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    May 26th - June 01st mid-Morning Updates

      Love Her Madly....

      On Friday PM, June 01, 2001

    • by T. Lawrence Shannon :...
    • A Nudist Boy's Letters, ch 19
      anudis19 zip (4k) (mmmmm/fff/FF/pedo/size/orgy)
      The nineteenth secret pen-pal letter our thirteen-year-old son wrote to a friend. In it he talks about his girlfriend, a incestous big family that comes for the weekend and some of the sexual games they play and his having sex with his best friend.     
    • by AnaLover :...
    • Charley Comes to Visit
      charleyco zip (7k) (M/F anal)
      Still staring at the carnal spectacle, I ran my hands up the curve of Charley's magnificent breasts. She shuddered and seductively turned round, thrusting her lovely boobs into my chest. Our lips melted together, and I felt my sister’s tongue flick into my mouth, hot and eager.     
      The Blacksmith and His Daughter
      2theblac zip (16k) (M/F anal)
      The heavy sacs of his balls, swollen with sperm, swung repeatedly against Caroline’s chin and Joss could see a dribble of liquid drip from her lower lip down onto her pearl necklace and slide into the valley of her cleavage. It increased his pleasure, knowing his semen was warm and slippery between the globes of his daughter’s ample breasts.     
    • by Jasper Ratt :...
    • Miss Brown's Academy For Young Ladies, ch 4
      missbro4 zip (10k) (FF/ffff/M in every combo, inc, pedo, ws, scat)
      Miss Brown's Academy for Young Ladies, deep in the heart of the English countryside, grew from an idea of her father, mother-sister and herself, Now, for many years, the Academy had been devoted to bringing up its students, all female, as devoted believers and practitioners in family love.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Mr. Bothe
      mrbothe zip (19k) (M/m, multiple child partners)
      Henry Bothe' is the prefect of boys, at a bording school. He uses the most vulnerable boys for his pleasure, and for theirs.     
    • by Artsy Craftsy Kid :...
    • Myth
      myth zip (16k) (M/Ff)
      The end of civilization as we know it! Where are the gods? Damnit.     
    • by King Cap :...
    • Summer of Discovery, ch 2
      summero2 zip (7k) (mmf young teen mast oral)
      For Matt, the summer between sixth and seventh grade was full of wide-eyed discovery. In this part of the story, he has his first experience with a girl     
    • by daddydoright :...
    • The Music Man
      themusic zip (9k) (M/f , M/g , incest , pedo sex)
      After spending six years in Uncle's Sam's army I resigned and started thinking about a civilian career. My sister let me move in with her and her family until I became self-sufficient and found a decent job. Eventually we decided that I should become a music teacher since it paid well and that was about all I was qualified to do. My first two students were my thirteen year old niece and her twelve year old girl-friend....     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Young Brides For Sale
      youngbri zip (15k) (Mg11 inc pedo g-solo solo con rom)
      One way a man that loved young girls could have one legally, in some states, was to marry her with the consent of the parents. Todd got curious about a cult or sect of people that traveled around the country in motor homes, home schooling children and selling their young daughters as brides for large sums of money. The beauty contests were not to judge the prettiest girl but were to show prospective buyers the girls available for sale. They were girls of all ages, hair fixed like a beauty queen, wearing adult make up and dancing suggestively after being coached by their mothers.     

