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    July 28th - Aug 03rd mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday PM, August 03, 2001

    • by Norman Bates :...
    • Amanda, ch 4
      amanda4 zip (7k) (M/f,F/f,F/fff,M/fff, pedo, bestial)
      After bathing and eating, the three girls, Sue and I all went into the living room to view the video from the day's activities. All three girls were dressed in thigh length T-shirts. Panties were made an option and none wanted to wear them. I was in my usual silk boxers and a T-shirt and Sue was dressed like the girls.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Amazon Women
      amazonwo zip (11k) (Mg-12 Mf-13 FFf-8 inc oral con g-solo M-solo voy Mm-13)
      The men were on a hunting trip, their crude spears and knifes their only weapons. They had to work together to find an animal they could separate from a herd and then try to chase it down, getting close so their spears would be effective. They worked well together as this was the way they survived. They needed meat, and lots of it. They had to take as much as they could when they found it as they never knew for sure how lucky they would be. In the thick woods that surrounded the open field where the men were trying to kill as many of the large deer like animals as they could, eyes were watching. There was always the danger of a predator lurking to attack the men but this was a new kind of threat. Women on horses with large long bows were watching.     
    • by LEBEC :...
    • Mopsy's Tale, part 3
      mopsyst3 zip (16k) (m/F/voy/impreg/best-dog)
      Jason learns how NOT to use a condom and Mopsy covers his tracks.     
    • by narikadas :...
    • Aunt Vimal
      auntvima zip (18k) (MF, inc, oral, anal, veg, ws)
      I dropped in unannounced on my spinster aunt one night while she was in the midst of something important. I soon joined in and my stay developed into a beautiful lusty intrelude of incest.     
      My College Roommate, parts 1-2
      mycol1_2 zip (57k) (MM, twink, reluc, oral, anal, bdsm, MDom, foot, veg, caution)
      I was deeply attracted to my hostel roommate and so was he to me. A lusty gay relationship soon developed and we ended up trying all variations, even some that we ourselves invented including an unusual use of rubber slippers.     
    • by Neel J :...
    • Marathi Wife And Her Neighbor's Son
      marathiw zip (5k) (M/f, Indian)
      It was hot summer day at Bombay,India. Raj was tired of hot Maharashtra summer. He could hardly stay inside. So he came out to the long cool baranda of his family bungalow. There was a big mango tree casting cool shade on the baranda. Raj soothed himself with the gentle breeze. Suddenly, his eyes were caught at the window of his neighbor’s wife Neelima.     
    • by Sammie Craig :...
    • The Monopoly Game, part 2
      themono2 zip (12k) (M/f, F/f-1st, Cons, incest, f-solo, oral, anal, Bi, toy)
      This is Part 2 of my story with Bill's 16.5 YO niece from California. Part 2 is very excited. Bill gets to pop his niece, Lucinda's anal cherry, take her on a shopping spree where she meets a sales girl that introduces her to F/f. Some f-solo so enjoy it. My original part 2 will become my part 3     
    • by Ximena :...
    • Ángela y su ciberamiga
      angelays zip (27k)
      Una joven muchacha, encuentra en una amiga cibernética su mejor apoyo, poco a poco va conociendo con su ayuda el placer y el sexo.     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Cuando Salieron Goteras
      cuandosa zip (5k) (m/F, incest, impregnation)
      El aguacero estaba siendo tan intenso que hasta nosotros, acostumbrados en nuestra región a las lluvias, estábamos alarmados. Ningún pronóstico nos había alertado sobre aquello y nos había cogido totalmente por sorpresa. Como vivíamos en el último piso de nuestro bloque, las goteras no tardaron en hacer su aparición. Tanto en mi habitación como en la salita empezó a caer agua. No era mucha cantidad, sólo unas gotas de vez en cuando, pero era suficiente para fastidiarnos la noche. Y es que aquello se nos presentó pasadas las once de la noche, cuando íbamos a acostarnos mamá y yo.     

