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      Time Has Come Today....

      On Friday PM, June 08, 2001

    • by Evil Twin :...
    • Backseat Smoking, Payback is Hell, Conclusion
      backsea5 zip (7k) (No sex)
      Kat's Mom stood in the doorway for a moment watching her daughter in the throes of a nightmare. She had not been asleep all the time the scene had been transpiring in the hottub. She had stayed immobile because she was afraid. Not afraid of what that bastard she married would do. Afraid of what she might do.     
      Seven On and Seven Off, ch 4
      sevenon4 zip (6k) (M/F, M/pedo, F/pedo, bro/sis, dad/daug, aunt/niece, nc, ws, oral)
      She then sat down on the toilet herself and had Tracy straddle her spread legs. "Let's both go pee pee" she giggled when Tracy looked amazed. Jeannie had a catbird view of the baby's crotch and the sight was enough to cause her difficulty starting her own flow of hot piss.     
    • by :...
    • Games Mommies Play, part 4
      gamesmo4 zip (21k) (Fmm, incest, phone, ir, preg, NC elements/concensual reality)
      "Susan had done right by the only options available to her... the baby had to come first... before anything else. A mother always had to provide for the needs of her child..."     
    • by Boswell, the Bad :...
    • Martian Vacation, ch 15
      martia15 zip (6k) (Aliens/m/f)
      Vicky looked wildly around...and saw a naked man seated on a bench...his cock aimed skywards, still coated with slippery white fluids from his last cum that leaked from the prominent slit at the tip of his shaft. "Oh...yes....yes...." she gasped, thrusting into herself as she stumbled toward the seated man. He smiled, held out his hands to her...and helped her as she straddled his knees.      "Yes..." she said in eager agreement and squatted...grinning as she felt his cock find her hole...and slide up inside her as she dropped to sit on his thighs. He filled her completely... his thick cock spreading her hairless cunt lips as she sat there trembling. And then in agreement, they began to fuck each other with long, slow, lazy strokes as she lifted and dropped her small body     
    • by Jasper Ratt :...
    • Miss Brown's Academy for Young Ladies, ch 6
      missbro6 zip (7k) (FF/ffff/M in every combo, inc, pedo, ws, scat)
      Miss Brown's Academy for Young Ladies, deep in the heart of the English countryside, grew from an idea of her father, mother-sister and herself, Now, for many years, the Academy had been devoted to bringing up its students, all female, as devoted believers and practitioners in family love.     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • My Cousin, Janet, ch 5
      mycousi5 zip (10k) (b/g inc cousins)
      I turned toward Katy and held out my arms. She didn't hesitate and moved her naked body against mine. She looked me in my eyes and ran her fingers through my hair. I loved the feel of her nakedness next to mine. She pulled my lips to hers and kissed me almost as thoroughly as Janet usually kissed me.     
    • by Dodgson :...
    • Neighbor, part 1: Rosanna and Gina Introduce Themselves
      neighbo1 zip (17k) (pedo, cons, incest (Mom/Dau), teasing, eroticism, mb, some oral, F & g dom/control, Fg, MFg (g age 11))
      Rosanna, 28, and her daughter, Gina, 11, love to watch porno tapes. Glen, Rosanna’s husband, and father of Gina, is a cross country truck driver and is gone for long stretches of time. He won’t let them watch porno and has taken the VCR away from them. Glen recently moved the family to a small isolated trailer park about 25 miles outside of Yermo, California in the Mojave Desert, hoping to remove them from temptations. Their next door neighbor, Phil Burke, 63, single, recently retired, loves porno and has a porno tape collection. One hot summer afternoon, after Glen has left for a ten day trip, out of boredom, for a little excitement, and with a plan in mind, Rosanna retrieves some sexy clothes she’s hidden from her husband, dresses herself and Gina up very sexily and they go calling on her neighbor, Phil Burke, who she has only said hi to once. A slowly developing, highly erotic tale of female control/domination.     
    • by Fiction Writer :...
    • South of the Border
      southoft zip (9k) (M/F, M/f/g)
      Bob, an amateur ventriloqist, is invited on a trip to Mexico with his friend Brad. At Brad's insistance, Bob takes along his dummy Chester and becomes a big hit with the children. He's also introduced to Sophia, a beautiful nine year old girl, who translates for him. Brad fails to return, leaving Bob stranded in Mexico but Sophia offers him the hospitality of her home for the night. "Senor Bob" ends up in bed with Sophia and her beautiful 13 year old sister Angelina, and it turns out to be a vacation "South of the Border" he will never forget.     
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Strange Campfellows
      strangec zip (15k) (M/F/g, F/g, oral)
      Sometimes it's best to go along with the flow and at others it's not. However, for a person like me, given the current state of disarray in my personal life, I was definitely primed for adventure. Camping in the high Sierra Mountains with my close friends turned out to be much more than I had dreamed it would be. Meeting Nick and Nedda unexpectedly was a Godsend as well as a prurient delight.     
    • by Keyman :...
    • The Child Talent Agent - Altar Girl Tryouts, part 5
      thechil9 zip (33k) (M/g Pedo Incest)
      This is the Fifth part in the continuing tale of four pedophiles and fifteen young school girls. In this part we meet a cute ten year old girl with a strange story that relates how her father seduces her by his own hand and pictures on the Internet. After the initial seduction he used his wiles and convinced her to make child porn videos with him. Her price for participating in his pedophile photo sessions would show she had a sexual mind of her own. The three other pedophiles and I were starting to worry about time constraints but we wanted to hear all the stories. We decided to keep going so that we would hear all the stories and commit them to film. That decision would be our downfall but I am getting ahead of myself..     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • The Family Trip
      thefamil zip (18k) (M/f/f, Incest, Pedo)
      Justin and his family are ready to take a trip. Then his wife is hurt, and can't go. She talks her husband into taking their girls for the three month trip. Justin gets to know his 11 and 8 year old girls in a new way.     
    • by Mr. Dickerson :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Jenny Needs an A
      jennynee zip (6k) (M/f teacher/student)
      Mike Nocks, an english teacher at Trinity High School helps one of his students raise her grade.     
    • by Guillaume :...
    • Maîtresse Diane
      maitress zip (14k) (teen BDSM F/f and f/m)
      A young woman learns the way of S/M with a mistress, then tries her new knowledge on a young man.     
      Souvenir D'Enfance
      souvenir zip (15k) (teen BDSM f/m)
      A young man learns the way of S/M with his girl friend.     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Un niño enmadrado: nueva traducción
      unninoen zip (5k) (m/F, incest)
      Originally written in English by Kevin C. Foltz    Translated into Spanish by Skaidan     

