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    June 23rd - June 29th mid-Morning Updates

      Mississippi Queen....

      On Friday PM, June 29, 2001

    • by Maxamm :...
    • Amber & Dirty Buffy
      amberand zip (9k) (f/f/f/mom/daut/lesbian/pedo/w/s/scat/sick)
      A 19 year old call girl with a striking resemblance to Buffy The Vampire Slayer enjoys an afternoon of hardcore perversion with a pedo dyke and her 7 year old daughter.     
    • by Analover :...
    • Caught on Camera
      caughton zip (7k) (M/F anal)
      “Lay down,” he said, and she did. He knelt between her legs and licked straight up from her asshole to the top of her cunt, bathing it in his saliva and licking up her juices. She was so excited by having Tony watch as she committed incest that she came almost immediately, jerking and writhing and holding her uncle’s face to her mount.     
      The Sweetest Man, part 1
      theswee1 zip (11k) (M/F anal)
      Without a doubt Freddie had made Rosa ready for some action, because she kissed him hard to get a taste of her ass and took his hand and led him out of the kitchen. I’d already told her the bed was made up in the spare room, and I guessed the mattress was about to get a thorough workout. I sure hoped so as I made my way round to the front of the house, let myself in very quietly and climbed the stairs.     
    • by lolitot :...
    • Elementary Sex, Lesson 1
      element1 zip (8k) (g/M)
      They're learnin' about cocks an' stuff in the first grade now! Wanna see?!? Shy little Cassie has a problem ... she's scared of cocks 'cause she's never seen one before, so her teacher sent her to the office ... hehehe!     
    • by :...
    • Games Mommies Play, parts 15-17
      gam15-17 zip (41k) (Fmm, incest, phone, ir, preg, NC elements/concensual reality)
      This in the conclusion of the current adventure as Michael and Tyrone make the final moves on Susan to complete their ultimate intentions. She seems to be waving them in all systems go... but of course, it can't be that easy. For fans of locker room gang-bangs, and mother/son incest with preg... this posts for you.     
    • by Davy Sprocket :...
    • How I Got an 'A', Saved the World, and Fucked My Little Sister
      howigota zip (16k) (teen boy/g (boy is 16, girl is 10), oral, anal, sex, inc, borther-sister, sci-fi overtones)
      "Does big old Kenny need a little head," she said with a hot giggle. She took the stripped Ken doll and put it into her mouth! Jen pumped the doll's head and shoulders into her mouth, sucking it, rolling her tongue around it, and licking it. Then with the doll well wetted she gave it a final kiss and brought the plastic model between her legs. "In you go," she grunted as she gently began to push Ken's head into her cunny!     
    • by Peaches Golightly :...
    • I Wanna Play!
      iwannapl zip (9k) (M/f pre-teen reluctant)
