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    March 10th - March 16th mid-Morning Updates

      One Piece At A Time....

      On Friday PM, March 16, 2001


      Thursday PM, March 15, 2001

    • by Lud Kannowan :...
    • Confessions and Money, part 2
      confess2 zip (4k) (M/f f/f/ ff/M priest, girls, interacial, oral, facial, religious item usage)
      In the confession booth, thirteen year old Kiki licked the curved head of the priests cock, taking a piece of precum into her mouth.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Dancing For Dollars
      dancingf zip (10k) (Mf/fmmmmmmm/mmmmmmmmm gang rape,oral,anal,tease,strip,
      There she was, standing in the center of the room with about 5 or 6 boys around her all looking at her lustfully. 11 year old Debbie loved the attention. The music started and she began to dance around, very suggestively, touching her self and lifting her skirt and blouse exposing her brand new bra and panties. Her mom had just bought them for her and she felt so sexy in them. She had gone to school that day all dressed up in her pretty new outfit and new shoes. She had discovered the power of sex a few months ago when she was seduced by her uncle Rick. He gave her lots of money to do things to him and let him do things to her. She had hidden the money so she could keep it and spend it on any thing she wanted. She didn't admit it but she really liked playing with uncle Ricky and she would do it even if he didn't give her money. He gave her twenty dollars every time she danced and stripped for him. The last time she stayed at his house he gave her fifty dollars to come sleep in his bed with him. That was the night she discovered sex and she loved it.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Hatred
      hatred zip (16k) (m/F/F/F/F, N/C, Torture, Death)
      Jack has been abused all his life. Finally, after a lot of planning, he takes his hatred out on those who have used him. He also hurts one that has only treated him with kindness. He makes it up to her. A very different story ending.     
    • by Imptoo :...
    • Road Warrior And The Princess, part 2
      roadwar2 zip (5k) (M/F bondage)
      Recently seperated with memories of years of no sex or worse unfilling sex. Cathy was estatic to have a new lover in her life who was teaching her she could not only enjoy her sexuality but could have multiple orgasms each one giving her more pleasure then the last     

      Wednesday PM, March 14, 2001

    • by T. Lawrence Shannon :...
    • A Nudist Boy's Letters, ch 6
      anudist6 zip (6k) (previous post in error) (mmm/www/MMM/WWW/size)
      The sixth letter our son wrote to a secret pen-pal. In this letter he talks about being nude in front of his family and their friends. He then describes his first encounter having sex with his two brothers and his growing love and sexual relationship with his one brother.     
    • by Wishlist :...
    • Mom's Hand
      momshand zip (6k) (m/F, M/m, inc)
      I don't really remember when it began. As far back as I can remember, Mom would come to tuck me in every night. She'd tell me to get to bed, come to my door and turn out the light, then come over and sit on the side of my bed. I knew I was supposed to have the covers pulled down to my knees; Mom would cover me up when we finished giving each other our "secret kiss". She'd put her right hand on top of my crotch and rub my little "thing" through my shorts. At the same time, she'd open her robe and rub between her legs with her left hand.     
    • by daddydoright :...
    • Only The Lonely
      onlythel zip (7k) (M/f adult father, thirteen year old daughter, incest)
      My wife had left to attend to her favorite aunt who was nearing the end of her long life. Our daughter Bonnie was feeling a little blue and looking to me for comfort in her mother's absence. I was looking at her with different emotions altogether.....     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Retirement, ch 5
      retirem5 zip (11k) (M/f/F, M/m, F/f/F, pedo, n/c)
      Jim and Mary Ann get a family; mother and fathe, and three children, for toys. They use them for an entire week, in every possible way.     
    • by Candrah :...
    • The Brake of Thunder
      thebrake zip (16k) (bro/sis/dad, inc, wicca, non-cons)
      Sort of an erothic thriller of a girl who lost her father at young age. Forbidden wicca might give her a suprise she didnt expect at all...     
    • by DurtyLady :...
    • All Services Available, part 2
      allserv2 zip (6k) (F/F D/S W/S Scat)
      As I stood up, I looked into Mistress Sylvia's eyes, I was no longer nervous, just terribly excited by the events.     "Come!" she instructed me, "Kneel before me!"     I did, her cunt was level with my gaze, her legs were open slightly and I could see her lips glistening from her recent orgasm.     
    • by ACTJC :...
    • The Contest, part 2
      thecont2 zip (11k) (MM/ff, pedo)
      After a couple of minutes Paul returned to the lounge room and sat down. For the next 10 minutes the two men talked about the upcoming school year, boasting about how much kiddy cunt each of them would be getting, with a new crop of eager young girls waiting to be licked, fucked, seduced and molested in every way. There conversation was interupted with a ring of the doorbell. "Looks like the entertainment is here" said Paul, getting up to answer the door.      Opening the front door he was greeted by the pleasant sight of two young girls standing on the step. One was 10 year old Lisa Walton, wearing pinks shorts, a yellow t-shirt, blue socks and sandals. Her hair was tied up with light blue ribbons into pig-tails.     

