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      Jackie Brown....

      On Friday PM, October 06, 2000

    • by PyroT3k :...
    • Counselor Slut, ch 1
      counsel1 zip (5k) (F/m, mast/oral)
      She looked up at me over her small oval glasses and motioned I take a seat. I noticed her blonde hair had been pulled back tightly behind her head, and secured with a little knot with a pencil stuck to the side.    I sat down quickly on the leather sofa and waited for her to speak.     Within a couple of minutes she finished up looking over the folder, rolled a pencil between her fingers, and said ...    "You do know why your here don't you?".    I nodded my head, my cheeks reddening even deeper.     
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • David and Shadow
      davidand zip (5k) (B/beast (dog), anal)
      I was 14 when Uncle gave me a dog for my birthday. I had never done anything with an animal nor had I ever tried, that was till one night when something happened that changed things for Shadow and me. After my usual shower I had went on to bed as usual.     
    • by Jaz1701 :...
    • Happy Birthday Sherie
      happybd zip (8k) (M/F)
      (Sherie get's a co-author credit on this one. All together now," Happy Birthday Sherie!")     I want to explain what happened.     I want people to understand. Shit I want to understand it better myself. I've written stuff before to Mr. Double and White Shadow but this is different. This really happened. I met a woman, became friends with her. Slowly, over time--I, I fell in love with her. I think about, no I won't use her real name--let's just call her Sherie. My sweet succulent Georgia peach. Ripe and warm and sweet, dripping with juice, waiting to be licked and sucked and eaten. Pour some cream on top, and you have the picture.     
    • by HotKaryn :...
    • Leah's Bath
      leahbath zip (4k
      After dinner I went on the balcony to have a glass of wine and read the evening paper. The girls went to room to finish homework. I told Chelsea that she had only 1 hour of telephone privilege as she spent close to 2 and a half hours on it Monday evening. I demanded to Leah that she would take a bath tonight and not a shower as she smelled of dirt and looked like a beggar child in the streets of India.     
    • by Mr Sleepy :...
    • My New Friend, part 3: Thanks Bill
      mynew3 zip (10k) (MfMF/voy/nc/sleep/)
      After seeing Bill close the rear bedroom curtain, I tuned my head to the right and just stared at Karen laying on her stomach next to me, Her light blonde hair covering most of her young face, the swell of young teenage ass covered by those pink silk panties, I was already hard from watching Bill fuck her, But could I fuck her, after all she was my wife's younger sister, I slowly placed my hand on that pink panty covered young ass and shook her to see if I can awaken her, but she did not even stir, so I reached for her left arm picked it and let it fall, It feel to the bed hard, but Karen still had not shown any signs of awaking, I thought to myself I could fuck her like Bill did, She would never know     
    • by Peter Novak :...
    • Nattlig trff
      nattlig1 zip (22k) (M/F/son/doughter)
      Trffade henne en kvll nr jag steg av nattbusen, jag hjlpte henne med barnvagnen.....     

