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      King Of The Road....

      On Friday PM, March 30, 2001

    • by T. Lawrence Shannon :...
    • A Nudist Boy's Letters, ch 9
      anudist9 zip (9k) (mmm/www/MMM/WWW/size/pedo/)
      The ninth letter our son wrote to a secret pen-pal. In this letter he talks more about the experiences he had going to a nudist resort for the first time. And, his having more sex with his brother and friend.     
    • by Geena Gideonse :...
    • Sister's Experiment
      sisterse zip (7k) (m/f bro/sis)
      How did a girl in Caryn's class get pregnant? Caryn tries an experiment with her brother to figure out just what it means for "one thing to lead to another."     
    • by H. Grant :...
    • Sweet Little Caroline
      sweetlit zip (6k) (M/g/toddler/oral/ws/scat)
      Caroline is a 3 year old girl who enjoys an afternoon of kinky fun with her daddy!     
    • by The Giant :...
    • Trailer Space #25
      trailers zip (9k) (m/f young)
      Bob has a work order to fix a stove in a trailer park. He discovers the oral delights of April a little 7 year old white trailer trash girl.     

      Thursday PM, March 29, 2001

    • by PedoPee :...
    • Christine's Secret, ch 2
      christi2 zip (3k) (M/F/F/f/f, mum/daughter, violence, ws, scat)
      Rebecca gets her wish and sees Aunty Christine pissing and shitting. Then her mum turns up!!!     
    • by imptoo :...
    • Road Warrior & The Princess, part 3
      roadwar3 zip (8k) (m/f bondage)
      The relationship was speeding along like a frieght train on open track. Nothing could get in the way of the women who found sex could be fun after years of a poor marriage and poor sex. Maybe love was a bit overrated because pure lust and desire was dripping from her voice as she made the desperate call.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • The Medic, part 2
      themedi2 zip (14k) (M/f/F)
      Bill Jenkins sets up another starving family, and exacrs the price of using the daughters. He continues his ongoing relationships, but has to stop with one family, as they are sharing things with another G.I.     
    • by The Giant :...
    • Gone In 6 Seconds
      goneinsi zip (7k) (m/ f young/forced)
      Peter decided to take a drive to Somerville Park one weekend. He needed to get out of the house for a while. Once arriving at the park he was glad to see it crowded with people. The more people the more chaotic it is. It was nearly impossible to find a parking spot but did get lucky. He pulled his big converted Chevy van up into the parking space right in front of what looked like a very large family gathering. What he liked the most were all the kids running around. It was like he had a ring side seat to the best show on earth.     
    • by Handyman :...
    • New One [untitled]
      newone zip (19k) (M/F; mother/son inc)
      It was a typical weekday morning at my house when I got up around 9:00. My dad had left for work about two hours earlier. That left just my mom and me alone in the house. I came up from my room in the basement and into the light of day. I looked out the patio window as I passed by. It was a beautiful early summer day. The sun was shining brightly in the windows. I went into the kitchen and checked out what the thermometer said: 72 degrees. Yup, it was shaping up to be a beautiful day.     