      Thursday PM, June 07, 2001

    • by :...
    • Games Mommies Play, part 3
      gamesmo3 zip (17k) (Fmm, incest, phone, ir, preg, NC elements/concensual reality)
      Michael could just never help being a little bad... but was it so awful to just walk behind your own mom and check out her ass if was just bone-stiffening perfectly heart-shaped and mouth-bittingly firmly-plump... GOD NO! How could it be? An ass like his mom's was made to get a boy to look... and as if she didn't know everyone looked anyhow.     
    • by Artsy Craftsy Kid :...
    • Long Strange Trip
      longstra zip (10k) (M/ff)
      The end of industrial civilization as we know it. There's no excape for a slippery snake     
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • My House Guest
      myhouseg zip (9k) (Mb, oral, firsttime, masturbation, emotionally gifted boy)
      It started with a phone call from Candy, a woman that I had been dating now for a little over a year. I met her through one of those internet dating services I had signed up on after my divorce two years ago. Being a business man at 35 I found that I had little time for the bar scene, dance clubs, or playing some of the cat and mouse games some of these women seemed to want to play. When I had seen her ad I was attracted to what she had to say. The title was 'Single Mom for serious man'. When I read it I found she was 30 with a 10 year old son. He seemed a little immature for his age but then some kids are just that way. She explained that though 10 he was emotionally about 7 much of the time and rather then having kids tease him she home schooled him. Well, hell what male isn't immature in some way so it didn't bother me he was a smart inquisitive kid.     
      The Parents Assistant, ch 10
      parent10 zip (15k) (Mg, Fg mom/daut, MF, oral, firsttime, drug, cons)
      We went into Karen's room closing the door behind us. No sooner had we gotten in the room little 8 year old Kathy hopped up on her mom's bed bouncing up and down. I had never seen a child so excited about having sex for the first time. She showed no fear at all mean while Karen had walked over to the dressing table setting down the platter with glasses and pitcher poured us all a drink.     
    • by Osiris :...
    • The Cheerleader Tryouts, part 5
      thechee5 zip (18k) (M/ff F/f)
      Lacy gets to watch Jeanette and Sonny then finally get involved herself. We find out if the rumors are true about Lacy and her mom.    "Why don't you girls take a quick shower while I get the tapes ready." Sonny suggested.    "Cool!!" said Lacy and grabbed Jeanette by the hand. They were eleven year-olds again as they ran laughing arm in arm toward the bathroom.     
    • by Evil Twin :...
    • The Passage
      thepassa zip (8k) (M/pedo, inc, granddad/granddaut)
      One of my first memories of cocks was looking up from my playpen and seeing this huge appendage swinging in my direction. My Granddad was jacking off and watching me play with my toys. I wore a cloth diaper and nothing else. I must have been really cute at that tender age.     My next memory was of him shoving his cock in my mouth when I was five. Big damned cock to me then and through the following years, I realized it was a big damned cock for any time. And other than the fact that he was about to choke me with it, it didn't phase me. I was so used to seeing him play with his cock by then that this was just something else new that he did with it and it was interesting to be involved in his actions.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Young Brides For Sale, part 2
      youngbr2 zip (12k) (M~ff Mf ff inc oral con M-sols)
      Talk about a grand finale or candy for the eyes. The beauty contest that was really a show case for young brides available for marriage was coming to a close. Brides that parents would give consent to marry any man. If the price was right. The curtains parted and two girls, identical twins, walked out on the stage. They were 13 years old, strawberry blondes with creamy skin and bright green eyes. Their hair swept up to the top of their heads and arranged in curls with a few long ringlets falling down on each side of their face. They wore identical pale pink dresses that showed off their soft shoulders. Small breasts were beginning to fill out the front of their dresses and the skirts curved down over sweet little waists and cute round bums. The skirts were short showing off their shapely legs. As they walked hand in hand, wearing high heeled shoes and swaying their hips, a gasp went up from the men sitting in the audience. This caused them both to smile as they took their time strolling down the run way, nodding and smiling to the men that were grinning up at them.     
    • by TnTuxedo :...
    • Tom and Jenny, part 2
      tomandj2 zip (5k) (M/f Romance)
      Tom goes to Jenny's house...     
    • by Bad_Xeon :...
    • Die Schlampe der Schlampen Teil 3 (Slut of all sluts part 3)
      2slut3 zip (5k) (incest, young slut)
      Carla ging an einem verregneten Mittwoch die Straße entlang. Sie fühlte sich heute nicht so, als würde sie zur Arbeit gehen (Wenn man es als Job bezeichnen kann, an einer Ecke zu stehen und seinen Körper zu verkaufen). Sie dachte daran ihre Freundin Kim zu besuchen. Kim liebte das Ficken genauso wie Carla, aber sie war lange nicht so eine Schlampe wie Carla.    Kim hatte einen älteren Bruder, der sie und Carla im Alter von Zwölf entjungfert hatte. Kim mochte es, Carla liebte es.     
      Versaute kleine Schlampen(Claire and Emily: Loving Little Sluts)
      claire1 zip (8k) (Fg,inc,pedo,ws)
      Claire Latimer streckte ihre Arme über ihren Kopf und dachte darüber nach aufzustehen. Es war acht Uhr an einem Samstag Morgen und die zwölfjährige freute sich auf einen freien Tag zu hause. Das Wetter versprach warm und sonnig zu werden, und Claire hatte vor ihren neuen Bikini zeigen, wenn sie sich im Garten ein Sonnenbad gönnte. Das begeisterte Kichern von einem in der Nähe spielenden Mädchen kam ihr bekannt vor-es klang wie Emily, die lebhafte Siebenjährige, die Claire's beste Freundin war, trotz des Altersunterschiedes. Sie fragte sich, ob Emily wohl ihr engen gelben Badeanzug anhatte, und sofort brachte der Gedanke sie dazu zwischen ihre Beine zu langen und ihre Möse langsam durch ihren Pyjama zu reiben. Während sie das Baumwollmaterial zwischen ihre Schamlippen drückte, bemerkte sie, wie wund sie dort unten war. Das war kein Wunder, dachte sie, nachdem wieviel Aufmerksamkeit die ihre Mutter ihrem Fickloch in den lezten Tagen gewidmet hatte.     

