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    November 10th - November 16th mid-Morning Updates

    On Friday PM, November 16, 2001

  • by Jewel :...
  • Amanda Sneaks a Peak
    amandasn zip (8k) (MF/g, Voyeur, mast)
    Six-year-old daughter, awaken from her sleep by noises, investigates the source. Secretly watching her parents fuck for the first time, she discovers hidden joys of her own body.     
  • by Road King :...
  • Elsie, part 2
    elsie2 zip (8k) (Mf, M 15, f 9)
    "I like it fine," I said. " How about we get started so we can have some fun before our parents get back?" I knew we had at least three hours, but I was anxious to see her naked little pussy. I pushed it a little by saying, "How about we take all our clothes off and save a little time?"     
  • by Vince :...
  • First Experiences
    firstexp zip (15k) (ff,f+)
    "This could be fun…" she thought. "Aren't you coming? There room enough for all of us." The girls hesitated and waited for one to respond.     "Yeah why not.." Anna said, "Come on Sandra, Kim. Otherwise dinner’s already over…" and Anna started undressing too, meanwhile looking at the others. Joanna turned the shower on and looked at Anna who was unhooking her bra, quickly grabbed a towel and walked to the shower with a light blush on her face. This was new for her too, but she didn't want to seem prudish.     She hang her towel over a hook and turned on the shower. Anna’s breasts were just as big as Joanna’s but not topped with such big nipples.     
  • by The black pedo :...
  • I could not wait to get home!
    icouldno zip (4k) (M/f pedo/nc/drug)
    I can always find what I need in the hood....     
  • by Amber Gold :...
  • Masquerading As A Young Girl
    masquera zip (14k) (Mg-11 Fg-10 gg FF mg Fg-solo oral con inc)
    Little Sonia let out a squeal as Joe's thick cock stretched and filled her tight, hairless, 11 year old pussy. The expression on her face was priceless. Her face was a mask of lust, pain and pleasure. Little Sonia bit her lower lip and furrowed her brow but the lust in her large brown eyes was undeniable. Moans and groans escaped her lips as she adjusted to the feel of Joe's thick 8" cock. At 38, Joe was a good looking man with a great body and an even greater appetite for young pussy. He had black hair and his eyes were so dark brown they looked black     
  • by Paul Phenomenon :...
  • The Perpetual Pedophile, ch 5
    theperp5 zip (12k) (m/g bro/sis inc first pedo cons)
    Kate shivered and pulled down the covers of the bed and hopped under them while I removed my clothes. I opened the drawer on the nightstand and pulled out a foiled-encased condom.     
  • by markone :...
  • Youth Revisited, ch 1
    youthre1 zip (16k) (M/F/b/g/ Mo/son/dau/friend)
    Pete goes back to his hometown and meets his old girlfriend and her kids.     
  • by Cliffy Tottle :...
  • Sweet Little Sarah, part 4
    sweetli4 zip (20k) (M/g/g inc anal rough very yng ped toddler)
    Sweet little Sarah cleans her Daddy's cum off of 3 year old Rachel. The little girls enjoy some cum-swapping fun before the toddler moves on to her first preschooler ass-fucking.     
  • by Skaidan :...
  • Después de la boda, capítulo III
    despues3 zip (6k) (m/F, incest)
    Cuando me desperté la mañana siguiente, mamá ya no estaba en la cama. Hacía algo de frío en la habitación, así que supuse que hacía bastante frío en la calle. Me estiré sobre la cama y luego me senté al borde. Miré hacia abajo y vi mi rabo semierecto allí, después de haber tenido una noche agitada. Me daba morbo pensar que ahora tenía donde meterlo y apaciguarlo cada vez que se empinara, pero tampoco quería pensar en mi madre de ese modo, porque la quería de verdad y no podía pensar en ella como un objeto de satisfacción sexual por mucho tiempo.     