      Tuesday PM, March 13, 2001

    • by The Anonymous Guy :...
    • A Little Boy Between A Woman's Legs
      alittleb zip (6k) (F/m Babysitter pedo)
      I have ALWAYS been fascinated with performing oral sex on women for as long as I can remember. A very young boy, I remember my fascination with the legs and the "unknown" areas of women! From as young as I can remember, I had been trying to look up under women's dresses and certainly enjoyed every chance I got to actually TOUCH a woman! Fortunately, I was a cute little boy who seemed to attract the desires of women. I don't care what ANYONE says … there ARE pedophile women who are as attracted to little boys as pedophile men are attracted to little girls!     
    • by Davy Sprocket :...
    • Fun With Dick and Jane
      funwithd zip (19k) (Mbg (boy-6, girl-5))
      See Dick. See Jane. See Daddy! Watch them play!    Daddy teaches his young children all about the Special Game.    What first grade primers should have been!     
    • by Mandil :...
    • If Only Anna Knew
      ifonlyan zip (14k) (M/F, MM/F, nc, voy)
      Rico's wife has always refused to agree to have sex with another man. But when she loose her sight in a car accident, Rico get his neighbor to fuck her without her being aware of it.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • St. Joseph's, Year 2
      stjosep2 zip (14k) (m/f/F)
      Jim continues in the boarding school. One of the Friars goes too far, and is sverely punished. Jim has Mother Superior as a treat, and several other nuns. He meets his girlfriends dad, a Mafia Don. Jim has a very young girl for the first time.     
    • by PedoRights :...
    • This Is The World That We Live In
      thisisth zip (4k) (extreme caution)
      Even though you may not understand, we really do love our children. It's just that...well this is the way things are now. This is what everyone does because it is best.     
    • by Mr Sleepy :...
    • Jenny's Diary, part 2
      jennysd2 zip (17k) (mf/mF/Mf/sleep/nc?)
      For some unknown reason I figure I give him a cheap thrill, I then spread my legs apart slowly, and then raised the back of my lower legs up, and crossed them at the ankles, I started to hum a song while I moved them back and forth. I knew that my cousin now had a clear view up my plaid skirt now. I looked into the TV screen again. Barry was pressing the buttons of the video game with his left hand, and was rubbing the area in front of his tight biker shorts with his right one, while staring up my skirt. I wonder how far I could take this. I then turned my head slowly and looked at Barry. I saw him quickly move his hand away from his shorts. I then said Barry want to watch some wrestling on TV. Barry looked at me funny, and said no way that stuff is fake.     
    • by Pookass :...
    • My Wife's Funeral
      mywifesf zip (4k) (M/F interracial necro rape)
      My wife had just recently died and today was the funeral. This is the story of what happened.     
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • The Realization
      thereali zip (14k) (an incest fantasy)
      Carolyn was finally checked in at the airport. She found a seat in the terminal and tried to relax before the boarding started. She was so excited about her trip. It was her 35th bithday and her loving husband had surprised her with a trip to her favorite resort. It was going to be a week of massages, steamrooms, tennis, cocktail parties, cute personal trainers, and lots of innocent fun.     
    • by Jenny :...
    • Anna på slottet
      annapasl zip (17k) (m/F, mdom, spank, reluc)
      Anna är en 23-årig vacker kvinna som under 30-talets depression lyckas få ett jobb som husa på ett slott ute på landsbygden. Väl där visar det sig dock att hon i själva verket är en present till grevens tolvåriga son. I den här historien får vi följa hur Anna överlämnas och provkörs på födelsedagen, men också hur hon får smisk när hon varit olydig.     