      Thursday PM, May 31, 2001

    • by cc :...
    • Arranged Marriage
      arranged zip (10k) (M/g ped (10) bdsm spanking "rape" rom)
      A young girl gets her "comeuppance" in an unexpected way.     
    • by T. Lawrence Shannon :...
    • Family of Kiddy Whores, ch 10
      family10 zip (5k) (mm/MMMMMMMMMMM/FF/ws/scat/pain/raunch/size/CAUTION)
      Then the client had his friends line up in a row and told me and my brother to go down the line and suck the men. Our little mouths were stretched to the limit. I remember many of the men's pricks were very old and hung down in front of very large hairy balls. One of the old men I was sucking couldn't get hard and pissed in my mouth and all over my face and body. I was ordered to drink it all and lick up what I missed in my mouth and on my face. Old man piss does not taste as good as child piss, but again, we were trained to drink any piss asked of us, even animal.     
    • by Dodgson :...
    • Hospitality, part 1
      hospita1 zip (14k) (pedo, cons, incest (Dad/Daus, Sisters), oral, mb, etc. gg, MMgg (g ages 9 and 11))
      Judd McCoy, 54, is a hillbilly. He lives in northern Appalachia, in the southern Allegheny mountains, southeast West Virginia, near the White Sulphur Springs area, on ten acres of useless, rocky, hilly land, way back in the hills, in a "holla," in an old trailer. He does odd jobs to pick up a few bucks, as the welfare payments aren't enough. His wife, Sissielu, ran away with a Hatfield years ago, and he's raising his two very sexy daughters alone, nine year old Sarabell, and nearly twelve year old Shayna Dee. It's a long, hot summer. He's getting on in years and finds it hard to keep up with his daughters' sexual demands. They've got too much time on their hands. They're always horny. He calls an old Marine Corp. Vietnam combat veteran buddy, Bob Cassidy, 55, living the high life in New York, and invites him to visit. They used to cat around together in Nam, finding they both loved licking and fucking little pre-teen girls. Bob aught to be able to help him out with the girls.     
    • by Boswell, the Bad :...
    • Martian Vacation, ch 13
      martia13 zip (8k) (m/f)
      "Oh gosh... oh gosh... oh gosh..." she gasped in a sort of erotic chant as he began to fuck her with long, deep strokes. His thick cock spread her cunt lips like butter as he plowed that erotic furrow...thrusting steadily...powerfully...and in minutes the excited little girl came under him.     "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh....ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....arrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhh," she gasped and moaned, arching her little naked body up at him as she lost it in the throes of orgasm...and still David fucked her tiny hole. Soon afterwards, he came as well...flooding her tiny vagina with his white cum load.     
    • by Mother Fucker :...
    • Mom Bro and I
      mombroan zip (5k) (F/m mf)
      What is more fortunate than enjoying sex from the early childhood, that too without fearing any one, and without any feeling of exploitation and abuse? What is more fortunate than being with and enjoying sex with the closest relatives? A very few are that much fortunate. Well I am one of that few.     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • My Cousin, Janet, ch 1
      mycousi1 zip (8k) (b/g inc cousins)
      Frankly I was happy Janet's panties were too large. When she swooped down the slide at the playground with her slim legs splayed as wide as the slide allowed, her dress had flown up. The view tightened my trousers because the leg band of her exposed panties gaped, and I could see one pussy lip and the edge of the crease of her bald little cunt.     
    • by Pete Pervert :...
    • Die Immigranten, ch 5
      immigra5 zip (7k) (M/f ws scat torture snuff?)
      Bernd wird impotent gemacht, und Martha zum Wrack gefoltert     

      Wednesday PM, May 30, 2001

    • by LEBEC :...
    • Doggie's Bad Manners, part 6
      doggies6 zip (9k) (f/dog)
      Byron was totally stuck. Although Dana had had enough for the time being, her pussy thought otherwise. Her young, athletic cunt muscles continued to massage him, holding on like a fist. Within a couple of minutes, Byron's prick was stimulated back up to full fighting strength. Unable to release himself anyway, he started back to fucking her again.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Melanie
      melanie zip (13k) (M/f, romantic)
      Cliff likes young girls. He likes to look, and he would like to touch too, but. Then he meets Melanie.     
      Taking Sherrie
      takingsh zip (9k) (M/f, Kidnaping, Torture)
      Sherrie is a beautiful eleven year old. She is taken from a family camping trip. Her kidnapper uses her cruely. This story documents the search for her, and her ordeal. It isn't my usual kind of story.     
    • by Jasper Ratt :...
    • Miss Brown's Academy for Young Ladies, ch 3
      missbro3 zip (9k) (FF/ffff/M in every combo, inc, pedo, ws, scat)
      Miss Brown's Academy for Young Ladies, deep in the heart of the English countryside, grew from an idea of her father, mother-sister and herself, Now, for many years, the Academy had been devoted to bringing up its students, all female, as devoted believers and practitioners in family love.     
    • by Nomad :...
    • Nothing To Write About
      nothingt zip (21k) (pedo incest voyeur)
      Derek is forty odd, happily married, nice home, adult children. But he's haunted by his childhood, constantly seeking the same pleasure he'd experienced with his sister when they were children.     
    • by Seduction :...
    • After School Lessons, ch 2 (A follow-up on Ms. Kirstie Farmer)
      aftersc2 zip (21k) (M/f stranger/student - F/m teacher/student)
      A follow-up on the sexy 28 y/o teacher. A look back into her teen years as a cheerleader and a present-day experience with a 13 y/o boy caught spying on her!     