      Twelve-year-old Carrie Middleston wants somewhere to play tennis, maybe a school-friend's dad can help her out.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Looking for Love
      lookingf zip (33k) (M/f/F, romantic)
      Alan spots the most beautiful girl he has ever seen, at a mall. He follows her home, and buys the house across the street. Then, due to a tragedy, the girls and her sister come to live with him, while their mother is in a hospital.     
    • by Dodgson :...
    • No Hands Shangri-La in Motu Toopa
      nohandss zip (15k) (pedo, cons, MFffgg in all manner of combinations (g ages 10-12, f ages 13-14))
      Gary Hayes, a 36 year old harried stock broker, books a week at the little known No Hands Shangri-La Beach Resort in Motu Toopa, a small, privately owned, South Seas tropical island, not far from Bora Bora in French Polynesia. His thatched wooden bungalow is just back from the beach and has a pandanus roof, bamboo walls, floor to ceiling wooden louvers, oiled yucca wood floors, heavy, hand carved, wooden base beams, an oversized bathroom, huge circular bed, sitting area, and a sun deck. Gary’s bungalow comes complete with three assigned Polynesian girls who stay with, and attend to Gary’s every need and desire, all on a full time basis, 13 year old Leilani, 12 year old Jianna, and ten year old Tia. The assigned girls’ job is to ensure Gary never has to use his hands by bathing, dressing, and feeding Gary. Additional No Hands girls, more than willing, are available elsewhere at the resort, including on the beach, just steps outside the front door of Gary’s bungalow.     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Payback can be a Bitch!
      paybackc zip (8k) (M/F M/f dad/daut inc)
      I watched as seemingly without any self-awareness, one of her hands went to her crotch and rubbed her pussy over the pair of shorts she wore. I debated whether to stop this charade by grunting and pretending to wake up or continuing to see if she would try to shake me awake with my hard-on waving in front of her. Her mother had given her instructions to wake me. Would she, or wouldn't she? I decided to wait and see.     
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • Skin
      skin zip (56k) (M/g, MM/g, M/f, f/f, etc.; caution)
      Renée buried her face between the back of the seat and the man's soft sweater, breathing hard. He stroked her hair, and the ten-year-old slowly slid her hand towards the stranger's groin, still uncertain whether he would let her touch him there, her heartbeat drowned out by the roar of the plane. Henry gasped when the girl began to grope him, his fingers tightening around her head. Squirming, Renée rubbed it through his trousers. Her mother and the passengers across the aisle were asleep. He came in his pants, and the kid squeezed his wilting cock with a milking motion, whimpering softly. She'd taken off her sandals, seducing him, her lonely little body desperate for love.     