      Thursday PM, August 02, 2001

    • by Evil Twin :...
    • Busted, ch 1
      busted1 zip (10k) (M/F, F/ff, F/f, F/F, inc, cons)
      A lot of things can happen in a week's time. My husband works driving a truck and is gone for days at a time and I spend my time on my computer writing these stories. Just like you're reading right now. I have my office set up exactly the way I want it and he very seldom ever even comes in here but one day last week made history. He has his own office downstairs and that's his sanctuary and I don't trespass. When he's home, he spends a lot of time down there working on his gun stuff with his buddies on his computer. We've been married a long time and it works out well for both of us. He didn't know a few things about me and I've found out that I didn't know a few things about him. One of the things that he didn't know about me is that I write these stories. I've never told him because of his strict upbringing. I thought that it was my perversion alone. Never in a thousand years would I have believed any different. Until last week, that is.     
      Letter to the Master
      letterto zip (3k) (M/F/pedo)
      Yesterday I saw a picture on one of those pop-ups that you can't seem to avoid anymore. It really surprised me that they would have that kind of stuff on the vanilla net that I tend to surf. How it came to be is beyond me but it was amazing. I think the name of it was but I can't remember for sure. The picture still haunts me. My panties get wet when I think about it. I want it. I want to see it happen. I want you to do it for me. Please?     
    • by Tiberius :...
    • Cherryrunner2: The Reincarnation of Rachel
      cherryr2 zip (36k) (Sci-fi extreme fantasy; fem. pre/early teen and child-preg rape, violation, torture, snuff)
      It is the late 21st Century, and global technology giant, Tyrent Corporation, predominates, producing a range of synthetic people for human enslavement purposes. The most popular are the 'copulants': slaves created for sex pleasure, particularly 'cherries' -- pre and early teenaged children. Dick Prickhard is a retired disillusioned ex-Cherryrunner who, after being recalled unwillingly to track down a group of renegade cherries, flees the city with Rachel, an exquisitely beautiful and unique pre-teenaged cherry, with whom he falls in love. Though Rachel had been owned by Giligan Bates, the head of Tyrent Corporation, before his murder by a renegade cherry leader, Prickhard hopes to live with Rachel in peace and tranquility high in the mountains away from the city and its evils.     
    • by Osiris :...
    • Donna and Dana, part 1
      donnaan1 zip (17k) (F/f)
      Donna Devereaux is a true size queen. She is always trying to get larger and larger objects in her already large vagina. This is what happens when her daughter Dana discovers her activities.     
      Tammy Jo and the Photographer, part 4
      tammyjo4 zip (14k) (M/F M/f F/f M/Ff)
      Gene awoke the next morning to the aroma of bacon and coffee. He got up, stumbled into the bathroom, washed his face and brushed his teeth.     Feeling a little bit more alive he made his way to the kitchen where he found Jennifer and Jo putting the finishing touches on breakfast.     "He is alive after all." laughed Jennifer.     Jo jumped into his arms put both her arms around his neck, wrapped her long legs around his waist and gave him a good morning kiss.     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Kids will be Kids, ch 15
      kidswi15 zip (13k) (b/g inc bro/sis first group)
      She reached and I felt her fingers on my pussy. On the next agonizingly slow down stroke, Claire's fingers became trapped between Phil's pubic bone and my pussy, mashing my clit. I moaned and humped up, intensifying the connection. As he backed away, Claire lashed my wet and swollen clit when her fingers became free to move again.     
    • by Foxyboy :...
    • The Orphanage
      theorpha zip (14k) (M/g/alcohol/first/cons)
      Ryan the electrician finds a new kind of spark when he meets two eleven year old girls from the orphanage beside his rented flat.     
    • by Boswell, the Bad :...
    • To The Victors Belong The Spoils, ch 2
      tothevi2 zip (6k) (M/F/m/f)
      Neither Jonathan or Cassandra had a thought at that instant for the two adjacent bedrooms where their daughters lay sleeping. Their oldest daughter was Martha, a tiny wisp of a girl who had just celebrated her thirteenth birthday only a month before. Her little girl body had surprised her father recently by the sudden appearance of two small breasts, each about the size of half an orange. In the other small bedroom lay a pair of twin girls, Linda and Mary, aged 8, and whose childhood beauty promised great things for their adult bodies.     
    • by narikadas :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Madam Gill
      madamgil zip (24k) (Fm, bdsm, FemDom, hair, oral, anal, feet, ws)
      My math teacher Madam Gill really seemed to be having soemthing against me as I was beaten mecilesslly by her for my mistakes. But when she forced me to skip holidays and stay with her ostensibly to improve my math, things took a very interesting turn, though painful but also delicious.     
      My Nubile Niece, part 1
      mynubil1 zip (22k) (Mf, inc, Anal, Oral, nc, reluc, feet, ws)
      My cousin sister left her fourteen year old daugher for me for three months. The young lady was hot was willing from day one and I was soon in a heaven which slowly was looking as if it would turn deleciously nasty     
    • by Jouissance :...
    • The Night Manager, parts 1-2
      theni1_2 zip (10k) (M/f , femdom, w/s, smoking, anal)
      A hotel customer is unhappy with the room he's given. But complaining to the female night manager is a really bad idea...     

