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    November 17th - November 23rd mid-Morning Updates

    On Friday PM, November 23, 2001

  • by Mano Sinistra :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Educational Videos, part 1
    educati1 zip (9k) (M/t F/t anal oral rough)
    Sally Jenkins has arranged for her 10 and 12 year old sons to appear in some videos about the sexual development of boys and is introduced to the 15 year old who will also star in the videos.     
  • by little girl Watcher :...
  • Babysitter's Commute, part 1
    2babysit zip (8k) (F/g (3yo) Inc: Inc,Aunt/ neice, Pedo, Lez, S&M, Dom/sub, Non-Cons, Slow Start, Tease)
    "I really like having Gracie." The older woman glanced at the baby and saw a thin, almost invisible tear drip from the outer corner of the tot’s left eye as the child looked back at her. Sally, Grace’s mother, wouldn’t pay any particular significance to the tear...if she noticed it at all...but Kayla did. It showed that Gracie, even at three, was well aware of what being watched by her aunt implied. That fact, that Grace KNEW -from pervious experience over the last year or so- what she was in for made Kayla’s stomach do flip-flops and her cunt clench up and leak sticky juice into her cotton panties.     
  • by Black Writer :...
  • For The Love of Gina
    forthelo zip (36k) (NC, Pedo, Kidnap, scat, punishment, spanking, Torture, wet, diapers.)
    Gina is a 10 year old girl. Left behind on a Coach Outing, she is found wandering around by Jim. Jim is NOT a paedophile. But when he picks up Gina and takes her to his home, the worst side of him emerges, and his cock takes over from his instincts, and he rapes and punishes the girlin the worst possible way. He is horrified to find that he is capable of such things, but he still follows his cock and not his mind. Later he finds a soulmate on the Internet, and becomes friendly with her. She has her own Captive, another 10 year old, who she pimps around a paedophile ring. Between them, they teach the girls how to behave, but the training doesn't come easy, and the cane and whip are frequent tools.     
  • by Silvio Stoker :...
  • Honey
    honey zip (38k) (M/g, M/f, mmm/ff, g/g; inc, oral, anal, caution)
    Bill gave Becky a ride home from the library - they'd never been alone before and she didn't even know that her mommy's boyfriend liked her. He asked her if she wanted some ice cream and when she was licking it he started saying stuff - a lot of people had always said she was pretty, but nobody had ever said she was sexy before. Becky blushed, eating her ice cream cone. Part of her was scared and part of her felt like she did when she stole candy or played with her pussy, like she had to do it even though she knew it was wrong. He didn't ask her to do anything then, but a couple of days later he gave her a present and told her not to show it to her mom. Becky would never have let her mommy see them - they were the sort of panties her sister wore, black silk. Bill waited a week before he asked to look at them. He waited to make sure she wouldn't tell. She didn't want to show him, but he promised that he wouldn't touch her...     
  • by Allene Blake :...
  • Horse Punishment
    horsepun zip (5k) (MMM+/f incest, pain, humiliation)
    While Mom and Dad and my brother and sister were in town I decided to go for a ride on his new stallion. It was really fast so I decided to go to one of our larger pastures so I could really let it out, although I had been warned there were gopher holes that could trip a horse.      As we were galloping the horse's foot went into a hole and it flipped forward flinging me off its back to land hard on my back knocking the wind out of me. When I could breathe again I went back to the horse and was shocked to find it lying lifeless with a broken neck. To my shame I didn't feel sorry for the poor horse but only could think of how mad Dad would be. He had spanked me really hard just for little offenses, I couldn't imagine what he may do for this terrible thing.      One of our cowhands who saw me while fixing the fence came over to me to ask if I was alright and when I said I was he said, "Girl, you are in a lot of trouble. We were counting on that horse to improve the herd and also sell sperm. Because of it's loss your Dad may have to lay off some of us cowhands."     
  • by Sam T. Sleaze :...
  • Julia and Jackson Sitting in a Tree
    juliaand zip (6k) (M/bg, oral, anal, incest)
    Sunday afternoon I heard my 7 year old son chanting from the front of the house, "Julie and Jackson sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g" and my daughter, from just outside the front door hollering back, "Shut up, you little fart!"     I leaned over and looked out the window. My daughter was sitting on the front step talking the a boy named Jackson Jones who lived down the street. I didn’t mind too much, but Julia was only 9 years old, and Jackson had to be at least 13. I knew I would have to keep an eye on the situation, as I knew my daughter had a real interest in sex.     

