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    November 18th - November 24th mid-Morning Updates

      Young Girl....

      On Friday PM, November 24, 2000

    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • New Life, ch 1
      newlife1 zip (10k) (M/m/F/g/pedo/anal)
      The ad read, " Males needed for unique study in adult/child sexual activity. Please call 800-555-4376 for more detailed information. " I sat there reread the ad once again not believing what I was seeing. Could this be? Would it be possible that there was a place that was conducting experiments and surveys of adult/child sex legally? I thought about it a little longer could it be real or a sting? Was this really possible? After some further thought I decided that I would go ahead and call the number to find out more.     
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • Rear Entry
      rearentr zip (64k) (M/g, M/f, MFFFF/g, MF/ggg; inc (all kinds); yng teen, pedo, yng pedo, bro/sis rape, preg, seduction, rough)
      A friend of her uncle's went up to her and asked her name - he was tipsy, too, and he kept looking at her chest. Perdita wondered what would happen if she unlaced her dress. Would he leap upon her like a mountain lion? She began to toy with the beaded tips of the laces, touching the tender skin at her sternum. The man's eyes almost popped out of his head, and her nipples stiffened against the silk, obvious. She'd never done anything like that before. It felt deliciously naughty - it made her feel like she did when she played with herself, as if she were being carried out to sea. She couldn't look at him, but she couldn't stop playing, either - it was only playing, but she felt a warm undertow that was even a little scary, and then she got wet for the first time ever in public...     
    • by Preteen Pleasures :...
    • Thanksgiving Roast Rump
      thanksgi zip (7k) (M/f/preteen/anal/oral)
      I was only fifteen and looking forward to the holidays more than any other kid I know. I was going to see my twelve-year-old cousin, Irene, for the first time since Christmas. I couldn't wait to make love to her again, but she had other more twisted ideas in store for me.     
    • by Seven :...
    • Resan till Disneyland
      resantil zip (21k) (M/f inc)
      Jag kade tempot i sttarna igen och knde hur utlsningen nrmade sig. Emma hll sig fast med hnderna om min rygg och svarade med sina eggande sm motjuck. Det gick ytterliggare ngon minut och jag var redo att dumpa min sd i min dotters fitta nr jag pltsligt hrde ngon rycka tag i drrhandtaget till hotellrummet!     

