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    October 20th - October 26th mid-Morning Updates

      On Friday PM, October 26, 2001

    • by Earnest Hemenhaw :...
    • Writer's Block
      writersb zip (4k)
      I guess it all started when my wife died several years ago, leaving me with our 11-year-old daughter, Angel, to raise. I'm a writer and I work from home on my computer, so I don't get to see much of the world. I write all day while Angel's in school and when she comes home I fix dinner, we watch television and we go to bed. I had a wonderful sex life with Helen, but for the last several years there's been nothing.     
    • by Mike D. :...
    • Hosen Runter
      hosenrun zip (8k) (m/f, 7 Jahre, oral/vaginal/anal)
      eine getauschte Geschichte, die ich veröffentlich darf! Inhalt: zwei 7 Jährige machen in einem Baumhaus erste Erfahrungen mit oral / vaginal / anal.     

      Thursday PM, October 25, 2001

    • by Benhead :...
    • After Dark, ch 3
      afterda3 zip (6k) (M/fff pedo cons)
      As I looked at those three cute little pre-teens laid out on the floor showing me their succulent little treasures, I began to think about how it would feel to have my cock buried inside one of those tight, wet pussies. I couldn't believe my luck that I was actually sitting here in the house of one of these little girls and we were all naked.     
      Danielle's Bedroom Window, ch 1
      daniell1 zip (6k) (M/f pedo voy)
      I definely had a thing for Danielle. Even though she was only eleven years old, I just couldn't keep my eyes off of her. Her cute little wiggly butt was just made for my eyes. She started to wear those low waisted hip hugger jeans and I could easily see her cute little girl underwear when she leaned over. Her little titties were becoming as pronounced as little half lemons. Her long blonde hair was so sexy as it went down her back and ended at her butt     
    • by Unka Bob :...
    • Doing Little Sister Bobbie
      doinglit zip (7k) (BRO/sis inc rape seduce)
      Lanny Dawes lay in bed, his heart beat accelerated as he glanced over at his little sister, Bobbie, who lay next to him. She was only eight years old to his twelve but the sight of her half naked body was the most exciting thing he had seen in a long time. She grinned back at him, her pigtails falling over the arm she had under her head. Her thin chest rose and fell rapidly with the thought of the things they had been doing and were going to do tonight.     
    • by Sam T. Sleaze :...
    • Halloween Horrors
      hallowee zip (8k) (MMMb, rape torture, snuff, exteme, warning!)
      The three men dragged the young boy across the rough ground. The boy cried out in pain as he received cuts all across his body from the sharp sticks and rocks strewn about. Soon the four shadowy figures were at the abandoned mine. The three men loomed over the cowering boy, and one of the men dropped to one knee, bending close to the boy. "Well, Billy Jensen, are you ready to die?" the man snarled     
    • by Boswell, the Bad :...
    • The Last TV Show
      thelastt zip (13k) (All types of sexual activity, all ages)
      TV Guide Entries:     ABC EXTREME SPORTS. Coverage continues for the Women's Tour de France bicycle races. Don't miss today when all two hundred naked female cyclists pass our dozens of cameras while coming down those magnificently bumpy cobblestone roads. Join us to see if any of those bouncing tits get out of control...and remember that there are NO potty breaks this year. Watch those 'desperate to pee" girls lift their cute asses off those tiny bike seats so that they can spray those yellow streams as they pedal their hearts out.     CBS LIVE WITH REJIS AND KELLY. Join the fun as Kelly and the other invited guests all compare their genitals and make merciless fun of poor Rejis' incredibly tiny penis and balls. Other guests will share aphrodisiac cooking hints in between sexual escapades. Which male guest will Rejis have to suck off today?     NBC MARTHA STEWERD SHOW. Martha Steward astounds her viewers with an array of useful information...burn remedies for fireworks accidents, do-it-yourself monumental stone masonry, whale flencing and a "you gotta see it with your own eyes" segment where a stark naked Martha goes down on a Budweiser Clydesdale horse while the wagonmaster fucks her asshole!     
    • by The Giant :...
    • The Farmer's Little Daughter
      thefarme zip (5k) (Fiction/M/Yng F)
      A hard working farmer takes his pretty little eight year old daughter out with him to mow a field. Her attention is soon drawn to her daddy's big hard bulge she has been sitting on.     