      Tuesday PM, May 29, 2001

    • by Dodgson :...
    • Beach House, part 2: Tammy's Seduction of Her Dad Continues
      beachho2 zip (17k) (pedo, cons, incest (Dad/Dau) mutual mb, heavy petting, eroticism, oral, Mg (g age 12))
      Tammy, 12, and her dad, Jack, 39, enjoy the rest of the day away from the beach house and at the beach. They snuggle very erotically that evening in the old recliner while watching TV. Tammy finally has some, but not complete success, sexually, with her dad after their extensive petting session in the recliner. The orgasmic experience completely overwhelms Tammy. A teasing, erotic, tale, a father/daughter love story, and more, slowly developed.     
    • by Sam Hammer :...
    • Brandi and Carol: True Friends
      brandian zip (74k) (M/f, m/f, mmmmm/f,mmmmm/f incest)
      Eleven PM. A typical night of two non typical teenagers talking on the phone. Closer then sisters were Carol Brazil and Brandi Spumante. The girls had met when each was a mere fours of age. Now, both girls were just over fifteen years old.      The Two shared each others secrets, knew each of dreams and desires. Although of different backgrounds, nothing could separate the two as they lived their lives with a passion and wildness reserved only for the bold. Both were school heroes of a different sort. Carol was the state gymnastics champion and nationally known as the country's next best hope to win an Olympic Gold medal.     But her friend was a high school cheerleader named Brandi.     
    • by Vert-man :...
    • Cyber Room: Big Sis Lil Sis
      cyberro2 zip (4k) (f/f incest, chat log)
      The chat transcript from the latest meeting between Moom and Misty.This time Misty's lil sis gets involved after she gets caught by her big sis reading the first chat they had and fuckin herself....Interesting.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Grandfather & Me
      grandfat zip (10k) (M/f, incest, grandfather & granddaughter)
      Sarha's family is lost in an accident, and she is in the hospital for a long time. He grandfather takes her home. They develop a 'very' loving relationship.     
    • by Foxyboy :...
    • Preparing Jenny, part 1
      prepari1 zip (9k) (M/G pedo/oral/mild anal/build up to more)
      Film makers discover beautiful twelve year old and a group of shareholders invest in her first movie.     
    • by T. Lawrence Shannon :...
    • Reverand Bill And His Child Bride, ch 2
      reveren2 zip (7k) (Mm/Mf/pedo/preg/ws/)
      By her third month of pregnancy my angel started to show. It turned me on even more. I walked around with a constant hard prick and she loved it. I learned that my angel was a wanton slut at heart. All the years of being a child model and beauty queen had made her feel so repressed that she wanted to experience everything and anything.     
    • by writersblock :...
    • Secret Slut
      secretsl zip (6k) (mm/gf M+/f slutty action)
      My name is Kelly; I've been on the earth for seventeen years. I come from an affluent family with lots of money. We are pillars of our community; which is why I don't sleep with anyone from my hometown. Don't get me wrong I love sex more then any girl I know. I learned early on girls that have too much sex are not respected. I knew from the first time I played with my little pussy I could not live without orgasms. Maybe I should start at the beginning.     
    • by The Madhatter :...
    • Sharing Moms
      sharingm zip (34k) (F/mmm incest)
