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    November 03rd - November 09th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday PM, November 09, 2001

    • by Artsy Craftsy Kid :...
    • Foster Perverts
      fosterpe zip (20k) (m/ff/FF)
      Billy and Estelle had a new foster mother and Estelle thinks she's a pervert     
    • by Keyman :...
    • Just An Ordinary Guy, part 2
      justano2 zip (51k) (M/f M/F/f Pedo Incest Oral Lesbian Voyeur)
      Jason Wallace has taken a day off from work to think about what happened yesterday. It was just as well, the day was miserable, it was windy and rainy. His mind was in a turmoil, all he could think about were very young girls, his daughters, goddaughter and all the other young girls who were their friends. He was at a loss to explain what had happened to him over the past twenty four hours. The doorbell rang and when he opened the door he found his goddaughter Rebecca Jensen standing on his porch completely soaked. A miserable look on her face she said, "I locked myself out, can I stay here till my parents come home." Jason knew her parents would not be home for hours nor would his wife and kids. Of course he told her to come in the house, what would you do. The question now was would he be able to control his newly acquired Pedophile tendencies. You had better hope not if your looking for a good story!     
    • by Rick Roll :...
    • The Little Sister
      thelittl zip (11k) (m/f/f - inc/cons/sister-sister/oral/sex/virgin)
      My girlfriend's younger sister had always taken a shine to me, and as she grew older, the attraction took on a sexual tint. For her 14th birthday, both girls admit their interest in being with another girl, and my girlfriend teaches her younger sister on how to give a blowjob by using me as the model.     

      Thursday PM, November 08, 2001

    • by Jewel :...New Author.!.!.!
    • I'm Gonna Go Back To Daddy!!! part 1
      imgonna1 zip (6k) (M/f, Prep for 1st, inc)
      Father preparing his 5-year-old daughter for first(s) times     
    • by The black pedo :...New Author.!.!.!
    • It Hurt So Much!
      ithurtso zip (4k) (M/f pedo/nc)
      I was opening my door, when I was suddenly knocked to the floor.     
      Statement To The Police
      statemen zip (5k) (M/f dad/dau/semi-nc/anal/oral)
      I am 8 years old, and my name is Meagan. I have come down to the police station to explain what my father has been doing to me for 3 yrs now.     
    • by DaddyBob :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Sleeping Beauty
      sleeping zip (70k) (M/f/dad/ped inc)
      Little Tabby was my girlfriend's daughter. At 6 she was the most heavenly thing I'd ever seen. Following are our adventures, over the first 12 months of our relationship together.     
    • by Sam T. Sleaze :...
    • Board to Tears
      boardtot zip (6k) (Tb/Tg; oral, anal, B&D, S&M, torture, pain, extreme, caution)
      "Come to me" I sat down on a lounge chair and when she walked over I bent her over my lap and began to rain down hard blows on her curvy asscheeks with the palm of my right hand. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! She moaned loudly now, not really crying out, but really getting into it. She continued to play with herself, and I continued to spank her.     
      The Baby-Sadists, part 3: The Birthday Party
      thebaby3 zip (7k) (gggbbb, group sex, oral, anal, watersports, s&m)
      The boy's were all lined up in a row, all 4 of them. They were laying on our pool table, with little pillows under their heads and butts. They looked so sweet with their little hard cocks sticking straight up, and the birthday candles that had been shoved deep into their pissholes burning and dripping hot wax down the shafts of their tiny cocks. Most impressive of all was that, though they were all wiggling and squirming around, not one of them was crying or screaming     
    • by Benhead :...
    • Donna, ch 4
      donna4 zip (7k) (M/f pedo cons)
      "Kiss my pussy."     So I decided that that was where she wanted the attention so I moved my kisser down lower to her hairless upturned vagina. It was so cute the way that her lips were swollen and opening. I couldn't help myself so I just pushed my tongue inside her little pussy. I couldn't get enough of her sweet nectar and I just wanted to suck it all out of her.     
    • by Cliffy Tottle :...
    • Sweet Little Sarah, part 3
      sweetli3 zip (10k) (M/g oral inc very yng ped toddler)
      Daddy and Sarah head next door to babysit 3 year old Rachel. The lil' tot learns how to suck cock and quickly graduates to full on face-fucking (well, the best a pre-schooler can manage anyway). It's plenty of messy fun for both little girls.     
    • by Mike D. :...
    • Erlebnisse mit einem Cousin und seiner Freundin
      erlebnis zip (16k) (bb/bg/bgb 12/16/16 a/o/v)
      Ein 12 jähriger wird von seinem Cousin zuerst nicht ganz freiwillig "entjungfert", was ihm dann aber doch recht viel Spass macht und als dann noch die Freundin seines Cousins mitmacht ...     