      Wednesday PM, August 01, 2001

    • by Liz Jucie :...
    • A Flush in Harts, part 5
      aflushi5 zip (11k) (F/m f/m Mom/son/dau/sis/bro inc)
      With Skip inserted in her, the washer's oscillating forces focused in Dora's vagina. The vibration was like the electrical shock of a cattle prod. He lunged forward to bury his vibrating stem in her. A million waves of energy turned Dora's vulva in to a chruning maw of quivering, sexual motion.     
    • by Norman Bates :...
    • Amanda, ch 3
      amanda3 zip (8k) (M/f,F/f,F/fff,M/fff, pedo, bestial)
      Kayla and Kelsey join Amanda, Uncle Sam and Aunt Sue for a photo shoot and Uncle Shoot.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • A Young Nymph, Roxanne
      ayoungny zip (11k) (M-solo Mf-13 inc oral con)
      He was a drifter. He had this passion for young girls and it was just better if he didn't stay in one place very long. He tried to keep his secret hidden as he knew what happened to men that were careless and ended up in jail. He had fought this forbidden desire for years but it was too hard to control now. So he drifted from town to town looking for the chance to find a girl, seduce her and then leave town before she told any one and the hunt was on. He was good looking which helped.     
    • by BP :...
    • Grampy's Homecoming
      grampysh zip (10k) (Incest, impregnation)
      I was nervous as a cat shitting razor blades as I pulled into my daughter's driveway. Although we had exchanged Christmas cards and letters over the years it had been twenty years since I had seen her.     Twenty years ago, Carol, my ex-wife caught, Paige my daughter giving me a blow job. She gave me a choice of leaving or going to jail for incest. Because I was in the military, Carol didn't divorce me, instead she milked me for her dependant checks for the next ten years. Finally she divorced and married some poor jerk. Because Carol worked for a Judge, I still didn't dare go near Paige but I did slip in the church to see her get married. Two years ago Carol had a stroke and can't talk or walk, now I'm free. I was still scared to go near Paige but when Jim, Paige's husband insisted I visit them, I agreed. Three times I almost turned around. Two things kept me on track, one was my desire to see my little girl again and I just retired from the military and had no place to go.     
    • by The Madhatter :...
    • Meeting Her Family, ch 1
      meeting1 zip (27k)
      My girlfriend Alison and I had been together for almost three years, and in all that time, I had never met any of her family. When I finally did meet them, it was under the strangest of circumstances, and my life hasn't been the same since     
    • by Keyman :...
    • The Pantyman, part 6
      thepant6 zip (25k) (M/f f/f 12 14 Pedo, Lesbianism, Sexual Discovery)
      As you know the underlying character in the last two parts of this story is Dawn Presswood. Except for one brief appearance nothing much has been said about her. Finally in Part Six young Dawn Presswood, the daughter of the good Minister, makes her appearance an appearance which reveals one big surprise.. Dawn has a deep dark secret, so you will forgive me if I don't mention it in the story codes. Don't worry you will find out soon enough. Everything was in place for the seduction of the totally innocent fourteen year old. A virgin not only physically but it seemed also mentally when it came to the subject of sex. At that time I was extremely excited at the prospect of seducing and deflowering this girl. A girl who had been sheltered and protected from the outside world by two of the biggest hypocrites known to man, Minister Presswood and his darling wife. Well enough lead in, we pick up our story at the Academy a few days after my pleasurable encounter with Harriet Nelson.     