    Thursday PM, November 22, 2001

  • by Tiberius :...
  • Caligula's Errand
    caligula zip (44k) (pre and early teen- female, rape, bestiality-rape-torture, urine, scat, some boy refs)
    a murder mystery set in Ancient Rome during the days of hedonism and cruelty of the reign of Gaius (Caligula) Caesar (37-41 AD) The emperor engages the plebeian investigator, Phallus Majorus, to look into the murder of a senator in Pompeii. A child pleasure-slave has been accused of the crime and condemned to a hideous death by rape by animals. But Phallus must find the truth behind the crime, protect the innocent, and survive so he may return to his household where three lovely young slave girls serve his every pleasure and desire.     
  • by Jewel :...
  • I'm gonna go back to daddy!!! part 2
    imgonna2 zip (10k) (M/g, inc)
    Daddy gets to realize some of his fantasies he has had about Misty, his daughter. She learns the joys of her first climax.     
  • by Allene Blake :...
  • Slim
    slim zip (18k) (M/F pain humiliation)
    I met Mike, my husband,when a family friend suggested I hire him to represent me in my claim against a trucking company whose driver had gone to sleep at the wheel and had crossed the median strip to hit my parent's car head-on killing them instantly.     I wasn't with them since I had been pretty smart in school graduating a year early and winning a scholershio at the University of Washington. I was almost to graduation from there at eighteen.     Even though my parents had never made very much money from their cattle ranch in Eastern Wahington he managed to get a million dollar settlement from the insurance company plus his fee for services.     
  • by Paul Phenomenon :...
  • The Perpetual Pedophile, ch 8
    theperp8 zip (11k) (m/f m/g teen oral cons pet pedo)
    "Good. We'll seal the bargain with a touch." I took Vera’s dainty and placed it over my hard-on. Her eyes became wide and lustful. "Go ahead. Squeeze it a little." I felt her fingers tighten over my trousers. "There," I said with a big smile. "Now we have another secret no one in the world knows about except you and me."     
  • by Aaron Young :...
  • Amy Rhodes and Friends, ch 3
    amyrhod3 zip (7k) (M/f/m/f/etc. Pedo Inc Very Young)
    That night, amy is fingering herself and cannot help going in to her dad's room to get some more sex... She finds her dad wide awake wishing for the same thing. Also, tyler is rubbing himself while fantasizing about his sister...     
  • by Christian Simons :...
  • Nadine, kapitel 4
    nadine4 zip (52k) (m/f/teen/bondage/bdsm/noncons)
    Der vierte Teil des Fortsetzungsromans     

