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    September 09th - September 15th mid-Morning Updates

      One Less Bell To Answer

      On Friday PM, September 15, 2000

    • by Coach :...
    • The Bitches That Would Not Stay Home
      bitches zip (11k) (M/f incest)
      We decided to go deep-sea fishing and there were eight of us going to charter a boat my son Donald 20 his botherin-law Gregg 18, his friend Dustin 19, two of my friends Julio 45 and Tim 45 my daughters boyfriend Shane, his friend Steven and myself Bo 45. We made our plans to go down and take everyone the women would stay on the shore and swim while we went out on an eight-hour tour. When we got closer to going there was a problem my son's wife melody 20 wanted to go out on the boat with us. We tried to convince her that she should not because she would be the only female. Well she just would not hear of it so we said okay. Then my daughter Brandi 14 started to put in that she wanted to go I said no but finally melody and her boyfriend begged me so I let her go. Everyone was against these two females going with us but it was to be and there would come a time that they would be sorry they wanted to go.     
      dogs zip (5k) (M/f incest)
      My daughter has a large male German shepherd. I have one that is his brother her dogs name is chance and mine is named Dylan.     One afternoon i got off from work early and when i arrived at home i pulled into the back yard as always. I did not have a key for the back door so had to walk around the house to the front. I was walking around the house though, I thought I heard some noise coming from the house. I slowly crept up to the window where the noise seemed to be coming from, and as I looked into my daughter's window, I was stunned and excited at what I saw. On the bed, totally naked, was my 14-year-old daughter. D is a very beautiful girl long blonde hair nice round ass great hips and a dynamite set of 38c tits and there she was completely naked lying on her bed, An absolute fox. She was not alone her friend Jennifer was with her completely naked also.     
      My Friend Tim
      myfriend zip (6k) (M/f incest)
      I have a friend that i met a little over a year ago. He loves to garden and has been to school to do just that. I'm in to gardening also and we work on them together sharing tools and now so much more. Tim's birthday is 23 hours after mine so we are the same age and celebrated our birthdays together. I really love him he is like a brother and a true friend to me all in one. I usually go by his house before going home and he comes by mine very often and we talk, drink beer and work on our garden. Everyone including my wife thinks that Tim is gay and takes it up the ass. uh little do they know Tim does not get fucked in the ass. I've tried to fuck him he won't let me. But he sure knows how to shove it up my ass anytime i want it.     
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • The Black Man
      blackman zip (13k) (M/f, MMF/f, MMFf/g, caution)
      I'd never looked at my sister sexually before. She was coming out of the bathroom in her underwear, and I could tell she'd been playing with herself. The nine-year-old had been molested. I could see by her scared face and the awkward way she carried herself, her cried-out sapphire eyes sick with fear, almost blind without her glasses, her guilt-ridden body borne like a beautiful burden. Maybe it was what Jasmine had done to me, but the image of my little sister getting raped swept through me like sweet wildfire. My slit got wet, and I almost grabbed her.     
    • by bluvum :...
    • E-Mail Friends
      emailfri zip (10k) (M, F, g = age 4/ voy/ oral/ fist/ anal/ les/ inc)
      Chad was a middle aged man that had a thing for little girls , especially when they showed their cute panties. He had an opportunity of meeting an attractive young Bi sexual mother of a darling little 4 year old daughter over the internet.     
    • by Tom Singleton :...
    • Heidi, ch 2
