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    January 27th - February 02nd mid-Morning Updates

      You Don't Know Me....

      On Friday PM, February 02, 2001

    • by The Anonymous Guy :...
    • Confessions of a Little Girl
      confess2 zip (8k) (M/f uncle/niece pedo)
      My name is Michelle and I'm 12-years old. This is about my "Uncle Joey" who is my daddy's friend. He's not really my uncle, but my daddy says he's like an uncle so that's what I call him. Uncle Joey has been babysitting me every Saturday night since I was four and as far back as I can remember, Uncle Joey and I have had a secret which I have never told anyone about until now.     
    • by daddydoright :...
    • Humdinger
      humdinge zip (7k) (M/f adult father, twelve year old daughter, incest, pedo)
      My name is Samantha but nobody calls me that. I'm not real sure what daddy calls me now. Anyway I've got this great big secret and I have simply got to tell someone about it. It is too wonderful to keep from the whole world any longer...     
    • by Can Man :...
    • More Familiar!
      morefami zip (8k) (M/f/niece-eleven years old/n-c)
      After the first night Emma and I traveled down a long road of almost nightly visits to her room. Almost the same pattern was followed. When I would try to take it any further she would object. With my daughter sleeping in the same bed and my wife sleeping in the very next room I decided that it would be best if I did not push, so I did not for almost a month.    One day, while sitting in an empty house I began to see another side to this stalemate. Emma was dependant on me for her private school. Her family could not afford to send her to school and attending the junior high school here was a blessing for everyone. I also knew that my wife, who was not yet an American citizen would not be able to say anything if she found out. She wanted to go to the States and would not jeopardize losing this opportunity, especially for her daughter, who was now my adopted daughter. Even if Emma said anything, my wife would not do anything and would definitely not go public.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Magic Milking Machine
      themagic zip (11k) (mmmmfffg oral,mast,young teen,machine)
      Four boys and four girls, all horny and always looking for sex, from the big city get a working vacation on a dairy farm for 2 months in the summer. One of the first things they learn about is the automatic milking machine. When they learn how it works the boys get this idea of hooking their cocks up to a machine and then make a bet as to who can go the longest without blowing cum. The girls help them out and one night when they sneak down to the barn they have a contest that ends up with the boys having the experience of a life time and leads to one of them starting a business when he gets back to the neighborhood.     
    • by Preteen Pleasures :...
    • The Playground Acquisition - A Day At The Farm - Another Box Office Smash!
      theplay4 zip (11k) (7yold girl/beasts)
      What do you get when you cross one seven-year-old girl with her favorite doggy and a Shetland pony to boot? Another kiddie-porn box office smash!     
    • by Lovelaskes :...
    • Party Of The Graduates, part 2
      partyof2 zip (20k) (Mf, mast)
      " , , ? ? ? , . . , . . . , ? , , ? , , ".     