      Wednesday PM, June 06, 2001

    • by :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Games Mommies Play, parts 1-2
      games1_2 zip (26k) (Fmm, incest, phone, ir, preg, NC elements/concensual reality)
      What could a mommy do? Susan knew that if that know-it-all bitch on the radio had an opportunity to offer any advice, it would just be for Susan to be her son's mom. Susan's husband was no fucking use. How big a problem was Michael anyhow? Sure, the boy was definetly at that age where he was going though some changes... but that was nothing more than all boys went through [wasn't it?] Susan may have bigger problems to deal with anyhow... the phone call was something else again.     
    • by Evil Twin :...
    • Amber, ch 2
      amber2 zip (6k) (F/F, sisters, preg, oral/anal)
      Kat walked over to her sister slowly and seductively, took the coffee mug out of her hand and placed it gently on the counter. Taking Angel's hand she led her back into the bedroom and got undressed. She took off Angel's robe and placed her sister's hand on her small rounded belly. "I want you to make love to us." Angel's hand caressed Kat's belly and then slid down until she was cupping her small patch of pubic hair. Soft, silky hair tickled her hand and she slipped lower still until she could massage the hard little bundle of flesh protruding from the girls shaved pussy.     
      Is It Love? part 2
      isitlov2 zip (8k) (M/F, Oral/anal, spanking, romance, humor)
      He slips a piece of torn material for a blindfold over my eyes and handcuffs me nicely. Shoves me toward the bedroom and down I go on the bed. I'm trying to get my ass up in the air for easy access and "Wham" he slaps my ass. "Wham" the other side. Okay, that's enough already, you've made your point. I'm thinking and not saying. Don't want to break the mood you know. My ass is beginning to burn and sting and he's not stopping. Funny thing though is happening. My nipples are throbbing and my pussy's singing "Anticipation" at the top of its lungs. (Do pussy's have lungs? Whatever.) Okay, so I've known him for about a month at that time and I'm not so sure that he's going to read me as well as he should. I'm in the mood to be fucked and fucked royally and he's still back there whamming on my ass.     
    • by daddydoright :...
    • Baby Joe
      babyjoe zip (8k) (M/f 13 & 15, incest, rape, rom, pregnancy)
      Our daughter became pregnant at the age of thirteen. My wife and I helped her raise the boy while we were still raising her. For the next two years he was a daily reminder of my one-night loss of control....     
      The Music Man, ch 3
      themusi3 zip (10k) (M/g adult man and eleven year old girl, sex, pedo, nc,reluctant)
      I couldn't believe my luck was so good to have an eleven year old girl spend the night with me. I was a little bit ashamed to be lusting after such a young small girl but could not make myself stop.....     
    • by Dodgson :...
    • Beach House, part 4: Jack Shaves Amanda
      beachho4 zip (19k) (pedo, cons, incest (Dad/Dau, Uncle/Niece), shave, mb, heavy oral, eroticism, Mfgg, fgg, (f age 13, g ages 12 & 12))
      More erotic play among all four at the beach, massaging, petting and french kissing. Jack shaves Amanda, 12, his niece, while Diane, 13, Amanda’s very close girlfriend, and Tammy, 12, his daughter, watch and actively participate in the erotic encounter. Tammy helps her dad out massaging Amanda’s freshly shaved cunt with oil and lotion, and much more as well. A teasing, erotic tale, a father/daughter love story plus, slowly developed.     
    • by LEBEC :...
    • Doggie's Bad Manners, part 7
      doggies7 zip (7k) (mF 1st blackmail)
      The video was already cued up to the part where she was being fucked by Byron. As she watched herself being debased on her own TV screen her jaw went slack and her body limp. She knew she had been beaten.     
    • by Nomad :...
    • Finding Love
      findingl zip (12k) (pedo)
      Jason felt his heart hammer loudly in his chest when he heard the doorbell sound. It had been hammering anyway, but for a different reason, but now it hammered violently, far too violently for a man of his years.    One hand trying to straighten the bedcovers and the other pushing his shirt back into his trousers, he rushed from the bedroom and turned the key in the lock before hurrying on. He was sixty-nine but was still a stout and brisk man, despite the heart attack that had led to his early retirement a few years before.    "Yes?" he asked the pretty girl on the doorstep.     
    • by Vert-man :...
    • Me You & Trish, part 6: Shay's Double Buttfuck
      meyouan6 zip (7k) (three girls,two guys/anal)
      This time "You" invites a friend named Shay to our little get togethers.She really takes a liking to me.So we end up fucking not once but several times.Including her double buttfuck,when me and Josh fuck her in the ass one right after another.     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • My Cousin, Janet, ch 4
      mycousi4 zip (11k) (b/g inc cousins)
      "Get naked, Katy," Janet said with an encouraging tone. "Billy and I are going to fuck again, and if you want to watch, you must take off your clothes. That's the deal. If you get to see us, we get to see you."     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Why Jimmy Raped His Mom
      whyjimmy zip (7k) (m/F, forced)
      Jimmy is an emotionally and physically abused boy. One day, he has had enough, and he takes it out on his bitch of a mother. Then, his revenge becomes another abuse. NOTE: Based on a True Story     
    • by Pam :...
    • Index to Pam Bennett's Stories
      indextop zip (7k) (Non Sexual)
      This is NOT a story, as such. It is an index of subjects and characters featuring in my stories. I hope it will help you to find your favourites. Use the 'see also:' to find stories involving the same characters or similar subjects.     The stories are listed in alphabetical order     My stories all feature lesbian incest. Sometimes animals are involved, but the sex is always loving and romantic. Men are featured only rarely, the big exception being Bukkake!     
    • by Lupo :...
    • Die Wixer-Connection, teil 7
      diewixe7 zip (12k) (M/M/M/b+/g mast exh)
      Detlef führt sich richtig ein: Der Wix im Restaurant und die Wixer-Autofahrt, bei der wir mit Jungs aus einem Bus wixen und danach auf einem Parkplatz ein Auto vollwixen. Voll geil!     
    • by Cool :...
    • Schuldenberg, ch 2
      schulde2 zip (20k) (M/ffff mom/daut inc)
      Es waren jetzt fast sechs Monate seit dem Tod meines Mannes vergangen. Ich konnte dies alles noch gar nicht richtig verarbeiten. Meine vier Töchter, Adina, 11 Jahre alt, Nicole 12, Nadine 14 und Jenny 15 Jahre, sorgten für zusätzliche Probleme.     

