen :...
    • Father Julian's New Career - Final Exams
      fatherj2 zip (7k) (MMMM/g inc, cons, oral, anal, voyeur)
      Father Julian decides to hold final exams in his Sex Education class. He enlists the aid of two old friends to help with the tests.     
      His Little Girl's Pleasures
      hislittl zip (8k) (MMFFb/f inc, nc, bdsm, oral, anal, voyeur)
      Daddy's little girl is subjected to all kinds of probing as he uses "punishment" as an excuse to humiliate and play with her.     
    • by Lil N :...
    • Granddad's Picnic
      granddad zip (6k) (M/f, incest, pedo)
      Mike had been looking forward to having his picnic with his young 11 year old granddaughter Tanya. When his wife told him that their son and granddaughter would be visiting them for a month he ws delighted. He hadn't seen his son or granddaughter since the funeral, when his daughter in law died unexpectedly a year ago. Now he was going to have their visit for a whole month.      Mike and his wife had a unigue, special relationship with their son and granddaughter. A very close relationship that alot of people would not understand. But to Mike, it seemed rather normal. But Mike was one not to care about other people's opinions. All he cared about was his son and granddaughter and his wife.     
    • by Gob's O'Semen :...
    • Henri's Family, part 4
      henris4 zip (16k) (M/F)
      "What? You want to have sex with your daughter?"    "Technically, she'd not my daughter although I couldn't love her any more if she was my real daughter. She's been the apple of my eye ever since I've known her and you know it. I probably love her more than I do our daughters."     
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • The Sailor Man
      thesailo zip (35k) (M/g, caution)
      The sailor man stopped raking leaves and asked me if I was the pretty little fairy he'd seen on Halloween. I blushed, I guess. Nobody ever called me pretty. I was, I suppose, pretty skinny, with long dark hair and big blue-green eyes. He asked me my name. "Amber," I answered. He was looking at me like nobody had ever looked at me before, or anyway I'd never noticed anyone looking at me that way. I liked how he looked at me. Maybe it sounds stupid, 'cause I was barely eight years old, but I was already a romantic - I don't know, when I played with my dolls I pretended that they fell in love and stuff and he was looking at me the way I pretended they looked then. So I blushed again. (This story is dedicated to Amber Gold.)     
    • by H. Grant :...
    • The Story Of Bimbolina
      thestory zip (34k) (M+/f/oral/anal/fisting/sodomy/ws/scat/degradation)
      In a small town out west, a tale unfolds regarding the slutty adventures of a young teenage girl named Alice - a walking portrait of white trash America. Gorgious, dumb, and very impressionable, Alice finds herself wisked away from her low class surroundings and into the world of corrupt law enforcement officials and seedy politicions - all of whom are bent on using her for her bodily assets and perverse entertainment.     
    • by Jaz1701 :...
    • A Sister Betrayed #2 (5 cums gets me mum)
      2rape2 zip (20k) (m/F incest)
      I want to rape my mom. It was the only way to save her marriage.     
    • by Barrett_E :...
    • Helping Harris, ch 1: Getting Even
      helping1 zip (9k) (T/BB Bond NC)
      As I walked into the school, I heard him shout..    "Come here you little shit, where were you".    I was supposed to meet him at the entrance yesterday after school and he was as usual going to give me a beating for his amusement and to show his mates just how hard he was. But I didn't like the idea so I got out early and ran all the way home.    Suddenly I felt a hard shove from behind and I fell into the lockers crashing to the floor in a heap. I knew it was best to submit and stay down, if I got up it would give him more to aim at. So I stayed put and just listened to the flow of abuse and laughter from him and the few mates he had.    His name was Craig Harris a 14 year old, and what an arsehole he was, he only picked fights with those who were younger and weaker than him. He never started anything with someone in his own strength league, a classic school bully and I hated him.     

