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      Mysterious Ways....

      On Friday PM, May 11, 2001

    • by Dodgson :...
    • Aika and Friends, part 1
      aikaand1 zip (14k) (pedo, cons, intense lengthy teasing, lt bond, dom of M by f and g, M/f/g/g (f age 14, g ages 9,11))
      Looking through the sports section of the newspaper, middle age Mike Cranston sees a small one line ad, with a phone number: "Aika and Friends..." Mike is a fan of Japanese anime (animation) videos. He had the whole sci fi Aika series of soft porno tapes. Aika is a young beautiful girl, the long legged model type action hero of the series. The videos feature scads of pretty long legged young girls all dressed in ultra short skirts or dresses, and all wearing tiny white bikini panties. Their panties, little triangles in front, are usually on view. The videos are chock full of gratuitous pantie shots, low angle views of the girls' pantie-covered cunts and asses as they're walking, sitting, fighting with other girls, lying and tied spread eagle in their little panties, etc., and some lesbianism, and nude breasts too. The ad intrigued Mike. He called the number. This is the story of his adventures with Aika and Friends.     
    • by Liz Jucie :...
    • Amy's Hole In One
      amyshole zip (30k) (dad/daut)
      Her little cunt, with its erect little clit pointing at me, was just even with my face. It was a reflex. I reached around her, cupped her butt cheeks in my hands, and pulled that smooth, succulent morsel of child sex to me. I sucked my little girl's pussy lips against my mouth. My nose buried itself in her taught belly as I slipped my tongue in her wet little groove and it lapped up over her hard little clitoris. "AHHHH DAAADDY," She cried. "What are you dooooinnnnngggg?"     
    • by writersblock :...
    • Slut Mother And Daughter
      slutmoth zip (5k) (M/f mmm/f Ff/M+ slutty action)
      Tina sat in her last class of the day stroking her pussy daydreaming. The pretty thirteen year-old slut couldn't wait for the bell to ring. She hoped her mother would be at home fucking with someone. Tina knew her mother was an over sexed slut, for as long as she can remember there were strange men coming and going from their house. When Tina was eight she masturbated for the first time listening to her mother fucked hard in the next room. Tina told her mother the next day what she had heard and done. Mom was happy to hear her daughter was growing up. Joann (Tina's mom) made sure Tina knew of sex by not hiding anything. Joann thought her daughter might have a high sex drive as she did. Tina would grow up knowing the pleasure of sex, instead of being punished for it like Joann was. Tina's mother told her it was ok to play with herself, as soon as she had those feelings she masturbated all the time. When Tina turned ten she told her mom she was ready to get fucked, she had tried with boys her own age but it didn't work. Joann was so happy she planed the whole thing, as if a mother would plan a sweet sixteen birthday.     
    • by Evil Twin :...
    • Backseat Smoking, ch 2
      backsea2 zip (4k) (M/F Dad/daut)
      Kat in the hot tub, Daddy comes home and it's payback time for Kat     
    • by Mick Carlo :...
    • Hot Smoke and Sassafras, ch 4
      hotsmok4 zip (5k) (M/F, Oral, Masturbation,Teasing, Smoke Fetish, Public Sex)
      She gradually begins to realize the power she holds over me. With a mere flick of her lighter, my normally reserved demeanor fades to black, and I become her willing subject. She KNEW her smoking turned me on so! It was my fault, really. I handed her the loaded gun! She would use it every chance she'd get, no matter where we were, and at anytime. It was pleasurable torture... FOR THE BOTH OF US! Little did she realize though, she also was becoming a slave to the fetish.     