      Thursday PM, November 23, 2000

    • by Preteen Pleasures :...
    • All In One Day
      allinone zip (17k) (A little of everything)
      There were big problems at the Bradenworth house. Cindy wanted her Daddy. Dad wanted Cindy. The only one who knew was Mom and the entire family was miserable. Leave it to Buster, the family pet, to save the day.     
    • by Golflover :...
    • Alternate Futures, ch 1-3
      alter1_3 zip (22k) (m/f)
      This is the first chapter in a long story which combines some science fantasy with some sex. Basically, the premise is that when a person comes to a crossroads in their life the decision they make can, possibly, create a different or alternate future. That is what this story is about. My goal is to make the stories all interesting and somewhat realistic.     
    • by Maxamm :...
    • Beach Pedo
      beachped zip (9k) (m/f/m/b/bro/sis/bro/pedo/oral/anal/cons)
      Max is in the mood for some child love. Lying on the beach and watching the cute little girls and boys, he is unexpectedly approached by a sexy little six year old girl, who invites him to play with her behind the sand dunes. It isn't a trick and Jessie isn't afraid of what most girls her age should not know about. When she is joined by her two horny brothers - aged eight and thirteen -Max is just glad to be bi.    However, there is a twist to the tale.     
    • by Ceylanth :...
    • Dreamscapes V.I The Hockey Game
      dreamsca zip (3k) (M/F public)
      Ok this story is a dream I had about me and a girl I know in Albany (which explains the River Rats Hockey team)     
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • Heaven in The Mountains - Thanksgiving Day
      heavenin zip (17k) (M/f Uncle and niece incest)
      Don and Nia meet again to enjoy Thanksgiving together. They travel up the Mountain to Camp George. An enjoyable Thanksgiving Read     
    • by Artsy Craftsy Kid :...
    • River of Profundities
      riverof zip (15k) (m/ff)
      What can horny sisters do when their brother is a dreamer?     
    • by Timmy :...
    • Stepfather's surprise
      stepfath zip (13k) (g/M incest inc humil spank)
      Timothy is happily married to Samanatha, but Samanatha's 13 year old daughter, Penny catches his eye. In the end he gets to pull his pants down with her, but not in the way his expected (or wanted)     
    • by Elizabeth Abercrombie :...
    • Teenage Party
      teenage zip (7k) (MF)
      Leanne arrived at the party with her girlfriend Katie. Both were just 13. Leanne wore her short shiny sequinned black miniskirt that barely covered her young pussy, with an abbreviated lurex thread stretchtop that showed off her teenage perky breasts to perfection. Her nipples showed plainly through the thin white material. Below, six inches of bare flesh were exposed, and in her bellybutton a shiny diamond clasp pierced the side of her "inny". In each ear she had placed a large golden ring. Her blonde hair cascaded down over her bare shoulders, and occasionally she impatiently shook her head to stop errant hairs sliding across her pretty face. Her face was made up and despite her mother's admonition, she wore deep red lipstick and lipgloss over that. With her face made up she looked about eighteen, a fact that she was well aware of! (So too was her mother who was shocked at how sexy her little girl had become!).     
    • by BigWaveBoy :...
    • My Sexy Childhood, ch 7
      mysexy7 zip (6k) (mF, oral anal etc)
      After being caught by Sandy's mom, she makes me pay up by satisfying her sexual urges pent up since her husband died.     
    • by Blackwind2000 :...
    • Sister Rape, ch 5-7
      sisra5_7 zip (24k) (M/g/F,incest, rape,bond, oral, anal, toys,tort,snuff)
      The tale continues, growing ever more twisted as more and more are drawn into the fun...     
    • by Pato :...
    • Mis Mujeres, part 6
      mismuje6 zip (15k)
      Encend el carbn y despus de preparar la carne, nos sentamos todos alrededor de Alma y comimos agradablemente para despus cada quien hacer algo relajante, "Juan por favor traeme la botella de vino tinto" dijo Alma guindome un ojo, "ok" conteste y me levante para ir a la cocina, Cristina estaba tirada sobre una enorme toalla en el suelo, traa puesto un bikini de los mas diminuto que le haba visto, boca abajo y apunto de dormir, me acerque y le pregunte... "quieres algo sis?" me vio y con una tierna sonrisa me dijo "...descansar..." y volvi a cerrar los ojos.     