      Wednesday PM, March 28, 2001

    • by Trane :...
    • Captured with Sister, ch 2
      capture2 zip (39k) (MMMFFf bro/sis/mom/dau/? inc anal/oral)
      After the grown women submit to the captors' sexual demands, Jennifer crosses Sam, who escalates the perversions visited upon her by him, and her own brother. The sexual heat increases and surprises continue when Sue blurts out a longstanding secret and young Trish is drawn into the circle of lust.     
    • by Dodgson :...
    • Jennifer's Further Adventures
      jennife2 zip (21k) (pedo, consen, sisters, incest, g mast, f/g, F/g/g, etc. (g ages 9 and 10, f age 13))
      Jennifer, the ten year old hooker, in this author’s stories, "Jennifer's First Trick", and "Me and Uncle Charlie" (she is the narrator of the latter story), is told by her first, and continuing trick, John, the CPA, about Kathy's Video Store. On her first visit there she tastes the delights of sexy nine year old Jeanne, the sensuous thirteen year old Misty, and Kathy herself, the owner of the video store, and the older sister of Jeanne. Kathy is a 25 year old very bi, part time nude dancer as well. Kathy recognizing a natural, hires Jennifer on the spot as another hostess for her store’s expensive, and unique, Video Preview show held in the store’s comfortably furnished back room.     
    • by Foxyboy :...
    • Lessons for Dawn
      lessonsf zip (13k) (M/g pedo)
      When a thirteen year old schoolgirl becomes seriously interested in sex, who better to give some practical lessons than her horny brother in law.     
    • by Stargazer :...
    • Minister's Flock, part 1
      ministe1 zip (9k) (Mf/Ff/MFMFf/incest, dad/daut/mom/daut/etc.)
      The interesting story about a minsiter and his wife and their sure fired method for growing their flock of followers. With this kind of recruiting who needs to pass the plate?     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Nellie, The Pediatric Nurse
      nellieth zip (12k) (Fg/Fg/Fm/Fm/mf inc,pedo,mast,oral)
      Nurse Nellie worked in the pediatric ward of a big city hospital. She loved working the night shift as this was the quiet time of night and only a few nurses were on duty. Every night there would be a few children that would wake up and need some special loving or treatment to get them back to sleep. Nurse Nellie was an expert at getting the fussing little ones to relax and stop crying. Her magic fingers could work a miracle on a young clit or a hard little cock.     
    • by Boswell, the Bad :...
    • Pretty Posies In The Dell, part 3
      prettyp3 zip (7k) (M/F/f)
      Celia, a long haired brunette was kneeling behind him, fondling his balls and licking his anus, while Marsha...a raven haired beauty...and Beverly of the bright red hair...each turned fine quivering asses to him. Wriggling back toward him, they presented their open cunt slits for his eager fingers to explore as he stabbed a long, stiff cock into Jane's virgin vagina for the first event of a long day and night of fucking.     "Very interesting," he muttered.     
    • by Wishlist :...
    • Sleepover
      sleepove zip (5k) (F/f,M/f,father/daughter,incest)
      What I saw inside almost caused me to speak out loud in astonishment. There was little Kim on the bed naked, lying on her back. Barb, who was also naked, was on the bed straddling her face. As I watched my 10 year old daughter lick Barb's pussy, I could hear Barb speaking softly and in a very urgent tone. "Here Sweetie... Lick that pussy for me Baby. Your Daddy left some very special juice in there for you."     
    • by Tanzer :...
    • Uncle John -- A series of pre-teen pleasures, ch 2
      unclejo2 zip (9k) (Mgg/incest(uncle)/first time/beastiality)
      I never imagined that my dog Simon would enjoy my nieces as much as I did... but even more shocking, I was shocked that they enjoyed Simon as much as me! And well, taking my youngest for the first time while Simon helped? What more can a man ask for?     
    • by Julie :...
    • My Caribbean Vacation, ch 12
      carib12 zip (10k) (MFffgbm inc)
      Hi. The next morning I slowly awoke to the sounds of Sara's gentle breathing and the chirps of the song birds outside the window. The window was open and the warm morning sun made the flowers outside the window fragrant. As I lay there with my eyes closed I could feel a warm whisper breath of air caressing my body bringing with it the wonderful scent of the jasmine flowers. As I lay there I became more aware of a weight on my right thigh. I realized Sara's head was resting on it. Her mouth was open as she slept because I could feel her warm breath on my pussy. My soft pussy down moved and tickled me a little bit. Her right arm was between our bodies and her hand cupped my breast. Her other hand was resting on my bottom. I sighed remembering the last thing that happened last night. We had sucked each other to two orgasms and at the end of our third passionate mutual orgasms we had both fallen asleep tangled in each others arms and legs our heads close to each others pussies. So now I continue with my sexy story about my cousins and I in the Caribbean. So get naked, sit back, relax, read, and let your mind (and hands) wander...and play too. Julie     
    • by WABE :...
    • Meine Mutter beim Wichsen erwischt
      meinemut zip (8k) (Translated by WABE)
      Ich war mit Mutter alleine zu hause, Vater war auf einer Vereinssitzung und wollte schon zu Bett gehen, als ich leises Gestöhne aus dem Elternschlafzimmer hörte. Neugierig wie ich war schlich ich zur Türe. Ich hatte Glück den die Türe war einen Spalt weit offen. Und so riskierte ich einen Blick in das elterlich Schlafgemach. Dort sah ich Mutter nackt wie Gott sie schuf auf dem Doppelbett liegen, wie sie sich mit einem Vibrator selbstbefriedigte. Was für ein erhebender Anblick seine Mutter in solcher Ekstase zu sehen. Ruck Zuck war mein Schwanz steif. Da ich eh nur noch meine Unterhose anhatte zog ich sie kurzerhand aus, um ungestört wichsen zu können, während ich meine nackte Mutter beobachtete.     
      So fickte ich meine devote Mutter
      sofickte zip (14k) (Translated by WABE)
      Vater läßt mich seine geile Ehestute ficken Meine Mutter ist devot veranlagt und liebt es beim Sex als Liebesspielzeug benutzt zu werden. Vielleicht mag sie es auch deswegen von mir , ihrem eigenen Sohn gefickt zu werden? Doch der Reihe nach. Das erste mal fickte ich Mutter an einem Sonntagnachmittag. Ich wollte meinen Eltern nur sagen das ich vom Besuch bei einem Freund wieder zurück bin. Deswegen ging ich zu ihnen ins Wohnzimmer und überraschte sie dabei bei einer heißen Liebesnummer auf dem Teppich. In der Hundestellung rammelte mein Vater seinen dicken Kolben in die vor Mösensaft triefende Votze meiner Mutter, die anhaltend Stöhnte. Ich lief knallrot an und wollte schnell wieder die Türe schließen.     
      Von den Eltern in den Sex eingeweiht
      vondenel zip (4k) (Translated by WABE)
      Meine Schwester war 14 und ich 15, als sich unsere Eltern mit uns in das Wohnzimmer setzten, um uns aufzuklären. Sie redeten nicht um den heißen Brei herum, so wie es unsere Biologielehrerin tat, sondern kamen gleich zur Sache und erklärten alles ganz genau. Kein Wunder das meine Schwester und ich neugierig ihren Ausführungen lauschten. Nach einiger Zeit schlug Mutter sogar vor, daß wir uns einmal nackt ausziehen sollten, um so unsere Körper besser kennenzulernen. Wir fanden alle die Idee gut und so standen wir uns auf einmal nackt gegenüber. Sofort stellten wir Vergleiche zwischen unseren Körpern und den unserer Eltern an. So war der Schwanz meines Vaters doch noch um einiges dicker als meiner und die Brüste meiner Schwester hatten sich erst zu kleinen Hügeln entwickelt und waren noch nicht so üppig wie die meiner Mutter, auch hatte sie noch nicht so viel Schambeharrung wie meine Mutter. Der Anblick meiner reifen nackten Mutter und meiner jungen nackten Schwester ließen sofort meinen Schwanz und auch den meines Vaters steif werden.     

