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    October 06th - October 12th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday PM, October 12, 2001

    • by Sam T. Sleaze :...
    • My Damned Nephews, part 2 of 2
      mydamne2 zip (4k) (Mbb, incest, light bondage, spanking)
      "Suck your brother until I tell you to stop" I commanded. Chuck was once again shaking from excitement, and I could tell that Steve was just a little hesitant about taking his own brother's hard cock into his mouth. I smacked Steve in the ass and that prodded him enough to begin to suck on Chuck's rock hard stiffy. The sounds of cock sucking echoed through the basement, and soon I could tell that Chuck was getting close to getting off. I commanded Steve to stop.     
      The Boy-Sadists: Jason's Story
      theboys1 zip (8k) (Mb/b, Mb/bb, oral, anal, watersports, bondage, torture)
      "AAH...AAH....AAH...AAH..." was the sound coming from Alan, a grunt that was keeping time with my thrusts. Every time Alan started to get hard from the fucking motion, I grabbed his balls and squeezed. "Oww, oh GOD." would interrupt the "AAH..AAH..AAH." but just for s second; and then he would loose his hard on.     
      The Boy-Sadists: Tim's Story
      theboys2 zip (8k) (Mb/b, Mb/bb, oral, anal, watersports, bondage, torture)
      I sat on the bench outside the bus station. It was very cold, probably in the lower 50's. The safety pins in my nipples hurt, and the dildo in my ass burned like it was on fire. Here I was, only 11 years old, and I was waiting to meet a man in person who had told me he was going to hurt me beyond belief. He said his goal was to make me pass out from the pain, but not leave me with any permanent scars. At least he'd promised not to kill me...     
    • by Black Dragon :...
    • My Secretary
      mysecret zip (9k) (M/Ff 1st)
      Rob is going out on a date with a co-worker. It has been 4 years since his wife died and this is his first date. Rob and Tish (his co-worker) end up back at Tish's place after dinner and a movie. Then Rob met Sandy, Tish's 13 year old daughter.     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • The Cuckold, ch 1
      thecuck1 zip (10k) (M/F)
      Cuckold - a man whose wife is unfaithful. I can't remember why but for some reason had looked the word up in a dictionary a while back out of curiosity. I didn't know if I should wear the cuckold label, or not, not for sure, but the possibility loomed large.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Scent Of Lavender, part 2
      thescen2 zip (11k) (Mg-10 Mg-8 NC spank best NC Mdom inc pedo g-1st)
      Linda reluctantly got up and began taking her clothes off. When she pushed her panties down the dog came trotting over and began sniffing at her little slit. She started laughing as she pushed him away but he was insistent. He kept pushing his nose at her crotch and began to lick her. "Go sit on the bed and spread your legs apart. Dan wants to show you his tricks." Steven had a video camera in his hand and was pointing toward the bed.     
    • by Donnie :...
    • Daddy's Little Girl, ch 1
      daddysl1 zip (5k) (Dad/daughter, incest, pedo, cum, panties)
      I lived in a large apartment building downtown with my teenage daughter. We moved here six years ago when her mother left me for a younger man, or should I say boy. He was only twenty-three but even I must admit, he was very good looking. I am thirty-seven though and couldn't compete with him. So my ex-wife ran off with him leaving me with our fifteen year old daughter. Kymberly wasn't hard to raise at all. She was a very good kid and was very helpful around the apartment. It was also nice to have such a young girl around me all the time who wasn't shy to be naked in front of me at all. I loved looking at her young body. I gave her the freedom to walk around the apartment naked whenever she wanted as long as she didn't tell anyone and as long as she didn't do it while her friend's or my 'not-so-special' friends where over. As you can imagine I have lots of friends who are hot for my daughter now and even some who were hot for her since she was nine years old.     
    • by NerKe :...
    • Die Erste Wohnung, ch 2
      dieerst2 zip (8k) (M/ff)
      Aus Spielen wird schnell mehr...Sexuelle Kontakte finden ihren Hhepunkt...     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • La ta Yasmn
      latiayas zip (10k) (m/F, incest)
      Eran ms de las seis de la tarde cuando mi ta Yasmn lleg a casa. Era su hora habitual de llegada de su oficina y para m tambin era normal estar en casa ya a esa hora, puesto que sala de la universidad a las tres. Llevaba ya cuatro meses viviendo con mi ta en Madrid por razones de estudio y gracias a que era soltera y tena todo un piso para ella sola. Siempre me haba llevado muy bien con ella, as que nuestra convivencia haba sido hasta entonces, lejos de pesada, muy buena y, en ocasiones, hasta divertida.     