      Wednesday PM, November 07, 2001

    • by Euphoria :...
    • Delicious Daughters
      delicio2 zip (10k) (m/f adult/child oral anal)
      When Daryl sees Jack's porno photos of his young daughter, he convinces seven-year-old Cindy to pose for his own photos. Although Cindy is young, she keeps smiling when Daryl starts pushing his cock into her ass. Every pre-teen cutie is somebody's delicious daughter. Daryl and Jack know that and are living the fantasy right now.     
    • by White :...
    • Love At The First Touch
      loveatfi zip (7k) (M/F/f)
      A young man is asked to introduce a blind girl into the world of sex by the girls mother.     
      The Sentence
      thesente zip (3k) (cons/tort/snuff)
      A woman is condemned to die because of barreness.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Natasha
      natasha zip (24k) (M/f, Romantic, Young Girl, Incest)
      Alex moves into a new home, and notices the girl next door is being physically abused. He stops that, but is not interested in her sexually. That gradually changes, but he does nothing, until one magical night, when his niece is visiting.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Forbidden Fruit, part 3
      theforb3 zip (12k) (MMMg-11 NC M-solo pedo inc Mg-10 rom caution)
      When Roger returned to his home after sleeping with Ruby, his own sister, he never told his father what happened. The years slipped by quickly and he had his own family. His daughter, Lucy reminded him of his sister in many ways. She was blonde and beautiful and learned to ride and shoot and wore pants when ever she could. One day she meets the son Roger didn't know he had. Red discovered Lucy, naked and swimming in a pool at the border between the two ranches. They both have the same father but are unaware of this. Sparks begin to fly between the two that have very little exposure to people their own age. The rivalry between the Hart ranch and Ruby and her out laws is getting out of hand     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • The Perpetual Pedophile, ch 1
      theperp1 zip (12k) (m/g mast)
      During each of my many and varied lives over the last thousand years or so, I have been a pedophile. How, one could ask, did I know such a fact? Well, I started to remember a couple of years ago. The memories of my past lives started to move through my mind about the time puberty struck.     

      Tuesday PM, November 06, 2001

    • by Road King :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Marie, parts 1 & 2
      marie1_2 zip (18k) (Mf, cons, M 31, f 14)
      She finally came out and headed for the car dressed in shorts and a tee shirt. What a sight to see the pretty teenager's bare legs disappearing into her shorts about four inches above her lovely knees. An elastic s waste band held up her shorts. Her tee shirt tucked inside her shorts stretched over her small breasts. I thought of what a thrill it would be to run my hands over the smooth legs and breasts of the pretty teenager.     
    • by King Mayonaise :...
    • Baby Porn-O-Rama
      babyporn zip (7k) (M/f, dad/daut inc pedo)
      Child Pornography affects every spectrum of society. Leading experts have studied the trend, and have concluded it runs rampant. Cheap tabloids flood the supermarkets and discount outlets of America. Their garish covers depict girls ages 3-9, posing naked like porn sluts. Late night UHF stations run homemade, amatuer footage of little preteen girls being sexually molested by their fathers. It's common nowadays in suburbia to see naked little girls being abused on their front lawns, sometimes being rented out as Port-O-Potties. King Mayonaise recognises the need for a balanced, scientific examination of how children's can be minds twisted sexually, their bodies used like cheap slabs of giggle meat The stories collected in Baby-Porn-O-Rama reflect a society's growing evolution... but towards what strange, glorious, fuck-crazed future?     
    • by The Redhead :...
    • Little Bit
      littlebi zip (4k) (F/f, voyeurism)
      Little Bit loved to make mommy happy. In fact, she was quite insistent about it.     