      Monday PM, March 12, 2001

    • by Torn :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Camp Fairy
      campfair zip (30k) (M/f)
      The young budding campers lay about the grass, like a pride of lions waiting out the mid-day sun. One girl used her friend’s thigh as a pillow, another rolled up her t-shirt, exposing her flat stomach to any breeze. A plump brunette quietly braided an Asian girl's long black hair.     
    • by Wicked Stepfather :...New Author.!.!.!
    • My Bad Girls, parts 1-3
      mybad1_3 zip (20k) (M/f dad/daut inc bdsm spank)
      I finally found the girl of my dreams... and her five little girls. There was only one catch - they needed a firm hand, and I had to be the one to provide it. Ah, well - what can you do?     
    • by T. Lawrence Shannon :...
    • Family of Kiddie Whores, ch 6
      familyo6 zip (5k) (mmm/www/MMM/WWW/size)
      Finally six-o-clock came and it was time to go to a special meeting the owner had called. Dad told us we had to wear something special tonight as there would be special guest's who were new to the island and they had special tastes and he wanted us to be dressed very sexy. Us boy's wore skin tight spandex bike shorts with little white tank tops that hung down just below our tit's. My mom wore a leather harness that had holes where her big tit's hung out and a bikini leather dildo harness with a small dildo stuck in her cunt. Our sisters wore little training bras with little panties with a slit cut out over their little pussy's.     
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • Chance Meeting - Fifteen Days
      chance3 zip (15k) (M/f older male student and young lady)
      Today starts what I hope will be two glorious weeks, as companion to Nia which is the result of being a Good Samaritan. If last night were an omen of what I can look forward too it will be heavenly. It will be two weeks of sexual experimenting. When Nia allowed me to penetrate her brown star the resulting climax still has my body tingling. Waking up this morning with her beside me reminds of the wonderful night we had. And to think this all started as a result of ride on a shared school bus.     
    • by Dodgson :...
    • Horsey Play
      horseypl zip (16k) (pedo, cons, incest, Mom/Dad/Dau. M/F/g (g age 8))
      An erotic incest tale, long on sex, and short on plot. Stan, the father of eight year old Dawn, plays a very stimulating "horsey" game with her, assisted by Vivian, his wife and Dawn's mother. Later, while Stan is at work. Vivian introduces Dawn to the sensual pleasures of a special rocking horse Dawn has named Horsey. Other sex play follows with all three.     
    • by PPingTom :...
    • Invoking the 5th
      invoking zip (3k) (no sex)
      I was doing some reading about encryption and security, and got an idea for a short story about how someone beats the system. No sex per se.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Mr. Happy, ch 4: Final Chapter
      mrhappy4 zip (12k) (M/f/f. Pedo, N/C)
      Mr. Happy gives a large party, to attract more victims. He gets three young sisters to join his kiddy harem. He has nine others, that he will entice. He is set for life.     
      The Ugly Duckling
      theuglyd zip (17k) (M/f Pedo)
      Holly is a plain child, with so sexy features at all. She is exactly what Bob is looking for. He entices her, and then teaches her about the pleasures of sex. Over time, she developes.     
    • by Imptoo :...
    • Road Warrior And The Princess
      roadwarr zip (4k) (M/F bond)
      Sometimes we are driven by a desire to see what is beyond the reasonable. To me my tried and proven in person pickup lines always worked, so well. Now, however I was traveling and the thought of barhopping in all those different towns, hours of wasted time and frustration to find just the right one. It seemed like it might be a long drawn out affair till I started getting laid on a regular basis again     
    • by Ron :...
    • Teaching: An Odyssey
      teaching zip (51k) (M/b/g M/b M/g sci fi)
      As the morning light broke over the distant Olympic mountains, I started the walk down to the ocean. That's when it all started, when my life changed. The trees didn't look right. I walked toward the grove and found two children, hardly ten years old, sitting at the far edge of the trees as if they totally belonged there. They seemed to be twins and both were cute as buttons in their warm clothes.      "Hello there," I called out and both of them turned to gaze at me like it was the most normal thing in the world to be out in the middle of nowhere with a good chance of bears or cougars watching them.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Frog And The Princess