      Thursday PM, October 05, 2000

    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Cherry Busting King, part 3
      cherryb3 zip (12k) (M/g/M/g inc,oral,men,girl)
      After that humiliating afternoon when Brock had used her to impress his friends, Maya tried hard not to love him so much. He was the first man to show her any attention and do things for her and buy her what ever she wanted. He had awakened her to sex and all it's pleasures and when he was using her body she knew he was thinking just of her. She made the mistake of falling in love with him but she was young and felt that she had given him the greatest gift she could give. Her body and her love. It meant so much to her even if it meant nothing at all to him.     
    • by JJ Longprong :...
    • Family Values 2000, ch 1
      familyv1 zip (16k)
      The pretty young girl with the long ponytail stepped through the door and into the kitchen. She had a question on her mind. A very serious question. One which she had been wondering about for a considerable period of time. However, for some reason she was reluctant to ask it. She thought it might be naughty to inquire about such a thing as a pussy. After all, she knew that only girls had pussies and that the word "pussy" had a certain naughty connotation to it. She had seen the term spray-painted on the grounds of the schoolyard, along with other words like "cock", "dick", and "fuck". The words seemed to have very special and powerful meanings for they were written all over the place. For instance, she had also seen them written in the girls' lavatory and on the hallways of the school.     
    • by sniffer :...
    • Monica's Diary
      monicasd zip (22k) (M/f, M/ff, f/fff ws pedo cons)
      Sunday, may 3rd, two days after my eleventh birthday    "Monica!" my dad whispered. He held my head and pushed the warm hard thing deeper into my mouth.     "Monica, you know about it! Show your daddy what you learnt at your granddad's house!"     Yes, I knew it, knew it all to well. But why did he know? I heard his groan and I knew exactly what he wanted.     
    • by little girl Watcher :...
    • Mother's Secret Shame, part 11
      mother11 zip (22k) (M/f/F/f/F/ggg (Infant g) Inc: Inc dad/daumom/dau, oral, anal,Rape, WS,Mild S&M, Facials,gangbang, cons/non-cons)
      I dont know. Nina admitted, though her fat nipples were visibly poined up through her cum soaked shirt. Maybe. The teenager looked over at Susan, who was tickling her babys tummy and making cooing noices. Anyhow, right now Ive gotta whizz like you wouldnt believe, can I take a leak on her? NINA MARIE TIPPIT! Bill half exploded. Where ARE your manners!?! Your mother and I didnt raise you with rudeness! If youd like to go to the bathroom on someones baby what is the PROPER way to ask? Oh. Nina looked non plussed at her lack of manners, but her smile returned as she turned back to Susan. Mrs. Sutton, may I please urinate on your baby?    Thats better. Bill mumbled, grumbling about lack of manners in the youth of the day.    Call me Susan. The brunette said brightly, her twat getting slick from the thought of what she was about to again see. And of course you may.     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • The Paranormal Phenomenon, part 3
      paranor3 zip (33k) (m/f M/f m/F f/f f/F bro/sis dad/daut mother/son mother/daut uncle/niece aunt/ nephew inc con mc)
      The saga of Adam Johnson, the Paranormal Phenomenon, continues. Adam adds psychic healing and mental conditioning to his other unusual abilities, all of which have become more powerful. Adam extends the family unit to include his fathers brother, his wife and their 13-year-old daughter.     
    • by H. Grant :...
    • Penny's Transformation
      pennytra zip (20k) (M+/g/mind control/manipulation/degradation/spitting/ws/scat)
      The fourth installment in the S.E.P.M. chronicles takes us on a journey through the mental manipualtion of a seven year old child named Penny. Kidnapped and brought into the clutches of the evil S.E.P.M. institution, Penny begins her transformation into a life of submission at the hands of a twisted child psychologist who joined the ranks of S.E.P.M many years ago. Filled with hatred and a need to use women for their perverse delights, the inner circle members of S.E.P.M. take pleasure in the manipulation and sexual degradation of young Penny. This evil story of female exploitation and humiliation begins with Penny's capture and degenerates from there.     
    • by Dodger :...
    • The Thomson's, ch 2
      thomson2 zip (5k) (m/f M/f ncons cons)
      Jim's 14 year old son JJ returns home and catches his father and sister fucking. Jim decides that the only way to keep his son silent about what he has seen is to make him a participant. He allows JJ to fuck Jenny, holding her down for his son when Jenny refuses to cooperate. Afterwards, JJ confides to his father that he has fantasized about fucking his mom. Jim doubts his son will be able to do this, but gives him his blessing to try, even telling the boy about some of the things that turn on his wife.     