    Thursday PM, November 15, 2001

  • by DaddyBob :...
  • First Blood, At the Park, part 1
    firstbl1 zip (8k) (M/f vampire)
    The creature had lived for over 300 years. He fed on blood, his favorite being that of preteen girls. Their blood was healthier than most, and when he fucked them to orgasm he also gained beneficial endorphins and adrenaline...     
  • by Black Dragon :...
  • My First time with My Sister
    myfirstt zip (11k) (bro/sis, 1st, inc)
    I was about 14 when my meager sex starved adolescent life changed. My life of peeping on my 12 year old sister basically came to an end. I guess it all started when I saw my sister masturbate for the first time. I never really even thought girls did that. Until that day, that is.     
  • by Nomad :...
  • Neighbours
    neighbo2 zip (29k) (M Moth/daugh(14) spanking, sex)
    John was 55 and retired. His life was over, so he thought. Then the neighbours intruded into his quiet life, a spoilt daughter, a lone mother.     
  • by Euphoria :...
  • PissHoles and Pussy
    pisshole zip (8k) (mmm/f m/m dad/daut pedo soft rape w/s incest infant sex)
    A child lover remembers his glorious youth with great fondness: the rape club when he was twelve, three unforgettable hours with three-year-old Tiffany, his best friend's little sister's cunt, drinking little girl pee straight from the source, sharing a pre-teen's anus with his best friend. And meeting the perfect wife. How sweet it was...and still is!     

    Wednesday PM, November 14, 2001

  • by PRE-vert :...
  • Just Another Day in Paradise, ch 3
    justano3 zip (8k) (b/g, b/b exploration, pedo)
    Josh has become the leader of a group of kids stranded on a tropical island in the Pacific, a perfect opportunity for him to do some exploring, both of the island and the young girls stranded with him. Josh is still rather inexperienced, however...     
    mia zip (7k) (m/g semi-cons, romantic)
    Some children learn the hard facts about life at an early age. Mia certainly did.     Some people manage to maintain a naive innocence about them, even well into their lives. Bertil would surely qualify.     What happens when the two meet?     This is the beginning of a story about a child prostitute, set a few years ago, in a european city which remains unnamed. I'd like to hear comments from those that might like this experienced child's story continued...     
  • by Amber Gold :...
  • The Forbidden Fruit, Final
    theforb5 zip (12k) (MMMMMgggg NC mf rom bro sis inc)
    Red wrapped Lucy's poncho around them after they exhausted themselves with their love making. He pulled her close and keeping their bodies tight together they dozed off. Lucy had been without sleep for too long as she chased after Red. Now they felt safe, together and as he fell asleep he knew that what ever they had to do it would have to wait till tomorrow.     

    Tuesday PM, November 13, 2001

  • by Ron's World :...
  • A Born Slut
    abornslu zip (11k) (M/f, dad/daut, mom/son, bd)
    Life on the farm takes on more pleasure when dad discovers how hot his daughter really is.     
    Secret Massage
    secretma zip (19k) (M/f, dad/daut, 1st time, brother/sister, impregnation)
    A football coach gives and erotic lesson to a cheerleader.     
  • by The black pedo :...
  • A Father's Confession To Police
    afathers zip (4k) (M/f dad/dau pedo incest semi-nc)
    Megans dad gets a deal and confesses....     
  • by Benhead :...
  • Danielle's Bedroom Window, ch 2
    daniell3 zip (7k) (M/f pedo voy)
    As I watched her goofing around with my son, my thoughts went back to that morning when I had seen her getting dresed through her bedroom window. I pictured her in my mind without her clothes on and I immediately got hard. I wondered if she was still wearing the same cute little pink panties that she had put on this morning. By now they were probably filled with her little girl juice. I wondered what they would smell like. I had never had an opportunity to get any of her panties but I probably would have if I had a chance. I wondered what her pussy tastes like.     
  • by Allene Blake :...
  • Patty, parts 5-7
    patty5_7 zip (16k) (f/f m/f/m/f, pain/humiliation, incest)
    We got home just in time to tidy up the living room and cook dinner.     Mom and Dad were real happy with the neat house and Mom liked my room.     Darla said proudly Aunt Edie thinks I am grown up. She had me babysit her boys for five dollars.     Mom said, "Oh God. Did they break anything?"     "No. They were good."     I said, "They were good because Aunt Edie said that if they broke anything they would get a swat for every quarter of what it cost."     "Anyway, you girls are doing good. I guess the threat of the spanking by Edie and her family really worked."     Darla said, "You wouldn't really do that. Would you Mom?"     "I certainly would and not just Patty. You too if you deserve it."     
  • by Euphoria :...
  • The Most Abusive Man in the World
    themosta zip (12k) (m/fff dad/daut baby sex/pedo toilet play/violence/disgraceful behaviour/rape/pitch black comedy)
    "Get out of bed you lazy fuckin cunt!"     And so begins another day for Larry Tool, the Most Abusive Man in the World, as he tries getting his well-fucked pre-teen daughter out of bed and ready for school.     In the course of the next week Larry will ass-fuck his daughter's best friend, abuse a newborn baby, shoot several people he disagrees with and use his daughter's vagina as a urinal.     Then there's all the pre-teens out there who are about to experience ass-fucking for the very first time.     It may be abuse to some, but it's the good life for others. Enjoy!     
  • by Paul Phenomenon :...
  • The Perpetual Pedophile, ch 4
    theperp4 zip (14k) (m/g M/g bro/sis inc)
    Kate and I had been careful about our incestuous fun, but as winter waned I had noticed some strange expressions cross my mother's face, usually when Mom saw Kate looking at me with lust and love in her eyes. The nymphet couldn't help how she felt, and her emotions were often written on her countenance like a roadmap.     
  • by Mark Aurel :...
  • Paedo-erotische Situationen
    paedoero zip (7k) (m/m/f/f/f)
    Ihr werdet das kennen: Es ist Nacht und ein Gewitter zieht auf. Es ist stockdunkel. Dann zuckt ploetzlich ein Blitz auf. Fuer den Bruchteil eines Augenblicks ist die Landschaft erhellt, fast als waere es Tag. Man sieht die Berge, die Waelder, die Haeuser... scheinbar noch fuer laengere Zeit.      So ist es auch mit den folgenden 'flashes'. Sie beschreiben blitzartige Situationen paedo-erotischen Inhalts, die so schnell vergehen wie ein Blitz und dennoch dauernde Eindruecke zuruecklassen. Sie fuehren zu rein passiven Eindruecken, denn fuer ein aktives Eingreifen in die Handlung sind sie viel zu kurz...      Jeder von euch hat solche 'flash'-Erlebnisse. Ein paar eigene habe ich hier aufgeschrieben. Vielleicht habt ihr Lust, mir eure zuzuschicken.     