      heidi2 zip (17k) (M/f g'dad/dau; F/m mother/son; F/f mom/dau; m/f bro/sis fist)
      Heidi looked hungrily into Wolfgang's eyes and rolled onto her belly, crawling toward him -- and his cock -- like a stalking cat. Until she could reach out and grasp the tapered shaft so thick her fingers could not encircle it at the base. Then, with a heated whimper that was half moan, half plea, she licked away the white, creamy droplet with the very tip of her tongue.     "Ohhh, ja!" Wolfie moaned. Heidi took his cock in both hands and opened her mouth wide and began to suck the fat, swollen head of her brother's cock, her eyes looking up at him dreamily. Something occurred to her and she raised her mouth off his knob.     "You do not spend it in my mouth, ja?"     "Oh, jaaaaaaa, ..." Wolfie moaned.     
    • by Analover :...
    • Home to Daddy, part 2
      home2da2 zip (14k) (M/F)
      Ellie closed her eyes to savor the anticipation that was making her anus twitch with excitement and her pussy pulse with sexual heat. She needed to be assfucked, long and hard, and she was looking forward to having her father take his time about doing it...     
    • by Osiris :...
    • Jeanette's Story, part 1
      jeanett1 zip (73k) (M/F MF/f F/f FF/f inc. con)
      This is part one of the story of Jeanette from the Cheerleader Tryouts and how she came to be such a experienced lover at her tender age. It also contains some history of several characters in my original, and soon to continue, tale of An Island Adventure. Part two (conclusion) of this story soon.     
    • by JJ Longprong :...
    • Junior's Story, ch 6-7
      junio6_7 zip (13k) (M/F inter)
      When she entered the room, he hurriedly tossed the magazine beneath the covers.     When she leaned over to wake him, he faked a yawn and thrust his hand into the folds of her gown, reaching for a tit.     
    • by Little Girl Watcher :...
    • Mother's Secret Shame, part 9
      mother9 zip (15k) (F/F/g/g Inc: Inc mom/dau/WS/public/oral semi non-cons)
      “I’m sorry,” Krista said cattily, knowing from experience that Susan was feeling both like looking for a very deep hole to crawl into and getting wildly excited. “I couldn’t hear you, you’ll have to speak up.” “Yes.” Susan breathed out, her voice cracking with humiliation and insatisable lust. “I love watching people urinate on Kathy.” The brunette’s cheeks were just as red as Sarah’s freshy whipped ass had been a few minutes earlier and she hung her head even as her chest heaved with excitement. “Personally I think it’s pretty twisted to want to watch an innocent, helpless, little baby get used for a toilet,” Krista said to Ann as both women watched Susan start to paw at the crotch of her designer jeans. “But this sick slut really cums hard over it, and since I need to relieve myself anyway…” The well dressed young exectutive hiked up her tan silk skirt and lifted a leg, balancing one of her black high heeled pumps on the aluminum rim of Kathy’s stroller and leering down at the smiling child. “Yeessssss.” The brunette mother gurgled softly     
    • by Keyman :...
    • Pedophile Alien, part 2
      pedophi2 zip (21k) (M/f/f MC Pedo)
      Carl Desmond aka Du' the alien invader from the Aninin Empire was quickly losing his sense of mission. Now he was following a memory in Cathy's mind that related to her best friend Mary Moran. It would reveal some interesting tidbits about the two girls and a older man who was Mary's next door neighbor.     
    • by writersblock :...
    • Slutfest
      slutfest zip (5k) (MMM+F master/slave)
      This years Slutfest would be held a week from tomorrow in an undetermined location. Master and I could not wait.     I'd been Masters slut for five years now. We met in a bar down town . I was looking for dick as usual. Up until I'd met Master my life was unfulfilling. Meeting one new guy after another to get my fix of cock. Don't get me wrong I loved to have orgasms, and please men. Up until that fateful night five years ago I didn't have love, or the admiration that I craved.     