      Wednesday PM, October 04, 2000

    • by Johnny Johnson :...
    • A Night in the Park
      anight zip (17k) (M/f, inc., semi-con, 1st)
      This is a story of a man that takes a break from his troubles by taking a walk in a park late at night. While there he meets a 12 year old girl that needed to take a walk also. She discovers sex can be rough the first time under the wrong hands. He did not know she was a virgin and a child until to late.     
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • Chance Meeting
      chance zip (14k) (M/r Senior student and a young girl)
      It all started when Don went to the rescue of a young girl on the school bus. That Chance Meeting developed into a sexual adventure with a eleven year old vixen.     
    • by Vixen :...
    • Summer Vacation, part 2
      summer2 zip (5k) (MMFFmm/f bdsm, nc, voyeur,oral,anal)
      Ann finds herself spending the summer with people she despises, and then learns they plan to use her as their "sex toy" and basic slave. Meanwhile, her parents are having a wonderful time on their European vacation.     
    • by Mr Sleepy :...New Author.!.!.!
    • My New Friend, parts 1-2
      mrnew1_2 zip (17k) (MMF/voy/nc/sleep/)
      Meet Mr Bill    Hi my name is Kevin and I am a 23 year old self employed truck driver and this is my story:    I called from down stairs, come on Jenny hurry up are we will be late for your office party, I heard Jenny answering me from upstairs, I will be right down honey in a couple of minutes ok, After about 5 minutes later she came down the stairs looking like a million dollars, My wife Jenny is 22 years old, 5' 9" tall and about125 lbs, she has blonde hair, and the pretties blue eyes that you will ever see, Tonight she was wearing a small white tube top, and a short black latex skirt, The short black latex skirt she was wearing came to about mid thigh, and the white tube top left all her shoulders and stomach open and exposed     
    • by Diggity Dog :...
    • Something About Dana, part 4
      dana4 zip (6k) (M/f)
      It started with a kiss. Then some mutual flashing and head. And this morning I buggered my young student, Dana McGinnis. Here's what happened next on a rainy saturday.     
    • by Lardy :...
    • Kate & Sarah, ch 4
      katesar4 zip (3k) (MMMM/F/ff/ ped/ tort/ nc)
      Little six-year-old Katie meets a sadist.mummy says don't scream, meanwhile,Sarah is entertained by everybody else at the party.     
    • by Styx :...
    • newone2 zip (8k) (m/fantasy)
      . , , . ,, , ...     