      thefroga zip (9k) (frog/girl/Mg/Mf/MF/bg inc,pedo,frog,oral,anal)
      Frederick Frog lived in a wonderful enchanted garden. He was a lovely frog and he loved little girls. Freddie, as he called himself, was very lonely and horny all the time. All the beauty of his home couldn't take the place of someone to share this with him and let him fuck all he wanted. He dreamed of a beautiful young girl that would someday come and love him. Or at least let him fuck her day and night. All he had to do was to get her into the garden. Then he would pleasure her so much she would never want to leave. He was tired of licking his own cock to get his pleasure. Maybe if he fucked her enough and kissed her enough he would turn into a handsome Prince. Just outside this lovely place was Laura. She was 8 years old and wasn't always a good girl. She was told to stay close to home but she had seen this lovely park and was drawn to it. She wanted to go inside and investigate what was in there.     
    • by GoDSpiT :...
    • The Girl Scout Affairs, Or: Teaching the Girl Scouts
      thegirls zip (72k) (M/f, M/f/f, M/f/f/f/f,ped, incs)
      One little girl can be trouble     Two little girls and your looking at double      Three little girls and you got a problem     Four little girls and you might as well as write off the rest of your life. Cause with all the planning that they're going to do you will feel like you are being left behind in all of the decisions. So you better think twice before you let four little girls seduce you...     Then again it is four little girls. . .how often do you get that in your lifetime?     Screw it, let them run your life, there's four of them for godsakes.     Four bald little pussies. ..god what a dream cum true.     
    • by Mr Sleepy :...
    • Lucky Old Man, part 1: Getting Lucky
      luckyol1 zip (17k) (Mf/Mff/sleep/drunk/nc)
      Well it's 3 pm and here I am standing on the subway platform waiting for the train again, I know that it will arrive in about 15 minutes loaded with all the high school kids heading back to the suburbs. I take this train about twice a week, or whenever I feel the need to get some relief in my 64 year old life. My name is Lewis, and I am a single older man living in a retirement community in the suburbs. I have never married in my 64 years of life, I guess you can say that most women do not find me attractive, I am only about 5' 6" tall, and weight about 130 lbs. The few hairs that I have left remaining on the top of my head are almost a silvery color, and yes I never had my cock in any pussy yet. So I try to get off the only way I know how.     
    • by Travis Lee :...
    • My Three Daughters, ch 6
      my3daut6 zip (8k) (previous post in error)
      After that afternoon between me and Kathy, she just became a totally different person. Before that day, she was a nice kid, but a little withdrawn and eager to latch on to just anyone was nice to her. And that worried me a little, but, I don't have to worry about that anymore. These days, after I pleasured her, she's really kind of laid-back about things, but, she can crack a smile about anything in a split second. And, she's become even more helpful to me when I'm working, but, I'm always happy to take a time-out from that to give her a hug or play with her. Many nights, before she goes to bed, after reading her a bedtime story, I give her a kiss on the forehead and say, "Good night, little kitten." And, she giggles and says to me, "Good night, Daddy." I loved Kathy so much, but, I loved her like a father, and nothing else. We were close, but, not as close as Amy and I.     
      My Three Daughters, ch 7
      my3daut7 zip (11k) (previous post in error) (M/f, M/f, M/ff, M/f, dad/daut, 3-some)
      Travis takes the family down to Mexico for a summer vacation. While there, his family adds a new and rather sultry member     
    • by DurtyLady :...
    • Obsession!
      obsessio zip (3k) (F Solo scat masturbation)
      I know exactly when my obsession started, it was when I was turning out my late husband's belongings. I found some video cassettes in a box at the foot of his wardrobe, they were new to me, I had never even noticed the box before. Of course, my curiosity got the better of me and I played one.     
      The Teacher, parts 1-2
      thete1_2 zip (13k) (F/F, Mom/Daughter, Les Ped, W/S, Scat)
      A wet spot was beginning to show as the warm juice of her cunt seeped into the thin material. Hurriedly she pulled the panties from her body, and turning her back to the mirror, she looked over her shoulder so she could watch as her hands gripped and separated the soft cheeks of her ass.     