      Thursday PM, September 14, 2000

    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Cherry Busting King
      cherrybu zip (14k) (M/g young girl,pedo,inc)
      If you have enough money you can indulge in any fantasy you can imagine. Brock had the money and his wildest thrill was finding a young virgin girl and taking that little piece of flesh that spoiled her virginity for anyone that came after him. Once she started her periods he was through with her and would move on to the next young girl.    Many times he paid money to the right people just to be the first to fuck a girl while she was still a virgin.     
    • by SpiT' n' Image :...
    • DP, part 3: Final Reflection
      dp3 zip (7k) (M/f, ped, cons)
      Kayla shifted around so that her panty covered pussy rubbed against his simihard bare cock. She felt it grow as she pressed her girlhood against it. Mike broke their kiss and rolled them both over. He raised up staring at the perfect vision of loveliness beneath him. Knowing not what possessed Kayla to give him a blowjob he was determined to return the favor. He raised her nightgown up and she willingly raised her arms to allow him to remove it. Mike was captivated by his little girlfriend's beauty. After two deep breaths he laid with his body between her legs and began kissing and licking her erect little nipples.     
    • by JJ Longprong :...
    • Junior's Story, ch 4-5
      junio4_5 zip (9k) (M/F inter)
      Allison stepped into the meeting room and said, "Junior. There's someone here that I'd like for you to meet." She winked at him. That was the sign that he should assume the posture and mannerisms of an eight-year-old.     
    • by Pam :...
    • Photographic Phun
      photogra zip (11k) (Mother/Daughter/Photographer)
      Rosy and Posy are invited to be photographed for a magazine. Louise, their mother chaperones them. Janie, the photographer, asks the twins to fuck each other. Later Mother joins in to help the girls orgasm for the camera.     
    • by Artsy Craftsy Kid :...
    • Testerostrone
      testoste zip (14k) (m/ff
      That ol' testrosterone changes everything.     
    • by Gob's O'Semen :...
    • The Truthful Son, part 3
      truthfu3 zip (24k) (m/F, m/f, incest)
      Sharon was the consummate cock-sucker. It was something that she practiced on incessantly, whether she had a live partner, which was very rare, or if she had to use one of her many dildos that she kept in her bed stand for nightly gratification. Her advanced ability was something that Jason recognized right away.     
    • by SilverMountie, edited and completed by Silk :...
    • SM's UK Adventure : Meg and Celeste
      ukadvent zip (12k) (MM/ff (f age 12))
      SM decided to watch the show going on around him. It was like living inside an underage porn video. Silk was holding Meg's slim legs by the ankles above her head and was driving his cock deeply into little Meg. She looked so small and vulnerable under his large, adult body. The look on her face made it clear that she was thoroughly enjoying the pronging his cock was giving her, however.     
    • by Alegro :...
    • Seventh Heaven, part 6
      7thheav6 zip (16k) (m/f;f/f;golden showers;masturbation)
      The Camden family, in their respective ways, was coming down from the sexual highs they themselves experienced in helping Mary get over her earlier sexual disappointment. (See Part 5.) Mary had put on a pair of tight denim shorts that just about covered her ass cheeks, but put on no top. Cum from her dad and Simon was crusting on her tits and belly as she fixed herself a sandwich for lunch. Matt too, his cock now limp but still exuding small bits of cum that formed after depositing most of his load into his sister's pussy, was fixing something, the others having eaten (lunch I mean) before Mary and Matt had returned. "Okay", said Eric. Let's talk about our plans for this afternoon. Mary, what about you; are you going to want more sex?"
    • by Smokey :...
    • Beth's Other Places
      bethsoth zip (12k) (M/F/baby-g : ws,scat,trailerslut,hetero,oral,anal,cons)
      It was another scorcher of a day, and after finishing my last class of the day, I headed back to my apartment to relax in air conditioned comfort. After checking my e-mail and snail mail, I decided to see what Beth was up to so I picked up the phone and called. Beth answered, told me she wasn't up to much and asked if I wanted to come over. I told her I was on my way out the door; and then I was.