      Thursday PM, October 11, 2001

    • by The MadHatter :...
    • Sexual Adventures in Fairy Tale Land
      sexualad zip (24k) (M/f, Fff, ws)
      Childhood fairytales the way they should have been written! Watch your favorite fairytale characters fucking and sucking (and more). In this first chapter, we see a very different account of Little Red Riding Hood's meeting with the Big Bad Wolf.     
    • by Wishlist :...
    • Shame
      shame zip (10k) (m/f,m/F,F/f,M/f,incest,voyeurism)
      He told me to be very quiet and led me around to the side of the house. As we neared his sister's bedroom window, he started to creep very softly through the grass. I could see that her window was open and knew she could hear us unless we walked very softly. As we came up to the window, I could see that the curtains were closed, but that there was about a 1/2 inch opening between the two curtain panels. He peeked in, then stepped back and motioned for me to look. As I peeked into the opening, I could see his little sister there on her bed. She was lying on her back wearing a T-shirt and a skirt. I was astonished at what I saw. She had her skirt pulled up around her waist and had one hand inside her white panties. Her eyes were closed and she was slowly rubbing herself between her legs. I just stood there watching her with my mouth open. My little cock started to get hard at once.     
    • by Dastardly Dave :...
    • Sweet Marie, ch 7-8
      sweet7_8 zip (7k) (Mffff, pedo, oral, anal, cons)
      I was out of town for several days visiting my editor. She was aggravated with me over the slow production of my new book. I assured her while I had been distracted by the restoration and move to my new home, I was now back on track.     Removing her glasses and leaning against her desk, my editor Jude Allison said, "Look, Wil... I don't want to pressure you. Writers write at their own speed unless they hit a block, and I don't think you have, so I am not concerned. But I do want you to be aware there is a groundswell of interest among critics and the public regarding your next work. The sooner we get it on the market the more money we will all make.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • The Orphan School, part 1
      theorph1 zip (13k) (M/ffff, Pedo, "Corrective Measures")
      Fred & Melissa run a school to help Afghani Orphans. Only girls come in, and most are reunited with their families. But, a select few go into a special training program. A government agent is taught not to interfere.     
    • by Black Dragon :...
    • Todd and Mandy
      toddandm zip (7k) (m/f 1st)
      Todd is working on his parent's boat dock at the end of summer. Soon, he has a visitor, 11 year old Mandy. Her bike seat is broke and her butt hurts. It's only 3 miles back to town.     
    • by Deb J :...
    • Tutoring A Daddy, part 1
      tutorin1 zip (6k) (M/f chatlog)
      K: "What do you mean?"    D: "Well, she's YOUR daughter, right?"    K: "Right"    D: "Tell me the things about her that remind you of yourself"    K: "?"     D: "You know, does she have your eyes, your nose...?"     K: "Oh, okay. My eyes, yeah. Short like her mom. She's definitely got my sense of humor. And we both love spicy foods, Italian, Chinese..."    D: "So you like lots of the same things?"    K: "Yes"    D: "You often think alike?"    K: "Yeah"    D: "You see where I'm going with this?"     
    • by Faulk Wolf :...
    • Sally and Edith, ch 1
      sallyan1 zip (5k) (mbbb/fg m 11,b 9,b 9,b 7, f 11, g 9)
      Four boys and two girls enjoy some summer fun in the woods. Some first time experiences get scary.     
    • by NerKe :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Die Erste Wohnung, ch 1
      dieerst1 zip (7k) (M/ff)
      In meiner neuen Wohnung gibts eine prchtige Aussicht: 2 Mdels die sich mir spter nicht nur zum anschauen prsentieren...     
    • by The Madhatter :...
    • Erotische Abenteuer im Mrchenland
      erotisch zip (29k) (bersetzt von Mysterya)
      Rotkppchen hpfte den Weg durch den Wald entlang, eine frhliche Melodie dabei summend. Das 10jhrige Mdchen war in einer wundervollen, heiteren Stimmung. Die Sonne schien, die Vgel sangen und sie war unterwegs zum Haus ihrer Gromutter, mit einem Korb voller Essen, welches ihre Mutter eingepackt hatte. Sie hatte immer Spa bei Gromutter und sie konnte es kaum erwarten, dort anzukommen. Ihre Gromutter war eine Nherin und verdiente ihren Lebensunterhalt damit fr alle Frauen und Mdchen im Mrchenland Unterwsche zu fertigen. Rotkppchen liebte es, die verschiedenen neuen Dessous anzuprobieren, die Gromutter gemacht hatte und sie ihr erotisch vorzufhren. Der beste Teil daran aber war, wenn Gromutter sie mit in ihr Schlafzimmer nahm und sie sich auszogen und den Nachmittag mit Sexspielen verbrachten. Rotkppchen sprte wie ihre Mse bereits feucht wurde, whrend sie von den Lustbarkeiten trumte, die noch auf sie warteten. Da sie kein Hschen trug, reizte jedes Lftchen, welches ihren kurzen, roten Rock hob, auch ihre feuchten Schamlippen und schickte ein lustvolles Prickeln durch ihren jungen Krper.     

