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    December 29th - January 04th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday PM, January 04, 2002

    • by Silver Fox :...
    • Granny Blows It, part 3
      grannyb3 zip (4k) (M/F Oral)
      72 Year old Karen has a craving for cocksucking. When the craving becomes too much for her, ther eis always the local "Glory Hole".     
    • by Mikelo :...
    • It Doesn't Matter, part 1
      itdoesn1 zip (43k) (ped/naturist)
      Roy writes about an exciting day he enjoyed with his cousin Shelley and her ten-year-old friends.     
    • by Toto :...
    • The Orphanage
      theorpha zip (13k) (Everything except pain/torture/snuff)
      The convent had been built in 1824 and still stands on the same spot. Originally a monastary, the Civil War had left so many children homeless and missing one or both parents that the monks had begun taking them in. In time, the place was turned into a full-fledged orphanage and turned over to the sisters to operate.     

      Thursday PM, January 03, 2002

    • by twentyfourseven :...
    • Breeder, ch 2
      breeder2 zip (4k) (m/fffff incest preg m/c ?)
      That evening , Harriet thought about the events of the previous day. "How could she have let herself seduce one of her students?" she thought to herself. Sure, she had always fantasized about it, but never even had rational thoughts of carrying it out. And to take that young boy in the ass, she thought, even her husband had never done that. She could lose her job, or even be prosecuted, she thought.     
      The Impregnator
      theimpre zip (4k) (m/fff incest preg)
      She then lead me to her bedroom and had me lie on top of her facing her. As she caressed my back she declared that she was my Wife-Mother . She grabbed my prick and said "This belongs to me and I will not share it!". She then took off her bathing suit, turned me onto my back and straddled my throbbing prick. She ground her hot hole against my prick and as she became lubricated she slowly enveloped me into the same canal from which I had emerged many years before.     
    • by Doctor J :...
    • Daughter's First Handjob or Laura, part 1
      daughte1 zip (5k) (M/f/F family incest)
      A young girl has her first experience of the male organ through her family.     
    • by Mikey :...
    • Exhibitionist Family, part 3
      exhibit3 zip (8k) (Mf, Mm, mm, ff, Ff, exhib, voy, pedo)
      The continuing adventure of a 15 year boy at a nudist resort with a decidedly open attitude about all kinds of sex. Here his new friends take him to their apartment for some more fun!     
    • by Earnest Hemenhaw :...
    • My Little Sweetie
      2mylittl zip (3k) (M/f pedo)
      I stood outside the school, watching for a particular little girl. I had been watching her for quite a while. Sometimes I'd come by during her lunch hour and talk to her. She was very outgoing and as sweet as she could be. I called her "my little sweetie" and she liked that. We would sometimes sit on a bench and talk. Other kids would come by and saee us but paid no attention. Her name is Kelsey. She's nine years old.     I saw her skipping down the sidewalk and approached her.     "Would you like to go for a ride, Sweetie?" I asked.     "Sure," she said. We walked to my car and she jumped right in. I started the motor and headed for my house.     
      Substitute Dad
      substitu zip (11k) (M/f bro/sis incest)
      When my parents were killed in a plane crash, I was assigned the job of taking care of my little sister, Terri. My parents were strictly into family planning. One every two years and they hoped for two boys and two girls. Most of it went according to plan. I'm 25, my brother in grad school is 23, my sister is 21 and a senior in college. Then came another boy, my brother, 19, who is a sophomore. They decided to stop at four, even though they didn't get the balance they wanted. Nine years later came Terri, now 10, unplanned but definitely not unwanted. Mom and Dad doted on her from the time she was born. In fact, they had expected to take her with them on their ill-fated trip but she had to go to school, so my youngest brother was watching her.     
    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Study Time, ch 9
      studyti9 zip (6k) (M/ff/daut/inc)
      Sam stood there and let the digital camera drop to her side. Her face had a big, shit eating grin on it. The two girls noticed her and tried to cover their nakedness with a look of fright.     "Jump in the shower girls and clean all of Daddy's scum off of you then go to your rooms. I'll see you there soon."     They fled, eager to be out of the room. Sam walked over, holding the camera behind her back.     
    • by DaddyBob :...
    • The Sculptor's Creation, part 1
      thescul1 zip (15k) (M/f, f/f, pedo)
      Maria's family was very poor. In order to survive the hard winter her father sold his 11 year-old daughter to be a model to " The Sculptor ". The artist only did nudes of very young girls, often in very erotic poses....     
    • by babyface :...
    • Bridging The Religious Haitus
      bridging zip (4k) (Indian incest)
      It is of immense pleasure to know that many have liked my narration about Salim's mother entering into an intimate relationship with me. My pendulous organ starts dribbling with virile juices when I remember all about the big wide chootars (buttocks) of respectable well fed buxom women from the elite rung of the society, who happen to be mothers to lovely siblings.     
    • by Mikelo :...
    • My Cousin Shelley
      mycousin zip (11k) (ped/naturist)
      Roy's cousin Shelley plays a major role in many of his stories, so here is some background information he has provided about her. This story follows on from "The Day I Became a Naturist."     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • La ta Chari
      latiacha zip (7k) (previous post in error) (m/F, incest)
      Riiiiiingggggg!    El telfono reson por toda la casa en el silencio de la sobremesa en mi casa. Me dio un sobresalto enorme, pero corr haca l y lo cog al tercer toque.     -Diga?     -Hola, Carlos, qu tal? dijo la voz de mi ta Chari, la hermana divorciada de mi madre.     
    • by Mike D. :...
    • Petra und Martin, teil 2
      petraun2 zip (7k) (m/w / 14/13 / oral/vaginal/anal)
      Wenn zwei Geschwister in einem Zimmer schlafen mssen, kann es zu unbeabsichtigten Krperkontakten kommen, die dann sehr viel Spa machen ... Hier der zweite Teil der Geschichte.     