      Wednesday PM, September 13, 2000

    • by Paul Phenomenon :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Paranormal Phenomenon, part 1
      paranorm zip (49k) (m/f f/f m/F bro/sis inc teen con)
      Adam Johnson, a teenager, wakes up one morning and discovers that he is delevoping amazing telpathic powers. He not only hears the thoughts of others, he also feels what they feel. Initially, he uses these abilities to experience sex vicariously. Finally he has sex and falls in love with his sister.     
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • First Time With Kathy
      1sttime2 zip (13k) (M/b, G/b, oral, first time, threats)
      Ed and Kathy have big plans for David while at the farm. Ed and David catch up on some lost time, while Ed reminds David who is in charge. Kathy as well has plans on teaching young David the experience of being with a young woman, and the pleasures of sex.     
      Kathy Takes Charge
      kathytak zip (7k) (M/b, G/b, oral, anal, light bondage)
      Young David having had a memorable experiance the night before with his uncle and young aunt finds himself awaken to something that he had never expected before. Hands and feet tied down spread in bed his young aunt takes charge and shows that she can have it her way.     
    • by Naevus :...
    • Grandma Maude
      grandma zip (46k) (FmmfFM/pedo/nc/bd/ws/scat/incest)
      Grandma was now on her side with one hand inserted into her ass and the other into her cunt. She was pistoning both her hands as fast as she could in both her holes moaning with pleasure all the time. John was amazed to see the two fists being swallowed by the gapping holes and how the tender meat engulfed her intruding hands. Grandma soon exploded into an orgasm and groaned with relief. This was too much for John who had been playing again with his stiff cock and he exploded again into his fist at the same time with grandma.     
    • by JJ Longprong :...
    • Junior's Story, ch 1-3
      junio1_3 zip (14k) (M/F inter)
      Maggie Sanders, a beautiful and curvaceous blonde, wants to adopt a child. However, her husband, Harry, isn't too keen to the idea, but finally agrees when she threatens to withhold sex. They adopt an eight-year-old black child by the name of Junior. Unbeknownst to them, Junior isn't really eight, but rather eighteen. And he really isn't a typical child at all with typical child interests, but rather an incredibly horny teenager possessing a twelve-inch cock and a libido to match that of a stud bull.     
    • by Dee :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Summer Days and Nights "Foxer", ch 1
      summer1 zip (10k) (M/F/incest/teens)
      I was doing my best to make my way home through the 5 o’clock rush hour traffic. It was hot, it was humid, and it had been a week from hell at the office, and all I though about was my pool. Just to get this skirt and blouse off, slip into something, if not nothing, and just to sit by the pool, and let what air that was moving, cool me down if even just a bit.     Thank God I had spent the money to put a privacy fence all around the pool this year. It give me the chance to dress as I wanted by the pool, with corrupting any of the neighbor head kids, that always seem to sneak a few peaks here and there when I was out by the pool. My son, a 16 year, who was still a growing boy, but at the same time a handsome young man, was suppose to be staying after school, so the time I wanted by the pool should be all mine.
    • by Peter Novak :...
    • Berit Berättar, del 2
      beritbe2 zip (6k) (M/f)
      Kvinnoläkaren som både jag och mamma besökte, ville göra en bild av min lillkuk, eftersom det var så ovanligt. Hon trodde 100% att jag och mamma var tvittar. Farfar nekade henne att göra bilder, den bilden är bara reserverad åt mig, sa han under ett häftigt spanskt meningsutbyte med läkaren.     

      Tuesday PM, September 12, 2000

    • by Humbert :...
    • Bethany's Secret
      bethany zip (6k) (M/g teacher/student,pedo,oral,cons.,mast)
      She ran across the playground. Sweet Bethany was a vision of beauty. Long blond hair tossed in the wind behind her. Her cheeks were flushed from running and the cool autumn air that kissed her face. Bright green eyes lit up her face, and her perfect smile would melt the heart of any man. Her school uniform was a plaid dress that hugged her body as she jogged. Bethany was your typical ten-year-old girl yet in her mind only one thing made her different from all the other girls in her class. She was a sex fiend. Little did she know that most girls of her age had thoughts of sex. Her lust was for Mr. Davidson, her math teacher. She had been sitting in the classroom for the past hour listening to his voice and watching him intently. It was now recess, and she had to find her secret hiding place. Bethany rounded the corner of the building and hid behind a tree where none of the other kids ever came around. She leaned back on the big oak facing away from the building. She stared into the woods that were next to the building. She spread her legs slightly. She pulled her knees close to her, and the plaid dress slid down exposing her white cotton “101 Dalmatians” panties. Bethany began to remember Mr. Davidson, and imagined herself kissing him on the lips.     
    • by Zehrman :...
    • Mrs Chowdry
      chowdry zip (4k) (masturbation, pregnancy)
      Young boy's parents are already visiting the hospital in their bid to conceive. He decides to give a hand.     
    • by Pam :...
    • Dawn Visits Kirsty and her Mother
      dawnvisi zip (7k) (Mother/Daughter/Nurse)
      Dawn the nurse visits Kirsty to see how the treatment is going. She watches Marie fuck her daughter and then joins in for a sex session herself.     
    • by JohnFitz :...
    • Incest by Proxy
      incestby zip (17k) (M/f,inc,pedo,anal,oral,bdsm(mild,cons))
      While fascinated by her pre-teen body, Dr Pete Laker feels inhibited about having sex with his daughter, Kate. But when it comes to her best friend Rachel, he has no compunctions at all - especially with Kate urging him on from the sidelines     
    • by James Wilson :...
    • Neighborhood Slut, part 2
      neighbo2 zip (8k) (M/f f/dog M/f/dog incest, oral, anal)
      Becky Wilson is the neighborhood slut. She just loves to fuck and suck. When her uncle comes to visit with his Great Dane, Becky has the time of her life!     
    • by Cuntgrrl :...New Author.!.!.!
    • How to *Really* Keep Your Man Happy
      howto zip (8k) (m/f)
      I always get a kick out of seeing these grrlz magazines with articles like 'How to Make your Man Happy'. They're always full of such bullshit. I have kept a *lot* of men happy. I thought I would just write down what I say are the *real* secrets for holding onto a guy.