      Thursday PM, June 28, 2001

    • by Peaches Golightly :...
    • Back in the States
      backinth zip (8k) (M/f teen cons)
      Earl comes home from the Peace Corps. to find his the young girl he remembered as a cute little pest has grown into a beautiful woman.     
    • by Geena Gideonse :...
    • How (Not) to Use a Condom
      hownotto zip (9k) (m/f, bro/sis, teen, first time)
      My young cousin confided in me about her recent sexual experience with her brother. I've changed the names, of course, and taken some liberty with the dialogue, but this is fundmentally the true story of how a brother and sister begin to explore sex by following the instructions on how to use a condom, for a sex ed class homework assignment.     
    • by Netwanderer :...
    • I Want My Mummy
      iwantmym zip (6k) (?/f, tentacle, nc)
      Not everything that resides in a tomb is dead forever.    I'll have a new header for my page out to you soonest.     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Kids will be Kids, ch 9
      kidswil9 zip (12k) (b/g bro/sis inc)
      I pulled her into my arms and kissed her. She still held my cock in her hands, but as the kiss continued, she pushed the shaft down and it slipped between her silky thighs. The fingers that had held my cock up moved through my now-wet hair along with the fingers of her other hand, and without the impediment of my cock poking at her belly, the entire front of her body came next to mine so tightly I don't believe there was enough space for the cascading water to flow between us. I loved the naked, wet feel of her up and down my body, and I realized I had never been kissed with as much passion. Piper nearly devoured me, and as we kissed, her hips moved slightly back and forth, fucking me with her silky thighs.     
    • by Nomad :...
    • Teacher's Pet
      teachers zip (19k) (M/f teen first)
      A married man of eight years and a teacher for six, Brian thought he knew his wife. But then he thought he could handle school girl crushes too. Just goes to show.     
    • by Rick Roll :...
    • The Dressing Room
      thedress zip (5k) (M/F - cons/sex/oral)
      I went to a department store to purchase new clothes. I noticed an attractive young mother with a young son who is also shopping for clothes. She surprises me in the dressing room, and we have a quick, torrid fuck in the small changing room.     I needed some new clothes, so I went down to the local mall and into one of the larger department stores. It was the end of the summer, and I was thinking of getting some new threads for the fall. The stores were a bit busy with the coming school year and all, and I made my way through the throngs of kids to get to the clothing section.     
    • by Lutwidge :...
    • The Family of Dawn, ch 4
      thefami4 zip (6k) (M/f inc)
      "Do you want to take these off, princess?" his fingers still caressing me. I nodded, and he sat back to watch as I reached down and slipped my panties down under my skirt. With a simple smile of pleasure, he drew them down the rest of the way, over my shoes, then lifted my panties to his face and sniffed them. Wordlessly, he leaned back on the lounge, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, then pulled them down below his hips. His peter was sticking up straight to rest on his belly, and he wrapped my panties around it. Taking my limp hand, he guided it around my panties, and I began stroking it with the now well-practiced motion. He sat for a moment watching my hand do its magic, then unbuttoned my blouse the rest of the way. Gently, he scooped the cups of my training bra down to expose my puffy nipples to his gaze, and I felt his peter lurch harder in my hand. He put his finger to my lips, and I sucked it in, getting it wet. He withdrew it to trail down my neck and around my stiffening nipples, down my belly to the edge of my skirt.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Man Of The House
      themanof zip (10k) (Fm-14 mf-10 cons inc mom-son bro-sis oral lac m-solo)
      He was only 12 when his father left to take that trip that would change Logan's world forever. As he was ready to leave for the airport to go on a business trip, he smiled at Logan. "You have to be the man of the house while I'm gone. Take good care of your mother and your little sister. I'm counting on you." He opened the door, smiled, and was gone. They never saw him again. The plane crashed and in a blink of an eye, he left them forever.     
    • by leadfootmd :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Mikey's Life, ch 1
      mikeysl1 zip (5k) (m/F/f mother/son/sister inc)
      A 12 year old's growing love for his mother and sister     
    • by Light Show :...
    • My Sister, The Vamp: She sucks! part 1
      mysiste1 zip (6k) (m/f bro/sis incest)
      It was late October, a Friday night, three days before Halloween to be exact. Outside the air was chilly and the wind blew dead leaves in gentle swirls, brushing the limbs of the great oak tree up against my bedroom window sill.     
    • by The Writer :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Landleben
      landlebe zip (175k)
      Langeweile, nichts als tödliche Langeweile empfand der zwölfjährige Peter wenn es Samstag Nachmittag wurde. In dem kleinen Dorf am Rande des Ruhrgebietes war es dann wie ausgestorben. Ihren schönen Bungalow bauten seine Eltern vor fünf Jahren hier draußen , weil es eben viel billiger war als in der nahen Großstadt und so hatten sie nicht nur einen geräumigen, großen Bungalow, sondern auch einen Swimmingpool, Sauna und eben auch einen großen Garten. Nur für einen Zwölfjährigen zählt eben Fußball, Freunde und Erlebnisse mehr , als ein solches Haus, zumal es nur ein Nachbarhaus gibt, da die damals versprochene Wohnsiedlung mit der vielfältigen Infrastruktur niemals gebaut wurde.     