      Wednesday PM, January 02, 2002

    • by twentyfourseven :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Breeder, ch 1
      breeder1 zip (5k) (m/fffff incest preg m/c?)
      Tommy Eddington sat in the front row of his tenth grade geometry class unable to concentrate on the example of congruent angles being drawn on the black board. His teacher, Mrs Harriet Yancy had his full attention. She had her back turned to the class as she wrote on the blackboard. Mrs. Yancy was a forty year old brunette, about 5'2". Today she was wearing a one size to small green plaid dress, knee length which accented to what Tommy was the most perfectly shaped female ass he had ever seen in his young life. Mrs. Yancy was moderately pretty, she looked her age, but her rounded mature figure interested Tommy more than developing high school girls.     
    • by daddydoright :...
    • Anne's Junior High Graduation Gift
      annesjun zip (23k) (M/f adult father, thirteen year old daughter sex, incest, reluct consent)
      I was really looking forward to taking my pretty thirteen year old daughter Anne to her Graduation banquet which was an annual event for the Jr.High School she just finished attending. My wife was away attending her ailing aunt for a couple of weeks so I would be taking my daughter by myself. It almost seemed liked I was a schoolkid again and going out on a date. But unlike my real school days, this time I had the prettiest girl in the school for my date....     
    • by Road King :...
    • Casino Play, ch 3
      casinop3 zip (23k) (M/f, Mggg)
      Jay Smith is in Atlantic City where he has been given a four night stay in a three room suite as compensation for his play at the tables, He meets up with Lynn, an Asian woman who asks him to let her and her sister Kim share his rooms with them. The two women also have children that have come with them. Lynn has two very young girls: Cherie age 6 and Toni age 4, while Kim has brought her preteen daughter age 12. Jay does some daydreaming about his past adventures with his girl friend Ruth's daughter Ashley age 5. This part of the story begins when Linn's two little girls asked her if Jay would give them their nighttime bath.     
    • by GPC :...
    • Claire and Debby
      clairean zip (7k) (M/ff bond incest first time)
      I had been fucking Claire for a couple of months. The little eight-year-old loved my cock. I would have bet that the little fox didn't have any panties on under her short dress, and knowing her mother it would have been a safe bet too! Debby was another matter. She was a little shy of five years old.     
    • by Mikelo :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Day I Became a Naturist, ch 1
      thedayib zip (46k) (pedo/naturist)
      Roy is a teenage boy, aged 15 when he first began to share his stories. He lives in one of the lesser-known Mediterranean countries, and some names of people and places have been changed to protect his identity and those of the children and others in his stories.     
    • by Jaz1701 :...
    • Dark Coercion, part 2: Raping My Stepmom
      darkcoe2 zip (15k) (M/F mom/son incest)
      I guess I'm a pretty normal guy. I'm 5ft 10 in, 167 lbs. I work out, but am not a muscle freak. I'm a Freshman in college, but I have this baby-smooth, innocent face that makes me look a lot younger than I really am. My dad is a Heart Surgeon, and a pretty good one at that. We are not really close. When I was 16 he left my mom and married Susan the Slut. Mom really loved him, and she never recovered. She started drinking--a lot. Mix that with pills, and chronic depression, and she was a real mess. I don't know how, or why but about a year ago she lost control of her car and went off the side of the highway.     
    • by beyolino :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Nette Nachbarn
      nettenac zip (19k) (MM, F, fff, mmm, beast)
      Ich habe Cristina vor einem halben Jahr kennen gelernt. Sie ist 28 Jahre, blond und genau mein Typ Frau: schlank und groe, feste Brste. Sie hat eine kleine Tochter, Manuela, genannt Manu, 8 Jahre. Manu sieht ihrer Mutter hnlich.     Wir zogen zusammen und alles entwickelte sich normal bis zu jenem Tag, der mein Leben oder besser unser Leben verndern sollte.     Christina musste an zwei Abenden in der Woche arbeiten, in der Zeit war ich mit Manu allein.     Ich konnte, bis ich mit Christina zusammenzog, nicht viel mit Kindern anfangen - doch Manu und ich gewhnten uns schnell aneinander und verstanden uns gut.     