    Wednesday PM, November 21, 2001

  • by Naevus :...
  • 12 Ways To Die, ch 17-24
    12w17_24 zip (35k) (M+g+/pedo/nc/bd/ws/scat/ beast/snuff/cannibal/extreme torture)
    Sally, as well as the other sluts, witnessed this inhuman behaviour hanging in various places around the walls of the dungeon. Their bodies were constantly consuming the shitty piss that was injected to their mouths and which in turn produced more shit and piss to feed them. As Sally heard Aggie’s cries of agony she started to feel more and more the tingling sensation on her clit, demanding her attention. Of course in the state she was in she couldn’t move a single centimetre, much less provide any stimulus to her clit. However she found out that trying to wiggle made the alligator clips on her nipples and cunt lips bite more into her sensitive flesh exciting her even more! So she just wiggled her body and soon she managed to explode into an orgasm.     
  • by Byteman2000 :...
  • The Mentor, part 3
    thement3 zip (16k) (Mb/Fb/FM)
    Bob having won over young Brett's mother teaches young Brett more of what life has. His intorduction to a young saleswoman teaches him even more. Bob looks for new ways to not only have young Brett but now his sexy young mother as well.     
  • by Paul Phenomenon :...
  • The Perpetual Pedophile, ch 7
    theperp7 zip (11k) (m/g g/g bro/sis inc voy cons pedo)
    Kate sets it up so Paul can watch her fuck Piper     
  • by markone :...
  • Youth Revisited, ch 2
    youthre2 zip (11k) (M/F/b/g/ Mo/son/dau/friend/inc)
    Pete hears how Kim ended up having sex with her 8 year old daughter and 11 year old son and partakes of a bit for himself, and finds out a painful truth.     
  • by Little Love :...
  • Sister, part 2
    sister2 zip (7k) (Mf, photo, cons)
    I got home that afternoon at about 2:30. I had been pretty distracted during my classes that day and had considered the possibility of coming home early. But I knew that I would have to play a nasty game of catch-up even to come by the notes for the lectures that I had missed, so I decided to stick it through until the my last class of the day ended at 1:50.     Arriving home at about 2:30 I fired up my computer and downloaded all of the pictures from that morning, I created a special directory specifically for those pictures that I took of Tammy while she was aware of what I was doing. I looked over all of the pictures from that morning and was getting pretty excited when I heard Tammy come in the front door. She made it over to my room in almost no time. I had not closed my door so she came running in and slid to a stop next to my desk.     "Can I see the pictures?", she said.     
  • by Bandit :...
  • Kabinenshow!
    kabinsho zip (9k) (M/f/f)
    Nach längerer Pause hab ich jetzt endlich mal wieder geschafft wieder etwas zu schreiben. Ich will nicht bestreiten, daß diese Geschichte auf Anregung der im Web zu findenden Geschichte "Zahnbürste" entstanden ist. Sie ist aber dann doch ganz anders geworden.    Die Umkleidekabine im Freibad erweist sich als idealer Platz für eine kleine Stripshow und vieleicht noch für einiges mehr.     
  • by Christian Simons :...
  • Nadine, kapitel 3
    nadine3 zip (20k) (m/f/teen/bondage/bdsm/noncons)
    Der dritte Teil des Fortsetungsromans     

    Tuesday PM, November 20, 2001

  • by Allene Blake :...
  • Grandpa
    grandpa zip (19k) (M/f incest)
    When I was aout five years old Mom took me over to visit Grandpa. I hadn't seen him since Grandma died and missed him. He was always glad to see me and hugged me a lot and patted my bottom to make me giggle.     He told Mom he was retiring from his job.     She said, "God Dad you are only sixty two and look fifty. Why do you want to quit that high paying job?"     "Since Norma died I don't need the money so much and I am totaly bored. I can make a little money from my hobby."     "You mean your wooden toys and stuff. How much can you make from that?"     
  • by Silver Fox :...
  • Granny Blows It!
    grannybl zip (6k)
    Karen had her hand wrapped around his shaft as she bobbed her head on his hardness. Here tongue was swirling around the head of his cock faster and faster, as she sensed he was about to let her have his love cream. Then she heard the familiar groan above her, and felt the cock in her mouth swell even bigger. Her vagina began its sensitive twitching in anticipation. Then suddenly it was upon her, she felt a huge warm spurt hit the back of her throat. She quickly backed off until just the head and its sensitive ridge were in her mouth. Her tongue went around and around the ridge of his cock as spurt after spurt landed on her tongue. She always backed off when a guy was shooting into her mouth, so she could taste and savor his love cream. As she swallowed for the second time, the beautiful warm feeling in her pelvis came on and her vagina began its contractions as she had an involuntary orgasm along with her lover. This didn't always happen to her, but when it did, it was wonderful and she loved it. After all it was this phenomenon that started the whole thing, many, many years ago for her. You see Karen is now 72 years old!     
  • by daddydoright :...
  • Karla's Kissable Cunt
    karlaski zip (12k) (M/f adult man, young girl, sex, consenting)
    My girlfriend invited her young sister to come spend a couple of months during her school's summer vacation. I never paid much attention to how sexy and alluring the thirteen year old girl was to me until she jumped in my car one day and announced that she wanted to ride to the video store with me....     
  • by Byteman2000 :...
  • The Mentor, part 2
    themento2 zip (11k) (Mb/bb)
    Having learned more about his own childhood Bob Simon is coming more two grips with his current feelings. Falling in love with his neighbor's son Bob hopes that the young lad will care and want him as much as he is finding he wants the boy.     
  • by White :...
  • The Merry Maid
    themerry zip (17k) (m/F/F/inc/ped/g)
    A boy from a rich family has sex with his maid/ babysitter and it gets even more interesting from there...     
  • by Aaron Young :...
  • Amy Rhodes and Friends, ch 2
    amyrhod2 zip (9k) (M/f/m/f/etc. Pedo Inc Very Young)
    Scott and Amy had wasted no time when they got to Scott's financial firm. They stopped in the lobby for Scott to lock the glass doors behind them... and get ready for some blissful M/f activity AND MORE     
  • by Donnie :...
  • House Of The Incestuous Nymphs, ch 12
    houseo12 zip (4k) (bro-bro 14/&0, incest, pedo, cum)
    Paul and David take turns playing a video game and become turned on by each other and end up humping on the couch.     
    Kymie's Story #2: The Babysitter, ch 1
    kymiess2 zip (4k) (F/f, pedo, babysitting)
    This story is writen by my wife. It is about a young woman and how her seuxal urges overcome her into seducing and molesting a three year old girl. It is only her second story so please feel free to write her and give her any praise and input you want.     

