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      Walk Away....

      On Friday PM, August 17, 2001

      • by JeffB :...
      • A Drive Down Memory Lane
        drivedow zip (17k) (MF mf bro/sis inc)
        Our earliest memories are often our strongest. Here is a story of my trip down memory lane, what I relived, and what opened up to create new future memories that promise to be every bit as good.     
      • by Paul Phenomenon :...
      • Foxy Mama and Lilly, ch 2
        foxymam2 zip (12k) (m/f m/F inc bro/sis mom/son mast)
        I wanted to leave, wanted to avoid the inevitable confrontation, but the scene before me commanded my continued presence. Beautiful! Nothing, I decided, is more beautiful than a woman in the throes of an orgasm. Mother’s lush body jerked as the sensations of her orgasm gripped her and washed over her. Her face twisted into a gorgeous grimace as she experienced the exquisite sensations of her climax. Time passed. It seemed like hours, but I knew it was only seconds, and finally Mother started to recover. Her eyes fluttered open and she gazed at me, first at my dribbling cock and then up to my eyes.     
      • by Jeremy :...
      • New Neighbors, part 2
        newneig2 zip (18k)
        My apprehensions of having a new set of neighbors living next door were soon dissolved. Frank and Janice were more than friendly; they shared the warm country attitude that most people do in these parts. As far as Peggy goes there is no need in saying how much I enjoy having her around, I am quite sure that it shows. Now that her wall of fear had been broken, not to mention her cherry, we could enjoy a more relaxed environment when we are with one another. Something happened, something that in my eyes almost ended everything. However, as you will see, it only adds a nice twist to everything.     
      • by little girl Watcher :...
      • The Hazards Of Being A Mutt Fucking Mommy, part 1: Desires Planted From A Puppy Porn Show
        thehaza1 zip (13k) (g/g (12,9) Inc: g-mast, lez,tease,mutual g-mast, mild reluc, voy, public, ref to beast, pedo,cons)
        Let me confess to anyone reading this, right here at the start, everything that happened yesterday was all my fault. I don’t blame the dogs and I certainly can’t blame my son, though I DO blame my husband just a little bit for not fucking me long enough, hard enough or decently and sending me down the path I have chosen....HA...No, that’s not true. The problem wasn’t with Kurt, not really, his cock is great and he fucks me wonderfully. The fact of the matter is I love satisfying him, I just require more than he can provide. He knows all about my desires and not only encourages me to be as nasty as I like but will often help!    The truth is, I am a bitch. Literally. I fuck and suck with dogs and have done so since my thirteenth birthday.     
      • by AnonX :...
      • Cocksuckin Aunts, part 1
        cocksuc1 zip (7k) (mFFFFFF)
        This is about how my orthodox aunts get themselves into sucking my cock and drinking my cum and my pee.     
      • by Serenaxxx :...
      • Mr Double Club Party, ch 1
        mrdouble zip (15k) (F/F F/g w/s M/F)
        I have always been a tease but somehow, recently, I had been even more horny than usual. I felt constantly aroused, my pussy permanently damp as the trip approached. I couldn’t believe at last, after all the waiting, all the sexy correspondence and fantasies, I was finally on my way to meet so many e-friends from the inimitable Mr. Double club. The fact that I had never been to Thailand before was only secondary importance in my excitement.     
      • by narikadas :...
      • The Healing Touch Of Doctor Sudha, part 3
        theheal3 zip (38k) (M/FFF, Bi, nc, bdsm, Fdom, oral, anal, toys, veg, lac, scat, ws, caution)
        After Akshay's special service to the sexy doctor, the orgy continues with renewed vigour and descends to new depths of perversion and lust as the doctor uses her willing slave Akshay to demonstrate her peculiar theories of nutrition to Maya the nurse and Rekha, her other favorite patient.     