      Thursday PM, May 10, 2001

    • by Boswell, the Bad :...
    • Martian Vacation, ch 8
      martian8 zip (8k) (MF/m/f)
      "Here baby," Ray said, lifting her off Paul's spent cock as the other man collapsed backwards onto the paving, lost in the aftermath of his orgasm, "here...come to daddy."     He laid Melissa down on the paving stones and she instinctively spread her legs. Ray glanced down at his little daughter's cunt slit, grinned to see the reddish pink tissues of her inner see the oval of her still stretched vaginal entrance pop open, to allow Paul's semen to freely ooze out. He was over her in a second and his throbbing penis slid smoothly and gracefully into her sloppy fuck tunnel as he rode her to his climax...and to hers."     
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • My First Field Trip
      myfirst zip (22k) (g/g young girl learns about her body with the help of other young girls)
      Her mom told her that being a Girl Scout would help her grow up. She didn't realize just how much. Young girls helping young girls. Soft and touching.     
    • by FictionWriter :...
    • Overnight at Uncle Roy's
      overnigh zip (8k) (M/g/g, Father/Daughter/Niece Incest; Mutual Masturbation)
      Ten year old Rebecca spends the night at Uncle Roy's house, and her and her eleven year old cousin Amelia end up in his bed. Both girls receive a lesson in self-pleasure from Uncle Roy and likewise return the favor.     
    • by Keyman :...
    • The Child Talent Agent – The Underwear Ad
      thechil3 zip (29k) (M/F/f/g pedo)
      Joyce Van Alt had telephoned me, she was gushing with praise for my part in the Jewish Princess. She told me that the preorders were setting records and there was already talk of a sequel. She asked if she could come to the office, she had a business proposition that she thought I would find interesting. I wondered what Joyce was going to propose, one thing I did know was it would involve preteen sex and video tape.     
    • by Vincent Crane :...
    • Tim Remembers His Life With Grandma
      timremem zip (13k) (F/m incest)
      "Timmy!" my grandmother called from the bathroom. Her voice sent waves of emotion through my tummy!     I was twelve-years-old and lying on the couch like I had been instructed. "Don't move an inch," Grandma had told me, "until you hear me call your name." I wanted to pretend like I hadn't heard my matronly thick-fingered grandmother, who wore her hair in a tight bun. Taking a deep breath, I wished that I was outside playing instead of laying on the couch in a darkened living room. This morning my grandmother suddenly announced that she was keeping me home from school, and none of my arguments had gone anywhere. I was already to the front gate when she called my name. "I'm keeping you home today," she had said. "But, but," I had stammered as I looked back. "No butts," she replied, "you go to your room while I call the school, and I'll be up at ten o'clock. We have something important to discuss."     
    • by Evil Twin :...
    • Dirty Basement, ch 1
      dirtyba1 zip (7k) (M/F nc)
      Christine took a long, deep breath and listened. she could almost feel herself quivering with the need to hear a sound, any sound. The blindfold was doing it's job and keeping her in total darkness. The ropes binding her, though of softest silk, cut into her wrists and ankles. She sniffed quietly. If she could only hear a sound, she could tell if her was still in the room with her. She was afraid, more afraid than she'd ever been in her life. Not fear for her life, fear for the unknown. She didn't know just how long she'd even been here, locked in this room with a man she somehow felt that she was familiar with but couldn't be sure. If there was just one sound, she would feel better.     
    • by Culkin8er :...
    • The Incident
      theincid zip (6k) (M/b pedo oral anal)
      I am new in the area. I have not yet formally met any of my neighbors. I do not even have all of the shipping cartons unpacked. In fact, I was attempting to unpack some of those cartons last night when the doorbell rang. You can imagine my surprise when I answered the door to find my nearest neighbor asking if I would watch his six-year-old son for a few hours.     