      Thursday PM, February 01, 2001

    • by Scottyboy :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Kathy - The Story of a Future Incest Mom, ch 1
      kathy1 zip (7k) (M/f cons)
      Kathy is 15, Thomas is 35, they are about to embark on a mutual sexual journey of discovery that will take them both where the want to go, with themselves, friends, their future children.     
      Michael's Awakening, ch 1
      michael1 zip (6k) (m/m, m/f, cons, inc, w/s)
      Michael and Steve and 12 and 10, they meet at a camp and start to discover just what fun their bodies can offer each other, and a hint of what Steve's sister could offer.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Afternoon Delights
      afternoo zip (10k) (MFggg/Mg/Fg inc,pedo,mom,daut,oral,mast,man,young girls)
      He knew this was wrong but she was throwing her self at him. As he kissed her his cock got very hard and he knew she could feel it. As he kissed her he was thinking that this wasn't right. Her girls were watching. Why was she doing this? He felt a small hand reach for the front of his pants and his zipper was slowly being pulled down. His eyes flew open as he felt a small hand reach into the opening and dig out his big, hard cock. He tried to move back but Marie was kissing him hard and holding him and if she didn't care then horny Mike didn't care either. As they plunged their tongues back and forth between mouths he felt hands on his cock. Then he felt tongues. Yes tongues. Not one but three little tongues were busy licking at his cock.     
    • by Preteen Pleasures :...
    • The Playground Acquisition: Kiddie Porn Box Office Hits!
      theplay3 zip (10k) (M/M/M/M/M/7yogirl/pedo/straight/oral/anal/voyeur/interracial/etc)
      What do you get when you cross five horny and hung black studs and a little seven-year old white girl? A Kiddie Porn Box Office Smash!     
    • by Travis Lee :...
    • My 3 Daughters, part 3
      my3daut3 zip (7k) (M/f, dad/daut, 1st time, romance)
      Travis and Amy have a magical night as they make love for the first time.     
    • by Jenny :...
    • Linda och Bengt, ch 1
      lindaoc1 zip (11k) (M/f, teen, humil, fdom)
      Nr Bengt fr se sin dotter Madeleine och hennes kompis Linda ligga ute och sola vid hans pool kan han inte annat n att bli kt. Strax str han dr och runkar samtidigt som han ser p dem. Vad han dock inte anar r att Linda inte r en srskilt snll flicka utan tvrtom en som finner ett visst nje i att frnedra sina beundrare.     
    • by Rex Wilder :...
    • Lilla Sandra, part 4
      sandra4 zip (10k) (m/f)
      John var otlig ver att komma hem s fort som mjligt. Han lngtade efter lilla Sandra, lilla ljuvliga Sandra. Hela kvllen hade han funderat ver hur han skulle komma ifrn Mia och Jack s tidigt som mjligt utan att vara oartig.     

      Wednesday PM, January 31, 2001

    • by Two Eyes :...
    • Cassidy, parts 3-4
      cassi3_4 zip (16k) (mf incest oral anal)
      Cassidy finally meets incest, in the lighter half of today's post, Robert takes over a high school sex-ed class with his slave Cassidy which happens to contain her younger brother. He's not the only one who gets lucky however...     
    • by Edo :...
    • Kazu's Story, part 7
      kazu7 zip (6k) (m/m, m/g, Mild Femdom, NC)
      She screamed and tried to wiggle out from under him. She was pushing on his chest as his cock slid home. She was shouting at him to stop, but he was beyond hearing. His whole universe was his cocklet sinking into her warm wet cunt. It was a lot looser than Tom's hole, and softer. Tom's boy-pussy fought him, always trying to expel his little fuck-stick. Beth's cunt was years from mature, nevertheless, it pulled him IN..     
    • by daddydoright :...
    • Love Thy Neighbor
      lovethyn zip (12k) (M/f adult man twelve year old girl sex, masturbation,romance)
      I had lived alone for five years. The large house next door to me had been vacant for several months. Then one day I saw a moving van pull up to it and then a family pulled up and parked in front. I watched as the father, the mother, and their beautiful daughter all got out and walk to their new home.......     
    • by taster :...
    • Grandpa's Girls, part 1
      grandpa1 zip (7k) (M/F inc scat penetration)
      I shuddered, and let out a long fart, that seemed to add to his enjoyment. His next idea gave me the shakes, but I was his. "Carol, when you were little and I changed your diapers, you sometimes poohed while I changed you. You tasted delicious then, and I'll bet you're better now!" My god, he had me as a child     
    • by Ptgrn1 :...
    • Payback, ch 1
      payback1 zip (7k) (M/f, rape)
      I sat in my SUV watching the junior high cheerleading practice. I had been watching them for a week waiting and planning. Toni was a very cute red headed girl with blue eyes, great ass, no tits and the 12 years old daughter of one of the cons I knew inside.     
    • by BigWaveBoy :...
    • The Kids of Wildwash Apartments, part 10
      thekid10 zip (7k) (M/f, pedo, mast, oral)
      A neighbor has me babysit her young daughter when she is called away for a family Emergency. I must say, she was a very well behaved young lady... quite curious too!     