        Thursday PM, August 16, 2001

      • by lolitot :...
      • Elementary Sex, Lesson 7
        element7 zip (9k) (g/F/M/G)
        Lisa's got a problem. She's wettin' her panties in class an' can't figure out why, so she goes to the school nurse ... for her first time!     
      • by Paul Phenomenon :...
      • Foxy Mama and Lilly, ch 1
        foxymam1 zip (16k) (m/f bro/sis inc mast)
        She reached down and unzipped her shorts and pushed them along with her panties to the floor. Her fingers flew to her pussy, a pussy covered with a mass of black hair. I could smell her arousal and loved the fragrance     
      • by Natalia Marie :...New Author.!.!.!
      • My Tit Hungry Sons
        mytithun zip (13k) (M/FF Mom/Daughter/aunt/Sons/inc)
        The story My Tit Hungry Sons is about a mom and her sister and her two sons,all fascinated about big tits and titfucking.Mom and her sister train the sons in the art of titlicking and fucking. The story My bigboob mommy is about a mom and her sis and daughter,all funloving about bigtits and self love.The mom and sis train the daughter about licking one's own tits and others' too.     
      • by narikadas :...
      • Aunt Sulabha And Her Loving Children, part 5
        auntsul5 zip (29k) (Indian, MF FF MM, Bi, twink, inc, reluc, rape, nc, feet, oral, anal, lac, bdsm, FemDom, Mdom, ws, scat, caution)
        In this last part, the family moves on to new imaginative perversities till at the end of the week, the orgy sees everyone including Aunt Sulabha targetting the hapless daughter Neelima as an object and toy meant only for enjoyment and to try out wickedly lusty experiments.     
        The Healing Touch Of Doctor Sudha, part 2
        theheal2 zip (30k) (Indian, M/FFF, Bi, nc, Fdom, bdsm, oral, anal, toys, veg, lac, scat, ws)
        Doctor Sudha invites one male and one female patient to her farmhouse for a week of fun and frolick. Soon Nurse Maya too joins in. The fun is lusty and no holds barred which satisfies the most unusual appetites, including that of the young horny Akshay who demonstrates his slave like devotion to the doctor in a very convincing manner.     
      • by Bryans Pet :...
      • Meeting Master, ch 2
        meeting2 zip (7k) (M/f,D/S,Dog,anal,oral)
        Opening an eye I cautiously peek out from beneath the covers to see you sitting on the side of the bed. Still half asleep I smile dreamily up at you. Coming awake more fully I notice a steaming cup of coffee in your hand. Groaning I roll over on my back, flexing my leg muscles as I do. I can still feel the soreness from last night. "Good Morning Master" I whisper huskily.     
      • by Oldman :...
      • My Girls, ch 3
        mygirls3 zip (11k) (M/F,M/F,ORGY)
        My son, Sam, 27, had come into town and spent the night with us. This was the first time he had met the girls. Last night as we were going to bed I asked the girls if one of them wanted to spend the night with him. They both said Hell Yes Oleman, which one of us do you want to go, so I sent them both.     The next day Sam came out in the garage where I was doing some preventitve maintenance on my bike and said, "Pop that was the greatest. Them two fucked me all night long." I told him it was my pleasure but that it was only a loan. He grinned and said, "thats exactly what they said too." After a while Tanya came out and told us breakfast was ready and to come eat. Sam went in to wash up and Tanya said, "Ole Man have I told you how much we love you lately? That kid of your's is as horney as you are and just as hard to please. I thought he would never let us go to sleep."     