      Wednesday PM, May 09, 2001

    • by daddydoright :...
    • April showers, May flowers, and June
      aprilsho zip (10k) (M/fff adult man thirteen and fourteen year old girls, sex)
      My wife talked me into helping chaperone her Sunday School class at a picnic and skating party. I began to look forward to the event as I knew the class was comprised of young teenage girls. I was delighted to find myself the sex idol of three alluring young beauties....     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • A Very Early Bloomer
      averyear zip (13k) (Mf/Mg/Mg/Minf/bbbggg oral,anal,cane,lact,preg,mast)
      I know my mother loved me but when, at age 7, I began to develop signs of breast growth she thought I was some sort of devil child. I've since learned that this can happen in girls, not often but it does. Even girls younger than 7. Then I felt dirty and sinful as the small community where I lived would have considered me a freak. My mother bound my chest as tight as she could and I had to wear that every day to keep me flat like a decent little girl. At that young age, any thing that makes you feel different makes you shy and ashamed. Especially when your mother tells you not to show any one or talk about it.     
    • by FictionWriter :...
    • Babysitting Stephanie, ch 1-4
      babys1_4 zip (14k) (m/f, voyerism, M/f/m, Grandfather/Granddaughter/Son/incest)
      Jim and his 11 year old son Clay end up babysitting Jim's eight year old granddaughter Stephanie over the weekend. Jim learns that Clay has been "playing" with Stephanie, and later he too gets into the act.     
    • by Vert-man :...
    • Cyber Room 117
      cyberroo zip (3k) (m/f cyber)
      Misty's horny and she meets Moon in a chatroom. After chatting for a while they decide to meet in a private room.The Chat log that follows is the first of there meetings..     
      Me You and Trish, part 2: The Buttfuck
      meyouan2 zip (5k) (m/f/f Threesome)
      The 2nd installment in the non-stop fuckfest that is the Trish series.This picks up where the first one left off,with me about to bang "You" in the ass.It's nothing but fuckin pure and simple.No plot no nothing just sex.     
    • by Silk :...
    • House Guests - Tia
      housegu2 zip (7k) (M/f (f age 14) oral, sex, anal)
      I collect "house guests" - young, sexy, women who I can take advantage of. Never under fourteen, never over nineteen. I find them, gain their trust, take them home, and then make sure they "pay rent" for it. And boy do I charge high fees, most are very willing, a few take some coaxing, and one needed real pain before she was bedded. Here's Tia, rather a special young woman. In her case she knew what she wanted and went for it! Not that I'm complaining...     
    • by Boswell, the Bad :...
    • Martian Vacation, ch 7
      martian7 zip (6k) (M/F/m/f)
      "Uh...explore the city a little, maybe," David said, between bites of toast, "I mean we haven't seen any of it yet except this building right here. I thought...well, maybe...uh, Melissa might want to come with guys."     Ray watched Susan desperately try to suppress a giggle, as they both knew that there were at least three stiff boners under the table right then as the boys envisioned getting their sister out of the house and away from the view of the adults...and engaging in some serious fucking.     "Oh mommmmmm...I don't want to go with the boys. You KNOW what they want to do to me!" the little girl whined.     
    • by imptoo :...
    • Mothers Fucker, part 1
      mothers1 zip (5k) (M/F/inc)