      David Taylor and his best friend Jared Doyle were walking home from soccer practice. The two 14-year-old boys were laughing and joking as they walked along. Practice had gone really well, and their team had a good shot at the playoffs. Soon they arrived at David's house. He pulled open the sliding glass door and they entered the kitchen, where his mother Barbara was starting to make dinner. Her back was to the boys as they came in the house, and both were treated to a great view of her ass as she bent over to get a pan, the material of her jeans pulled tightly across her behind.      "Hi boys," she said, standing and turning to face the boys.     
    • by Artsy Craftsy Kid :...
    • Statistics
      statisti zip (16k) (m/fff)
      The end of civilization as we know it! Billy doesn't stand a chance.     
    • by little girl Watcher :...
    • The Mother/Daughter Affair
      themothe zip (35k) (F/f Inc: incest/Lez/Oral/Anal/Brief Spanking/Brief ref to WS/Bestiality/Bondage/interracial/Cons/teen)
      "Oh...Oh lord." Terry whimpered with need and desire and love as she felt her sexy teenaged daughter's smooth, sharp little teeth nibbling at her neck and throat. Anne-Marie was kissing her, sucking and licking the warm skin; drawing the moist flesh up into her mouth and nipping at it just hard enough to send chills down the woman's spine. Terry moaned softly and her eyes closed as her loving little girl kissed her. Anne-Marie grinned and nibbled along her neck and shoulder, up to the sensitive area just under her ear, always moving up; closer and closer to her mother's mouth. By and by she sneaked a kiss at the corner of Terry's lips while her arm went completely around her mother's shoulders as the woman stiffened in her incestuous embrace. "Nnooooooo... Oh God baby! Noooo Anne-Marie we can't..." but even as she gasped the words Terry was pushing herself even closer against her naked daughter's warm little frame, pressing their bodies and in particular the outer curve! s of their big tits tightly against each other.     
    • by Low Spark :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Ellen, ch 1
      ellen1 zip (7k) (M/M/F/F submissive husband)
      Ellen turned, and with Karen and Tom following, she led the way down the hall to the bedroom. Once there, Karen saw Ellen's husband Bill laying on his back on the king sized mattress, blindfolded, his arms and legs stretched wide apart and tied down by leather straps.     
    • by Lupo :...
    • Die Wixer-Connection, teil 6
      diewixe6 zip (11k) (M/g m/f M/b b M/M mast exh)
      Mit Tanja erlebe ich Wixabenteuer im Park. Patrick erzählt, wie er während des Unterrichts wixte; sein Lehrer erweist sich als geiles Wixschwein und wird Mitglied der Wixer-Connection.     
    • by The Madhatter :...
    • Gemeinsam benutzte Mütter
      gemeinsa zip (40k) (übersetzt von Mysterya)
      David Taylor und sein bester Freund Jared Doyle kamen vom Fußballtraining zurück. Die beiden 14jährigen Jungs lachten und alberten dabei ununterbrochen. Das Training war wirklich gut gelaufen und ihre Mannschaft hatte eine Chance in den Endspielen. Bald hatten sie Davids Haus erreicht. Er schob die gläserne Schiebetür auf und sie betraten die Küche, wo seine Mutter, Barbara, gerade dabei war das Essen zu machen. Sie wandte den Jungs, die jetzt im Hause waren, den Rücken zu, so daß diese einen ausgiebigen Blick auf ihren Arsch werfen konnten, als sie sich herunterbeugte, um eine Pfanne zu suchen, wobei sich der Stoff ihrer Jeans eng um ihren Hintern schmiegte.     