      Tuesday PM, October 03, 2000

    • by Pam :...
    • Bra Wars
      brawars zip (8k) (Older/Younger Lesbians/Underwear)
      Carol is asked by her designer friend to find some teen models for her new underwear collection. Wendy, Serena and Kirsty volunteer and are well fucked as a reward.     
    • by Tiberius :...
    • Corrupting Vicky, part 5
      corrupt5 zip (38k) (pre and early-teen, female and pre-teen, pregnant, rape)
      Almost a year earlier, on a late Sunday afternoon, I was working away in my study. Fon had dropped by... that day. I was really up for some anal that afternoon, and Fon, soon after she arrived, obligingly spread the cheeks of her small early-teenaged ass, exposing her pink butt passage. It was all the encouragement I needed. I lubricated her ass with jelly - something she liked me to do - pushing it in as deeply as possible to feel the exquisite contour and muscles of her passageway. Then I slipped my cock deep into her ass hole, and, after many blissful minutes of humping her small pretty butt, shot a sticky load deep inside her. ...Having creamed Fon's butt-hole, and leaving her to sleep, I returned to my proofreading. Moments later the door bell rang. Reluctantly, I went to see who it was. I opened the door and found Vicky standing there... Vicky looked beautifully curvaceous in pregnancy, her luscious tits looking even more so in a now lactating state. .. She looked slightly bloated, because of pregnancy, but she seemed relaxed and friendly.     
    • by Drizzt :...
    • Her Name Was Amber, ch 2
      hername2 zip (3k) (M/f, pedo, mast, voy)
      I talked with her mom for a minute about the day's plan and when she would be coming back. Then with a final kiss goodbye, her mom left. I had this sexy pixie all to myself for at least 8 hours.     
    • by Silvermountie :...
    • The Junior High Sex Society, ch 6
      juniorh6 zip (17k) (M/F/m/f/f/yngteen/incest/group)
      "My mouth watered at the thought of suckling the nipples of her rapidly budding breasts...Her hips showed the widening of early puberty, but her pelvic region was still youthful and slender in appearance...A sparse patch of baby fine light brown pubic hair sprouted just above the point where her aroused clitoris emerged from the top of her vaginal cleft. Her tan legs were smooth and athletic, and tapering nicely to her tiny feet. In summary, Kelly Gordon could have given a dead man a hard-on."     
    • by Keyman :...
    • Pedophile Alien, part 5
      pedophi5 zip (19k) (MM/f Pedo)
      When Carl Desmond heard the timid knock on the door, he knew who it was, his dick twitched in contemplation of the events to come. Opening the door he saw his assumption had been correct, young Betty Bowen stood there waiting. His implanted mental command had directed her to return and she had.     
    • by bluvum :...
    • Pimping Beats Coal Mining
      pimping zip (11k) (M + g = age toddler to 8 years)
      Vann was a coal miner from the hills of Kentucky. He lived to drink moon shine and gamble. When Tammy came along she was an accident, he had not planned on having any more children. Vann became attached to his little daughter, he started taking her every place with him. She was Daddies girl. When Tammy was a toddler, Vann found out he had a gold mine in the family that beat the hell out of coal mines.     
    • by Vixen :...
    • Saturday Shaving Party
      saturday zip (5k) (nudist, familyfun, cons, inc, oral, voyeurism)
      Saturday afternoons are the highlight of the week at Shadow Valley Nudest Resort. Everyone has a wonderful time !     
    • by Lil N. :...
    • Seduction.....
      seductio zip (5k) (M/f, female voyeur, pedo, incest)
      Meg settled in the easy chair in her bedroom, her eyes glued to the scene unfolding before her on the bed. Her robe clung to her perspiring body uncomfortably. The temptation was overwhelming to slip her hands under her clinging robe. Meg wanted to discard the robe, but she was afraid of moving....afraid of interrupting her husband in the slow deliberate seduction of his young lover on the king sized bed.     
    • by Daddy D.I. :...
    • Wendy 3: Behavior Modification
      wendy3 zip (12k) (M/f Prof/student)
      Wendy had come to my house for supper a few nights before, and now is learning how to be my submissive. In this chapter, Wendy learns the joys of corsetting and suspension.     
    • by JJ Longprong :...
    • Willy the Census Taker, ch 8
      willy8 zip (12k) (M/F inter)
      The last house that Willy came to that day was equally palatial to the others he had visited in the upscale suburban neighborhood. It too had all the trappings of folks who made about one hundred times more than the average resident in the inner city. The behemoth SUV parked in the driveway, the immaculately landscaped yard big enough to raise a small herd of cattle, and the ostentatious front door.     
    • by HotKaryn :...
    • The Wrestling Dare
      wrestlin zip (11k) (F\f sisters, fight, sibling rivalry)
      Two sisters, cute and loving, become torrid fighting enemies as jealousy, tempers, and fists begin to flare. Will youth, a cute and strong willed 16 year old or experience, an intelligent and hot looking 22 year old, prevail. What brought on this hatred between two siblings one afternoon? Read on and learn all the true, nasty details.     
    • by Dodger :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Thomsons, ch 1
      thompso1 zip (12k) (Mf inc ncons)
      Jim Thomson catches his 13 Year old daughter Jenny in a heavy petting situation with a boy. He starts out meaning to punish her with a spanking, but winds up raping her even though he discovers she is still a virgin. To Jenny's shame, she climaxes even while trying to resist her father's assault. He takes her again, finally driving her wild enough to cooperate.     
    • by Mr. Hollywood :...
    • Family Orgy, ch 4
      family4 zip (18k) (m/f/f dad/daut/son/mom incest)
      A teenager explores her sexuality, seducing her friends, her teachers and finally her whole family.     
    • by kinkypervert666 :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Monika die Mieterin
      monika zip (86k) (M/F BD D/s hum WS)
      Als Monika in ihr neues Apartment zieht wird sie von dem Besitzer erpret die schmutzigsten Fantasien desselben auszuleben. Und sie ist nicht allein.     
    • by Boyuser :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Badewannenspiele
      badewann zip (6k) (M/bb Toddlers,incest, oral, anal, scat)
      Hallo mein Name ist Mike, ich bin jetzt 28 Jahre alt und bin Homopdophil. Schon als kleiner Junge mit etwa 5 Jahren hatte ich das Gefhl gehabt anders zu sein. Schon damals hat es mit groen Spass gamacht an meinem Pimmel zu spielen. Ein paar Jahre spter enteckte ich meinen ersten trockenen Orgasmus, damals war ich etwa 8. Auch mein Arschloch konnte ich nie in Ruhe lassen. Bei jeder glegenheit, in der ich unbeobachtet war stekte ich meinen Finger oder irgendwelche anderen Sachen in mein Loch.     