      Bo had been lucky finding Cathy. After dating for 3 months she was still insatabile and Bo had the chance to fulfill almost all of his sexual fantasties anytime he chose. Cathy always enjoyed whatever Bo wanted to do to her but he could never get her to tell him about her deep dark fantasies. He still had a few wild fantasies to try and he knew with persuasion Cathy would probably go along but he wanted desperately for her to ask for those last enjoyments.     
    • by Johnny Johnson :...
    • Snowy Duty Day
      snowydut zip (24k) (M/g, Bathroom scenes, con, voy, seduction)
      This story is one long unintended at first seduction of a young preteen. There are flashbacks that involve baby diaper changing fun and other first times.     
    • by Young Fox :...
    • The Christmas Anus
      thechris zip (10k) (Anal, family sex, hideous depravity)
      I kept craning my head to look at Anus and his beautiful throbbing pecker. Gosh, it was so big and juicy, wet and shiny. I noticed my other brother Harold staring at him too. He seemed moonstruck. Harold seemed to have trouble finishing his bites. Once he had a blur of potatoes around his lips and his tongue was hanging out like a dog.     Daddy did something that really surprised me. He snapped his fingers for Anus to approach, then yanked on his prick a few times and made him squirt into his wine. Daddy sat back, unbuttoning his shirt at the bottom, belched, and drank down the cum-wine. Harold said "That was awesome Dad."     After dinner we rested awhile then Grace and Mommie and me stuffed the Anus. This was something I always liked to do. We took Mandarin orange slices, pared apples, Brazil nuts, hard cheese and nectared candies, and shoved them up the Anus' rectum, until he was so stuffed full his belly stuck out. And then we stuffed him even more! Caramel popcorn, crumbled snickerdoodles, spoonfuls of pure confectioners sugar, leftover turkey, anything we had.     At last poor Anus looked like he was literally going to burst at the seams! He still had that slap-happy mindless look on his face but I could see by the funny little trembles around his lips he was durst about to explode!     Then Grandpa made him bend over a chair and we all lined up and one by one sucked on his "freckle" until we got a mouthful of Christmas food.     
    • by Artsy Craftsy Kid :...
    • Trigamy
      trigamy zip (15k) (mfff)
      How to get shuffled off to a military academy in three easy lessons.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Will
      will zip (20k) (F/m, F/F, m/f, inc.)
      A plain woman marries a handsome man, and nine months later Will is born. When Will is nine, his father dies, and Will becomes his mothers lover. She goes for lesbians, and Will learns to love his sister, and other young things. It's a good life for Will.     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Date prisa
      datepris zip (6k) (m/F, incest)
      -Date prisa, Luis, que tu hermano debe estar a punto de llegar -me dijo mi madre mientras le metía la polla a un ritmo frenético en su coño mojado a cuatro patas sobre su cama.     -Espera, da más gusto si hay riesgo -le dije yo, envalentonado a causa de la excitación.      Mamá me miró por encima de los hombros mientras yo la embestía sudoroso y con las manos sujetando sus caderas.    -Estás loco -dijo sonriendo.     
    • by Ximena :...
    • Mary Gut
      marygut zip (10k) (M/F teen, first, nc)
      Lo que yo escribo, no necesariamente son vivencias personales, sino que relatos que me cuentan mis amigas y amigos, con los cuales recreo una situación, que espero que a todos les resulte agradable de leer. Cuando mis relatos son personales, yo lo digo sin mas, para que mis conocidos lo sepan. El presente relato esta dedicado a Mary, con todo mi cariño.     