      Tuesday PM, January 30, 2001

    • by Amber Gold :...
    • A Great Cock Sucker
      agreatco zip (11k) (Mfm/fm/Mf inc,father son,bro,sis,oral,mast)
      Tiffany loved to suck a man's cock. She had started young when her brother would stick his cock in her mouth and threaten to hold her nose and suffocate her if she didn't do what he said. Their Dad caught them at this and whipped them both on their bare asses then decided that maybe Tiffany could redeem herself if she sucked his cock. He always gave her a reward of an orgasm or let her brother fuck her while he jerked off and watched them. Soon she didn't know anything else and got so she loved cock.     
    • by Preteen Pleasures :...
    • A Piece of Pregnant Pussy
      apieceof zip (5k) (Father/13yo daughter/pregnancy/straight/anal/oral)
      My daughter was there on the bed waiting for her Daddy as I approached naked and hard. I gazed at her huge belly with a renewed lust and thought of a little girl inside of her to start the training all over again. I wanted her. Perhaps if I fucked her deep enough our baby would have something to drink.     
    • by Euphoria :...
    • Little Ass-Slut's Dirty Fuck-Hole Gets Knocked Up
      lasa9 zip (10k) (M/f dad/daut mum/daut pedo w/s anal scat necro the works!)
      Jenny, the dirty little ass-slut, is back! And her holes are just as filthy as ever. And Jody, never one to be shy, has found a mean and nasty man to punch-fuck her. It's a new town! It's a new adventure! It's back inside the dirtiest cock-slots in the pre-teen business.     
      Slut Betty
      slutbett zip (6k) (dad/pre-school daut/teacher pedo w/s anal oral)
      "The street is dark. Mr. Teacher stops his car. His car is big. It has a radio. I have underpants. They are white. They have a smiley face near the pee-pee. Mr. Teacher touches the smiley face."      Four-year-old Betty's dad and kindergarten teacher are helping her discover just what her vagina and rectum are good for.     
    • by Boswell, the Bad :...
    • Perihelion
      periheli zip (8k) (F/f, Coming of age)
      She laid her head back and closed her eyes as she felt the nurse's fingers smoothing the gel over her mons, her belly, between her soft pussy lips and along her slit as she massaged the foam into the pussy hair that grew there. Beth gave a little gasp when she felt the woman's fingers massaging her hard little clit. At the order from the nurse, Beth half raised her rump so that the woman could also lather Beth's crack back over and around her anus.     
    • by PedoRights :...
    • The Future Looks Rosy, ch 1
      thefutu1 zip (5k) (M/F/f/f/f/m/m/m/ffff Very young inc ped con)
      Ungh, unngh, uughhhh, YES, Daddy, get me pregnant, cum in my baby pussy and make another baby in my little womb. YESSS YESSSS it feeeeels sooo good daddy!! Cum in me. I want another baby, please!!!!! OHHH OHHH I'm gonna CUM, I'MMMMMMM CUmmmminnnnnggggg, AHHHHHHHHHH. Yes Yes yes fill me up with you cum daddy.     
    • by Lud Kannowan :...
    • The Lawn Mowing Boy Cliche Story
      thelawnm zip (7k) (F/m interracial/oral/shower/foot/sex)
      Well.    It's the Lawn Mowing Boy Cliche Story. I think the title says it all: Witty, sexy, sex, wit. Something different. Something, one might suggest, with a smile.     
    • by Solomon Gurney :...
    • The Sacrament
      thesacra zip (27k) (M/fff)
      In an almost reflex action among his first stirrings of the morning, the Leader placed his hand on Yanda's smooth brown head. She was already awake and instantly slid down the bed to take his soft penis into her mouth. She closed her lips tightly around him and did not have long to wait for the strong, hot stream of piss that he had produced during the night. As soon as her mouth started to fill she swallowed quickly without him needing to stem his flow or risking any spillage into the bed.     
    • by Culkin8er :...
    • Rent, ch 2
      rent2 zip (4k) (M/b/g ped inc oral)
      I was sitting in the sauna with my aching cock sticking up between my legs when Tommy and Tammy walked through the door. They had already undressed in the outer room and walked over to me temptingly naked. Tommy was proudly sporting his swollen member and showed no signs of trying to hide it from his sister or me. I picked naked little Tammy up and sat her on my lap. Her bony back pressed my erection into my stomach.     
    • by Dodger :...
    • The Thomsons, ch 9
      thethom9 zip (4k) (mF inc)
      Chapter 9 Little Billy gets some without help when he manages to slip it to his own sleeping Mom.     
    • by Sick Girl :...
    • Whipping Little Kiddy-Cunts
      whipping zip (24k) (MF/ff, inc, torture, punishment, pre-teen)
      "Now, we'll see how pleasant you find this." With that he took the nylon cord. He made a loop and passed the cord around 11-year-old Jane's middle three times. He pulled the cord very tight causing little girl to gasp and cry out. The three wraps cut deep into her above her hip-bones. He then looped two strands underneath her crotch from the front of the waistband and up between her buttocks to the rear of the waistband where he looped the cord through. He then carefully guided the strands either side of the little girl's clitoris, but between her pussy lips so that clit was pinched tightly between the two strands of cord. From the back he pulled the crotch ropes tight, so tight he lifted Jane off the floor. She squealed as the cords cut into her pussy and anus, pinching hard at the base of her protruding clit.     