      Sunday PM, October 01, 2000

    • by writersblock :...
    • Cheerleader Slut
      cheerlea zip (4k) (young/sub/gang)
      My name is Suzie, I go to Reagan Middle School and I'm captain of the cheerleading squad. This story is about a new girl on the team. You could tell Kim to do anything no matter how humiliating, and she'd do it happily.     It was the first day of cheerleading practice. I was talking to my friends, when a new girl walked up to me.     "Excuse me, is this where the cheerleaders practice." She said to the group of us, with a timed demeanor.      I'm the bossy type, so I decided to have some fun with the new girl. "Yes it is, but first you have to tryout. Now sit down and put your ankles behind your neck."     
    • by Vixen :...
    • Single Dads - six months later
      singled2 zip (6k) (MMMM/gggg dad/dau cons oral, anal, bdsm)
      Leslie's dad Larry reviews his delights after the first six months of living in a communal home with three other single dads and their daughters.     
    • by Rick Roll :...
    • Twins 3 - Closer
      twins3 zip (7k) (m/f - bro/sis/inc/cons)
      As the beautiful twins continue to explore and discover, their thoughts soon turn to their parents. The parents arrive home on a surprise visit to discover the twins, and they find themselves thinking of their children as lovers. Continuing story of discovery and the journey to incest.     
    • by Mr. Hollywood :...
    • Family Orgy, ch 3
      family3 zip (12k) (m/f/f dad/daut/son/mom inc)
      A teenager explores her sexuality, seducing her friends, her teachers, and finally her whole family.     
    • by Pedophag :...
    • Annie
      annie zip (3k) (MM/f, drunk)
      Kleines Intermezzo, mit ein wenig Alkohol, Hasch und Spass. Diesmal ganz ohne Gewalt...     
    • by Rex Wilder :...
    • Ministory, part 1
      ministo1 zip (9k) (M/f)
      - Det kan vl Robert gra.    - hh vad glad jag blir. Vill du verkligen det?    - Vad d?    - Smrja mina ben?     - Visst kan jag gra det.    Vi gick in i hennes rum. Hon tog av sig kjolen och la sig p sngen.     

      Saturday PM, September 30, 2000

    • by Canker :...
    • Convent Girls, ch 10
      convent10 zip (7k) (ffffff)
      Raunch at the Ranch. While Amy, Kahlenne, and Kat are away, Becky and Sharin are sent to a ranch. Upon arriving there they meet the exotic twins who run the ranch. Which makes for some really hot incidents.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • He Loves Little Girls
      heloves zip (10k) (M/g/M/g/M/F pedo,inc,man)
      He was sitting in his car in the parking lot of a strip mall. He was about to take some of his uniforms into the cleaners when he saw her come out of the dance studio next door. She was Asian with thick dark hair that capped her head and was cut with bangs. Her big eyes were so dark they shone like black onyx. She was only about 6 years old but small and she was wearing a pale pink leotard. It fitted her body like a second skin and when she walked passed him, with her mother holding her hand, he groaned when he saw her little ass.     
    • by Mr Hollywood :...
    • Family Orgy, ch 2
      family2 zip (12k) (m/f/f dad/daut/son/mom/inc)
      A teenager explores her sexuality, seducing her friends, her teachers, and finally her whole family.     
    • by Dee :...
    • Summer Days and Nights, ch 3
      summer3 zip (11k) (M/f/incest/teens)
      As I stood under the shower it really sunk in as to what had happened. Yes, I felt as guilty as could be. Not for what happened, because when you think about it, as far as I was concerned, all that really happened that involved me was some watching... I was comfortable with that till I stepped out the shower, and started to dry off.     
    • by Jan O :...
    • En dag i Angelicas liv
      angelica zip (19k) (M+/f)
      Vi fr flja med en dag i 11-riga Angelicas liv. En dag som kanske verkar lite extra konstig fr oss men som p senare tid nstan skulle ha kunnat kallas normal fr den lilla flickan. Just den hr degen kanske det hnder lite extra men att f smaka p kuk r inget nytt fr henne och det r inte heller sista gngen det hnder henne.     

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  • [video plays - "Chicks Who Love Guns"]

    Ordell: And that there's a TEC-9, a little cheap-ass spray gun made out of South Miami. They retail for $380, I get 'em for two, and sell them for eight....

    [sound of TEC-9 on full-auto]

    Ordell: Oh, now check out this gun here. Now this here is a Steyr Aug. Steyr Aug's a bad motherfucker. Listen...