      Wednesday PM, October 10, 2001

    • by Doctor J :...
    • Glory Hole Sister
      gloryhol zip (7k) (m/f incest)
      A boy overhears his sister talking about blowjobs, and introduces her to the local Glory Hole.     
    • by Fluffnut :...
    • Cameron
      cameron zip (17k) (f/f inc pedo)
      My name is Cameron, I am 5 and a half and had the most wonderful time at the park today with my new friends Phill and Jen. I am on my way home for supper and can't wait to show my 7 yr old sister Anne what I learned today but I can't tell her how I found out about licking pussy because I told Phill I would keep it a secret.     
    • by Nini :...
    • Julia, ch 1
      julia1 zip (6k) (M/f/F Man/litli girl/mother)
      Julia ist ein ssses 15jhriges Mdchen, ihre Haare umspielen ihren engelsgleiches Gesicht.Voll fallen sie in weichen zarten Locken ber ihren schlanken Leib bis hin auf ihre zarteTaille. Ihre Brste gut eine Handvoll, doch sind sie noch im wachsen begriffen! Ihre Mutter ist eine arme, alternde Prostituierte, die sich von einem Gangster Geld ausgeliehen hatte, das sie nicht zurckzahlen konnte.     

      Tuesday PM, October 09, 2001

    • by Unka Bob :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Barbie's Troubles, ch 1
      barbies1 zip (7k) (Mm/f rape tort pedo inc)
      Barbie moved slowly along the street on the way home from school. She was not in any hurry to get there since she knew her mother would have a huge load of work for her to do. As was her custom she turned down the alley leading to her parents back yard, there were only six blocks to go now and she slowed even more, kicking the dust of the alleyway, checking out the things people had left in their trash, stopping to gawk at the clouds passing over her head.      The watcher smiled as she drew near to his hiding place. He had been keeping track of her movements for nearly three weeks now and he was certain of each of her next few steps. The girl was about fourteen, tall, nearly five foot eight and very thin. She had no breasts to speak of and narrow hips. Combined with the glasses she wore and her habit of dressing in little girl shorts and a blouse, she appeared to be only about eleven or twelve. He smiled to himself and licked his lips as she drew near to his dark perch.     
      The Fort, part 1
      thefort1 zip (11k) (M/f rape pedo tort)
      I had been watching her for two weeks as she came and went in the little fort built in the woods behind her parents property. The first time I had seen her she'd been carrying some books back to it and I followed her. She went into the fort, which was bout a mile from the house and shut the door. I waited a few minutes and she came out again.     She was about eleven years old, four feet tall, maybe 80 pounds. Her hair was a long golden blonde and she was thinly built with just the beginnings of breasts swelling on her chest. I knew from her hair she had either blue or green eyes but since she wore glasses I could not tell from a distance. Today I would find out for sure. I had decided to take her there since I was positive that her parents knew nothing of the fort's existence. I also knew she would be a favorable partner since I had gone inside and checked out the books and then watched her yesterday.     The books she kept in the boxes there were porn magazines, and sex manuals probably stolen from her father. She had written new captions for the photo's in some of them, labeling the woman as her mother or herself, her name was Tracy, and she had written notes in the manuals about the size of penis's, the length she thought she could take and what her brother's "thingy" as she called it looked like.     
    • by Earnest Hemenhaw :...
    • Family Fun
      familyfu zip (6k) (M/ff incest)
      I tiptoed into my daughters' room. They looked so sweet wrapped around each other, the nakedness of their nine-year-old bodies shining in the moonlight that came in through the window. I slipped into bed with them and put my arms around them both.     "Daddy?" said Morgan and Mackenzie together.     "Yes, it's me, sweet things," I said.     My wife Diana and I have always believed in total nudity around the house and we also believe in sex whenever and wherever you want it. I'm so glad I married her. Her ideas are just like mine. For instance, she believes in home schooling. I'm a writer so I work at home and, fortunately, I make enough to support Diana, the twins and Cameron, their older brother. Diana does the teaching except when she needs me to help with sex ed.     For instance, once when the girls were seven, we were kissing passionately in the dining room. Suddenly, she dropped to her knees and began sucking my prick. The twins stood there watching her. She looked over and beckoned to them.     
    • by Deb J :...
    • Frustrated, Inseminated
      frustrat zip (6k) (M/F/inc/preg/lact/exh)
      "I should have knocked..." he apologized.      "Don't be silly. You'd have woken up the baby. Are you embarassed that you saw my boob? Jesus, you used to bathe me..."    "Well you've... ah..." his eyes darted to my robe, which was gaping open and exposing my ample cleavage "...grown quite a bit since then."     "Daddy's all em-bar-assed..." I sang...     