      Wednesday PM, June 27, 2001

    • by Peaches Golightly :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Hallie McHale
      halliemc zip (7k) (M/f teen)
      16-year-old, Hallie McHale, new to the modeling world, spends her first night living with her new manager, Arthur Reeves.     
    • by BitterTruth :...
    • Cleaning Up The City
      cleaning zip (7k) (Mf, Pedo, inc, tort, snuff, cannibalism, drugs)
      Simply stunning. That was what I thought when she stepped into my office. Wallace brought her in and sat her down. He handed me the paper work. The girl was dressed in tattered and dirty clothes     
    • by Rick Roll :...
    • Mother's Young Lover
      mothersy zip (13k) (m/F - mom/son/inc/cons/rom)
      The oldest of three kids, Dave finds himself alone with his mother during time off at Thanksgiving. As the sit in the hot tub one night, they find themselves as lovers, and his youtful passion thrills his mother like never before.     
    • by Dodgson :...
    • Obsessions, part 1: Dan and Leah Meet
      obsessi1 zip (14k) (pedo, cons, oral Ff, Mf, (f age 15))
      A tale of two obsessions: Leah Rios, fifteen, slender, petite, small all over, looking even younger than her fifteen years, is a runaway from the mid-west, with an obsession to eat young pussy and have her pussy eaten as often and as long as possible, by men, women, old, young, didn’t matter as long as they loved to eat pussy. With a fake ID she gets a job as a nude dancer at a wild club in the Los Angeles area where private couch dancers are given by the fully nude dancers, as well as full contact “Double Trouble” lesbian dance shows. It’s ideal for Leah. Dan Lance, 46, a very successful professional gambler, has nearly ruined his life with his obsession to eat young pussy, the younger the better, including doing six years in prison for multiple counts of fucking and giving oral sex, over a six month period, to his then nine year old niece. Dan finds Leah at the nude dance club. They’re a natural together. Leah leads Dan in a quest to find fresh young pre-teen pussy, searching the underground sex/swinger newspapers for contacts, visiting nude resorts catering to families, and nude beaches, etc.     
    • by Vert-man :...
    • On Location: The Seattle Series 2
      onlocat2 zip (19k) (f/f m/f incest daddy/Daughter)
      Scene Three: Gary is hired to tape a Daddy Daughter love scene between 13 year-old Courtney and her Father Lars.     Scene Four: 14 year old Cassie and her 12 year old roommate Zoey start out with a duet of there fav song in the shower but end up on the couch in a different kind of duet.     
    • by lolitot :...
    • Preteen Lolicam Kids, part 2: Cathy's Room
      preteen2 zip (5k) (g/g/F/M/M)
      Bob couldn't imagine what he was gonna see tonight, no matter how hard he tried. An' he didn't believe it when he did see it. An' neigher will you! (gigglesploosh!!)     
    • by T. Lawrence Shannon :...
    • Reverand Bill And His Child Bride, ch 4
      reveren4 zip (6k) (Mm/Mf/pedo/preg/ws/scat)
      I would rush back home every day, my prick sticking out through my pants as I ran to my little twelve-year-old, knocked-up, child-bride-slut. She'd sink to her knees and grab my engorged cock and start sucking. She was the best cocksucker I had ever had. Her mouth was literally like a vacuum cleaner. Within two minutes I was shooting my big wad of cum-juice down her little girl throat.     
    • by FictionWriter :...
    • Springtime in Yosemite
      springti zip (11k) (M/f, Brother/Sister Incest)
      Kenny, a student in California, is visited over the summer by Amy, his 17 year old sister. As a kid, Amy wasn't very attractive but Kenny is surprised at how much his little sister has grown in the past three years. While growing up, they experimented in some sex play but that was many years ago. Now, on a camping trip to Yosemite National Park, Kenny learns just how much his little sister has grown, and she's anxious to show her older brother how much she knows.     
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • The Neighbors, ch 2
      theneig2 zip (9k) (M/g, M/b, g/b, touching, fondling, oral, sex play (boy 13 girl 10))
      I wondered as I set there, what kind of family was this? Where they just a close loving family and this was nothing more then innocent play for her or was there something more deeply hidden within. I didn't know but felt the need to be closer to them myself. Donna was a sexy looking woman and with luck there might even be a chance that she and I would get together. Jason was an innocent enough 13 year old boy who needed some help and guidance. I thought and felt that I could give that to him even sexually teach him what he should know. 10 year old Kim I wasn't sure about. Though innocent she seemed to have enjoyed her little ride on my lap and cock as I brushed out her hair. Was it innocence or was it possible that she and her father had engaged in some type of sex play. I also wondered about Donna and the cool manner in which she talked to her daughter and I even after seeing my cock there between her legs. She certainly hadn't disapproved nor did she chase her daughter off or me out the door.     

