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      On Friday PM, November 02, 2001

    • by Hymen Sez :...
    • A Mother's Lust, part 1: Raping Her Son
      amother1 zip (17k) (m/F, Mother/son, incest, teen, drugged sleep)
      What does a gorgeous, big-breasted mother do when she develops unnatural desires for her 14 year old son...? 'Oh god yes, cum for Momma! Squirt your cum all over Mommy's face baby!' Things like this and more in my all-new return story!!!     
    • by The Anonymous Guy :...
    • Baby Suckers
      babysuck zip (7k) (M/f/m pedo/oral)
      I've certainly had my share of blowjobs, but I have to admit that the best I've ever had have come from the very youngest of kids I've had the pleasure of being with. At first, I tried to get the kids to conform to my fantasies by 'instructing' them on proper technique or by being a bit more forceful by manipulating their soft little heads in my big strong hands as I 'fucked' their tiny mouths. I have since learned that it is much more pleasurable to just let each kid do it his or her own way. It's true that kids have a unique way of expressing themselves ... whether it be coloring with crayons or sucking a stiff and throbbing dick for the very first time!     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Cuckold, ch 7
      cuckold7 zip (12k) (M/F)
      Janice stood and gazed at me mischievously. "You wondered what I looked like under this baggy dress, huh?" Grinning, she reached behind her, and I heard the sound of a zipper. She pushed the straps off her shoulders, wriggled her body sexily, and the dress fluttered down and down until it puddled on the floor.     
    • by Evil Twin :...
    • Is It Love? ch 6: Misty Moves On
      isitlov6 zip (8k) (M/F/F/f, inc, oral, anal, toys, ws)
      Life's funny isn't it? I mean I was just getting used to having a sex slave around the house and now she's gone. But all's well that ends well. Misty is settled in her new job in Nashville and we've got free access to the other employees where she works. Kathy Balfour here. Let me tell you how it went.     
    • by cc :...
    • Kim's Diary
      kimsdiar zip (6k) (Mg Fb ped bdsm "rape" "incest" hermaphrodite)
      A Hermaphrodite Preteen in a BDSM Group Marriage     
    • by Sam T. Sleaze :...
    • Robby's Family Tree, part 1
      robbysf1 zip (14k) (MFb, bb, Fg, Incest, group sex, oral, anal, b&d, s&ms&m)
      Robby awoke to the familiar feeling of a mouth gently nibbling on his testicles. A second mouth was sucking just the head of his erect, 5” cock, and doing a great job of it. Robby didn’t even bother to open his eyes, he knew what was coming next. He also knew that VERY few 11 year old boys were ever woken up like he was every morning.     
    • by Rick Roll :...
    • The Shower
      theshowe zip (7k) (M/f - dad/daughter/cons/inc/oral/anal/teen)
      Like just about every other teenager, I had never listened to my parent's warnings about doing things the "right way." I went about doing everything my way, and eventually suffered the consequences. I had been involved with sports, and I spent the summers doing manual labor to work on my body and all. As a result I ended up with a bad back at a young age.     
    • by Silent Killer :...
    • Considering Incest, ch 1
      conside1 zip (6k) (MF, cousins, inc)
      This story marks the return of Silent Killer to storywriting after a very long hiatus. It's about a man who realizes that he needs to fulfill his lifelong fantasies about incest, and he begins by approaching his beautiful cousin. This story will end up having numerous chapters, all featuring different aspects of the beautiful mystery of incest.     
      Early Gay Sex, ch 1
      earlyga1 zip (7k) (bbb, bro/bro, inc)
      This story marks the return of Silent Killer to storywriting after a very long hiatus. It's about a boy who discovers the pleasures of gay sex with his young friend and his older brother ... and more.     
    • by The Giant :...
    • Old Black Joe
      oldblack zip (9k) (M/Little Girl/Interracial Action/Fiction)
      Kimberly a cute petite little white girl living in Atlanta, finds out she likes big black dick just as much as her mother does.     
    • by Tom X :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Krieg
      krieg zip (69k)
      Ein Krieg.     Irgendwo, irgendwann auf dieser Welt.     Der Krieg kommt     Sie kamen gegen Abend.     Die fremden feindlichen Soldaten.     Den Geruch des Todes an ihren Hдnden.     Sie besetzten den kleinen Ort. Die Einwohner hatten Angst und versteckten sich. Doch wo konnte man sich in der Handvoll Hдuser gut verbergen ?     Plцtzlich, frьher als sonst, hatte die Lehrerin in der Schule erklдrt, sie mьЯten alle schnell nach Hause gehen, und "nur nicht stehen bleiben". "Sie kommen," hatte sie geflьstert. "Sie kommen."     
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Despuйs de la boda
      despuesd zip (6k) (m/F, incest)
      Mientras estбbamos en la boda de uno de mis primos no podнa casi apartar la mirada de las piernas y pies de mi madre. Se habнa puesto para la ocasiуn unas sandalias de tacуn alto y se habнa pintado las uсas de color morado oscuro. Sus pequeсos pies eran extremadamente sexis y se veнan muy realzados con aquel tipo de calzado. Yo estaba cautivado totalmente y analizaba cada milнmetro de sus pies, fijбndome bien en cуmo sus sensuales curvas se adaptaban a la forma de las sandalias, que sujetaban el pie con dos tiras estrechas justo encima de los dedos y en el talуn.     