    • by Boswell, the Bad :...
    • To the Victor Belongs The Spoils
      tothevic zip (6k) (M/F/m/f, incest and group sex)
      Sara and William lay on the floor side-by-side, their eyes glued to the wide cracks in the floorboards. Both had frequently spied on their parents as those eager adults fucked below the loft. Both parents would been astonished to know that Sarah was also holding her brother's hard cock in her hand while William had moved his hand up under his sister's night dress. William's hand was between the soft thighs of the silent girl as she spread her legs for her brother. Not wanting to break her maidenhead, William's fingers were more gentle than his father's as he toyed lightly with the warm pucker of his sister's asshole and teased the wet entrance to her vagina. Neither child had dared try to fuck the other yet, for fear of making Sarah pregnant, but both of them had watched their parents rutting on many occasions.     
    • by Spin :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Bimbo Island
      bimboisl zip (10k) (M/F,Early Teens, Sex)
      Sit back and enjoy this short story about an undiscovered island in the Atlantic Ocean . All the ingredients are here for "edge of your seat" reading and entertainment. Let your imagination loose and escape to Bimbo Island .     
    • by Storytrade :...
    • 7th Heaven, ch 3
      7thheav3 zip (5k) (m/f m/m celeb)
      This is the 3rd Chapter in the 7th heaven sage, in which Ruthie and Simon come home and take part in the action     
    • by Longpole15 :...
    • I Am a Witch!
      iamawitc zip (7k) (erotic execution)
      A young woman accused by the Inquisition resists until a young boy's attention convinces her to confess and go to the burning stake!     
    • by Dodger :...
    • The Thomsons, ch 10-12
      the10_12 zip (12k) (mF)
      Billy's a horny little devil. Now that he's had some, he pesters Mrs. Thomson for more. She takes care of him, and learns how he fucked his own mom while she slept.     
    • by The Madhatter :...
    • Wie Ich Ihre Familie Kennenlernte
      wieichih zip (32k) (übersetzt von Mysterya)
      Meine Freundin Alison und ich waren seit fast drei Jahren zusammen und die ganze Zeit über hatte ich niemals jemanden aus ihrer Familie kennengelernt. Als ich sie schließlich kennenlernte, geschah dies unter den seltsamsten Umständen, die man sich vorstellen kann und mein Leben war seit dem nicht mehr das Selbe.     
    • by Ximena :...
    • Los Viajes De Don Antonio
      losviaje zip (6k) (M/fff, n/c)
      Esta narración me fue enviada por un amigo para que se las contara a ustedes y esta con algunos arreglos nada mas de escritura, todo lo demás es verídico, por lo menos así me lo dice mi amigo Anton    Querida Ximena, quiero contarte parte de mi historia, para que tu le des la forma que quieras y la narres en tus relatos.     