      Saturday PM, November 11, 2000

    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Champions On Ice
      champion zip (17k) (M/g m/f inc,bro,sis,yng girl,man,oral)
      Sasha skated out on the ice and began her warm up laps. She was wearing a bright red short skirt and tights and a white sweater top that showed her small little tits that were just beginning to bud. She had a small little smile on her face as she skated around the rink. She needed to get the feel of the ice and to finish warming up her legs. Her shiny chrome blades reflected the light as she skated. She knew she looked good and her mind was on the coach. She flew over the ice as she built up speed and when she saw her coach step out on the ice she flipped her skates sideways and slide to a halt right next to him, her skates spewing up a shower of ice.     
    • by The MadHatter :...
    • The Cherry Scouts, ch 2
      cherrys2 zip (43k)
      Once the orgy had finally reached its conclusion, the participants slowly dressed and left. Heidi was introduced to the boys as they left. They were all from around the neighborhood. The boy who had fucked Darci the first time was actually Kirsten's brother, Ken. As David was getting ready to leave, he gave Heidi a kiss on the cheek.    "I look forward to seeing you again," he said.    Heidi blushed a deep red as the older boy left the house.    "I think he likes you," Brandi whispered in her friend's ear, giggling. "He's pretty sexy, isn't he?"    "He sure is," Heidi sighed.     "So, what do you think of the Cherry Scouts, Heidi?" Beverly asked.     
    • by Silvermountie :...
    • The Junior High Sex Society, ch 12: Conclusion
      junior12 zip (17k) (M/F/b/f/f/g/group incest/virgin first time)
      "She had long, dark hair that cascaded down over her shoulders. Her eyes were dark, too, and looked up at me with an innocence that was disarming. She wore a tight fitting cotton top and jeans shorts. I could see the outline of a small training bra under her top. From the size of her breast mounds and her other physical features, she appeared to be about twelve years old."     
    • by daddydoright :...
    • taking daughter on business trip with dad
      takingda zip (11k) (adult father, 15 year old daughter, other characters)
      I was going to be away from home for three weeks on company training and staying in nice motel but I knew my slutty wife would be letting my daughter view her dirty affairs, so I decided to take daughter with me.     
    • by Sergdriver :...
    • The Agent Of Special Purpose, part 3
      agent3 zip (57k) (M/fff, pedo, romanc, pre-teen prostitution)
      , , . , . , , , , , , . , , . , , - , - , .     
    • by Pete Pervert :...
    • Die Immigranten, ch 2
      immigra2 zip (5k) (M/Fffm mdom ir tort (nc))
      Der zweite Tag der neuen Sklaven, Tanja wird bestraft, und Bernd lernt einen Teil seiner Aufgaben kennen.     
    • by The MadHatter :...
    • Die Jungfernhutchen - Pfadfinderinnen, kap 2
      pfadfin2 zip (51k) (bersetzt von Mysterya)
      Nachdem die Orgie dann schlielich ihren Abschlu gefunden hatte, zogen sich die Teilnehmer langsam an und machten sich auf den Nachhauseweg. Heidi wurde mit den Jungs bekannt gemacht, ehe diese gingen. Sie waren alle aus der Nachbarschaft. Der Junge der Darci das erste Mal gefickt hatte, war sogar Kirstens Bruder, Ken. Ehe David sich anschickte zu gehen, gab er Heidi einen Ku auf die Wange.    "Ich freue mich darauf, dich wiederzusehen," sagte er.    Heidi wurde knallrot, whrend der ltere Junge das Haus verlie.    "Ich schtze, er mag dich," flsterte Brandi ihrer Freundin kichernd ins Ohr. "Er ist wirklich attraktiv oder ?"    "Das ist er," seufzte Heidi.     

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    Bush Lawyer: There is no law that states we must "fold to the Left and flip over".

    Florida Secretary of State: We don't have time to fold, spindle, or mutilate all the ballots.

    Florida Voter: Waaaaaaah !! I'm calling Johnny Cochran. I've been disenfranchised !!

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      ...Holiday sprang from devastation of World War I

      Veterans Day on Saturday is a day to remember the Americans who wore U.S. military uniforms. Veterans organizations plan wreath-layings, 21-gun salutes and jet fighter squadron fly-overs across the nation.

      The holiday began as Armistice Day, set aside to honor the estimated 126,000 Americans who died serving their country in World War I. The Great War ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918.....continued at

  • Leppard's Thanksgiving

      Indeed it is thanks I am giving,
      for the wonderful porn filled life I'm living.
      I have my stories, and other's too,
      enjoyed by millions, folks just like you.
      I read and write and read some more,
      from teen catfights to pre-teen whores.
      I love how each and every day,
      I get to read what others say.
      I log on, and scan the pages,
      tales of sex at varying ages.
      Consentual, incestual, bondage too,
      things you wish that you could do.
      Some are true, some are fiction,
      all are filled with sexual friction.
      A touch, a feel, a young girl's glance,
      page down and she is in your pants.
      You want her bad, and man she knows it,
      read to see if she rides or blows it.
      A young girl covered in sticky cum,
      or a four year old with talented gums.
      Truth is that you'll find it here,
      all taboos archived by year.
      From the resident author to the Palisade,
      at this site we have it made,
      and that is why I must give thanks,
      to all the authors that fill it's ranks.
      And to the man behind the scenes,
      who knows what this site to us means,
      a big thanks I do give to you,
      for all the things for us you do.
      It is to you that we owe the most,
      so to you I dedicate this post.
      Thank you for the fun we're living,
      and to all Happy Thanksgiving!!      written by Leppard

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