      Tuesday PM, June 26, 2001

    • by :...
    • Games Mommies Play, part 14
      gamesm14 zip (19k) (Fmm, incest, phone, ir, preg, NC elements/concensual reality)
      Michael moved down and puckered his lips before pressing them onto his mother's thrust-out ass. He pecked a soft, sensual kiss on her right cheek as she sighed in her anticipation, It was too quiet though... the boy's impish smile curled his lips back and flashed his pearly whites before he just parted his mouth and lashed down to give her a quick, sharp, little nip. "Oww... don't bite my ass, honey... just be nice. i'm still so sore from that spanking and butt-fucking you gave me last night."      "sorry." the the naughty, mother-fucker snickered.     
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • Home Again
      homeagai zip (31k) (M/f Mature man and young girl M/f dad/daut inc)
      Nia returns home from her Special Place and continues her relationship with Don. She also continues to develope a deeper relationship with her dad. Her best friend Erynn is also involved.     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Kids will be Kids, ch 8
      kidswil8 zip (11k) (b/g bro/sis inc)
      I felt his hard cock resting along my cunt. It throbbed, nestled in the crease of my outer lips. I wanted that cock inside me, not passively resting against my cunt. I reached and firmly grabbed the hard organ in my hand while Phil continued to kiss me. With a slight backward movement of my hips, I aligned the hard shaft perfectly and seated the crown just inside the entrance to my pussy.     
    • by Byteman2000 :...
    • My Sons Lessons, ch 2
      mysonsl2 zip (11k) (M/b, Dad/son, fondling, oral, anal, cons, romance, (son 9years))
      As I got out of the pool, my cock was still semi-erect I thought about Chris being only 9 years old. I wondered if he would indeed want to suck my cock and let me cum in his mouth as well. I thought about tonight, maybe I'll get him to shower with me and we can explore each other's bodies some more. Maybe I'll let him sleep with me tonight and make love to him. Maybe I'll let him slide that cock of his up my ass and show him how much I really do love and care for him. All the thoughts, the fantasies, the maybe(s) but now it was time for me to prepare dinner     
    • by Harry the Horn :...
    • The Lift
      thelift zip (8k) (M/ff incest)
      A chance meeting in a McDonanlds carpark leads to me giving a lift home to two hot fourteen year old twin sisters, along the way we stop for some fun.     
    • by Ninja :...
    • The Perfect Wife
      theperfe zip (11k)
      It was the spring of my senior year in college and my father let me know in no uncertain terms, I needed to come home with a diploma and a fiance. I would then start the process of running the family interests and that job required the perfect wife on my arm.     I had no shortage of girlfriends, I was extremely rich, good looking, popular, athletic. I had it all. I still do have it all. Life is very good to some of us - and there is no reason not to take advantage of the lucky cards we get.     
      The Training, part 1
      thetrai1 zip (16k)
      It had been an interesting afternoon. I was over at the house of a good friend of mine, Dennis Hill. We sat in the backyard and talked while his daughter and a couple of friends of hers played in the pool.      The girls were all 14/15 and they were all prime jailbait. First off they are all gorgeous, thin with nice asses and beautiful large breasts. And the full firm breasts that only truly come from youth - silicon comes close but it's not quite the same.     
    • by Lupo :...
    • Die Wixer-Connection, teil 10
      diewix10 zip (13k) (M/M/M/M/b+/g/g/g/g ws mast exh)
      Ich hole Tanja am Bahnhof ab und wir ficken erst einmal mitten auf dem Bahnsteig. Im Zeltlager liefert Tanja den Jungs eine geile Show und bekommt dafür ein umfangreiches Sperma- und Pißbad geliefert. Es gibt einen Wixwettbewerb, und tags darauf wird gewandert. In einem Dorf entdecken wir drei neugierige Zehnjährige, die wir in die Geheimnisse von Schwänzen und Sperma einweihen.     