      Monday PM, October 08, 2001

    • by Allene Blake :...
    • Deidre, parts 9-10
      deid9_10 zip (16k) (M/f/F/m/m, incest spanking, humiliation)
      The next morning after Dad left for work Mom invited me out to sunbathe with her.      I noticed the sun was very hot on my pussy which had never seen the sun without hair to shade it.     After a while I said, "I think I will go inside. I am afraid my pussy will be snburned. It is already red and hot."      Mom said,"I don't doubt it. It is white as snow. Speaking of pussies yours looks pretty ragged with the missing hair. Would you like to get rid of the rest of it."     "Yes. I want it bare like yours."     
      Emily, parts 1-2
      emily1_2 zip (11k) (M/f/F/m/m, incest spanking, humiliation)
      Guy realizes a 13 year old girl Jennifer has a crush on hm but doesn;t think much about it until she shows him her nude body. His daughter Emily age 14 catches Jennifer licking his dick and to her father's surprise she takes her anger out on Jennifer     
    • by Benhead :...
    • Playing With My Niece
      playingw zip (5k) (M/f pedo cons)
      "Uncle Todd, can I see what your thing looks like? I wanna see inside your underpants. Could you show it to me please?     "I don't know, Taylor, little girls shouldn't be looking at men's things."     "Oh, please Uncle Todd, I won't tell anyone."     "Okay, if you promise not to tell anyone, not even your mommy."     
    • by Deb J :...
    • Uncle Ronny
      uncleron zip (10k) (M/f/preg)
      Uncle Ron has all my Daddy's best qualities, AND he's a total hunk. So when I heard that his marriage went bad, and that Mom and Dad invited him to stay in their guest room for the summer, I promised myself that I'd get away from my limp-dicked husband whenever I could and spend more quality time with my family this year. Especially Uncle Ronny.     
    • by rupert :...
    • Sammy's Abduction, part 5: final
      sammysa5 zip (5k) (M/f (9) tort/ snuff/nasty)
      The conclusion of Sammy's stay with me. NOT for the squeamish.     
    • by Nini :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Metamorphose, ch 1
      metamor1 zip (4k) (mm/ff dad/son/girl)
      Er war glcklich, hatte Freunde, warum dies? Frher, als er noch jung war, da war also so leicht, unkompliziert. Doch auf einmal nderte sich das alles. Entfremdung vom anderen Geschlecht. Die benehmen sich auf einmal so doof. Kichern immer rum. Tuscheln zusammen, wollen aber nichts verraten. Frher war das alles offen, keiner hatte Geheimnisse vor dem anderen. Doch jetzt, noch nicht einmal eine Krperberhrung. Bse sein beim rumalbern. Neulich hat er sich eine Ohrfeige eingehandelt. Nur weil er sie von hinten umfate. Wollte sie festhalten. War komisch. So anregend.     
      Miriam, ch 1
      miriam1 zip (7k) (m/ff)
      Seine Kuschelrock CD wollte er doch noch wiederhaben. Da Miriam ja nun erst einmal fr das nchste Jahr in Amerika ist. Das strt ihn absolut. Hat er nun doch endlich mal das Mdchen seiner Trume gefunden, ist sie auch schon wieder weg in Amerika. Naja, auf jeden Fall wird er sie heute abend noch einmal anrufen und dann wollte er die CD gerne spielen in Gedanken an sie und an ihre wunderbaren gemeinsamen Stunden. Gedankenverloren klingelte Daniel an der Haustr. Lange Zeit nichts... Dann pltzlich ein Licht im Haus. Schnelle Schritte kamen die Treppe hinunter.     
      Teeny, ch 1
      teeny1 zip (6k) (m/f, vergew)
      Es war Abend, als es an meiner Tre klingelte. Ich war ehrlich berrascht, als ich Miris schwarze Mhne sah, die junge Tochter meiner Nachbarn. "Darf ich reinkommen? Ich soll dir unseren Schlssel bringen", sagte sie, und ich bat sie herein. Sie ging vor mir her und wackelte bei jedem Schritt mit ihrem herrlich runden Teenie-Arsch. Als sie sich in die Couch setzte, fragte ich sie nach einem Bier. Ich holte zwei und reichte ihr eines. "Willst du ein Glas?", fragte ich, aber sie schttelte den Kopf, nahm den ersten Schluck aus der Flasche "Oh, darf ich kurz auf dein Klo?", fragte sie, und ich nickte, zeigte ihr den Weg. Ich blieb nicht im Salon. Ich folgte ihr aufs Klo und zog sie langsam aus.     
    • by John Doe1 :...
    • Am Baggersee - Die Erzieherin
      ambaggers zip (7k) (M/F fff - very young)
      Toms Erlebnisse mit einer Mdchengruppe an einem einsamen Baggersee. Erster Teil: Er sieht den sen Mdchen ein bischen beim Baden zu und nimmt sich spter die Erzieherin vor.     