      Monday PM, January 29, 2001

    • by Typoman :...
    • Mike, Lawanna, Becky and I, ch 2: The Swimming Pool
      lawanna2 zip (31k) (m/m, f/m/f, m/m, mast, oral, slight femdom, voy, inc)
      About 3 months after Mike and I started hanging around together he showed me where his secret stash of porno magazines were. He had them stashed way out in the desert so nobody would find them. Mike had only said that they were porno magazines but when I got a look at them I nearly came in my pants right there! They weren't just porno, it was the hard core stuff. Mike told me that he found them in the trash at one of the houses down the street. About a third of them were gay magazines and the rest was an assortment, ranging from dirty books to bondage and regular hardcore. I had seen my share of Playboys and Penthouses, but up until then I had never seen anything so graphic as the stuff Mike had collected. He had stashed them close to the river bottom and away from where people usually went. A little ways away from where they were hidden was a stand of Cottonwood trees where we could look at them in the shade. The shade of the trees was a welcome relief after the half-hour long ride in the hot Arizona sun to get to where his stash was. I got so horny after looking at the first couple of magazines that I desperately needed to go somewhere private and jack off.     
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • The Awakening
      theawake zip (14k) (M/g; inc (uncle, dad); caution)
      "I went to bed naked, hugging the pillow, and when I woke up the morning sun was pouring in through the white lace curtains on the windows and Uncle Ned was standing at the foot of the bed. I'd kicked off the covers - or maybe he'd pulled them off. He was staring at me. I was still sleepy, and whatever I'd dreamt had washed away the dirty thoughts of the night before - but they came back to lick me like big black dogs, my little white body exposed to his gaze."     
    • by daddydoright :...
    • You Can't Always Want What You Get, part 4 (final)
      youcant4 zip (7k) (M/f adult man young girl sex, romance, pregnancy)
      Finally league play began and my team of sexy girls surprised me and everyone by playing outstandingly. One of the little girls who I had been overlooking came over to my apartment and let me know how the cow eats the cabbage.......     
    • by Edo :...
    • Kazu's Story, ch 5-6
      kazu5_6 zip (5k) (m/m, m/F Dream, M/m)
      After a few minutes, Kazu's ass relaxed, gave in to the intrusion. Bob promptly tried to replace his finger with a well lubricated thumb. It was hard to get it into the boy, after he removed his finger, Kazu's love tunnel closed up tight. It took ten frustrating minutes before he was once again violating the boy's ass and cock at once     