      Tuesday PM, January 01, 2002

    • by GPC :...
    • Amy
      amy zip (4k) (dad/daut inc cons)
      "I feel better," Amy said as she walked into the room. She had put on a loose fitting sundress. As she sat down beside me I couldn't help but notice her perky little tits, resulting in my hard on getting harder.     
      Barb's Gang
      barbsgan zip (4k) (F/mmm inc group anal)
      Barb led the way into the old building. When she turned to face the three teens, she was greeted with the sight of three hard and throbbing cocks. Jake walked up to his mother and reached between her legs.     
      family zip (4k) (MM/f MM/F nc torture)
      "I can't understand how two grown men can enjoy wallowing in the cum filled holes of their eight year old niece. Hell, she's such a mess I bet the dog wouldn't even touch her, and we all know how much Brownie likes to dick her."     
    • by Keyman :...
    • Just An Ordinary Guy, part 4
      justano4 zip (34k) (b/g 17/9 Pedo, oral, anal ssexual exploration)
      In the movie The Usual Suspects, there is a familiar refrain. It goes, Who is Keyser Soze, which refers to an enigmatic crime lord who is never seen. After three parts of Just An Ordinary Guy, I would guess many of you are asking, Who is Mr. Funtuna, an enigmatic pedophile teacher continually mentioned but never seen. In part four you will be introduced to Charles Funtuna and given an insight into his life. The formation of his Pedophilia will be explained, as will his reasoning for becoming a teacher in a elementary school, as if you didnt know why he choose that profession. We will be able to observe a day in the life of Charlie Funtuna, courtesy of Zog and Lug, your favorite Pedophile Aliens.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Throw Away Kids
      throwaway zip (14k) (Mg-12 Mg-12 inc oral ped NC con)
      A Hallmark Christmas card version of the holidays is more fantasy than fiction. The quaint little cottage, covered in snow with colored lights showing through a window makes a pretty picture. The cute little children dressed in fancy clothes and opening beautifully wrapped gifts does happen but not to every child. It's been a long time since people have gone over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house. A charming cottage set among trees with a perfect Christmas pine in the front of the house all covered with blinking colored lights, sadly, is just a myth.     
    • by Opussy :...
    • Tripp's Planet, Introduction
      trippsp1 zip (8k) (M/F M/f Star Trek TNG)
      Petty Officer John Tripp is about to get the job of his dreams- creator of beautiful women.     
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • What a New Year
      whatanew zip (21k) (M/ff M/F incest)
      Don visits his brothers family and re-ignites a love affair with his brothers wife. But the surprise is the daughter. An interesing twist. Enjoy The best New Year to All my Readers     
    • by Incubus :...
    • Clover Planet-The Beginning of Boyhood Dreams, ch 1
      cloverp1 zip (4k) (F/m, M/F chat log)
      Over the holidays I had spent a great deal of time with my young nephew who was 6 years old. A bright beautiful boy that stood less than 4' tall and weighed all of 45lbs, I often wondered if it were possible to somehow meet a woman that enjoyed the idea of pedophilia as much as I did. Over the holidays I had spent a great deal of time with my young nephew who was 6 years old. A bright beautiful boy that stood less than 4' tall and weighed all of 45lbs, I often wondered if it were possible to somehow meet a woman that enjoyed the idea of pedophilia as much as I did. It didn't take long before my mind's eye began to envision such a plan to find this woman which led me to a series of late night encounters in a chatroom where much to my surprise I finally met the woman of my quest.     
    • by David Stephens :...
    • Sweet Little Katie
      sweetlit zip (14k) (MMF/g,inc,pedo)
      Dan and Sharan Grey meet the man who they believe is sexually abusing their 8-year-old daughter, Katie.     