      Monday PM, June 25, 2001

    • by T. Lawrence Shannon :...
    • A Nudist Boy's Letters, ch 22
      anudis22 zip (6k) (mm/ff/F/size/sister/mother)
      The twenty-second letter me and my wife found on a computer disk our son had hidden while he was out of town at a swim meet. In this letter he talks about his big prick at his nudist school where he walked into class with a hard cock with cum dripping out the end. He describes his fucking with his best friend and his ten-year-old sister at the same time. And, his fucking and becoming lovers with my wife, his mother, and her wanting him to make her pregnant.     
    • by Tiberius :...
    • Cherryrunner
      cherryru zip (21k) (Sci-fi spoof, extreme fantasy; pre and early teen (female) rape, violation, torture)
      (This is a sci-fi spoof of obvious derivation.) It is the late 21st Century. Global IT/Bio-Tech corporation, Tyrent, rules the world. All morality and ethics have disppeared. Artificial people - known as "copulants" - are manufactured by Tyrent for the sexual pleasure of humans. Most popular are the "Cherries" -- pre and early teenaged children designed for extreme and brutal sexual exploitation. But a design error has produced a batch of cherries resistent to sexual use. Special police, known as Cherryrunners, are employed to track down and violate aberrant cherry copulants. In this story Dick Prickhard, a disillusioned ex-Cherryrunner, is coerced to hunt down a group of runaway cherry copulants. Along the way he finds Rachel -a perfect pre-teen cherry -and becomes infatuated with her.     
    • by :...
    • Games Mommies Play, part 13
      gamesm13 zip (19k) (Fmm, incest, phone, ir, preg, NC elements/concensual reality)
      At Michael's door, Susan was briefly tempted to open it up and just throw the nighty in... maybe even enter herself and just bluntly ask the boy was he 'cumming,' or would he wait to actually get it in her mouth first? Fuck... she would love to see his shocked face that his little gambit had been found out... but the game was too vital. As totally sinful as it was to get blackmailed into being her own son's seXXX-slave... as wantonly wicked as it was to now admit it wasn't blackmail at all, but her own accord... it would just be total shoot-the-bitch-in-the-head time if she let Michael know that she was this willing. He still had to preserve the normal illusion of a proper family in their public life. As long as she totally made him struggle for it, and drew the line at actual conjugal familiarity... she had already sucked his cock... there was nothing to be lost to do it again... really. She just would never let him actually penetrate her pussy.     
    • by lolitot :...
    • More Than A Mouthful, part 2
      moretha2 zip (7k) (g/g/g/F/M)
      Remember the little girl from yesterday? The one ya made a mess all over her pretty little face? What would ya do if she came back an' had her teacher an' two of her little girlfriends with her? Would ya make a mess of'em right away, or could ya wait t'see what happens? Huh? (giggle!)     
    • by Foxyboy :...
    • Preparing Jenny, part 2
      prepari2 zip (11k) (M/G /pedo. Oral, anal, sex consen, spanking, some ws)
      Twelve year old schoolgirl Jenny makes her second appearance on film. This time she looses her virginity     
    • by Carnal Quill :...
    • Return of the Kovz King, ch 8
      kovzk08 zip (36k) (m/b)
      After their narrow escape from the Holy Warriors, Kelvin and Erin begin their journey to Kovzland with their new companions, Eric and Jonathan. After a close call at the Raykov border, the travelers encounter more Holy Warriors transporting a cage full of naked slave boys back to Tarsec. Will Kelvin and Friends be able to rescue to them?     
      Return of the Kovz Queen, ch 8
      kovzq08 zip (37k) (m/g)
      After their narrow escape from the Holy Warriors, Kelva and Erin begin their journey to Kovzland with their new companions, Eric and Jonathan. After a close call at the Raykov border, the travelers encounter more Holy Warriors transporting a cage full of naked slave boys back to Tarsec. Will Kelva and Friends be able to rescue to them?     