      Sunday PM, January 28, 2001

    • by T. Lawrence Shannon :...
    • A Nudist Boy's Letters
      anudistb zip (6k) (mm/pedo/size)
      Sam is a very special boy. He is very cute with a classic greek beauty in his face and has platinum hair and a bronze little swimmers body. He also has an unusually large penis for a boy his age and size. I've seen it many times and he's almost as big as I am,his dad. When soft it's four inches, about nine when hard.     
    • by Stepdaddy :...
    • I Have My Dad to Thank
      ihavemyd zip (8k) (M/f, father/daughter, young teen, anal, trickery)
      I have the best ass of any girl in my high school, and I'm only fifteen years old! Of course, since he started helping me exercise it a couple of years ago, I guess that I really have my Dad to thank.     
    • by Preteen Pleasures :...
    • Losing it with Aunt Fran
      losingit zip (7k) (Aunt/nephew/firsttime/titfuck/oral/sex)
      The first time I came wanking off was also the same day I lost my virginity. It was Fran, my twenty-year-old aunt, who heard me moaning her name when she got out of the shower. When she opened the door and caught me red handed, I was about to see those humungous tits that I had dreamed about for so very long.     
    • by Black Dragon :...
    • Lost it on a Bike (Sorrta)
      lostiton zip (5k) (dad/dau, 1st, cons)
      Jenny was out riding her bike one morning when she hit the curb and fell. She runs into the house bleeding and crying. She had partially torn her hymen and scraped her butt.     
      Math Class
      mathclas zip (9k) (M/ff, 1st)
      15 year old Susan was having a hard time in Algebra class. She knew she had to go to Summer School if she didn't do something to improve her 'D' grade. Walt, her instructor agrees to help her do anything to avoid the dreaded Summer School.     
      The Slip
      theslip zip (8k) (dad/dau, 1st, inc, coercion)
      13-year old Alise and Melissa were caught in the video arcade by her dad. She had told on him, last summer for smoking pot and watching a porno movie. (He got thrown out for a few days until he could kiss her ass to get back in.) She knew her mom would go ballistic. She makes an agreement with her dad. He knew it was "payback" time.     
    • by bentreed :...
    • Male Teens Examined Together, part 1
      maletee1 zip (4k) (m/m, medical, young)
      Two teen males "examined" at the same time     
      Playing Doctor, part 2
      playing2 zip (3k) (m/f, m/m, medical, young)
      Three teens play Dr. Two males and one female     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Sex With My Cousins
      sexwithm zip (14k) (mg/mf/ inc,pedo,cousins,mast)
      It was a large gathering of a big family on my Aunt Bertha's farm. Most of my cousins were there and the grown ups let us have the run of the place. We couldn't go beyond the barnyard or near the pigs as one of the sows had babies and was really mean. Other than that it was a wonderful place to explore and discover many things. I was 8 years old at the time and the youngest of the cousins. I had a lot of older boy cousins and to me they seemed like gods as they knew so much and looked so big to me.     
    • by daddydoright :...
    • You Can't Always Want What You Get, part 3
      youcant3 zip (6k) (M/ff adult man, preteen girls, sex)