      Tuesday PM, May 08, 2001


      Monday PM, May 07, 2001

    • by Maxamm :...
    • Child Rape In Bucharest
      childrap zip (5k) (m/f/pedo/anal/snuff)
      In this short and nasty tale, a pedophile tourist fulfils his darkest fantasy, with a 4 year old Romanian orphan girl.     
      Scott Becomes A Pervert
      scottbec zip (25k) (m/f/pedo/mom/son/oral/anal/cons/n/c)
      Scott is a teenage boy with a sexy slut mom. When he meets one of her boyfriends, Scott discovers the pleasures of being a mother fucker. Under the influence of Trant and his elderly mom, the sex hungry teenager sheds all inhibitions and finds that fucking little girls is even more fun than doing it with mom. Scott's ultimate fantasy is to "adopt" a little sister. But forbidden pleasures carry a price.     
      Theater Of Depravity
      theatero zip (7k) (m/f/pedo/oral/anal/w/s/rape/implied snuff)
      In a sleazy porn theater, Neil finds more on offer than the hardest and most shocking child pornography. There is live entertainment too, with a little girl chained up and at the mercy of any man who cares to abuse her.     
    • by Dodgson :...
    • Therapy
      therapy zip (33k) (pedo, consen, incest (Mom/Dau), M/F/g (g age 9))
      Melody, a leggy, slender, cute, sexually precocious nine year old girl, wants a little girl loving man to join her and her mom in their sex play. Her mother, Dr. Sabrina Thompson, a petite, very attractive psychologist is 29 and single. She is a staff psychologist at Peach Psychological Services, a group practice confined to outpatient treatment of sex offenders. Convicted of several child sex crimes resulting from a police sting operation, and the subsequent seizure of kiddie porn found during a search of his home and computer, Alan Gorman, 36, spends a year in the county jail. No children were part of the police sting program. As part of his probation, the Court orders him to attend weekly sex offender therapy. Peach accepts him as a patient. Treatment begins with individual therapy sessions with Dr. Thompson. Could Alan be the little girl loving man Melody longs for? Psychobabble is kept to a minimum in the story.     
    • by Davy Sprocket :...
    • Toys in the Attic
      toysinth zip (15k) (Mbg (boy is 12, girl 11), oral, anal, sex)
      A secret hideaway for two young children turns into an afternoon of sexual discovery. They just wanted to steal a few kisses, play a litle show and tell, but someone else had other ideas.     
    • by Evil Twin :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Backseat Smoking
      backseat zip (4k) (M/f force)
      Never in a million years would she have been walking down a deserted highway in the middle of the night just a few hours ago. Being a teenager and a Catholic at the same time was difficult enough. Add to it that the perfect boyfriend that the parent's had insisted you go out with just wouldn't take no for an answer had added the icing to the cake so to speak. face it, the guy had turned into Frankenstein or something after drinking too much of the "borrowed" beer from his dad's fishing cooler. When he had first picked her up, the parent's were impressed. A more preppy, Catholic type of guy you couldn't have found. The nice boy next door home from Notre Dame for the Christmas holidays. He even drove an immaculate beamer which added a touch of class to the scene.     
    • by Mick Carlo :...
    • Hot Smoke and Sassafras, ch 3
      hotsmok3 zip (4k) (M/F, Oral, Masturbation, Teasing, Smoke Fetish, Public Sex)
      An afternoon delight, and a wife's education continue... "Everything seemed to have stopped during those passionate smoke-filled moments. The movements and sounds of the outside world ceased to be. The only movement that existed was the wanton sexual activity transpiring between my wife and I. The only sounds were that of my cock being wetly jacked off, moans of hot pleasure and our labored breathing. This feeling of solitude continued while we looked into each other's eyes. Then, the sounds of the world filtered back in around us, breaking the spell."     
    • by The Seer :...
    • The Hard Times, ch 1
      thehard1 zip (8k) (F/g b/g voy b-solo)
      Web's life just got turn upside down. With the death of his parents, he is forced to move across the country to live with his aunt. Along the way he has a little encounter on a train and learns that his life might not be over yet.     
    • by Sal :...
    • Interview mit einem KiddiePorn Produzenten, teil 2
      intervi2 zip (7k) (all kind of kiddie sex)
      Hier nur der zweite Teil unseres Interviews. Wieder gibt Dutroux ein paar Geheimnisse aus der Kiddieporn Branche preis. Außerdem erzählt er über seine Kinder, seine Frau und ein paar andere Sachen. Natürlich schön explizit!!!     

      Sunday PM, May 06, 2001

    • by Julius T. Armstrong :...
    • A Slut is Born
      aslutisb zip (8k) (inc/pedo/oral)
      When I was still just five-years-old I sucked my third cock when my cousin Timmy came over to baby sit me. He really knew how to eat pussy too! He wound up giving my first facial ever.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Geoff, ch 1-2
      geoff1_2 zip (21k) (M/f/f/f)
      Geoff inherits a great deal of money. Now he is able to indulge his fondness for young pussy. He moves to Mexico, and marries a fifteen year old. They adopt five younger daughters     
    • by TnTuxedo :...
    • Joe, part 1
      joe1 zip (5k) (M/f romance)
      Meet Joe, recently retired from the Army after 30 years. This is his story about his entry into the world of child love with the willing participation of Jane, a 8 year old girl.     
    • by ShadoWalker :...
    • Model Children, ch 4
      modelch4 zip (5k) (Mf, ff, Inc, Cons, Ped)
      A photo shoot gets interesting when one of our favorite photographers regulars brings her little sister into the studio to 'learn the ropes'.     
    • by Diggity Dog :...
    • Late Night Shopping
      latenigh zip (12k) (M/f, semi-cons?)
      I have always like shopping at night. No lines, no hassle's, just cruise through, get my weekly supplies and go through the register. None of those salespersons trying to force samples of their wares, no kids selling whatever outside the door, just in-out, zip-zip and I'm done. But one night, my evening shopping took an odd, but welcome turn.     
    • by Sal :...
    • Interview mit einem KiddiePorno Produzenten, teil 1
      intervie zip (7k) (all kind of kiddie sex)
      Marc Dutroux gibt ein Interview über seine Arbeit, wie er zu dieser gekommen ist, und was die Arbeit als Kiddiporn Produzent ausmacht. Er beantwortet viele Fragen, die jeden schon mal über Kiddieporns interessiert haben!     