      Wednesday PM, October 24, 2001

    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Captured
      captured zip (5k) (M/f, Incest, pedo, N/C, mental torture)
      Susan Marie is a beautiful little girl who is captured. She undergoes a horrible experience, and then is released alive. Her captor is never identified, and is still out there.     
      triplets zip (13k) (m/f/f/F, Incest)
      Mark, Marie and Molly are triplets, that are very close. As they grow up, they become more and more intimate. Then, their father finds out, and Mark is sent away. How does this resolve?     
    • by Sam T. Sleaze :...
    • Girl Tales: 5 Short Stories of Tiny Sex
      girltale zip (12k) (Ff, Mff, incest, oral, animal)
      I told Daddy that I wanted to be fucked from behind my first time, so I got on all fours and stuck my ass up in the air...My period was so heavy that I was dripping blood down my thighs, but no one cared, especially Daddy     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Forbidden Fruit, part 1
      theforb1 zip (10k) (MF bro sis inc M-solo F-dom)
      The Hart Ranch was one of the biggest in the western part of the country. They owned a huge herd of cattle and had a big horse breeding program. The ranch sold horses to the army and the government. Hart had made a lot of money in the years he had been doing this and was planning on his son, Roger, to carry on after he died. His daughter, a year older than Roger, wanted it as the first born but Edward Hart would leave everything to his son. Ruby would probably marry and a women couldn't run a place this big. She should content herself with a husband and babies. She was strong willed, beautiful and had always been a problem. Now she had run off with a bandit, of all things.     

      Tuesday PM, October 23, 2001

    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Cuckold, ch 4
      cuckold4 zip (14k) (M/F F/F)
      It looks like...! My god, I think she's undoing his...! She's pulling his cock out of his pants! I gasped and grabbed my hard cock over my trousers, squeezing as I sucked in air. Yes! She's jacking him off! The movement of her shoulder and arm left no doubt.     
    • by Earnest Hemenhaw :...
    • Doug Works Out
      dougwork zip (10k) (m/f)
      My name's Doug. I'm 14 years old and a freshman in high school. My problem is everybody ignores me. Well, one person, anyway. Her name's Julie Wilson and she's a junior. Years ago, before her dad died, her parents and mine were pretty good friends. We were over at their house a lot and Julie and me used to play together --- you know, kid games. Then Mr. Wilson died, and my mom and dad got divorced and then she started high school and I was still in middle school and we kinda drifted apart.     
    • by Pedros :...
    • Spying on Mother
      spyingon zip (15k) (m/m/F/m incest, pedo, voyeur)
      Ten year old Jake had discovered the spyholes into his mother's bedroom in their new house and invited his best friend, Haydn, to see them. While they are looking through them, Jake's mother turns up with a new lover...a thirteen year old boy they know from their own school! Jake knew his mother liked young boys but had never known what she did with them. He and Haydn soon find out, to their mutual pleasure, but, before the day is out, Jake gets even more of a surprise than he could ever have anticipated.....     

      Monday PM, October 22, 2001

    • by Liz Jucie :...
    • A Flush in Harts, part 7
      aflushi7 zip (11k) (bro/sis/mom/son/cos)
      Remember: As planned by Dora, Skip and Kim catch Tim and Mom having a great time in Mom's bed. Although Skip was in on the plan, actually seeing his mom getting it from his little cousin caused him to go into a big funk. He runs off to his room to brood, and Kim follows to comfort him. Wana bet she does? In this chapter we get four out of five Harts in on the action. I think you'll get a charge out of this one. Tim felt Dora's vagina spasm around him as he caressed the smooth globes of her ass. The impact of their bodies coming together caused the flesh of her buttocks to ripple... arching her back and lowering her butt to rub her clasping vulva against the top of his iron hard cock she would stroke forward until her contracting walls gripped his cock head like a velvet vice before she thrust back again. Her back and firm round ass undulated like a snake over his cock. The visual sight was too much. He leaned forward and drove his cock up into his aunt's churning cunt matching her every stroke.     
    • by PT Cruiser :...
    • Kayla's Home With Daddy, part 1
      kaylash1 zip (12k) (M/g - 7 Father/daughter consensual)
      Kayla couldn't believe what her best friend Kimmy was telling her. Kayla was so jealous, Kimmy got to play with Mr. Johnson's big adult cock and now she wanted to play with one too....     
    • by Deb J :...
    • Tutoring A Daddy part 2 [True Experience!]
      tutorin2 zip (6k) (M/f/dad/dau/inc)
      A continuation of my true story about how I brought a man and his daughter closer together. Much closer. The text is mostly in dialog form, and is paraphrased from our chat sessions for reasons mentioned earlier. The fact that this really happened, and that I was (virtually) there to witness it, excites me to this day. -Deb     
    • by Mike :...
    • Instincts, part 2
      instinc2 zip (8k) (M/f (13))
      Cedric dared not ask, yet he knew it was I who had captured that lovely creature. He knew it was I who had ravished her young soft innocent body. He made mention now and then about the lapping flames of hell upon my heels, and I scoffed at him. I had known great pleasure, perhaps a bit of heaven beneath her skirts, and for the moment, my heels were un-charred. I fell into a period of melancholy after she destroyed my passion. I ventured out little, and frigged myself not at all. My manhood seemed to have lost it's very life's blood in her betrayal. Yes, she betrayed me. An innocent does NOT feel pleasure, only a common whore feels pleasure in a man's use of her body. She had been no more than a common whore cloaked in the guise of innocence.     
    • by Nini :...
    • Atide, ch 1
      atide1 zip (6k) (MMMM/f)
      Wir schreiben das 17. Jahrhundert; der Senegal ist eine wilde Gegend mit Ritualen, die historisch nur bruchstückhaft überliefert sind. Atide ist die Tochter von Muham Assaf und von strahlender Schönheit. Muham kam aber nie damit klar, dass Atide ein Mädchen war. Über all die Jahre hatte er sich inbrünstig einen Sohn gewünscht; seine Frau, die am Wochenbettfieber gestorben war, hatte ihm aber nur Atide geschenkt. Sie war gertenschlank und hatte eine wilde Haarmähne, die niemand bändigen konnte. Ihre smaragdgrünen Augen waren eine Seltenheit in der Gegend und es fiel ihr nicht schwer, jeden zu hypnotisieren, der sie zu lange betrachtete.     