      Wednesday PM, November 22, 2000

    • by Keyman :...
    • Daddy's Little Model - part 5
      2daddys5 zip (14k) (M/F/f Incest Pedo)
      Jason Event here, having some spare time, I am back to continue my story. This time my story revolves around my Modeling session with a young nine year old girl and her mother. Before I start let me say money can buy happiness, I am rolling in the dough and enjoying my new upscale lifestyle. I am the envy of every pedophile on the net, sometimes they get so mad at my luck they call me names. But then in the same message ask me to post more pictures, go figure. Well let me tell you the story behind the series I recently posted called, "The Little Beauty Queen and Her Mother"     
    • by Preteen Pleasures :...
    • Mowing the Lawn
      mowing zip (7k) (Grdma/grdson/first time)
      I know you will never believe me, but I lost my virginity at the age of twelve. I know, I know, so did a lot of people. Maybe so, but di you lose yours with your Grandma?     
    • by Trane :...
    • My Sister's Tits, part 2
      mysiste2 zip (17k) (mmf bro/sis inc)
      After my bitchy, full-busted sister had thought she'd bought off my silence, I pointed out that she still had to make amends to the one person who mattered most. And what he had in mind for amends was...     
    • by Lil N. :...
    • The Confession Of A Daddy's Toy
      theconfes zip (12k) (M/f, incest - pedo, rape, gangbang)
      My name is Angie, and I'm 32 years old. I guess my story is something that would shock alot of people. And amuse a few with certain kinky preferences. But I write this not for their entertainment, but for my peace of mind.      You see, when I was growing up in my Daddy's home, things were not...normal. Oh sure, in front of everyone things appeared super normal. Daddy and I looked just like the picture of a father and daughter: Daddy being the widower and hard working man, and I his good little girl. But behind closed doors....that was another picture. A twisted picture.     
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • The Party
      theparty zip (8k) (M/g, m/ff, caution)
      Annika was a sexy kid. At thirteen, athletic and blessed with wild blue eyes, beautiful flaxen hair and a ballerina's grace, Annika already had several boyfriends. She was still a virgin, but she let her cousin Bill diddle her and play with her breasts - they were pear-shaped, slightly smaller than cupcakes - and suck her nipples, which were bigger than erasers, and a couple of boys had gotten her high and persuaded her to give them blow jobs, which she would do if they promised not to come in her mouth.     
    • by BigWaveBoy :...
    • My Sexy Childhood, ch 6
      mysexy6 zip (7k) (mf & Mf, cons, incest, oral, intercourse, anal)
      Sandy fills me in (in her own words) on how she began her sexy young lifestyle     
    • by Pedodreamer :...
    • The Idea (untitled)
      theidea zip (4k) (MMg nc)
      Young girl gets kidnapped and raped.     
    • by Gohn :...
    • Tv gubbar och en tonrsflicka
      tvagubba zip (8k) (MM/f)
      Ung tonrsflicka har fantasier om att bli frfrd av tv snuskgubbar. Genom hennes kompis frsorg frlorar hon oskulden t tv av de vrsta.     