      Saturday PM, May 05, 2001

    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Goddess Of Life
      goddesso zip (16k) (Mg/Mf/mf/ dad, daut oral, mast forced, cons, inter racial)
      A Legend from the 18th century: A Fantasy. Jane was dreaming. It was a hot night in summer and she was tossing and turning on her bed. Her father had a big plantation in South Carolina in this new world. He was rich and they had many slaves that did all the work. Tonight she was dreaming of being on a big black horse, riding like a boy, wearing pants. She was racing toward the setting sun with her red hair streaming behind her. She was running toward a man waiting for her on a horse. A small dog sat by the side of the horse waiting for her, too. She could see the face of the man but behind her she could hear many cries and shouts, gun shots and screams. Two other horses were running with her but she couldn't see the people riding them. A voice was whispering in her ear, "Go North. Go Far."     
    • by Earnest Hemenhaw :...
    • Mama's Boy
      mamasboy zip (4k) (m/F mom/son incest)
      My mother was 14 when I was born. It was her first time and the boy left town. She vowed then and there that I would be the only man in her life. Nobody realized how much she meant what she said. Right after I was born, she went back to school and finished her education. My grandmother watched me while Mom was in school.      As soon as she graduated from high school, she got a job as a waitress and moved us into an apartment. She'd drop me at Grandma's when she went to work and spent all her free time with me. I mean all her free time. We slept together. We bathed together. We had sex together. That's right. My earliest remembrance is sitting in the bathtub with my foot in Mama's cunt. She would suck on my tiny little pecker and she taught me how to eat her pussy. I never stopped drinking from her breasts. She had read somewhere that as long as the supply is used every day, the body naturally makes more. Even after I went on to solid foods and regular milk, she would have me suck her tits every night before I went to bed.     
    • by Boswell, the Bad :...
    • Martian Vacation, ch 6
      martian6 zip (7k) (M/F/m/f)
      Ray held back, stroked in and out his daughter's naked cunt with tenderness and tried to make it as nice as possible. A few minutes of steading fuckng passed and he felt her start to stiffen under him, heard her breathing rate increase.     "Oh...oh...oh, god, daddy...ohhhhhhhhh..." and he smiled to feel his little girl come to an orgasm as his fat cock filled her little body. He never slowed his strokes...on and on he pumped and she rose to a second orgasm. She clutched at his arms, moaned in pleasure...and fucked her hips up at him, meeting every stroke with a counter thrust of her naked hips. And finally it happened!     
    • by JeffB :...
    • My Pretend Kid, ch 2
      myprete2 zip (7k) (M/f pedo)
      After spending our first sexual encounter in my bedroom, (see My Pretend Kid on my Palisade Authors page) the story continues with adventures for the rest of the afternoon.     
    • by Speezo :...
    • The Buyer, ch 1
      thebuye1 zip (7k) (M/f nc)
      It was Jonathan Stearns lifelong ambition to buy a little girl. Yes, buy a little girl. And, it wasn't because he wanted to raise her as his daughter.     
    • by Sal :...
    • Sherry's Abenteuer, teil 3
      sherrys3 zip (10k) (g/M, g/MM, g/MMMMF, g/M+F+ rape anal and other nasty things)
      Endlich die lang ersehnte Fortsetzung. In diesem Teil wird Sherry von zwei Förstern durchgefickt, die es genießen, die kleinen Löcher von Sherry zu füllen!     

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