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      Palisades Park....

      On Friday PM, April 06, 2001

    • by jaybuck :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The Interruption
      theinter zip (9k) (M/fff)
      The headmaster at a girls' boarding school wants to get caught up on a desk full of paperwork, but an interruption prevents him from accomplishing that task.     
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • Avalanche
      avalanch zip (25k) (M/f Mature man and young girl)
      A young girl's skiing adventure takes a twist as a result of an avalanche. Her rescuer teaches her about life. She is an apt pupil.     
    • by Wishlist :...
    • Marion
      marion zip (14k) (F/m,F/f,m/f,mother/son,incest)
      Remember that movie and play called The Music Man? Shirley Jones played the librarian named Marion (so it would rhyme). Well, my mother's name is Marion and she's a librarian. Mom has been a librarian ever since she graduated from a small college in Iowa. In fact, it goes back to high school when she was the Library Helper. She's definitely the stereotype of a librarian. She's thin, mousy, wears glasses and keeps her hair pulled back in a bun. I can't imagine that any man would find her particularly attractive; at least, no man but me. Of course, they've never seen her without the glasses, with her hair down, and naked. I'm 24 now; Mom is 45. And, whether you think it's sick or demented or whatever, I love her and can't get enough of her. Yes, that's the way I mean it, in case it's not clear... I FUCK MY MOTHER. I'm so hot for her that I get to thinking about her at work and have to go to the restroom and masturbate. I live with Mom; I always have and there is no "Dad" at home; there never has been. What more could a guy hung up on incest with his mother wish for, right? There's just one problem... Mom is a lesbian.     
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Our First Shower...s
      ourfirst zip (12k) (m/f)
      Something as simple as a loving shower between two like-minded individuals can have a very different twist when one changes some key elements. Just ask Piper and Dickie. Then, much later, check out Phoebe's surprised reaction to her older sister's journal entries. Entries made when Piper was only thirteen.     
    • by Donnie :...
    • The House Of The Incestuous Nymphs, ch 6
      thehous6 zip (9k) (f/f/f, f/f pedo, inc)
      Lauri and Stephanie meet their friend, Robyn after school and tell her all about the hot threesome they had with Nicole. They then teach her what they have learned from sister, Nicole.     Later on in the chapter...    Robyn confronts her sister Mary about what she saw her doing with the Owens twins. Robyn passes on to her little sister more of the pleasures of girl-girl sex.     
    • by Janey :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Honeymoon Ranch, ch 1-4
      honey1_4 zip (29k) (F/M b/beast, f solo, F/f/dog, M/m/F, M/F/f, M/f)
      Will and Tami enjoy a second honeymoon, relaxing at his aunt and uncle's ranch. When they discover their nephew and nieces enjoying animals and each other, they can't help but join in.     
      Our Friend Max, part 1
      ourfrie1 zip (33k) (f/dog, F/dog, Ff/dog, FM)
      Jane discovers her 17-year old daughter, Julia, being pleasured by the family dog. This leads Jane through her own sexual discovery and ultimately brings mother and daughter closer together.     
    • by Donnie :...
    • The House Of The Incestuous Nymphs, ch 5
      thehous5 zip (9k) (m/f, f/f, m/m, pedo, inc)
      Lunch break comes and Lauri and Stephanie and their boyfriends Steve and Paul go to Steve's place for a hot game of Truth or Dare. Lauri and Stephanie find out a interested secret about the 'friendship' Steve and Paul have.     