      Tuesday PM, November 21, 2000

    • by Maxamm :...
    • Bangkok Boy
      bankokbo zip (6k) (m/b/gay/pedo/oral/anal)
      Bangkok is the setting and boys are on the menu, when a gay pedophile checks into a highly recommended hotel. Eager for his first taste of the exotic and forbidden, he rents a beautiful seven year old Thai boy. It isn't long before the shy and nervous child is learning to pleasure a man with all his young body can offer.     
    • by Silvermountie :...
    • Jailhouse Jailbait
      jailhous zip (14k) (M/f/yng teen/jail sex)
      "I work long hours. The county is short handed on juvenile detention officers and twelve hour shifts are common. The overtime looks good in my paycheck, but my social life sucks. That's where the 'fringe benefits' that I have been enjoying for about the last three years come in. Let me tell you how it all started."     
    • by JJ Longprong :...
    • Mommy Gets Into Shape, ch 5-6
      mommy5_6 zip (21k) (M/F inter)
      The very next morning Janra was as exited as a titmouse finding a new supply of grain. She hurried through her chores attempting to get everything in order so she wouldn't have any distractions. She wanted to spend as much time at the gym as possible. Ironically, since she had met Bubba she no longer had a lack of self-esteem. Instead, she now felt a lightheaded giddiness. She had a hunch that he was attracted to her. Although she couldn't be sure, she sensed that his hard-on from the previous day would be there for her again when she arrived. She wished that she could be interviewed as she had been the day before. She would like to go through that experience once more. Indeed, if the truth be told, she wouldn't mind going through something like that each and every day of the week.     
    • by Mandil :...
    • The Parishioners, ch 1
      parish1 zip (10k) (incest, m/f ,bro/sis, first)
      This story takes place just after the american civil war. In a very small town lost in the montain, a minister has full control over his parishioners. One day, Jimmy a boy of 14 living in that forgotten place, caught his mom and dad having sex together. The sight of it all awaken in him his sexsual appetite and soon he turns his attention on his sister.     
    • by Preteen Pleasures :...
    • The Candy Shop
      thecandy zip (6k) (M/g/pedo)
      I ran as fast as I could with the five dollars Mom gave me. It was almost five and I just had to get to the candy store before it closed for some yummy Sour Patch Kids. Mr. Smith closed the store, but he was a nice man and let me in to get my candy. I never knew just what else he wanted to give me as well.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Hunter Of Females
      thehunt zip (13k) (M/F/f rape,inc)
      He noticed the two beautiful females at the mall, shopping and going from one store to the other. The young girl was about 12 and wasn't even five feet tall. She didn't look like she weighed more than 80 some pounds. Her little breasts were starting to fill out and were like two small cones pushing out the little white knit top she was wearing. She had a cute, tight little ass. Her hair was dark and curly and her skin was tan from being in the summer sun. He couldn't take his eyes off of her. She was trying so hard to appear grown up but she still had a little of the coltish gait to her walk that a lot of young girls have.     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • The Stages of my Daughter's Life Girl
      thestage zip (26k) (M/g g/g inc dad/daut cons 1st ped oral anal voy exhib)
      I watched from a crack in the door to my daughter's bedroom, as two naked girls lay side-by-side touching each other. My lecherous daughter had set up the circumstances to satisfy my voyeuristic bent. She understood my kink because she shared it. She, too, liked to watch, had been watching her mother with various lovers for years. One day when she commented to me that she considered watching almost as exciting as doing, I enthusiastically agreed with her. She smiled her knowing smile and said she would let me watch if I let her watch. The view in front of me was the first stage of our agreement. (Third stage. Watch for the "The Stages of my Daughters Life Early Teens.")     
    • by Julie :...
    • My Caribbean Vacation, ch 11
      carib11 zip (6k) (MFffgbm inc)
      Hi. Wow I didn't realize that I was so hot from that hot tub. I was so weak legged that I could hardly stand. So now I continue with my sexy story about my cousins and I in the Caribbean.     
    • by Shadow :...
    • More Fun With Baby Sister
      morefun zip (10k) (mmm/f mm/ff mmmm/f)
      More fun with baby sister and also some relatives     
    • by ptrgn1 :...New Author.!.!.!
    • True Story
      truestor zip (5k) (M/b)
      This story is true. It happend to me I was 8 years old and lived in Bakersfield California. I was not new to sex having been initiated by a babysitter and her boyfriend when I was 6. But it was new enough. Only the names have been changed.     
    • by Pete Pervert :...
    • Die Immigranten, ch 3-4
      immig3_4 zip (8k) (M/Fffm, gang, enema, scat, watersports, ir, nc, tort, piercing, slave)
      Dritter und vierter Teil. Maria lernt ihren Platz im Badezimmer kennen, ihr Sohn bekommt Naschereien. Tanja und Martha werden gebrandmarkt. Und Peter geht einkaufen und hat etwas Spa?     
    • by Lovelaskes :...
    • Party of the Graduates, part 1
      partyof1 zip (9k) (Mf, mast)
      " , , . , , . , ? " , , " , . , ? "     , .     " , , " , .     