      Monday PM, May 28, 2001

    • by T. Lawrence Shannon :...
    • A Nudist Boy's Letters, ch 20
      anudis20 zip (4k) (mm/f/pedo/size/brother/brother)
      The 20th letter we found on a secret disk our 13- year-old son wrote to his pen-pal. In this letter he tells his pen-pal all about he and his best friend trying to fuck his girlfriend. How she makes them kiss and jack-off and then does herself. Then the best friend's do each other. His best friend then writes a paragraph to the pen-pal of his friend.     
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Figure Eight? Figure Eleven
      figureei zip (15k) (M/g, oral, older brother/younger sister)
      Young girls' figures, especially one doing spins and figure eights on the ice hold mucho attraction for a guy like me. After all my sister Denise and I had enjoyed a full fledged relationship for a number of years.     
    • by Evil Twin :...
    • Meribeth
      meribeth zip (6k) (F/f, mother/daut,incest/cons,oral/anal)
      When Suzi's tongue whispered across her Mom's clit, Meri thought she was a goner. Meri applied herself to licking and sucking the clit and pussy of her daughter. Running her tongue up and down the wet slit and delving gently into her ass caused Suzi to reciprocate.     
    • by Jasper Ratt :...
    • Miss Brown's Academy for Young Ladies, ch 2
      missbro2 zip (11k) (FF/ffff/M in every combo, inc, pedo, ws, scat)
      Miss Brown's Academy for Young Ladies, deep in the heart of the English countryside, grew from an idea of her father, mother-sister and herself, Now, for many years, the Academy had been devoted to bringing up its students, all female, as devoted believers and practitioners in family love.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • The Caring Man
      thecarin zip (12k) (M/F/f, Blackmailed/Forced)
      James was a very caring man. He cared for female flesh, and he knew how to get it. He lived near a mental health facility, and preyed on the residents. They, he chose the wrong girl.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Haunted Forest
      thehaunt zip (16k) (Mg bg1st mf1st bro/sis incest pedo orgy anal solo fm cons ff span preg)
      Tammy was only eight the first time she submitted to a boy. Marty was 9 and Tammy was his birthday present. She was a cute little dark haired girl that had big brown eyes. She was so very trusting. Everyone gathered to witness the first time. Marty matured very young and when he showed Joseph that he could masturbate and shoot semen he chose his own female. A small altar was in the middle of the forest. It was late July and the vegetation thick. Every one came to watch the first time that these two mated. It was a very exciting thing to watch. Tammy followed other girls that helped her to the bed elevated on a small platform so everyone could see.     
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • The Seduction of Sarah Curwen
      theseduc zip (13k) (M/f, F/b, M/Ff, m/f; oral, anal, mast, caution)
      "Sarah's eyes sparkled like smuggled emeralds -- the lone street lamp was a hundred yards away, half hidden by an enormous sycamore. Her milky skin looked ghostly - it was as soft as a newborn kitten's belly. Its softness took his breath away. Her lower lip trembled, and Larry lowered his mouth to hers, stroking her silken hair and pulling her close. Sarah Curwen tasted like cocoa butter and brandy - he'd given her a pinch of cognac before they left the house... She wanted to tell Larry Merrill that she'd do whatever he wanted -- she'd do whatever anyone wanted. Sarah the perfect kid, Mr. Curwen's beloved daughter, taking ballet lessons, her umber leotard damp with sweat and bittersweet desire, wiggling her little white butt."     
    • by Culkin8er :...
    • Risky Business
      riskybus zip (9k) (M/g/b F/g/b pedo, some light nc)
      It began with a dry spell in our relationship. We did not currently have any kids to fuck and were getting bored with stories and home movies. Our mutual desperation inspired us to devise a dangerous and wicked game. The weeks that followed continue to be among the most rewarding of my life.     