      Thursday PM, November 01, 2001

    • by White :...
    • A Pedo Party
      apedopar zip (4k) (Inc/ped)
      A girl goes to a special party with her dad.     
      Haiti Heaven
      haitihea zip (6k) (M/F/g/ped/inter)
      A white man ends up with two black orphans in his bed. He doesn't mind     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Cuckold, ch 6
      cuckold6 zip (13k) (M/F)
      She shrugged her pretty shoulders. "I was thinking how I would have reacted to Pete without you watching today and realized most likely the event would have been ordinary at best. Besides, I think Pete's taking too many risks. He's married and getting much too involved with me. Oh, he hasn't proclaimed he loves me, but I sense trouble. I don't want be a home wrecker, even with your permission."     
    • by Unka Bob :...
    • Doing Little Sister Bobbie, ch 2
      doingli2 zip (7k) (M/f BRO/sis inc rape)
      Lanny grinned to himself as he stared down at the little girl sobbing at his feet on the bedroom floor. She pulled her knees to her chest and cried softly, moaning every now and then. He could see his load of cream drooling from her pussy as she rocked her body. Looking down at himself he could see his cock covered with the same pinkish ooze. He knew that it was a mixture of her virgin pussy blood and his creamy white cum and the sight thrilled him. It also aroused him, his cock was beginning to swell again, it didn't hang like it had only a few minutes ago, it stuck out from his body nearly seven inches and his mushroom shaped cockhead was darkening as he watched. Bending over, he picked his little sister up in his arms and laid her on his bed again. She weighed less than sixty pounds so it was no big deal to forced her onto her stomach. She still sobbed and tried to curl up but he grabbed her legs and arms and turned her on her belly with her little bony ass up in the air. "Time for us to have fun again Bobbie!"     
    • by JJ Longprong :...
    • Halloween Orgy, ch 5-12
      hall5_12 zip (39k) (M/F inter orgy)
      Meanwhile, Herschel was still busy with Jill Johnson.     They were leaning against the wall and he was gazing at her. "My god! You're absolutely gorgeous."     "I'm no prettier than your wife."     "Yea, but she's a blonde and you're a redhead."     "I take it that you're partial to redheads?"     "Ohhh yes! I think they're the best.     
    • by Jack Spratt :...
    • How I Sent My Summer Vacation
      howispen zip (28k) (M/f Mature man meets young girl during his vacation)
      Don is looking forward to a much need vacation at his cottage hideaway. A young lady visiting with her aunt and uncle at the campsites next to his cottage comes into his life. This meeting blossoms into a full fleged love affair.     
    • by T. Lawrence Shannon :...
    • Reverand Bill And His Child Bride, ch 5
      reveren5 zip (9k) (m/M/www/preg/pedo)
      Bill and his child bride entertain three beautiful child beauty queens. Two twelve-year-old's and one eleven. He does his wife and these three beauties and his wife's ten-year-old brother too.     
    • by Sam T. Sleaze :...
    • The Baby-Sadists, ch 2: Tom's Story
      thebaby2 zip (6k) (ggbbb, group sex, oral, anal, watersports, b&d, s&m)
      I was really scared as I came down the steps. I had heard the other kids for the last two weeks talking about the stories than happened in the special basement. As I stepped off the last step, She jumped in front of me. My eyes bugged out when I saw her and she glared at me. She was dressed in her Mistress’s best; leather panties and bra, dog collar and leather boots that came up to her knees and she was holding a riding crop. "Strip" she commanded in a harsh voice. I was shaking but I started to take off my clothes. The other kids in the special basement looked on with interest. I couldn’t wait to get started.     
    • by Vixen :...
    • The Pleasure Principle
      thepleas zip (9k) (MM/g FF/b oral, voyeur cons nudist)
      Rogen and Mary were deprived of pleasure when they were growing up. They want to make sure that doesn't happen to their children.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Vacationland
      vacation zip (14k) (M/fffff, Pedo, N/C, Very Unusual)
      Owen Williams is waiting to go to Vacationland, where a pedophile is provided with an opportunity to do anything he wants to do. He remembers a few of his victims, while he is waiting to leave. The ending is very unusual.     
    • by David Stephens :...
    • Loving Natalie
      lovingna zip (11k) (MMF/gg,inc,pedo)
      Natalie is almost 4 - high time that he buried his cock in her tiny fuck holes, thinks her father the Reverend Jack Brent - and Natalie agrees!     