      Monday PM, November 20, 2000

    • by Opussy :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Weaker Sex, intro
      weakers0 zip (8k) (M/F M/f pedo group)
      Al is kidnapped and travels to a time when women use men for sex.     
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Itty Bitty Titty Fly Girls, part 2
      ittybit2 zip (13k) (Mff, delightful 12-year-old cocksucking, nipple touching, circle masturbation and tittie spraying fun)
      Acting principal Mr. Peters has to discipline two more girls for wearing inappropriate tops. This time he watches them on a remote camera in the locker room and discovers 12-year-old Susie is hiding a bag of dope and her 11-year-old friends brother made them take off all their clothes except for their panties while he rubbed his naked cock over their lips and faces . . . all to smoke a joint! Unzip your pants and get ready to hold on!     
    • by JJ Longprong :...
    • Mommy Gets Into Shape, ch 4
      mommy4 zip (15k) (M/F)
      Afterwards, Janra drove home feeling wonderful. She didn't mind the drive through the inner city ghetto which she had looked at with trepidation before. In fact, everything looked nice and pleasant to her. As she had earlier that day, she liked the feeling of the breeze blowing against her nipples. She also liked the fact that they stood tall, proud, and pink.     When she walked through the door of her house, Harry looked at her and smiled. She smiled back stupidly.     "You look happy today," he said.     
    • by Oscar J. Wilde :...
    • My Sister, Sam, part 2: Recliner Heaven
      mysiste2 zip (6k) (bro/sis)
      Sam and her brother discover oral sex in a reclining chair . . . and learn how to count to "69"!!!     
    • by Preteen Pleasures :...
    • Pizza for Three
      pizzafor zip (13k) (M/g/g/pedo/oral/sex/anal)
      I was dicouraged with how my life turned out. I had a criminal record and a dead end job delivering pizza. Could it get any worse? Well it got a whole lot better when I delivered a pizza to two beautiful, preteen girls on my way home one night. Let me tell you about it.     
    • by Vixen :...
    • Susi's Hot Husband
      susishot zip (10k) (MMm/g bdsm, nc, inc, oral, anal, voyeur)
      Susi believes she leads an idyllic life with her "hot husband" Jerry, who is seemingly never satisfied, to the point where their eleven year old daughter, Nancy, is included in, and the cause of, many sexual games.     
    • by Diggity Dog :...
    • Educating Amy, part 3
      educati3 zip (10k) (M/f mast, SURPRISE!!)
      Amy went to church early sunday, troubled with what happened the night before on her first date. She did her confession, feeling forgiven for disobeying Momma and Daddy. Then she waited for Joe to call. But he didn't. So, she was sad, depressed and feeling unloved on her way to school monday.     
    • by BigWaveBoy :...
    • My Sexy Childhood, part 5
      mysexy5 zip (7k) (mf, cons, oral & intercourse)
      Adam learns the ropes with Danni's friend Sandy.     
    • by Blackwind2000 :...
    • Sister Rape, ch 2-4
      sisra2_4 zip (31k) (M/g,incest, rape,bond, oral, anal, toys,tort,snuff)
      Mark increases his circle of rape slaves to include Shannon's best friend Julie and her twin sisters Brandi and Brianna join the fun...     
      Summer Sex Education
      summerse zip (6k) (M/F, romance)
      Professor Vick Holmes was a tired man. Since his divorce last year life had been lonely and boring; he went and taught high school because his bitch ex-wife got him blacklisted from every college in the state. She'd also sucked him dry of funds so he couldn't move elsewhere. He was lucky to have this job as it was.     Summer came, and he was still desperate for money. So he taught summer school--sex education, in fact, and sex was something he'd been without for a long time. It didn't help standing there in front of all those students, particularly the nubile young girls in their short skirts and talk about it.     