    Monday PM, November 12, 2001

  • by Ron's World :...New Author.!.!.!
  • A Pervert's Dream
    apervert zip (6k) (M/f, dad/daut, nc, oral)
    A man watching a cheerleader practice gets more than he dreamed when she asks him for a ride home.     
    Selling Your Cookies
    sellingy zip (15k) (M/f, dad/daut, 1st time, nc, oral, anal)
    A little girl selling cookies is coerced into giving two men more than cookies for their money.     
    The Velvet Rope
    thevelve zip (10k) (M/f, dad/daut, inc, nc, oral, anal, bondage)
    A father leads his daugther down an erotic path to a forced completion.     
  • by daddydoright :...
  • Kat
    kat zip (11k) (M/g adult man, ten year old girl pedo sex, consenting, masturbation)
    I met Jeff about six months ago and we had so many interests in common that we quickly became good friends. Although we were both divorced, I lived alone in my apartment and Jeff lived in a house with a seventeen year old girl-friend and his ten year old daughter, Kat. He began inviting me over to his house and it wasn't long before Kat and I became even better friends than her father and I were.....     
  • by Allene Blake :...
  • Patty, parts 1-4
    patty1_4 zip (23k) (f/f m/f/m/f, pain/humiliation, incest)
    Patty, age ten, adores her older sister Darla, age thirteen. Darla leads Patty into escapades, then video tapes her for blackmail to make her go even further. Her parents find the tape which they feel justifies them to use the girls to satisfy their desires. They have sex with cousins, Mother and Father and Uncle and Aunt.     
  • by Sally :...
  • Watch Us Make a Baby
    watchusm zip (9k) (F/M preg exhib (bg watching))
    Jenny and Richard are going to have another baby. They decide to let their ten year old son David and their nine year old daughter Kate watch them conceive it. It makes it a very special moment for the whole family.     
  • by Donnie :...
  • The Abduction, ch 1
    theabdu1 zip (6k) (M/f-7, pedo, abduction, brain-washing, drugged, molestaton)
    This story was based on a fantasy-role-play I had with a woman on IRC. It is about the abduction of a seven-year-old girl who is taken away from the life she knows and mislead into a totally different lifestyle where she becomes the ill-gotten daughter of a devious pedophile...     