      Tuesday PM, March 27, 2001

    • by Tiberius :...
    • Incestuous Progeny
      incestuo zip (34k) (early-teen, pre-teen rape, forced mother-daughter incest, pregnant rape, father-daughter incest)
      Larry, the head of Pleasure Island, is enjoying a relaxing day at the beach with his 13 year old daughter, Mon, and her baby, of whom he is the father. After enjoying sex with both of them he finds out his old friends James and Katrina arrive with a mysterious young man, Dax. In discovering Dax's identity and purpose, Larry and his friends engage in rape and incest debauchery with a young heavily pregnant central american woman, a 9 year old girl and her mother, and Mon and her baby.     
    • by writersblock :...
    • Whore Slut, part 2
      whoresl2 zip (3k) (M/f becoming a whore)
      Booma watched threw a two-way mirror as Jan frantically rubbed her pussy raw. The young pimp new she would make a fine addition to his stable of whores. There are know secrets with Booma, he told his whores everything. Boma had a gift, he new if a girl was destine to be a slut, even if she were a virgin nun. Booma sensed Jan was a slut as soon as he saw the young girl.      Booma entered the room; Jan was still masturbating intently.     "I want to do everything, I want big tits, big pussy, I want to fuck all day," Jan said after watching how much fun the whore on the tape was having.     
    • by Pothead :...
    • The Ricketts, parts 1-2
      theri1_2 zip (32k) (M/f f/g inc nc)
      The Ricketts have room for nothing but skeletons in their lockers     