      Tuesday PM, June 05, 2001

    • by Pam :...
    • Bukkake!
      bukkake zip (8k) (Bukkake/Sperm Bath/Mother/Daughter/Doctor)
      Pixie is recovering from her adventure in Brazil. But she craves sperm. Doctor Harrison prescribes Bukkake, and recruits men to do the job.     
    • by Evil Twin :...
    • Dirty Basement, ch 4
      dirtyba4 zip (5k) (M/f,dad/daut,inc,bd,ws,toys)
      Christine was really good at tying knots. She learned her lesson well. One thing that her Daddy didn't teach her though was to tie different knots for different quality and size in ropes. Add almost twenty years of experience and there you have it. Daddy knows best. And guess what he was doing. What any normal red-blooded man would do. Try to escape from his confinement.     
    • by JKP :...
    • Mandy's Candy
      mandyscan zip (9k) (M/F/f ped piss/scat slight femdom)
      A story of two lost souls finding each other through an on-line personals site. True perversion is this stories goal. This part has a bit of a build up to it but just hang in there. As it develops, it will get better and better.     
    • by Boswell, the Bad :...
    • Martian Vacation, ch 14
      martia14 zip (6k) (Aliens/f)
      "We need to find some way to control them without going to war," the Fanter said, stepping over to where Vicky lay on her back atop a table. He spread her legs with his hands, exposing her reddened cunt slit...and stared down as the hairless lips parted heavily. He thumbed her labia apart, revealing the girl's dark pink inner slit...the now shrunken clit and the seeping entrance to her vagina.     "Wouldn't you all like to have one of these as a slave to play with?" he asked, not expecting an answer, as he deftly unzipped his uniform and exposed the bare skin of his belly. At first glance his belly looked exactly like Vicky's...with a fat pussy mound and a deep slit. But as he continued to stare into the girl's gaping cunt, the sides of his slit abruptly parted to allow a long thick brilliant red cock to slide out from within his abdomen.     
    • by Jasper Ratt :...
    • Miss Brown's Academy for Young Ladies, ch 5
      missbro5 zip (5k) (FF/ffff/M in every combo, inc, pedo, ws, scat)
      Miss Brown's Academy for Young Ladies, deep in the heart of the English countryside, grew from an idea of her father, mother-sister and herself, Now, for many years, the Academy had been devoted to bringing up its students, all female, as devoted believers and practitioners in family love.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • My Loves
      myloves zip (20k) (M/F/f, Incest, adults and a young girl, pedo)
      Tom meets a pretty waitress, with a nine year old daughter. They hit it off, but the daughter is trying to seduce Tom too. He ends up a very happy man.     
      The Program
      theprogr zip (10k) (M/F/f, Mind Control, pedo)
      Alex is a pimmpley computer geek, who has to buy sex. He developes a program to control others, and sets out to use women. Things don't exactly work out they way they do in stories.     
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • The Parents Assistant, ch 9
      parents9 zip (15k) (M/b,M/F,M/f/f/g,M/g,F/b,firsttime,oral,masturbation)
      Mike and I got to the pool, the rest of that afternoon was spent playing shark in the water, swimming, and relaxing. By Two that afternoon I had sucked this little 7 year old off five more times. With each time there came a small amount of cum that came out of his cock. I figured that if I worked long enough with him that I could probably have him putting out a nice little amount by the end of the month. I knew that it was going to take some time and training before he would be able to control it or to fill my mouth with a good portion but I would have him well on his way.     
      The Camping Trip
      thecampi zip (9k) (M/g/f,M/M,cons)