      Monday PM, September 11, 2000

    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Ed's Return and Surprises
      edsretur zip (10k) (M/b, uncle/neph, TF/b, aunt/neph, oral)
      Ed has returned from the Army with a number of surprises for David. Among them he is taking David for the summer to his new fram and a teen aunt. The first in parts of a summer of fun, new lessons to learn, and feelings to explore.     
    • by Pam :...
    • My Hot Date with a Celebrity
      hotdate zip (13k) (Older/Younger lesbians, Mother/Daughter)
      Wendy is invited to meet the managing director of the supermarket chain. She is fucked by the famous woman and her maid. Next day her mother, Pam joins in.     
    • by HotKaryn :...
    • Babysitting Lorraine
      lorraine zip (4k) (M-f)
      Babysitting young 11 year old Lorraine proves too exciting for this next door neighbor.     
    • by Zehrman :...
    • Rebellion
      rebellio zip (15k) (mother/son incest, rape, pregnancy)
      A story how a domineering middle-aged mother copes with her rebellious teenage son.     
    • by Diggity Dog :...
    • Benchseat Boogie
      benchsea zip (7k) (M/f)
      There was only one thing left for me to do to finish the restoration of my 68 Ford pick-up. Unfortunately, I hit a bit of a dry spell. Hey, it happens. The I went to my friend Bonnie's wedding.