        Wednesday PM, August 15, 2001

      • by :...
      • Deep Black Space
        deepblac zip (103k) (Star Trek, parody, M+/F+, MF/FF, inter-racial, con/non-con, preg)
        Dax looked over her shoulder, noticing that none of the N'Gronyx were making anything remotely resembling a move towards her. Jadzia hated to admit deep down, that she liked to be on her knees. She knew that guys got that certain image when they saw the gentle slope of her back descending to the firm curves of her ass. Primitive? Yes! Effective? Damn straight! The sexy Trill, had never had any complaints, but right now, she was confused by their apparent lack of enthusiasm. Here she was, one of the most desirable women in Star Fleet completely naked, horny as hell, on all fours in the middle of a crowd of dominant aliens [all hung like horses] and they were driving her crazy with this waiting     
      • by bluvum :...
      • Doctor Meg, part 1 of 2
        doctorm1 zip (11k) (f, g = age 6/ F,F,g = age 4, inc/ oral)
        This story is about two perverted ladies, both are pedophiles. One of the ladies is a Pediatrician and was awarded a contract to care for all of the orphanages in the State. The other lady is an attractive young nurse and mother with a cute little girl she used to entice the good doctor to hire her as an assistant. The two ladies realize the opportunity they have. There are a lot of wealthy male pedophiles that would be willing to pay vast sums of money to use a little girl. This would be a perfect situation. All the children the ladies could hope for. Required drugs and medications necessary for a man to use the child of his choice. A doctor to put the child back together after a man hung like a horse used a child to his satisfaction. Not to mention the money they could make from selling the porno movies to the under world.     
      • by Euphoria :...
      • Lezzie Scat Hunger
        lezziesc zip (9k) (f adult/f child/pedo/lez/scat)
        An extreme, loving tale in which fierce desire is expressed in loving shit-play between an adult woman and her five-year-old lover whom she kidnaps on her search for a world where lezzie scat hunger is always satisfied.     
      • by Curious Cat :...
      • The Kennel Club
        thekenne zip (8k) (F/f, young, F/dog, oral, some mild dom/sub)
        As at the private “Kennel Club" monthly meetings, the members almost always pack the house for the nights when teenies or pre-teenies are introduced to their new lovers for the first time. Women like me are there because we just love sucking tender pussy and getting the girls ready for their first time ever with any cock     
      • by Bryans Pet :...New Author.!.!.!
      • Meeting Master, ch 1
        meeting1 zip (6k) (Dom/sub,Beast,M/F)
        The first time a sub meets her Master and how he makes her his slut     
      • by narikadas :...
      • Aunt Sulabha and Her Loving Children, part 4
        auntsul4 zip (29k) (Indian, MF FF MM, Bi, twink, inc, nc, feet, oral, anal, toys, veg, lac, bdsm, FemDom, Mdom, ws, scat, caution)
        The weekend is the joyful geting together for a no-holds-barred family orgy. Aunt fully indulges her perverse plans for feeding the two sons with a special diet of food and drink, and does not mind using force, especilly with her darling younger son-husband.     
        The Healing Touch of Doctor Sudha, part 1
        theheal1 zip (25k) (Indian, M/F, F/F, F/m, Bi, Fdom, bdsm, inc, oral, anal, toys, lac)
        Doctor Sudha, an attractive middle aged Doctor with strong appetites runs an unusual clinic for patients, both male and female. Her nurse Maya helps her in intimately servicing these patients. Outside clinic hours, The doctor is always impatient to return home. Her young teenage son waits for his darling mom to return as she has a special gift for him tonight     
      • by Mr. Dickerson :...
      • Eddie and His Four Sisters, ch 1
        eddiean1 zip (6k) (m/f bro/sis)
        Eddie Colt has lost his mother to jail, and his father ran out on him. He's depressed, but his four hot sisters will be able to cheer him up.     
      • by Rex Wilder :...
      • Peter, part 1
        peter1 zip (16k) (M/F/f)
        Eva var en mogen sexig kvinna, 33 еr fyllda, mellanblont hеr som nеdde ned till axlarna, hennes цgon var klarblе. Hon hade en stor mun med fylliga lдppar. Ansiktshyn var jдmn och slдt. Det var ingen цverdrift att pеstе att hon hade ett vackert ansikte.     
      • by translated by Polpot & Sergdriver :...
      • "ОБРЕЧЕННАЯ" (Preteen Bound by Bozo Da Klown), parts 4-5
        prete4_5 zip (30k) translation on Russian by Sergdriver and Pol Pot (M/f, pedo, kidnap, pre-teen prostitution)
        ОБРЕЧЕННАЯ" Главы 4,5. .....Совместный превод на русский Sergdriver and Pol Pot повести "Preteen Bound" Bozo Da Klown .... Маньяк описывает как он занимается похищением и растлением детей... ....- А ну-ка. Да я взгляну, каркнул лысый. Он схватил фотокарточку у своего приятеля и пялился в нее в течение нескольких секунд. - Здорово, - подытожил он, - Ее, и на самом деле, приятно было бы трахнуть. Мужики посмотрели друг другу в глаза с нескрываемым желанием отбарабанить эту маленькую девочку. Я на сто процентов был уверен, что их напряженные дубинки, скрытые в грязных штанах комбинезонов сейчас подпирают столешницу столика. Это была моя полная победа. Они уже были роботами и не могли сопротивляться обаянию Кристины....     