      Sunday PM, October 07, 2001

    • by bluvum :...
    • Degradation
      degradat zip (10k) (M, F, m, g = age 3, a variety of degrading acts)
      Julie was a 25 year old divorced woman with a 3 year old daughter. Julie thought she was in love with Andy, a man 15 years older than she was. She fell victim to his requests, to prove her love to him, by performing degrading acts. It wasn't bad enough that Julie did as Andy ask while he made movies of those acts. Andy made sure her little girl was shown in the movies, proving Julie was an unfit mother to do such things in front of her child. Andy was going to use the woman to get to her little girl, he was a pedophile.     
    • by Mikey :...
    • Exhibitionist Family, part 2
      exhibit2 zip (5k) (voy, exh, MF, mast)
      The thing about naturist beaches is that everyone is a voyeur and everyone is an exhibitionist. That's why they come to such settings. Never mind all the talk about "au naturel" or the healthful benefits of a clothes-free lifestyle. One is not likely to spend hours on a beach full of other naked people just looking unless one gets a charge out of looking. And the number of males with erections or near erections confirms that truism.     
    • by JJ Longprong :...
    • Jan's Extraordinary Sexual Adventure, ch 5-7
      janse5_7 zip (21k) (M/F sci-fi)
      Hours and hours seemed to pass. Jan blinked her eyes. She felt completely sated--as if she had just had sex with dozens of men. Indeed, instead of feeling fatigued, as she would have expected after such an ordeal, she felt deliriously happy.     
    • by The Anonymous Guy :...
    • Little Boy Sex Toy
      littlebo zip (20k) (F/m Stepmother/boy inc)
      Some guys may actually fantasize about the true story I am about to tell you. My name is Joey and I am 14-years old and I live with my Aunt Suzie who is a lesbian and a pedophile. She has lots of girlfriends and they all enjoy sharing their favorite sex toy with each other: Me! Some of them call me their little sex slave, but I prefer to think of myself as a sex toy' because I really enjoy all the attention, the love, and especially the sex.     
    • by daddydoright :...
    • Malice in Wonderland
      malicein zip (10k) (M/f...audlt man, thirteen year old girl, oral, 1st sex, cons...BM/Wg..interr, pedo, sex, cons)
      My best friend and classmate Becky and I were invited to attend the annual Summer-Camp church retreat by the handsome youth director of our local church. We felt honored to be selected to go along with him and our church song-leader, who happened to be a very large black man, to this prestigeous four-week event sponsored by our congregation's state officials. It might have looked a little strange for two little girls to leave town for nearly a month in the company of two grown men.....     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Scent Of Lavender, part 1
      thescen1 zip (16k) (M-solo Mg-10 NC 1st oral inc pedo spank anal)
      While Linda was making her way up the steps to the attic someone was slipping in the back door that she had entered. A man that had seen her go in was not going to pass up this chance. He had seen that cute little girl as she made her way up the beach and into the yard. He had been watching her for weeks. Each night he would picture her in that small bathing suit as she played in the waves. Once in a while her suit would move up on her hip when she bent down to pick something up and he could see the white skin where the sun never reached. Something about that white skin high up on her ass cheek was so erotic to him that he would get instantly hard.     
    • by cc :...
    • Video Script
      videoscr zip (6k) (M/g bdsm romantic incest rape)
      A video script of a preteen girl's punishment and "rape"     
      When Tod was 10
      whentodw zip (8k) (F/b Mm/fg bdsm rape incest romantic)
      A young boy is taken into a bdsm group marriage; a young girl is also taken in and punished.     
    • by Keyman :...
    • Who's That Pretty Little Girl - Violet
      whostha2 zip (41k) (M/g age 10, M/F age 12 F/f age 12, Pedo, Incest, Oral, Anal, Beast)
      Hello again dear reader, you should have already have met Bad Andy, if not please read "Who's That Pretty Little Girl - Monica." That story introduces Andy Garibaldi and sets the stage for his exploits with a number of preteen girls. This story deals with Andy's interview of Violet Duggan. Violet was to be the second interview Andy conducted for the northeast regional "Who's That Pretty Little Girl" Beauty Pageant. Violet and her unsuspecting mother Alice would soon fall into Andy's pedophile clutches. Andy was excited, he knew almost every little girl had a dirty little secret. He could not wait to hear twelve year old Violet's story. Andy looked out of the window of his Hotel room and caught sight of Violet and her mother walking towards his room. He was surprised to see a good sized Great Dane accompanying them. He wondered could it be, no he surmised that would be too good of a story.     