      Sunday PM, September 10, 2000

    • by I.M.Perveous :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Good At Faking Sleep
      goodat zip (4k) (ff Mast f/m Vour)
      I grew up in the sixties with all that free love crap but I was too young to ever experience any of it. Being 12 years old then did have it's advantages though. Ever since I could remember, I've always thought about sex. It couldn't be helped. That's why I have so many stories that need telling.     In my family I had three older sisters. The oldest one moved out and got married so I never really knew her. Patty and Janey, who were 14 and 17 respectively were prime targets for my early lustiness. We used to watch TV at night together and when it was almost my bed time I would pretend to be asleep so my mom would let me stay down stairs. I'd lay on the couch and after my sleep act prevailed not only would I get to watch TV but my sisters would always get changed into their bed clothes and I watched them too. They'd have on short Tee Shirts and panties and sit in very revealing positions on the floor in front of me so I would get exciting views of their butt cracks and dark covered triangles. Hell, sometimes even my mom would change and I could see the shadow of her privates too.     
    • by Dick :...
    • Changes
      changes zip (10k) (M/FF voyeur inc dau m/f)
      I was sneaking up on my own home. I felt odd doing this. I had a friend that recently caught his wife screwing around on him. The possibility that Rachael was doing the same frightened me. My trust in her was dashed to pieces when I entered the house through the patio door. Right away I could hear her in the back bedroom crying out as she hit the pinnacle of her orgasm.     
    • by Tiny Lover :...
    • July 12th Twelver
      july12er zip (19k) (M/F Pedo)
      It was Saturday, July 12th. I was out enjoying a little bit of the summer heat in California as well as the beautiful assortment of girls dressed in skimpy shorts. I’d just walked out of Sears after looking for an expresso maker among other things. It was around 1:30 in the afternoon and I was walking around this crowded mall. I was scoping out most anything that walked by until my eyes locked onto these two eleven or twelve-year-olds. I couldn’t really tell how old they were but I can tell you right now that I didn’t really care. They were both wearing these skin-tight tube tops. The little blond girl Jenny was wearing an all white one. Her friend Tammy was wearing a white one with horizontal red stripes. These tops perfectly outlined the beginning of their play pretend boobs. All you could see were two little sets of bumps being pressed tightly against their tube tops. I finally broke the lock my eyes had on their chests and gazed down their little tummies. They were both skinny little girls. You could easily make out their muscles from top to bottom. Speaking of bottom, Jenny, the one with the all white tube top was wearing Blue-Jean shorts that hugged her tiny little butt. Tammy’s shorts were bright red. They almost sent out a beacon. I’m not in the habit of scoping out nasty little jail-bate girls like that because I’m thirty-six, but you should have seen them.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Let's Play Monkey
      letsplay zip (12k) (M/g dad,daut,inc,pedo)
      "Please don't go, Daddy. Please. I'll be good. I promise only please don't leave." Eight year old Lauren was crying and hanging on to her daddy as he struggled with his bags and the door.     "Honey, I don't want to go but I have no choice. Mommie told you about the divorce and I have to move out. I'll still see you, I promise." Ken felt bad enough without his little girl making it harder. He had tears in his eyes, too.     
    • by Pre_Luv :...
    • Pre-Teen Streetwalker, part 2
      preteen2 zip (3k) (M/f,rape,unconscious,fantasy,pedo)
      Phil looked lustfully at his new little toy. How nice it was going to be to violate little Katie's body and feel her tight, submissive little holes tight around his swollen cock. This was going to be an evening never to forget!     
    • by bookworm :...
    • Happier Endings
      runaway2 zip (19k) (M/gg)
      This story is part two off the runaways, taking the story from the end of their rape, back to the kitchen. Where they are asked to stay anyway. This part will take the reader from the decision to stop there, through buying their much-needed clothes and on to their first orgasms. On eventually to Susan being made love to for the first time, and I hope to a happier ending.     
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • Weekend At Davids
      weekend zip (12k) (b/b, oral, anal)
      David after spending a night a Bobby's house invits Bobby to his for the weekend. During the weekend both come to experiment, learn, and explore with each other and the help of some books the joys of mutual sex.     
    • by Leppard :...
    • Who is Babysitting Who?
      whoisbab zip (7k) (F/b - A Babysitter's horseplay leads to hot action)
      It was a hot summer afternoon, like the hunded others Shelly had babysat little Bobby. Too hot out even to swim, the two had spent the last several days inside, enjoying the air conditioner, and watching bad afternoon television. Dressed for the weather, Shelly wore a tank top and shorts, Bobby a striped tee shirt and shorts.     Shelly was a knockout. Seventeen, with long and muscular tan legs that were attached to the body of an athlete, Shelly had a great build, partially from her days of being a tomboy herself. Long blonde hair, pulled back into a ponytail, the blue eyed godess was as much fun for her personality as she was for her body. Always being ornry and laughing, Shelly was more than looks, she was a ball of sexual excitement.     
    • by Ammoun :...
    • Beth, part 7
      beth7 zip (50k) (M/f, F/f, f/f, m/m, f/f/f, pedo, 1st, inc., w/s, beast, var. combo's)
      After an all night orgy, Bob and Mary, Carol and Peg, and Jan and I were at the beach. We were approached by an attractive woman, whom I recognized as our friend, Lauren. My cock began to swell as I recalled my first meeting with the attractive brunette and her husband, Ted, and their 3 daughters, Donna, 14, Faith, 10 and Sue, 7.
    • by David Stephens :...
    • Claire and Emily: Loving Little Sluts, part 1
      claire1 zip (7k) (Fg,inc,pedo,ws)
      More about 12-year-old Claire and her 7-year-old friend Emily - natural born sluts both!
    • by Lardy :...
    • Kate & Sarah, ch 2
      katesa2 zip (4k) (MMF/f pedo/nc anal oral)
      We invite Jim (the fat pervert) back to our house to use Sarah as he will. He has plans for little six-year-old Katie and three of his pervert friends!