      Thursday PM, April 05, 2001

    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Normalcy
      normalcy zip (8k) (mf inc bro/sis mast oral)
      With a grin, she stood, reached under her t-shirt and stripped off her panties. Back in the lotus position, she treated me to a view of her cunt. My cock throbbed. Her pubic patch was sparse, but I could see what I assumed was her clitoris poking out between the lips of her pussy.    "Come on, Bro. Show and tell time. Displaying our sex parts to each other isn't incest. Now, show me your cock."     
    • by Frank T. :...
    • Sister Lynne Takes Me All the Way
      sisterl3 zip (20k) (teen m/f bro/sis cons inc oral first intercourse)
      When my older sister Lynne and I first experimented with incestuous sex, we stopped short of actual fucking, and for several years that's how it stayed. We would masturbate in front of each other, masturbate each other, take each other to climax orally, and spend hours in each other's arms at night while the rest of the family slept at the other end of the house, but we never actually fucked. So I was still a virgin, technically speaking. Then Lynne went off to college in Berkeley and that was the end of it, or so I thought. One day on a visit home she invited me "to see the Berkeley campus" for a weekend, and I had some hope but not a lot of expectations. When I got there it turned out she had more in mind than climbing the campanile or even just resuming our former activities. A lad has to lose his cherry sooner or later.     
    • by Janey :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Honeymoon Ranch, ch 1-4
      honey1_4 zip (29k) (F/M b/beast, f solo, F/f/dog, M/m/F, M/F/f, M/f)
      Will and Tami enjoy a second honeymoon, relaxing at his aunt and uncle's ranch. When they discover their nephew and nieces enjoying animals and each other, they can't help but join in.     
      Our Friend Max, part 1
      ourfrie1 zip (33k) (f/dog, F/dog, Ff/dog, FM)
      Jane discovers her 17-year old daughter, Julia, being pleasured by the family dog. This leads Jane through her own sexual discovery and ultimately brings mother and daughter closer together.     
    • by Donnie :...
    • The House Of The Incestuous Nymphs, ch 5
      thehous5 zip (9k) (m/f, f/f, m/m, pedo, inc)
      Lunch break comes and Lauri and Stephanie and their boyfriends Steve and Paul go to Steve's place for a hot game of Truth or Dare. Lauri and Stephanie find out a interested secret about the 'friendship' Steve and Paul have.     

      Wednesday PM, April 04, 2001

    • by LEBEC :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Doggie's Bad Manners, parts 1-2
      doggi1_2 zip (31k) (nc/beast)
      Sure, Margie would have no clue. A bomb couldn't have wakened her now. Tomorrow, however, would be another story. Dan knew Byron would only be worse ... What could he do to placate the dog and get him to go away, so that he could go back to molesting Margie himself?     
    • by T. Lawrence Shannon :...
    • A Nudist Boy's Letters, ch 10
      anudis10 zip (5k) (mmm/www/MMM/WWW/size/pedo/)
      Tenth letter of our son writing to his secret pen-pal. Here he talks about haveing more sex with his best friend, his brother, and he starts having more kinky sex. He also describes his getting more comfortable with nudity and his gigantic prick and ball sac.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Blue Lotus
      thebluel zip (14k) (M/f inc,oral,consentual sex young girl and older man)
      An ordinary man turns 40 and finds that life has lost all the excitement that it held when he was young. He meets a young girl when he is in the strange mood of thinking all the excitement in life is over. She surprises him with the gift that only she could give. She is the younger than springtime lover that he had dreamed of and waited for. He can't explain how it happened but just enjoys it as a gift from some ancient God that took pity on a mere mortal man and gave him back the fire of life. She is his Blue Lotus.     