      Monday PM, November 05, 2001

    • by daddydoright :...
    • Best Pussy In The World
      bestpuss zip (25k) (M/f adult man, thirteen year old girl sex, cons, preg)
      Missy was the most beautiful female that I'd ever seen and my wife had actually hired her to babysit in our house. She had a sparkling personality to go with her beauty but somehow I had never thought about her sexually until I came home and saw her so dressed so revealingly....     
    • by BP :...
    • Mary's Lovers
      maryslov zip (26k) (Pregnancy, incest, interracial, cuckold)
      Mary and I met in grade school and instantly became inseparable. Soon after we met, we began exploring the differences in our bodies. At first it more out of curiosity however we soon began to relate our bodies to those of our parents and the irresistible attraction to sexual activities. In our quest for more knowledge about sexual matters we began watching our parents and peeking in on them when they were having sex. At first Mary and I were hesitant about talking about we had seen but we did try copying what we saw.     
    • by Carnal Quill :...
    • The Carlota Files - Andres
      thecarlo zip (13k) (F/b)
      Carlota is a Brazilian iniciadora, a highly paid prostitute specializing in the deflowering of young boys. Twelve-year-old Andres, a beautiful virgin boy, is her latest client.     
    • by Cliffy Tottle :...
    • Sweet Little Sarah, part 2
      sweetli2 zip (8k) (M/g dad/daut very yng oral/anal ped)
      Sweet little Sarah gets fucked hard while Daddy helps her with her second-grade spelling words. She's so eager to make Daddy cum that she suggests they play their "special bouncy game." And poor Sarah is forced to swallow the consequences.     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Después de la boda: capítulo II
      despues2 zip (6k) (m/F, incest)
      Cogí su mano sin demora y empezamos a andar hacia su dormitorio. Era algo morboso estar junto a mi madre y dirigiéndome con ella irremediablemente hacia la lujuria con la polla empinada, viendo sus tetas moverse de un lado a otro y sabiendo que sus pies estaban pringados del semen que acababa de arrojar. Yo era en aquel momento el dueño de su amplio culo, de sus grandes pechos, de sus generosos muslos blancos y, sobre todo, de su negra entrepierna, donde ya había introducido mi virilidad, marcando así mi territorio y ofreciéndole humildemente mis favores.     