      Sunday PM, June 24, 2001

    • by BitterTruth :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Unlocking The Passion, ch 1
      unlocki1 zip (6k) (Mf, Drug Use, first time, oral, rim job)
      There she was. standing four foot eight, her knee bleeding as she looked at it with disdain. she saw me looking at her through my open second story window and shouted up to me. "Hey mister! Do you have any Band-Aids?"     
    • by FictionWriter :...
    • A Family Affair
      afamilya zip (7k) (M/F, Father-in-Law/Daughter-in-Law)
      This is a continuation of a previous story entitled "Breakfast at Tiffany's" in which a middle aged man has an affair with Tiffany, his beautiful but sexually frustration 22 year old daughter-in-law.     
      Greene Acres
      greeneac zip (6k) (M/g/b, Grandfather/Granddaughter/Grandson Incest)
      Eight year old Danny witnesses some peculiar behavior involving is Grandfather and ten year old sister Rachel, then "accidentally" catches her in Grandpa's bedroom being a real help to a senior citizen. Later, Danny is initiated into their fun and games, and eventually Grandpa recruits his seven year old granddaughter as well. Who says farm life is tough?     
    • by daddydoright :...
    • Cassi
      cassi zip (7k) (M/g adult man & twelve year old girl pedo sex, oral sex, cons)
      Our next door neighbor Jean was also my wife's best friend. It seemed like her and her daughter Cassi had been visiting us daily ever since they had moved in almost three years ago. But a few months ago I began to notice that Cassi had became more and more pleasant to look at....     
    • by Maxamm :...
    • Church Of Pedo, part 2
      churcho2 zip (67k) (m/f/dad/daut/pedo/o/a/w/s/cons/n/c)
      Father Maxwell is back in the old orphanage and back in pedo heaven, with Sister Helen and her seven sexy little daughters. However, an offer of two million dollars is enough to tempt the priest and his partner out of retirement. Their mission; to abduct ten girls under the age of six, in ten different countries, for a very rich pedophile with dreams of owning his own preteen harem. So begins and erotic and often dangerous child sex safari, which samples Europe, the Far East, Middle East, Africa and South America. But Maxwell and Helen must also face a reckoning with their sordid past.     
      Educating Alisha, part 4
      educati4 zip (10k) (m/f/dad/daut/pedo/oral/w/s/cons)
      When mommy's away, Alisha and her daddy will play. Their sex games are interrupted by an unexpected visitor. But when that visitor is Alisha's six year old friend, daddy is soon enjoying a double helping of forbidden fun.     
    • by Nomad :...
    • Double Standards
      doublest zip (12k) (F/m racial pedo)
      Marie sat at her dressing table and slowly combed her long dark hair, her mind moving from one thing to another as it does when you're idle. She was twenty-four and one-time model from London, now living in this beautiful house just outside Cape Town, South Africa, the wife of a Fund Manager on secondment from the head office in London.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Susie's Way
      susieswa zip (19k) (mf Mf-16 Mf-17 f-solo m-solo oral con inc dad daut)
      She was always a little wild. As a very young girl she always knew exactly what she wanted to do and heaven help her parents when she made up her mind to do something. Her name was Susie, this very popular name for a girl that brings to mind a cute and very sweet little girl that is very typical and all American girl. But not Susie Anderson. She had red hair that was curly and always flying in different directions all over her head. Her vivid blue eyes were hypnotic when she decided to stare at you. That wide eyed, non blinking, innocent stare of a little girl that sees something about you that she is trying to understand. You begin to sweat under that intense stare then she smiles and her dimples knock you right off your feet.     
    • by Cliffy Tottle :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Sweet Little Sarah
      sweetlit zip (6k) (M/g dad/daut ped inc)
      "My butt's pretty tight, huh Daddy?" Sarah is a cute little 7 year-old who likes to bend over and let Daddy play with her sweet ass. Of course Daddy is more than happy to oblige.     
    • by Mr. Dickerson :...
    • Jenny Needs An A, part 2
      jennyne2 zip (6k) (M/f Teacher/student)
      After having sex with his student Jenny to raise her grade, Mike Nocks gets another student who is failing to do an "extra assignment".     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • En Escocia
      enescoci zip (5k) (m/F, incest)
      -Sigue muy neblinoso todo, ¿a que sí? -le preguntó María a su sobrino Antonio, que estaba mirando por la ventana de guillotina de su dormitorio.     
    • by Cool :...
    • Schuldenberg, ch 3
      schulde3 zip (14k) (M/ffff mom/daut inc)
      Es waren jetzt fast sechs Monate seit dem Tod meines Mannes vergangen. Ich konnte dies alles noch gar nicht richtig verarbeiten. Meine vier Töchter, Adina, 11 Jahre alt, Nicole 12, Nadine 14 und Jenny 15 Jahre, sorgten für zusätzliche Probleme.     