      Wednesday PM, October 31, 2001

    • by Glasgow Housewife :...
    • A Virginity Saved
      avirgini zip (6k) (No incest, no intercourse, minors. Account of an early sexual encounter of mine)
      This is a 90% true account of the time I tried to seduce a dishy boy in my class. I ended up trying to hold an erotic encounter in a station lavatory, gymslip around my ankles, panties down, and wishing I'd never started. The dishy boy didn't even get an orgasm.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • It Happened On Halloween Night
      ithappen zip (14k) (m-solo mg-8 bro sis inc pedo Mg-12 dad daut cons)
      Carl lost his father, mother and sister in a fire on Halloween night when he was 16. He never knew how the fire started in the old barn and why they were there. Ten years later he has a visit from a young girl dressed in bridal white that claims to be his young sister. One that he had sex with a lot as they grew up. He is in a dream and he learns all about the tragic events of that night. When he finds out he isn't dreaming he rushes to the cemetery where the real horror begins. A scary Halloween story for all my readers.     
    • by Earnest Hemenhaw :...
    • It's a Dog's Life
      itsadogs zip (5k) (M/f incest beast)
      Now that I'm a 30-year-old mother of two, it's time to tell the truth about my life. Some of it may seem strange to you but, what the hell, it's my story and I feel like I have to tell it.      I'm not sure when I began masturbating, but it seems like I've always done it. I do know that I was doing it when I was six. One night my nine year old brother came into my room, pulled out his tiny dick and shoved it in my mouth. I bit it. He never came back.     
    • by Sally :...
    • Katie's Big Day
      katiesbi zip (21k) (f/mm 1st preg f/M (dad/daut))
      Eleven year old Katie wants to get pregant the very first time she can. She wants to do it with her dad but there's a problem and an interesting and delightful solution. A big day for little Katie     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Mortician's Family Values
      morticia zip (14k) (M/f/f, Necrophilia, Incest, Pedo)
      Jeff owns the only Mortuary in he High Desert. He begins to give in to his desires, with his clientele and with his children. He is careful not to get caught, but.........     
    • by Euphoria :...
    • Passing Chess
      passingc zip (8k) (f/m/f/m pedo oral anal w/s)
      Four adults sit on the beach passing 3 year old Chess around so they can taste her sugary filling. Nobody wants to say goodbye to Chess because she hasn't been fucked yet. Chess makes such an impression that when Jack fucks 3 year old Sally in the asshole and makes her piss her panties, he still can't get Chess out of his mind.     
    • by Sam T. Sleaze :...
    • The Baby-Sadists: Jessica's Story
      thebabys zip (7k) (gggbbb, group sex, oral, anal, watersports, b&d, s&m)