      You know there is something about the summer time, swimming, camping, and getting out. The sun and weather brings out the best in people along with a lot less clothing. From adults to infants less and less is worn as the temperatures go up. Beaches are fun to look, observe, and maybe catch a candid picture or two. Myself I prefer camping out someplace away from home secluded with few to no close neighbors. When you go camping you find that people tend to be a little more relaxed and loose with their children along with what they might or might not wear.     
    • by Tom Singleton :...
    • Posie, ch 28 : Daddy
      posie28 zip (22k) (M/f dad/daughter; F/m mother/son; Mmff; family; bestiality, fisting; prostitution)
      "OHHH! ... Posie! ..." Dr. Denton Fields moaned, driving his cock deeper, harder and faster into the hot, clasping, narrow back-channel of the darling blonde teenager chewing the bedsheets beneath him and driving her hips back up at him.     "Fuck me, Daddy! ..." she mewled, matching him thrust for thrust. "Your big cock ... in my tight little ass! ... ooooh! ... So ... big! .... Sooo ... nasty! ..."     
    • by writersblock :...
    • Trained Slut
      traineds zip (5k) (M/f/ fisting/ animals/ crazy stuff)
      Master purchased me when I was a baby. I have known only a life of servitude. I'm used daily, and I love every second. My pelvis has been stretched open for all of my life. I am ten years old, but have the pussy of an eighty year-old whore. My clit is two inches long, and super sensitive. My inner labia were removed long ago, and with collagen injections, my outer pussy lips are nice and fat, and hang low. Two years ago Masters doctor friend operated on my colon. I don't know what he did exactly. After the operation, I could take a fist fuck to the elbow, in my ass.     
    • by Mick Carlo :...
    • Hot Smoke and Sassafras, ch 6
      hotsmok6 zip (8k) (M/F, Oral, Masturbation, Teasing, Smoking Fetish, Public Sex)
      We certainly threw ourselves fully into the role-playing aspects of our mutual fetishes. They became more elaborate and creative as our passion for the games intensified.     
    • by Jaz1701 :...
    • Rape Confessional #2
      rapecons2 zip (17k)
      "No, No, Please God NO!" My sister whimpered as I played with her breasts.      She did not fight or struggle really. I think a small part of her tactile memory recalled how much pleasure these hands had given her. You see my little sister Susan had recently been held hostage and thoroughly raped 6 or 7 times over a long weekend. I had worn 3 inch lifts and a ski mask before blindfolding her. The quick look she got was of a man much taller than her dear brother who lived 2 hours away. She never suspected me.     
    • by Bad_Xeon :...
    • Die Schlampe der Schlampen Teil 2(slut of all sluts part 2)
      slut2 zip (5k) (M++f sluty action)
      Carla lag im Bett und träumte von Schwänzen. Ihre Mutter telefonierte um Carlas Mexikotrip zu planen. Das junge Ding wachte auf und sprang aus dem Bett. Sie streckte sich vor ihrem körpergroßen Spiegel.. Während sie liebevoll auf ihren kleinen Körper sah, fragte sie sich, ob andere Mädels bei ihrem eigenen Anblick geil wurden. Während sie in das Badezimmer ging merkte sie, daß ihr Muskelkater nicht so schlimm war, wie sie es erwartet hatte.     In der Nacht zuvor war die kleine Schlampe die Attraktion einer Junggesellenparty.Ihre Mutter hatte sie vor dem Hotel abgesetzt.     Ihre Mutter sagte, " ich wünsch dir viel Spaß, Liebes."     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • La profesora de geología
      laprofes zip (7k) (m/F)
      Acababa de sonar el timbre que indicaba que las clases había terminado por aquel día. Eran las tres de la tarde y la última clase había sido la de geología, la asignatura que peor se me daba. Estaba bastante preocupado, puesto que no veía ninguna posibilidad de aprobarla, a pesar de que era un estudiante bastante bueno.     