      Tuesday PM, April 03, 2001

    • by daddydoright :...
    • Everyone Knows It's Wendy
      everyone zip (10k) (M/g adult father, pre-teen daughter incest)
      It was so hot that day as my daughter and I sat in our car and watched my son play in a little-league baseball game. I had parked under a shade tree beyond the center-field fence and no one else was very near us. After allowing the young girl to share a few cold beers with me, we both became jolly and playful.....     
    • by Zebra :...
    • Mr. Fix-it
      mrfixit zip (5k) (M/g interracial cons)
      Katie's little heart was pounding as she padded barefoot along the cracked sidewalk that ran behind her run-down apartment building. The summer sun was warm and gleamed off her long golden-blond hair as it swayed across the bottoms to her skimpy yellow bikini. At barely seven, she was an adorable little girl with sparkling blue eyes and a sweet innocent face.     
    • by Boswell, the Bad :...
    • Pretty Posies In The Dell, part 4
      prettyp4 zip (7k) (M/F/f)
      One of the females was his new apprentice witch, Minerva. She sat with her back against one of the ancient trees, her long slender legs widely parted and her right hand between her legs. The hand covered her pussy mound, but there was no doubt as to what she was her fingers thrust wetly and steadily in and out of her tight vagina. Her eyes were closed, her thick nipples distended and a sheen of sweat made her body gleam in an very erotic way.     A few feet away a naked Jim was on his hands and knees, thrusting a long and amazingly thick cock in and out of the reddened cunt slit beneath him...a cunt slit belonging to the juvenile, but willing body of Katrina, Minerva's twelve year old sister. When Jim first learned about her, the girl had been a virgin.     
    • by Wishlist :...
    • The Magic Ring
      themagic zip (17k) (F/m,M/F,M/f,M/m,incest)
      I could hear him whisper, between grunts, "It's OK, Baby. Daddy's almost through. You know how much Daddy loves you and how good this feels. You know Daddy does this to make us both feel good. But you can never tell anyone." Then the girl said, "Yes Daddy... Please hurry Daddy... Please stop." Then her dad said "Come on honey, say what Daddy told you to say." "No Daddy" she replied, "It's nasty. I don't like to say those things." "Damn it!" he said, "Do what I told you. Honey, you know Daddy needs you to say it. You want me to hurry and finish don't you." The girl spoke again "Alright Daddy... 'Oh Daddy, it feels so good Daddy. Shoot your cum in me Daddy. Fuck me Daddy. It's so big and hard and it feels so good. I want your cum in me Daddy'." That was obviously what he needed to get off. He said "Oh yes, Sweetie. Daddy's going to give it to you right now. Daddy's going to fill your sweet pussy with his cum. Here it comes right now, Honey!" He started to pump his cock into her more vigorously, then held it and shook and shot his load.     
    • by Donnie :...
    • The House Of The Incestuous Nymphs, ch 4
      thehous4 zip (9k) (m/f, f/f, pedo)
      Susie and her classmate David play a little game of 'find the eraser' behind their desks. Then a little later... Susie tells her best friend Mary what David and her did in class. They then try a little play of their own.     