        Tuesday PM, August 14, 2001

      • by Boswell, the Bad :...
      • Ruby Mountain Progressive School, ch 2
        rubymou2 zip (8k) (M/F/m/f)
        Emmy closed her eyes, but knew from the feel of her clothing how much progress Harold was making. Downward, downward slid the panties and shorts, and she lifted her hips to make it easier for him to slip her garment past her buttocks. The feel of warm sun on the swell her now exposed pussy mound told her that she was totally exposed to his eager eyes. Excited beyond his wildest dreams, Harold swiftly stripped the now useless panties and shorts the rest of the way down her slender legs, and pulled them off past her sneakers, leaving her naked below waist.     
      • by Amber Gold :...
      • Very Loving Sisters
        verylovi zip (13k) (g-12f-13 incest oral cons Mg-12 nc)
        Two young sisters lose their parents in a car accident in California and go to live with a wealthy grandmother they don't even know that lives in New England. Devastated by the loss of their affectionate parents they soon discover that the only love they will have while in this big and lonely house is from one another. Slowly they discover the thrill of having sex with one another. Exploring the attic they discover secrets about their mother when she was young and the grandfather they never knew.     
      • by narikadas :...
      • Aunt Sulabha And Her Loving Children, part 3
        auntsul3 zip (39k) (MF FF MM, Bi, twink, inc, nc, feet, oral, anal, lac, bdsm, toys, FemDom, Mdom)
        The family moves on to wife swapping and then finally to partner swapping when both the sons end up together in one bedroom while the mother and daughter spend a delightfully wicked night together. The younger son experinces the pleasures of male-male bonding and the racking pain of a virgin being deflowered. By the end of the week, both the sons understand how deep seated is Aunt's insistence on foot worship and her plans for the use of slippers.     
      • by Boswell, the Bad :...
      • Junior Sex Club
        jscall zip (59k) (previous post in error)(MF, Mffffffff, ped, inc)
        The story below relates a tremendous change in life styles for involving a sudden jump into the wild, wonderful world of juvenile sex and incest. It all started one bright sunny Monday morning in July. I was home from work taking a couple of comps and enjoying just being lazy.     My thoughts were very much on the events of yesterday. My wife, Sue, had astounded me some weeks earlier when she announced that she wanted us all to visit a nudist resort near here. She claimed that she'd heard a lot of good things about it from her friends and felt that at least it would give us all a chance to develop great all-over tans.     
      • by Translation by Sergdriver and Pol Pot :...
      • "ОБРЕЧЕННАЯ" (Preteen Bound by Bozo Da Klown), parts 1-3
        prete1_3 zip (36k) (M/f, pedo, kidnap, pre-teen prostitution)
        "ОБРЕЧЕННАЯ" Главы 1-3. .....Совместный превод на русский Sergdriver and Pol Pot повести "Preteen Bound" Bozo Da Klown .... Маньяк описывает как он занимается похищением и растлением детей... ....... Она тихо лежала посредине фургона на большом матрасе - ее я мог прекрасно видеть, освещенную через раздвинутую перегородку, хотя длина цепи на которой она была привязана, позволяла ей спрятаться в темный угол. Кристина в расстегнутом платьице, связанная, с кляпом во рту выглядела невероятно соблазнительной с широко открытыми глазами. Она даже не посмотрела на меня, когда я спросил ее, как она себя чувствует. Мне кажется, она была в состоянии шока. Ничего странного - это часто случается с девочками ее возраста........     