      Today was my final day of practice before league play began. I could only play nine girls at a time during the game, so I had to decide which three girls were going to be my substitutes. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. All of the girls wanted to sit in the dugout with their 'daddy-can-do'........     
    • by writersblock :...
    • Whoreslut, part 1
      whoresl1 zip (4k) (M+f transformation prostitute)
      My, sixteen year-old daughter is becoming quite the slut. She started warring short-shorts, miniskirts, and tee shirts cut in half to show off the bottom of her big tits. I warned her this behavior would get her in trouble. My husband has been gone for years, so it is just me (Linda) and my to daughters. Jan is becoming a bad influence on my ten year-old Tina.     "I don't want you dressing like that in front of Tina." Linda suggested to her oldest daughter.      "What should I do, change outside before I come in?" Jan said with a smart-ass attitude.      "I just don't want her becoming a slut, like you." Linda said almost in tears.      "Ever since I lost my virginity I love having sex, and dressing like this gets me what I want. I might even take the next step and become a whore." Jan told her mother with seriousness.     
    • by Bob :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Jen
      jen zip (4k) (M/f)
      Story about a teen boy and a pre teen girl. No intercorse but still exciting.     
    • by Sick Girl :...
    • Painful Desires
      painfuld zip (29k) (FM/Ff, whipping, torture, punishment, inc)
      Her face showed fear and distress, her thigh muscles taut so that her hairless pussy gaped, showing her inner lips and clit. Her chest thrust up with her small pale young breasts barely raised up from her ribs, topped with dark and stiff nipples. This would have been torment enough for any teenage girl, but there was more in the detail of that picture. Beside her on the table were her clothes, short pleated skirt folded neatly, a thin blouse draped half on, half off the table. On top of these were a small plain junior bra, and a brief pair of lace-trimmed panties. This girl was obviously only about twelve or fourteen years old and just going through puberty. The other subtle and highly exciting feature of the depicted scene was the fact that there was obviously a line of seated onlookers facing the stricken girl.     
    • by Culkin8er :...
    • Rent, ch 1
      rent1 zip (13k) (M/F/b/g inc ped)
      Before the early edition of the news was over I had made my decision. Her name was Susan. She was the mother of a six-year-old girl named Tammy and a 12-year-old boy named Tommy. They had been homeless for more than a year. The children's father was in prison for the next 20 years to life and their mother was working off and on as a maid at local hotels. The woman had a string of small time convictions for prostitution and contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor. She had no drug or theft convictions.     In short, she was just what I was looking for. I tossed the other profiles in the trash and placed Susan's on the nightstand. Having decided whom I would approach, I went downstairs and walked out the back door. I looked at the small two-bedroom cottage that stood on my property; I had some last minute preparations to make. I went to the cottage and made sure that all of the surveillance cameras were turned on and functioning correctly. I also made sure that they were hidden well enough to avoid discovery.     