      Sunday PM, March 11, 2001

    • by H. Grant :...
    • Candy And Traci
      candyand zip (28k) (M+/F/f/slut/bimbo/oral/anal/ws/beast/incest)
      Jill wonders into a bar and is soon sedated by a powerful drug given to her by an unknown pimp. When she awakens, she finds herself being transfomed into the perfect bimbo. Within days she begins to enjoy the role of a bimbo whore and even gets her lovely teen daughter in on the action!     
    • by Darling :...
    • Daddy's Darling, ch 2
      daddy2 zip (4k) (M/f dad/daut inc)
      Daddy's next lesson in loving. Is Darling up to the task?     
    • by daddydoright :...
    • Faith, Hope, and Charity
      faithhop zip (13k) (M/F, M/f, M/g sex, pedo, adultry)
      My laundry chores turned out to be surprisingly agreeable to me after I was divorced and single. Washing my dirty clothes opened up several new opportunities to enhance my sex life. Who would have thought it also provided access to some very young girls.....     
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Lonely Beach Child, part 14
      lonely14 zip (8k) (M/F/g, F/g, young, oral, anal)
      Finally, Andrew had wrestled away his lovely beach child Billianne from her white trash parents, while wooing his girl-loving girlfriend Gracie. Forming their own loving family circle had proven to be everything they had hoped.     
    • by IMSIO :...
    • Mom's Hot Massage
      momshotm zip (8k) (M/f/f mom/son/daut Tease massage)
      About 35 seconds later, the door opened. Kate was standing high above Alex, towering the small boy. She was wearing a white silk pair of panties, her inner smooth, tan thighs gently poked out from the material. As he countinued looking up, he saw her two, huge tits looming over him.     
    • by The Sailor :...
    • The Beads
      thebeads zip (11k) (MFff. MF, Mmf, incest)
      “We want to go show our friends our Mardi Gras beads.” Mel punctuated this statement by pulling the string from over her head and spinning it through the air. Her bedroom t-shirt was loose, and I could glimpse her cleavage through the twirling pink haze. “Are you going to make your friends earn them the same way you did?” I asked, grinning. “Maybeeee…. Want to earn some yourself?” I rose up to a sitting position, the bed sheet falling to my waist. “Okay, I’m flashing my tits!” “Daddy! You don’t have tits!” both girls squealed! Then Tiffany pulled her green beads off her head and draped them across my sheet-covered crotch. “But you do have something I like to see…”     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • The Neighbor Girl, ch 3: Final
      theneig3 zip (12k) (F/f/F/, M/F/f)
      Betsey continues being used by David, who also takes on little Patty. She also loves one of Patty'a girlfriends. Their life continues to its end.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Tiny Tots Whore House
      tinytots zip (11k) (Mg/Mb/gb/gg/bb/MM inc,pedo,anal,oral,strip)
      It was very illegal. It was constantly being moved from one location to yet another secret location. It went from city to city and country to country but if you were a Pedophile and wanted it bad enough you would find the information you needed to visit this wonderful place. Little girls and boys that were there for one reason. To serve the needs of the patron that paid large amounts of money to fuck a young pussy or ass. Shari was only 4 years old and adorable. She couldn't remember any other life. She was taken from her parents and put in a foster home and from there she was sold off to a Pedophile. She was reported as kidnapped and became just one more missing child.     
    • by Badttbone :...
    • Total Knockout, ch 1
      totalkn1 zip (4k) (M/f pedo, sleep)