      Sunday PM, November 04, 2001

    • by Silver Fox :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Getting Younger
      gettingy zip (6k)
      My current Girlfriend is 10 years younger than I am, which is 55 and she is 45. She has 2 teenage daughters from a previous marriage. Carrie who is 14 and Cindy who is 13. I never really paid much attention to them in a sexual way until, Carrie started her period. She seemed to blossom over night right after her first one. Her legs took on a shapely look and her breasts developed nicely to the size of oranges. All in all my girlfriend took care of all my sexual needs and I didn't give Carrie much thought in a sexual way really.     
      Girl Friend's Mom
      girlfrie zip (6k)
      I was 18, in the Navy and on leave during Christmas and New Year's and met a nice girl. She was only 16 and was gorgeous. I began traveling on weekends to see her. She lived in the next town from where my Brother lived so I could stay with him for the weekend, and drive over and see my girl. We had done some heavy petting but nothing more. She had told me that she was a virgin when we talked about it, and she didn't want to rush it.     
    • by PT Cruiser :...
    • Coach and Kimmy, part 2
      coachan2 zip (22k) (M/g 7)
      "Did you have fun Kimmy?" Ed asked his little playmate. "Uh uh. I liked it when your thing went in and out like that. Will we get to do that again?" Kimmy asked with a big grin, cum splattered over her tummy, chest and even up to her neck. "We'll since we really are boyfriend and girlfriend now I'm going to fuck you every chance I get honey." Ed laid down next to the cum soaked little girl....     
    • by Allene Blake :...
    • Josie
      josie zip (25k) (M/f/F/m/m, incest spanking, humiliation)
      I guess you could say I was raised in a cult. We lived in a real small town in the boonies that had it's own rules. No one could have a TV or radio and we used horses for transportion. The only modern thing was a electric plant run by a waterfall but that was only for freezer and refrigeration storage so we could be self sufficient. Almost every man in town worked for Mr Dumas who owned all the farms. He worked them real hard but noone complained since if they were fired there would be no place to go and after thirty years he would provide a pension so they knew they would be taken care of in their old age. Wives were not able to work since they had to manage the household and make clothing from the wool and cotton from the farms.Kid's could work after 14.     
    • by daddydoright :...
    • Riding Old Blackie
      ridingol zip (10k) (M/g adult father, 12 year old daughter incest pedo, consensual)
      During one of the lovely fall days I was riding my gentle gelding, Blackie, down along the wooded creek when I suddenly ran into my pretty little daughter who was walking along the very same pathway. I asked her if she wanted to ride the big horse 'double' with me. I never dreamed what all I would find out during my horse-back ride with her.....     
    • by JeffB :...
    • Save Room For Dessert
      saveroom zip (15k) (M/f very cons)
      I accept a dinner invitation from an old friend, with some very specific instructions and a most interesting conclusion. As Julia Child says, "Bon appetite"     
    • by Rick Roll :...
    • The Halloween Party
      thehallo zip (11k) (M/f, M/F - dad/daughter, oral, cons, inc, pedo)
      With a hot slut for a wife, their daughter develops the same qualities. When the hot little 8 year old dresses up as a provocative Vampiress for their Halloween party, heads turn everywhere she goes. It is not until after the party that she shows her daddy what a Vampiress actually does.     
    • by Nini :...
    • Ärztliche Untersuchung, ch 1
      arztlic1 zip (6k) (M/f Cousin Cousine)
      Sie können ja das Abhören von Herz und Lunge daheim noch mal üben, bei sich selbst oder bei Ihrem Partner... Das waren die letzten Worte des Professors in der heutigen Vorlesung über die klinische Untersuchung. 'Na toll!', dachte ich beim Verlassen des Hörsaals, 'Erst mal einen Partner haben...'     Deshalb nahm ich mein Stethoskop und legte es lehrbuchmäßig auf die wichtigen Stellen des Thorax... Zweiter Interkostalraum rechts, parasternal, zweiter Interkostalraum links, parasternal... blabla... und tatsächlich hörte ich sogar mein Herz schlagen: Erster Herzton, zweiter Herzton, erster Herzton...      So lag ich da mindestens zehn Minuten und dachte, wie das wohl wäre bei einer Frau mit extrem großen Brüsten, wo würde ich denn da das Stethoskop auflegen? Direkt auf die Brust? Darunter? Tja, und wieder fehlte mir die Partnerin zum 'Üben'...     