      Saturday PM, January 27, 2001

    • by Delphi :...
    • Geek Fantasy
      geekfant zip (16k)
      John was a nice enough guy if a little weird, let's make that a lot weird. He was in the seventh grade like me and I guess we hung out because I was weird too. I liked Science fiction and playing Dungeons and Dragons, those things didn't make people at my age want to be my best buddy. So John and I hung out a lot. He seemed like he never really understood much of anything about people. I wasn't a big help but I answered all the questions that I could. Well late one Friday night John and I were walking the back streets of my home town. This was a few years ago when kids could do this without fear of anything.     
      Killing Me Softly
      killingm zip (23k)
      The Cancer was inoperable and spreading through my brain. I guess the thoughts that society found evil had infected me or maybe I was just unlucky, who knows. I had six months at best, and only a few months before I was too sick to do much or enjoy much. I had to make those few months count.     I have always been excited by young woman or more accurately young girls. Those that were budding into woman hood. I was never sure why but a girl just starting to enter into puberty sent chills down my spine and into other places. I never did anything but fantasize mainly due to fear but seeing death looming before me I think that fear has flown away from me. So its time I tried to fulfill those fantasies, don't worry none involve rape or serious molestation of innocents but before I would never take a chance of getting caught or something else equally damning for life but since it is such a short life for me now, I wanted to take that chance.     
      Sister's Need
      sistersn zip (16k)
      My wife is a heavy set woman. Reubenesque is the phrase most would use with her. She has a large fleshy ass with thick thighs. A classic pear shaped design. I love it. I love the feel of her large ass in my hands and how her legs are shaped from small feet up to mammoth thighs. She thinks she's fat but what the hell does she know, I'm the one who sleeps with her. I especially love mounting her doggy style. The jiggle of her full rounded ass cheeks as I slam into her turns me on to no end. But Wife's need is not the name of this story. I describe my wife because both her sister's are built along the same lines. But of course only one sister enters this story. She often came to visit and stay long weekends. She was still finding herself after highschool and between semesters of college, when she was attending, she would visit. She is kind of bitch but cool once she got to know you and accepted you. We didn't get along for a long while since I didn't let her get away with murder, being the baby and all, when she was being a real cunt.     
    • by Nomad :...
    • James
      james zip (77k) (M/f M/f F/f M/f incest bro/sis & spanking)
      The story of James from his birth to current following his exploits with his sister and other young women/girls as he participates in his prime enjoyment; spanking     
    • by twoody :...
    • L&J (Lars&Julian), parts 1-2
      lars1_2 zip (8k) (M/b mast)
      Another day with Steven and now two of his friends.     
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • The Shortcut
      theshort zip (14k) (M/g; pedo)
      In a story somewhat different from my usual tale, ten-year-old Raven has been taking the shortcut across Harry's property for some time, even though Harry thought he'd scared most of the kids away. "'Hi,' Harry said. 'My name's Harry. What's yours?' She didn't answer right away - but she didn't go away, either, and that was the most important thing. He'd thought about doing dirty things to her, of course - he'd even meant to give a fake name, in case she turned out to be - well, available, or as available as a little girl can be. But with her there, he felt ashamed of himself. He'd never hurt anyone. He didn't want to hurt her. But he wanted her."     
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • The Tutor, part 2
      thetuto2 zip (17k) (M/b, M/g, pedo, oral, anal, rape, teasing)
      The next morning I was awaken rather early to a strange yet familiar feeling. Half awake and yet half asleep I thought at first I was still sensitive and aroused from the night before with 10 year old Bobby. As I cracked my eyes open there was the most wonderful sight that I could have imagined. Bobby was sucking my cock the best way that he knew how. I did nothing but close my eyes and pretended to still be asleep while enjoying myself.     
    • by Preteen Pleasures :...
    • The Void in People's Lives
      thevoidi zip (15k) (M/6yearoldgirl/oral/pedo/sex)
      So many souls are lost looking for that magic that so few ever find. It happens everywhere like this Kmart in a small town on a Saturday morning. A man walks down the aisles with a yearning desire that he can never fulfill. In another aisle a small six-year-old girl with green eyes that have lost their sparkle shoves new panties into her dirty sweats because no one loves her. Her only outlet to have anything nice is to steal it. Fate brings them together and the two seemingly different people are forever changed.     
    • by daddydoright :...
    • You Can't Always Want What You Get, part 2
      youcant2 zip (6k) (M/ff adult man, twelve and thirteen year old girls, sex)
      I showed up at my second day of ball practice with my sexy little girls and noticed they were all enthused about practicing. I also noticed they were even more scantily clad then the first day. And number two still didn't have a ride home and required some more rubbing and then some..........     
    • by Diggity Dog :...
    • Kristy - The Real World
      kristy1 zip (13k)
      Kristy had such plans when she got out of High School. But within a few months, the reality of life, financially, hit hard. But her best friend, April, seemed to be doing o.k. Kristy pressed her for details.     
    • by Travis Lee :...
    • My 3 Daughters, part 2
      my3daut2 zip (5k) (M/f (still no sex))
      Travis tries to put the pieces of Jenny and Kathy's lives back together, but, he finds out about a terrible secret about the girls.     

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