      Uncle John's on the prowl and he takes no prisoner's. Yeeeow!     
    • by BP :...
    • Uncle Jack
      unclejac zip (5k) (Voyeur, impreg, cuckold, mast)
      We call daddy's boss Uncle Jack although he isn't related to mom or dad. When I was younger, I wondered why he would come over to visit and hardly speak to dad. Instead he would give his attention to me and my sisters but most of all to mom. I didn't know that a husband was the only one supposed to touch his wife. Once I asked daddy why Uncle Jack put his hands inside mom's clothes. Dad gave me a weak smile and they're just playing grown up games.     
    • by Lil N. :...
    • View from the Window
      viewfrom zip (8k) (f/f, M/f, incest, voyeur, pedo-sex)
      John had a really frustrating day at work. It was nothing but one aggravation after another. And now he was almost home. But still he felt frustrated. He had not had any sex in a very long time, and tonight of all nights he wanted so badly to get laid. But it wasn't going to happen. John just wasn't comfortable paying a hooker for sexual favors, and the women he occasionally dated just weren't decent enough to bring home for a night of sex. Not to mention that it would be awkward trying to explain to his daughters as to why a woman was in his room for the night. His wife had left him a long time ago, abandoning him and leaving him to raise their twin daughters. John adored his girls. They were good girls, never got into any trouble, pretty much behaved and brought home good grades from school. They always stuck by the house rules he gave them, and never had any trouble from them. Although they were just beginning to notice the opposite sex, he knew that his 12 year old daughters were smart enough not to get into any awkward situations.     
    • by NaughtyPine :...
    • Fanny and the Boys
      fannyand zip (22k) (m/F, m/f, inc, teen, con)
      This is the second story in the 'Life with the Parkers' series. The stories are all self-contained but are more meaningful if read in order. The first story was 'Parker House.' The next story will be 'Beth and the Cheerleaders’ or ‘Uncle Ben.’     
    • by Mr Sleepy :...
    • Jenny's Diary, part 1
      jennys1 zip (13k) (Mf/MF/Mf/sleep/drunk/nc)
      My grandpa then took a long look at me and smiled and said, Gee Jenny maybe I shouldn't call you a little schoolgirl anymore. You sure grown up a lot in the last 6 months. Turn around and let me have a good look at you. I smile when he told me I looked older now. So I did a slow turn around for him. now as my back was to him I heard him softly moan a little. Now as I faced him he said, Yep you have grown up a lot little lady. I smiled then started to walk out the patio doors to the pool with him walking behind me. I could see in the glass door that my grandpa's eyes were glue to my little butt as I walked outside. well all day we played in the pool, and a couple of times when he grabbed me from behind and tried to dunk me, I felt something hard poke up against my butt. later that day grandma came back home, so we then all sat around and watched TV till it was time for bed.     
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Suzy Q, part 5
      suzyq5 zip (7k) (M/g, very young, F/baby, oral, golden showers, incest)
      What a wonderful family love tableau. Mommy Marilyn breastfeeding her newborn son while stroking his sweet little stiffy. First five-year-old Suzy Q is busy pissing into her uncle (daddy?) Jimmy’s mouth before being drenched by his twin’s (daddy’s?) piss. The small sexpot has taken to the family sexual training like a little sweet, sexy fish to water. Just as her submissive mother did long ago on the family farm.     