        Monday PM, August 13, 2001

      • by Shadow1 :...New Author.!.!.!
      • For The Love of Suzy
        forthelo zip (34k) (previous post in error)
        Jimmy Mitchell had a problem; he was in love, which for a sixteen-year-old boy was not all that unusual. He had been in love with this girl for as long as he could remember. He knew it was love because she was the only girl he had ever met that he had ever felt anything for. She was beautiful, witty, and best of all she interested him. Anything she had to say he wanted to hear, even the most mundane aspects of her day interested him. He also found that she was the only girl that excited him physically and mentally. Sure he had dated a few other girls but none of them had ever turned him on, like the girl he loved. Just being in the same room with her created an excitement in him he could barely control.     
      • by White :...
      • A Room With Benefits
        aroomwit zip (14k) (M/F/g/ped/inc)
        A student rents a room from a family and discovers that it has some very arousing benefits!!!     
        I'm Daddy's Lover
        imdaddys zip (5k) (M/f/inc)
        A daughter decides to take her mothers' place     
        Special gift
        specialg zip (6k) (M/F/g/ped/inc)
        Stan gets a very special gift from his sister- in-law.     
      • by MindGamer :...
      • Jess, ch 1
        jess1 zip (6k) (FF, urination, first-time)
        "...'Go on honey. Pee now, I want to watch you pee for me!' breathed Sue as she stared at her friend's pussy. She hadn't seen another pussy up this close, let alone seen a woman masturbate outside of porn. It was so hot! She speeded up her own actions.      'Ok. Here it comes' said Jen as she squatted a little lower to avoid splashing Sue.      Sue watched fascinated. One hand gripping her friends thigh, the other busy at her pussy. Jen spread her pussy with both her hands and let loose a golden stream. There was the light smell of pee, then the splashing in the water. The golden stream twinkled as the light from the bathroom skylight caught it. ..."     
      • by Vixen :...
      • Life On Another Planet
        lifeonan zip (10k) (M/f F/m M/m F/f oral, anal, voyeur)
        Another planet is heard from. See for yourself. It's not quite what you're used to. It's peaceful and pleasant, with happy loving folks.     
      • by Pantyhose King :...
      • West, part 2
        west2 zip (7k) (M/F/mmmmmm/F/M/F/rape/nc/fetish)
        The second part to my story West. This part becomes a little more deviant, still heavy on the Pantyhose theme however.     
      • by narikadas :...
      • Aunt Sulabha And Her Loving Children, part 2
        auntsul2 zip (30k) (Indian, MF MF, inc, nc, oral, anal, FemDom, MDom)
        The wedding takes place and a lusty round of sex and fun starts. The wedding night is especially enjoyable for Aunt and the two sons whereas Neelima finds out how painful a wife's deflowering can be in spite of the pleasure of sex, especially when the husband is her own elder brother.     
      • by Mick Carlo :...
      • Dinner and a Movie
        dinneran zip (7k) (M/F, fantasy, public sex, teasing, masturbation, cum and smoking fetish)
        A teasing game of "sexual tennis" is in the works! She usually wins. But being the writer of this fantasy, I have the advantage in this case. Her teasing ways literally explode in her face!     
      • by Oldman :...
      • My Girls, ch 2
        mygirls2 zip (7k) (M/F/F,F/F)
        Thanks to some good words I thought I would do another adventure of Tanya, Diddie and I. It was in 1985 and The Fourth of July weekend and the girls wanted to go camping. We got our shit together and left town on Wednesday to beat the crowds. We went to a very small lake that Tanya and I had found way up in East Texas in the piney woods about 10 miles of the main highway. That trip is a story in its self.     
      • by Sammie Craig :...
      • The Monopoly Game, part 3
        themono3 zip (12k) (M uncle f niece, F aunt/f niece inc, Cons, oral, anal, Bi, toys, f-solo)
        Bill and Mary have an enjoyable evening of sex. Mary catches Lucinda masturbating about thoughts of Sammie, then Mary and Lucinda have some fun together. As Bill is screwing Lucinda, Mary catches Bill for a pre-planned set up, then the three of them enter into a threesome. Lots of Oral and Anal activity in Part 3     