      Monday PM, December 31, 2001

    • by Silver Fox :...
    • Demanding Step Son
      demandin zip (6k) (M/f, Stepmom/inc/int)
      Sexually Neglected housewife lusts after Step son's Black freind. Ends up with both of them.     
    • by GPC :...
    • Fran
      fran zip (4k) (M/g very young oral inc)
      "This is Fran," Brandi began as she ran her hand through the fine blond hair of the naked little girl. "She just turned two years old," Brandi continued as she moved her hand down to Fran's little crotch.     
    • by Boxer64 :...
    • Happy Hills, ch 2
      happyhi2 zip (4k) (F/m/vry yng/disability)
      Well here we are once again, yet another day in Happy Hills. This time we look at an employee named Kim, and a 3 year old boy named Chris. This time we will not focus on physical therapy, but rather on another part of daily life that is just as important     
    • by Anyone's Guess :...
    • Little Girl Fucker
      littlegi zip (4k) (m/f/dad/daut inc/preg/pedo)
      There they were four little girls tied to four beds ranging in age between 9 and 12. They were tied spread eagled with soft ties they had gags in their mouths. They were all four naked and ready for their first fucking. Their mothers had tied them this way and lubricated their cunnies with KY to make it easy for breeding. I had been fucking their mothers for a awhile now. In the case of my wife for fifteen years. The girls in question were my two daughters Hailey and Gwen 12 and 11 years old and my Niece heather ten and my neighbors kid Donna just nine but fertile. The women had arranged this whole thing. They all wanted me to father their grandkids. My wife put it best you need a harem so we made you one. So her I was as naked as the girls were and as ready for breeding.     
      Pubic Hair
      pubichai zip (5k) (m/f/dad/daut inc/preg/pedo)
      I knew the moment my girls got a little hair on their cracks that their virginity would be measured in hours. I married Steven their father because I knew that he would give my girls what I never got which was my Fathers cock in my pussy. I offered it to daddy many times but he said it was wrong and I would like to know who it was that said it was wrong for people who love each other to have sex that is so silly and it made me one frustrated little girl. I believe that women and young girls have a right to sex from the men they love and that those men have no right to say no. Back to my girls. Donna was eight and Gina was seven when they started to get pubic hair. I got them both together and we talked about sex especially about sex with their father, which they both wanted a mother can tell that her girls are ready for a certain man to make them women. I told them that sooner or later their daddy would come looking to spend the night in their bed. I told them that they could say no and he would leave them a lone. Steven is not a rapist after all.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Little Louise or How I Was Forced to Fuck Five Girls, Even When I Didn't Want To
      littlelo zip (17k) (M/f/f/f/f/f/, Adult male & 5 young girls, Semi N/C at first)
      I live next doo to a family of religious fanatics. One of the daughters comes over one day to hide from her fathers punishment. I help her out, with a "Special Cream", that I rub into her buttocks. Then, she brings her sister over for the same treatment. This thing grows to be more than I can stand.     
      Mrs. Barducci
      mrsbardu zip (12k) (m/F, young boy and a grown woman, romantic)
      When Johnny's mother dies, his next door neighbor begins to take care of him. She takes special care of him. Then his father dies, and he lives with the Barducci's. Mrs. Barducci sees to Johnny's development, and acts as a personal teacher.     
    • by daddydoright :...
    • My Beautiful Bonnie