      Saturday PM, March 10, 2001

    • by Ptrgn1 :...
    • Movie Matinee
      moviemat zip (11k) (M/f, oral, anal, romance, (some incest))
      A story of love on the job. Robert works at a theatre during a summer marathon of kid movies. He meets a stunning pre-teen goth like princess and well love know no bounds     
    • by writersblock :...
    • part time slut
      parttim zip (4k) (M/f slutty split personality)
      Dr. Norton, a prominent psychiatrist sits listing to another of Mary Cash's exciting tails.      "I think I had oral sex with someone last night Dr." The fourteen year-old girl says, looking nervous.      "Tell me, if you wish." Dr. Norton Said sitting with note pad in hand, legs crossed, listening intently.      "I woke up (at home this time) went to the bathroom and there it was."     "There what, was?" Dr. Norton already knew she was telling another tail of her alter ego's escapades."     "You know, sperm." She said, leaning in so she could whisper."     
    • by Tiberius :...
    • Rape of the Farm Family
      rapeofth zip (44k) (pre-teen female rape, some boy rape, female rape, forced parent-child incest)
      The robbery did not go well for Mike and Robert. On the run, desperate to avoid capture by the police, they come across a farming family whose house is secluded and away from anywhere. The family - a father, pretty mother, two young lovely fair-featured pre-teenaged girls, and a young boy - are at their mercy. As the robbers take refuge in the farm house, they give in to all their dark impulses, violating the children and forcing the mother to engage in incest with them for their amusement. But how would they make good their escape across the State Line, and how would the farm family be forced to help them?     
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • Rebecca's Rectum
      rebeccas zip (6k) (M/g, b/g; inc (bro/sis); caution)
      Holding her breath, she climbed on top of him and guided his cock into her cunny hole. Rebecca couldn't have babies yet, and though she liked it better in her butt, she wanted Billy to be in every last part of her. She'd been in love with her brother for a long time, jealous of his girlfriends and embarrassed by what their stepfather did to her. Billy had been sent to a military academy when he was fourteen, when their stepfather - they called him daddy - began to abuse her, but he knew that Rebecca was getting raped. Billy didn't say anything, but their mother started to suspect and daddy took off. Since then, Rebecca cut school to go carhopping.     
    • by Pam :...
    • The Millionaire
      themilli zip (8k) (Older/Younger Lesbians/Twin Sisters)
      Ann, the millionaire's maid looks back on a previous conquest. Then she procures the twins for her mistress's pleasure.     
    • by Foxyboy :...
    • The Trap
      thetrap zip (11k) (m/g pedo)
      Store owner tricks young girl into stealing, and makes her pay in a way he likes.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Trapped and Raped
      trapped zip (10k) (MF/Mb/inc.pedo,oral,anal,rape,golden,bad)
      When the doors opened they stepped into the empty elevator but before the doors closed two black men got on behind them. Melanie looked at them as she punched the ground floor button. "What floor do you need?" She smiled sweetly at the two men. "Ground floor." One was not a big man but was dressed in big baggy clothes with a cap turned backwards on his head. He had a few rings pierced through an ear. The doors closed and Melanie looked at the other man who was much bigger and dressed in neat jeans and a big sweat shirt. She decided they must work in the kitchen of the restaurant that they had just been in. The elevator started down and then all at once it jerked to a halt between 2 floors and the lights went out.     
    • by Tanzer :...
    • Uncle John -- A series of pre teen pleasures
      unclejo1 zip (8k) (Mgg/incest(uncle)/first time)
      ...Lizzie let out a yelp of surprised which quickly turned to soft little mewls almost like that of a kitten. She wriggled and squirmed about as her sister busied herself between her legs, lapping at that sweet cream. The first jets of cum spewed forth from my body in a torrent....     
    • by DurtyLady :...New Author.!.!.!
    • All Services Available, part 1
      allserv1 zip (5k) (F/F Scat Watersports, Dom)
      My hand was trembling as I dialled the number, this was a completely new thing for me, I had never before done anything like it. The card in the phone box said "all services available"; well we would soon find out. I was absolutely terrified, but at the same time incredibly excited. What would the reaction be I wondered?     
      Jill's Tale
      jillstal zip (17k) (F/F Mother/daughter, scat, watersports)
      It was a Friday afternoon, I'll never forget, I'd just been dropped off from school, it was a hot day in late June so I dived straight into the shower, as I soaped myself I looked down at my chest, what had been as flat as an ironing board not long before was now budding two small breasts, nothing spectacular you understand, but enough to notice.     
    • by Baronet Asbury :...
    • A House Is Not A Home, part 3
      ahouse3 zip (50k) (M/f inc)
      The end of this story hold more than one surprise for engrossed reader.     
    • by Jake :...
    • Home Video
      homevide zip (5k) (Dad/daut pedo inc, MMMMMMMM/f pedo sex)
      For Doug, the only thing as enjoyable as molesting his 6-year-old daughter was watching other men do it.     

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