      Sunday PM, November 19, 2000

    • by Oscar J. Wilde :...New Author.!.!.!
    • My Sister, Sam, part 1: The Beginning
      mysiste1 zip (6k) (bro/sis)
      An annoying little sister becomes much, much more after a "showering" encounter with her older brother. And it is just the beginning . . .     
    • by JJ Longprong :...
    • Mommy Gets Into Shape, ch 1-3
      mommy1_3 zip (33k) (family incest)
      It was just another typical day in the Harry Wallace household. Janra, the pretty mother, was busy serving the breakfast. Harry, the hubby, was busy eating the breakfast, and the little girl, Polly, was busy getting ready for school.     Polly, was in fifth grade. As a homework assignment, she had been studying some of the famous women of the 1960s era. For example, she had seen numerous pictures of Jackie Kennedy, the First Lady who always looked as if she stepped off the front cover of a fashion magazine, and she had also seen dozens of pictures of Twiggy, the famous fashion model known for her shapeless, skinny form, and she had also seen pictures of dozens of actresses of the era such as Audrey Hepburn and Marlo Thomas. What struck the little girl as peculiar was that most of the women of the era didn't look much different than many of her fifth grade friends. The women were basically shapeless, overwhelmingly skinny, and none had tits worth mentioning.     
    • by Ghostwriter90 :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Aunt Nancy Gets Drunk
      auntnanc zip (8k) (m/F, teen, incest, nc)
      When I was younger, I used to stay with my grandmother alot on the weekends. It was a big house, and a busy house, too. Several of my relatives lived there, including two of my aunts who had their own bedrooms, in addition to my grandmother's bedroom. I even had a younger male cousin who shared a room with one of my aunts as well, so as you can imagine, it was a pretty crowded house.     
    • by Jaz1701 :...
    • Author's Note
      authorsn zip (3k) (poem)
      Some people will tell you that I am evil.     (It is not true)     Some people will say that I am sick.      I am not sick    Some people will pray for me, will call down their gods and and demons and priests and popes to try and contain me.     I say fuck them.     Fuck them hard and nasty and dirty. Fuck them the way Jaz would write it, the way John would do it.     Some people think I am Jaz, or John. That I am writing about my life.     They are my brothers.      I know them, I like them, sometimes I hate them. Occasionally I fear them. Jaz has his life. He responds to E-mails and writes nasty stories. John has his life, he acts out my fevered imaginings. I unleash them upon the world, but never doubt that I, I, I am in control They are strong, but I, I, I am stronger still. I suppress them day after day, after oh so long day. Jaz smart ass with a nasty wit threatens to peek through and destroy me, but he rarely succeeds. John would love to fuck my girlfriend, to hurt her good to lick her blood, her essential being. He rails and cries and begs me to release him. I laugh at him and he is humbled by the knowledge that I will never set him free. He is my sweet bitch meat, and I OWN him.     Some people cannot believe that it is just a fucking story.     
    • by Blackwind2000 :...
    • Fantasy Park
      fantasy1 zip (19k) (MMM+/F/f/t/b, bond, rape, snuff, transvestite)
      Girls and boys and transexual transvestites, oh my! Welcome to the strangest amusement park anywhere--a trip into my once fevered imagination filled with lust, rape and the bizarre.     
      Sister Rape, ch 1
      sisrape1 zip (12k) (M/g,incest, rape,bond, oral, anal)
      My biggest work yet--Shannon Harris is about to become her brother's personal rape slave--an experience she'll grow to love and share with others!     
      The Slave
      theslave zip (14k) (F/F, MMM/Ff, bond, rape)
      The story of how a dream job for one young woman would grow to become her worst nightmare...     
    • by BigWaveBoy :...
    • My Sexy Childhood, part 4
      mysexy4 zip (7k) (mff, mast, oral)
      ...We continue to peek into the (lucky) sex-life of Adam     
    • by Megawatz2000 :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Auf dem Heuboden
      aufdemhe zip (10k) (m/ff teen)
      Diesen Sommertag damals werde ich sicherlich mein ganzes Leben nicht vergessen. Ich war gerade 16 geworden und hatte bis dato, bis auf meine Mutter, noch nie eine Frau nackt gesehen. Doch an diesem Tag sollte sich das ndern.     
      Ferien auf dem Bauernhof
      ferienau zip (19k) (teen/horse, teen/M, beastality)
      Als die Nachricht kam, war ich alles andere als begeistert: Die Internatsferien sollte ich nicht, wie blich, in der Grostadt bei meinem Vater, sondern auf dem Gestt meines Onkels verbringen.     
      skikurs zip (12k) (m/F teen/woman)
      Ich bin Thomas, 16 Jahre und besuche das Gymnasium. Wir sind eine reine Bubenklasse und daher schon sehr gespannt auf den diesjhrigen Schulschikurs, denn wir fahren mit der Parallelklasse, in der etwa die Hlfe Mdchen sind.     