    Monday PM, November 19, 2001

  • by Julius T. Armstrong :...
  • Darlene's Triple Treat
    darlenes zip (7k) (fMMM, preteen oral gang-bang)
    I thought that when we moved to a new town, I would be able to leave my soiled reputation behind and start over. Everything was okay until I confided my past to a girl who had a big brother with a big dick. He made me remember the type of girl I am.     
  • by Amber Gold :...
  • I'll Never Tell
    illnever zip (9k) (Mg-8 oral dad daut inc Fg-10 cons bi)
    I have this secret that if I ever tell I could ruin my Daddy for the rest of his life. You see, he loves me in a very special way. When my mom died he was very sad and lonely for a long time. I was afraid to make any noise and some times he would sit up all night and fall asleep in his chair. He didn't like to talk to me very much and I felt really sad as I lost my mom and then Dad sort of pushed me away. My name is Leana and I thought it would help if I put this all down in a journal. That's not really telling. No one will ever find this.     
  • by markone :...
  • The Family Learns Together, ch 2
    thefami2 zip (10k) (MM/FF/b/ggg Dads/Mums/boy/girls/ inc)
    Mark gets to fuck his Mum and Julie hears some interesting new from Vicki     
  • by Byteman2000 :...
  • The Mentor, part 1
    thement1 zip (8k) (Mb/bb)
    Bob Simon a widower, moved near the city to be closer to his family. After buying a townhome, he was greeted by his neighbors whom he hadn't seen since moving in. Little did he know that in meeting them he was about to get in touch with a long buried past in his life and learn more about his current life and feelings.     
  • by Aaron Young :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Amy Rhodes and Friends, ch 1
    amyrhod1 zip (6k) (M/f/m/f/m/etc. inc pedo very young)
    Eight-year-old Amy has been fooling around with her dad for as long as she can remember. Now her eleven-year-old brother and his best friend want to get into her pants, too! Her brother's friend wishes his little sister were old enough...     
  • by Christian Simons :...
  • Nadine, kapitel 2
    nadine2 zip (15k) (m/f/teen/bondage/bdsm/noncons)
    Nadine Duchamps, siebzehn Jahre alt und sich noch nicht der schmerzlichen Tatsache bewußt, daß sie für die nächsten acht Monate eine gewöhnliche Gefangene im Institut der Madame Dargaud sein sollte, hatte einen Schluckauf.     Eine halbe Stunde zuvor, als sie noch anmutige Pirouetten im Ballettuntericht von Monsieur Aleksejew gedreht hatte, hatten die ersten Symptome dieses würdelosen Leidens für einen Heiterkeitsausbruch unter den sonst so ernsthaften Mit-Elevinnen geführt.     