      mybeauti zip (16k) (M/f adult uncle, thirteen year old niece incest, sex, consenting, oral, masturbation, voyeurism)
      Years ago I had discovered the dead-end road and found out that it was probably the most popular parking spot in this part of the state for all the area high-school kids. Since then I had secretly came back on a regular basis to watch the young couples perform their pornographic displays. They thought the darkness kept their actions concealed from any possible outsider's view, but my night-vision binoculars enabled me to see everything they did while supposedly hidden inside their parked cars. My late-night voyeurism was both enjoyable and stimulating until one night I looked through my night-viewing glasses and saw that the girl getting undressed in the parked car was my own young niece Bonnie.....     
    • by Dark Tower Gunslinger :...
    • Study Time, ch 8
      studyti8 zip (6k) (M/ff/daut inc/anal)
      There I was balls deep in my nine-year-old daughter's tight ass when my oldest daughter, eleven year old Pammie walked through the bedroom door. I was caught in a rather delicate moment but Mr. Peckerhead had a mind of his own. Hmmmm, super tight pre-teen asshole, hmmm, was all he was saying. I couldn't argue that logic. Damn my nine years old ass was good and tight. Glove tight. Like a hot, wet vacuum. Tighter than any pussy could be. Rubber glove tight with a velvet lining. Prick heaven. Mr. Peckerhead grumbled every time I withdrew until only the corona of my cockhead was inside that tight ring thinking I was going to take him out. Problem was, I was having a hard time not cumming in that tight ass but not getting too upset about my daughter's intrusion that I lost my hard on.     
    • by Tommy Warhead :...
    • The Doctor of Eagle Bay Pass, ch 4: Meli's Introduction
      thedoct4 zip (7k) (M/f)
      "Look, Meli," I tried to explain; "I really can not have you participating in the examination of an older male patient."     Meli smiled and said, "Please Doctor Dickinson, I'll do anything to see that hunk naked, anything."      Her emphasis on the word, "anything", made her meaning loud and clear, but Meli continued, "I've been getting so excited around here, and I know Nurse Lisa helps get you off, but wouldn't it be more fun for you if this fifteen year old virgin did whatever you asked."     
    • by Longpole 15 :...
    • In Our Father's Bed
      inourfat zip (6k) (M/ff, father/daughter incest, ceremonial)
      Brittany's family are part of the Fellowship in which incest is ritual. Now it is time for her initiation.     
    • by Little Love :...
    • Sister, part 3
      sister3 zip (8k) (incest)
      Tammy came back into my room a few minutes later. She was wearing her nightshirt.      "OK, can you see anything wrong?" she asked.     I took a close look at her. The nightshirt came down low enough on her legs that it wasn't clear that she wasn't wearing panties.     "If you are just standing around then it shouldn't be a problem." I said.     "Turn around and bend over.    " "OK", she said.    
    • by patris :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Babysitter Gefesselt
      babysitt zip (6k) (f/d/d dad/son/babysit)
      Fr meinen Sohn Kevin hatten wir ein Mdchen aus der Nachbarschaft als Babysitter angestellt. Es war Sonja. Sonja war 16 Jahre alt. Sie hatte halblanges, braunes Haar und ein schnes Gesicht. Sonja hatte einen wunderschnen Krper mit sehr schn geformten Brsten. Sie hatte kein Gramm zu viel an ihrem Krper.     
    • by Mike D. :...
    • Sicherheitsanweisung zum Lschen verrterischer Daten
      guide zip (3k) (instuction to delete treacherous files)
      Jedes Onlinegehen hinterlsst nicht nur im Netz (verrterische) Spuren, sondern auch auf dem PC. Windows lscht jedoch nicht alle Spuren, hier erklre ich euch, wie ihr die belastenden Datein und Spuren los werdet.     