    Sunday PM, November 11, 2001

  • by Anyone's Guess :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Pedoworld
    pedoworl zip (9k) (Fam/inc/preg/pedo)
    I am going to tell you a little story about another reality that I spent sometime in recently. In this reality pedophilia and incest are crimes in the world I just came from and hope to return to soon they are normal natural parts of human sexual experience. My wife and our six soon to be seven girls and I went camping only we did not quiet make it. The car broke down fifty miles from home and we got it fixed only to run into an electrical storm. We found a place to take cover for the night and then drove the rest of the way home in the morning. Only it wasn't our home. It looked like our home a new six bedroom in the colonial style on a corner lot. We pulled into the driveway and that was when we had the first inkling that things were not what they were.     
  • by Road King :...
  • Cousin June, part 1
    cousinj1 zip (7k) (M/g b/g uncle/niece cousin/cousin inc cons)
    We could not wait for my mom to leave the bedroom so we could talk about what happened in the bathroom. As soon as my mother closed the bedroom door, June sat up in bed and said. "Your father got me all wet and gooey between my legs when he was drying me." He put his thing right against my vagina and I think he might have peed on me, but it did not look like pee, and it was white and thick and I saw some of it in the bathtub. I think it came off me when he put me back in the tub.     
  • by Paul Phenomenon :...
  • The Perpetual Pedophile, ch 3
    theperp3 zip (12k) (m/g bro/sis con pedo oral)
    My sister surprised me when she bent down and licked the crown of my shaft with her tongue. I groaned with pleasure when she sucked in a couple of inches but flinched when her teeth scraped its sensitive surface.     
  • by EricMJ12 :...
  • Short Story, #1a, part 1
    ss1a zip (47k)
    First off my name is Jon. I'm 38 years old and currently single. I'm about 145lbs. 5' 10'' tall, slim build, brown hair brown eyes. My cock is really kind of small it measures about 5 1/2 inches to maybe 6 inches when fully erect. It is also kind of thin or small in diameter. So as you can see that I'm not hung like a horse.     I have always had a good sex life with all of my other girl friends and I would consider myself normal in most ways. However, I do have a very active and imaginative imagination. I like to daydream about what might and could happen. But then again I'm getting ahead of myself here.     I just recently moved to another state. I never really found anyone who I really wanted to spend the rest of my life with and there are so many things I wanted to do, that I almost gave up looking for a mate.     
  • by Osiris :...
  • Tammy Jo and the Photographer, part 5
    tammyjo5 zip (36k) (M/f F/f FFFF/f M/F)
    "Ohh. Ohhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhhh! OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Jo gasped each time more of the thick cock invaded her tender body. This was not like any of the other times! This time, not only was there no pain, there wasn't the slightest hint of discomfort. This time was pure, sweet pleasure!! Pleasure that flowed from her pussy that felt stuffed so full it set her clit to tingling, moved up to her tiny nipples and caused them to become so hard they felt like they would pop and into her brain.     
  • by daddydoright :...
  • You're Fucking Our Daughter!
    yourefuc zip (9k) (M/g adult man, eleven year old step-daughter incest, pedo, consen)
    I guess it felt so intensely wonderful to fuck my step-daughter that I had begun to get lax and stopped worrying how easy it might be for someone to discover my illegal actions. I had my cock buried all the way in the little girl's young pussy when her mother's loud angry voice told me the game was up...or was it....     
  • by Joolz-Skott :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Girl Time
    girltime zip (3k) (FemDom/m/m /pedo/oral)
    When a little boy becomes a little girl..     
  • by FNperv :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Lil' Amber's Farm-Amber's Great Dane
    lilamber zip (4k) (f/beast,dog,oral)
    The 12-year old went inside the barn briefly only to return holding the leash of a huge,well muscled Great Dane."This is Stud,my dog and also my boyfriend"     
  • by Remi :...
  • Confessions d'un Amateur de Petites Filles, part 3
    confess3 zip (19k) (M/F/f/pedo/cons/true)
    Lundi 18 Juillet      La frontière entre un jour et le suivant est seulement marquée par les deux aiguilles de la montre qui se rejoignent sur les « 2400 » ( 24 heures 00 minutes) comme disent les militaires et comme nous le disions, nous aussi les « pétroliers »      Après notre journée de dimanche bien mouvementée et le retour j’avoue que j’aurais bien dormi jusqu’au matin sans interruption, et même le spectacle de Marianne nue devant la grande glace de la chambre ne m’avait pas tellement excité. De son côté elle avait certainement voulu continuer notre petit jeu de la voiture mais je m’étais déshabillé rapidement et avait prétexté le « trop de soleil, trop de chaleur, trop d’embouteillages sur la fin du parcours » pour me coucher et me tourner vers le mur après m’être étiré une ou deux fois en poussant des petits soupirs de contentement de retrouver un lit aux draps relativement frais....     