      Tuesday PM, July 31, 2001

    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Kids will be Kids, ch 14
      kidswi14 zip (15k) (M/g b/g g/g inc bro/sis)
      My hand traveled back up her thigh until once again my palm cupped her cunt. My fingers dipped into her crease. She moaned and closed her eyes resting her head on the back the booth. Her legs gaped allowing as much access as I wanted. She was very wet at the entrance of her vagina, and I twirled my fingers around without inserting them into her virgin cunt. Once my fingers were soaked in her juices, I pulled them up and circled her clit. Sharon was correct. Her clit felt huge. Twice the size of Piper's, at least.     
    • by lolitot :...
    • Preteen Lolicam Kids, part 4
      preteen4 zip (6k) (g/M/M)
      Little Cathy left Bob a present! Some pics an' a movie. You gotta see what she does in this one ...!     
    • by storytrade :...
    • 7th Heaven, ch 2
      7thheav2 zip (5k) (mmm/f m/m celeb)
      This is a continuation of Norton and Johnny's fun with the Camden Family     
      Justin and Britney and Friends
      justinan zip (7k) (mmm/f celeb)
      Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears have a party with a few others in the music world.     
    • by Longpole15 :...
    • The Sacrifice of Elowyn
      thesacri zip (5k) (beast, ritual sacrifice)
      Young Elowyn is chosen to be the honored sacrifice to the unicorn god, a great but dangerous honor.     
    • by Sammie Craig :...
    • The Monopoly Game, part 1
      themono1 zip (8k) (M/f Cons, incest, oral)
      Bill's sister Jill asks him and his wife Mary to watch her 16.5 year-old daughter for a month. When Bill saw his niece, he could not believe his eyes. Lucinda grew up to be beautiful teen.      Part 1 is the intro plus some fun with Bill and Lucinda.     

      Monday PM, July 30, 2001

    • by writersblock :...
    • Black Cock Slut
      blackcoc zip (5k) (mf/Mf/M+whore)
      My name is Jane, I'm sixteen years old, and I have a great boyfriend named Tommy. I also have a big black master named Tyrone. My life as a whore started last year at a party.     Tommy and I have always been the submissive type. When we arrived at the party, we saw a large black man sitting in a corner kissing Christie, a stuck up tenth-grade virgin. I'm sexually attracted to black men but have told know one. When I saw the huge black man kissing Christie, my panties became wet. I whispered in Tommy's ear that I wanted some sex, he took my hand, and we went up stairs. There were guys from our school hanging out in the hall.      Tommy asked, "what's going on."     "There is a whore in there fucking everyone" John pointed to the master bedroom.     
    • by White :...
    • Blackmailed Into Incest
      blackmai zip (12k) (F/F/m/inc)
      Marc gets a chance to get back at his bitchy stepmother and ends up with more than he thought!     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Kids will be Kids, ch 13
      kidswi13 zip (16k) (b/g g/g bro/sis inc group)
      "Interesting," I said. "You and Piper fuck each other. So do David and I. You and I fuck, and David and Piper would have if Mother had not so rudely interrupted them. Interesting. Why don't the four of us get together and have sex at the same time in the same room?"     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • St. Jerome's
      stjerome zip (23k) (M/f/f/F, pedo, multiple partners, some S & M)
      John is a teacher at St. Jerome's. He is also their reading specialist. He tutors students for extra pay, but not all of his tutoring is academic in nature. Then, Mother Superior finds out what he's been doing, and his life changes forever.     
    • by Centaur :...
    • The Tree House
      thetreeh zip (14k) (M/f, nc, inc, voyeur)
      This story is a continuation of the Twilight Zone series. Rod Serling might introduce it something like this: "Introducing Toby Robinson, a young man about to witness an amazing event one dark night from his tree house. What he, and his sister, don't know is that where you start is not always where you end up. Sometimes you end up in - the Twilight Zone". In this story Toby climbs into his tree house one night and finds whole new way of family living.     
    • by Allene Blake :...
    • Vickie
      vickie zip (7k) (M/f/F spanking, humiliation)
      My life was semi-normal when I was young except my Dad pulled me out of school in 3rd grade to move to a farm way out in the boonies. So far out they started home schooling. That wasn't bad since I was not stuck in school all day. There was one major difference. Rather than the little reprimand the teacher would give me in school for bad grades I now got a spank for every missed question. It wasn't too bad when Dad did it since he just used his hand on top of my clothes but Mom had bought this huge spoon at an antique store used to stir ten gallon soup bowls for the logging camps. The spoon was anbout two feet long with a spoon about three inches across. If that wasn't bad enough she used it on my panties which provided hardly any protection. It worked though I never missed more than four or five questions. I didn't think it was unusual to be spanked since the girls in school had been spanked too although usually for a greater offense.     
    • by Cumsucker :...
    • Family Orgies, ch 1
      familyo1 zip (9k)
      They call me a slut in school, and I guess I deserve it. I can't help it, really. For as long as I can remember I've always loved touching my pussy, and sniffing my fingers, and licking them. I've never been able to figure out why it freaks out people, because it feels so good you'd think everyone would always be touching themselves and playing with their cunts and their cocks and stuff. I also know a 10 year old girl isn't supposed to be having sex with people, but I can't see where there's anything wrong with that either. It's so exciting, and so much fun, and it feels so good, and the people doing stuff to me love it as much as I do, so why is it wrong? I'll never understand that.     
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Pederasty Series, part 4: Kyle
      pederas4 zip (8k)
      It was a Saturday morning after a long stressful week. I had spent Friday night out late with friends. I really wanted to sleep late and catch up on my rest that I had been missing out on, but because I am "solar" powered, I was awake as soon as the Sun came up. Reluctantly, I got up and began to consider what I would do with my day off.     Tinker with the car, mow the lawn, clean house were all items on the "must do" list. As I ate my cereal and drank my morning coffee, I decided I would start the day with a walk. I finished up breakfast and put on my sweats and tank top. I headed out. I was enjoying the walk and was quite self absorbed. So much so that I didn't notice someone coming up behind me.      "Hi," I heard a young voice say.     