      Saturday PM, October 06, 2001

    • by cc :...
    • An Antebellum Boy and His Girl
      anantebe zip (13k) (M/g bdsm "rape" romantic historical)
      A young man and his slave girl in the Old South find happiness in a bdsm relationship.     
      9-12f Electric Wire
      electric zip (4k) (M/g bdsm "rape")
      Presenting the 9-12f Electric Wire, designed for the Strict Intimate Discipline of the preteen girl.     
      refugees zip (6k) (ped M/gg bdsm romantic)
      A doctor at a refugee camp takes 2 refugee girls under his wing to love and punish.     
    • by Allene Blake :...
    • Deidre
      deidre zip (48k) (M/f/F/m/m, incest spanking, humiliation)
      I have been a showoff since I was about three and discovered adults would giggle and applaud when I ran around or danced wearing just my panties. I found if I crawled up into a man's lap and squirmed around it would always get me hugs.     Then one day I went too far. After my bath I ran out stark naked to showoff in front of my aunt and uncle and boy cousins. Rather than giggle the adults looked embarrassed althogh my boy cousins still applauded. My Mom scooped me up and took me to my bedroom saying I was naughty for running around naked and so I wouldn't forget she gave me a spanking and told me never to come out naked again and also never let anyone touch me "down there".     It was still okay to run around in my panties until I was about six when I was told it was not decent at my age to be so close to naked. I really missed it. No-one paid any attention to me with my clothes on.     
    • by Sam T. Sleaze :...
    • Hardcore Babysitting With Amy and the Boys
      hardcore zip (19k) (fbb, Ff, Fbb, incest, oral, anal, bondage, torture)
      My name is Amy and I turned 16 two weeks ago. I arrived at the Fields house and Diane Fields let me in. She introduced me to the boys. Alan was ten years old, tall, thin, and was wearing only a pair of underoos. He had blonde hair and gave me a big hug. I thought it was my imagination at the time, but looking back I know he grabbed the lower part of my butt when he hugged me. Rick was twelve and a full head taller than Alan, and had exact opposite features. He was dark skinned, with dark hair and large feet and hands for a boy his age. When he shook my hand he had an impish smile on his face like he had a secret. The boys' mother left final instructions and reminded me that she would not be back until midnight.     
      My Honest To God Real Life Story
      myhonest zip (22k) (bb,Gbbb, oral, anal, true)