      Sunday PM, December 30, 2001

    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • Christmas Trip On a Train
      christma zip (23k) (M/f Man meets young girl)
      At Christmas story of a mature man and a young girl thrown together on a train. Both provide very intimate Christmas gifts to each other.     
    • by Sam T. Sleaze :...
    • My Second Date with a Harry Potter Fan
      mysecond zip (8k) (Mf; oral, anal)
      I had little 8 year old Liz pinned to the hood of my Camero. It was 4 in the afternoon, and right there in our driveway, in full view of everyone I had torn off her clothes, unzipped my pants and started to slam it to her. My rock hard 10 inch cock pistoned in and out of her tight, tiny little cunt, and her cries of pain and passion cut through the dim silence of the quiet neighborhood. Liz was grunting with each thrust and as I started to cum, I noticed we had drawn quite a crowd from the neighborhood. Good. They could all watch me pull out of the little bitch and spray my jizz all over her face!     
    • by Uncle Buck :...
    • The Child Lover, ch 3
      thechil3 zip (4k) (Adult and Child)
      Sue shows Buck her "Kitty." (She too young to have a pussy)     
    • by Rick Roll :...
    • The Perfect Gift
      theperfe zip (12k) (F/m - mom/son/inc/cons/oral/romantic/virgin)
      A romantic tale of a mother's love for her 14 year-old son. When they discover that he is terminally ill with cancer, the family sets about trying to fulfill every last wish that he has. When he confides in his mother that his true wish is to have sex and to be with a girl, she sets about doing everything that she can to make this dream come true. Thank you to Poprocks for the inspiration.     
    • by Mike D. :...
    • Petra und Martin, teil 1
      petraan1 zip (12k) (m/w / 14/13 / oral/anal)
      Wenn zwei Geschwister in einem Zimmer schlafen mssen, kann es zu unbeabsichtigten Krperkontakten kommen, die dann sehr viel Spa machen ... Hier der erste Teil der Geschichte.     

      Saturday PM, December 29, 2001

    • by Artsy Craftsy Kid :...
    • I Need A Joint
      ineedajo zip (25k) (m/Fff)
      Well, the old turkey was dead as last but he left a legacy of incestuous perversion.     
    • by Rex Wilder :...
    • Alberts Harem, part 1
      alberts1 zip (9k) (M/M/f/f,ltt bi)
      40-rige Albert lg behagfullt utstrckt p sngen ikldd endast en tunn T-trja. Mellan hans srade lr lg Lena, helt naken, och sg vllustigt p hans kuk. Det var lngt ifrn frsta gngen hon sg sin pappas kuk.     
    • by Pato :...
    • Las Gemelas y Yo (The Twins & Me)
      lasgemel zip (15k) (dad/daut)
      Mi esposa nos abandono y el proceso de nias a mujer de mis hijas gemelas, lo viv de la manera mas intensa e interesante que se puendan imaginar     
    • by Lovelaskes :...
    • Party Of The Graduates, part 3
      partyot3 zip (7k) (mfff, mast)
      , , . , , . , , . , , .     

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  • O beautiful for spacious skies,
    For amber waves of grain,
    For purple mountain majesties
    Above the fruited plain!
    America! America!
    God shed his grace on thee
    And crown thy good with brotherhood
    From sea to shining sea!

    O beautiful for pilgrim feet
    Whose stern impassioned - stress
    A thoroughfare for freedom beat
    Across the wilderness!
    America! America!
    God mend thine every flaw,
    Confirm thy soul in self-control,
    Thy liberty in law!


    O beautiful for heroes proved In liberating strife.
    Who more than self the country loved
    And mercy more than life!
    America! America!
    May God thy gold refine
    Till all success be nobleness
    And every gain divine!

    O beautiful for patriot dream
    That sees beyond the years
    Thine alabaster cities gleam
    Undimmed by human tears!
    America! America!
    God shed his grace on thee
    And crown thy good with brotherhood
    From sea to shining sea!

    O beautiful for halcyon skies,
    For amber waves of grain,
    For purple mountain majesties
    Above the enameled plain!
    America! America!
    God shed his grace on thee
    Till souls wax fair as earth and air
    And music-hearted sea!


    O beautiful for pilgrims feet,
    Whose stern impassioned stress
    A thoroughfare for freedom beat
    Across the wilderness!
    America ! America !
    God shed his grace on thee
    Till paths be wrought through
    wilds of thought
    By pilgrim foot and knee!

    O beautiful for glory-tale
    Of liberating strife
    When once and twice,
    for man's avail
    Men lavished precious life !
    America! America!
    God shed his grace on thee
    Till selfish gain no longer stain
    The banner of the free!

    O beautiful for patriot dream
    That sees beyond the years
    Thine alabaster cities gleam
    Undimmed by human tears!
    America! America!
    God shed his grace on thee
    Till nobler men keep once again
    Thy whiter jubilee!


    (as written by Katharine Lee Bates)

    This update dedicated to all our servicemen and women who won't make it home for the Holidays, as well as to those who have paid the ultimate price for protecting our homeland and freedoms

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