      Sunday PM, October 21, 2001

    • by Marty :...New Author.!.!.!
    • My Wayward Wanton Wife
      mywaywar zip (4k) (Cuckold)
      I will start by giving you a brief description of Andrea my wife, well were to start, She has a very attractive slim figure, 5' 9" tall with short blonde hair which is in a page boy style, very firm butt and a fine pair of tits..........     
      Wife's First Time
      wifesfir zip (4k) (Cuckold)
      This is a true story about my wife's first time with a lover and my first at being a cuckolded husband.     
      You Will Like It Or Get Out
      youwillli zip (4k) (Cuckold)
      Helen and I had been married for 15 years, she was a young naïve teenager when she became my wife, I was 21 years older than her, but we were in love and it didn't seem to matter at the time.      But now I was 55 I couldn't seem to satisfy her, she was demanding sex on a daily basis and I could only manage about once a week at best and of short duration at that, she was getting angry and frustrated with me.     Last night when I tried to have sex with her, I couldn't get a hard on, she pushed me away and said "You are useless, I will have to do something about this, I am going to have to find myself a real man"     I pleaded with her not to do anything silly and begged her not to leave me.........     
    • by Julius T. Armstrong :...
    • A Really Hard Day's Night
      areallyh zip (12k) (pedo, abduction, rape, mindless violence)
      Seven years ago I did a bad thing. I got away with it and promised myself that I would never do it again. Yesterday I broke my promise. She is upstairs in the small bedroom, duct taped and unconscious. What am I supposed to do now?     
    • by Allene Blake :...
    • Deidre, parts 11-13
      dei11_13 zip (21k) (M/f/F/m/m, incest spanking, humiliation)
      I arrived at my new job at Boyleston Prep for boys a few days early. It was everything I had dreamed of. The campus was beautiful and it was easy to see why they could afford to pay me a salary nearly twice as much as offers I had received from regular public schools.     Not only that I was provided with a nice apartment at a very reasonable price.     I was putting my things away in the beautiful built in cabinets and closets when the Headmaster came to call.     I was a little embarrassed since I was just wearing short shorts and a halter when I answered the door but it didn't seem to bother him.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Family Therapy
      familyth zip (18k) (m/F, Incest)
      Ron's father dies in a tragic accident, and he blames himself. He and his mother end up in therapy, and the results are not at all what she expected. There is a surprise ending to this one!     
    • by Euphoria :...
    • The Family Way
      thefamil zip (8k) (M/f dad/mom/dauts oral anal w/s preg)
      A frustrated family man makes a wonderful discovery: His wife likes sucking the cunts of his daughters. Thus begins a new chapter in a lonely man's life as his most hidden fantasies are given free reign with the blessing of his wife. For this family its The Family Way.     
    • by Landlord :...
    • The Recession Bites, part 2
      therece2 zip (13k) (Mg+,bd,sm,semi-nc,anal,photos,body piercing)
      John gets to feel his cock being squeezed in 8 yr old Jessie's ass. He recruits 9 yr old Amanda and 7 yr old Courtney for a bondage and discipline session in his spare room. Finally, he makes careful plans for some body piercing.     

      Saturday PM, October 20, 2001

    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Saint Elmo's Fire
      saintelm zip (12k) (Mg-12 oral inc con dad daut)
      Sometimes, a moment in time is sketched forever on your mind like some great painting where the people stand forever in the moment that is caught by the artist on his canvass. This is what happens to a father and daughter one afternoon of discovery. She is young and her body so lovely that her father would have to be a dead man not to desire her once he saw her sitting on the edge of her bed with her perfect breasts exposed to him. No shame comes between them as he shares the beauty of her body and they discover each other sexually.     
    • by PleaseCain :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Aunt Jennie's Buddy
      auntjenn zip (7k) (m/F nephew/aunt inc)
      Buddy has his eye on his hot aunt.     
    • by Mike :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Instincts
      instinct zip (7k) (M/f 13)
      How lovely she is! I have adored her for some time, always standing in the shadows, waiting for her smile to be bestowed upon me! I have thought of her, dreamed of her, desired her in every imaginable way. I have wanted to grab her up into my arms, to run away and hide with her forever. I have fought my urges, my desires.     

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