      Monday PM, June 04, 2001

    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • A New Morning
      anewmorn zip (18k) (M/F,M/f,M/g/f, oral, masturbation, firsttime)
      If you have read, 'The Camping Trip', this story will make even more sense to you though good even by itself. This is a continuation from the meeting Bob had with John and his two lovely daughter's (Karen 5 and Sharon 8) in the men's shower the night before.     I woke early with Peggy laying next to me and Myria next to her on the other side. They were both beautiful as they lay there. I watched the slow even breathing of them while gazing on their forms. Both had long night shirts on and socks while I slept in my boxers. Myria had pushed her blankets back off I guess she had gotten hot during the night.     
      Gone Fishing
      gonefish zip (25k) (m/g,M/F,M/g,drugs,masturbation,rape,anal,oral,firsttime)
      It had been some time since I had taken a vacation when I decided that I would take two weeks, go out to the lake to relax and do some fishing. At 35 I had no one to answer to in my life, no wife or girlfriends at the time. Yes I had done that scene several times and had even gotten married which lasted some 10 years, but alas my inner desires had gotten the best of me causing her to divorce me. I guess I should explain a little, I'm a child lover. I had discovered this some time back when I was still only a teen that I liked younger children and the younger the better most of the time.     
    • by Mother Fucker :...
    • A True Story
      atruesto zip (3k) (Mom/Son)
      My mom is a 48 yr old widow (my dad died a few years back - They were estranged for quite a while) who lives with me in my apartment. My bathroom door had recently developed a problem- if you closed it shut from the inside -it locked up tight shut and could be opened only from the outside.     
    • by Dodgson :...
    • Beach House, part 3: Amanda and Diane
      beachho3 zip (16k) (pedo, cons, incest (Dad/Dau), mb, oral, eroticism, Mg, fgg, (f age 13, g ages 12 & 12))
      See the first chapter of this story published May 27, 2001 for a general introduction. This Chapter 3: Tammy, 12, brings her dad, Jack, coffee early the next morning, surprising him as he's caught up in actively fantasizing about his daughter. Amanda, 12, Jack's niece, and her more than close girlfriend, Diane, 13, arrive for two weeks at the beach house. Tammy persuades Amanda and Diane to want her dad to shave them too, after showing them just how pretty her nude cunt looks and tastes. They all go out on the beach to sunbathe and go for a swim. A teasing, erotic, tale, a father/daughter love story, and more, slowly developed.     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • My Cousin, Janet, ch 3
      mycousi3 zip (10k) (b/g inc cousins)
      Janet swam up to me and put her arms around my waist under the water. I wanted to pull her into my arms and kiss her. Instead, I enjoyed the feel of her body bumping against mine as we kicked slowly, just enough to keep us afloat. Her eyes widened slightly when she felt my cock poking her.     
    • by Artsy Craftsy Kid :...
    • Systematic Double-A Bullshit
      systemat zip (13k) (No Sex, Another DoubleRoast)
      The end of civilization as we know it. Ol'Double will keep the Wolf from our door.     
    • by Poker :...
    • Terminatot Too
      terminat zip (18k) (mg mF inc rape ScFi)
      Officer Austin sat in the patrol car, all of the lights off, snatching a quick break. It had been a crazy night and he just needed to chill for a while. He had parked in the industrial district so that he could pretend to be watching for the burglar that had been hitting businesses over the last few weeks. His eyes were beginning to droop when suddenly there was an electric crackle all around him.      Austin sat up with a jerk and stared at the chain-link fence by the side of the car. There was a sound like that of material tearing and then a bubble appeared out of nowhere. It was about a metre across and seemed to be filled with glowing smoke. In an instant the bubble popped, leaving a perfect circle of red-hot dots surrounding a hole in the fence. A hole that hadn't been there before. And kneeling on the floor, where the hole touched the tarmac, was a girl. She seemed to be about 4 years old, and was naked.     