      Monday PM, March 26, 2001

    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Blood Red
      bloodred zip (12k) (M/g, oral, menstrual, pissing, beast, bondage, rape and name just a few!)
      Every little girl's nightmare as intimated by others; a snatch by a strange man. But Maggie had fallen into the clutches of one calling himself, "ManMaster." And this fiend vampired himself upon the menses of young virgins. Of course, he also availed himself of ALL of Maggie’s available charms, given or taken, while training the young lovely sexually.     
      Soft and Cuddly
      softandc zip (14k) (M/g, loving, nothing that hurts)
      "Soft and cuddly" beautifully described the loving relationship between eight-year-old Caroline and her darling Grampy. Feeling good and sexy was what it was all about. Well...not all. Exactly. Especially when her Daddy came home after a long absence. Oh, so many choices; so much time. Poor little greedy sexpot. Way in over her little head.     
    • by T. Lawrence Shannon :...
    • Family of Kiddie Whores, ch 7
      familyo7 zip (8k) (MMMM/FFFF/mmmm/fffff/pedo/bond/tort/scat/beast/ws/rough/CAUTION)
      As I looked up I could see my mom's cunt being fulled with this big black dildo my brother was pushing in and out of her snatch. Her cunt juices were dripping and I moved so they would fall on my brother's prick while I was sucking it. Peter's prick is the same size as mine, about nine inches when hard and my little mouth could only go over the mushroom tip of his prick a couple of inches.     
    • by Ammoun :...
    • Peg, part 5
      peg5 zip (42k) (m/f, m/F, f/f, f/F, inc. bro/sis, dad/daut, oral, anal, w/s, beast, pedo, Romance)
      My friend, Joe and I had just finished installing and repairing the security cameras scattered around the compound. We climbed in the truck and headed over to his cabin. When we got there, we were greeted by his lovely wife, Tina. We sat on his front porch, enjoying a couple of cold beers and a fine, premium cigar, my big friend told me the story of how he and Tina met.     

      Sunday PM, March 25, 2001

    • by daddydoright :...
    • A Night To Remember
      anightto zip (6k) (M/f/F adult man, preteen girl, her mother sex, sex, sex)
      Great expectations were in my mind after I arrived at this exclusive resort in the mountains of Colorado for a month's vacation. After I saw the little girl and her parents arrive I knew exactly who I would be trying to fulfill my sexual fantasies during the rest of my stay....     
    • by Dodgson :...
    • Kathy's Video Store, part 2
      kathysv2 zip (18k) (pedo, consen, sisters incest, M/F/g, f/g, g/g, etc. (g age 9 and 9, f age 13))
      Al Johnson discovers that his neighborhood video store is offering much more than videos, much more! Al’s extended sex session with the girls (the sexy nine-year-old Jeanne, and her 25-year-old sister, Kathy, the money hungry owner of the video store, a very bi, part- time nude dancer, who loves to have sex with her little sister) continues in the store’s comfortable back room. Kathy hires thirteen year old Misty to assist interested renters/ buyers in the XXX video section of the store, and to solicit men/women excited by the available pedo videos found there for the special, and very expensive, Video Preview show in the store’s back room, with herself, Misty, and/or Jeanne, and other little girls to later become available, all acting as show hostesses. Misty is the ultra sensuous niece of Kathy’s lesbian show nude dance partner, the 22 years old bi-sexual Michelle.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • The Medic, part 1
      themedi1 zip (13k) (M/F/f)
      Right after World War II, Bill Jenkins, an Army Medic, takes advantage of the lack of food and clothing. He sets himself up with several women, with children. He gives themr food and housing. They give him happiness.     
    • by Beetleborg :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Ashley's Lament, a story
      ashleysl zip (10k) (M/b, b/b/b, pedo)
      Young Ashley discovers sex, this is his story, the begining anyways, "Pulling the mag away he opened his legs and up sprang something he had never seen before. His little stub of a penis was now standing straight up and ached of hardness. He reached down and touched it, a shiver went down his spine as he rubbed the swollen gland."     
    • by Diggity Dog :...
    • Elle - Taming Of The Shrew, parts 2-3
      elle2_3 zip (12k) (F/m)
      Elle Watson sat on the towel to protect her couch from her wet panties. She didn't want to stain the material with her juices on the panties she had pulled from her pussy during that fantastic phone sex she had just had. She carefully cut the two holes in her t-shirt like Dave had told her, then donned the t-shirt. As he instructed, her pink nipples stuck through like puppies nose's. She hoped Jack wouldn't be too surprised and would be as turned on as she was. Then she heard the front door chime. She ran to the foyer, checked her hair and reached for the door....     

      Saturday PM, March 24, 2001

    • by Trane :...
    • Captured with Sister, ch 1
      capture1 zip (39k) (MMMFFf bro/sis inc oral)
      When young businessman Burt and his gorgeous sister Jennifer are taken hostage by two perverted cons while visiting Jennifer's stunning blonde friend Sue and Sue's 14 year old daughter, handcuffs, wild sex and surprises ensue.     
    • by Diggity Dog :...
    • Elle- The Taming Of The Shrew, part 1
      ellethe1 zip (9k) (F tease, mast)
      Elle Watson had all her first with that bastard of an ex-husband of hers. Well, she stuck it to him in the divorce. The house, the kids and a healthy alimony. But something was missing from the 35 year old woman's life. She set a dinner late night dinner date with Jack, one of the men at her office. While waiting, she saw a t.v. add for one of those telephone chat lines. She decided to give it a try.     

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