      Saturday PM, November 18, 2000

    • by Maxamm :...
    • Three Men And A Baby, part 2
      3menand2 zip (7k) (m/f/dad/daut/pedo/infant/cum/w/s)
      Continued directly from the first instalment. Nine month old Corrie has received her baptism of cum from her dad and his two pedo friends. But the night is still young, so bath time is postponed. There is lots more cum and piss in store for the naked infant, before her mum gets home.     
      Bad Boys - Pedo's Toys
      badboys zip (12k) (m/b/b/b/pedo/gay/oral/anal/w/s/cum/cons)
      A story for the lover of preteen boys. This is a gay version of Schoolgirl Sluts. No girls here though. Just a man and three beautiful boys. Brad and Chris are eleven and their Asian friend Keno is still shy of ten. Cum and piss flows in an orgy of forbidden gay lust.     
    • by Davy Sprocket :...
    • Chez Jacques
      chezjacq zip (16k) (M/g/b - g(1,7,9) b(12)- vry yng)
      Well, it's time to kick it up a notch! So we're going to add a little silliness and lots of spice and Bam! Now take a little taste of this and tell me you couldn't eat a whole lot more!     
    • by Barrett_E :...
    • It's Cold Outside, ch 2
      itscold2 zip (7k) (b/bg, bond, oral, masturbation)
      Now, I was pretty hot by now, the heating was on in the house and after the last session I was horny as hell. Rachel slowly removed the bottle from my hole, although it wasn't that easy at first as my ring clamped around the neck, but in the end it popped out.     My dick was now as limp as when I had arrived at the house, but Rachel and Zach obviously had more in store for me as they whispered to each other.     They left me for a while again, but I heard them go upstairs and moving around obviously trying to find something. During this time I kept thinking what am I going to do if their Mum and Dad come back early and find me like this in the kitchen. It was bad enough Rachel and Zach, but an adult.     
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • Kid
      kid zip (18k) (M/g, b/g; inc; pedo, extreme caution)
      I remember wondering how fresh Uncle Andrew would be if we were alone. He didn't do anything, of course, he just stared at me, but somehow it was very different from the year before. I wasn't aroused by him - but I was aroused by myself, by the idea that if I looked at him a certain way and left the room, he might follow me... I wouldn't have done it. I wouldn't have looked at him that way. But I could have...     
    • by Tom Singleton :...
    • Posie, ch 25: Dogged Pursuits
      posie25 zip (12k) (M/F bro-sis inc; bestiality)
      Splortch!    "Rowf!"     Slitch!    "Rowf!"     Slooch!    "Rowf! Rowf! ... Ohhhhhh, darling Rowf!"     
    • by Blackwind2000 :...
    • Abducted
      abducted zip (4k) (MMM/tg, kidnap, bond, semi-nc)
      I was fifteen the day it happened. It was both scary and wonderful, losing my virginity.     I was standing at the ice cream stand. My hair fell to my waist in thick, black waves and my eyes were soft brown.     I had a wonderful tan, and it showed with my skimpy white shorts and my white short sleeve blouse and my pink moccassins. Maybe that's what attracted them.     
      batfuck zip (5k) (M/F, bond, cons, cartoon)
      Summer Gleason of "Batman, The Animated Series" was the star of this early consensual bondage number...guess who the Mystery Man is?     
      nightmar zip (30k) (M/g, kidnap, bond, rape, torture)
      A nine chapter story as a 9 year old girl goes from innocent child to rape slave and guinea pig of a demented scientist/child rapist.     
    • by daddydoright :...
    • Sandi Sleeps In Daddy's Bed
      sandisle zip (6k) (adult father , preteen daughter, incest)
      My wife would be coming home no more. From now on it would be just me and my eleven year old daughter living together.     

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  • Leppard's Thanksgiving

      Indeed it is thanks I am giving,
      for the wonderful porn filled life I'm living.
      I have my stories, and other's too,
      enjoyed by millions, folks just like you.
      I read and write and read some more,
      from teen catfights to pre-teen whores.
      I love how each and every day,
      I get to read what others say.
      I log on, and scan the pages,
      tales of sex at varying ages.
      Consentual, incestual, bondage too,
      things you wish that you could do.
      Some are true, some are fiction,
      all are filled with sexual friction.
      A touch, a feel, a young girl's glance,
      page down and she is in your pants.
      You want her bad, and man she knows it,
      read to see if she rides or blows it.
      A young girl covered in sticky cum,
      or a four year old with talented gums.
      Truth is that you'll find it here,
      all taboos archived by year.
      From the resident author to the Palisade,
      at this site we have it made,
      and that is why I must give thanks,
      to all the authors that fill it's ranks.
      And to the man behind the scenes,
      who knows what this site to us means,
      a big thanks I do give to you,
      for all the things for us you do.
      It is to you that we owe the most,
      so to you I dedicate this post.
      Thank you for the fun we're living,
      and to all Happy Thanksgiving!!      written by Leppard

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