      Sunday PM, June 03, 2001

    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Aunt Marilyn
      auntmari zip (15k) (m/F, Incest, Aunt, Sister and Mother, Aunt & nephew, brother and sister)
      Douglas fallsn and is badly injure. His Aunt Marilyn cares for him at her home, where his older siste has taken refuge. Things develop between the family members, much to Douglas's delight.     
      Private School
      privates zip (13k) (M/f, blackmail, multiple girls, some force)
      Mr. Smith is the custodian at a private religious grade school. He looks for girls that break the rules, and he punishes them privately, his own way. There are a number of cute little rule breakers.     
    • by Evil Twin :...
    • Chastity Lost, ch 2
      chasity2 zip (9k) (Bondage/Torture)
      Kevin was his name and Chastity was his game. Kevin entered the basement door and locked it behind him all the while thinking of the woman bound and gagged in the closed room. His cock ws now fully erect and nudging the Zippo lighter in his pocket.     
      Is It Love?
      isitlove zip (7k) (M/F,anal, oral, romance, humor)
      I'm hot. I haven't had sex in months and this guy is driving me wild with lust already and we haven't made it out the door yet.     
    • by bookworm :...
    • Odyssey, ch 1
      odyssey1 zip (12k) (sci/fi M/F mind control)
      As the Earth dies, a smoking ember floating in space, a few people are picked up by the aliens. This is the saga of a few of them. In this chapter Tom (our hero, I promise he is called Tom in the end and he may be a hero) witnesses the destruction of Earth. Finds himself in an alien space ship and forced to rape his companion.     
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • The Parents Assistant, ch 8
      parents8 zip (15k) (M/b,M/F,oral,anal,drug,masturbation,firsttime)
      Leading him by the hand I took him on back into his room then closed the door behind us. Walking over and sitting down on his bed I drew him close to me between my legs. For the first time I took a moment to really study his young body and form. Looking almost identical to his 8 year old sister Kathy, his young body didn't have even a hint of any fuzz yet on him.     
      Susan's Little Sister, part 2
      susans2 zip (10k) (M/f, M/F/f, F/f, firsttime, love and romance)
      If you read "Susan's Little Sister" you will understand a little more of this story. Susan is 22 my girlfriend, Pam is barley 14, and I am 22 as well. Pam had became a young woman at my hand's the night before with her sister there as well.     The next morning Susan was first to wake laying on one side of me rolled towards me waking me with light kisses till my eyes opened. Pam was on the other side of me, sound asleep in my arm with one of her legs still laying over me. "Good morning" Susan said to me, "I'm going to get a shower and start breakfast, why don't you wake Pam the way you wake me most of the time then treat her to a shower."     
    • by daddydoright :...
    • The Music Man, ch 2
      themusi2 zip (9k) (M/f 13, incest M/g 10 pedo fondling,sex)
      [After consideration (and a couple of requests) I am enlarging this story into three parts, hope you approve] My new music teaching career became an overnight sensation by being very pleasing to my young students, their mothers, and especially pleasing to myself......     
    • by TnTuxedo :...
    • Tom and Jenny, part 1
      tomandj1 zip (5k) (M/f Romance)
      Tom, a 35 year-old former mining engineer, meets Jenny, a 9 year-old girl, at a waterpark....     
    • by Rex Wilder :...
    • Lilla Sandra, part 5
      sandra5 zip (16k) (M/f)
      John vaknade ganska tidigt och sträckte på sig. Han tittade på Sandra som fortfarande sov. Så söt den lilla ungen ändå var. Hon hade sparkat av sig täcket och låg helt naken på sängen bredvid honom.     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Una unión inesperada
      unaunion zip (7k) (m/F, incest)
      Yo tenía apenas quince años cuando a mi madre le diagnosticaron un extraño desorden nervioso a raíz del cual no podría salir de casa salvo en ocasiones de extrema urgencia. Este desorden, que no tenía tratamiento, la hacía perder el conocimiento repentinamente en cualquier situación de vez en cuando, normalmente una vez cada dos o tres días. Aparte de eso, mamá padecía recurrentes dolores de espalda y cierta dificultad para andar, de modo que el Estado le concedió la baja de su trabajo y logró una buena paga mensual con la que podríamos vivir razonablemente bien. Afortunadamente, mamá no era una de esas personas que se dejan derrotar por la enfermedad o por cualquier contratiempo, sino que encaraba las malas rachas con entereza y optimismo, y es así precisamente como se enfrentó a aquélla.     