      Saturday PM, September 09, 2000

    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • The Back Door Girl
      backdoor zip (40k) (M/g, mmm/g, g/g, m/gg; preteen)
      The eleven-year-old's rudimentary knowledge didn't run to anal sex, and she gasped at the strange feeling. Before she could say anything, though, he was licking her cunny hole again, pushing his tongue inside. Had the flick of his tongue lower down been an accident? It was so dirty! Spittle and kiddie-slime trickled to the tight sphincter, and Alyssa almost automatically lifted her legs, lifting her tail a little, the tiny opening of her virgin rectum twitching and actually sucking a drop of his drool into its puckered pinkness. Again his tongue flicked against her poophole. She mewled, embarrassed. Did he really like her... her butt? She always wiped herself very carefully - she supposed it was clean - but still! It was so weird!     
    • by Coach :...
    • My Brother
      brother zip (10k) (m/m incest)
      When I was 10 my brother was 11. JR and I would always play with each other's cocks we really didn't know what we were doing but we knew it felt good. We would put our little cocks in each other's mouths and lick on them and stuff like that. Well we started to grow up my mom caught us one day and told us we were going to hurt ourselves if we didn't stop it she did not discipline us other than that she just said to quit or we were going to hurt ourselves. Now when I think back on it I think it really turned her on because she watched us from the beginning to end and then told us that if we continued to do this we would hurt ourselves. Then she disappeared for a while into her bedroom probably working her fingers in her pussy as she thought about what she had just seen.     
    • by Gob's O'Semen :...
    • Henri's Family, part 1
      henris1 zip (10k) (M/F, mother-in-law, rel)
      When he was satisfied that her juices were flowing freely enough, he pushed his steel-like shaft into her vagina. Henri's eyes went wide open as the first two inches went in. Before she was able to say anything, his mouth married with hers and his tongue darted passed her closing teeth.     
    • by Analover :...
    • Home to Daddy, part 1
      home2dad zip (16k) (M/F)
      Turning to face her father, Ellie started to dance, moving her hips in small circles at first, stroking the palms of her hands over her breasts, running them down her flanks and over her hips. She moved naturally, sensuously, in rhythm with the music’s beat, warming up the atmosphere in the room as skillfully as she would the audience in a club...     
    • by JJ Longprong :...
    • The Politically Correct Faculty Wife, part 2
      politic2 zip (59k) (M/F inter)
      As Willy unpacked his car, Mr. Douglas Wiggins drove up in his nice late model Mercedes. The young black man grimaced. He couldn't believe how much money the Wiggins' had at their disposal. Of course, he couldn't believe how much money many suburbanites had at their disposal--whether they be white, or black. Everyone in the suburbs seemed to be on a different planet than people who resided in the inner city, or in rural America.     
    • by Tom Singleton :...
    • Posie, ch 24: Walking the Dog
      posie24 zip (11k) (M/f dad/daughter; F/m mother/son; bestiality)
      Sucking Randy's tongue with a low whimper, Heather began again to shove her hips against her brother's, moving his hand to her sweet young breast. Randy tenderly cupped the firm round hillock and thumbed its tight, coarse-pointed pink tip. Randy resumed his own filial fuck-rhythm, but Heather broke the kiss.     "Randy," she breathed, feeling her inmost passage clasp and quiver and caress her brother's cock, "I want you and Daddy ... to give me a baby. I want a baby ... your baby -- " she looked to both of them -- " ... in me."     "OH!! Sis!" Randy groaned, feeling his cum boil up out of his balls, burning the length of his driving shaft and blasting deep into his sister's belly.     "Good Grief!" said Jack and Mary.     
    • by yng cck :...
    • exhib life V
      exhib5 zip (4k) (MFFF, chinese family, group)
      My most recent experiences bring me back to my earlier training as a young boy specialising in licking/sucking g and b in various circumstances. Now, as an adult I do lick service for my wife and her friends including a whole Chinese family.
    • by AnonX :...
    • Only in Paris
      onlyparis zip (5k) (M/F (threesome, analingus))
      The pounding music greeted the two obvious Americans as they walked through the door and into the club. She thought he had paid a great deal at the door but wasn’t exactly sure about her calculations. It was hard to figure the change from dollars to francs. Anyway, it didn’t matter. They were here and that was that. But where was here?

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