        Sunday PM, August 12, 2001

      • by lolitot :...
      • Elementary Sex, Lesson 6
        element6 zip (7k) (F/F/g/g/M/b)
        Peephole time again! Mr. Evans gets a wild look at the school nurse an' the new Phys Ed instructor while they teach some advanced stuff'ta little Cassie an' Susie. Mmmm! Wet an' sloppy!     
      • by The Pied Piper :...
      • Fallen Angels
        fallenan zip (9k) (NOT (I repeat: NOT) for the squeamish, M?mmfff fant tort)
        Your ideas about heaven and hell COULD be right... but...     
      • by JKP :...
      • Mandy's Candy, part 2
        mandyca2 zip (7k) (F/M/f scat/piss/humil)
        A continuation of little-dom Candy. Bear with me as I develop this story. There is not a lot of sex in this part but I believe those who liked part one will definitely love this part and the introduction of a surprise for part 3.     
      • by Earnest Hemenhaw :...
      • Predator, part 2
        predato2 zip (11k) (M/f)
        Things were getting pretty hot for me back home. I had a regular harem --- six girls between 11 and 13 who were getting to be regular little cockhounds. I wasn't too sure how long I was going to be able to keep it up (no pun intended) when that was decided for me. One girl tried to seduce her brother and he refused. Don't ask me why. After some conversation, he found out about me and told their mother. She called the cops, but fortunately the girl called me first and I got the hell out of town     
      • by Oldman :...New Author.!.!.!
      • My Girls, ch 1
        mygirls1 zip (5k) (M/F,F/F,M/M/F/F)
        I had been divorced for about 2 years and about 44 when first met Diddie and Tanya. I met them with in about 2-3 months of each other and they both had several things in common. They liked to ride motorcycles and Rock-n-Roll, they were both fed up with the young insensitive stud muffins they had been dating at the time. Diddie was 19 5'8" 120lbs Strawberry red hair 36D tits and Tanya was 23 5'4 115lbs Brown hair 32C tits. Diddie had a very good job and her own apartment and Tanya still lived with her mother. Both girls were dating other guys as well as me and they both knew each other and by the time a year had passed they had become friends. They both had keys to my place and it was natural for one of them to be sleeping with me and the other one on the couch in the front room. Tanya asked if she could move in with me and I told her it would be ok but I didn't want to give up Diddie if she did. She had no problem with it and Diddie said it didn't matter to her just as long as she got her turns.     
      • by Narikadas :...
      • Aunt Sulabha And Her Loving Children, part 1
        auntsul1 zip (28k) (Indian, MF MF, inc, nc, oral, anal, FemDom)
        Aunt Sulabha (52) is overjoyed when finally all her children, two sons (age 32 and 16) and one daughter(28)come to live under one roof. An acidental watching of an adult movie triggers dormant passions and Aunt Sulabha pairs off with her darling younger son while the elder son and daughter spend a blissful night. Sulabha announces her plan for a family wedding to cement the pairing.     