      Robbie and I kissed passionately for what seemed to be hours, but what was in reality only a few minutes. I lay on top of him, and our hard dicks were pressed between our bodies. We took turns running our tongues in and out of each others mouths and then I broke our kiss and started to kiss Robbies neck and shoulders. He moaned. I worked my way slowly down his chest to his tiny nipples. They looked perfect to me. The round little nubs were standing erect and as Robbie continued to moan and slightly shake I fixed my lips to one of the little buttons and began to suck. Robbie moaned (much louder).     
    • by H. Grant :...
    • Kim's Little 'pee pee' Game
      kimslitt zip (6k) (m/g/pedo/oral/anal/spanking/ws/scat)
      A teenage boy named Tommy has the unique pleasure of babysitting his best friend's little sister Kimberly. Consumed with secret desires that only Kim can be exposed to, Tommy makes up a special little game that only the two of them share. A naughty tale of a most twisted and perverted sort unfolds as we watch little Kim enjoy the embarrassment and pleasure of Tommy's sick little game.     
    • by Vixen :...
    • Lila's Humiliating Punishment, part 2
      lilashu2 zip (10k) (MMmmmmm/f F/m oral, anal, bdsm, voyeur, beast)
      Once again, Deacon Smith tests his thirteen year old daughter Lila's ability to keep her thoughts and body under control. One again she fails.     
    • by Deb J :...
    • Molly Coddling
      mollycod zip (9k) (Mf/preg?)
      Her face was so innocent and youthful that you might have taken her for a twelve year-old, were it not for the 38-D melons dancing beneath that white blouse.     
    • by The Giant :...
    • Monday's Diary
      mondaysd zip (5k) (Fiction/Older Male/Flash/Action/Little Girls)
      (7:04 A.M.)     I awoke with a burning hard on after last night dream. I had visions of a pretty little girl I saw the previous day sucking on my cock. I laid in bed for a few more minutes stroking my cock thinking about her somemore     
    • by Happy Husband :...
    • The Shortest Detective: The story of Sandy Swistowicz
      theshort zip (20k)
      This is the story of a young woman who overcomes dwarf syndrome, loss of her high-school sweetheart in the Gulf War, and her inability to get into law school to become a productive member of the law enforcement community, and to catch a brutal rapist.     
    • by Sergdriver :...
    • prete6_7 zip (42k) (M/f, pedo, kidnap, pre-teen prostitution)
      ..... Sergdriver Pol Pot "Preteen Bound" Bozo Da Klown .... ... ....... - , , ? - , . , , , , , . , , , . ! , , , . , , , .......     
      lileauxd zip (59k) (MM/FF/ff/g,pedo, fantasy,prostitution)
      , " "     ...... , , : " , , . , ".     , : - ?     - , , .     - ?  &nbs    p;  - , , . - ? ( .)      - ! , ! ! ! ! , !.....     

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