      This was all new to me. While Suzie was sucking on Steven’s pee-pee, another little boy named Eric, who was the same age as me, 2, was licking Suzie’s wee-wee. Two of the kids, 3 year old Willie and 4 year old Sara were up against the wall of the basement. I thought my eyes were playing tricks at first, but then I saw that, sure enough, those two kids were hanging by their wrists from the wall.     
    • by JJ Longprong :...
    • The Halloween Orgy, ch 1-4
      theha1_4 zip (31k) (M/F orgy)
      Young David Williams was watching his mother, Mary, as she walked back and forth from the kitchen to the dining room. She was setting the table and preparing dinner much earlier that evening because tonight it was Halloween. He was very excited. He couldn't wait to go trick or treating. This year he would be going as Batman. But more importantly, he would be carrying his very own official Batlight--a flashlight emblazoned with the official Batman logo. His mother had given it to him as a present for Christmas.     
    • by Chris :...New Author.!.!.!
    • My Cousin Becky's Visit Home
      mycousin zip (5k) (M/F cousin)
      The story of how a 23/m fucked his 19/f cousin     
    • by Natalia Marie :...
    • My BigBoob Mommy, part 3
      mytithu3 zip (12k) (mm/fff mom/aunty/daughter inc)
      Busty mom now along with her big tit sister play more titgames with the daughter     
    • by Mike D. :...
    • Die Gцre
      diegore zip (23k) (mmf, b/v/a)
      Oh weh, ein bischen krass ist die Geschichte schon... aber es geht anders aus, als man am Anfang denkt.     
      Ein Langweiliger Ferientag
      einlangw zip (12k) (mmf)
      Ein langweiliger Ferientag kann sich schnell zu einem geilen Tag mausern, wenn ein Mдdchen richtig mitspielt.     
    • by Lovelaskes :...
    • Walking in a "Silver Wood" part 4
      walking4 zip (34k) (Mmf, exhib, mast)
      Вдруг, сквозь редкие кусты, я заметил методично двигающуюся девичью головку и сдавленные вздохи. Я решил подойти ближе и посмотреть, что же там происходит на самом деле, хотя я уже и так догадался, что ее там просто-напросто ебут. Любопытство взяло верх, и я, пригнувшись, чтобы меня не заметили раньше времени, направился в ее сторону. Раздвинув кусты, я увидел молодую пару. Это были полуголые подростки, развлекающиеся на маленькой, залитой солнцем, полянке. Ребята играли во взрослые игры, задыхаясь от восторга.    Девочка лежала на спине. На ее, широко раздвинутых в стороны и согнутых в коленях, стройных ножках, болтались сбитые в кучу белые трусики. Это возбуждало! Парнишка, наверное, ее одноклассник, стоял между ее бедрами со спущенными до колен брюками, и со свойственной его возрасту энергией, трахал ее пухленькое, едва прикрытое редкими волосиками розовое влагалище. Девочка сладострастно стонала каждый раз, когда, еще тонкий, мальчишеский стручок неглубоко входил в ее детское, тесное, но влажное от возбуждения маленькое влагалище.     