      Sunday PM, July 29, 2001

    • by Peaches Golightly :...
    • Collect Moments
      collectm zip (5k) (M/f)
      Collected stories about Peaches when she was growing up. These stories are exxagerated into fiction, but are in part true. These stories were not written to encourage such behavior only to for you to have fun readin' about Peaches. ;)     
    • by Maxamm :...
    • KFC2
      kfc2 zip (14k) (m/f/dad/daut/pedo/w/s/rape/torture/snuff/CAUTION)
      A six year old Mexican girl is abducted by a predatory pedo and his 13 year old slut daughter. Max invites a bisexual lady friend, with a particularly cruel streak to join the party. In the drug fuelled orgy of rape, torture and sadistic abuse that follows, there acn only be one outcome for the unfortunate victim.     
    • by FictionWriter :...
    • Pedo-Vision
      pedovisi zip (5k) (M/g; M/b; Uncle/Niece; Dad/Daug; Dad/Son Incest; Adult/Child Sex)
      This is a light-hearted look at television programs from the 1950's to the present, that have latent sexual overtones which "suggest" adult-child sexual relations. Take, for example, the Mickey Mouse Club, Punky Brewster, My Two Dads and Full House, which where full of sexual inuendoes. This article is just for fun and I hope everyone enjoys it.     
    • by Keyman :...
    • The Pantyman, part 5
      thepant5 zip (19k) (M/f 12 Pedo, Kinky Masturbation, Anal, Oral)
      Welcome back, the Pantyman saga continues, Harriet Nelson puts on a show for our hero, after extracting some quid pro quo. Pantyman quickly finds out that the young girl has some very grownup ideas. After the show Harriet asks for some training in regards to anal sex, our hero is only too happy to be her instructor. Pantyman and his new sexual disciple, Harriet, hatch a plan to introduce Minister Presswood's innocent daughter Dawn to the world of preteen sex. Will they succeed and if they do will her Bible thumping hypocrite father find out.     
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • The Virgin
      thevirgi zip (17k) (M/g)
      He'd memorized her - her pale green eyes, the heavy lids almost lilac, the way her nostrils flared when she was daydreaming, the long, straight, auburn hair and creamy skin, her coltish legs and the way she'd shift when he stared at her, so aware of her loveliness. Sid was desperate to see what was hidden - once she'd worn a white blouse, but there was an undershirt underneath it. Were she his, he'd dress her in silk, green silk to go with her eyes. He tried to imagine her naked - he'd buy her a bra even though she didn't need one. Dark green silk, forest green, a dainty little bra and a tiny pair of panties. He'd take pictures of her and hang them on all the walls...     
    • by Neel J. :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Wife's Seduction
      wifessed zip (11k) (M/f, Indian)
      My Neighbour, Shiv Raj Seduces My wife. I become a passive observer. Not so passive though, I did my little bit to egg on shiv Raj and gave hime full chance of seducing my wife.     