      Saturday PM, June 23, 2001

    • by Dodgson :...
    • Beach Girl, part 1
      beachgi1 zip (18k) (pedo, cons, incest (Mom/Dau), Mfg in various combinations (g age 10))
      Ten year old Judy, a vivacious, precocious, and pretty little girl, lives at the beach with her mother, Sharon Ogden, 27, in Venice, California. They live at The Sea Breeze as permanent residents, in one of the few remaining single cottage style, one room bungalow residential beach hotels in Venice. It was built in the early thirties. Sharon, a woman with a stunning body, is a “masseuse” according to her advertisement in the weekly LA Express, a newspaper exclusively carrying ads for massage parlors, escorts, models, masseuses, and other sexually related services, and gives erotic massages to her customers in her cottage, sometimes with the help of her daughter. Ron Nolan, 41, recently divorced, a burly ex-pro football player, owner of a roofing construction firm with his partner, lives in the hot San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. He takes two weeks off for a summer vacation at The Sea Breeze.     
    • by T. Lawrence Shannon :...
    • Family of Kiddy Whores, ch 11
      family11 zip (8k) (mmmm/fffffff/MMMM/F/ws/scat/pain/raunch/size/snuff/EXTREME CAUTION)
      My brother and I were told to lay on each table and to display our cock's to the audience while spreading our legs. They were going to lower each child on our cocks and fuck us using their kid's pussy's and assholes. There was a line to our right of men holding the hands of these children. They brought two girls of about seven years-old over to us. Two men per child stood on each side of the kids and held them up under their arms and forced their tiny cunts down on our big pricks.     
    • by :...
    • Games Mommies Play, part 12
      gamesm12 zip (14k) (Fmm, incest, phone, ir, preg, NC elements/concensual reality)
      "You're Mom is a total nut case... did you hear that shit about her wanting to pretend I was making her suck you?"*"If she only knew, she already, had and swallowed... fuck though, this is brilliant. We'll put the blindfold on her, and I will be right there with her and you holding her fucking hands, or fondling her tits as you bang her."*"She said 'no fucking."*"For me... not you."*"What's the fucking difference as far as she knows... maybe she just doesn't want to get fucked with the blindfold on but will suck us off?"*"No... it's probably not that. If she was going to imagine I was really me, than she probably just wants to draw the line that she might let us blackmail her to suck me off, but she wouldn't let us blackmail her to actually fuck her own kid?" It was so damn complicated when it was put like this...     
    • by Nomad :...
    • Newsagent
      newsagen zip (11k) (spanking M/f teen)
      A newsagent is offered an alternative to police by three parents after their girls steal from the shop.     
    • by David Stephens :...
    • Happy Families, part 5: Zoe Shows Off
      happyfa5 zip (12k) (MM/g, M/b, F/b, inc, pedo)
      7-year-old Zoe poses provocatively in her sexy new underwear. The little slut is asking for it - and she gets it!     
    • by TnTuxedo :...
    • Tom and Jenny, part 4
      tomandj4 zip (5k) (M/f Romance)
      Tom and Jenny decide to have some good, clean fun!     
    • by TheDope :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Eine Familie Lernt Sich Kennen, ch 1
      einefam1 zip (10k) (M/F/f)
      Hallo, mein Name ist Marion und ich bin geil auf meine Tochter. Sie ist jetzt gerade 4 Jahre alt geworden und sieht einfach nur zum anbeissen aus. Wenn sie lacht und dabei ihre blonden Haare schüttelt und ihre strahlenden, blauen Augen funkeln, dann weiss ich das mich nichts auf dieser Welt heisser oder geiler macht als mein kleiner Engel. Noch nie habe ich etwas schöneres oder überhaupt vergleichbares gesehen. Dein eigenes Kind, welches deine Muschi zum kochen bringt, dich verlegen wegschauen lässt wenn sie mal wieder unbewusst aufreizent dasitzt und spielt und du abends kaum einschlafen kannst, weil du nurnoch an den zarten Hals, ihre feuchten Küschen oder an ihren noch so unschuldigen Schlitz denkst. Damals bin ich fast verrückt geworden vor verlangen nach ihr. Einmal habe ich sogar kontakt zu meinem alten Sportlehrer hergestellt, weil der uns damals beim Sportunterricht immer betatscht hatte. Von mir hab ich ihm nichts erzählt, aber ich konnte ihn soweit klein kriegen das ich mir seine kleine Pornosammlung anschauen durfte.     

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