    Sunday PM, November 18, 2001

  • by Hymen Sez :...
  • A Son's Fury
    asonsfur zip (14k) (m/F, maledom, teen, incest: son/Mother)
    A teenage boy is sick and tired of his mother's slutty behavior, so he sets out to teach her a lesson, a HARD lesson. Read on and find out how the sixteen year-old makes his big-breasted mother his own personal sex slave: "Please, baby! Please fuck Mommy's throat with your big hard cock! Make me choke baby- make me choke!"     
  • by Canker :...
  • Aunt April
    auntapri zip (9k) (Aunt/Nephew, Mom/Son Fm Fm Fmm)
    Aunt April has had her eye on her Hunk of a Son for a long time. When she finally gets the oportunity to have him.. She takes it!     
    Elevated Encounter
    elevated zip (12k) (MF,MF, Light Bondage)
    David is one of the richest men in the world its only natrual he gets the most beautiful woman in the whole world.     
  • by Keyman :...
  • Just An Ordinary Guy, part 3
    justano3 zip (56k) (F/g M/g MF/g age 11 Pedo, Incest, Oral, Anal, Lesbian, Light Dom)
    In part three of “Just An Ordinary Guy”, your two favorite aliens, Zog and Lug move on to the Ansoni hone looking for more sexual action. Both aliens know their careers will rise or fall on what they record and sent back to their home world. When they arrive at the Ansoni home we meet, Nick the father, Diane the mother and eleven year old Joyce. In the space of one afternoon and night they observe an incestuous lesbian lovemaking session between a mother who had long suppressed her lesbian tendencies and a daughter who was willing to try anything. Later that night father and daughter explore the world of daddy/daughter sex for the first time. Father and daughter are really enjoying themselves until they are caught with their mouths full, so to speak. Diane expects them to pay for their sins and they both find out just who the Mistress of the household is.     
  • by GPC :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Thanksgiving Day Lay
    thanksgi zip (6k) (M/f cons anal ghost)
    Afterwards I took the bottle of wine and sat in front of the fire drinking, trying to figure out if I was going crazy, or if I had spent the afternoon in the arms of a sixteen-year-old ghost.     
    The Cristmas Gift
    thechris zip (6k) (M/f MMMMM/f anal oral pedo)
    It was almost midnight as the little girl made her way down the stairs. Her eyes were wide as she took in the sight of the decorated tree with its flashing lights. Under the tree were boxes of gifts. A large smile came to her lips as she revelled in anticipation of morning.     The look of joy was suddenly changed to fear as a shape took form beside the tree.     The shimmering light finally took the form of a man.     

    Saturday PM, November 17, 2001

  • by OneSickPuppy :...
  • Family Reunion, part 1
    familyr1 zip (34k) (M/F, Bro-Sis, Incest)
    Okay, so it's not the most original title in the history of incest stories, or even a particularly original idea. Still, haven't you ever dreamed that it would happen one day? That you'd meet the sibling you've always dreamed of and somehow find the courage to tell them how much you wanted them. What if they confessed the same feeling?     
  • by Sam T. Sleaze :...
  • The All New Erotic Adventures of Papergirl
    theallne zip (8k) (g/bMF, incest, oral, S&M)
    My mom really was a blank. That means she is just always so clueless. We live in a quiet, small town with just a couple of thousand people in it. She works as a receptionist at the local doctor's. Because Dad bolted years ago, money has always been a little tight, and so this year when I turned 11 I got my own paper route. Because I was the only girl in town to have my own route, everyone calls me Papergirl. Mom was forever lecturing me to save my money, but I liked to spend it on clothes, CD's and video games. Within a few months I convinced my mom I had gotten a promotion, and that's why the route took from 3:30 in the afternoon when I got out of school, until at least 7pm at night. She worked nights part time as a waitress at the local tavern anyways, so its not like she was there at the house to miss me. Like I said, boy is she a blank. I don't think I could have used that lame story on anyone else. It really takes so long to deliver the papers because of the "special" services I provide on my route. I even pay Timmy Barnes to deliver 99% of my papers every day, and when I get home at night, tired and sore, mom actually thinks its from delivering newspapers. What a blank!     
  • by Paul Phenomenon :...
  • The Perpetual Pedophile, ch 6
    theperp6 zip (10k) (m/f cons teen)
    Vera Iverson opened the door to my knock. The ten-year-old nymphet grinned wickedly and fluttered her long, dark eyelashes, looking so mischievous I wanted to tickle her to interrupt her impish composure.     
  • by Cliffy Tottle :...
  • A Kindergartner, Her Brother, His Friend, and Their Mothers, part 1
    akinder1 zip (6k) (b/b/g bro/sis inc very young ped)
    5 year old Nicole plays with her 14 year old brother, Kevin. Meanwhile, the boy's best-friend, Nathan, sticks around to watch the show and ends up a little messy himself.     
  • by Christian Simons :...New Author.!.!.!
  • Nadine
    nadine zip (25k) (m/f/bondage/bdsm/noncons)
    "Nadine" erzählt die Geschichte eines jungen Mädchens, das von seiner Mutter in "Madame Dargauds Akademie für junge Damen und Herren", ein exklusives Foltergefängnis für jugendliche Missetäter, eingewiesen wird.     

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