      Saturday PM, November 03, 2001

    • by Wishlist :...
    • Fooling Around With Mom
      foolinga zip (13k) (F/m, incest, mother/son)
      Hi, I'm Wishlist. Of course, that's not my real name. I use that name to "protect the innocent"... that includes myself! This story, in particular, is one I wouldn't want my dad to read, nor any other family member. This story is based on some of my own real life experiences. Everything in this story is true except that I, unfortunately, never got to actually have sex with my mom. Everything up to that part is real. It happened in the late 1950's and early 1960's, when I was in elementary school and junior high. I said "unfortunately" because (unlike my daughter, who I would never have had sex with, even though I still fantasize about it) I WOULD have fucked my mom and never regretted it for one moment. And, I don't feel one minute of guilt for what you are about to read. I did it, I enjoyed it, and I still have some great fantasies remembering it.     
    • by Keyman :...
    • Just An Ordinary Guy
      justanor zip (43k) (Mf, Ff, ages 12, 11 Incest Pedo Lesbian Oral Anal)
      Something unusual was happening on a street in Evans, Ohio. Jason Wallace was just an ordinary guy. He had been married for twenty years to his high school sweetheart, Millie. He had never cheated on his wife nor had he even lusted after another woman. He had two young daughters, Mary and Jean who were twelve and eleven respectfully. He worked as a Police Officer for the town of Evans, Ohio and on Sunday always led his family into church. He was the poster boy for moral values, that is until Rebecca, the twelve year old friend of his daughter, Mary caught his eye. Jason was soon on the downhill slide into the world of pedophilia and took his wife and little girls along for the ride.     
    • by Blackwriter :...
    • Mindy's Capture, part 1
      mindysc1 zip (21k) (NC PEDO Bondage Scat Forced)
      Mindy is a typical 13 year old girl. She hates her mother, and her brother. Her best friend turns out to be a 13 year old domme, and Mindy is soon under her influence and enters the world of Toilet Sex.    On the way home from a Kids Party with her brother, they take a short cut through an Industrial Park, and are soon captured by a pair of Pedophiles who are crusing the area looking for new meat.    Their treatment is horrific at the hands of their captors, but soon they become the subject of a mouthwatering offer, and are sold on to an unknown future.     
    • by bluvum :...
    • Spring Break, part 1
      springb1 zip (10k) (m, F, F, g=age 4, masturbation/les/ cons)
      Jay is a 14 year old high school freshman, that wants to follow in his fathers foot steps and become a private detective when he grown up. His father had been teaching Jay the art of spying, and collecting evidence. Jay goes to Make out Point in hopes of catching a man with his pants down, with a woman other than his wife so he can black mail the man. He gets more than he dreamed possible, when he catches his dad's cousins wife Brenda and her 4 year old daughter Raven. Jay could not believe his eyes, but he had every thing on film to verify what he saw.     
    • by Alice :...
    • Taking Care of Del
      takingca zip (9k)
      "I need you to do it, Mallory, and your mother said it would be all right." It was my aunt Sally on the phone. "Ellen's son, Del, can't take care of himself since he broke his leg at football practice. He can hardly get to the bathroom and Ellen is afraid he will fall and break something else."     "But ..."     "No buts. You know his mother can't afford to hire a nurse. I will pay you a little. I know you're only thirteen, but you and Del like each other, and .. well, Ellen is like family. In an emergency families stand by each other. Your mother and Ellen and I are all working nights this month so, well, just do it."     "Couldn't you ...?"     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Forbiden Fruit, part 2
      theforb2 zip (13k) (MF MF con oral whip mg-12 inc pedo bro sis nc)
      Ruby finds Blackie's hidden treasure that he has collected over the years as an outlaw. She wants to steal it all from him and take over his gang. Without him she can have the wealth and power she needs to take what she wants from her father and brother. After her incestual night with her brother, he had left her but she had something that he never counted on. The forbidden fruit of that night.     
    • by babyface :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Jekyll and Hyde
      jeckylla zip (10k) (Indian incest)
      The following incident unfolded during the marriage ceremony of my friend's sister. I went to attend his elder sister's marriage, and being a close family friend, I wielded special importance in all the rituals. As usual it happened to be a gathering of numerous beautiful ladies, all dressed and decked up with the flowing and billowing robes and makeup rendering them immensely sexy in the eyes of the beholder.     There were especially a few women, who kindled the fire in me, and whom I eyed, for they had the well endowed voluptuous and enticing Indian buttocks and figure, which raises chaotic thoughts and intrigue in me. Though these women were outside my reach, yet they inspired me with the urgent need and the urge to kiss, caress and fondle them. Thereafter impale their honorable and well fucked holes which were taboo for everybody other than their respective husbands. Most of these ladies were the mothers of grown up children.     
      Salim's Mother
      salimsmo zip (16k) (Indian incest)
      I have read your narration in and liked your fantasy of kinky sex. I believe that you are a women and have a rare choice of the kinky sex style. Well, I have a real story to tell you but first I would like to tell about myself. I am 30 years old and have a very high libido rate which is generally satisfied by masturbating myself. On rare occasions I would find places where I can watch women from a discrete place doing their ablutions or shitting. Generally the lower class women do their morning call of nature in the fields. This is one place where standing amidst dense trees I watch them voiding their material from their poop holes. Life was going on in it's routine pace when the incident of the present narration took place.     

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