    [sound of Steyr Aug on full-auto]

    Ordell: That shit's expensive, too, Man. Made in Austria. And my customers don't know shit about it so there ain't no demand for it...

    Ordell: Here we go, AK-47. The very best there is. When you absolutely positively got to kill every motherfucker in the room, accept no substitutes.

    [sound of AK-47 on full-auto]

    Ordell: Now this here's the Chinese model, I get 'em for $850, and double my money.

    [phone rings]

    Ordell: Grab that for me, would you Baby ?

    Melony: You know it's for you.

    Ordell: Girl, don't make me put my foot in yo' ass....

    [phone rings again]

    (as performed by Samuel L. Jackson [Ordell] and Bridget Fonda [Melony])


      [phone rings]

      Jackie: Hello ?

      Ordell: Look here, we got a little change in plans.

      Ordell: No no no no no, ain't no thing, ya know. Everything the same 'cept one little difference.

      Ordell: You know that bitch Simon you saw in the mall... Well she wasn't here today, cuz she done split on my ass.

      Ordell: Ya, me and Lewis went by her pad, she's gone... She gone, her shit's gone, and my 10,000 motherfuckin' dollars is gone.

      Ordell: Hey hey hey, don't start buggin' on me. God dammit I'm tellin ya. Ain't nothing different, everything's just like we discussed.

      Ordell: Now, except for this time when we make the split, instead of Simon it's gonna be Melony. Ya goddamit, Melony got just as much sense as that bitch has, she be in the same fuckin' place. Alright ?

      Ordell: Alright. Ya, later...


      [phone rings]

      Ordell: Ya.

      Max Cherry: I've been lookin' for you.

      Ordell: You know who this is ?

      Max Cherry: This is Mr. Robbie, isn't it ? I have your ten thousand, that's why you called. The bond collateral that you put down on Beaumont Livingston and moved over to Miss Brown, you remember ?

      Ordell: Oh, she got off, did she ?

      Max Cherry: She decided to no-file this morning. Tell me where you are, I'll come give you your money....You still there ?

      Ordell: Look here man, I know you helped her, and I know you know what I want. And Jackie can tell me any story that comes into her pretty little head as long at the end of that story she hands me my motherfuckin' money. Now she wanna be my friend, she'd do that. She don't want to be my friend no more, well, you just tell her to think about ol' Beaumont. And if she go to the Police, you tell her I'll name her ass as my accessory and we'll go upstate hand-in-hand-cuffed-motherfuckin'-hand. And that's a promise, you understand what I'm saying ? You tell her that, and I'll call you back.


    (as written by Quentin Tarantino, as performed by Samuel L. Jackson [Ordell] and Robert Forster [Max Cherry])

    Trivia for
    Jackie Brown (1997)

      In one scene, Ordell Robbie, played by Samuel L. Jackson, chastises Max Cherry for not washing his hands after using the toilet. In Negotiator, The (1998), Jackson tells a hostage-taker a joke about a Marine who didn't wash his hands after using the urinal. And in Pulp Fiction (1994), Jackson chides John Travolta for his poor hand-washing.

      In the first mall scene, Max Cherry is seen exiting a movie theatre while the music for the ending credits is playing. This is, in fact, the closing music for the movie Jackie Brown.

      Early in the film Ordell tells Louis (Robert De Niro) that "he's as serious as a heart attack." De Niro used the same line in Fan, The (1996) when threatening another character.

      The part of Jackie Brown was written specifically for Pam Grier. When Quentin Tarantino first read the book Rum Punch, on which the movie is based, he missed the part in which Jackie Brown was described as a white woman. He only realized the error when adapting the screenplay and reviewing the book.

      One name on the tenant list for Melanie's apartment building is "S . Haig", a reference to Sid Haig, who plays the judge that sentences Jackie to prison.

      References to Pulp Fiction (1994): Jackie eats food from "Teriyaki Donut", the same place that Marsellus Wallace bought food from before being run over by Butch.

      The suit that Jackie buys is the same that Mia Wallace wears in Pulp Fiction (1994).