      Saturday PM, July 28, 2001

    • by Vixen :...
    • A Pleasant Surprise
      apleasea zip (8k) (MM/g oral, voyeur)
      A Senior Citizen is pleasantly surprised when he visits his local nudist resort on a weekday.     
    • by Macavity :...
    • Arms Dealer, part 5
      armsdea5 zip (10k) (MF/Fff bdsm,nc,torture,inc)
      Conclusion: Carl witnesses his older daughter in a forced sex show, gets a blowjob from his youngest and then watches her deflowering.     
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • Cindy
      cindy zip (13k) (M/g, g/g)
      My first fantasies were about my father. He didn't do anything to me, but I knew he was into my body, I guess. I saw him every weekend, and during the summer he's take me on trips - he had a one-bedroom apartment on Chestnut Street, and I'd sleep on the sofa in the living room, and when he took me places we'd stay in the same room. My mom was a model before she had me - she had a lot of boyfriends, so I was around men all the time. I knew I was pretty - boys liked me a lot even in second grade, and when I was nine one of my mom's boyfriends started staring at me.     
    • by lolitot :...
    • Elementary Sex, Lesson 5
      element5 zip (8k) (g/M)
      Remember little Missy? She's the one that stood on the desk yesterday. An' let Miss Tyler play with her pussy so she could show the other girls how to do it? She really liked it a lot when Mr. Evans put his cock in her mouth. So much, she's cumin' back for more ...!     
    • by Duncan McCloud :...
    • The Davis Family Chronicles, part 4
      thedavis4 zip (9k) (m/F Grandson/Grandmother inc voy)
      Gary Davis arrives at home after football practice to find everyone gone. After spying on the family next door, he heads out to the family swimming pool. His grandmother Peggy arrives shortly thereafter and the fun begins.     
    • by Typoman :...
    • Trip To Slide Rock
      triptos1 zip (4k) (m/g, Touchie feelies, exhibitionism. Setup/ no sex yet)
      There was three pretty good things that Pam and I DID do though. The first time was when Dan was busy doing something. I went into Pam and Melanie's (her younger sister) room and started scratching her back. Before long I had the back of her tee shirt pulled up and her bra undone!     
    • by CandyKane :...
    • Kitty Kissing
      kittykis zip (10k) (F/F)
      The morning light came through the window waking me. I tried desperately to hold on to the delicious wet dream I was having but it faded quickly. It had seemed so real and I wanted to close my eyes and return to its erotic embrace.     Had it really been a dream?     I was groggy as I drifted back to reality, lying naked, warm and cozy under a thick comforter protecting me from the chill of my poorly heated apartment. I strained to remember what had happened the night before. There was the party-I recall drinking a lot and dancing endlessly. But most of all I remember Kim.     
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Pederasty Series, part 3
      pederas3 zip (6k)
      I got a call from the sub service office of the local school system. They asked if I could sub for one of the middle school PE teachers. Never having been the athletic type myself, but having a real gym shower fetish, I agreed to take the job. I quickly packed everything I thought a gym teacher might need and headed out to the school.     I arrived there and got signed in and received the gym keys. As luck would have it, the regular PE coaches were out with the girls' sports teams at some play offs or something. That left me with all boys all day. I didn't believe it could be true, me with a bunch of young boys. I just knew I had to figure out how to get them naked. That couldn't possibly be hard with a locker room near by.     

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