      Monday PM, April 02, 2001

    • by The Old Wizard :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The New Libertine, ch 1
      thenewl1 zip (116k)
      I rolled over in bed and stretched my arms high over my head. The morning sun was shining through the curtains and for some reason I felt strangely wonderful this morning. I could feel the material of my nightgown stretch across my large tits. I had always enjoyed the feel of silk on my nipples and this was no exception. The feel of the silky material seemed to stimulate those sensitive little buds and made them stand out like little hard pencil erasers. My hands slid down to my sides as if they had a mind of their own and came to rest on the outsides of my thighs. I could feel the heat of my hands flowing through the material and into the skin on my upper legs. Pushing my open palms against my legs, I ran my hands up and over the top of my legs and coming to rest where the silken material covered my pussy.     
    • by Vixen :...
    • The Joy of Nursing
      thejoyof zip (6k) (MMFF/fmm/g inc, cons, oral, anal, voyeur)
      The story takes place in the future, and it's time for little Alicia to earn her Certificate in Nursing. The whole family goes along for the lessons.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Old Sauna House
      theoldsa zip (13k) (fmmmm/gg/Mg/Mf/Mg/mmmmmfffff/MF inc, oral, anal, spanking, canning, mast.)
      Lora must have been born bad. As a child she terrorized all the other girls her age and they were afraid to play with her. She caused havoc where ever she went and the only thing going for her was she was cute. Short brown hair with bangs and brown eyes and a cute sassy little body that was perfect for a young girl. By the time she was 12 years old her parents were at a loss as to what to do with her. She was caught shoplifting at 8 and stealing toys from her friends. Whenever she was in a house she would find the woman's purse and take any money that was in it. She saw something she wanted and she would take it. A bike from school, candy from the convenient store and no punishment ever phased her. She would steal, lie and manipulate people like a pro. She had been picked up by the police for being at a mall late at night when she was only 10. She had ear rings and junk jewelry in her little back pack along with fancy panties that she had stolen. By the time she was 11 she was charging boys money to fuck her and she didn't care how old they were.     
    • by PG Blair :...
    • The Sculptor, ch 1
      thescul1 zip (3k) (M/f no sex)
      Genital molds made, or sculpted, very discrete.    Call 555-1234.    How little I knew when I placed that advertisement what I'd be getting myself into.    I've been sculpting since leaving art school, and thought I'd be able to supplement my contract work with a little something on the side. One night while playing around with my then-girlfriend, we had made molds of each other's genitals as keepsakes for each other, and the thought was in my mind to offer this service for others.     The first few calls were from wives, wanting something to send along with their husbands going on business trips and the like, but the next one sounded a little interesting.     
    • by Jenny :...
    • Josefin Sitter Barnvakt
      josefins zip (16k) (M/f, spank, anal)
      Den fjortonriga Josefin sitter barnvakt fr Lars barnbarn. Nr barnen vl har lagt sig letar hon igenom huset fr att se om hon kan hitta ngot spnnande. D finner hon Lars lager av porrtidningar som hon tycker r mycket intressanta. Sedan mrker hon inte att Lars kommer hem frrn det r fr sent och han vet mycket vl vad han vill ha fr att hlla tyst om det han sett.     
    • by Lovelaskes :...
    • Walking in a "Silver wood", part 3
      walking3 zip (13k) (mmfffff, lesb, exhib, mast)
      - , , - . , . , , , . . , , - , " ? ! ! "     

      Sunday PM, April 01, 2001

    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Amy's Panties, part 4
      amyspan4 zip (7k) (M/F/g, anal, oral, golden showers)
      Amy loved her Unka Alan and he loved sniffing her panties, fantasizing about sniffing, licking, sucking and hopefully even fucking Amys delicious & juicy little pussy. Amy was the legal ward of his longtime friend and ally, Pris Morgan. Alan and Pris shared a dark secret. Amy was but a sacrificial lamb on the altar of their pedo love.     
    • by Duncan McCloud :...
    • Eden Bay, ch 3 & 4
      edenb3_4 zip (43k) (M/f,F/m,f/m,f/f,F/F,Orgy,pedo,preg)
      The continued story of the Grant family and how they arrived and became an active part of an incest colony. The Grant family is still back east but events are starting to take place that will force them to move to Eden Bay.     
    • by Artsy Craftsy Kid :...
    • Fulfillment
      fulfillm zip (16k) (MFff)
      My big sweety wanted to fulfill her life's desires.     
    • by Spider :...
    • Zurich Girl [untitled]
      zurichgi zip (3k) (M/f rape, drugs)
      Spider becomes enchanted with a young lady Zurich.     
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Pederasty Stories, part 2: Mark
      pederas2 zip (6k) (M/m)
      Before I became known as the "Community Queer" I did some volunteer work for one of the local schools. As a perk for being a volunteer, I got to make use of the school's weight room. The only condition was that I couldn't use them during school hours. So, I would arrive a couple hours before the classes started and do my workout until the first class began. It worked out well and I even got to use the locker room showers. The exhibitionist in me liked that best. As I was showering, the boys in the first period class would be coming in to change into their PE attire. It didn't take a genius to pick up on the fact that most of them didn't seem to be very comfortable changing with a big hairy naked man in plain view. Out of respect for them I altered my routine to include a walk after the workout. By the time I made it back to the locker room, the boys had all cleared out. That worked much better for everyone.     
    • by Donnie :...
    • The House Of The Incestuous Nymphs, ch 3
      thehous3 zip (8k) (Sis/sis, bro/sis, inc, pedo)
      Nicole gives her two younger sisters the initiation into the clit lickers club and shaves their bushes. Then Nicole teaches the two the finer points of lesbian sex, like oral sex.     Also in Chapter Three Jeff and his little sister Susie experiment with sex in the bathroom before bedtime.     
    • by Rex Wilder :...
    • Lisa's Brev, part 2
      lisabre2 zip (12k)
      Nr vl drren var ppen gick jag ut och bjde mig ver balkongrcket s min stjrt putade ut. Pappa sger att karlarna tycker om att titta p min putstjrt och d blir det bara n bttre nr jag lutar mig framt sger han.     