    Saturday PM, November 10, 2001

  • by markone :...New Author.!.!.!
  • The Family Learns Together, ch 1-2
    thefami1 zip (17k) (M/F/b/g Dad/Mom/son/dau inc)
    9 year old Julie learns about sex from a friend and decides to experiment with her parents and brother.     
  • by Paul Phenomenon :...
  • Cuckold, ch 8
    cuckold8 zip (12k) (M/F F/F con group)
    Oh, oh, I thought when Claire's hand started to move as well. Cynthia placed her hand over my hard-on first, but Claire's fingers arrived a moment later. When my wife touched Cynthia, the younger woman jerked her hand away as if a bee had stung it.     
    The Perpetual Pedophile, ch 2
    pedophi2 zip (10k) (m/g bro/sis inc con)
    Surprised, my cock, which had lengthened a little when I first saw Kate in her new bathing suit, now rose to a full erection. For some reason I had not noticed my little sister's ass had taken on the perfect shape over the last few months, passing up Piper in the cute-ass department by far.     
  • by FormatMail :...
  • Dusty Hero
    dustyher zip (19k) (m/f/m/f)
    Frederick, Francis and friends enjoy some fun and games: My sister Francis hated the dust and heat. She would pour water on herself to cool off. The water made her sun dress stick to her little boobs and I could see her nipples through it. We had to find a way to cool off. We found playing games with our new found friends at the pool was really cool.     
  • by HymenSez :...
  • Identity Crisis
    identity zip (21k) (M/f, F/f, pedo, incest: Father/daughter, Mother/daughter)
    A lonely, frustrated widow finds her husband's collection of videotapes. It seems that he had captured himself molesting their daughter on film: "Yes Daddy- cum for me! I want you to cum in my mouth so I can taste it and shoot it all over my face, too!" Read on and find out how the disturbed woman gets more than she bargained for in her search for the truth, and enters a world of lesbian debauchery with her own eight-year old child.     
  • by Vixen :...
  • Regina's Complete Humiliation
    reginasc zip (10k) (MMm/f oral, anal, enema, bdsm, voyeur, beast)
    Regina is a beautiful sixteen year old girl who lives with her step-father. He has total control over her life, and delights in using her body and sharing her with friends.     
  • by Sam T. Sleaze :...
  • The Boy-Sadists: Tom's Story
    theboys4 zip (8k) (Tb/b, Tb/bb, oral, anal, watersports, bondage, torture)
    Luke and I were alone at his house. Luke was a year younger than me, and he looked even younger. I guess that's why I am so attracted to him. That first time we met at the "Y”, we fell hard for each other. I had never sucked another guy at the "Y” before, but Luke had, and he did a terrific job.     
  • by Amber Gold :...
  • The Forbidden Fruit, part 4
    theforb4 zip (13k) (M-solo mf rom inc bro sis)
    Red had to stop for the night and camped near the pool where he had first met Lucy. This was the half way point to the Hart ranch. He didn't want to ride in after dark so would ride on the next morning. At least he would arrive in day light. As he settled down for the night he was thinking of Lucy and how much their encounters meant to him. She was lovely and he was having thoughts about her that were very sexual. She was a member of the family his mother hated but he didn't. None of Ruby's hate had rubbed off on him.     
  • by Sally :...
  • The Trouble With Joshua
    thetroub zip (11k) (F/m (Mom/Son) oral)
    Thirteen year old Joshua's mother finds that he has cum on his desk top and left it for her to clean up. This is the third time and she's sick of it and decides to confront him. She finds that he has some serious problems and she helps him solve them in an interesting way.     
  • by Fluffnut :...
  • The Movie
    themovie zip (6k) (M/f, pedo)
    My name is Pete and I just had an incredible experience with a little girl at a movie but first let me tell you a little about myself.    I am 34 about 5 foot 5 inches tall strawberry blonde hair that I keep in a ponytail with blue eyes. I'm single a bit of a loaner but have had a few girlfriends that never seem to go anywhere probably do to the fact that I really like little girls.     

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