      Sunday PM, May 27, 2001

    • by Jasper Ratt :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Miss Brown's Academy...Intro
      missbrow zip (8k) (FF/ffff/M in every combo, inc, pedo, ws, scat)
      Miss Brown's Academy for Young Ladies, deep in the heart of the English countryside, grew from an idea of her father, mother-sister and herself, Now, for many years, the Academy had been devoted to bringing up its students, all female, as devoted believers and practitioners in family love.     
      Miss Brown's 1
      missbro1 zip (12k) (FF/ffff/M in every combo, inc, pedo, ws, scat)
      Miss Brown's Academy for Young Ladies, deep in the heart of the English countryside, grew from an idea of her father, mother-sister and herself, Now, for many years, the Academy had been devoted to bringing up its students, all female, as devoted believers and practitioners in family love.     
    • by Dodgson :...
    • Beach House, part 1: Tammy's Shaved by Her Dad
      beachho1 zip (14k) (pedo, cons, incest (Dad/Dau), eroticism, shave, mutual mb, heavy petting, some oral, M/g (g age 12) )
      Jack Smith, 39, a UCLA law professor, has the summer off. He rents an old beach house in Southern California, right on the beach, only ten miles from the nude beach section of a state park. His twelve year old daughter, Tammy, who lives with her mother, spends two months with Jack at the beach. They’re joined early on for two weeks by Amanda, Jack’s twelve year old niece, and her very, very close girlfriend, Diane, age thirteen. This Chapter 1: Tammy talks her dad into shaving her pubic area completely clean. A teasing, erotic, father/daughter love story, slowly developed.     
    • by Evil Twin :...
    • Chastity Lost
      chasityl zip (7k) (bondage, torture)
      It was just another workday for Chastity. Getting ready was such a routine with her that she didn't even think about what she was doing. The process of showering, putting on a light coat of makeup and then her uniform seemed to take longer and longer everyday though. It was getting to the point if her new boyfriend didn't let her get any sleep she was going to have to wear a chastity belt so he would leave her alone. Not that she minded the frequent fucking, nothing could be better, but it was beginning to affect her ability on her job and that was a no-no. She'd been an R.N. now for 11 years and it was a lot of responsibility to handle the Cardiac Care Unit where she was Charge Nurse on the 7A/7P shift.     
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • Coed Preteen Strip Searches
      coedpret zip (12k) (Mff,bg, oral, mast. voy. semi nc)
      Carl Thompson was young for being a school principal. He was hired basically for his promise to clean up the drug problem in a wealthy upper middle class school system. Not much research went into checking his qualifications, because he not only wasn't an administrator, but his forged credentials didn't show he was a wicked pedophile either. His students soon discovered he basically loved naked young girls and boys and soon created panic by planting things in their lockers and clothing and then strip-searching them for periods of time satisfying his carnal cravings.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Howard
      howard zip (26k) (M/F/f/m, Mind Control, Non-Concensual, Incest, Humiliation)
      Howard is a geek. A puny guy, taken advantage of by everyone. Not even a child molester would have him. Then, he changed and everyone around him changed too. Howard takes out his anger in many ways.     
    • by Pam :...
    • Jessy, Our Nude Model
      jessyour zip (7k) (Mother/Daughter,Older/Younger Lesbians,Photography)
      Riana has promised to send Pam some sexy pics of her teenage daughter, Jessy. She gets the next door neighbour to direct a session which involves Riana, Natalie and of course, Jessy, who ends the day by being well and truly screwed.     
    • by Lachurna :...
    • May Vacation
      mayvacat zip (6k) (b/g forced incest /pedo rape/ M/F rape)
      This one is not for the weak of heart. The ending may disturb some. Be forewarned.      A simple driving mistake cost her and her two children a weekend getaway. After a grudge holding , knife wielding maniac forces the children to have sex and uses the children to rape the mother. Ending with a brutal rape of the darling little girl.     
    • by Keyman :...
    • The Child Talent Agent – Altar Girl Tryouts, part 3
      thechil7 zip (43k) (MM/F/fffff/ggg Incest Pedo)
      Here is the third part in the continuing tale of four pedophiles and fifteen young school girls. The young schoolgirls continue to tell their stories of incest and sexual discovery and then take their places on the circle of chairs. We all were highly aroused after hearing the first six stories and I for one could not last much longer without some type of sexual release. In this part we meet a young girl who curiosity gets her into some interesting situations. Also we hear from a young black girl who goes to the most unusual camp for girls and has a appointment with the Chair of Ecstasy.     
    • by Wicked Workshop :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Accidental Blowjob
      accident zip (4k) (NC oral)
      "Oh yeah baby get ready cause here it comes!"     Martha pulled her head back, drawing the thick veiny shaft from her throat with a gurgling slurp.     "Oh No You Don't Bitch! Where the fuck do you think you're going? Your not done till you swallow!" the man growled and grabbed the back of her head.      "I don't swallo.. ummphhh," was all she could get out before she was pulled back onto the shiny black shaft. Her eye's bulged as the full length of the cock was forced down her throat and her lips smashed into the tangled web of pubic hair at the base.     
    • by Smokey :...
    • Hotsex Relay, parts 3-4
      hotse3_4 zip (11k) (M/f e.teen cons sex)
      After driving Rachel home, Paula and I headed back to my place down the road. Paula wasted no time, even before we were out of Rachel's driveway her hand was on my crotch, massaging the growing bulge within. Holding the wheel with my left hand, I reached over between her legs and felt the incredible heat beneath her thin cotton shorts as I rubbed her tender young pussy. Once we got to my place, it was a race to get inside.     
    • by Cool :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Schuldenberg, ch 1
      schulde1 zip (22k) (M/F F/F mom/daut daut/daut inc)
      Es waren jetzt fast sechs Monate seit dem Tod meines Mannes vergangen. Ich konnte dies alles noch gar nicht richtig verarbeiten. Meine vier Töchter, Adina, 11 Jahre alt, Nicole 12, Nadine 14 und Jenny 15 Jahre, sorgten für zusätzliche Probleme.     