        Saturday PM, August 11, 2001

      • by EricMJ12 :...
      • Family Love, A New Age Families New Life Style: ch 17a
        ff17a zip (32k) (family incest)
        Father and Daughter swap with another Father and Daughter Team     

    Takin' my time
    Choosin' my lines
    Try'n' to decide what to do
    Looks like my stop
    Don't wanna get off
    Got myself hung up on you

    Seems to me
    You don't wanna talk about it
    Seems to me
    You just turn your pretty head and walk away

    This update is special.

    Special because we have come a long ways.

    We have overcome many obstacles over the past ten years.

    We have overcome and we are now on the fastest bestest most professional server in the world.

    This means something.

    This means something to me, and this is why the main page is wiped out for this announcement.

    This is a special update.

    No, no more stories tonight.

    A commentary.

    A commentary on past successes.

    We have overcome.

    We don't rule the world yet, but we are here.

    On the fastest most bestest most professional server in the world.

    A far cry from the newsgroup repostings I did ten years ago.

    Why did I repost in the NGs ten years ago ?

    Good question.

    I did it because authors were getting harrassed for posting these stories.

    Because I believe in taking the heat.

    Taking the heat for all authors and readers alike.

    The heat.

    Taking the heat to preserve our Freedom.

    That's what this site is about.

    Preserving Freedom for future generations.

    And it is an easy fight.

    Not like previous wars.

    Not what our Honorable Veterans had to endure.

    Nothing like it.

    The heat today is in the form of a few scare stories out there intended to intimidate.

    Intimidate a few here a few there until no one is left.

    Not even compared to previous years of COPA.

    We're not talking about a revolution, not even a Mexican Standoff.

    We're talking about a couple-3 hyped up media scare stories.

    I'm serious.

    Because of one felon arrested for violating his parole.

    Because a child pornography ring was busted for publishing child sex images.

    That ain't what this site is about.

    This site is about Freedom of Expression.

    Freedom of Thought.

    And if it means I'm the last one standing, so be it.

    But it ain't even near that yet.

    Not even close.

    We're talking a couple news stories are scaring people away from this site.

    A couple rumors here and there.

    Scaring people from enjoying their Freedom of Thoughts.

    I'm not talking everyone, just a couple-3 authors, a few members here and there.

    But, enough to make me concerned.

    And I am concerned when anyone runs for fear of reprisal just for reading/writing a story.

    For thinking a thought

    For putting those thoughts on paper.

    For reading thoughts on paper.

    For exchanging thoughts with other people.

    So here I am.


    Standing upright.

    In the name of Freedom.

    I ain't talkin' no damn revolution, no Mexican Standoff.

    Hell, I don't even have my guns out.

    I'm just saying,

    I will take the heat for anyone.

    And everyone else should stand their ground, too.

    If you're not willing to stand for your freedoms, then you don't have any.

    There is zero pressure, zero legislation on the books, nada, zip, nothing to run from.


    Yes, unless you're already tokin' the line, breakin' the law.

    Time to separate the beer drinkers from the coke heads.

    Time to rid this site of lawbreakers.

    Time for the Freedom Lovers to say "Fuck all y'all lawbreakers, get the fuck out."

    Time for the scared to run.

    Time for the determined to stand their ground.

    See, Freedom Lovers and Thinkers don't have anything to worry about.

    We're not breaking any laws.

    All you people out there breakin' laws go away now.

    We don't want that.

    We are here to exercise our Freedoms.

    Freedoms protected by the First Ammendment.

    Protected by the United States Supreme Court.

    Freedoms protected by every law-abiding Law Enforcement Agency and Officer in this nation.

    Protected by every court, every judge, every prosecuter, every lawyer in the land.

    Freedoms protected by every last law-abiding citizen willing to stand their ground.

    Shit, I ain't gonna stand down now.

    Not over two-3 lousy chicken shit media hype stories.

    No way.

    I've come too far.

    I ain't even fired a shot yet.

    So here's my song.

    Walk Away.


    This commentary inspired by the news story tonight about the girl traveling alone with her dog who was murdered at a roadside park while on a journey following The Grateful Dead tour.

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