      Tuesday PM, October 30, 2001

    • by Black Dragon :...
    • 7-11, part 2
      7to11_2 zip (6k) (Mf)
      Paul had loaned a young High School girl and her friend his lighter. The next day, she returns it, AND a little smoke for the loan of the lighter. She is sore after a workout, so he gives her legs a massage. But she becomes wet (down there) and tries to hide it.     
    • by PT Cruiser :...
    • Amy Confesses, part 2
      amyconf2 zip (23k) (M/g 7)
      I kept my hand on Amy's wrist for couple of minutes so I could hold her hand still. Amy was still sitting down to the right of me on the couch. Her feet dangled over the edge as she leaned into my chest, her small right hand had a firm grip on my foot long member....     
    • by Analover :...
    • Another Day, Another Case
      anotherd zip (12k) (M/f anal)
      “I can smell you, Mr. Policeman,” Penny said, softly. “I can smell how aroused you are. Is this what you want, Mr. Policeman?” She reached out to put her hands on Mike’s shoulders and stepped towards him. The movement made her legs open and he could see that her pussylips were glistening.     
      Just a Little Mistake
      justalit zip (6k) (M/f)
      "At first I saw them playing in the water, which was about waist high. Nobody else was around. His daughter was topless, but that wasn't any big deal since I figured she was no more than 10 and had a really cute little butt but no titties. But when they walked back to their towels, I saw that both of them were totally naked. Totally!"     
      Just For Me
      justform zip (5k) (M/F)
      'Jerry' put his beer down, glanced at me and followed her through the door. Jen winked and then closed it behind her. It wasn't long before her moans of ecstasy started and I took my cock out and enjoyed masturbating to the sweet sound of my baby sister being fucked silly.     
    • by Paul Phenomenon :...
    • Cuckold, ch 5
      cuckold5 zip (10k) (M/F voyeur)
      Feeling foolish and a bit childish, I sat on a chair in the closet wearing only my boxers. Though the view of the bed in the guest room was obstructed by the louvers in the closet's folding door, if I leaned forward, I hardly noticed the slats. I would see everything.     
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Young Girl Fuck Club, part 2
      younggi2 zip (10k) (Mg-9 dad daut inc pedo Mg-8 Mg-11 con oral g-solo orgy)
      Crissa loved sex. After her introduction to the people that came to our home to break her in and all the sex we were having together she wanted more. She kept asking me when we were going to the Young Girl Fuck Club. She was 9, young for the club and I had to lie about her age to take her to one of our gatherings. She was looking up at me with her big brown eyes and her dark hair was so shiny in the light of the room and she had a way of smiling this charming half smile that got to me every time. How could I say no to her? She was such a hot little girl lover and if she wanted to go to the Club then I would take her.     
    • by The Old Medic :...
    • Yvonne Experiences Life
      yvonneex zip (23k) (F/F/m, incest, impregnation)
      Yvonne is an plain girl, who lives with her parents. Her mother is severely injured in an accident. Her father tries to use her as a substitute, and she turns to Mama for confort. Then, she learns about young boys, and how good they are.     
    • by Jaz1701 :...
    • Dark Coercion #1: Grade A Pussymeat
      darkcoe1 zip (17k)
      I did nothing wrong. What I did was not illegal, and I won't go to jail. Was it ethical? Moral, religiously, politically correct...probably not. But it wasn't really illegal. Obviously I don't want my name associated with the events though. Have you ever had a secret? Have you ever done something so deliciously, saucy, so utterly wicked that it makes you giggle just a bit? To plan it, to execute it, to get away with it--and then be unable to tell's maddening. It is not fair. God bless the Internet. I'm going to tell you what I did, what I will continue to do.     
    • by rupert :...
    • Mother and Daughters, part 1
      mothera1 zip (7k) (M/Fff/anal/oral /tort)
      The kidnapping, rape and torture of a pregnant mother, and her two daughters, aged 10 and 4.     

      Monday PM, October 29, 2001

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