      Saturday PM, May 26, 2001

    • by Little Girl Watcher :...
    • Corrie's Challenge
      corriesc zip (19k) (f/m f/Female &Male Dogs, Inc: Exe/Voy/Beasti/light Bon/lez-dog/oral/cons/teen)
      He was completely shocked when Corrie walked over to the big picture window and yanked open the drapes to admit the bright mid-morning sunlight! The sidewalk was directly outside the window, which meant that anyone passing by could look right in and see him tied to a chair with his cock hanging out his fly, the boy realized. "Jesus Christ!" The suddenly blushing boy exclaimed at the top of his lungs to a hugely grinning Corrie while he squirmed in his seat and tried to hide his floppy member. "Have you gone nuts? Everybody in this town knows us! Close that thing!" He kept imagining his PARENTS passing the window. They would most likely be actively UNHAPPY to see him bound to a chair with his wedding tackle swinging in the breeze. Kevin started to sweat buckets. "You wanted kinky Kevin." Corrie reminded him, walking back over and bending down to plant a kiss on him that felt like it would melt his feet. "You're going to GET kinky, and I'M going to make sure that anybody who comes by sees my little sex show!     
    • by Vert-man :...
    • Me You & Trish, part 5: Training
      meyouan5 zip (5k) (f/f/m)
      The Fifth entry in the "Trish" series find "Me You & Trish" once again at my place fucking.Only this time Trish tells us exactly what she did to Josh the night before when they went up to Paradise Flatts for a little training session.Again it's hot,it's nasty,and it's what you like.     
    • by Pam :...
    • Seducing Jessy
      seducing zip (7k) (Older/Younger lesbian, Mother/daughter/First time)
      Riana worries that her daughter, Jessy, will be seduced by a rough boy. She invites her lover, Natalie to do the deed instad. So one night, she gives the teenager her first lesbian fuck.     

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        Andrew Adams Member posted 05-21-2001 02:07 AM

        I just saw something not long ago that reminded me it has been entirely too long since I said thank you.

        I really appreciate those of you who went to Europe, Africa, and the Pacific to defend freedom so that a youngster like me could spend all of my time worrying about things like exams, rather than gulags.

        The sacrifice your generation made for freedom is unparallelled in this century. Thank you for being willing to lay it on the line for our nation.


        alledan Member posted 05-21-2001 07:02 AM

        I am in agreement with you on this one 110%.


        legn4 Member posted 05-21-2001 07:03 PM
        [edited misspellings for clarity]

        Andrew Adams, a few months back we lost a good friend. He was a army veteran of WW 2.

        One nite at work my ink pen just started to write and here's what happened:

        "A few more rounds"

          I am sure that sometime back in 1944 he could have said only a few more rounds left.

          He was a remarkable man that I knew for a short time. He could have been my father or even grandfather.

          I wish I could have been there to hand him a few more rounds.

          But I knew him in more peaceful times. We didn't need a few more rounds.

          And on that final day when we laid him to rest, looking around during the rifle volleys, I can see there are only a few more rounds left.

        In memory of Ed Worley 12/02/24---02/23/01

        And all other American Veterans of WW 2

        p.s. i plan on putting this on a plaque and giving to Ed's VFW.



        HerbyJr Member posted 05-22-2001 11:25 PM

        Well said. I have to echo those sentiments. However, everyone who has never served should feel the same way, not only the younger generation.

        Many of those who did serve paid the ultimate price for our freedoms...freedoms many of us take for granted. Please, hold those freedoms dear and if your turn comes to protect them, don't hesitate. I certainly hope that if my time to serve comes, I can do as well as many before me have.



        Andrew Adams Member posted 05-23-2001 12:27 AM

        Good News late out of Washington:

        Today, by voice vote, the United States House confirmed the location of the WW II memorial between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial on the Mall.

        It is about time: All of you Vets have deserved it for a long time.

        They can now break ground and are planning a grand opening of Memorial Day 2003!


        HerbyJr Member posted 05-23-2001 12:32 AM

        It is very good news, it is just a shame that so few of the WWII vets are still around to see it. It should have been done long ago.



        Adam223 Member posted 05-23-2001 01:33 AM

        Even the circumstances surrounding the memorial are a tribute to the veterans of this generation.

        They were not there for the glory, recognition or fame. They were extremely workmanlike. The Axis was to be defeated, at all costs, if necessary. And methodically they did that.

        When they returned, there was the giddyness of victory, which really lasted a short while. Then in traditional American fashion, the people of this generation, led by our veterans, beat our swords into plowshares. We became the greatest nation both on earth and in history. And this was made possible by G.I. Joe.

        The Memorial will be all the more cherished, I think, by the fact that this was the groundswell effort by grateful, patriotic Americans. I have gladly given donations to this memorial in the past and will continue to do so for as long as will be necessary to complete the effort.

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