      One of the movies that Melanie (Bridget Fonda) is seen watching is Dirty Mary Crazy Larry (1974), starring Bridget Fonda's father, Peter Fonda. When Ordell (Samuel L. Jackson) sees Peter Fonda on the screen, he asks if that is Rutger Hauer. Melanie says, "No, it's Helmut Berger", an actor who co-starred with Bridget Fonda in The Godfather, Part III.

      Ray Nicolette, the ATF man, played by Michael Keaton, is the same character he played in Out of Sight (1998).

      The electronic "voice" on Jackie's answering machine is actually that of director Quentin Tarantino.

      When Jackie Brown, played by Pam Grier, is being locked in prison, the song "Longtime Woman" plays. This song was performed by Grier for Big Doll House, The (1971), and plays when the main character in that film is being locked in prison.

      When Ordell Robbie first goes to Max Cherry's office and is asked if he has the cash for the bond, he responds "I got in right here in my brand new raptor bag." Although the logo is partially obscured, it is clearly that of the Toronto Raptors. Actor Samuel L. Jackson was frequently courtside at Toronto Raptor games the season before filming Jackie Brown.

      Actress Mira Sorvino, who at the time was dating director Quentin Tarantino, can be seen out-of-focus in the back of the courtroom at Jackie's arraignment.

      In the closing credits, Tarantino gives special thanks to "Bert D'Angelo's Daughter" (among others). In the late 70's, Paul Sorvino starred in a TV detective show, "Bert D'Angelo/Superstar" (1976). Thus "Bert D'Angelo's Daughter" is Paul's daughter and Tarantino's girlfriend, Mira Sorvino.

    Goofs for
    Jackie Brown (1997)

      Anachronisms: Set in 1995, the calendar in Jackie's kitchen is for 1997.

      Anachronisms: A computer software store advertises 688 Hunter/Killer, not available until 1997.

      Anachronisms: Ordell's cellular phone (Motorola StarTac) was not available until 1997.

      Continuity: Traffic suddenly disapears when Ordell shoots Louis inside the van.

      Crew or equipment visible: Cameraman's reflection can be seen in glass window when Jackie and Ordell are shouting on the patio.

      Continuity: The brass paper fastener and the hole it fits through both disappear from the envelope that contains the cash when Jackie is stopped by the ATF.

      Continuity: Melanie's crossed legs switch places in alternating shots. Eventually, the two shots match.

      Continuity: The extra money at the bottom of the bag is secured with rubber straps, but when viewed later, the straps are gone.

      Continuity: In the beginning of the movie, when Ordell, Louis, and Melanie are watching the "Chicks with Guns" video, Ordell turns the volume on the TV up. The first time he turns up the volume, a volume display appears on the TV, the second he time he turns up the volume - no display.

      Continuity: When Sharonda is talking to Jackie in the mall, Jackie's hand enters frame to put out her cigarette. When the camera cuts back to Jackie, she still has it.

      Factual errors: In the first scene when Ordell and Louis are watching the "Chicks with Guns" video, Ordell hits the "rewind" button on the remote to move the tape FORWARD to the next scene.

      Continuity: When Max Cherry shows his ID to Jackie, it shows his birthday as 3/15/48, making him 47 years old (the movie takes place in 1995). At the end of the movie, he tells Jackie that he is 56 years old.

      Continuity: When Jackie changes from her uniform to the Jones of New York pantsuit, her uniform disappears. She does not carry it out in her bag nor is it left in the dressing room.

      Continuity: When Max is driving Jackie from jail, she depresses the button to bring her window down and her nails are painted red. In the next scene in the bar where she and Max are enjoying a drink her nails are unpolished.

      Continuity: When Melanie has switched shopping bags with Jackie in the fitting rooms she walks away to the right when looking from inside the fitting room. However, when Jackie leaves the fitting room, there is nothing but wall to the right. She is in the last cubicle and has to turn left to get back out onto the store floor.

      Crew or equipment visible: Cameraman's reflection can be seen following Jackie into the mall for the money exchange.

      Crew or equipment visible: During the conversation between Melanie and Louis, in which they are talking about stealing the money from Jackie and Ordell, you can hear director Quentin Tarantino coughing off screen.

      Continuity: The film takes place in 1995. Officer Dargus explains that Jackie was first busted in 1985, then says "Cut to 13 years later...," making 1998 the year in which the film would be occurring.


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