      Saturday PM, March 31, 2001

    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Discovering Kelly
      discover zip (12k) (Mg/Mf/inc,dad,daught)
      She couldn't help it if she wasn't interested in the young boys that hit on her all the time. She was spoiled goods. Someone had betrayed her and taken her innocence and even though it wasn't her fault she felt dirty and at the same time she knew what it was like to have sex with a man. A man that knew how to satisfy a young girl and make her do anything he asked. She both hated her mother's boy friend and missed all the great feeling of sex that he showed her.     
    • by daddydoright :...
    • Double Your Pleasure
      doubleyo zip (11k) (M/g, M/gg sex, cons, adult men, twelve year old twin girls)
      My friend since childhood and I were living next door to each other and still doing just about the same things we did when we were kids. Some people would say we never grew up. For one thing we still liked our women to be very young.....     
    • by Max Free :...
    • Helping Dad, ch 3
      helping3 zip (11k) (MMF, MFf, inc)
      Mary and I detect the pleasures of threesomes, with respectively Mike and Cathy!     
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • Island Rescue
      islandre zip (22k) (M/f Mature man and young girl)
      Nia and Don are rescued..after the plane crash this is the continuing story of their relationship.     
    • by The Anonymous Guy :...
    • Little Girl Panty/Crotch Lover
      littlegi zip (7k) (M/f pedo)
      For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with little girl's panties and crotches! It began when I was 5-years old and I was fooling around with the neighborhood girl who was about the same age as me. We used to play in the woods a lot and one day, we found an old toilet, which had been dumped there. Being kids, we started pretending to go to the bathroom and then natural curiosity took over from there. Even at that young age, I remember really enjoying looking at her panties and her little pussy! Maybe it was instinct, but the next thing I knew I had my face buried in her crotch and enjoying the sweet smell of her immature femininity. I didn't really know what I was doing, but I sure remember smelling and licking her like a hungry puppy! I also remember that she was enjoying it as much as I was and that fact has stayed with me as I grew older.     
    • by King Cap :...
    • Pisces
      pisces zip (11k) (mf 1st)
      Heather, the best swimmer and most confident and beautiful girl on the team, sets her eyes on a younger, sexy teammate. See what happens on a team trip.     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Reactions to Naughty Thoughts
      reaction zip (8k) (m/g m/F inc bro/sis mom/son ped)
      'I think he has a hard-on.'    The words hit my mind as if Kelly had spoken them, but her lips had not moved. I had perceived no sound. I glanced up at her from the lounge chair I lay upon. Her gaze fixed on my swimming trunks. Had I actually heard her thought? Nah. Surely it was merely my imagination.     

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  • Last night I took a walk after dark
    A swingin' place called Palisades Park
    To have some fun and see what I could see
    That's where the girls are


    I took a ride on a shoot-the-chute
    That girl I sat beside was awful cute
    And after while she was holdin' hands with me

    My heart was flyin' up like a rocket ship
    Down like a roller coaster
    Back like a loop-the-loop
    And around like a merry-go-round


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