      Saturday PM, June 02, 2001

    • by rothers :...New Author.!.!.!
    • His First Time
      hisfirst zip (8k) (Her son and her were ready for bisex)
      This is a story of my stay in a country bed and breakfast. I was on a three day surveying trip in a remote part of the desert. I had found this place quite by accident. I t was owned by an attractive 40 year old widow with an 18 year old son.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Angelina
      angelina zip (12k) (M/F, Incest, adult daughter and father)
      Angelina comes home from school, to help her dying mother. Her mother makes her promise to find a good woman to take care of her father. Angelina does exactly that.     
    • by Skinflick :...
    • A Winter's Chill, part 4
      awinter4 zip (7k) (M/f/F bro/sis/sis dom)
      I was around Lisa's other side right now, licking her ass and kissing the flexible globes that hung before my face. Between them was something that I lusted after very much, and often stuck my dick in. While before I had actually licked her asshole, there had been no penetration with my tongue, it was all superficial. Now, however, I was getting ready to take the plunge, spread the cheeks and start tasting the silken flesh sock inside my little sister.     
    • by BP :...
    • Billy Gets Mom
      billyget zip (21k) (Voyeur, impregnation, m/F, cuckold, WS, oral)
      Billy and I (Jimmy) have been friends all of our lives and because we live close to each other we spend much of our time at each other's house. About the time Billy and I turned twelve. We discovered sex and girls. During our jack-off sessions I would lust after the current Playboy center fold while Billy would dream of getting in my Mom's panties. Billy's fascination with Mom might sound a bit strange but it would make more sense if you knew Mom. At five feet two inches and a hundred pounds, she looks more like my older sister then my Mom.     
    • by Max Free :...
    • Helping Dad, ch 4
      helping4 zip (9k) (MMF, MFf, inc)
      How my wife Mary, my father-in-law Mike and I were joined by my young daughter Cathy for exciting foursomes !     
    • by Vert-man :...
    • How I Blackmailed My Sister
      howiblac zip (7k) (threesome,male/female/female)
      The first part of a short series of stories about two sister's.Molly and Holly.17 year old Holly treats her sister Molly (14) like shit until her sister catch's her on video fucking her boyfriend and another girl about her age.     
    • by Evil Twin :...
    • Joni, part 2: The End
      joni2 zip (8k) (M/pedo, Grdad/Grdaugh, f/pedo, inc, nc, caution)
      One last trip to the "little house" for Joni     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • My Cousin, Janet, ch 2
      mycousi2 zip (7k) (b/g inc cousins)
      Janet stopped in front of me, gave me a curious look and grinned. "Do you still want to see my pussy, all of it, not just part of it?"     
    • by Silk :...
    • Party of Three
      partyoft zip (9k) (f/f M/ff (f ages 9 and 10). dad/dau, sex, oral, anal)
      My daughter's mouth worked my balls lightly for a moment. Then, she started her way up to up to my cock, where she joined Suzie in trying to make me cum. The two of them licked my prick from top to bottom. They settled their tongues on either side of the head. I had to close my eyes and lean back. I was really close to the edge as it was, and watching these two children giving me a double header would have been just too much.     
    • by Keyman :...
    • The Child Talent Agent – Altar Girl Tryouts, part 4
      thechil8 zip (44k) (M/ggg Pedo Incest)
      This is the Fourth part in the continuing tale of four pedophiles and fifteen young school girls. The three other pedophiles and I were primed for more stories. We could pay more attention now that we had released our sexual tension with several of the schoolgirls. In this part we meet a young girl who's story relates how she learns more then Reading, Writing and Arithmetic from two substitute teachers. Another schoolgirl tells how her father took advantage of her and two of her friends by seducing them with porn videos and doctored alcohol.     
    • by Pam :...
    • What Really Happened in Brazil
      whatreal zip (10k) (Lesbian Incest/Older,Younger Lesbian/Horse)
      You may have read about Wendy's experiences in Brazil. Now we hear her lover, Mary's version, including what happened to little Pixie, her daughter.     

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